Beach Bingo
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when a well-endowed man strolls the Gulf coast beaches? Well, it might not be the same for all but here's the way it was for me.

"Holy shit! Is that thing real?"

I love coming to the beach. Here on the Gulf coast just a few miles from my house, the water was slightly warm, the breeze was usually cool, and the sights were fantastic that delightful Sunday afternoon. Right now I focused on the woman who was approaching me, the one who had spoken. She was a tall, leggy blond with an hourglass figure, most of it on display in a tiny yellow polka dotted bikini. Her silent companion was just a bit shorter, a brunette with a pony tail of hair that swung back and forth down around where her bikini bottom was struggling to hold in a nicely rounded bottom.

"Of course it's real," I replied. "Do you want proof?"

"Damn fuckin' straight I do!" she responded, closing the distance between us rapidly.

Stopping just before bumping into me, the blonde's right hand shot out to my crotch, grasping my outlined cock. That was the nice thing about Lycra swim trunks: they showed off the ware quite nicely. Of course the downside was that if she got me hard, those small trunks would not be able to contain Eddie Junior.

"Damn, Carol, feel of this thing. It's for real and it's not even hard yet."

The brunette put her left hand just under the blonde's hand, brushing my scrotum and settling part way around the base of my shaft, which was beginning to grow.

"Um, that's... wow! That's big! Maybe the biggest I've ever seen," the brunette murmured.

By then I had grown to my full length and the head of my cock was poking out from under the waistband of my trunks. The blond spotted it and squealed, "Look at that, look at that, look at that!" But by then the palm of her hand had slid up to touch the bare protruder. Her fingers slipped into my trunks and tried to encircle my shaft but they couldn't go all the way around.

I slid an arm around each of the women and snaked my fingers into the top of their respective bikini bottoms, grabbing a handful of soft round ass and pulling them tightly to my body so no one else could see what they were doing.

"Ladies, don't you think we should take this somewhere more private?" I asked.

The brunette giggled and glanced at the blond, who gave a big nod. "Let's go to our place," she said. "We're at the Seaside Motel right over yonder."

She pointed to one of the many hotels built along the coast road. It couldn't have been more than a hundred yards away. The girls got most of EJ stuffed back in my trunks and, with one of them hugged to each hip, we trudged through the sand to the motel.

"What are your names?" I asked.

The blond said, "I'm Kim and she's Carol."

"Nice to meet you two. I'm Eddie," I replied.

We ducked under the outside shower to knock of most of the sand before we went inside. They had a second floor, beachside room with a single kingsized bed. It was only a matter of seconds before the three of us were naked.

The girls both exclaimed over the size of EJ. I knew I was fortunate enough to be well-endowed beyond the average guy and, with a little subtle advertising, had been lucky enough to enjoy the fruits of quite a number of ladies, which gave me confidence that I could service these two and leave them satisfied, perhaps still wanting more.

Kim and Carol, like many other women I'd been with, were intrigued by the size of my dong and first wanted to spend time examining it, feeling it, making themselves believe that they could handle it. I settled on the bed and let them have all the time they wanted, since my hands were busy exploring their supple, well-endowed bodies.

When Kim finally lowered her mouth around the mushroom head and began to stroke her lips up and down on just the end of my shaft, I grabbed Carol by the hips and pulled her over my face, spreading her legs so I could bury my face in her twat. She needed no encouragement to begin rocking back and forth, making sure that my tongue found her sensitive little bud every few seconds.

I had Carol squirming long before Kim made a real impact on my cock so it didn't surprise me when she pulled my prong out of her mouth. I couldn't see what she was doing, since my eyes were full of dripping pink cunt but the shaking of the bed and subsequent warmth that settled around my dong let me know that Kim had straddled me and was lowering herself, very slowly, onto my flagpole.

Kim was extremely cautious, which is not unusual, but inevitably I felt her vagina walls ease back and she took more and more of my shaft until I was completely buried inside her. I think that surprised her somewhat, judging from her huffing and puffing, intermixed with little squeals of delight. I'm certain that the tip of my prick was invading some virgin territory, judging from her reaction. She was grunting like a stuck pig while she repeatedly lifted herself and dropped back down onto my crotch, driving my log as deep as possible into her core.

