Her Best Friend My Worst Enemy
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cuckold, FemaleDom, Humiliation,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The title says it all.

Kathy is a living dream. Blond, blue eyed, she looks like she just stepped off the pages of Playboy; and she is about to become my wife. How did I get so lucky? I'm not sure. We are both attending the same university taking law. I don't know how Kathy got there because she is beautiful but not smart, and I made it because I ranked 5th out of a group of 90 students.

Guys were always hitting on her trying to get a date and she turned most of them down. She preferred to hang out with her best friend Linda. I would never have had the nerve to invite her to the spring dance except she hinted she wanted to go and no one had asked her. I took a deep breath and asked her and I was delighted when she said yes.

I fell in love with her that first night. She is beautiful, sexy and has a great personality. We started going out every Saturday night. I would pick her up at her dorm room, the one she shared with Linda, and take her wherever she wanted to go. She had her favorite restaurant, her favorite bar and she loved going to basketball games. I don't like basketball, but she always insisted on going if the team was in town on a Saturday night. What hurt me more was she would not let me drink. She told me she had a bad incident once and ever since she insisted that her driver not drink. We often went to her favorite bar where she would have several drinks, but I stuck to pop to please her.

I lived off campus while Kathy lived on campus with Linda. I could not get Kathy to come to my apartment because it was not proper, according to her, but I could go to her place provided I was out by eleven o'clock. The first time she invited me back to her place I was so excited. She said I could stay until curfew and we would do some hugging and kissing as long as her roommate Linda did not object. She suggested I be nice to Linda because she had the power to kick me out or even blacklist me so that I would not be allowed to even enter the building.

Linda did not like me right from the start and I don't know why. My name is Bill even though both Kathy and Linda called me Billie. I may not be a jock but I am polite and respectful to women. Linda is sexy too with her long black hair but she always reminded me of a witch while Kathy was my angel. When we arrived I was shocked to see Linda wearing only a bra and panties watching TV. As Kathy introduced us I could not help but stare at her near nude body. I could feel myself getting stiff until Linda said, "Don't get a hard on or I'll cut it off and stuff it down your throat."

Kathy said to Linda, "Now don't get Billie all upset and nervous, after all this is his first time here."

"Ok Billie," Linda said, "make me a Martini and Kathy a Manhattan; you do know how to make a cocktail don't you dumbo? And get yourself a glass of water. We don't allow guys to drink in our room."

I found the necessary ingredients and made the drinks. When I got back to the main room I saw Linda kissing Kathy. Linda with an evil smile said, "Don't worry Billie; I am just getting her warmed up for you." Then to Kathy she said, "Have you taught him how to suck pussy yet?"

"Don't talk that way. Can't you see Billie is already embarrassed, and no I have not taught him?"

"I'll teach him if you like. By the time I am through with him all you will have to do is snap your fingers and he will be on his knees in front of you with his head between your legs."

I don't know what her problem is. Right from the start she gave me a hard time. Once she told me Kathy was too good for me and I should just go away. Kathy said she did not like guys very much so I needed to try extra hard.

Once we were engaged Kathy took me back to her room once a week and seemed to be amused by the way Linda treated me. Linda decided it was her job to train me to be a good husband; I had to make their drinks and snacks for them. She taught me how to massage feet. I would practice on her and then do Kathy. I did not smoke but I had to carry a lighter at all times to light their cigarettes and keep the ashtrays clean.

The most embarrassing thing was she taught me how to suck Kathy's pussy and then she made me jerk myself off afterwards. Kathy would stay fully clothed other than remove her panties and spread her legs, but I had to be naked before I knelt between her legs. I had to start at Kathy's knees and kiss my way up to her pussy where I would lick and suck her. When I complained to Kathy she said if anyone knew how to get her off it was Linda, so I should pay attention to everything she said.

It wasn't that I minded sucking Kathy to orgasm; I kind of liked doing it knowing it brought her so much pleasure, but I hated doing it with Linda watching. What made me mad was Kathy would have a great orgasm and then thank Linda for training me so well. She told Linda that she could use me any time she wanted my tongue for her own pleasure.

I was a virgin and they knew that and took advantage of it. Once Kathy was sexually satisfied, I would make each of them a drink, light their cigarettes, and while they relaxed on the sofa, I would jerk myself off for their amusement. I had to stand naked in front of them and jerk myself off in my other hand. Linda wanted to make me jerk off in a cup and then drink my own cum but Kathy said jerking off in my hand was enough. Good for her; I hated that bitch Linda. I tried to tell Kathy that Linda embarrassed and humiliated me, but she told me I was just being overly sensitive.

