The Saviors
Chapter 1: The beginning

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The beginning - Four strangers, two males and two females, that become friends and then lovers as they do the bidding of an alien abductor and save different tribes of humans from extinction. The alien abductor has given each of them them powers and provided a way to make them stonger and expand them.

As he exited the elevator to the third floor, Troy wondered once again why he was responding to this note that was slipped under his dorm room door. It simply said 'come to apartment 350 at Mountain View apartments at 8 PM on Tuesday night the 10th of April. Your wildest imagination can not describe what you will find.' The note was signed: 'A female admirer' and a key had been taped to it.

Yeah right, Troy thought, it's probably one of the guys at the dorm playing tricks. Oh well I might as well play along after all after all there is nothing going-on, on a Tuesday night at University of New Mexico

He went to door 350 and inserted the key. To his surprise, it worked and he opened the door to find total darkness within. He stepped into the room leaving the door open so the light from the hallway would assist him in locating a light switch. He spotted a lamp on a table a started to make his way toward it when the door closed and left him in total darkness. A brilliant light flashed and that is the last he remembered.

As Kathy sat at her desk in her dorm room at University of Nebraska, a note slid under her door. She picked it up and read: 'Come to room 245 you can not imagine what I have to show you.' Her girl friend, Shirley, lived in that room, but I thought she gone home to see her parents this week, she thought to herself. Must have come back early, oh well I'll just go see what she has to show me. Kathy knocked on the door and rushed into the room at the same time. The door closed behind her and she found herself in pitch-blackness. A brilliant light flashed she lost consciousness.

As she made her way down the hallway to her room at one of the dorms at University of Georgia she recalled the trip she had just returned from, the excitement of going to see her boyfriend only to have him breakup with her. Susan "Suzie" was in a foul mood and glad that her roommate was gone till the end of the week so that she would have the room to herself to sulk in. She opened her door and stepped into the room. The door closed and her last memories were of a bright flash of light.

Kurt was relieved to leave the hustle and bustle at the University of Arizona behind as he drove on the highway. He was headed to a cabin in the mountains that belonged to one of his friend's Dad. At the last minute, his friend had told him that he would be delayed till later in the week but to go ahead anyway and where the key to the cabin was hidden. Kurt was actually looking forward to spending a couple of days in solitude. He found the turn off and drove up the narrow dirt road to the cabin. The key was right where his friend had said it would be and he let himself in. Nice cabin he thought to himself and after exploring the place he sat down on the living room couch. He must have gone to sleep, what with the long drive and thin mountain air, for when he next opened his eyes he found himself in inky darkness. Damn, it is black he thought as he carefully made his way across the room to the light switch. Suddenly light flashed brightly and Kurt remembered no more.

Troy awoke, he cracked one eye open, not wanting to experience the blinding light once more. The light that filtered in, although bright, was not blinding. He fully opened both eyes and began to view his surroundings. He found himself lying prone on some type of table. Both his wrists, ankles and abdomen were restrained, only his head and neck could move. By craning his neck a bit, he saw that he was bound to a table of sorts completely nudeand shaven. A glance to the right showed him only a bare metal wall a short distance away. He turned his head to the left and found next to him on a separate table another male restrained and naked like he was. Just as he, this male was not scrawny but not muscle bound either. His skin was a deeper tan than his and he noted the broken heart tattoo on his upper arm. Where was he? Was this some trick put on by some of his so called, friends? If it was, he was going to have a serious talk with some people. This was not funny.

