The Barstow Girls
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of choices we all make. Jake Rivers and MistressLynn both wrote parts to this story.

Have you ever thought about all the beautiful women that go out west to be models and movie stars? Where do they all end up? We know there are thousands and thousands aspiring to be stars and they go to Hollywood or elsewhere to make it big. Unfortunately most don't make it.

The ones who do become successful seem to need a shrink or have been married a half dozen times.

My name is Bryan and I'd like to tell you a little about my life and some of my thoughts. As a kid growing up I was rather athletic and liked sports. I went out for baseball, football and basketball. I went to a rather small school so it wasn't that hard to make the team. I was pretty good, but I guess I was far from being college material because I never saw any scouts looking at me. It was still fun playing and it helped get me the girls. I had no problems finding dates. In fact Susan Barstow, the most popular girl in the school, was my girlfriend my senior year.

A little information about Susan; she was an 'It' girl, she seemed to have it all. When she was six years old, she was the mini-queen in our local pageant. She was Junior queen a few years later. Her parents took her everywhere for these crazy contests. She was both our County Fair Queen and our Homecoming Queen. I guess her parents were preparing her to become a star. She was talented. She didn't sing the greatest but she could dance.

She was my girlfriend most of our senior year. We dated whenever we got the chance. Between my playing sports and her aspiring modeling career, we didn't see a whole lot of each other. Her parents didn't try to stop us from seeing each other but we almost always had a chaperon. Sharon, her little sister, usually went with us wherever we went. She had another sister, Brenda, who tagged along once in awhile also. Sharon was five years younger and Brenda was seven years younger than Susan.

I used to give the girls a little money to go to the neighborhood store just so Susan and I could be alone. We only had time to do a little petting before her sisters would return. I liked Susan a lot; what was not to like? We had sex for the first time when we went to the prom. After that we had quickies whenever the opportunity presented itself.

After graduation Susan headed to a big city modeling school near Las Vegas, Nevada. She told me she was going to be a movie star and have everything she ever wanted. I remember her telling me we would be the happiest couple on the planet and live in a million dollar home and drive the fastest cars.

She had dreams and told me she was going to turn them into reality. I, on the other hand, had more common sense. The job market wasn't the greatest and I didn't expect to go to college. I had the smarts but my family wasn't the wealthiest and I wasn't getting any sports scholarships that amounted to much.

I decided to enlist in the service. I wanted to do my share for the country. After the shit people gave the Vietnam Vets, I wanted to show that I was behind our military. My dad had told me stories how he was spit at when he came home. Here he was out fighting for his country and people didn't care.

My dad was proud the day I enlisted. He's a good man with a good heart. He told me some people just didn't understand.

I remember the day I left for boot camp my dad hugged me and said, "Do your best, soldier." It brought tears to his eyes.

The army offered me a career and would put money aside for an education or for whatever reason I chose. About two weeks after graduation I headed out to boot camp. Susan and I got away for an afternoon before I left and fucked each other silly. I was really going to miss her. After all, I was a nineteen year old kid with raging hormones and was saying goodbye to a very beautiful woman whom I loved at the time.

Love for teenagers is a strange word. If we were just lovers and got married and settled down, I guess we might have succeeded, but I had my doubts. We both had our dreams and wants and were going in different directions.

I came home after basic training but Susan was away at college. I missed her. I was going to be sent away to Fort Leonard Wood for my Advanced Individual Training — somehow the Army had seen fit to train me to be a Motor Transport Operator. It sounded impressive but basically I would just be a driver.

The training was great. After all the crap at basic training it was nice to be treated like an adult. I figured that it couldn't be all that difficult to just drive a truck. I was surprised and I guess a little pleased to find out it was pretty complex. Just one thing I would never have thought of was the training of a vehicle crew to be able to complete their mission in combat situations.

After I finished the course I was assigned to the 58th Transport Battalion there at Fort Leonard Wood. I was lucky and just as I was assigned there I was selected as the driver for the battalion commander. It was good duty and I did that for the year I was in Missouri.

