Coming Into Her Own
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Amy was shy all through high school and college. When she meets Eric she realizes just how fun sex can be.

It was 6:00 PM on Saturday night. Amy went upstairs in her townhouse to get ready for her date with Eric. She sat at her computer in her bedroom and opened the email that he had sent her detailing what he wanted her to wear. She couldn't believe he wanted her dressed like he described in public, or that she was going to do it! It still amazed her that she could have changed so much in the six months since they started dating. Amy had been shy all through high school, partly because she was a late bloomer, and partly due to her natural quiet nature. Between her junior and senior years she had blossomed, as her mother called it, and wasn't sure how to handle her new body. The first day of her senior year some of her friends asked if she had gotten a boob job over the summer. Her tall, formerly boyish figure was gone, filled out with C-cups on her 5'6" frame. Her legs and ass was always firm thanks to soccer. She had blue eyes and dark brown hair, with freckles on her cheeks from spending every waking moment in the sun.

After her senior year, in which she dated a lot but never lost her virginity, she went to the state college a few hours away and got her degree in marketing. She did finally have sex, and quite a bit, but nothing earth shaking. She got a job near her home town and settled down, dating some but not steadily. Then on the night of her 23rd birthday her and some girlfriends were out celebrating when she met Eric. He was 30 at the time. An old man, as Amy's friends kidded her when she told them she was thinking about going on a date with him. But he was funny and good looking and Amy had fun with him. They didn't have sex until their third date, but when they did Amy felt like a virgin all over again. The college guys she had dated didn't know anything about how to make her cum like Eric did. And she found out that she loved sex. More than loved it. She craved it. And Eric knew how to keep her horny constantly.

They began to see each other two or three times a week, and she always wanted to have sex. She was still shy, but once she was horny she would do anything Eric suggested. He was the first person to cum in her mouth, and when he told her to swallow it she didn't hesitate. He was also the first person to finger her ass, and she couldn't believe how hard it made her cum. Eric talked dirty to her, and while she loved hearing it, and told him so, she couldn't bring herself to say the things he did. When they were out he always touched her. She started wearing skirts more so he could rub her pussy as they drove, and she was amazed at how easily he could make her cum, and how often. It seemed like she was always on fire now, and not just when she was with him. She found herself sitting at work daydreaming about their latest sexual episode only to find that her pussy was dripping.

One Saturday after they had been dating for about three months things changed significantly. Eric had tied her to her own bed and licked her all over for at least an hour without touching her pussy. Then he started on her pussy, licking and nipping all around her clit until she was going crazy. She kept trying to hump her clit against him but he avoided her, laughing at her attempts. Then he would lick her clit, but just enough to make it itch so much she was almost crying. He stopped licking her and sat on the bed next to her head, still fully clothed. She looked up at him, unable to keep her hips still. His hand rested on her pubic mound, his fingers playing in her lush, thick pubes as he looked down at her.

"Please don't stop, Eric," she asked, "it feels so good when you lick me there."

"I'll finish you off, Amy, don't worry," he replied, "but first we need to talk."

"What do we need to talk about? Nnnnn," Amy finished her question with a moan as Eric's finger found her clit before sliding down to dip into her drenched pussy.

"I want to teach you how to be a slut, Amy," Eric said, watching her eyes widen at his crude words, "and if you agree I'll make sure that this," he cupped her cunt and squeezed, "is never unsatisfied, and that you know you are the most special person in my life. Now I'll give you a few minutes to think it over. I'll be in the living room."

With that he stood and walked into the next room. Amy's mind was spinning, and she could feel her clit throbbing with every beat of her heart. Since she met Eric she found out how much she loved sex, but he said he wanted to make her a slut! Sluts were bad, weren't they? She remembered the porn flick Eric had brought over, and how hot it had gotten her watching the amateur sluts in the video.


He appeared in the doorway, still completely dressed, waiting on her decision.

"I want to learn," she told him.

"Learn what?" he moved to the edge of the bed and leaned over her. She could smell his cologne, and feel his heat against her skin.

"I want to learn how to be your... slut," she whispered, turning to look him in the eyes.

He was staring intently at her as she spoke the words. Without replying he stood and stripped, then climbed on the bed between her outstretched legs.

"Ask for it, slut", he told her.

She knew what he wanted to hear, and she was so horny she didn't think twice about the words coming out of her mouth. "Give me that beautiful cock, Eric. Fuck me. I want to cum!"

