Across the Alley
Chapter 1: Meeting the Neighbor

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Meeting the Neighbor - Your world maybe turning to shit but you never know what is waiting to be discovered across the alley.

When I was 30 years-old I thought that I had been happily married for the past seven years. Then I came home one day to find our three-bedroom house stripped of all furniture except for the study (the third bedroom) which had my computer, desk, and bookcases in it. I found my clothing dumped in the corner of the bedroom with a note on top, which said, "Fuck you very much! I'm outa here!" attached was a petition for divorce.

Next, I checked the garage/shop in the back of the yard. None of my tools seemed to be missing. In the storage section, none our camping gear had been disturbed. I pulled out a sleeping bag then an air mattress and returned to the house.

Now I know I should have seen this coming. A month before I found my wife kissing another man when I picked her up from work. In addition, she had been working lots of overtime for the last six months but I guess no one wants to admit his or her marriage is in trouble. Besides that, hindsight is 20/20.

The next morning I called into work and took a personal day, the first in four years. I went to the bank and found that our savings and checking account only had a dollar in them. When I tried to close them, I could close the saving but not the checking until all checks had cleared. I explained the problem and they insisted that they could not close the account nor could I remove my wife's name. I opened a new account and arranged for my paycheck to be deposited to new account as soon as it hit the old account. Next, I cancelled all my credit cards but I was too late to stop them from being used to the their limit totaling $75,000.00. Most charges had taken place Thursday, Friday of last week and Monday of this week.

Later that afternoon, I visited our family lawyer and had a long conversation with him. He said that unless I wanted to fight the divorce there was little to gain. Beside as the lawyer put it, "Do you really want the bitch back?" and I had to answer "NO!" We worked out a plan that allowed him to handle the divorce. If my ex-wife just left things as they were and asked for nothing more, then I would not contest the divorce. On the other hand, if she got greedy my lawyer could handle it as he saw fit.

At any rate, I was devastated. That evening I calculated what I owed $48,000.00 on a $63,000.00 house, $6,200.00 for the car and of course the $75,000.00 in credit card debt. Thus, the total owed was $129,200.00, which at the $43,600.00 that I made yearly would take me forever to pay off.

The following day Thursday and for the rest of the week I went to work but accomplished less than zero. Friday afternoon my boss also one of my best friends asked me what the problem was and I explained what I had found on going home Tuesday after work. He suggested I take a week off with pay and get good and drunk. I told Bob I guess that would be best and that I could afford the time off having five weeks on the books. He laughed and said, "As bad as you have been screwed I will arrange for the company to grant you a week off with pay for medical reasons." I thanked him then left wondering what I should do for the next week.

Saturday afternoon, I was out back with the shop doors open (a three-car garage) cleaning it out and taking stock of my supplies. I was tentatively planning to build myself a platform bed, which would have a foam mattress. The next thing I knew was a light brown-headed 5 foot 5 inch, maybe 105-pound girl was standing next to me saying, "I thought you moved out!"

After I scraped myself off the ceiling and she had stopped giggling I explained that in the future she should not scare me that way since I might hurt myself when using a tool or power saw. Also, that I did not want to be responsible for hitting her. She told me I was too nice to hit her and I explained that I had been in the Army and if I felt threatened I would defend myself purely out of reflex and I had been known to hit people in the past by accident. She though about this but I could tell she was not convinced, but she agreed not to scare me again then said, "I thought you moved out!"

"No I did not move out, my wife did and my name is Bob."

"That "SUCKS!" then continued with, "My Dad died 5 years ago when I was eleven!"

"I think losing your dad is worse because when I lost my parents it was worse than losing my wife. My parents died a week after I graduated high school so I joined the Army like I had been planning."

"What did you do in the army?"

"Worked on computers stateside except for a period of time during Desert Storm where my team set up computers and stuff at forward command posts. During my time in the states I attended college and had only 30 hours to complete my degree when I was discharged."

"I'm going to the JC next year but I still do not know what I want to study!"

"Well you certainly have time to make that decision. It takes at least a year and usually two to get all the basics out of the way."

The girl stayed for about an hour more then said, "I need to go, but I will ask mom if you can eat dinner with us some night soon."

"I could only eat dinner with someone I have been introduced to." I replied.

The girl turned red the stammered, "I'm sorry, my name is Robin." Before she turned and fled.