During the training phase I was exchanging letters with Susan fairly often for about six months. She told me she was dating since "... we aren't really going together." It hurt but I could hardly blame her. A woman like her was never meant to be alone.

I noticed she started sounding somewhat detached — like she was writing to her brother. I wasn't particularly surprised when I got a "Dear John" letter from her. She blabbed on and on about space, her needs, even her damned identity.

I thought I'd be really upset but then I realized that the only thing she hadn't written about was her selfishness. The more I thought about it, I began to feel relieved. If we had married I knew I would just be an appendage to her... that everything would be about Susan. Of course, I knew I would always remember her. I even carried a picture of her in my pocket.

The battalion commander was in DC for a week's worth of meetings and I was able to wrangle a three-day pass. I was going to take a bus to Kansas City but I wound up stopping at a Jody bar in Waynesville for a beer — or two. It turned out to be a lot and I woke up in bed with the wife of an MP on duty in Bosnia. I felt like shit when I thought about what she was doing to him, but that didn't stop me from staying in bed with her for two more days.

Fort Leonard Wood was to hell and gone in the middle of Missouri south of I-44. Most of the guys called it "Little Korea." It was hilly and cold as hell in the winter and just the opposite in the summer. I wasn't sad to leave there but I had mixed feelings about going to Bosnia. A lot of the guys had been there and told how dangerous the ancient animosities made things. One story a guy told me was about a guy stopping his car in front of their Bradley Fighting Vehicle and standing there waving two guns at them. They just buttoned up the Bradley and let him shoot until he ran out of ammo, then got out and disarmed him.

One thing I was glad of was that I wasn't leaving a wife behind to go to some damn Jody Bar.

The duty was pretty good but boring. I was assigned to the motor pool to drive whatever and whoever needed driving. We spent a lot of time sitting around pretending to do maintenance on the vehicles. I used my leave time to go around some of the nearby countries. I went to Switzerland and didn't like it. I loved Greece and Italy. Picking up girls for the night was fairly easy as long as I was willing to spend some money on them. I'm sure several of them were at least amateur prostitutes but they did look clean. I tried to stay away from the professionals.

I also took several of the locals to bed. They were so poor they would do anything for some food or money. I felt bad about it but rationalized that if it weren't me it would be one of my buddies. I didn't form any lasting attachments and had no girlfriend at home.

One thing that was typical was the time a girl was taken to a hospital in the Serbian area. They cut the girl's head open and then found out she was Muslim. They made her parents take her from the hospital, with her head still open. I drove a doctor and nurse in an ambulance to take them to one of our hospitals. I couldn't believe that people would treat a little girl like that!

After Bosnia I was assigned to the US Army Garrison in Heidelberg, Germany. This was to prove the best duty I had while in the Military. I was again assigned to the motor pool. The unit was great and didn't hassle us as long as we did our jobs. I was amazed at how compact Europe was. Within a few hours on a train I could be in several different countries. I spent a lot of time in Munich and even felt like it would be a good place to live sometime.

After Germany I had a couple of nothing, boring assignments that were a letdown after Heidelberg. A spell at Fort Bliss, then thirteen months in Korea made me start wondering about how badly I wanted to stay in the Army. I don't think I ever considered it a career — maybe I had stayed in because I didn't know what else to do... a simple case of inertia.

Then I got sent to Iraq when Operation Iraqi Freedom started up. My job was ferrying ammunition and other critical supplies to different units. I'd never considered that a truck driver would have just as dangerous a job as a front line soldier — not that anyone knew where the front lines were. One after another roadside bombs or occasionally snipers killed guys I knew.

After a close call myself I knew my time in the Army was about over — I would never reenlist again. The time there seemed to last forever.

The service changes people, some for the better and some for the worse. It taught me how good I had it in the States. Sex for servicemen was pretty wide open but I really wanted more. I often thought of a loving wife and a couple of rugrats running around. Hell, I'd even like to have a dog.