He guided the head of his cock to her drooling cunt mouth, then without warning rammed the full 7" into her. She gasped at the sudden fullness in her pussy, then moaned as he began to fuck her roughly, drawing out the full length of his cock only to slam it back down, rocking against her clit with each stroke. She was helpless beneath him, with her arms and legs tied, as he used her. Her pussy suddenly exploded in orgasm, causing her to writhe and buck beneath him as she came. He didn't stop his fucking, and as her first orgasm subsided she felt another building behind it.

"Is this what you want, Amy?" he teased her, pushing deep and grinding his pubic bone against her clit.

"Oh, yesss, "she moaned, "I love your cock! Ahhhhhh, I'm cumming again!!!!"

She bucked under him as her second orgasm swept through her. She felt her pussy twitching against his cock, then felt him swell inside her, followed by the warm gush deep in her cunt from his cum spurting into her.

"Nnnnnnngggg," he grunted out his orgasm, then collapsed onto her, his softening cock still trapped in her tight pussy. He raised his head and kissed her gently, his tongue darting into her willing mouth.

Breaking the kiss, he smiled down at her. "You are going to love being my slut. And now it's time for your first lesson."

He rose up, his cock popping free of her pussy, and crab walked up her body until he was straddling her chest. Her hard nipples were grazing his asscheeks, and she could see up close the evidence of their fucking. His cock was bright pink from the tightness of her pussy, and smeared with a combination of his cum and her juices. He shifted his hips so that the head of his cock was dangling just above her mouth.

"Open," he said, to which she slowly opened her mouth.

"The first thing you need to learn as a slut, is how to love the taste of cock, especially one that is slick with cum and pussy juice. Now be gentle, it's very sensitive because that pussy of yours is so tight."

She felt his slimy cock slip into her mouth, and for the first time she got a good taste of her own pussy. The slightly salty taste was not at all unpleasant, and she found herself savoring the mixture as it rolled over her tongue and down her throat. Eric withdrew his cock from her lips and instructed her to lean her head so she could lick along the shaft and down to his balls. While he guided her she licked every inch of his crotch clean, and when she finished she laid her head back with a sigh.

Eric got off the bed and untied her, then led her to the bathroom, where he started the shower and washed her all over, By the time they left the shower he had lathered her pubes and shaved them completely, following it up by rubbing her newly bald pussy until she leaned against him and groaned out an orgasm under the rapidly cooling water of the shower.

He turned off the shower and dried her with a towel, then instructed her to stay naked while she dried her hair and got ready to leave, then he disappeared. She was bent at the waist drying her hair when she spotted him again. He was standing in the bedroom watching her through the doorway of the bathroom. From his vantage point he could see her long legs and rounded ass, and one of her tits swaying as she brushed through her hair. She smiled at him and turned so that her ass was facing him and spread her legs, arching her back so that her smooth pussy lips poked out at him.

"Damn!" he thought to himself, "she's a natural slut. I'm going to enjoy every second of this ride!"

He reclined on the bed and watched as she finished drying her hair and applied a touch of makeup.

He reclined on the bed and watched as she finished drying her hair and applied a touch of makeup. With her tan and natural beauty she didn't need much, and soon she turned and walked into the bedroom, aware of his gaze drinking in every inch of her body. With her newly shaved pussy she felt even more naked, but found that instead of being embarrassed she was turned on. She stopped at the edge of the bed, with her crotch inches from his face. She could feel his breath on her pussy lips, and knew that soon he would be able to see the juice start to leak out. He leaned forward slightly and brushed his lips against her pouty lips, then sat up and pointed to the closet door.

"I bought you an outfit to wear to dinner. All you need with it are your platform sandals that look like they are made of grass."

She looked over and noticed a garment bag hanging from her closet door. She went over and took the dress out of it, and not seeing anything else in the bag she looked at him quizzically.

"Ooo, it is so cute, Eric," she said, holding the dress up to get a better look at it, "but..."

"That's the outfit," he interrupted her, "you will look delicious in it, I know."

