Going Legit
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Man with a past meets a woman and falls in love. They both have problems to overcome.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Violent  

Thank you to my editors, LadyCibelle and Techsan, for their editing. They always make my stories a much better read.

I was so tired of traveling. All I ever did was go from one office to the other, each one having its own crisis. You would think that by now with all the time I spent showing those idiots how to do it right, they would catch on. But no, always another screw-up and the boss come in all upset. How many times have I asked him to get someone else to do this? Hire a young kid fresh and eager; someone that won't mind being gone all the time.

The funny thing is the boss is my dad. I shouldn't be saying this but we dealt with a lot of ex-mob activities. I was in charge of changing all our businesses to being legitimate operations.

Dad was getting old and I would be one of the head bosses in charge after his retirement. Other family member would also be taking over some of the other operations and sharing in the responsibilities. My two brothers, two sisters and a lot of cousins were all part of the operations.

It was the dawn of a new era and my dad knew it. We moved out of the drug business. I didn't want any part of it and it was being watched way too closely. I took over the construction area of the businesses. Our operations were now in more than sixteen states and getting bigger everyday. That's why I had to do all this traveling. We had fleets of trucks that traveled the whole United States. We were responsible for thousands of good jobs out there. Good legitimate work for good people who wanted part of the American dream.

It's funny when you think about it. We were a legit operation and had a goodly amount of politicians in our pockets. We just explained our needs to them and that we could run our operations from any state we chose. It would mean a large loss of jobs to any area we moved out of. The scare tactics always worked.

We seemed to get most of the government contracts in most of the highway and building projects. We had the power and the power brought in the money; the money got us the best legal people on our side. I guess you could call it the circle of power.

Of course I was born into the family. I went to private schools as did my brothers and sisters. Most of us took business management courses in college. Some of our relatives were top notch lawyers. Dad wanted us all to be well tutored in these areas. He must have had the going legit plans years and years before. He told me one day that he didn't trust most outsiders with big ideas. He was waiting for our family to become knowledgeable in the business and financial world.

Anyone in charge of the new businesses was related to our family or very close friends.

There have been many times the Feds and the IRS had shaken us down. They weren't able to ever find anything to topple us. Nowadays we had the common man on our side. As I have mentioned, we supplied jobs, good paying jobs. Construction laborers, truck drivers, building and trade jobs, and all the small jobs that trickled down from there. The restaurants and vending companies near our job sites and the stores, both the large chain stores and the mom and pop stores, did a good business because we were there.

We didn't shake businesses down anymore. No need to, the money was more than plentiful. I was a millionaire a few times over. When I walked the streets I was respected. I think that's all any man really wants, to be respected and earn a good living to support his family. Everything else automatically follows.

I was in my early forties and have dated more women than I care to count. I tried getting married three times but it was always about the money. I wanted to be loved for who I was, not for the financial reward. I gave up looking after the third divorce.

I was in Las Vegas checking out one of the new buildings going up. It was one of our companies building the structure. No one knew me except for a few of the bosses. My name might have been well known but not my face. That's the way I liked it. After conferring with them I decided to get a bite to eat and head for home the next day. My home was located in the outskirts of Youngstown, Ohio. I ran my part of the franchise from there. Hell, there wasn't anything in that town that I didn't have an interest in.

In the old days, say fifty years ago, it was kind of a mob capital. We were close to Lake Erie, bordered Pennsylvania and West Virginia and a hop, skip and jump to New York and New Jersey. My dad sure had the stories he used to tell us. Now, I believed most of them were true. A lot of them were passed down from my grandfather who passed away five years ago.

So here I sat, eating another dinner in another restaurant in some city I probably wouldn't see very often. After heading out to the company's branch office early every morning, I was usually too exhausted at night to do much more than sleep. Sometimes eat, like tonight; although, as I stared at my food, I wondered again why I bothered. I was divorced three times and would like to find a woman who wanted me just for me.

According to the server, there was a band playing downstairs in about an hour. Figuring a drink sounded much better than my food, I took off. It looked like a good crowd already. Checking with the bouncer, he directed me to a booth near the back. Dim lighting, a bit to the side, but great viewing.

