Waynebright Academy
Chapter 1: The Class of 2007

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Class of 2007 - Four young girls not quite ready for college attend a prestigious but strict one year academy. They will learn a lot, experience a lot and hurt a lot.

"Ms. Leah Ashton, It is with great pleasure that we welcome you into Waynebright Academy. We look forward to sharing the next year with you and assisting you in your quest for a successful future."

Leah had mixed feelings upon receiving the letter. While she was sure that her parents would be both proud and relieved, she was not yet sure how she felt herself. She knew that her 2.1 GPA was not good enough to get her into the state university. This left her three choices, none of which were very desirable.

Leah could keep her job her job at the video store. After 3 years, she knew the job well but had no interest in spending the rest of her life making six dollars an hour and never leaving her small, boring hometown. The town also made community college a poor choice so with reservations she applied to Waynebright.

Leah was overall a pretty good kid. Her grades had never been that great. Leah was an early bloomer and by 3rd grade started to grow what became her 38D breasts. She was teased a lot because of her boobs and her shy personality and became more and more withdrawn. Her attempts at relationships were usually short-lived. Most of the boys wanted her for her boobs. She did have a relationship that lasted almost a year before a new girl moved into town and stole Bobby Tucker from her. She was heartbroken and with few friends, her senior year was miserable. While scared, she looked forward to starting a new life with 31 other girls. She figured there had to be someone she could make friends with. She hoped it would be her roommate Faith Walker.

Faith was the closest thing you could get to an all American girl. She was cute, friendly, popular, athletic and the oldest of three girls in a "perfect" family. She had lots of friends and was the co-captain of the softball team, a feisty shortstop. While not brilliant, she was a B student until the summer before her senior year when her world fell apart.

In three short hours, she went from a happy-go-lucky senior to be to almost suicidal. With no warning, her father left, running off with another woman, leaving his wife and daughters. The normally even-keeled girl called him a "fucking cocksucker" and literally had to be pulled off his "two-bit cunt whore." While she knew she needed to be a good big sister, she couldn't do it. Her grades dropped and her dreams of college and nursing school disappeared.

Before her dad left, Faith had been flirty and had her share of boyfriends, but stayed out of trouble. She had lost her virginity at 15, been with four guys and drank beer occasionally, but compared to her friends was pretty tame. The last weekend of the summer, she had gone to a pep rally for the football team and slept with seven guys in two nights. She started to smoke and her bad reputation had spread fast.

Gena, her 14 year old sister, heard the rumors and acted immediately. While only an 8th grader, she realized what was happening and begged her sister to meet with a counselor. It helped and by the spring, while still shaken, hints of the old Faith were coming back. Unfortunately, it took everything she had to pass her senior year. She and her mom agreed that she was the perfect candidate for Waynebright.

In a word, Sherry Howard was a slut. Every class had its bad seed and Sherry certainly fit the bill. The daughter of reformed alcoholics, she lost her virginity at age 11 and was known throughout junior high and high school as easy. She had smoked since age 9 and drank since age 10. She cared little for school and had no discipline, spending nearly every night "out." Like her mom, she was clever and if she would have showed any interest at all, she probably could have been among the top of her class. She had no interest, but still comfortably passed without any effort.

Sherry didn't like the idea of Waynebright but finally agreed. She hated the idea of being without boys and she hated not being in control. Her cleverness allowed her to realize that prison was a good possibility if her current lifestyle remained unchanged.

Sherry laughed at the "naïve" idea of having a steady boyfriend. She would tell her friends simply, "I just like to fuck." She had been with countless boys and a few girls and loved being in control. She was not unattractive and loved to style her black and blonde colored hair. She was chubby and throughout her life her weight fluctuated greatly. Some said it was drugs; some said it was depression. No one knew how she could easily lose 50 pounds in two months time and gain it back just as fast. Regardless of her size, she was not shy about showing off her body and was very blunt when it came to her wants.

If opposites attract, Sherry and future roommate Jenna Kelly would be joined at the hip. Jenna was shy and unimposing. She was pretty, but dressed plainly and had little interest in boys let alone sex. Jenna was tiny, 4'11", 93 pounds, and had a gymnast's build. She was often ridiculed because of her tiny "flea bite" tits, but she never seemed to care. She worked hard in school but never really good at figuring things out.

Where Sherry was a born leader, Jenna was a follower. She tried study groups to help improve her grades but didn't like working with others. Her single mother was not helpful when it came to schoolwork so her grades suffered. She wasn't sure what to think about Waynebright, but Jenna wasn't too sure about anything.

