Omega Delta Delta
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Voyeurism, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sandra needs to be punished for being a bitch, and so a group of frat guys decide to play a little prank on her. They of course didn't know what they were getting her into...

"Listen up girls!" shouted Mary, sorority leader of Omega Delta Delta, the most prestigious sorority house in the state of California. "Tonight is the Annual Beach Bash and I expect you all to be hospitable to our guests. Now, as you all know, this is the biggest party of the year and everyone who is anyone in this town will be there. You must all make sure to look your best, sexy but classy. I don't want to see any whores in my house, understand?" She was yelling for all the 25 girls to hear, who were standing in a line in the large entrance hall. "Ok, you have 2 hours to get ready. I want to see you all back in line at 8 to help set things up. And ladies..." she paused for a second with a pretty smile on her face. "Remember to smile. It makes the guests feel more welcome, and I'd be damned if i get embarrassed by one of you, got it? Dismissed!"

All the girls ran upstairs to the showers. They needed to be quick, so they were showering 4 by 4 in those cubic showers, their soaking bodies rubbing against each other while soapy suds washed down the drains. They were laughing and chattering with excitement about their biggest party. The youngest of the girls, Sandra, was also the newest member of Omega Delta Delta, and so this was to be her very first Annual Beach Bash. She's only heard things from the other girls in her sorority, but from what she's heard so far, it's going to be a fun and fruitful night. Even the mayor will be attending!

At a quarter to 8, the girls were just finishing applying their makeup, and they all lined up in their order in front of their sister leader. Mary was pleasantly surprised to see how great the girls looked with a little effort.

The sisters set up the house and the beachfront to create a classy ambiance. All the girls were dressed in gowns, and they looked ravishing.

At half past 8 the guests started arriving. Those who were invited guests were showing their stamped invitations with pride, while those who tried to crash got thrown out on their faces and laughed at by the crowd waiting outside. Once all the guests had arrived, they were moved from the great hall out to the beachfront to watch the sunset over the water. They were all seated at designated tables, one sorority sister at each one. The food was served, the music was playing, and the sun was slowly sinking into the ocean's horizon.

Sandra was sitting at a table with 7 men from the nearby frat house, whom she had not met yet. They were making crude jokes all night about her being stuck with 7 guys, calling her a whore at every opportunity. She was not having a good time. At some point she got so fed up she was ready to ask one of her sisters to switch places with her.

"No fucking way!" they all told her. "We know those guys, they're assholes! We're forced to invite them every year because their dads pretty much fuel the economy. Just don't talk back to them and you'll be fine!"

Sandra went and sat back down, not looking at anyone. She continued eating her supper and staring at the darkening sky in hopes she would be able to control her temper. Whenever one of the guys would try to talk to her, she would answer all questions in a yes or no fashion, and return to her meal. The guys were getting hot tempered now.

"This little bitch is being insolent as a mother fucker," one of the guys said to the others while Sandra got up to talk to one of the other guests. "She is hot though, isn't she?" They all nodded in agreement. "I say we play a little trick on little miss princess there. You in?" He looked around at the others and they all smirked in compliance. They had arranged a plan in order to humiliate Sandra when she was alone. So when the party was nearing midnight, they snuck a pill of some sort in Sandra's drink, and waited for it to take effect. The pill wasn't anything like the date rape drug, knocking the drinker unconscious, it was more a sedative to make her sleepy and want to lie down. They figured it would be the perfect time to play their prank.

When Sandra finished her drink, she was feeling pretty tired. She thought she'd go to her room to lie down for just half an hour or so, until she feels less light headed. She didn't want to cause some sort of scene at such a fancy party. She practically crawled upstairs, her long flowing dress getting stepped on inadvertedly. When she got to her room, the one with the name Sandra on the door, the frat boys were already inside, hiding in her closet. They were laughing practically chuckling out loud, but she was so out of it she didn't even pay attention. She grabbed the bottom of her dress and lifted it above her head, then laid it on the sofa which was on the other end of the room. She wasn't wearing any under garments.

She finally laid down on her bed covers, flat on her stomach, her round ass sticking into the air. The frat boys got out of the closet, giggling with excitement at the prank they were going to play on this poor girl.

Sandra was nearly snoring in a matter of seconds. One frat boy suggested maybe putting her hand in warm water in order to make her piss in her sleep, but the others thought that was too simple.

"Well," said one of them. "My friend told me about this way to freak girls out for like a week. All we need to do is get a big crate and tie her up, throw her in there and drive over to my buddy's house. Shouldn't be too hard."

"And what'll they do to her for a week?" another boy asked, his eyebrow raised.

"I dunno," said the first boy. "All I know is that when they get back, they're no longer bitchy."

"Works for me!" said the second, and they all agreed to set off in search of a crate.

Having just moved into the room, Sandra still had boxes piled up in corners of her room, and a large crate was found under some labelled clothes. Holes were punched into the top for air to flow through, and when they opened the crate, duct tape was found laying at its bottom. They removed the tape and started tying it around Sandra: one long piece around her head covering her mouth (and tangling up her hair), one long piece around her wrists behind her back, one long piece around her knees and a last one around her ankles. She wasn't moving. They picked her up and put her in the crate, then close said lid and started nailing it shut. The sound of the hammer banging the box made Sandra wake up startled, but she couldn't move! She heard voices she immediately recognised. She tried screaming but she couldn't. She was scared but there was nothing she could do. They picked up the crate and carried it to the 4 x 4. They loaded her up, and then took off, while the rest of the party had absolutely no idea what just happened.

After 20 minutes of driving, Sandra started feeling very uncomfortable. She didn't have that much room in the box, and was doubled over trying not to hit her head constantly. When the car stopped, the men got out. Then they grabbed the crate and carried it into a house. Once safely inside the house, The men started talking.

"So you're saying you want to teach this bitch a lesson?" said a new voice. "We can definitely do that." He smiled.

"But just for a week, k?" stammered one of the frat boys.

"As long as you want!" said the first voice. "So we have a deal?"

"Yeah, alright."

"Good. I'll give you gentlemen a call when she returns from her trip."

The men were gone, and Sandra was laying in the crate nearly asleep when the top of the box started getting wrenched open. As the lid came off, light filled the tight dark space, and Sandra was lifted out of the crate and propped onto a large mattress. That's when she realised she was naked, and she blushed profusely. The man who took her out of the box started talking to her, and as he did she recognised the voice as the first speaker. The man was ripping off all the duct tape which was restraining her until she was free at last. She started screaming at the man angrily:

"You fuckin' son of a bitch! What the fuck!? My daddy's SO gonna sue the shit out of you for kidnapping me, you asshole!"

The man looked at her, back handed her across the bed, jumped on top of her and pinned her down before he said:

"Bitch, you're going to learn a few manners where you're going. Men are going to treat you like the little cunt you are and if you try to stop them, they'll put a bullet in your head and not give a shit, so you better smarten up if you want to survive."

Sandra stopped trying to fight him and her eyes were wide with fear now.

"Ok, look, I'm sorry!" she was nearly in tears now. "I won't be a bitch anymore, seriously. Just let me go home and no one will have a problem, ok?" She looked at him with hope.

"Sorry sweets, cant do that. My boss knows you're coming and he's looking forward to having a little fun with you, but if all goes well, you'll be back home in a week."

"Please!" she screamed as he started exiting the room. The man turned around, walked up to her again, and punched her in the face. She hit the bed and she was out once again.

"Ain't no one that wants to listen to a whore like you speak. Shut the fuck up, bitch." and he left the room.

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