She looked over at him, then told herself that if she chickened out this soon she would never know how far he could take her, so she slipped the dress over her shoulders and stepped into her shoes, looking at the result in the mirror. The dress was a typical summer dress, with little spaghetti straps that left her back bare almost to her ass. The front was cut more like a halter dress, with her full tits pushing the triangles of material out and showing almost all of the inner slopes of her tits. If someone looked at her from the side they would probably be able to see her tan line, even though she sunbathed in a teeny bikini that barely covered her nipples! The hem of the dress was short, about the length of a tennis dress, without the benefit of the shorts under it. She turned and looked, and while her asscheeks weren't visible, she knew if she bent over they would be.

When she turned back to Eric she noticed the bulge in his shorts, which brought a grin to her face. "You think it looks OK?" she asked, turning slowly so he could see every angle.

"I think it is perfect," he assured her, running his hand up her leg, "not too obvious, yet a fraction" his hand was now on her ass "from pure sex machine!" He gave her ass a sharp slap and stood. "C'mon, let's get some dinner."

Eric took the long way to a restaurant on the bay, steering with one hand while the other roamed over Amy's nearly naked body. More than once he pulled her top over to expose her tits to the night air while he teased her nipples into hard points of nerves shooting sensations straight to her clit. At one point he had her lean against her door with one foot on the center console and one on the dash. Her position made her skirt ride up almost to her waist, exposing her bald pussy to him. He told her to play with her pussy, and watched as she ran her fingers down to her gash, getting them wet before rolling them across her clit. She was on her third orgasm when he pulled into the parking lot, the bright lights startling her out of her half dream state. When he opened the door for her she knew he could see her swollen pussy as she got out, and when he kissed her standing next to the car she felt his hand slip under her skirt to squeeze her ass before walking into the restaurant.

By the time their dinner arrived she had had a few drinks, and that combined with the ride over had her open to about any suggestion. When he told her to spread her legs and shift in her seat she complied, knowing that the three guys at the bar across from their table might be able to see her pussy. She giggled as she told Eric how they were trying to stare without being obvious. While they ate he had her shift around several times, and once had her lean over toward him so that her tits almost fell out of her dress. She couldn't believe how turned on she was from all of this teasing, and she told Eric that she could feel her pussy getting soaked.

He smiled and said he was glad she was enjoying herself. He then told her to go to the restroom, making sure she walked by them on her way. If they spoke she was to talk with them, and since his back was to the bar Eric was confident they would speak to her. She stood and headed to the restroom. After twenty minutes she returned to her seat. Eric noted that as she sat she turned her chair so that it faced more squarely toward the bar, and that she was flushed with excitement.

"I take it your admirers spoke to you," he prompted.

She bit her bottom lip as she leaned over and whispered, "Eric, my pussy is soaked, and I know they are looking at it!"

"Oh, and how do you know that?"

"Well, on my way to the ladies room they smiled at me and said 'hello', and I smiled back, but I really needed to pee so I didn't stop. On my way back they had turned so they would see me coming, and one of them, James, stopped me and asked if I was from here. It turns out they are attending a convention next week and came up early to play golf. Well, Steve, the blonde one, is drunk, and he blurted out that he loved my choice of panties! Shane smacked him, but when I told him I was glad he liked them they all laughed. That seemed to break the ice as far as what they asked me, because before I knew it I had told them that I enjoyed them looking at my pussy, and they asked if they could see more of it. "

At this point she glanced over toward the bar and winked. "God, Eric, I have never been so turned on in my life!"

"It shows, too," Eric said, nodding toward her tits.

She looked down and saw that her nipples were obvious through the thin material of her dress. Straightening up, she arched her back, knowing her new friends would love seeing her tits pushing against the thin material.

"Are you ready to get out of here?" Eric asked, motioning for her to finish her drink.

She looked over at the guys at the bar, knowing they would miss her sitting there. "I guess I'm ready. Where are we going now?"

"I thought maybe we'd walk on the beach for a bit. Why don't you make another bathroom trip and on the way back tell your friends to walk south on the beach in about ten minutes."

She finished her drink in one gulp and they stood. "OK, I'll tell them."

"I'll be waiting for you on the beach." with that he went out the beachside door and down the steps to the beach. It was dark out now, the only light coming from the deserted beach volleyball court a few yards away. The rest of the beach was quiet, with only an occasional person or couple walking, since the only things along this stretch of coast were restaurants and businesses.