Preparing For Orientation

Four very different girls from four different towns sat and looked over the same information. There was a lot that they didn't understand and a lot that seemed quite scary. The most frightening part was the list of required materials.

REQUIREMENTS: Each girl will be well provided for while at Waynebright. She need only bring the clothes on her back. On her first day at campus, she will be issued clothing and a box to send home the clothing that she wore here. Jewelry, makeup, perfume, and hair accessories are strictly prohibited. Toiletries including feminine hygiene products will be provided. Any girl wearing glasses or contact lenses and/or taking regular medication may bring their supplies. Arrangements will be setup with our health services center during admission physicals.










07:30 PM — FREE TIME



Faith's Physical

At 12:15, Faith was dropped off in front of Elder Hall. Elder was the lecture hall and its tan brick and ivy covered facade matched that of the buildings nearby. Faith's mom and sisters provided hugs and kisses and a few tears were shed. After a few minutes, Mrs. Walker was shown the way off campus. She would see Faith again during Parents Day in mid-October. Faith kept her composure as she walked towards a large table with an older lady sitting in a seat behind it. It was a warm and sunny day. Faith looked good. The sun radiated off her blonde hair and her sky blue sundress looked good with her summer tan. Her sandals showed off her toenails painted bubble-gum pink.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Walker," the older lady said.

"Oh, hi," replied Faith, surprised that the lady knew her name.

"The doctor will be expecting you. Go to Nurse Station 4 and Ms. Harris will assist you."

"Thank you," replied Faith sweetly. "What is this specialized exam?"

"Honey, they will explain when you get there. Now, run along." The slightest of smiles crossing the lady's face as Faith walked towards the Health Services Center.

Faith opened the door and saw several girls of her age wandering around and looking for different rooms. She saw a sign that read Nurse Station 1 and followed the hall past it and Stations 2 and 3 before reaching her destination.

"Hi, Ms. Walker," spoke a girl who looked about Faith's age dressed in a white nurses uniform. "Please follow me."

In a small, simple exam room, Faith was measured and weighed. Five feet, five inches, 117 pounds; Faith was happy with her size. The young nurse then checked her eyes, ears, and throat and listened to her heart, lungs and stomach. She checked her blood pressure and then had her sit down and drew blood from her arm. Faith didn't like blood draws, but the nurse easily obtained a sample.

"Everything checks out okay, Ms. Walker. You may proceed down the stairs to Clinic 4 for your specialized exam. We will have your blood test results next week."

"Thank you. What exactly is the specialized exam? You seemed very thorough."

"I am only a young nurse. The specialized exam is performed by a doctor and a more experienced nurse. It is much more complete, believe me. If you will excuse me, now, I have a few other girls to see."

"Thanks again," said Faith, still a bit confused. She quietly walked towards the stairs leading to the basement of the health center.

Unlike the upstairs of the clinic, the basement was dark and cool. There did not seem to be anyone around. She snooped a bit, glancing into some open rooms, but all were dark. After a few minutes, she saw a white door with a gold placard that read Clinic 4. She entered what appeared to be another small exam room. Unlike the upstairs room that was bright and white, this room had a large black examining table and was dimly lit. She glanced around before and, unsure what to do, she sat quietly on the table. Just then, a man and a woman walked in and introduced themselves as simply "your doctor and your nurse." The woman was pretty in a stern way. She had black curly hair and a good body. She appeared to be in her thirties.

"Ms. Walker," she started. "Up until now, everyone has been sweet and friendly, correct?"

Faith nodded silently.

"Well," she continued. "You are here not to be pampered, but because you are a failure; not smart enough to get into college. It would be different if you were some dumb whore, but you have the potential to be a smart girl and it is my job, along with everyone else at Waynebright's job to allow you to reach that potential. This will come through hard work and strict discipline starting now. Any questions?"

A tear rolled down her face as Faith shook her head no.

The nurse laughed. "If you are crying already, you are in for a long year. Now remove your clothing, fold in neatly and place it on the floor. We will be right back."

"Um," Faith stammered. "Do you have like a gown or robe or something."

The nurse shook her head. "This isn't the fucking Waldorf Astoria you little bitch. Now strip!"

Now, Faith was scared. She shook as she pulled off her dress and folded in neatly. She had worked briefly at The Gap and was really good at folding. Next, she unclasped her bra and inched down her panties. The cold and dark of the room really started to hit her now. She slowly sat back on the table, still shaking with her legs crossed and her arms covered her firm breasts. Right, on cue, the nurse and doctor reentered and the dark room was flooded with a very bright white light. The nurse giggled a bit and looked towards the doctor. "It's so cute when they are modest."