After she left I took the trailer to the lumberyard and bought me some 1⁄4" and 3⁄4" plywood along with some 2" by 8" by16' oak boards. Next, I picked up the drawer hardware, hinges, and two small lights on retractable arms.

By 9 PM, I had the base and bed platform assembled minus the drawers. It would take me the rest of the week to complete the headboard/end tables and drawers. Each day Robin would stop and talk to me. Towards the end of the week, she was even enjoyed helping me sand the different parts getting them ready to stain and polyurethane.

Saturday morning, I spent sweeping the shop from top to bottom. In the afternoon, with the door closed, I started to apply a dark oak stain. Robin peeked through the side window saw me staining and came on in.

I had to tell her she could not stain because it would ruin her clothes and stain her hands. This came close to an argument but I prevailed finally when I explained that staining was an art. You had to work fast and evenly or it would look very bad and after it dried. I also explained that further application of stain would not cover up any mistakes you made during the staining process.

Sunday morning, I was out in the shop by 5 AM and applied the first coat of polyurethane. About every two hours after that, I applied another one. At 4 PM, I put the last coat on and retired to the house to shower and work on getting the rest of the stain off my hands. At 5:30, Robin knocked at the back door and invited me to come over and eat with her and her mother. I grabbed a bottle of wine and we left.

I walked over to Robin's house and entered into the kitchen. Robin went to stand next to her mother. I did a double take; they were sisters not mother and daughter. Not only that, but they were dressed identically adding to the effect. It was a very captivating sight.

Robin introduced her mother as April and I flashed to my childhood in Northern Virginia and remembered that Robins returned in the spring during the month of April. By the time, I recovered from my wayward thoughts April had approached and removed the bottle of wine from my unresisting hand.

April asked if I was okay. I said that I was fine I just had a couple wayward thoughts. Like that, they were sisters and Robin had been born in April. Both of them stood there staring at me with their mouths hanging open.

April asked, "How did you know?"

"April, you and Robin could be twins! I could accept that you two might be close enough to be sisters but not twins. Also the age difference between you and her is not enough." I explained.

"There is something else isn't there?" stated Robin.

I smiled but did not say anything. April looked at me and said, "I don't care what it is! Please tell us!"

"Well I would not normally say anything like this, but I think I will make an exception! April you were standing in front of the window as I entered, I saw your silhouette and you are not wearing a bra. If you had a child your breasts would be a little different." I stated.

Both women blushed and folded their arms across their chest and I had to chuckle and said, "Ladies you asked and it's too late, beside that you are no longer in front of the window."

Both blushed again and then dropped their arms. I did notice that they made sure not to walk in front of the window again during the rest of the evening. I did not tell them that they both looked good enough to eat. Both were wearing matching peasant blouses and skirts with sandals.

Dinner was excellent! We had Lasagna and finished the bottle of wine making us all a little mellow. The girls asked me if I was going to keep their secret and I asked them if it made a difference since Robin had graduated high school.

They both looked at each other and started to laugh then April stated, "No, it makes no difference now, in fact not having parents may make it easier for Robin to get financial aid now."

I asked them why they were not living in an apartment. They explained that they had grown up on a farm and had tried an apartment but did not like living that close to someone so had bought this house. They gave me a tour of the house and explained what they had accomplished since they moved in. Apparently, the house had lacked basic maintenance; they had to patch up several holes, and then they had painted the whole house followed by sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors.

Several weeks later, I took April and Robin out to dinner and a movie. When we returned to the house, I gave April a kiss on the lips and Robin one on the cheek. Robin pointedly ignored me for the next two weeks. I asked April out on Friday night and we had a great dinner, then went to a quiet bar and just talked.

On the way back, she asked me to pull over and park about two blocks from her house. After I parked, I asked her why; April just gave me a very intense kiss then said that Robin was a little jealous and she did not want to do that in front of her. I just pulled her closer and gave her the best kiss I could and it left us both a little breathless.

As I started for the house again, I told her that as much as I loved her company I wanted to wait until after I went to court in a couple months. I explained that I did not want to give my ex-wife anything to use against me and that I had not planned to feel this strongly about her. April looked crushed then said, "I can agree with you about dating but can we still talk and have dinner at the house?"

I reached over, squeezed her hand, and said that might be good because it would also give me a chance to talk to Robin. April grimaced and said that would be good but I might find that more of a problem than I expected. Other than that, she would not elaborate.