Amy came out of the restaurant and down the stairs after a few minutes. She immediately melted into Eric's arms and they kissed passionately before breaking their embrace and walking along the beach hand in hand. She told him the guys asked what they would get to see if they came out to the beach, and she had told them they would just have to find out. After walking a few hundred yards from the restaurant Eric stopped and turned Amy toward him. He kissed her gently, then let his hands run down her shoulders, tracing the line of her dress across the swell of her tits. She was breathing hard already, and his touch was making her crazy with lust. He flicked one strap off of her shoulder and the right side of her dress fell down, her erect nipple the only thing keeping the material from exposing her entire tit. He did the same to the other strap, then flicked the material over her nipples. Her dress was now draped over her crossed arms, leaving her tits bare in the summer moonlight.

Eric leaned over and sucked each nipple in turn, laving her tits with his tongue so that they were glistening. Amy sucked in her breath as she felt her pussy responding to his lips on her bare skin. She leaned into him, feeling his teeth against her sensitive nipple, making her toes curl in the sand. He kissed up to her neck and licked around her ear, then put his arm around her waist and started walking again. She felt the sea breeze on her bare nipples as they walked, and when he turned her in between two catamarans she felt her heart start to pound.

Eric backed her against one of the boats and began to kiss her, his hands roaming over her full tits. She kissed him back, sucking his tongue into her mouth as she felt him pushing her dress off of her arms. As he kissed her he pushed her dress down, forcing it over her hips until it fell to the sand, leaving her naked. Eric bent down and picked up the dress, tossing it over the outrigger of the catamaran. He turned her so that he was standing behind her and pulled her against him. She could feel his hard cock through his clothes, pushing against her naked ass. His hands moved all over her bare skin, brushing against her soft pussy lips and hard nipples as she leaned back on him and closed her eyes.

"It's show time," he whispered in her ear, giving her nipples a hard squeeze before pointing down the beach.

Amy could see them. Three figures walking together. She knew it was the three guys from the bar. They were close enough for her to hear them talking and laughing. They hadn't seen her and Eric in the darkness next to the boats. In a few seconds they would be even with them.

Eric turned her toward them and gently pushed her forward.

"Go out there and say hello to your friends."

"But Eric, I'm naked!" she protested.

"You wanted to give them a better view of your pussy, didn't you? Now go!" With that he pushed her out from beside the boat.

The guys were about fifteen feet away, and her movement caught their attention. They all turned toward her and she heard Steve say "Holy shit!" as they stopped to stare. She walked slowly toward them, looking up and down the beach and seeing no one else near. They quickly surrounded her, staring at her nakedness with raw lust. Standing between James and Shane, with Steve across from her, she saw them glance at each other as if they weren't sure what to do next. She wasn't sure what to do either, but she knew Eric expected her to be bold, so she put her hands on her hips and looked from one to the other before saying, "Well, guys, do you like what you see?"

"Hell, yeah!" said Steve, the drunk one, as he reached out and cupped her left tit, rubbing the nipple with his thumb. James and Shane each put an arm around her, and she felt their hands moving from her back down to her ass until they were each caressing one of her cheeks.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned quietly as the men's hands roamed across her body. Steve had both hands on her tits now, tweaking her nipples and causing sparks to rocket from her sensitive tips to her clit. Shane and James were rubbing the backs of her thighs and her ass, their hands moving between her thighs toward her pussy as they got bolder.

They all heard someone approaching at the same time. All of them stopped and looked up except Steve, who had his face mashed against her left tit as he sucked on the hard nipple. It was Eric, smiling broadly as he approached the foursome.

"I noticed some people headed this way. Why don't you come over here between these boats where it's a little more private?" he suggested.

The guys looked at each other, unsure what to do. Amy made up their minds for them when she said, "Please, guys, I really need some cock!"

They all moved between the boats near a sand dune, where it would be impossible to be seen from the beach. There were now four men, all clothed, standing around Amy, who was naked. She felt someone behind her put his hands between her thighs and push them apart. She spread her legs and immediately felt a hand cup her pussy. Shane had joined Steve at her tits, so now she had a mouth on each tit and a hand rubbing her pussy. She felt the hand at her pussy part her lips and slide through them, smearing her juice as it went. As soon as it got to her clit and started to rub she felt an orgasm hit her.

"Aahhhhhhhh," she moaned, grabbing Shane's shoulders as her legs went weak from the power of her orgasm.

