Wandering Minds
Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you could ride along in people's minds, see what they saw, feel what they felt, experience what they experienced? Two teenagers find out.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Mind Control   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   First   Anal Sex   Masturbation   School  


Authors note: The characters in this story do not always practice safe sex. That's because they are aware of the fact that this is a fantasy! They cannot get sick and they cannot die. You, however, can. So don't use them as an example. Practice safe sex!

Seth and Sarah Marten were twins. While they were obviously fraternal, being brother and sister, they often seemed closer than identical twins. Even though their parents didn't try to make them partake in the same activities, they usually chose to participate in the same activities themselves. Their mannerisms were frighteningly similar, and they often seemed to have the eerie ability to complete one another's sentences. They shared a bedroom, by choice, until they were nine. When their parents decided that they were too old to continue sleeping in the same room, it took almost a year before they stopped slipping into each other's rooms at night.

The two of them were inseparable, and they often seemed to know mystically what the other was thinking. However, other than being extraordinarily close, they were normal children. Until they were sixteen, that is. At sixteen, Sarah started having when Sarah started having the "dreams".

One night the two of them were sitting in front of the television, watching a repeat of the previous evening's Daily Show.

"I've seen this before," Sarah said.

Seth glanced up and asked, "When? Did you stay up last night?"

"No," Sarah replied.

"But this was new last night, when could you have seen it?" Seth asked.

"In my dreams," Sarah answered.

"Right," said Seth with a grin. "It's probably just deja-vu. You just think you've seen it before because it's like something else you've seen."

"Oh yeah? Well the next piece is an interview with a gun nut," she declared. Sure enough, it was.

"Maybe you were sleepwalking last night," Seth suggested. "Or maybe Mom had the TV turned up loud and you heard it?"

"I don't think so," Sarah said. "I remember sitting right here on the couch, watching it. I even remember glancing over at the clock and seeing that it was a quarter past eleven."

"Maybe you walked down here in your sleep?" Seth mused.

"If I did, Mom probably would have told me," Sarah reasoned. "She was watching it. And..." her voice trailed off.

"What?" Seth prompted.

"You're going to think I'm crazy," Sarah complained.

"I already think you're crazy, Sar," he said with a grin. When she didn't grin back, Seth realized that she was very nervous.

"It was like I was Mom," Sarah said. "I can't explain it; it felt like I actually was her, sitting on this couch, watching TV. I could see my - I mean Mom's feet on the foot stool in front of me. I could feel what Mom was feeling until she turned off the TV and went up to sleep."

"What happened then?" Seth asked.

"I sort of woke up, and I was me again. Then I fell back asleep."

Someone else might have thought she was imagining things or making it up, but Seth knew his sister better than anyone, and he could tell when she was serious. Seth knew that Sarah was serious now, so he took her seriously.

"Has this ever happened before?" he inquired.

"A few times," Sarah replied.

"Was it always Mom?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Try and pay attention to everything next time, and keep a pad by your bed to write it all down. Record every detail that you can remember as soon as you wake up," Seth suggested.

"That's a good idea," Sarah observed. Then hesitantly, she continued, "Thanks for not thinking I'm crazy."

"I am still reserving judgment on that," Seth joked pompously, and Sarah whacked him with a pillow.

Early the next morning, Seth knocked on Sarah's door. When he walked in, she was sitting on her bed under the covers, her back pressed against the wall, her knees pulled up to her chest. He went over to sit next to her, noticing the pad next to her bed. He had started reaching for the pad when she lunged and grabbed it before he could take it.

"What happened?" Seth asked.

Sarah just looked at him with an even more embarrassed expression on her face than she'd previously had.

"It happened again, didn't it?" Seth asked.

Sarah nodded.

"Why are you so embarrassed?" Seth asked. "You know that no matter what happens, I won't make fun of you."

"It's not me," Sarah replied. "It's... It's. Oh, damn it!"

"Take your time," Seth said.

Sarah took a deep breath, then said, "OK, so it happened the same way. I was sitting downstairs watching TV, except I was Mom. I tried to move my head to look around, but I couldn't do it. It was like I was just riding along inside Mom's head. Since I had no control, I did like you said and started paying attention to what was around me.