I had come home a couple of times. Once for my older brother Bob's wedding. I was in the wedding party and of course my mom wanted me to wear my uniform, which I did. Bob was a pretty smart guy and actually got a scholastic scholarship in Business Finance. He was already Vice President of the local bank. He and his wife looked good together. They were planning on having a family and settling down in our home town. He had the kind of life I was hoping for after getting out of the service.

The last time I came home I had two years yet to serve... just finish my current tour of duty. I don't know why I decided that ten years was what I would serve. There was no retirement or benefits until twenty years. I guess I had just had enough. I met up with some old friends and learned about their lives. I asked a few of them if they had ever heard anything about Susan and was told to ask her little sister, Brenda.

I stopped by the Barstow house and this good looking young girl, or I should say woman, came to the door. She looked at me and yelled, "Bryan! What are you doing home" It had been eight years since I saw Brenda. I couldn't believe she recognized me.

"I'm home on leave and thought I would stop by and say hi to your family."

"Well, come on in. Mom and Dad are in the back yard. Sharon's away at college and of course Susan's in Las Vegas."

I went to the back yard and greeted Mr. and Mrs. Barstow. We chatted a lot about the service and their family. They told me that Susan started out being a model and then got a career as a dancer in Las Vegas. They showed me all kinds of pictures of Susan with different movie stars.

We talked a while longer and when I got ready to leave Brenda said, "Sharon's going to be mad that she wasn't here to see you. I don't know if you ever knew it but she always had a crush on you, but of course she was a lot younger than you. She yelled at Susan when she sent you that Dear John letter."

"I always liked all you girls. The three prettiest girls in the county. Boy, you sure grew up to be a looker yourself. How old are you now?" I asked.

"Nineteen going on twenty. I'm in my second year at the community college now. I'm in the nursing program right now."

"You are one smart and good looking girl. You get that education and maybe find a doctor to marry. He would be one lucky fellow," I smiled.

I gave her a big hug and told her to say hi to her sisters for me when she saw them. I guess Susan was living the life she always wanted.

When I went back overseas, I thought about the Barstow women. Both Susan and Brenda were good looking women. I wish I had a chance to see how Sharon turned out. Especially after hearing she had a crush on me in high school. I remembered this young teenager with the braces and pigtails following Susan and I around. I do have to say that she always had something funny to say that would make me laugh. She and Brenda did drop me an occasional letter which always made me feel good.

At the end of my tour of duty I decided to stop in Las Vegas and say hi to my old flame before returning home. With the information I got from Brenda I was able to locate Susan at one of the dance clubs. She looked great but older. That might not be the word I want, grownup, mature, no longer the young beautiful girl I remembered from high school, but more of a woman of the world.

As I entered this club I heard a woman's voice. She was talking to a man, probably a director of some kind.

"Rehearsal is going to go through dinnertime again and it's that blonde bitch's fault. Every year there's at least one in the new bunch that thinks she just knows everything. I tried to tell her the way it went here. You'd think she would listen to me, but no, of course not. What did I know? Why would I know anything after ten years in this business?"

"Hello, Susan," I said.

I could tell the lights made it hard to see who the voice belonged to but it must have sounded familiar. She moved toward the front of the stage near the set of steps leading down to the center of the theater. She held her hand above her eyes to get rid of some of the glare of the lights. It was late and I could see she was tired and probably hungry since I heard these women worked such long hours. I figured whoever was here to see her had better not take too long.

"I don't get a hello?" My voice added a hint of sarcasm to go with my normal easy-going manner.

"Bryan? Is it really you? It's been forever. How are you?"

I figured she was leery of why I showed up now just out of the blue.

The director was screaming now as he took off down the side of the rehearsal hall. I looked over my shoulder at the three new girls in the group all huddled together and the remainder of the cast leaving the stage. It appeared the practice was through for the evening.

"Do you have time for dinner Susan? I thought we could catch up on old times over dinner. I'm pretty hungry myself."

"Sure, Bryan. It looks like I'm through here. Give me a little time to change."

Susan and I had told each other our dreams. It all seemed so simple then. She was going to be a star and we'd live in a mansion with fancy cars and know all the rich people. Instead, I enlisted in the service but I always knew we weren't meant for each other. We didn't want the same things in life. I do have to say the sex was good. Of course I was a nineteen year old horny teenager. All sex was good back then. I've since grown up and knew I wanted more than just fucking.