With a buzz followed with a click, his table tilted forward to about a forty-five degree angle and stopped. Another buzz and sections of the table separated and his arms were raised to either side and slightly above his head. Once more a buzz and his legs were spread wide. When movement stopped, he was spread eagle and forming an X with his body. In terror, he watched as a probe, shaped like a dildo, rose between his open legs and struggle as he might against his bonds, it inserted itself deep within his anal cavity. Another mechanism rose between his legs and grasped his penis. A slender tube was lowered from the ceiling and inserted into his penis hole in catheter fashion. There was no pain from these actions in fact he had only felt slight pressure but he also felt completely violated. Thus, he lay impaled and helpless. Maybe I'm dreaming and if I could just pinch myself I would awake from this nightmare. Did someone slip me some drugs without my knowing and I'm having a weird trip? He thought. Troy heard another buzz and click and in front of him a table, which he had not noticed before, tilted at an angle similar to his. This table contained a restrained female form. She had short brunette hair that flipped under just below the ears. Her left breast had a small butterfly tattoo with red wings and a blue outline just above and to the right of her areola. As he watched, her naked body was spread wide like his in the form of an X. A probe arouse between her spread legs. He noted that all pubic hair had been removed from her groin area just like his. The probe inserted itself deep within her anal cavity. Her dark brown eyes flashed open and looked about them helplessly. She flushed and struggled against her bonds to no avail. Another probe arose and pressed against the lips of her labia and clam shelled open. With her labia lips spread wide a probe within the clam-shelled probe inserted itself into her vagina. Two cup shaped discs extended from the ceiling and lowered themselves to cover the nipple area of her breasts. With a sucking sound discs affixed themselves to her tits and were then retraced by their attaching cords just enough to stretch her breasts taunt. They gazed at one another helplessly and then watched as the process was repeated to another female form to the first ones right. Due to their lack of reaction, he assumed they must be deadened to pain just as he was. This female had short hair also, but it was blond, almost the same color as his. Her breasts were not small but not as large as the brunette's. Her eyes, wide with fear were a deep green in color, the male form to Troy's left received the same process as he had.

The four of them lay there looking at each other unable to do anything else. Rods lowered from the ceiling above each of them and installed an earring stud in their left ear lobes. More rods lowered and attached diamond shaped crystals in each of their navels. Patches lowered from above and attached themselves to the inner thighs of each person. They watched in fascination as, beginning at the patches, their skin began to change color to a deep tan to rival even the most avid sun worshiper. Soon their entire bodies were deep tan. As Troy watched, liquid began to make its way through the clear tubes attached to the probes in his body. He turned to the left and saw that male person next to him was experiencing the same and watched as his testicles began to swell. He was sure his were doing the same but he could feel nothing. Thankfully, the flow of liquid stopped prior to the testicle sacks reaching the bursting point. He watched, helpless to interfere as the women's tits were injected with liquid till they became rounded and full even though they had been stretched upwards by the cups covering them. The hair on their heads changed from blond and brunette to silvery-blue.

A mechanical voice issued from above. "Humans, you have been selected for a mission. You have been biologically modified to survive on the planet of your destination. Each of you has also been implanted with certain abilities to help you survive the coming struggles." The probes and catheters were withdrawn. Although they had felt no pain, it felt good to have the violating items removed.

The voice continued; "let me introduce you to one another. The first of you is named Troy." As the voice spoke the table on which Troy lay began flashing red. "The next is Kathy." Troy's table quit flashing and the one in front of him began to flash. "The next is Suzie" and the table next to Kathy began to flash as Kathy's stopped. "The last is Kurt" and the table next to Troy began to flash."Together you will comprise team Beta. The stud in your left ear lobes is a transceiver which will allow you to communicate with one another when separated. It has a range of two miles. Your left arm will be released and you are instructed to touch the crystal imbedded in your navels."

With that the restraints on their left wrists opened. Each of them touched their crystals, some more hesitantly than others, and a holographic image appeared in front of each of them. The images displayed the chamber in which they lay and the numerals 1, 2, 3 and 4 flashed within it. The voice now coming through their ear mounted transceivers explained further.

"Each of you has locator beacon implanted in your anal cavity, 1 for Troy, 2 for Kathy, 3 for Suzie and 4 for Kurt. This image will display a map of your general area and the location of each member of your team in that area. Kurt and Troy, you have been implanted with greatly increased strength and the ability to master any weapon quickly. Suzie, you have been implanted with the ability to heal wounds and to create a force field around members of your team with the power of your mind. Kathy has been implanted with the power to control and project the elements of fire, iceand lightning with her mind and greatly increased intuition. You must each learn how to use your abilities and you must practice them in order to gain stamina as you will find that at first you will quickly become exhausted when using them. You may share your abilities with other members of your team and learn new ones but you must also learn how this can be done. Your training will begin soon."

With that, the voice fell silent.

"Hey," Troy shouted to the air, "Who the hell are you, where are we?"

No answer was forthcoming.

As he struggled against the straps that bound him once more Kurt added, "You better be gone when I get loose because if I catch you I'll beat the living shit out of you!"

Still, there was no answer.

"You better enjoy watching us naked and helpless cause when Kurt get finished beating you I'm going to claw your fucking eyes out!" Suzie screamed.

The silent absence of the voice was unbroken, and Kathy finally cried in helpless frustration.

A humming sound began, increased in octaves until it was too high pitched to be heard and finally, the lights were extinguished plunging the chamber into total darkness.

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