Soon the opening act began. The music wasn't exactly my first choice, but it was still very good. Between that and the drink, I was finally relaxing. People wandered around, looking for friends, and getting fresh drinks. I just ignored it all, and sat back.

When the last break was about over, the waiter brought over a fresh drink. A few minutes later, the bouncer slid in across from me. "Sir, I have a small request," he said. "With all the seats taken, would you mind if I sent someone over to share your booth for the remainder of the show?"

Since I had decided already to go back to my room, I agreed. "Let the new guy have the booth," I thought. I nodded to the bouncer that it would be okay. After looking up I quickly had a change of thought.

She was stunning. Almost embarrassed, she quietly sat down. Trying to think of how to talk when the noise level was so high, I just smiled and nodded my head. Maybe when the bands changed over, it would be easier.

I had a hard time paying attention to the music after she arrived. The idea of leaving was no longer a good one. As long as she was here, I was staying. A couple of times, she glanced my way, blushing when I caught her.

As soon as the clapping stopped, people started talking loud. Leaning over the table, I told her my name was Rob, along with a brief bio. I explained that I was a businessman from Ohio and would be heading home the next day.

This seemed to work, since I got a full smile back. Her name was Dawn, and she worked in a real estate office out of Pennsylvania. She was there with a couple of girlfriends who went bar hopping and she just wanted to get off her feet and relax. This was her first time there, and she was glad when the bouncer helped her find a place to sit. Walking through a crowd was not something she was comfortable with.

She and her girlfriends lived outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and were there for a four day vacation. This was her first day and she wasn't sure where to go or what to do.

I mentioned the company I was here to troubleshoot for, and how I traveled all the time. She was excited to hear about the places I had been. I didn't tell her I owned the company or could afford to buy the lounge we were sitting in.

All too soon, the band started with a crash of the drums. I leaned back and studied her again. When we had talked, her interest appeared genuine; nothing fake. I was good with people, had to be; it was my job. Dawn was one I wanted to learn more about.

The band only took one more break, making it tough to chat. However, I had a plan in mind. When the show was over, I pointed out how many people were leaving all at once. There was a line waiting to get out. Why not sit back, have a drink, and let it empty out a bit? I knew it was the right thing to suggest when she immediately let her shoulders relax.

Each time I told her a funny story, she asked for another. But I wanted to hear about her. I told one more, then it was her turn to talk. Seeing her slight nod was encouraging, so I finished telling of a trip to California.

Dawn had wanted to be a nurse, but money was tight. Her parents couldn't help with schooling, so instead she went to a community college and studied real estate. It wasn't her dream, but it gave her a life. She told me she has been selling real estate for over ten years now. I figured that would put her in her thirties.

She was married once but it only lasted a few years. She had caught him cheating on her and said she couldn't live with a cheating man. After that she had met another guy but after a year with him, he had left her, saying she was dull and boring.

"Maybe they're right. Maybe it is me who is dull and boring," she said.

I could see tears in the corner of her eyes. Without thinking, I got up and slid in next to her. It was just to reassure her, I told myself.

It was an excuse and I knew it. What I wanted was to touch her. See if her skin was as soft as it looked. My fingers just skimmed her hand. I knew from that second I needed more. He had been a jerk. I intended to prove to her that she was neither dull nor boring. I decided to take the next three days and stay in town. If she agreed, they would be spent with her as much as possible.

Hearing last call from the bartender shocked me. The time had just gone so fast. I asked her if she would like to go and get a cup of coffee. I knew of a nice place off the beaten path that was quiet and we could talk.

She agreed and on the way out I palmed the bouncer fifty bucks. He gave me a wink and I knew I had another friend if I ever needed a favor.

We got a cab and it took us to Joe's Coffee Shop. I walked over to the juke box and put in a couple of dollars worth of quarters and let Dawn push the buttons. She chose soft, old time love songs. I told her that it was my kind of music. We sat in a corner booth, drank coffee, and talked.

She was smart, funny, and easy to talk with. We found common interests, and debated our differences. She had a sexy smile, and didn't even realize it. Her allure wasn't only from the outside; it was everything, the total package. Corny, I thought, but so true. It drew me in, it captured me, and I was hooked.