Meanwhile I wet a finger in Carol's wet snatch and began to work it in and out of her anus, while I continued licking and sucking on her sweet pussy. Moments later, she tossed her head back and screamed, at the same time flooding my mouth with fresh pussy juices. I thought she had peed on me but it was too sweet and too slick to be urine so I knew she had cum. She collapsed on top of me while Kim kept bouncing on my love stick.

Just as I felt Kim's pussy begin to pulse around my cock with the onset of her climax, Carol shifted around on the bed and plopped herself down on top of me again. I thought she was trying to smother me — until I realized that she had positioned her tit right above my mouth. I opened up and sucked in her distended nipple and her cleavage gave me just enough space to draw in fresh air.

That must have lasted a good... twenty seconds! That's how long it took for Kim to come down from her orgasm and fall in a heap on the two of us, pressing Carol down so that my air passage disappeared. Still sucking Carol's tit, I worked my hand between me and the girls until I could again breathe.

After a bit, Carol had recovered enough that she pulled away from me and said, "It's my turn, sugar. Are you going to take the top?"

"Sure. What position?"

"Doggy, so I don't have to turn over."

I laughed but got behind her, spread her legs and pulled her ass into the air. Guiding my arrow into her target, I slowly pressed forward, giving her time to get adjusted to the size. Every so often, she rolled her hips from side to side, as if to help her pussy expand to take my intruder. After a few minutes, I pulled her shapely ass into the concave area of my crotch, mashing our two forms into one.

I flexed my shaft inside her and heard Carol respond with a, "Mmm, yessss!"

I began to fuck her, slowly at first but with harder and faster and deeper strokes as the minutes ticked past. The harder I went, the harder she wanted it, urging me to pound her pussy. Kim turned around and scooted under Carol, where she began to fondle my balls and lick on Carol's clit while Carol buried her face in Kim's steamy cunt. It became a race to see who was going to cum first.

Fortunately Carol won, her pulsing pussy grasping my shaft in a tight loving hug, and I felt her whole body begin to shake. Seconds later, my balls gave up their first load of the day. It felt magnificent to cum in the hot, slick pussy of this woman I had just met.

It was my turn to collapse. The women gave me room to lay between them and for a while we lay in a tight group. Both of them used a hand to stroke my flaccid member until it was again erect and ready for more fun. After some minutes, Carol climbed on top of me and gingerly lowered herself until I was completely engulfed in her steamy nest. I was just beginning to luxuriate in the feelings along my lusty snake with my eyes closed when the bed shook as a result of Kim moving.

The first sensation that struck me was one of heat. The next was the powerful fragrance of an aroused woman, the smell of her sex. Those thoughts floated through my brain in micro-seconds and were overwhelmed with the sensation of Kim's sloppy pussy settling over my face. Although not the first time for me to taste my own sperm and not something I really enjoyed doing, it was either that or be smothered by the slick folds of her vagina. I didn't really mind so I set to work eating out her pussy.

I could hear the girls giggling intermittently and wondered what they were doing in between times — were they kissing or otherwise fondling each other while using my cock and tongue to satisfy their needs? It didn't matter. I was getting all I could handle and knew from their occasional comments that they were liking the whole scenario anyway. I settled in to let Carol control our fucking while my hands held Kim's buttocks apart so my face could work freely along the treasures in her crevice.

It was a magnificent occasion when we all came. We didn't cum at the same time — it was more like three dominoes falling: bang, pause, bang, pause, bang! First was Carol, then Kim, then me. By then we were all pretty well sated for a while. I must admit that I did enjoy having two curvy young women laying on top of me and letting my hands rove over their smooth skinned bodies while we recovered.

I spent a few minutes kissing the two women and nipping at their well-bronzed tits but it was just post-coital fun. I got up and rummaged around in the clutter of the room, looking for my trunks. I hadn't been too careful where they landed when I stripped them off but finally found them amid a pile of the girls' dirty clothes. With only a week's vacation time to spend at the beach, they had not been spending any time keeping their room clean.