I was looking at all the pictures in the lobby while Susan was getting changed. I don't think she knew that I had seen her standing slightly around the corner watching me looking at the display that included a lot of pictures of her. They showed her with the Nevada Governor, one of the owners of a casino in town, a top wrestler and a real estate developer from California. Each one featured her in a gorgeous outfit.

"As you can see I know some pretty important people." She spoke as she walked up to stand next to me.

I turned at the sound of her voice but didn't remark. When did she begin this life down this trail of thinking only of herself? Did she always have it or did the bright lights and media attention change her?

"I made reservations for us at a private place just off the strip, Bryan. I'll drive since I know the way and you can check out my new car, too."

It was only a short walk to the private parking garage but it was still hot out. I know we probably thought the same things. She probably wondered why I was here. I guess I wondered it myself. I know she was waiting for me to compliment her on her looks, and tell her if I ever missed her or even if I was married now. I know she wasn't used to being ignored.

"There it is, my car. A Porsche 911 Carrera. It flies down the road, Bryan. I bet you haven't been in one of these before, have you? They aren't easy to get and not cheap either." She told me as she ran her hands about six inches above the shiny paint as if she was caressing the curves of the car.

"It's nice, Susan, but it wouldn't haul much around on a farm, would it?" I laughed. "You've done good for yourself, Susan, and you look great." I smiled as we got into the vehicle but didn't say anything more.

We made it to the restaurant in short time and had a decent table waiting. She commented on the area a bit on the drive over, but nothing personal yet. We decided to hold off ordering dinner for a while and just have a drink first.

"Why don't you tell me a little bit about how things have been for you, Susan? I remember you wanted to be a top star and have lots of money and know famous people."

She picked up her drink and just stared at me. "You don't look ten years older than when I last saw you. Maybe a couple, but you filled out good. You have muscles and look strong now. The service agreed with you."

"Thanks," I smiled, "You look pretty good yourself. Vegas agrees with you." I was just trying to carry on a conversation with her but she did look good.

"It's a lot of hard work, Bryan. Hours and hours of practice and rehearsals, classes every day, and there's always a director in your face telling you to work harder. Too often there are days of going without food so you don't gain weight. But, if you want to be at the top, you have to be willing to do anything to get there. Anything at all."

"What about the auditions, Susan? I've heard a few stories about them, but I don't think they're true," I asked as I leaned forward.

Susan ignored my question and finished her drink and raised the empty glass for the server to see.

"That girl is toast. When I talk to the owner tomorrow, and tell him I had to wait for a fresh drink, that girl waiting on us tonight won't have a job again in this town. She obviously has no idea who I am. I know people," replied Susan.

"Susan, calm down, your voice is getting quite loud. I'm not in a hurry, so if it takes a few minutes longer, so what." I was a little embarrassed as I spoke.

Then I heard someone say something to Susan.

"Hey, sweetheart, you're looking more beautiful than ever. Let's get together again and I might be able to cough something up for you later."

I look over and it was some cocky guy that Susan must have known.

She blushed as she heard the sexy voice and his offer and forgot for a moment that I was even there.

"Skip, you flatter me." She lowered her voice and leaned over where she knew he could see her new cleavage. She had said the girls had all recommended the same plastic surgeon and he'd done an awesome job on adding a couple inches to her chest a few months ago.

"Wait till I get my hands on those new babies and you'll hear flattery all night long," Skip leered as he wandered off.

I thought about getting up and knocking him on his ass for being such an arrogant fuck.

I knew Susan could see from the look on my face that I didn't approve of those kind of people. I thought for a few seconds about how her life must have been. How many directors and agents had she slept with after they promised her a part or an audition only to have no one know her name the next day when she called back? All those late nights earning extra credit with instructors only to discover she was just the flavor of the day and it meant nothing.