We left the coffee shop and caught a cab. I lightly held her hand. Enough for others to see she was with me, but not so much as to scare her. On our way to her motel I asked her if she would have dinner with me the next day.

She agreed. Since she didn't know the area, I was wondering where to take her the next night. She solved that by mentioning a nearby restaurant that she had wanted to try. So now, I wondered if she would let me pick her up. Or was she more comfortable meeting me there? I waited for her answer, hoping1⁄4

I wasn't disappointed, but had already decided she was the cautious type. Setting a time to meet, she gave me the address of the restaurant and her motel and room number. I didn't tell her I'd eaten there many times before. Waving good-bye was hard, but I was thrilled she agreed to have dinner the next evening.

I called my office the next morning to let them know I would be there three more days. I then headed back over to the work site and was glad to see the bosses had the crews working. They were surprised to see me since they thought I had left that morning.

The workload was enormous. Every department had problems, or a question. Luckily we had good people watching over our interests, which made my job much easier. Watching the time all day, I finally said enough. I decided to rent a car for the next three days. I could show Dawn around the town without depending on cabs.

Heading out to my hotel, I actually was singing along with the radio. When had I done that last? Months ago? Years? I felt young again. I felt happy.

The place she chose wasn't very busy. I had called ahead for reservations. I waited in the lobby. She came through the door, that smile already there, and I knew I wanted her. I guess sometimes if we wish hard enough the wishes come true. Somehow, I now had to convince her.

Dinner was great. We just picked up chatting like old friends. Never an awkward moment. Everything I learned about her made me want to hear more. I wanted this woman as I hadn't wanted a woman before. Not just tonight, but forever. If I had to move to Pennsylvania to be with her, I would. I'd just move my office if necessary. I could do my contract work anywhere, even though I liked my home town. I only knew I wasn't leaving Las Vegas without knowing she was going to be mine.

It felt so weird to me. I'd been with so many women, but this one just got to me. She wasn't a model or stuck on herself. She didn't try to put on airs about herself. She was more like the pretty girl next door who was much more beautiful than she knew.

I hadn't told her about my finances. I needed to see if she wanted me for myself and not for money. I've been through that route three times already. I didn't lie to her but didn't tell her the whole story about my past yet.

At my car, she leaned against the door as we talked about where to go next. I needed to taste her so badly. My lips brushed against hers lightly, a whispery soft touch. I wanted to claim her right there. Pulling back, I looked into her eyes. A tear slid from the corner of her eye. Before I could apologize for whatever I had done to cause it, she put her finger over my lips. Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed me again.

All I heard was, "Take me back to my room please."

My hands shook as I started my car. Thoughts scattered all over my mind. I was thinking forever, not just tonight. What if all she intended was a one-time fling? What if I read her wrong?

It wasn't far to her place. I pulled in the parking garage, and went to her side of the car and opened the door for her. She slid out and I saw a lot of thigh. She had beautiful legs. Everything about her was beautiful to me. Not in the "I took two hours getting ready to go out" but just natural beauty.

I said nothing, waiting, watching her smile as she got out. She said her roommates would be gone till the wee hours. They had a suite and she had her own room. Inside, I was worried if I pushed too hard or too fast, she would run. No one had ever made me feel like she did. I wasn't even sure if I could explain it to her. Or to myself for that matter. Were there enough words? Enough days?

She looked at me. "Rob, I need to tell you that I'm not usually like this. I don't go to bed with just anyone. I haven't been with a man since my last breakup. It's not that I couldn't but I'm not a slut. I'm not even worldly. It's just something about you. I felt it when we first met. I hope you felt it too."

She walked my way. My name on her lips was all it took; I lost it. My arms went around her, molding her tightly to me. I invaded her mouth with my tongue, hers answering thrust for thrust. Burning with desire, I knew if I didn't slow down I would lower her to the floor and take her there. I backed up, breathing deeply. She looked somewhat confused when I backed up.

Pulling her toward me, I sat on the edge of the bed, I caressed her arm. Yes, we were going fast I told her. However, sometimes it happened that way. When it did, you accepted it. You didn't question it. There were things we didn't know about each other, but we could have years to learn them. One thing was for sure, we had tonight.