"First I looked at what I could see with Mom's eyes, and I saw that she was watching TV again. It's a funny feeling, watching with someone else's eyes, because she was watching, but also glancing around the room every now and then. After a little bit, I started trying to separate out my own senses as distinct from hers."

She paused and took a breath, glancing over at her brother.

"Go on," he told her.

"You still don't think I'm going crazy?" she whined.

"No, I don't," he reassured her. "Just tell me what happened."

"OK. I realized that I could hear the TV, and see it, but only when Mom looked in that direction. I noticed that I could also feel. I felt my legs folded under my ass, the ceiling fan blowing on my hair. But it was completely weird, because it wasn't my hair; it felt different than it does when I'm sitting in that same place."

Another nervous glance at her brother, another deep breathe. Then Sarah pushed ahead. "Then I noticed something else. I started 'hearing' something besides the sounds in the room. I started hearing what seemed to be Mom's thoughts."

"What was she thinking?" Seth asked.

"Well, during the show, it was about what was happening on the show. When there was something funny, I felt her amusement. During the commercial, she started thinking about the shopping that she needed to do tomorrow. But it was a little confusing, because her thoughts kept flitting all over the place."

"That sort of makes sense," Seth mused. "When you are just sitting thinking, not concentrating on something, don't your thoughts wander too?"

Sarah nodded.

"I guess it's more confusing when you're not controlling the direction of the thought, right?"

Sarah nodded again. "It was confusing. Like I was walking somewhere, but without knowing when my body would turn."

"What was it like, hearing her thoughts? Was it like hearing something normally, or like a narrator in a movie?" Seth inquired.

"Neither, really. Or both. It's really more like the way that I experience my own thoughts, though I had no control over the direction the thoughts took. It was sort of like ideas just formed out of the blue. I guess it was more confusing even than that because sometimes it was only partial ideas. Sometimes, her thoughts seemed to refer to things that I didn't understand. Like something that she knew, but I didn't."

"Then what happened?" Seth prompted.

Sarah blushed, but continued. "When the show was over, Mom stretched and turned off the TV. She sat there for a minute thinking about the things she needed to do tomorrow. Today. Then she looked up towards the stairs, and she started thinking about something else."

"What was she thinking about?" Seth asked.

"About Dad," Sarah replied nervously.

"What about him?" Seth pressed.

"About what he was doing," she answered reluctantly. "About what she wanted to do with him."

"Do with him?" Seth questioned.

"She wanted to have sex with him," Sarah whispered.

"Really?" Seth asked in surprise.

Sarah nodded. "Seth, she got horny."

"Really?!" Seth exclaimed.

"I could feel it, almost like when I get horny." She looked very embarrassed, but continued nonetheless. "I felt her thinking dirty thoughts. I felt her nipples tingling. I felt her... pussy getting wet."

"Wow!" Seth exclaimed. He thought for a minute, then got a lascivious look on his face and asked, "What dirty thoughts?"

"Perv!" Sarah exclaimed. Then, with her eyes down, she said, "She was thinking of going upstairs, getting naked, and waking Dad up with a blowjob." She looked up, intently, at her brother. "Seth, I've never given anyone a blowjob, but I could remember the feel of a cock in my mouth. The taste of someone cumming on my tongue! The feel of the cum running down my throat! She was thinking of it, and I was feeling it"

"Wow!" Seth repeated, this time in a whisper.

They were both silent for a minute, then Seth asked, "So Mom swallows?"

"Seth!" Sarah shrieked.

"Sorry," he said apologetically. "Go on."

Sarah gave him a dirty look, but continued. "She got up and went upstairs. She went into the bedroom and I saw Dad lying on the bed, a book on his chest, and he was asleep. Mom went to the bathroom, and she stopped in front of the mirror. It was the weirdest thing! I was looking into the mirror, but Mom was looking back at me! She ran her fingers through her hair, then brushed her teeth. Then she got undressed."

"Did you see what she looked like?" Seth asked eagerly.

"Yes, but I'm not going to tell you, you perv!" Sarah said with a rueful smile.

"Damn," Seth complained. It was said in jest, but there was some truth behind it. Theresa Marten was a good looking woman, tall with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She stood about 5' 7" and had large 'C' cup breasts which, despite having nursed a hungry set of twins, barely drooped at all. The children had been born when she was 21, and at 37 she was still a hot looking lady.