I felt like a performing seal as I would jerk off while Linda kissed Kathy and both of them watched me. Once Linda said, "You got me feeling soo horny Kathy. Billie go home now; I want some alone time with your girlfriend."

As the wedding drew near, Linda held a bachelorette party for Kathy. She told me she had hired a male stripper and he was going to fuck Kathy. "I have seen your small cock and I want Kathy to enjoy a big one. When I asked Kathy about it all she would say is don't believe everything Linda says but she would not deny it either.

Once we got married I finally got to make love to Kathy and it was wonderful. Being a virgin I assumed it would be something like jerking off but there was no comparison. Her pussy was like hot wet silk, soft yet tight on my penis. I could not last very long before I started cuming, because it felt soo good. Kathy would only let me do it once every two weeks. She said it was only a treat if I could just do it occasionally. The rest of the time I did the same thing we did before marriage, suck her off then jerk myself.

Upon graduation I got a job with the biggest law firm in town and Kathy had a part time job with the government. It was a great year until Linda entered my life again. She had just started dating a guy named Mike when they and Mike's brother Stan ran into Kathy at the shopping mall. They got talking about old times at university and Linda suggested they double date the way they used to. At first Kathy said that was not a very good idea because she was married now, but Linda said, "It's just a date, you don't have to fuck him. Come on it will be fun; remember the good times we used to have?"

When she came home and told me I was very angry. "How could you agree to go on a date? You are my wife."

"Now don't get all excited. We are only going to do it Thursday nights, that's the night you always bring home work from the office. You won't even know I am gone so I don't see what your big problem is."

"Every Thursday night! You are my wife and it's not right to go out on dates with another man."

"You spend every Thursday night in your study anyway, so what is the difference. This gives me a chance to socialize with my friend Linda, so I don't know what you have to complain about."

What could I do but reluctantly agree.

After her first date I asked her about it. All she would say was Stan seemed like a nice guy and she enjoyed socializing with Linda again. I was starting to feel better, not quite so jealous when Linda called me.

"Hi Billie, (I hate that name and she knows it), I was just talking to Stan and he told me how sexy your wife is. He wants to fuck her on their next date. I told him I would help by getting her drunk to make it easier for him. I wanted you to know, goodbye looser."

When Kathy got home I told her right away what Linda had said. "Now Billie, you know Linda likes to tease you and try and upset you. I wouldn't pay to much attention to what she says."

The next Thursday I was still wondering if Stan fucked her so when she got home I said, "I missed you Honey, so let's go to bed and I'll make love to you with my tongue."

"You pervert, you only want to suck me to see if there is any cum in my pussy. Maybe there is and maybe there isn't but you are not going to find out that way."

I had a gut feeling that she was only teasing me but I could not be sure. That changed when Linda called me again. "I know Kathy wouldn't tell you so I will. We checked into a hotel, all four of us in one room, and ordered drinks from room service and watched a porno movie on pay TV that got all of us in the mood. Mike got excited and started fucking me on one of the beds and Stan fucked Kathy on the other. Mike liked the way your wife fucks so I told him if he gave me an orgasm sucking my pussy I would let him fuck your wife too. When she got home did she have a nice juicy pussy for you?"

"You are a lying bitch and I don't want you to call me any more." I did not believe her but still it upset me. Maybe I had been neglecting Kathy, so I suggested to her that we go out next Thursday and I would stop bringing work home.

"You should have thought of that before now. Stan treats me like a wife should be treated and listens to what I say, unlike you who always has his head buried in his work. Maybe he gets what a husband should instead of you."

Linda had stopped tormenting me but Kathy picked up where she left off. "Stan says I have a sexy body and great personality; you never say nice things like that to me. Maybe if you treated me better you would get what Stan is getting," she said that with a smile on her face so I know she is teasing me but it still bothers me.

The following Thursday I waited up for her even though it was about 2AM before she got home. "What do you get to do until two in the morning?" I asked.

"Are you sure you want to know? Anyway, I don't want to talk about that now. What I want now is for you to do what you do best, suck my pussy."

This was not the time to get her mad at me so I did what she wanted.

"Oh Billie, you are soo good at that. I think we should limit our lovemaking to that. I love that and I know you like sucking me off so there is no reason for us to fuck."

"I do that because I know you like it but that doesn't mean I don't want to fuck you. Every husband wants to fuck his own wife. That is supposed to be one of the advantages of being married."