I heard this from people I had talked with who had friends and family who tried to make it to the big time. I doubted Susan's life was any different. I really felt sorry for her. Fame and fortune was all she wanted. It seemed so sad.

"I'm starving, Bryan, let's order now. They have the best seafood here in the entire city."

Right then our so called lazy server showed up with Susan's drink and took our orders. I talked a little about my time in the service but I could see it was boring to Susan. She smiled and nodded her head but was probably thinking of her last ten years here in Vegas. She interrupted me and started talking about herself.

"My family had no idea of what it took to survive here. I went months without more than four or five hours of sleep a night. Food was another thing itself. I was always watching every calorie and counting fat grams to stay thin. But it was worth it when you heard your name called at an audition," said Susan. "When you got a part, no matter how small, everything else faded away."

"Are you seeing anyone, Susan? Do you ever think about getting married someday?" I asked.

"I don't know about getting married Bryan. That might get in the way of my career. I have to be free to take off wherever there's a job or if I hear of an opportunity. I have a lot of dates. Mostly famous people; always good for my image."

We talked about what I might do for a job now that I was out of the service until our meals arrived. I explained to her that I didn't have anything specific yet but I left my options open.

"This food looks great, Susan. I'm glad we came here for a good meal," I exclaimed.

"Bryan, no one comes here for the food. They come here to meet people and have people see you," replied Susan.

"Where do you go to just eat then, Susan?" I asked. "The food here is great!"

"Oh, Bryan, you'd never fit in here! The food here is good but would be considered overpriced anywhere else. It's just that a lot of celebrities come here. You're just not cut out for the big city."

She picked at her meal while I ate every morsel. A few tables had people at them that Susan smiled at. They must have been people she knew. She mentioned it was a slower night and most of the regulars hadn't been in. We got ready to leave and I reached for the tab.

"Let me take care of this," I offered.

I was a little shocked at the total but I wasn't going to let on to Susan. After throwing some bills on the table to cover it we walked to the front where the valet already had her car in the drive for us.

"Nice service, Susan. I don't know if I could get used to that," I smiled.

With a shrug of her shoulders, she took off, and soon we were parking back in her reserved space at the club.

"Come on inside and look around, Bryan. See where I work. It's so exciting. You might even meet some celebrities."

Meeting celebrities meant nothing to me. I knew she wanted to show me how far she had come from that little Homecoming Queen. This was Vegas, stars and money and fame. She was almost there, to the top, that big star she always wanted to be. Ten years of struggling, fighting and clawing for every part and line. I actually hoped she would make it.

"Sounds like some of the girls are still here. Let's go see what they're doing," She tugged at my hand as she spoke, her mind already wondering about all the noise they were making.

Five of the dance troupe members were in the huge sitting area that was used for hanging out in. They waved us over to join them and started to all talk at once. One of the girls had an audition in the morning and was telling how she had gotten it. All these girls struggling to be a star. I wondered how many would really succeed.

Susan was excited that the hard work of Nadia, one of her friends, finally paid off. She'd been a dancer about six years and deserved a break. If she was a competitor for the same parts as Susan tried for she might not be so happy, but they were total opposites in looks. The girls were still talking about an hour later when one of them spoke up.

"Hey, Susan, where's that guy you were with? I don't see him."

"He wasn't anyone important." She turned back to the girls and forgot about me.

I heard every word from my spot in the shadows behind the hallway door. Susan was right that I wouldn't fit in out here. I would never understand the world she lived in. Nor did I want to. As the exit door whispered shut I was already regretting my trip to Vegas.

I flew home and was greeted by my parents and my brother, Bob, his wife and son. They had one child now and another on the way. I was happy for them but at the same time a little jealous.

We all hugged and kissed one another and headed for home. I would be living at home with Mom and Dad until I got better situated. There were a few of my old friends and neighbors at the house with a sign that said, "Welcome Home, Bryan".

We put on the old feedbag and then my sister-in-law, Dorothy, said they all chipped in and bought me a surprise. I had no idea what it could be until they opened the back door and I heard him bark. There stood this little ugly dog that was so ugly he was cute. He was a brindle color English Bulldog. I was told that he was six weeks old.