The hand between her legs disappeared, and she felt it, wet on her shoulder, pushing her down. She slowly sank to her knees, with Shane and Steve removing their mouths from her now bright pink nipples. In front of her at eye level was Shane's and Steve's crotches, and she could see James just to her right. Eric leaned down and whispered in her ear, "OK, slut, get to work."

She shivered at his words, and without hesitation she reached for Shane's zipper. While she worked it down Steve quickly unzipped his shorts and pushed them and his underwear down to his ankles. She could see his hard cock jutting out, the bulbous head glistening with precum. She finally managed to get Shane's shorts unzipped and pulled them down his legs. His cock was also hard and ready. She wrapped one hand around it and with the other reached for Steve's, for the first time feeling two cocks at once. She could tell that Shane's was thicker than Eric's, and when she leaned slightly and sucked the head into her mouth she wasn't sure how much of it would fit.

"Oh, damn, Amy, that feels good," Shane groaned, hunching his hips forward and driving three inches of his cock into her mouth. She squeezed the base of his cock with her hand as she worked her mouth over the head, while her other hand was busy stroking Steve. She felt Eric's hand move down her ass and between her legs, once more finding her clit. Her pussy was soaked, and she knew Eric was aware of how turned on she was. Something moved next to her and she saw James unzipping his shorts. She removed her hand from the cock she was sucking and reached over to rub the bulge in James' pants.

"Oh, shit," she thought to herself, "that thing feels huge!"

When James dropped his shorts she saw out of the corner of her eye that she had thought right. His cock was even fatter than Shane's, and looked like it hung halfway to his knee. Her hand reached out and stroked it, her fingers unable to touch around the fat shaft.

With her hand off of Shane's cock, he was able to push it deeper into her mouth. His hips began to stroke his cock in and out of her mouth, with strokes that got longer until the head began to push against her throat. He stroked it once more, and on the down stroke instead of pulling back he held the head deep and began to push. She felt his cock touch the back of her throat and tried to relax as Eric had taught her. The fat head pushed insistently at her throat as she forced herself to relax until it suddenly popped into her throat.

"Jesus, your throat is tight," Shane panted, looking down at Amy.

She was breathing in short bursts through her nose, squeezing tightly on the two cocks in her hands as she concentrated on Shane's cock in her mouth. She felt his hips tense, then his hands cupped the back of her head, his fingers wrapping in her hair. He pushed forward a little more and was rewarded with a muffled groan as another inch of his cock was forced down her throat. He pushed again, but in her kneeling position there was no more room in her throat. He drew back slightly and pushed again, feeling her muscles clamping down as she tried to swallow. Amy could not believe how much having a cock in her throat turned her on. She was breathing quickly through her nose, and found that she had no urge to gag. Her jaw was getting tired from being forced open, but she was willing to take it. Shane, whether he wanted to or not, was about to cum. The tightness of her throat was almost painful on his cock. He hunched forward once more, another half inch of his prick disappearing between her lips

"I'm cumming," he grunted, his hands tightening in her hair, "straight down your throat!"

His balls began to pump, and he held himself deep in her throat as he came. She felt the head of his cock swell in her throat as the cum shot into her. She swallowed by reflex, although id didn't matter since his cock was already in her throat. He finally pulled his hips back so that the head of his cock rested on her tongue, and she got her first taste of his cum. It was salty but nice, she thought as she ran her tongue around the head to get the last drops. He withdrew his cock from her mouth and took a step back.

"That is the most incredible blowjob I have ever had," he said.

"Thank you," she smiled up at him, "I can't believe that fat thing fit in my throat!"

"Hey, Shane, step aside so I can get my cock in her mouth before James stretches it out of shape!" Steve said, moving over to stand in front of Amy.

His cock was not as big Eric's or Shane's, she thought as she wrapped her hand around the base. The head was bright purple, with precum continuously oozing out and running down the shaft. She had never seen a cock leak so much. When she bent it down toward her mouth a long string of precum stretched the three or four inches and landed on her chin. She moved her mouth up to the head and stuck out her tongue, catching the string of precum and pulling it into her mouth.

"OH, man, this girl is a cum junkie!" Steve grunted, looking down at Amy. "Look at her lap it up!"

"Wait until she starts working her throat, Steve." Shane said, "it feels better than any pussy I've ever had."