"Stop talking and concentrate on what you are doing."

After I made her cum she lay back on the bed relaxed and contented, "Are you going to jerk off for me now?"

"No, I want to make love to you."

"But Billie, you look so cute when you stand by my bed and jerk off in your hand for me."

"Kathy, it's been over three weeks since you let me make love to you. I am so horny tonight, so please let me do it."

"No Billie, I'm tired and I want to sleep now."

I was feeling jealous and neglected, so I told Kathy that next Thursday I wanted to go with her. "That is unless you are doing something you don't want me to know about."

"If you want to come it's OK with me. Stan's car only holds four people so if you want to come we can use our van and you can drive."

That Thursday we took off with Kathy showing me the way to Linda's place where we picked up Mike and Linda and then on to Stan's place. When we picked him up Kathy got in the rear seat with him. Mike and Linda were in the middle seat so that left me alone in the front seat. Now I really felt like a chauffer while the four of them talked in the back.

We arrived at the club they usually went to. The club was small but it had a large dance floor and a resident DJ. "Billie, why don't you be a gracious host and buy our drinks tonight," suggested Kathy.

"Right," Linda said, "he must be good for something."

"I don't allow Billie to drink if he is driving," Kathy mentioned, "but he can guard our drinks when we are up dancing. Billie is not a very good dancer; in fact he is lousy at it; that's why I enjoy dancing with you Stan. You are so good at that."

"Billie, do you want to know what else Stan is good at?" Linda asked.

"Now don't go and get Billie all upset by telling him things he doesn't need to know," Kathy replied. "You know how sensitive he is."

So I spent most of the night sitting alone at the table while they danced. They seldom spoke to me except to get me to go and get them more drinks.

The evening was winding down and the bar had given last call when Linda said, "Are we going to the Starlight hotel like we usually do? I know Billie is here but I'm sure he won't mind waiting for us outside."

"Linda, will you stop that," Kathy laughed. "Can't you see Billie is getting all upset and starting to stutter? I know he looks cute when he is all flustered, embarrassed, and blushing, but he has been a good boy tonight so I think we will call it a night."

After we had dropped them off I asked Kathy "Is that what you do on Thursday nights?

"Now Billie you know Linda likes to get you all excited and jealous. You can't believe every thing she says."

I guess I believe her but I just wish she would come right out and say no rather than give evasive answers. That night at home I tried to make love to my wife again. After all I had done everything she said all night.

Kathy said, "I was going to let you fuck me tonight but you don't trust me because you wanted to come along on my date. I don't fuck anyone that does not trust me. But since you were a pretty good boy tonight I'll let you suck me off."

"What I can't understand is why you have to double date with Linda. Why can't she go out on her dates without you?"

"Billie I asked you to do something, so be a good boy and do it."

I would let it go for now because she was flat on her back with her legs spread, but I needed to get to the bottom of this before this dating business got out of hand. That Sunday morning I made her breakfast and brought it to her in bed. She likes being pampered like that and once I had her in a good mood I was going to try again.

"How about this Thursday we let Linda and Mike go out by themselves and we will go to a movie or something?"

"But I like going out with Stan. He is handsome, friendly and sexy. I know it makes you jealous but you are a better behaved husband because of it. You are much more attentive to my needs than you used to be."

"But you're my wife, you shouldn't..."

"That's another thing I don't like about you. You whine all the time instead of being happy for me. Have you ever said have a good time when I go out, or brought me flowers or even bought me a gift? Stan treats me like a wife should be treated but all you do is nag and complain."

A week later Kathy came in all smiles and happy, "Stan won a 5 day cruise for 4 on a lottery ticket he purchased. Linda and Mike are going and he asked me. Of course I said yes. I have never been on a cruise. I am so happy," she said as she kissed me. "Aren't you excited for me?"

"Well, maybe I could purchase a ticket and we could all go."

"It's too late for that, but you can come with me to the stores because I have lots of shopping to do."

I wondered how she knew it was too late but I did not want to spoil her happy mood so I said nothing as we headed to the shopping centre. The first thing she wanted was a bathing suit. What she picked out was a tiny red bikini. I thought it was indecent. "Do you think Stan will like it," and when she saw me getting angry quickly added, "and do you like it too?"

When it was time I drove them to the airport because Stan's car could not hold all the luggage they had. Again I was alone in front and I could hear Linda and Mike talking in the seat behind and I often heard Kathy's giggle coming from the back seat. I had given Kathy my cell phone and she had agreed to call me every day at four in the afternoon. When we got to the airport Kathy gave me a quick kiss and they were off.