Again I stepped under the outdoor shower to wash the perspiration — and the smell of sex — from my body. Back on the beach a few minutes later, I stopped at an open-air thatched roof bar to get a drink of something cool. While slowly sipping the drink, I reclined back in the chair and enjoyed the breeze that kept the atmosphere from being insufferably hot.

Eventually, a few minutes into the new evening, I decided to continue my journey, head back home, clean up and go out for the dinner, then see what happened. I still had a mile or so to go down the beach to reach the street that led back to my house.

I was walking along perusing the myriad views of feminine pulchritude. I loved watching the nearly naked breasts swinging back and forth as the women walked along the sand and just as much I loved watching the smooth round bottoms swinging up and down and side to side. Oh, man, I love those sights!

Although the beach was not nearly as heavily populated that day as on some days, I heard several comments about me as I walked, everything from, "Would you look at that obscene thing?" from a prudish-looking older woman to obvious giggles from some younger ones just passing by. Some women just stared as I walked, while others gave me a come hither smile or a nod.

Just as I turned back from watching a trio of young shapely women bouncing into the nearby surf, I spotted another woman coming in my direction. She was still quite a ways up the beach but she seemed as intent on watching me as I was watching her. She was a little older than most of the young women on the beach — I would guess she was in her mid-thirties. However she was well built with even more pronounced curves than most of the women.

Her bikini was little more than a few strings that were hard pressed to cover her nipples, let alone the heavy globes of her breasts. As I got closer, I could see the crotch of her suit actually disappeared into the crevice between her legs. EJ began growing in anticipation and appreciation of her assets.

Still several yards apart, she stared at my crotch and let out a piercing whistle. I grinned and said, "Same to you, lady."

She stopped just in front of me and put her hands on her hips. "Is that for real or is that where you carry your socks?"

I laughed. "It's as real as those statues you're carrying on your chest."

It was her turn to laugh and I loved the way her big tits jiggled. There definitely was nothing fake about them.

"So... what is the chance that... I could get to check that thing out?" she asked, nodding her head at the outline of my cock, which was still just barely contained in my trunks as it lay diagonally across my abdomen.

"Well... I was just thinking about going out to dinner somewhere... but... " I hesitated.

"I'll bet you don't often find someone who can deep-throat you, do you? I'll make you a bet. I'll bet you I can take every bit of what you've got down my throat and suck those balls dry."

"Oh? Okay, that sounds like a good bet. What are we betting for?"

"Well... if I do it, you have to stay and screw me every way I want to until I'm completely satisfied. If I don't, you can do whatever you want to with me."

"Hm... somehow that sounds like a win-win situation. Turn around, please."

She looked puzzled but did a slow pirouette as I checked out her bottom. It was just as magnificent as I thought it was and it was almost totally on display, since the two strings of her bikini bottom came together just above her anus and disappeared between the two halves of her butt. She was big and round with no dimples and my hands itched to hold her hips while EJ slammed into her from behind.

Okay, it's a bet. Where?" I asked.

"Tell you what. Let's go to my place — I've got a suite in the Hilton," as she pointed loosely across the highway to the towering hotel not far away. "We can have a little fun, order up some room service, and then see what happens."

"Great." I took her hand and we headed back the way she had come.

In just a few steps, she put her arm around my waist so I followed suit and we walked with our sides pressed together.

She said, "My name's Taylor."

"Hi, Taylor. I'm Eddie."

She smiled, showing a double row of ivory white teeth. "Where are you from, Eddie?"

"I live here in town. How about you?"

"I'm from a town in Kentucky called Somerset. It's not a real big place but it's a nice town."

"Are you here on vacation?"

"Actually... no! I'm here to... well, to try to reconstruct my life, I guess. My divorce became final last week so I've got to figure out what to do now."

"Oh? Sorry about that."

"No, don't be sorry. He... he decided he was gay. I mean, for all practical purposes, the marriage ended six years ago. We've lived in the same house but it could have just been rooms in a hotel for all the... love... that was there."

"Wow! He must be one strange character. Sorry. I just don't understand that sort of thing."

