One Dark And Stormy Night
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The hair on Amanda's neck stood up, beads of sweat rolled down her back and her palms turned cold. Oh my god, she hasn't felt like this since, she don't know when. Why did it rain? It always made her horny...

Steve, the CEO of the company, and his secretary Amanda were driving to Kingman, for a business meeting at the court house. All of a sudden a storm hit and it began raining so hard he could barely see the road. As he crept along, he could tell that the torrents of water were beginning to wash the road out in front of them. Before he could react, the wind blew a tree across their path. He stopped and looked around. Through the motion of the wipers, he saw a neon sign that was barely visible through the rain splattered window.

"Amanda, we'd better seek some shelter and wait this storm out. I think that might be a hotel over there, I'm not sure. See if you can make out the sign."

After straining her eyes she replied, "You're right. It looks like it reads, The Dew Drop Inn."

"Hell, let's try it. The road's washed out and that tree isn't going to move itself until morning, if then. You'd better call your house and let them know you won't be home. I'll call Bob and see if we can meet sometime tomorrow morning."

"It's just the cat at home. I divorced my husband last year."

"You didn't tell me that."

"It's not everybody in the office's business. It was ugly, no need to go into details."


"Don't Be."

"Let's get up this drive and see if we can get a room."

"I'm Game!"

He looked over at her and smiled, trying to lessen the impact of his interested gaze over the words "I'm Game," but she noticed.

He drove up the small narrow graveled road. As they neared the office, Steve saw a sign in the window, "Vacancy," but the place looked dark and deserted.

The rain was still coming down pretty hard and Steve turned to her and suggested, "It's raining too hard to get out of the car right now, so I'm going to call Bob and see if we can reschedule that meeting until tomorrow."

After a brief conversation with Bob, Steve turned his attention back to Amanda and told her that the meeting was rescheduled for ten a.m. the next day. It looked as if the rain was letting up so he instructed her to wait in the car while he went to see if he could get them a room.

Steve hurried over to the building and rang its lit bell.

"Mother, I'll get it"... a loud girl's called out from the vaulted corridor behind the door.

A small window opened and a woman who looked not much older then a high school teenager spoke. "Hi."

"Hello. "We need a room. My secretary and I were on our way to Kingman for a business meeting. It looks like this stormy weather has changed our plans, and it doesn't look like it's going to let up too soon."

"Oh my, then you'd better stay here for the night. However, we no longer service our guests since mother passed, so you'll have make do."

"Don't you worry lil-darlin, anything better than waiting that storm out in our car. Now just point me in the direction of our room?"

"Turn right when you walk out the door and it's the third Cottage up the walk. I'll turn on the electricity on from here right after you check in."

"Okay, thanks."

When Steve walked out the door, he looked up the walkway and could see the lights go on in the little cottage. Between the rain drops he hurried to his car and drove up in front of the building.

He turned to Amanda and said he was going to get their things out of the trunk and then unlock the door. That way she wouldn't have to stand in the rain. Steve got out and hurriedly went to get their stuff.

Amanda gathered her briefcase and purse, thanking herself that she always packed an emergency overnight bag. When she saw that Steve was unlocking the door, she then ran toward the door hoping to dodge the raindrops.

Steve was holding the door open for her when she got there. Once inside the room Amanda stomped her feet and shook off the rain.

She surveyed the room and shouted, "Oh my God, there is only one bed!"

Steve didn't let on that it would be ok as he'd wanted to bed down that filly for awhile now. "That's okay, after all it looks big enough and I'm beat."

She places her bag on the edge of the bed. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

Amanda exited to the bathroom and Steve quickly began taking his clothing off and placing them on the chair next to the oak bureau. All of a sudden the bathroom door opened, he was half out of his pants when she reached across the bed for something in her bag.

Steve blushed, "Sorry, I was trying to get out of these before you finished."

"I haven't started yet."

He ogled her for a moment then with a stammering voice spoke. "It's been awhile since I was with a woman... I mean it's been a while since I watched... a woman get herself ready for bed. Sorry that didn't come out right."

Amanda gave him one of her seductive looks and ran her tongue across her lower lip and purred, "You can watch me I don't mind."

After returning to the bathroom she left the door ajar and made sure she was visible in the light before beginning to change.

He could see her hands untangle her hair and begin to brush out the wetness as the locks cascade down along her shoulders. She was still in her skirt but barefoot and wearing just a bra.

Steve gulped and felt goose bumps appear on each arm. He then coughed to clear his throat and asked, "Which side would you like?"

"Oh, the back," then she thought for a moment and knew that didn't sound right and corrected herself, "Sorry, that didn't sound right. I'm mean I prefer the right side if that is okay with you?"

"You're nervous."

"I am?"

His glimpse into the bathroom was causing his cock to tingle and swell.

"Yes you are," he responded with a quiver in his voice.

"I'll be right out, get comfortable."

He murmured to himself, "Comfortable, now how in the hell can I get that way when my dick is growing. God, it's been too dang long time since I've seen a woman in the same room with me, let alone see her half naked."

Steve quickly threw the sheets over himself with his knees bent hoping she wouldn't notice his erection. Inside, he was more nervous than a teen getting ready to be laid for the first time. He swallowed hard and tried to regain his composure, before she emerged from the bathroom.

