A Day at the Dorm
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, BBW, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Taylor's drag of a day gets turned around when he picks up a stranded college girl, Liz. Running late for class, she has to make the most of her time; lucky for Taylor, Liz need's more than a study partner.

"Uuuhh, I really don't want to go to my sisters birthday party today." Taylor thought to himself. He finished fueling up his truck and took off down the road. "This is a great way to start another boring-ass day; oh well, I'll just get it done and over with." After all he thought, "there's always the bar tonight, maybe I'll get lucky. Hell, nothing else; a good buzz is always nice."

As he drove down the road he noticed an abandoned red convertible parked at the side, he didn't think much of it, beside the fact it was a rather nice looking car. A little way ahead he started to make out a figure walking down the road. He pulled up next to the figure (which turned out the be a lovely young woman with quite the figure.) The size of her ass was already making his day a bit brighter; he asked if she was alright. After all, this was no regular boney lady making her way to where ever.

He thought this kind of thing often as he went about his normal day, generally keeping it to himself. He didn't want to break the norm, but he had always found the bigger ladies to be far more attractive. As she turned around to reply he saw she had the bust to match the back as well. However the deal maker was her face. He tried to remember if he had ever seen anyone so beautiful and failed to think of anyone. This was a small town, even with two colleges in it.

"My car ran out of gas." She sighed, "I really hate to be a bother, but if you wouldn't mind giving me a ride; I'd be really grateful. I can pay you for the gas."

"You know you shouldn't do this all the time; you don't even know me." He said it but he was thinking; "Good Lord, I can't be this lucky."

"Well, normally I wouldn't, but I'm about two miles from campus and my class starts in an hour. I still need to study too." She smiled. And that smile was all it took. "Alright, hop in."

"Besides you look like a pretty good guy. My name is Liz." "I'm Taylor." Wow, I've got to get her number he thought; screw the bar. My night could turn out a lot better then I thought. Then the nerves set in; no, she'd never go for me, ah hell, I'll just play it by ear. "I guess you go to the state college down the road?"

"Yep, see its right there; man, I am really not looking forward to class. Its algebra; math is soooo hard!" At the time Taylor was noticing something else pretty hard as well. Shit, he though, I can't just pitch a tent, if she sees that she'll go running. But it was too late and much to her delight she did see it, and hid her smile. She had been lonely as of late having just moved to a new town and no time for a social life with all her time devoted to college. She was starting to miss her high school make out sessions. "Well, looks like we're here." Taylor said with a an enthusiastic smile, returned politely by Liz.

"Well, my wallet's upstairs in my dorm room. I'd love to repay you for your time."

"Oh, no that's alright. It was my pleasure" Liz grinned knowing inside just how much of a pleasure it was. She couldn't just sit there and let her chance go, so she did what any young ambitious woman would do. She confidently took control and used his testosterone against him. She turned towards him and lean over knowing her chest would spill out of her low cut camisole just enough to keep his eyes where she wanted them to be.

"NO, really, its just right up stairs." Eyes fixed he couldn't refuse her demand, a silent victory won by Liz. They parked and went up to the dorm. A pretty normal college girl room he thought. Though he had never been in a dorm room he supposed it was a pretty good guess on his part. He saw some panties laying on the carpet and back came his boner, and this one he knew he couldn't hide. He sat down on the bed a bit hunched over hoping she wouldn't notice as she made her way to the bathroom. "I'll be right back; have to go to the little girls room." Good thing she's in the bath room he thought, I don't want her to freak out. She seems kind of shy. I don't want this one to get away, what a woman.

Liz new she had to act fast; she striped down and checked her makeup speedily examining every detail. She stepped out of the bathroom topless sporting a brand new crotch less thong. He was stunned and turned bright red; or maybe she's not really shy at all he thought. "Oh come on, did you really think I didn't know you were all hot and horny driving me here. Shifting your legs trying to hide it, I don't blame you; it's a pretty common thing, but I think its going to take a little more than money to pay you back for your good deed."

She couldn't help herself anymore, she didn't let on but the fact Taylor was a lean rather muscular guy encouraged her to ask for the ride in the first place. All the work, all the study and stress; she needed a break, she needed some action. The situation and uncontrollable lust gripped her every time she set eyes on him. She had to take advantage of the moment.

"Well, I... I..."

"Shut up boy toy. I really can't say I need a study partner but, I think I can make good use of you. Your face will do for a nice comfy chair while I study. Oh, and don't worry about little Taylor down there, or actually it looks like not so little Taylor trying to bulge his way out of your pants. He can prop up my book." Before he could let another word out she had practically tackled him and ripped his button-down shirt off and was working on his pants. He squirmed a little; she threw her weight into him, her ass almost engulfing his entire chest. "If you don't stop wiggling around I'll whip you into submission. I have the necessary tools to do whatever I wish with you." He knew there was nothing he could do. Deep inside there was nothing he wanted to do except let her overpower him. He was tempted to defy her hoping she would do worse. By that time he couldn't move at all. His face was her new stool, and her belly kept his back firmly planted into the bed. "OOOhhh, math is much more fun like this." She teased, "I may have to keep you handy!" He tried to shove her ass up a bit, he was running out of air. "You want air?" She half glared back at him. "You had better start licking, and be gentle; I am a woman after all." His tongue set into motion. Up, down, circles, and loving every moment of it. Liz started to moan, "Oh God, don't stop; lick it all up. OOHH, you dirty boy; your getting cum all over my math book." He stopped to let out a muffled apology. "Did I say you could have a break? KEEP GOING! I'm just going to have to use my own talents to stop your cum problem." She threw the book to the side and leaned up enough to give Taylor some air and get a good mouthful of Taylor's now deeply throbbing cock. If Taylor could have opened his eyes, it would have been wide.

My cock feels like its going to explode he thought; no one has ever done this too me, let alone anyone her size. He started moaning. "Mmmmm, a tongue that vibrates too; ohooo" She was about to cum yet she relentlessly slurped up and down saliva ran down his shaft; his senses heightened and legs started to tense. Seeing the signs she gripped his cock and in one motion sucked and jerked. He grabbed her ass as he blew his load, and Liz almost screamed as he came in her face.

"Mmm, yummy, its always nice to have a snack before class. Good boy!" She exclaimed with pleasure. She rolled off him and put on her clothes. Taylor was breathing heavily taking in the moment. Liz leaned over and gave him a kiss. "You see, no good deed goes unrewarded." She smiled at him as her room mate came in.

"Liz, you naughty girl."

"Taylor, meet Sara; Sara, Taylor. He's my study buddy, kinda."

"Really!" Sara's eyes brightened, "I've got a chemistry class I have to study for, its really HARD!"

Liz looked at the both of them and smiled, "I hope you didn't have anything important to do today Taylor."

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