By then we had walked through the fine spray mist in the hotel's courtyard, wrapped big white bath towels from a nearby table around us, and strode into the back entrance of the lobby. Taylor steered me to the left, toward a bank of elevators and we took the first one up to the eleventh floor.

I wondered how we were going to get in because she wasn't carrying a purse and there didn't seem to be anyplace in her bathing suit to carry a key. I hadn't notice that, among several twisted strands of gold necklaces, there was an old fashioned metal key hanging from one of them. She bent over and inserted the key, letting us into a spacious two-room suite.

Closing the door behind me, she shoved me against the entrance wall and slid a hand down the front of my trunks until she had her fingers wrapped around my semi-erect cock. I was slightly surprised at her no-nonsense approach but not turned off. With a little flick of my wrists, her bikini top was covering nothing but a bit of the floor and my hands filled with her wonderful feeling globes. She had a little more than a handful on each side but that's the way I liked it. As my trunks slid to the floor, I bent down to kiss her upturned, blissful looking face.

Before we broke the kiss, I had untied the little bows that held her bottom up and it was curled in a little wad on the floor. Taylor pushed me toward the bed and she climbed up after me, turning herself at a diagonal to my body. Propping herself on one arm between my legs, she went right to work on my cock.

Her mouth felt warm and velvety smooth on my mushroom head and I savored the sensations coming from both her mouth and the hand she used to stroke my balls. I was so engrossed in the sensations caused by Taylor's bobbing mouth that I was a bit surprised to realized that she had her nose buried in my pubic hair with her lips locked around the root of my tool, sucking for all she was worth.

I figure I lasted maybe three minutes before my balls blasted my load of cum down her throat directly into her tummy. Taylor had pulled off several times to gulp air but always plunged right back down onto my pole and, once I started cumming, she stayed with it buried in her throat until the last drop had trickled out and a couple of late convulsions produced nothing.

After I had a few moments to regain my senses, I pulled Taylor's bottom over my face, spread her legs, and dove into her wet core... well, actually more like guided her down to meet my tongue, but the net result was the same. I was greeted with a hot, steamy, already-slick-with-her-own-juices welcome. I began a tongue search for all of the sweet/sour tastes I could find.

I really love the taste of most pussies; some say it is an acquired taste but, if so, I have certainly acquired that taste. Besides Taylor had obviously daubed a touch of her soft perfume between her legs and the fragrance was a mixture of hot sex and soft flowers that seemed to set the lust burning in my brain. The more I tried to devour her, the more I wanted to eat her up! It only took a few minutes to push her to the brink of orgasm and then give her a nudge over the final hurdle. She rewarded me with a fresh flood of her tangy pussy nectar, which I set about ingesting as quickly as I could.

After she had recovered a bit, I lengthened my tongue's strokes enough to cross her perineum and cruise through her anal valley. The first time my tongue stroked her anus, she mumbled, "Uh... are you... sure you want... to go there?"

"Do you mind?"

"Well... no, I don't mind."

"Then I want to go there."


She settled down and let me continue, although I soon felt the tension building in her body. Then when I made a concentrated effort to drive my curled tongue into her anal opening, she pushed back at me, stiffened perceptibly, and started shaking uncontrollably. I felt her pussy juices roll down my chin and neck. I moved back to her pussy to clean her up a bit and then we lay together, my hands stroking her butt and back while she savored her orgasm and her twitching fingers frequently nudged my balls.

When she had recovered a bit, Taylor spun around and lay back beside me. Putting a hand behind each knee, she pulled her legs up until her knees brushed against her tits.

"Can you think of anything else to try, sugar?" she asked, a devilishly lustful grin on her face.

I rolled up onto my knees and guided my still-erect dong to her open vagina, slowly pushing it into her until we were pressed together. With about half of my length inside her, she had closed her eyes and began to hum softly. I bent forward until our lips joined in a wet, seeking kiss, letting my shoulders on her lower legs hold her in the doubled up position.