Amanda checked herself in the mirror wondering if her nightie was suitable. After all, she didn't think they'd be e sharing a room.

The thought of how Steve watched her and it excited her. She didn't realize how much until she looked down and noticed her swollen nipples were straining the silky fabric.

She shivered as goose-bumps appeared on both arms and beads of sweat trickled down her neck. "Oh no, God, I need to keep some sort of composure. Be a lady."

Amanda licked her lips while telling herself, "Aw, to hell with it! Let's be honest here, I'm horny for Christ sake! It's been a long time since I was in a bedroom with a man, and a sexy one I might add."

She boldly walked through the door into the bedroom with the negligee hugging every curve. Shaking with anticipation, Amanda hoped he didn't notice that she's turned on.

"Ooooooooh God," he whispers under his breath.

Amanda quickly slid into the bed, switching the light off next to her. When she turned and glanced over at him, his lamp was still on. She could see the silhouette of his body and his growing dick.

"Oooooh," she uttered softly hoping he didn't hear her.

"What'd you say? Do you need something?"

"Nothing, I was yawing. By the way, do you need that light on?"

With a shaky voice he replied, "Not really."

He reached over turned off the light and slid further under the sheet. As he rearranged himself, his body bumped hers. It felt like a million electrical jolts went through him, straight to his cock.

"Oh I'm sorry, good night!" He turned over on his side hoping she didn't notice his quivering body, sweaty brow, and throbbing dick. However, he noticed her and thought, "Fuck, she's gorgeous."

When Steve brushed Amanda it sent shock waves of electricity through her whole body. The hair on the back of her head stood up, beads of sweat rolled down her back and her palms turned cold. She hadn't felt like this since, she don't know when. Her body lay still hoping to fall asleep quickly. However she couldn't, every nerve is her is alive with desire. Damn, why did it have to rain? Rain always made her horny, because in her mind, that kind of weather is only good for staying in bed and fucking.

"Are you asleep," she stammered, pausing to see if he'd reply.

Steve turned to face her and replied, "Well, I was trying to sleep. Is something wrong?"

"Sorry, but I can't sleep."

"Why's that?"

She wanted to tell him, "Because I am horny. My clit and nipples are swelling, tingling... I want... I need... a good hard fucking!" But she didn't, and responded with a quivering voice, "I don't know? Maybe I'm too nervous about the meeting? Or worried about this storm... I just don't know?"

He looked at her with lust in his eyes. God, he wanted to hold her, kiss those sweet lips, and caress her naked body. Daringly Steve reached out across the sheet and touched Amanda's arm.

"Come here, I think someone needs to be held." As he pulled her into his arms, he took her hand and placed it on his cock.

The sheet fell off his body when Steve turned over. The eastern window's curtains were open slightly and the light of the full moon illuminated his figure.

His skin was white and the sight of him lying there half naked in that light was just too tempting for Amanda. She quivered and felt her clit pulsate while placing her right hand upon his chest.

Steve opened his eyes and looked up at Amanda, she was staring at him. He closed his eyes to give her the confidence she needed.

Seeing his eyes closed, Amanda slid her hand down to the top of his briefs. Her palm took hold of the shaft of his rising dick. As it grows over the band of his briefs it lay full and curved in her hand.

His cock aroused her more than she'd been in a long time. She bravely pulled his briefs off so his cock was free. She felt every nerve of her body come alive, she had to have him, deep inside her wanting pussy. Amanda licked her lips and climbed atop of him guiding his throbbing member into her. Slowly while panting and purring softly as she pushed all the way onto it.

Steve watched Amanda as she rode him. He loved it when a woman took charge and straddled him. As his hard dick pushed and pulled at her clit, the fucking intensified. She cried out in passion as her orgasm overtook her.

His upward thrusts were met with the wet oozing scent of her. Steve grabbed her by the hips to keep her from falling off as she slammed her pussy down onto his shaft. Amanda rode him hard, as her vaginal muscles milked his cock. Oh God, did she know how to fuck!

He loved watching Amanda, and every fiber of his being was moving toward a climax. She then grabbed one of her tits and began to suck and bit her own nipple. Her hot actions were more then Steve could take. He pulled her down once more and held her against his pubic bone as he exploded deep inside her hot vagina.

After they calmed down they began talking about how happy they were because it had stormed. Otherwise they never would've had the chance to get to know each other "better."

It was then that Steve confessed, "Honey, you're a beautiful sexy woman and I have wanted to get into your pants since her first day I hired you.

Amanda looked at Steve and purred seductively, "You have been the focus of almost all my masturbation fantasies.

I've wanted to fuck you for about three months now, but was just too shy to ask."

Steve pulled her closer saying, "You have? I love to hear more about your fantasies."

Snuggling up into his arms Amanda laid her head on his chest and continued talking. "One of my favorite ones is being tied up and being enticed by both a man and a woman.

Steve felt his cock twitching back to life. He lifted her chin upward and kissed her passionately the whispered, "I love doing light BDSM. I have played the role of both master and slave. If you'd want to continue seeing me then maybe we can try reenacting your fantasy sometime."

"Would I? Honey, you're handsome, charming, and sexy as hell and I would love to go out with you again.

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