A Taboo Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Fisting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My man is killed and my brother comes home to comfort me.

The news came out of the blue just as I was getting ready to go and meet him at the airport, a senior officer from his regiment delivered the news and as soon as I saw him pulling up outside along with a pretty little assistant, I knew my husband was dead.

"I'm sorry Michaela" he said sombrely, "We know how much he meant to you"

"He didn't, of course he didn't, he didn't know that we were planning on starting afresh as soon as his latest tour in Iraq was over, he didn't know that it was to have been a last ditch attempt at patching up our marriage.

My tears were genuine though, he was a good man and didn't deserve to die in that festering pile of shit where the troops weren't wanted and where religious bigotry was not only rife but actively encouraged.

"Your brother's on his way home to be with you" he said gently, "He was with Gerry when it happened" he made the usual noises about the Regiment being a family and all sticking together, but I hardly heard him, I was numb.

Friends and neighbours called with sympathy and made me endless cups of tea which I didn't really want, they all knew him of course, everybody in bloody Hereford knew him, especially the women, he was tall, dark and devastatingly handsome and after one or two drunken nights with him and my brother Tommy, I realised just how much of a ladies man he'd been!

Eventually the front door bell stopped ringing and I was able to go upstairs and lie down, for some strange reason I felt tired, so very tired, but I was completely unable to sleep, it was after seven at night when I got in the car and drove to the off licence where I bought enough booze to get myself some sleep and I can vaguely remember noticing that it was well after midnight before I fell asleep on the sofa.

My brother arrived the following lunchtime looking haggard, unshaven and tired from the long trip from Iraq, no words were spoken as we hugged each other for what seemed like forever until he said softly,

"Hi kid, you look rough"

I smiled through my tear filled eyes and asked if he'd seen himself lately, then I packed him off upstairs for a bath and unpacked his kit before taking him up a can of lager straight from the fridge, he was sunburnt and muscular, far more muscular than Gerry and at six feet three inches tall, he was quite an impressive man, the sort of man not many people would want to get into a fight with.

"Only one?" he said with a smile and gestured to the can, but I'd beaten him to it and produced another one from behind my back,

He laughed and it made me smile, mind you, he always made me smile, even as kids growing up together, we were always the best of friends, next to Gerry, he was the most important man in my life.

"It'll get better kid" he said and took my hand, "It's something we all live with, or die with, he knew the risks"

He slept then until the following morning and he actually looked more like his old self when he eventually appeared and took me down to the camp commandant's office.

It was painful signing all the papers for Gerry's outstanding pay and his belongings, but thank God Tommy was with me, Gerry's body had been returned to Hereford and Tommy gripped my hand tightly as I looked down at his face in the coffin, then it was to the camp chapel where we held a small service for him and that was that, I was a widow!

The reception afterwards was a bit of an odd do, his mates in the Regiment held an auction of all his kit and paid ridiculous prices for gear they could have drawn from the stores, I found it very moving, but I knew from past experience that they always did it and when I was presented with the money raised I could only smile and nod my gratitude.

I wasn't allowed to buy a drink all night long and it was a good job Tommy was with me to help me get home, I can't remember how we got there, but I woke up with a king sized hangover the following morning to find a note from him saying that he'd gone to see the C.O.

I was on my second cup of coffee when he arrived back and hit me with a bombshell,

"I'm out kid"

"What d'you mean, you're out?"

"It means I'm terminating my employment with Her Majesty's armed forces, I've had it Mickey, Gerry getting slotted was the last straw, I've just been to see the boss and he was ok about it, he understood"

"Yeah but I don't, ever since we were kids growing up together, you wanted to be a soldier, not just any old soldier, oh no, that wouldn't have been good enough for my Tommy, you knew you'd get in the SAS didn't you, the toughest training and selection process in any army in the world didn't bother you did it? You never doubted that you'd get in, now after four years you've just decided to chuck it all in"

"Yeah" he said and accepted the coffee I handed him, "There's a bit more to it though kid, I've been transferred to the home troop, you know domestic shit and all that, the boss reckons my nerves have gone"

"Have they?"

"No, but I want out anyway, I've got a few plans"

"What sort of plans?"