She sat down next to me when I said that, an odd look in her eyes. Yes, I told her. "When I slid in next to you in that booth, and touched your skin, I knew I wanted you. It was over for me; I fell right then."

Her smile lit up her face. When she replied, "Thank goodness," it wasn't only her; my smile lit up the room. I was hoping I had found love.

I slowly removed her clothing and made love to her. I started by rubbing her feet. I remembered her telling me how they hurt. I moved my way up her ankles to her calves. Once I reached her thighs she spread them for me. I stopped rubbing and started kissing her thighs. I finished removing her panties and buried my face into her hot sex. She was wet and moaning as I removed my pants and shorts and moved into position.

"Please make love to me, Rob. I want you so much."

After making love we laid side by side both wet with perspiration waiting for our breathing to slow. I couldn't tell you the last time I got hard twice so quickly. She raised her body above my cock and slowly lowered herself. Again, I watched as it slowly penetrated into her wet valley. It took a lot longer the second time.

I left before her roomies returned for the night. I headed back to my motel and showered and probably had the best sleep of my life.

I got up the next morning and went to her motel and knocked on the door. A nice looking woman answered the door.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Is Dawn here? I'm Rob, a friend of hers," I said.

She was smiling, "So you're the one who's keeping our Dawn happy. Please come in, I'm Lisa and that woman at the table is Julie. Dawn is in her room. She slept in for some unknown reason," laughed Lisa.

I walked into their suite and waited for Lisa to call for Dawn. "Dawn, can you come out for a second?" she smiled. "There is someone here to see you."

Dawn peeked out the door. "Oh, my God, I'm not dressed. I'm still in my pajamas," she remarked.

"Just put your robe on. I'm sure he's probably seen it all anyway," laughed Julie.

A blushing Dawn came out in a light nearly see through robe and red baby doll, pajamas underneath. Like I said earlier, she had natural beauty; to me she looked great. Even her hair looked neat and soft.

"Hi, Rob. I guess you met my roommates." They were both smiling. "What brings you here this morning? I thought you said you would call me later?"

"This is later than when we were last together," I smiled. "I thought you might like to have breakfast. Your friends are welcome to come along. I'll wait out in the lobby while you get dressed."

Julie spoke. "Dawn, why don't you two go and have breakfast? You look famished from all that exercise you must have had," she laughed. "Lisa and I want to see if we can get tickets to the big show for tomorrow. There are supposed to be a number of stars there and they say it's going to be hard to get tickets."

"Okay. Rob, give me a few minutes to get dressed. You can talk to Lisa and Julie. I'm sure they have questions for you," said a smiling Dawn as she went into her room.

I talked to the women for a few minutes and answered a few of their questions about where I lived and why I was in town. I found out that they both worked at the real estate office where Dawn worked. Lisa was actually the owner's wife, but was Dawn's best friend. They were both nice ladies and seemed to be fun loving like Dawn. Both were married and agreed to come to Las Vegas for a women's vacation. They gambled a little but were more interested in seeing the shows.

Dawn came out before I could ask many questions about her. We told her friends we would see them later as we headed out to a breakfast buffet. When we got there Dawn told me it was her treat. She said I'd been spending money on her for two days and she wanted to at least buy me breakfast. I agreed and we talked some more while eating.

I wanted to — no, make that needed to - tell her more about myself. I first needed to find out what she wanted out of life. I was so hoping it wouldn't be about money. I so wanted to be accepted for myself, not my family, not my wealth.

So I came out and asked her, "Dawn, what exactly do you want out of life? I mean like goals, needs and wants. Maybe even a little fantasy if necessary."

"I don't know, Rob. Why do you want to know?" she smiled.

"I'm falling for you and I need to know before I tell you more about myself. I haven't lied to you but there is a whole lot I haven't told you. If you don't feel the same way about me then we really don't need to talk about it. We'll just enjoy the next two days as friends and go our own way after tomorrow."

God, I couldn't believe I said that. I knew it had to be said and waited for her answer. There seemed to be such a long pause and she was staring into my eyes.

"I want a nice home and a family. A decent car that runs. I want to be able to enjoy life without worrying about having to make ends meet," she said.

"So money is very important to you?" I asked. I was worried that she might fall in the trap of wanting a man for his money.