Two weeks later, I showed up two hours early for dinner as April had agreed. April had Robin get the door and when she opened it, I grabbed her and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek telling her how much I had missed her. Now Robin was at a loss for what to do. Robin still wanted to be angry or at least jealous but I had completely ignored that fact and had given her a very nice greeting.

Robin tried to escape but April asked her to keep me company while she got ready. I asked Robin why she was upset with me after April left the room. Robin said, "I am not upset with you!"

"Then I would have to guess that you are jealous of April!" I stated.

Robin's mouth opened but nothing came out then she started to cry. I pulled her to me, gave her a big hug, and then continued to hold her until she regained some control. "Robin, do you want to see me in jail or hurt your sister April?" I asked.

"No, of course not, but I met you first!" Robin stated.

"Yes, you did sweetheart, but you are almost 17 years old and if I touched you before you are 18 years old, because of my age I could be charged with rape and locked up with some really nasty guys for several years. Do you want that?" I asked.

"No, of course not!" she stated.

Before she could continue I said, "You met me first and I have not thanked you properly for introducing me to your sister. I have enjoyed her company, and I was the one who asked her out not the other way around. I know you love her so why would you try to get between us and cause her pain?"

With this said Robin started to cry again and I sat on the couch pulling her into my lap telling her it was okay. A few minutes later, April returned and found me cuddling with Robin and joined us in a group hug. After the hug, Robin stayed on my lap, and April leaned up against me and we had a nice conversation. We finally reached an agreement that April and I would not get married until after Robin's 18th birthday, and Robin and I had dated at least three times.

I felt this gave Robin some hope but also April and I felt it gave us some breathing room; I hoped that Robin might find some else in between. Little did we know what the future was to hold for us! I do not think that any of us could have remotely guessed what was in store for us in the future.

I started their BBQ and we had steaks for dinner with corn-on-the-cob and of course wine. During the meal, I told them that I had finished all the furniture for my bedroom including the Hope Chest. I explained that the chest was 3⁄4 the width of my king size bed and was a bench with a split cushion and the back went up about three feet and curled over allowing quilts to be stored over the back.

April wanted to see it saying she had never heard of such a piece of furniture and Robin agreed, adding it was my own design. Robin had been around when I had been making the furniture but had never seen the finished product. Therefore, we agreed that after the dishes were finished we would all go over and inspect it.

No one was in a hurry and it was about 9:30 when we finally finished the dishes. We crossed the alley and entered my house. They were shocked to see that I only had a 30" TV and two plastic lawn chairs in the living room. I explained that I wanted to build my own furniture so I had not bought any except for the plastic picnic table in the kitchen, four lawn chairs, and the TV. Now the study held my desk, computer, and bookshelves. Once we reached the master bedroom both April and Robin was in awe of the furniture.

They both said that the furniture was gorgeous and kept looking and touching it. This made me feel great since I was proud of it too. Robin said that the bed didn't look all that comfortable since it only had four-inch foam rubber mattress on it. I told Robin to take off her shoes and lay on it for fifteen minutes then let me know what she thought about it then. Ten minutes later Robin was dead to the world. April looked at the bed and said that she would like to try it too. Since it was a king-size bed, I told her to take of her shoes also and we would lie there until Robin woke up.

At the last minute, I threw light blankets over the three of us. I guess we both figured that Robin would wake up very shortly.

I woke up about 7:45 the next morning and just laid there waiting for them to wake up. At eight, Robin woke up and looked around a little confused then seemed to realize where she was. Robin crawled over and gave me a kiss on the lips and then a slightly longer kiss to her sister April. Then April gave me a nice long kiss, which was unexpected but greatly appreciated.

I looked at Robin and she just smiled before leaning forward and joined us in a group hug. After the last several weeks, this was the last thing I expected. I then suggested that we go out to breakfast. April said, "No, we need to talk let's go to our house and talk during breakfast."

I agreed but stayed home for a half-hour to take care of my personal needs then went across the alley. After we had eaten half our breakfast, Robin started the conversation with, "As long as I know that I am not being excluded from any relationships it is okay for you and April to get together!"

"Robin I never had any intention of excluding you! If April and I were to marry you would always be welcome in our home!" I stated.

April laughed and said, "Babe, I think you are the one who does not understand. We come as a package deal! Robin was scared that you could not accept that or even be unwilling to entertain the idea."

Now I know I am above average intelligence but believe me, at that point, I was only capable of one-word answers, "Whaaat?"

April took it from here and explained the last bit of information in detail.

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