The doctor walked to the table. "Ms. Walker, this physical exam will be like no exam you have ever had. It is thorough, invasive and important. Our job is to ensure your good health and, in connection with the fitness staff, ensure your good appearance. I will give you some advice that will help you through both the exam and the year in general. Our intention is to make you into a successful, beautiful, intelligent and independent young woman. Here, however, you have no independence. It is best to do as you're told and not ask why."

The doctor held up a switch on a nearby table and a small bar descended from the ceiling directly above Faith's head. "Ms. Walker, we will begin with some questions but first we must lose the modesty. Please hold onto the bar with your arms and uncross your ankles."

Faith lifted her arms and held the metal bar. Its position was just a bit uncomfortable, forcing her to extend her torso and expose her breasts. She then uncrossed her ankles, keeping her feet very close together. This revealed a well manicured patch of blonde hair and a tan line that showed Faith was much less modest when tanning. Faith's embarrassment was much, much worse than her discomfort and the doctor and nurse smiled as her cute, round face turned bright red. The nurse had a clipboard, ready to record the answers to the doctor's questions.

"Ms. Walker, do you wear glasses or contact lenses?"

Faith silently shook her head no. Immediately, the nurse grabbed her arm.

"The correct response is 'No sir.' That is your one warning.

"No sir," Faith replied quietly.

"Any medications?"

"I'm on the pill, sir."

"Well, that will be stopped."

"Sir, I am on it for my periods."

"Let me guess; heavy bleeding, pain, nausea, bloating. Am I right?"

"Yes sir"

"Well that will be a good monthly reminder of tolerating pain and suffering. Nurse, Ms. Walker will discontinue her medications."

Faith already knew it was best to keep quiet. She thought back to when she was 11. She had horrible cramps and vomiting and pain. Her bed sheets looked like a murder scene. Finally after 4 months, she convinced her mom to take her to the doctor. The pills resolved the problems and she had been on them ever since. She stopped them when she was 14 after hearing that the pills could cause weight gain. It took her only three days to restart them.

"How old were you when you first had vaginal intercourse?"

Faith's red face turned about ten shades brighter.

"Ms. Walker?"

"Um, 15 sir."

"And anal intercourse?"

"Never sir."

"How often do you masturbate?"

At this Faith burst into tears. The nurse calmly walked over and slapped Faith hard across the face. "Quit being such a fucking baby. You are wasting our time and the questions are very simple."

"Sometimes, sir."

"A bit more specific, please?"

"Twice this week sir."

"Have you ever inserted anything in your anus for pleasure."

More tears. When the nurse took a step towards her, however, she answered to ward off another slap.

"A few times, sir. A few times with a banana and once with, um, a, um, dildo."

"Good, that's enough for now. That wasn't too difficult now, was it?"

"It was quite embarrassing, sir."

"Save the commentary for someone who cares, Ms. Walker. Nurse, check her temperature."

Faith seemed relieved the questions were over. Without realizing, she lowered her arms then quickly regrabbed the bar and opened her mouth wide.

The nurse smiled again. "Wrong end, dear. On your hands and knees please."

Faith had heard of rectal temperatures and figured that she had them checked as a baby, but she was eighteen. She really began to regret her decision to apply to Waynebright as she got into the humiliating position. The thermometer looked huge but she breathed a sigh of relief when the nurse lubed it generously and gently inserted it. The feeling was more like a pressure and she clenched tightly. She thought that there was no way she could be more humiliated. She would soon find how wrong she was. The 3 minutes felt like hours and although the room was cold, she was sweating.

"99.1, the nurse replied," shall I collect the urine now?"

"That's ok, I will check it during the pelvic exam. You may leave now"

The doctor seemed much kinder than the nurse, but the fact he was a man made Faith very uncomfortable to be alone with him. He positioned the table's stirrups wide and Faith slipped into position while the doctor put in gloves.

Faith flinched a few times as the doctor was a little rough. She had had pelvic exams before but now felt really scared. She would have sworn that the speculum was bigger and opened wider than what she experienced before. A large catheter was then lubed and she reflexively moved her knees together. The doctor calmly spread her knees again and then picked up one of Faith's sandals and smacker her inner thigh hard.

Faith screamed at the pain and closed her knees. Again he spread them and smacked her again in the same place. The second scream was louder than the first. "Now Faith, I am tired of fucking around. I think I have been more than patient. Do I need to strap you down and gag you? You are eighteen fucking years old not twelve. Now spread your legs and relax. Understand?"

"Yes sir," Faith replied,

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