Amy felt her belly twitch at the words she was hearing. She put her lips on the head of Steve's cock and milked the shaft with her hand, sucking the salty precum straight from the tip of his engorged head. She felt him trembling, and knew he wouldn't last long, so she opened her mouth and took him deep inside. After Shane, he felt small, even though his cock was average sized, and his cock was literally dripping with his precum so it had plenty of lube on it. She felt his cock push into her throat and kept moving forward until she felt her nose mash against his pubes. The head and maybe an inch of cock was in her throat, and she found that it was not uncomfortable feeling it lodged there. As a matter of fact, as she worked her throat muscles she found that it was turning her on more than she had ever believed it would. She was about to pull back when she felt Steve's hands on the back of her head. He held her against his belly and began to grind his crotch against her face, the fat head of his cock wiggling in the tight grip of her throat as he moaned above her.

"Shit, shit, shit," he moaned, "eat my cock, slut, I'm gonna cum!"

Amy felt his balls against her chin tighten, then begin to shoot. He kept his cock buried to the hilt in her as he came, shot after shot of cum going straight down her throat. When he finally released her head and pulled his softening shaft out of her mouth Amy's eyes were watering, and her lips were stinging from being rubbed against his wiry pubes so roughly. She sat back on her heels as the men looked at her. She realized that she was a slut now. She could feel her pussy pulsing, and knew they were all going to fuck it before the night was over. She saw Eric standing behind the three men watching and smiling, and knew this was exactly what he wanted. She turned to James and reached for his cock, using both hands to stroke the huge shaft.

"I don't think this monster will fit in my mouth! Will you put it in my pussy instead?" she asked, looking up at James.

"Don't worry, Amy, I'll put it in your pussy." James smiled down at her, "but first why don't you try with your mouth. You might surprise both of us."

"OK, I'll try," she said, taking a deep breath.

She massaged James' cock with both hands as she looked at it, wondering how to even begin. All four men were staring at her as she leaned over and licked the pink head, her tongue gliding around the knob and tickling the slit at the end, bringing a groan from James. She licked from the head down about three inches, leaving a wet trail with her tongue. James' cock didn't drool like Steve's had, and she knew it would take a lot of lube just to get the head in her mouth. She could feel his pulse in her hand as she gripped the shaft, the veins so big running up the sides that they pressed into her palm. She licked her way back up to the head and kissed along the crown, smearing her saliva around the soft tip. She wanted to feel his cock in her throat, but as she felt it growing even fatter in her hand she knew there was no way it would fit. She looked around and saw that the other guys had leaned close and were watching intently as she worked her tongue around James' cock.

"OK, here goes nothing," she whispered, as much to herself as to the others.

She licked her lips and opened her mouth wide, using both hands on the base of the shaft to angle it toward her mouth. She felt the spongy head against her lips and moved forward. It felt like a tennis ball against her mouth, only more pliable, and she felt it easing into her mouth. She felt someone's legs against her back and realized that one of the others was standing behind her so she could brace herself against them. Then she felt a hand on her pussy. She opened her knees wider in invitation and felt a finger touch her clit. Her moan vibrated along James' cock as she felt her cunt begin to clench. The orgasm was quick and strong, leaving her almost breathless. As soon as her orgasm subsided she felt fingers enter her drenched pussy and begin to wiggle inside, making her want to force herself down on them to scratch the itch that was smoldering deep in her belly.

She was already breathing through her nose because James' cockhead completely filled her mouth, so it was hard for her to regain her breath. She ran her tongue all around the head, getting her first taste of his precum. It was sweeter than the other two, she noted, flicking her tongue into the slit to gather more. She ran her hand up the shaft and realized that she didn't even have the head all the way in her mouth, and her jaw felt like it was open as wide as it would go! She pushed her head forward and felt the head pop past her lips. Her mouth was open so wide her teeth grazed the skin just behind the head of his cock, causing James to arch forward, forcing even more cock into Amy's mouth. She felt his cockhead against her back teeth, keeping it from going any further. She moved back and used her tongue, licking as much of the shaft as she could reach, then moved forward slowly. She felt it stop again, and while it wasn't terribly uncomfortable, she couldn't get it any deeper.

She pulled her head back and off of James' cock. "It just won't fit. I'm sorry." she said, looking up at him, then closing her eyes as another orgasm hit from the fingers in her cunt. "Nnnnnnn." she groaned, spreading her knees wider and grinding down against the fingers in her cunt.

