The Girl From Nepal

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Robot, Torture, Oriental Female, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prelude - Ever wonder what would happen when a computer program that is put in a human body falls in love with the girl that he's suppose to protect? This is the problem that BES is facing. He has been ordered to bring back his charge, Jagati, after she runs off.

Nepal, 2112

Jagati Liu sat huddled behind the banister, her small figure hidden in the shadows. She could hear her father and mother yelling once again. She wished that they would not fight so much. Her auntie had once told her that even though her parents didn't always agree that they still loved each other but sometimes it was hard to combine two cultures.

"Aakil, I've been more than generous about letting Jagati follow your traditions. But I will not make her participate in the chhaupadi. It's an ancient, out-dated tradition."

"Samantha, you do not understand. I cannot abide having an "unclean" woman in my house."

"I've put up with making myself absent on the days of my cycle, but I'll not have our daughter ashamed of something that's as natural as breathing. The chhaupadi is based on old superstition. She's only twelve years old, Aakil. She's at a sensitive age and won't understand."

"The women of my house have practiced the chhaupadi for generations. I'll not break that tradition now."

"Then I'll take her and leave."

"No! You won't."

"Jagati ... you really shouldn't be listening to this," A warm, masculine voice whispered from the speaker next to her.

"Oh, Bas, I wish they'd quit fighting!" She leaned closer to the speaker. Even though she knew that he was just a computer program, at times she thought he was the only one that actually cared for her.

"I know, Jagati."

Bas watched over the young girl. She was sleeping in her bed with the romance book she had stolen from her mother. He knew she was the purpose of his being. He'd been created solely to protect this child. If he were human he'd most likely fall in love with her. She was lively and always seemed to be giggling. In another part of the house, he could hear the sounds of Jagati's parents making love. He'd often found it bewildering that as intensely as they fought they made love in the same manner. Humans were difficult to understand.

Nepal, 2122

"Jagati, hurry up! You're going to be late." Bas's voice called from her room.

"I know, I know!" Jagati stepped out of her shower and grabbed the nearest towel. As she briskly towel dried her waist length ebony hair, she wondered why she was even bothering to hurry. I don't even want to go to dinner with Dad and his partner!

Grabbing some clothing out of her closet she jerked them on, her body still damp from her shower. She cursed when the clothing stuck to her. As she fought with the skirt, she heard her father's voice. There had been a time that she'd loved to hear it but now all it did was remind her of the ongoing battle of wills they were having. His views were deeply rooted in the past while hers were more modern.

"Bas, has Anderson arrived yet?" Jagati struggled to fasten her bra over her wet breasts. I really should've taken more time to dry off. She almost wished she hadn't been blessed with her mother's ample breasts. She could go without if she'd been more built like her aunt and she wouldn't be struggling with the bra right now.

"He's just stopped at the front gates. You've got two point six minutes before he's at the house."

"Thanks for the warning." She jammed her feet into her shoes before stomping over to her vanity table. Grabbing her ivory handled brush, she drug it through her damp hair. "I imagine you're excited about meeting your creator!"

"I haven't thought much one way or the other, Jagati. I barely remember Dr. Anderson."

"Well, Dad has been talking about upgrading you with a new version. But I won't stand for it." She took one last glance at her appearance. Well this is at good as it's gonna get. I'm not out to impress anyone!

After Jagati, Aakil and Lasaro left the house, Bas did a complete scan of the grounds while he thought about her. He knew his longing for Jagati was inappropriate and nothing would ever come from it. As of late, she'd been testing his limits. She seemed oblivious that she wandered around half dressed or nude in front of him. Even without a body, he'd started desiring his petite charge. She's grown into a beautiful woman and one I won't ever be able to possess.

Across town, Jagati stared in disbelief at her father and his friend. Surely she'd not heard correctly. She'd thought they were here to discuss an newer version of her beloved Bas.

"I won't do it!"

"Jagati!" Aakil looked around uncomfortably. She'd drawn attention to them and it wasn't acceptable.

"Dad, I've done many things you've asked of me but I won't marry Mr. Anderson. I barely know him."

"You'll learn as you go. You'll find I'm a very easy man to please, Jagati. Do as I ask and there'll be no issues." Lasaro smiled at her. The smile didn't do any thing to calm her nerves. It him made him look like a snake lying in wait. His expression was pleasant but his eyes were cold. Although medium build of with attractive features, he made her feel uneasy.

"I am sure any woman would be honored by your offer, Mr. Anderson, but I'll have to decline." She wiped her mouth on her napkin. Pushing back from the table, she excused herself. Lasaro looked over at Aakil with a cool smile. He motioned to the man behind him.

"Follow her. I don't want my wayward bride to come to any untold harm." The man nodded before quickly following Jagati.

Jagati rushed into the home she shared with her father. She had to get out of here.

"Jagati, how was your dinner?" Bas said, breaking through her panic.

"Oh, Bas! Dad wants me to marry Anderson!"

"My creator?"

"Yes and he's old enough to be my grandfather, Bas. I'm sure he's a brilliant man but I don't even know him! I've got to get out of here!" She ran up the stairs. Grabbing a bag she'd stashed under her bed, she tossed in some clothes.

"Where are you going, Jagati?"

She stopped at the front door.

"You can't leave. How am I to protect you if you leave?"

"I'm sorry, Bas. I'm a big girl now. I don't need you to protect me anymore." Jagati took a deep breath and touched her bracelet. It was a beautiful but hidden inside was a tracking device, one Bas used to keep track of her. She'd worn it as long as she could remember. She slid it off her wrist.

"Jagati, what are you doing?" Bas's voice actually seemed concerned.

"I'm so sorry!" Tears started to flow down her cheeks. She couldn't believe she was crying over a computer program.

"Don't leave me, Jagati. Please stay. We'll deal with Anderson. I won't let him harm you."

"I have to go, Bas."

"If you leave, what'll I do with out you? What'll be my purpose?"

"Bye Bas." She darted out the door and disappeared into the night.

"Jagati!" Bas's cry echoed through the empty house.

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