He came running up to me and I picked him up. He started licking me with his big sloppy face. I had tears in my eyes as I hugged the little fellow. Everyone smiled as me and my little friend went outside. It was already time for me to teach him where to do his business.

"Bryan," said Mom. "You will need to take him to the vet tomorrow and get his shots. We made you an appointment for noon. We hope you're happy with him. You always wrote home and said if you didn't have a wife you could at least have a dog. Welcome home, son."

The next day I headed to A-1 vet clinic. When I walked in, the receptionist said it would only be a minute as she made over my puppy. A few minutes later the vet came out and looked at me. "Welcome home, Bryan," she said.

I just stared at this woman. She was gorgeous. I mean shoulder length dark hair, green eyes, and I could see a figure that wouldn't quit even though she had on an open lab coat. The prettiest smile I've ever seen on a woman. I couldn't speak. I felt so stupid, I've never reacted to a woman like this before. Talk about a dumb fuck, it was me.

"I'm so sorry for staring at you. I feel like I should know you. I brought my puppy in for shots. I'm talking stupid now. Who are you?" I asked.

"Bryan, I'm the little girl you used to tease when I wore braces. I even wrote you a couple of letter while you were in the service."

"You're Sharon? Sharon Barstow!"

"In the flesh," she replied. "You had the hots for my sister way back when, remember?"

"God, Sharon, I'm so sorry but you sort of surprised me. I didn't know you were the vet and a beautiful one at that." I was getting my senses back. "I brought my puppy to get his shots."

"He's adorable. He's so cute," she said as she picked him up and he began to lick her cheek."

"Lucky dog," I think I said it a little too loud when Sharon gave me a smile.

"Come back in the lab and hold him while I give him his shots," replied Sharon.

We talked about things in general and she told me that she had talked to my mom and knew I was headed home. I asked her if she was married since I didn't see a ring on her finger.

"No, haven't found the right man yet. Care to apply for the job?" she laughed.

I laughed with her. If she only knew what I was thinking, she'd probably throw me out of the clinic.

"Sharon, would it be too forward of me to ask you out on a date. I know we just met again but I have learned to not let chances go by. If you're seeing someone, I understand."

"Bryan, I do have dates but I'm not seeing anyone in particular at the moment. I know Brenda told you about my crush on you when I was a teenager. I don't think I'd want that opportunity to slip away either. What do you have in mind?"

"To begin, how about something simple. Lunch and a walk in the park, you, me, and little Jake. We can all get to know each other better."

"Jake? Who is Little Jake? Do you have a son, Bryan?" asked a concerned Sharon.

I began to laugh. "Little Jake is the little fellow you're holding right now. I just got him yesterday. He's a manly dog so I gave him a manly name after an old friend of mine. He was my best friend in the service till he was killed by a roadside bomb."

"I'm sorry to hear about your friend and I think it's great you named your puppy in remembrance of him. There's a street fair on Saturday. It might be just about right for us. You have to put Jake on a leash.

"Bryan, I'm really glad to see that you made it home safely. Welcome home." She hugged me and then handed me little Jake. "See you Saturday. I work here till noon; you can pick me up here."

"I'll meet you here, but you'll have to drive unless I get a vehicle by then. I'm using dad's old truck and you deserve better than that," I smiled.

I walked out of the clinic a lot happier person than when I went in. Jake and I found a new friend, and a very pretty one at that.

It was now Tuesday and I had a lot of things to get in order. I had a lot of money saved up from the service. I put away all my re-enlistment money and invested it with my brother Bob.

I headed over to the bank and walked in with Jake. A security guard stopped me at the door and said, "Sorry, sir, no pets allowed in the bank."

"This isn't a pet. He's my seeing eye dog," I said as I walked past him and into Bob's office.

Bob saw the whole thing and stood there laughing. The guard started toward us and Bob told him it was alright, that I was his brother and just got back from overseas. The guard went back to his post and I picked up Jake and set him on my lap.