"It's OK, Amy. It sure felt good while you tried." James told her as he watched her wiggling against Steve's fingers.

"I have an idea that may help," she heard Eric say.

James looked at him hopefully, "You really think she can take me in her throat?"

"I think this will be your best chance at it." Eric told him, "Get on your back, Amy."

Amy reluctantly moved away from Steve's fingers and lay on her back in the sand. At Eric's direction, James scooped out some sand around her head and put his knees in the indentations to either side of her head. This left his crotch level with her head. She watched his swaying ball sack move towards her, then felt it against her forehead. James leaned forward slightly and guided his cock to her mouth. She arched her head back and opened her mouth, feeling the soft head once more against her lips. She did seem to have more room for her tongue in this upside down position, she noticed. Just as James began to push a little deeper in her mouth she felt something wet on her clit.

"Give her clit a good licking, Shane", James said from above her.

"Good idea," Eric agreed, "if you keep her busy cumming she'll relax even more."

James felt his cock slip deeper into Amy's mouth, and felt the breath from her nose against the underside of his shaft. He resisted the urge to ram his cock balls deep in her throat because he wanted her begging for it in her pussy later. She started humming around his cock and her ass began bouncing off the sand as another orgasm hit her. He pushed a little and felt his cock move forward an inch or so, then hit the back of her throat. He was deeper than he had been when she was on her knees, but there was still at least five inches of his shaft outside her lips. All he could see of her face was her chin and lower lip, and a little of her cheeks. Her mouth was as wide as it would go, and drool was trickling out the corner despite the tight seal her stretched lips made on his shaft.

Her hips had not stopped writhing since her last orgasm. Shane had jammed three fingers in her cunt and his lips were locked on her clit, keeping her on the edge. She suddenly bucked again and a muffled wail came from her stuffed mouth. James took the opportunity to push again and felt her throat start to give. He glanced over at Eric, who was watching intently. Eric caught James' eye and nodded, so James kept pushing, and felt his cockhead start to tunnel into her throat. Looking down, he could see a knot in her throat where his cock was lodged. He felt hot breath against his balls, so he knew that she could breathe.

"Don't stop," Eric said quietly.

James kept pushing until he felt Amy's lips touching his balls. He couldn't believe she had his entire cock in her throat. Most girls he had fucked couldn't even get the head in their mouth, and some couldn't take his cock all the way in their pussy. He held perfectly still, feeling the exquisite tightness of her throat on his cock as he looked at the others. He could see the outline of his cock in Amy's throat, reaching almost to her collarbone. She made a swallowing motion and it felt as if his cock was about to be squeezed off.

"Jeeezus, man," he looked over at Eric, "This girl is awesome!"

Eric smiled and knelt at Amy's shoulder. He reached over and rubbed her throat lightly, tracing the bulge of James' cock.

"Are you all right, Amy?" he asked.

"Nnnn-hhnnnnn," she managed to get the sound out around the meat filling her.

"Are you going to cum with James' cock in your throat?" Eric asked.

"Nnnn-hhnnnn!" she repeated. This time she reached down and grabbed Shane's head, holding it still as she humped her cunt against him. They heard her breathing speed up, then she tensed and held herself tight against the mouth on her clit.

"Mmmmmmmmmmffffff," she wailed, her tits and chest beginning to get flushed from her prolonged excitement.

Her throat began to milk James' cock, like she was trying to swallow it into her stomach.

"Fuck, man, I can't take much more of this!" James said, trying to hold his hips still.

"Pull it out for a second," Eric told him.

James slowly pulled back, his cock reappearing from between Amy's lips until the head popped free. As soon as it was out of her mouth her tongue snaked out and found the seeping tip, lapping his precum like a starving woman.

"What do you want, Amy?" Eric asked her.

"I want this beautiful cock in my throat again. And in my pussy. He can even fuck my ass with it if he wants." she was babbling now, about to cum again from Steve's tongue on her clit. "Oh, god, James, please put it back in my throat. I'm so close! I need to cum again."

Her hands were above her head on James' ass, trying to pull him forward. James looked at Eric.

"Remember, slut, you asked for it." Eric told her as he looked at James. "Fuck her throat. Nice and slow, so she'll feel every inch. When you cum make sure she gets the whole load in her mouth."

"With pleasure," James told him, pushing his cock against Amy's open mouth and watching it disappear inside.