The first day of their cruise I was waiting by the phone at 4pm. It rang about five after but it was Linda not Kathy on the phone. "Kathy asked me to call you because right now she is busy sucking off Stan and she knows you are expecting a phone call at four. She asked me to talk to you until Stan cums in her mouth and then she will talk to you. So, how are you doing? I guess you have to jerk yourself off now that Kathy is not around, but come to think of it, you had to do that even when she was. OK here she comes now.

"Kathy shouldn't you at least wipe Stan's cum off your face before you talk to your husband?

"Linda you are soo bad talking to Billie that way and getting him all upset. Here give me the phone.

"Hi Billie, I am having a great time. We had a wonderful dinner last night and Stan bought all the cocktails and wine. I think he was trying to get me drunk, and we played tennis this afternoon. So how are you doing?"

"Never mind me, what were you and Stan doing?"

"Now Billie, you know how Linda loves to tell you naughty stories to make you jealous. Just ignore what she says. She does it because she knows it gets you all upset and angry. Anyway, I have to get ready for dinner now so I'll talk to you tomorrow."

On the second day about the same time the phone rang. Again it was Linda. "I know Kathy won't tell you but I think you should know. The sea was quite rough yesterday. We had all planned on going to the dance but Stan was feeling seasick so he stayed in the cabin. We stayed for a couple hours and danced a bit but your wife danced a lot with one of the ships officers and she invited him over to our table. When we left she said she was going to stay for awhile and dance with her officer. Do you know what time she got back? It was after ten o'clock this morning. I wonder what she did all night. I don't think it was dancing. She is still sleeping and I know you expected a call at four, so hang on and I'll try and wake her.

"Kathy you slut, get up and talk to your husband and pull down your skirt. How come you are not wearing any panties?"

"Hi hun," Kathy said in a sleepy voice. "I think I am getting sea sick too because I don't feel very well so I'll call you tomorrow."

"Wait Kathy, I want to know what is going on. Did you go dancing with one of the ships officers last night?

"Yes, I wanted to dance and Mike and Linda were sea sick so yes I danced with Chuck. When they left I stayed for a while to dance some more. Chuck is a very good dancer."

I could hear Linda's voice in the background, "I'll bet you found out what else he is very good at."

"So when did you get back to your cabin," I asked.

"I don't know. Why are you giving me the 3rd degree? What did Linda tell you? Look, I'm tired now so I'll call you tomorrow."

I was beginning to think I had made a mistake letting her go on this cruise. Maybe I had let her get her own way too much and she was taking advantage of me. Again the next day I waited by the phone with anxiety.

The phone rang and surprise, surprise it was Linda again. "Kathy sucked my pussy last night so that I would not tell you what she is doing. She has a very talented tongue and she made me cum all over her face. I told her that if she got me off twice I would not tell you, but the more I think about it I think you need to know what a whore wife you have.

"This morning we were all at the pool. Mike, Stan and Kathy were afraid they would sunburn so they went back to the room while I stayed a while longer. When I got back to our room I could hear Kathy's voice saying, Oh Mike, do it harder, do it faster, fuck me and make me cum. I didn't mind that as I don't care for fucking very much. I much prefer a female tongue sucking my pussy. I waited until I heard Mike grunt and then I walked in.

"I looked in the adjoining room and I could tell she had already fucked Stan. She looked embarrassed, for me to catch her fucking my boyfriend. That's when she offered to suck me off if I didn't tell you anything; but the more I thought about it the more I thought you should know."

"I want to talk to her."

"She is not here. She is up on deck with her officer friend. I guess she forgot about your four o'clock phone call."

The next day was the final day of the cruise and finally it was Kathy that called so I did not have to listen to any more lies from Linda. "Hi Billie, Linda got very sick last night, I think it's food poisoning or something, and she wants me to stay with her until she gets better. So as soon as the ship docks I am going to stay at her place. She should be better in a few days and then I'll be home."

"A few days!"

"Linda needs me."

"But honey, I miss you and I need you too."

"Now don't start whimpering; you know I don't like that. You be a good boy and I'll call you in 2 or 3 days."

I was hurt, angry, and jealous. Well no more; I had tried to show my love for Kathy and she treated it with contempt. I was now sure Stan was getting her pussy a lot more than me, so much for husband rights. As of now things were about to change.

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