"Yes, no," she answered. "Money is important for survival. I want a family, a couple of kids and a wonderful husband. I don't need to be rich. Heck, I wouldn't know what to do with a lot of money. I'm a simple girl. I want the simple things life has to offer. A nice home and enough finances to take care of my family."

"What do you want in a husband?" I asked.

She smiled and took my hand. "I want a loving, caring man who wants me for who I am. He must love kids and want a family. I want to do things with him and for him. I want him to be number one in my life and I want to be number one in his. I don't care if he doesn't have a lot of money. It would be nice that between us we could afford the things we want. I don't want to be bossed around. I want us to be on equal terms. Talking together about major purchases and be able to talk over our problems."

"Tell me a little more about your family," I asked.

"We're a blue collar family. Dad worked at the mill and Mom stayed home and raised eight kids. I'm the oldest and helped raise my siblings. We're a pretty close knit loving family. We actually live in a small town of Midland, which is just outside of Pittsburgh."

She seemed so warm, so honest. I wondered how she would react when I told her about my family. I was about to tell her about my life when her friends Lisa and Julie showed up.

"Hi," said Lisa. "We called around to see about tickets for the big show but we're told they are impossible to get. Besides the motel said they would be beaucoup bucks. So we decided to join you for breakfast. Hope we aren't interfering?"

"No problem," said Dawn. "I'm paying for Rob's breakfast but you two have to pay for your own." They all laughed.

"Hey, I'm not mooching off Dawn. She offered. I just want to make it clear. I would never think of asking her to pay," I said.

The girls were actually fun to be with. I asked them if I could treat them all to one of the shows tonight.

"Which one?" They all asked in unison. "Most of them need reserved tickets in advance," said Lisa.

"I don't know. Let me make a few calls and see what I can find. I'll pick you ladies up tonight at seven," I responded. "I promise it will be a good one."

The girls were acting like young teenagers with all their giddyness, but I loved listening to them. I needed to make a few calls and get them tickets for the big show they all wanted to see. I knew who to call; I knew the manager of the theater they wanted to go to. I got up and told them I'd be back in a few minutes. I wanted to take Dawn over to see Hoover Dam that day. She had mentioned she wanted to see it but didn't know if they had time.

I called about the tickets and was told that they were sold out. I asked for the manager and to tell him it was Rob Milo on the phone. I don't usually go to the top but this was an exception.

"Rob, so good to hear from you. What can I do for you?" asked Micah, the manager.

"Hi, old friend. I'm here in Vegas with three very special people and need four tickets to tonights eight o'clock performance. Any chance you can help me out? The one lady is very special to me."

"The only thing I have is in the side balcony. They're very good seats, but they are leased out for the year. I can get them for tonight but the lessee wants a thousand dollars a ticket."

"I'll take them, Micah, and I want to thank you. If you ever need a favor, don't be afraid to ask. Put us down for dinner for four also. We'll be there at six thirty."

I should mention that about five years ago a group thought they would muscle their way into this casino/theater. Micah called my dad and he sent a group of problem solvers who came over and dealt with it. I was with them. I didn't involve myself with the violence. We had other people to take care of that. All I'll say is Micah was never bothered again.

I went back to tell the girls that there was a change of plans. I found a place to take them that night and I would be by to pick them up at six o'clock. I let them know that we were going out for dinner first and to look their best.

"Where're we going?" asked Julie.

"To dinner and a nice musical. It was the best I could do but I know you'll love it, trust me."

Dawn looked over at me. "I trust you, Rob." Her smile about melted my heart.

The girls all decided that they wanted to see Hoover Dam so we all quickly got ready and went there. Dawn never left my side for a second. I could see her girlfriends smile at her all day. They really were the best of friends and wanted the best for her. I know they wanted to know more about me also. I think that's one reason they went with Dawn and me to the dam.

At one point Dawn asked me when I was going to tell her the rest of my life's story since we were interrupted at breakfast. I told her I would tell her before she went home. I promised her that.

I drove to their hotel at six o'clock sharp and knocked on the door. Dawn opened it and she looked stunning. Lisa and Julie both looked great too but I wasn't falling in love with them.

"I can't believe I'm going out with three beautiful females," I chuckled. "I also can't believe that all three of you are ready."