"I'm twenty six kid and I've just decided that I don't want to carry a gun any more, I don't want to be a shadowy figure, I don't want to kill any more people even those who deserve bloody slotting, I'm going to tell you something about me and Gerry, but you must promise to keep it to yourself"

"Of course"

"We were asked to be seconded to an American outfit who were after the big boys, you know those on the pack of cards"

I nodded, "Yes Gerry told me about it"

"Well we slotted four out of the six we were after and then we found the other two in a house on the outskirts of our area, we trussed them up and were going to take them in for questioning when one of them started blubbing, his mate gobbed off at him to keep quiet but he wasn't having any of it, he was shit fucking scared that we would kill him"

"He was probably right" I observed dryly,

"Yeah, but the point is that he offered us money, a lot of money"

"I know about that too"

"Yeah but what you don't know is that we accepted"

"Rubbish, I know you and Gerry better than that"

He leaned over and squeezed my hand, "It's not quite as simple as that kid, the Yanks held a Chinese parliament in which we weren't included, there was a scream, a gunshot and more blabbering in Arabic, their captain came back and put it to us that there had been an attempted escape, they'd killed one of the rag heads"

"Go on" this was getting interesting,

"Oddly enough" he grinned wryly, "The one who lived was the one who offered the money and the captain left us in no doubt that we'd be wise to accept it along with them"

"So you did"

"Yes, our share came to just over half a million between us"

"Where is it now?"

He fished in his pocket and bought out a scrap of paper with an address and a load of numbers on it"

"There" he said quietly, "It's in a Swiss bank account with offices in London"

"Have you checked?"

"Yeah it's there all right, I phoned before I went to see the boss"

I sat back to think about it, but my head was spinning, then another thought struck me, something that had been niggling at the back of my mind since I got up.

"How come I woke up naked Tommy?"

"I undressed you last night" he smiled and looked at me challengingly,

"Look I know I was a bit under the weather, but I think that was a bit much don't you?"

"You'd wet yourself" he said simply, "If I'd have left you you'd have been all sore this morning"

""Wet myself?"

"You stood outside the front door and announced proudly that you needed to pee and as the widow of a war hero, you were entitled to pee wherever you wanted to"

"Oh my God"

"And then you fell over and I caught you"

I felt myself going bright red and I squirmed with embarrassment,

"I've done that before" I said in a voice that I didn't really recognize.

"I know"

"You know?"

"Yes, as I was undressing you, you came round and asked me to fuck you, your words kid, not mine"

"Oh Tommy" I said miserably, "What can I say except that I'm sorry?"

"Don't worry about it" he laughed, "But it's the first time I've ever undressed a beautiful, sexy girl and then gone to bed by myself"


"It's true kid, you're a real cracker" then he grinned impishly and he looked thirteen again, "And you've got a beautiful little pussy"

"So you not only put me to bed after undressing me and perving, but you also cleaned me up as well?"


"Down there?" I indicated my groin,

"Well unless you can pee out of your ear, yes, down there"

That made me giggle, the first time I'd laughed since hearing of Gerry's death,

"Well you've seen it before anyway"

"Yeah" he nodded, "But it sure as hell didn't look like that!"

I changed tack then and went back to our situation, "So what are you going to do now?"

"I haven't really thought about it yet, what about you? You know you'll have to leave here soon, the boss says to take your time but you know the army kid"

"Yes I do" I said sadly, "But I can't say that I'm sorry, I've never really liked living on camp"

"We could buy a pub"

"What, together?"

"Yeah why not?"

I thought about it for a while as I made more coffee, Tommy and I had always got on well and for the life of me I couldn't remember a harsh word between us, in fact we'd done the usual bit of sexual exploring with each other when we were a lot younger, but his boyhood dream of becoming a soldier had put paid to any more explorations as we'd grown up into our teens.

"How much have we got exactly?"

"It's more or less, exactly half a million"

"Pounds or dollars?"

"Pounds kid, but if we do buy a boozer I don't want anything round here, it's too close to home"

"Let's pack some gear and go touring for a few days, we're bound to see a few pubs up for sale"

"Ok" he grinned, "That sounds like just the ticket, I could do with winding down"

I drove out of the camp an hour later with Tommy beside me and it felt good to be away from the place, it felt good too, to be dressed in something else other than my normal attire of jeans and t shirt, Tommy whistled when I appeared in a denim mini skirt and a matching denim shirt and that further lifted my spirits.

He looked good too in pristine white slacks and white shirt which contrasted greatly with his deeply tanned torso and he grinned as I floored the accelerator and we sped off up the road.

We were on the M5 motorway making good time before he began to relax visibly and he asked where we were heading for,

"The lake district" I told him, "We can rent a little cabin for a few days and not see another soul"

"Perfect" he smiled, "This feels so good you know kid, no pressure, no hassle and above all, no looking over my bloody shoulder"

"Great" I told him and added, "It's good to have the old Tommy back again"

"You mean the Tommy who always tried to look up your skirt when he was a kid?"

