The One Night Stand
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John and some buddies have plans to pick up chicks at the town's new club. It's smooth sailing until John finds out his lusty lover, Becca, has some plans of her own.

It was getting close to closing time at the factory where John spends nine hours a day screwing in the faces of air conditioners. As the day had rolled on John robotically went about his job as his mind was set on the usual nightly routine of bar hopping with the guys, a night which generally ended with them all getting laid. At lunch, John received a call from his friend Scott who informed him of a new club he went to on the northern part of town.

"John, man, you gotta check this place out. The chicks here aren't your normal, sluttish bar women."

"Sounds good, man. I get outta here at six."

"Cool, I'll call the rest of the crew and we'll meet at your house around, uhh, eight-ish?"

"Alright, see you then."


He sailed through the rest of his day knowing there'd be a fun night ahead. As he drove home an uneasy feeling came over him. He thought back over his day hoping to pin the source but nothing came to mind. As of late he had gotten a little bored with his usual way of spending the evenings. He was about to turn thirty six and waking up every morning with a hang over had gotten old. Sleeping around was starting to leave a bad taste in his mouth and he had already been to the doctor twice from STDs. That was about three years ago. He made it a habit to wear condoms from then on out. Still, the feeling stuck to him until he got out of the shower. His focus then shifted to sex appeal: the usual red dress shirt, black pants, and boots accompanied by the scent of old cologne and cigarette smoke.

The guys started showing up at about ten past eight, eager and ready to hit the new club. Scott showed up first, then Gary, and Tom was the last. "Alright, you guys all ready to go?" Scott asked.

"Shit yeah! I've been craving beer all day," was the response form Tom, the youngest at twenty nine.

"Beer, hell, as soon as some drunk bitch hits on me I'm gone. You guys can do whatever the hell you want." Gary grinned after stating his goal.

"Alright," John said, "let's go!"

They all carpooled to the newly built, Tropical Fever, the new hot spot in town. The entire parking lot was filled with the cars of college freshmen and the typical middle class, middle aged women looking for action. The latter is what John usually ended up with, they were always easy to spot: leopard print miniskirt, knee high black boots, and a low cut titty top (as he called them.)

Inside, the dance music blared. Scott shouted over the noise, "I heard about this place on the radio, kicks ass, eh." Tom worked his way through the crowd making sure to brush his crotch against the ass of any woman who was sticking it out while dancing as he looked for the bar. Scott and Gary hit the dance floor. It was like rolling dice hoping to win the pot. They almost never started to drink until they knew they were going home with a fresh piece of ass for the night. The pounding music was giving John a headache, "Shit, I need a beer," he mumbled to himself. He spotted Tom by the bar and went to sit down with him, hoping to booze away the pain behind his eyes. It wasn't long after John had finished his first two beers that Gary approached him, "John, I'd like you to meet Cindy."

"Hiiiiiii, Jun!" she slurred and giggled to herself.

"It's John," he smirked.

"Me and Cindy are gonna go back to her place in a few. HEY, bartender, get me a drink!" Gary shouted toward the bar.

"Whada' ya want?'

"I don't know, whatever's on special," Gary sneered, and mumbled, "ya drunk asshole." (If he had said the last part any louder the one hundred ninety pound man behind the bar would have beat the shit out of him with a baseball bat.)

"Alright babe, lets hit the road." Gary slammed his glass down, eager to bang the hell out of Cindy. "See you later." They both left the bar together, Gary grabbed Cindy as she tripped over her high heels on their way out the door.

John looked at his watch, it was already two in the morning. He was buzzed but still failed to shake the feeling from earlier. The crowd was clearing out as closing time drew near and the final call was made. He looked around for his other companions but there was no trace of them. He assumed they'd all work their way home somehow or another. As he was about to get up to leave, giving up on the night, a woman started to walk towards him from the other end of the club. She had her eyes on him all night, waiting for a chance to talk to him, and working up the courage to do so, until that chance came. John looked her up and down as her hips swayed from side to side. Braless, her breasts bounced and swayed as well. The lights moving to and fro at the beat from the fading music illuminated her black curly hair. Her eyes were just as dark and her smile stopped John dead in his tracks.

"Hey sweetheart, not going so soon are you?" She spoke from those luscious lips as if he were no longer at a club but a porn set. He sat back down to keep his cool and suppress the oncoming hardness in his pants.

"No, at least, not any more."

"I'm Becca."

"I'm John."

She wasn't Johns usual, she was much better. As she sat down with him, he tried to think of what she really saw in him to approach him like this. He stopped caring as she ran her hand down his thigh and smiled at him.

"Well, looks like this place is about to close."

"Yeah, I... I guess so."

"Whada' ya say we go back to my place." His wood went down as the awkward feeling resumed. He desperately wanted to sleep with her but it didn't feel quite right. "This is too easy," he though, "I don't think she's even drunk, something's wrong." He sat there unsure as her hand slid closer in toward his cock. He tried to think fast, not really knowing what to do. "Hell, better safe than sorry. I'd better go with my gut," he thought, "It's not like I can't beat off later, which, I'm sure after this I'll be doing very soon." He looked toward her and half-smiled.

"Look, I'm really sorry, I've had a pretty rough day and all," John said. "Oh wait, shit, we took all took Tom's car. Tom's gone!"

"Well," Becca grinned, "looks like you don't have much of a choice now. Come on, I'll show you a good time." John smiled, but eyes never lie and his didn't look very enthusiastic. "Come on baby, I promise you won't be disappointed. I can suck cock like you'd never believe." John perked up and the blood rushed back toward his crotch. She sealed the deal by leaning in and grabbing him through his pants. "You DO want some head don't you?" She licked her lips and stood up leading John out to her car.

The drive to Becca's house was quick. She drove like a mad women but John just sat there rock hard imaging Becca's plumb lips taking it all in. Becca almost ran towards her front door. John walked fast behind her with his eyes fixed on her big bubbly ass. "Make yourself at home, honey. You want another drink?"

"No thanks," John declined.

"Oh, I see. You wanna get right to it."

John smiled and tried to play it off, not wanting to look completely obsessed with getting sucked off. "I didn't mean it like that," he smiled and ran his hand through his hair nervously. She lifted her dress off herself and tossed it needlessly to the side revealing her soaked panties to John. She lead him to her bedroom, "Don't mind the mess I hope, I don't get a chance to clean up much."

She shoved him back on her bed and unzipped his pants. After teasing his cock with her tongue, she climbed on top of him, and planted her ass in his face, smearing her warm fluid on his lips. John did what came naturally to him. Becca's playful licks turned to slurps as John felt the head of his rod hit the back of her throat with every bob of her head. He had all he could take, his legs tensed and he was ready to blow.

"Okay, I'm gonna cum!" Becca grabbed John by his balls and tugged them down toward his feet.

"Wait, I'm not done," she panted, slightly annoyed.

"Well, I can't sto... AHH!" He came all over her face, and the mild pull on his balls turned into a nightmarish vice grip.

"I SAID I wasn't DONE, BITCH!"

John gasped as his body tried to curl up in pain, but Becca's weight on him kept him locked into position. He did manage to push her forward a bit, but to no avail. She tightened her grip. "What the hell are you doing you crazy bitch?" Becca swung around in a violent rage.

"What the fuck do you think I'm doing? I'm getting you ready for your training, slave."

"What the... ??!!" Before he could get another word out she slipped a small metal rod out from under her top mattress. She whacked John straight across his forehead with it, knocking him out cold.

"Sweet dreams you little bitch, it's going to big one big nightmare from here on out."

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