Bob and I went over my account to see how much money I had. It was a heck of a lot more than I thought. I opened a checking account and transferred enough money to buy me a vehicle and to help find an apartment. For now I told Mom that I would give her five hundred a month to help with expenses. She told me I didn't have to do that but I told her she deserved that much just for cooking for me.

I told Bob about Sharon and asked him if he knew anything about her. He told me she worked her way through college and had scholarships. She dated but didn't know much more than that.

"She's one of the nicest women in town. Everybody loves her and she's a great vet. I know there are a lot of guys who would love to be with her. Most say they get turned down but she always does it in a nice way. Doubt if you can get her to go out, Bryan. Good Luck to you."

"We have a date set for Saturday. We're going to the street fair," I smiled.

I got some good news when I got back to Mom and Dad's. I had a job offer but it would take a chunk of my savings. There was a beverage route for sale. A friend of Dad's was ready to retire and was selling his route. I needed sixty thousand up front for the truck and I could pay the balance in payments of a thousand a month. Dad said his friend Harry made over seventy-five thousand a year. He told me I could probably do a lot better seeing I was much younger and willing to put in the time.

I called Bob and asked him to run a check and make sure it was legit. He told me he knew Harry and it was a good business but he would still run the numbers for me. He said he would get back with me the next day. I called Harry and told him I was very interested and would be willing to give him a thousand dollar retainer till Bob got back to me.

He told me that his friendship with my dad was all the retainer he needed. They were war buddies together. He said he understood there would be a background check. It's only good business.

On Wednesday I popped in at the hospital clinic. Mom had told me that Brenda worked there. I had called earlier and asked Brenda if she would meet me for lunch, my treat. I had nothing against hospital food, especially after some of the crap I'd been eating for the last ten years.

"Hi, Bryan, good to see you. Sharon called me as soon as you left her office. Where's Jake? She said he's the cutest thing. What's this all about you wanting to see me?"

"Mom's taking care of Jake. I didn't want to leave him in a car and I'm pretty sure the hospital wouldn't let me bring him in. I came to ask you about Sharon. I need to know if she is seeing anyone. I don't want to pry into her personal life but I want to become good friends with her."

"She'd get pissed if she knew I was telling you anything. I don't know what you want to hear. Yes, she dated a lot of people. She was even serious a couple of times but she never committed herself to anyone. Lately she has been seeing Jerry Knudsen. He's serious about her but she hasn't committed to him either. At least not yet. I'm going to tell you something and if it ever gets back to Sharon, I promise you I'll kill you."

"My God, Brenda, what is it?"

"When you came back a couple of years ago, she was pissed she didn't see you. I honestly believe she still has some of that school girl crush on you. Now that you are here I believe she wants to know for sure how she feels. Whatever you do, don't hurt her."

"God, I could never hurt her. I honestly and truly believe that we are meant to be together," I replied.

"There's more, Bryan. She wants to be loved for herself. She's worried that you might still think of Susan instead of her."

"My god, It's more than over between Susan and I. How do I let her know without telling her what you told me?" I asked.

"That's your problem. For what it's worth I'm in your corner. By the way, did Sharon tell you I'm getting married in a few weeks?"

"No, we just talked a few minutes in the clinic. Congratulations! Who's the lucky man, and I do mean lucky man?"

"His name is Mark and he's an intern in this hospital. Are you going to come to the wedding?" asked Brenda.

"Am I invited?" I asked.

"Oh, gosh, I forgot. Sharon is my maid of honor and Jerry Knudsen is the best man. They're supposed to be together at the wedding, and, yes, you're invited. I'll tell Sharon that I saw you and invited you."

"Brenda, I don't want to lie to Sharon. I'll tell her the truth. Good relationships are built on the truth. I'll tell her I stopped by to say hi to you and you invited me to your wedding. She doesn't need to know the rest."

"Okay, but I'm trusting you to do the right thing by my sister. She's not just my sister but my best friend," replied Brenda.

Later that day I got a call from Bob. Harry and I went to the bank and closed the deal. I was now the proud owner of a Coke truck and route #32. Harry agreed to ride with me for the next two weeks till I became accustomed to the route. We would divide the profits during this time.