"We're real estate women; we are always on time," laughed Lisa.

"Okay, Rob, before we go we need to know how we are splitting the bill. We figured we'd go Dutch. You know, we each pay for our own. You pick up the tab and we'll pay you when we get back here. You already treated us to Hoover Dam today. We don't want to take advantage of you. After all you're not getting sex for this, at least from two of us," laughed Julie.

Dawn blushed and gave a friendly slap to Julie. I couldn't help laughing; I just hoped Julie was right. We all headed down to the car. Of course Dawn got up front with me. I pulled up to the Grand Hotel and the girls were all startled. The valets opened all our doors and I gave the lead valet a large tip. Dawn came around the car and held on to my arm as her friends followed us.

There was a line of people waiting to get in. They were roped off to the side. I walked up to the doorman and mentioned my name.

"Welcome, Mr Milo," he said as he opened the door for us. The Maitre D led us to our table. It was then Lisa spoke for the first time.

"Rob," she whispered. "I'm sorry but we can't afford this place. There aren't any prices on the menu."

"Ladies," I whispered. "This night is on me. Take your time eating and enjoy yourselves. We have until eight o'clock before the fabulous sixties rock and roll show starts. If I'm not mistaken, that's the big show you wanted to see, isn't it?"

Lisa and Julie were almost giddy. Dawn was happy but was looking at me very strangely. I knew she wanted answers but I didn't think this was the time or place to discuss my life with her.

"How did you do it, Rob? We called this morning and they said there weren't even any tickets available," asked Lisa.

I looked over at Dawn. "Dawn, I owe you a lot of explanations, I know that. I promise you that I'll tell you everything you want to know tomorrow. Can you do me one favor and enjoy this night together? I did it for you and your friends."

Dawn stared at me; I knew she had questions. If she had feelings for me, this must have thrown her for a loop.

"Rob, please just answer one question for me now. Can you really afford this?" asked Dawn.

I knew she was asking me if I was rich, powerful or both. It's the only kind of people who can get last minute favors. I knew Dawn was a very smart woman. I couldn't lie to her.

"Yes, Dawn, I can afford this and the manager is a friend of mine."

At that moment, Micah showed up to our table. I stood up and shook his hand. He complimented each woman and kissed her hand. He had a bottle of wine sent to the table and told the waiter to take good care of us.

After he left I wasn't sure what to do. Dawn leaned over and whispered in my ear. "You need to know it's not your money I want, it's you." She then kissed me gently on the lips. I think she saw the tear in my eye. It was the perfect thing to say.

After that she was back to her normal self. The girls ordered all kinds of crazy stuff to eat. It may seem odd to a lot of people but I was having the time of my life. Making these three women happy, especially Dawn, made me happy.

After dinner, we were escorted to the theater and taken to a private balcony. When we arrived the girls were giddy again. I was rather impressed with the seats myself. I had to remember to tell my secretary to send a thank you gift and note to Micah. The show was great. All these named stars were doing their own songs. I loved the love songs. Each time one was sung, Dawn squeezed my hand and laid her head on my shoulder.

After the show I drove the girls back to their motel. Lisa and Julie must have thanked me a hundred times, and hugged me fifty times. I asked Dawn if she would come back to my motel with me.

Lisa and Julie were waiting for her reply. "You go girl," said Lisa. "I would if I wasn't married. We both know you have feelings for him. You're a grown woman and he's about as nice a man as I've ever met."

"Let me get a few things," replied Dawn.

"Take good care of her, Rob, she's special to us too," replied Julie. "... and thanks again for everything. We had a wonderful time."

"My pleasure ladies. Maybe we can get together with your husbands and enjoy a night out. It's been fun," I replied.

Dawn hugged her two friends and told them she would see them in the morning. I spoke out, "Maybe late afternoon," I smiled.

She gave me a friendly slap as we left her motel room and headed for mine. She spoke as soon as we got in the car. "Rob, I need to know about you. First, I think I know you and then I don't. What you did for me and my friends was wonderful. I really care for you but I don't want secrets between us. I need for you to be honest with me if there is to be a future for us."

"Are you serious? Do you see us together in the future? I felt that way the first time I saw you," I remarked.