He reached down to her tits and squeezed one in each hand, using them to pull himself forward. His cock once more began to slide into her mouth, only this time when he hit the back of her throat he didn't stop pushing. He felt the incredible tightness of her throat as he pushed forward until his balls were pressed tight against her lips. He then began to withdraw until only the head was between her lips. He could feel her tongue moving along his shaft as he pulled out, and then against the sensitive head. He started pushing forward again, this time a little faster. When he felt his balls hit her lips he hunched forward, forcing a fraction more of his cock down her throat, which brought a muffled grunt from Amy.

Steve had moved up to Amy's side across from Eric, and was staring wide eyed at the bulge of James' cock along the length of her throat.

"Damn, James," he exclaimed, "it looks like you're killing her with that thing!"

"Shit, man, she loves it!" James said as he pulled his cock out of her throat. "Listen to her moan when I put it back in her throat."

He fucked back into her throat, and Steve heard Amy's moans of pleasure as her throat was once again stuffed with cock. James knew he was about to cum, and wanted to make a show of it. He fucked his cock once more in and out of her throat, amazed at how she could take him all the way, then pulled out and stood up.

"OK, slut, if you want my cum, get on your knees and ask for it," he told her.

Amy was almost in a daze as she laid there. Her lips felt raw, and her throat had an empty feeling now that there was not cock in it. Shane had sat up from between her legs when James got up, so there was no one touching her, and she desperately wanted to be touched! She saw James' huge cock bobbing above her, shiny from her mouth, arcing up it was so hard. She scrambled to her knees and turned to face him. He was holding his cock level with her mouth. She opened it wide and leaned forward, but he moved back away from her.

"I said you had to ask for it," he said.

"Please, James, cum in my mouth!" she begged, "I want to feel your cock filling me with cum so I can taste it."

He moved his hips forward and she engulfed the head in her lips. He began humping her face, only able to get about four inches in her mouth from this position. She reached up and began jacking the length of cock that wouldn't fit in her mouth and with her other hand she cupped and gently squeezed his huge balls. It was only a matter of seconds before he tensed his hips and she felt his balls tighten.

"Unnnngggg, here it comes, slut," he grunted, holding her head still and pulling back so just the head of his cock was in her mouth. "AAAAhhhhhhhhhh!"

His cock exploded, the first burst shooting across Amy's tongue to the back of her throat. More streams of cum followed, until she felt it oozing out the corner of her mouth. When he finally stopped cumming, she swished the cum in her mouth, loving the feel of it against her tongue, before swallowing it in a noisy gulp. She then squeezed his shaft and milked the last drops out, letting the others see her lips pursed around the tip to suck him dry.

"I don't think my cock will ever be the same!" she heard James say as she sat back on the sand, exhausted.

"I think Amy needs a rest, guys," Eric said. "Let's rinse the sand off of her and head back to the car."

Steve and Shane helped her up, and the five of them walked across the beach to the water. They stopped at the water's edge, and Amy continued into the water, the coolness helping to perk her back up as she quickly dipped down and rinsed the sand off. She came out of the water and noticed all four guys staring, and couldn't help but smile as she realized how much she loved being naked for them. Eric used her dress to dry her, then they walked back toward the restaurant. The guys were dressed again, and she was stark naked as they walked. She felt her pussy tingling as she thought about what she had just done.

The restaurant was dark when they reached it, and their cars were the only ones in the parking lot. They all stopped at Eric's convertible, no one sure what to say. Amy realized she didn't want the night to end yet. She could feel the itch in her belly, and wanted to show Eric just how slutty she could be. She knew that Shane, Steve, and James were ready for more from the way they kept staring at her tits and pussy.

"Eric, I'm not tired," she looked up at him and smiled, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "Do you think we could all go somewhere so I can get my pussy fucked as good as I just got my throat fucked? It's really wet, see?"

To prove it she hopped onto the car hood and put her feet up, giving them all a wide open view of her pussy. The lips were bright pink and swollen, pulled apart to show her inner lips and clit. She reached between her legs and ran two fingers through her lips and held them out so they could all see the juice shining on them.

"Please, Eric?" she asked, "I'll let you have my anal cherry and then the rest of the guys can fuck my ass if they want."

Eric turned to the other guys, "Well, boys, I don't know about you, but that's an offer I can't refuse! If you want to follow me to my house we'll see if we can wear her out before she kills us!"

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