Of course I had to go to the Coke distributorship and sign all the necessary papers. Starting Monday I would become a Coca-Cola route driver. Now I needed to surprise Sharon. I sure hope she would be happy about it. I called her that evening and said I had some good news to tell her and asked her if she could take me shopping for a vehicle after she got off work the next day.

I rode on the truck with Harry the next day. I knew it wasn't mine till Monday but I was eager to start my new job. I had him drop me off at the A-1 Vet Clinic at closing. Sharon laughed when I got out of the truck.

I asked her if she wanted a Coke and she asked for a diet Coke. She didn't need a diet Coke any more than the man in the moon but I guess women are always worried about their weight.

I said goodnight to Harry and told him I would see him the next day. He honked the horn as he drove away.

"What do you think of the truck?" I asked Sharon.

"What do you mean? I guess it's a nice truck. Especially if you like red," she laughed.

"I bought it. It's my truck and my route. I take over the business Monday. Do you have a problem dating a Coke dealer?"

She smiled realizing the dual implication. "As long as it's the liquid kind and I get lots of free samples," laughed Sharon. "I'm so happy for you, Bryan. Are you ready to go find that vehicle, and where is my friend Jake?"

"Mom's watching Jake. I have to read the company policy and see if he can ride with me on the truck. I think he might be able to ride but not go into all the stores. I might take him once in awhile. He's my best bud, you know."

Sharon owned a sports car. The car was spotless, classy, elegant, and beautiful, just like her. She took me around to a couple of dealerships. Never raising her voice, always patient in traffic, and so gorgeous. We talked about what type of vehicle I should get and I mentioned a nice pickup truck. We checked out a couple of more dealerships and we found a nice truck a couple of years old. It suited my purpose and Sharon and I took it for a test drive.

"I need a woman's opinion. What do you think?" I asked Sharon.

"Bryan, whatever makes you happy. If this truck makes you happy then I say, buy it!"

That's was the kind of woman Sharon was. It was hard to believe she wasn't married. Of course I knew she dated, going to dinner or the theater. Sometimes maybe even to a club. It was odd that I could fall for a woman so easy. I was considered a man of the world. I traveled dozens of countries and had sex with a great variety of women, but this one woman got to me.

We drove the truck back to the dealership and I signed the papers and they said they would have it ready for me the following day. We got back in Sharon's Corvette and took off. It was warm out this evening, pleasant and sunny. It was a convertible and we had the top down. She decided to take a drive down the highway so we could talk.

"Sharon, there's something I need to tell you. I know I've only been back a couple of days but I like being around you. I know I dated your sister and she's a star and all but I don't have feelings for her. Of course I'll always have memories but that just what they are. In the last few days it's you that I think about. I'm sorry if I'm coming on too strong but I thought you should know."

Sharon pulled off the road into a rest area so she could talk to me.

"Thank you for telling me. You need to know that I'm not my sister. I love her with all my heart but we don't think the same, or want the same things. I'm a small town girl. I want a family, live in the country, lay on the grass and watch the stars at night. You know I love animals and I want to enjoy the little things life has to offer."

"I feel the same way. I'm a little jealous of my brother, Bob. He has a nice wife and kids to come home to. I've been around the world and have seen war, death and poverty. I want to settle down with the right woman and just enjoy the piece of the good life. I think I've earned it."

I leaned over to give her a kiss and she put her hand against my chest. "Not now, Bryan, I want to thank you for being honest with me but I need to think things over too. As you said, it's only been a few days. Besides, we have a date the day after tomorrow," she smiled.

She started up the car and drove me home. My parents were sitting on the porch when we got to the house. Sharon got out and we all sat on the porch and talked for a good hour. Mom went in and brought us all out some lemonade. Sharon told us some of her stories about the different pets that came in. Of course I was holding Jake most of this time. I put him down and he ran over to Sharon and tried to climb on her lap. She reached down and picked up the little fellow and he fell asleep almost instantly on her lap.

She heard me say, "Lucky Dog," again and just laughed.

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