Her children favored their father. Randy Marten was also heading into middle aged gracefully, if perhaps not quite so gracefully as his wife. Luckily for him, as men aged they were held to a somewhat different standard than women. His brown hair had darkened, and at 43 was just starting to streak with gray. His body which had been hard and toned earlier in life had softened a bit with more good food and less time for exercise. Nevertheless, at 6' 2", his handsome angular face with its piercing brown eyes and his broad shoulders atop a body that compared very favorably with similarly aged men caused him to get many appraising looks and the occasional flirtatious offer from the women he met.

As their father had in his younger days, the children had dirty brown hair, Sarah's falling straight and silky half way down her back while Seth's was cut fairly close. Both had gray eyes and a slightly darker complexion than their mother. Sarah's breasts, while not nearly as big as her mother's, were clearly heading in that direction. Seth's body was just past that awkward gangly phase. He had filled out, and exercising had strengthened him and broadened his shoulders, making him look very similar to pictures of his father at that age. Seth was reasonably cute, and he had an honest smile that made people instinctively like him.

"Then what happened?" Seth prodded.

Sarah looked even more embarrassed. "She walked to the bedroom and knelt on the bed between Dad's knees. Then she reached up and started pulling down his pants."

"Then?" Seth asked, annoyed at the pause.

"Then I woke up," Sarah said.

"You didn't see what she did?" Seth asked, disappointed.

"No. I just woke up and sat up quickly. Then I grabbed my pad and wrote down everything that I could remember. You were right; it helped me to remember the details better this morning. But when I was finished writing everything down, I went out and stood near Mom and Dad's room, and guess what?"

"What?" Seth asked.

"I heard Dad moaning!" Sarah continued. "I heard him say, 'Yeah, like that!' Then he said, 'Come here', and I heard some movement, then Mom started groaning."

Sarah paused, and a frustrated Seth demanded, "Then?"

"Then I came back to bed!" Sarah said.

"Girls!" Seth exclaimed in disbelief.

"I was not going to be a Peeping Tom!" Sarah said emphatically. Then she demurred quietly, "Well, at least not anymore than I already was."

They both sat in thought for a few moments before Sarah asked, "What do you think is happening? Am I going crazy? Do you think that I was really in Mom's head? How is that possible?"

Seth thought about it for a little bit. "I don't know," he said honestly a little while later. "You could have been only dreaming. Maybe you heard some noise from their room and that made your dream shift to sex. But it really seems too detailed for just a dream, especially considering that you've had this experience before."

He had lapsed back into thought when they heard their mother call up from downstairs, "Are you guys ready for breakfast? You have to leave in a few minutes!"

"I'll think about it today, and we'll talk about it after school, OK?" Seth said.

"Thanks! I knew I could count on you!" Sarah cooed, wrapping her arms around her brother's shoulders and kissing him on the cheek. Seth squeezed back, then got up and went to his own room to get ready for school.

When the kids were downstairs grabbing a quick breakfast, both of them looked at their mother a little differently than they had the day before.

"What?" their mother asked.

"Huh?" Seth grunted questioningly.

"You both keep looking at me like I've grown another head," their mother said. "What's going on?"

Just as the twins knew each other, their mother had an uncanny ability to read them as well. The siblings looked at each other guiltily. They knew what the other was thinking. Neither had really thought of their parents as sexual creatures, and now that had changed. Both were thinking about their mother sucking off their dad.

"Um, it's really nothing," Sarah said.

"Riiiight," drawled their mom, disbelievingly. "OK, you don't want to tell me, fine. Just remember that you can always talk to me about anything. Anything at all."

"OK, mom," Seth mumbled, shoving his muffin into his mouth to avoid saying anything more.

When his mother kissed him on the cheek as he left the house, Seth couldn't help thinking of her kissing something else on his father.

"Stop thinking about it," Sarah said, pushing Seth lightly.

"It's your fault!" he replied.

"Well, shape up or she'll figure it out!" Sarah said.

"Figure it out?" Seth asked incredulously. "She's going to figure out that you are in her mind when she's having sex?"

"I wasn't there when she had sex!" Sarah countered. "And I just mean that she'll know something is up and she won't leave us alone!"

"You're right," he agreed. They continued to school quietly, each lost in their own thoughts.

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