"I'm somewhat afraid of getting involved with anyone again. That was until I met you in the lounge. I don't want to be hurt again. I thought you were just a traveling businessman and then I find out you're probably rich. Now I feel a little silly buying your breakfast. I really do want a nice and gentle husband and kids. I want as many as God will give me. I have seven brothers and sisters. I need to know the man I'm with wants the same things I want."

Instead of going back to my apartment, we drove back to Joe's diner. We went in and sat in the back booth and ordered coffee.

"Okay, Dawn, I am going to tell you things that you must promise never to tell another living soul. I'll tell you about my past and my wants and needs for the future. You must promise me that you will never and I do mean never mention my past to anyone. Your life could depend on it. Do you care for me enough to keep that promise?" I asked.

"Oh, my God, I'm scared, Rob. Your name is Rob, isn't it?"

"Dawn there is nothing to be scared of. It's just that I have a shady past and there are things I won't tell you about it. Things you don't need to know and believe me, don't want to know. I promise not to lie to you and I will always be honest in answering your questions but, if I tell you I can't tell you, you have to let it go. I promise I'll never hurt you. Do you want me to take you back to your motel or do we talk?"

"I'm a big girl and ready to listen," replied Dawn.

"My name is Rob. It's short for Robert. I didn't want to be called Bob so I started telling everyone to call me Rob when I was a kid, and it stuck. My last name is Milo but it's short for Milosevich. That was my grandfather's and it carried a lot of weight during its time. My family back then were in a number of crime syndicates."

"You mean you're a mobster, Rob?" asked a nervous Dawn.

"No, Honey," I realized it was the first time I had called her that and even though she was nervous she smiled at me. "People used to call them mobsters. Some people believe they still exist today but we are all into legitimate businesses. It started with my father getting out of the rackets and going legit. I am a businessman and run my share of the companies, mostly involved with buildings and trades and the trucking industry."

Dawn stopped me. "My brother drives a truck for Milo's Trucking. Does he work for you?"

"I own Milo's Trucking but I don't know everyone who works for the company. I just pretty much oversee the businesses. Years and years ago the crime syndicates ran everything: drugs, prostitution, gambling and even protection. We're not into any of that anymore.

"You need to know that I was never into any of that stuff. A lot of the hype still follows me since I'm a Milosevich. Just goes with the territory. Every now and then some upcoming idiot tries to muscle in on our businesses. There is a faction within the family that handles those delicate situations. So, any other things you want to know?"

"How rich are you?"

"Filthy rich, I'm worth millions."

"You seem so normal, so nice. What is the real you?" asked Dawn.

"The real me is what you see. I want a wife and family. I don't want to live in a penthouse like I do now. I want to live out in the country and give my wife and family nice things. I want to help people who help themselves get ahead. Dawn, what I want the most is, I want you. Not for a night or month or even a year, I want you forever."

She had tears coming down her cheeks. "Why me? There are so many women who are prettier, probably nicer and smarter. A lot more sophisticated than me."

"I believe there really is a God and that he placed you and me together for a reason. I'm not a religious fanatic and will probably end up in hell, but while I'm here on earth, I want to be with you."

"Are you talking living together or marriage? After all we've only been together a few days." asked Dawn. "I want a husband, I want him to be you, but there is something I must require of you if we are to get married."

I looked at her. She looked in my eyes and grabbed both my hands across the table. "I want a pre-nuptial agreement that specifically says if either of us back out of this marriage for any reason that we leave the marriage with only the things we brought into it. Is it a deal?" she asked.

"You don't need to do that, Dawn," I said.

"Yes, I do! It must be in writing. I didn't know you were rich or owned your own business when we first met. I want you to know that I fell in love with you our first night together. I don't ever want you to think that I married you for your wealth. Is it a deal?" she asked.

"It's a deal," I said and we sealed it with a kiss. "Are you ready to go back to my room and catch some sleep?" I asked.

She smiled back at me. "I doubt there will be much sleeping tonight," she laughed.

We headed back to my room and we didn't get much rest. We did make love most all night. Half our night was holding and cuddling each other. The other half of the night we learned every inch of each other's bodies. One thing I will say is whipped cream being sucked off her breasts really is a turn-on. She said the same thing about a cream covered cock.

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