"Yes even that one" I laughed, "I mean it too"

"Oh well" he chortled, "In that case" and he flipped the front of my skirt up.

I squealed and the car swerved, but I regained control of it and myself and contented myself with cursing him soundly,

"You were always doing that when we were kids" I admonished him, but he was unrepentant and just laughed, "I always wanted to see your pussy"

"Hmm, well you certainly got your wish last night"

"Mmm, yes I did"

I looked across at him and saw his eyes gleaming, I knew him well enough to know that he was aroused and unaccountably, I was too!

"Did you enjoy your little look?"

"Very much kid"

I swung the car off the road and drove for a short way down a narrow little lane that looked as if it led to a field, it did and I pulled up beside a rusty old gate. His eyes were on stalks as I got out and leaned back against the gate smiling at him, slowly I lifted my skirt up until he could see my tiny panties, he leered at me as I slipped them off and tossed them to him,

"I was going to let you watch me have a pee, but I don't want to go yet"

"Stop teasing me Mickey" he said, "You know how I feel about you"

"Who says I'm teasing?" I said softly, "Look over there"

His eyes followed mine and he saw the river and the sign, "The Jolly Roger Boat Hire Company"

"We could hire a little cabin cruiser, just big enough for two" I smiled, "That's if you want to"

"With just one bed?" he asked

"One bed" I smiled and got back into the car.

"Do you realise what you're saying Mickey?"

"Tommy" I said it slowly so there could be no mistake, "I've just taken my panties off and given them to you and I've just said that I want to share a bed with you, but if you like, I'll write you an invitation"

"No need kid" he laughed, "I just want to be sure you're not grieving still for Gerry"

"Of course I'm bloody grieving for him, but I'm also a realist, our marriage was on it's last legs, I'm sure he must have told you, we just fell out of love with each other"

"Ok. Ok" and we got back into the car.

"Let's have that one Tommy" I said as we pulled into the car park of the boat hire company, he looked over to where I was looking and nodded, "Yeah, I like that one"

"River Queen" it said on the side and I thought it looked ideal for two people, we booked in, paid our hire fee plus a deposit and took our few bits of gear on board,

"Cast away" Tommy ordered and I laughed as I did just that, we sailed sedately down river for about an hour until we found a quiet little mooring just by a pub and we tied up for the night.

I sent him off to the pub while I showered telling him I'd join him later and after he'd gone I set about transforming myself out of how Gerry liked me into the girl I'd always wanted to be!

"Wow!" he grinned as I approached where he sat at an outside table nursing a beer, "Who's this vision?"

"Will I do?" I asked nervously and he nodded his head so much I feared it might fall off,

"You're gorgeous Mickey" he smiled, "Absolutely bloody gorgeous"

I sat down in front of him and he gulped as he looked at me, I wore a thin baby blue shift dress that fitted me like a second skin and I was completely naked beneath it, I knew from where he was sitting he would have an unfettered view of my clean shaven slit,

"Are you going to sit there slobbering all night or can I have a drink please?"

We sat for over two hours enjoying the warm evening air and watching the crafts of all shapes and sizes that moored up outside the pub,

"We should look for something like this Tommy" I said, "Wouldn't it be great to have a pub like this?"

"It'd be great to have any pub with you in it" he smiled, "I'd nearly forgotten how sexy you are"

"I think your mate had forgotten though" I told him wistfully and he reached over to squeeze my hand,

"Leave it Mickey, he's gone, but for all his faults, he was a bloody good squaddie"

"But a lousy husband" I reminded him, "But you're right, we'll leave it, or I'll get maudlin and I'm sure neither of us want that do we?"

"No" he smiled, "But are you sure that what we plan on doing is the right thing?"

"No I'm not sure" I leaned over towards him giving him a view of my ample cleavage, "But we're both consenting adults and there's only one way to find out"

"Do I take it that M'Lady would like to be ravaged?"

"You do" I laughed and we stood up together.

It was starting to get dark as we walked back along the towpath and there was no-one else between us and the boat, the expression on his face as I stopped and pulled the skimpy little dress off over my head, I knew it was the drink, but I didn't care, I threw the dress at him and ran off towards the boat,

"If you catch me you can fuck me" I yelled and reached the side of the boat as he started towards me, I don't know why I thought their was a hand rail on the side of the boat, but there wasn't and I fell, I can vaguely remember screaming and then there was nothing, just the cold water closing over me!

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