I started to fuck her slowly: innn... ouuut... innn... ouuut... oh, hell, I couldn't hold that pace. Her hot squeezing channel teased me into speeding up. Taylor's mouth kept pace with my thrusts, emitting little "Oh... Oh... OH!" sounds that, along with her feet locked behind my waist, drove me harder and harder into her until we both were at a frenzy. At almost the same time, we both peaked. Her clamped legs worked against my attempts to keep screwing her until her orgasm was finished so my efforts subsided until I was just holding her tightly while my balls emptied their load of hot sperm into her tunnel.

Funny how, after such a mind-blowing experience as that, it felt a little like trying to unsolve a jigsaw puzzle piece by tortured piece to disentangle ourselves from each other. Extract my hand here, let her remove a foot there, roll this way, try something else. We had become interlocking pieces, just like the puzzle box said. Ah, but it was all worth it.

We basked in the afterglow of our pleasure for quite a while, at first just silently enjoying the company, then talking and getting to know each other better as time went on. I found out that Taylor had been a secondary education teacher for eleven years and really loved her work. However she didn't know if she wanted to go back to the same life in the same town now that the divorce was common knowledge.

When she asked what I did for a living, I admitted to doing very little. I managed investments made from a low seven figure inheritance received after the death of my parents three years before. So far the investments provided a comfortable living for me without having to delve into the principal amount. It was my goal to keep it that way.

Then Taylor tilted her head back and said, "You did get off, right?"

"Yep. Very nicely, thank you."

"Yeah? How about now? Are you ready to go again? How would you like it?"

"How about doggy? I really like your bottom, sweetie."

She giggled but quickly rolled over and pulled her knees up, raising her ass in the air. "Like this?" she asked over her shoulder.

I was already up on my knees looking at her wonderfully round ass, my arrow preceding me toward another connection. "Yes, that is so-o-o-o beautiful!"

"Drive it deep, sugar," she urged. "Let me feel all of you in me, honey!"

With my left hand full of her left hip, I guided my dong into her still-wet and stretched pussy. With one easy thrust, I buried my entire shaft into her warmth, eliciting a moan of pleasure and a few words of encouragement from her. For the next several moments, I held her hips in both hands, keeping us tightly joined together while my cock flexed repeatedly inside her tunnel. Her hand slid between her legs and captured my balls, slowly massaging them and sending thousands of tiny electric shocks through my system.

I slowly began moving in small circles, rubbing my cock around inside her still. Gradually I pulled back an inch at a time only to slam it back inside her over and over again and then began to lengthen my strokes. The feelings emanating from repeatedly slamming against her sweet ass pumped up the lustful senses dominating my brain until I was finally extracting my entire length, except for the head, and ramming it back into her as hard and fast as I could.

The grand finale came when Taylor screamed, "Oh, yes, baby! I'm cumming... I'm cumming... I'M CUMMING!"

I felt her whole being begin to quake wildly while her pulsing pussy grabbed my cock and started to milk it, ending my 'run for the gold' as my balls spat shot after shot of hot sperm into her vagina. I crammed us together again tightly and held on for dear life as the greatest sensation on earth washed over us both.

Shortly after the last drops dribbled out of my cock, I rolled over onto the bed and pulled Taylor into my arms, covering her face with kisses. We took most of the next half-hour to recovery while cuddling and discussed what we wanted for dinner. Taylor called room service to place our order and then we climbed into her shower to clean up before the food arrived. I was tempted to fuck her again but there wasn't time to do it properly so we just fondled each other, using the soap as a facilitator.

She was dressed in a shorty robe and I was back in my swim trunks when the food arrived. We ate rather leisurely; talking about our education, our goals in life, and whatever else came to mind. After I had put the dishes on a tray outside the door, we sat on the love seat in the front room and watched an action adventure movie with Taylor cuddled under my arm. She didn't discourage me when my hand, draped over her shoulder, snaked into the robe and fondled her breasts.

By the time the movie was over, I was hard and she was hot. Holding my cock, she guided us back to the bedroom, where we shed our clothes and climbed into bed. After a few minutes of smooching and finger exploration, Taylor turned onto her left side, raised her right leg and guided my cock toward her pussy. I scooted up behind her, spooned to her backside, and slid my probe into her warm willing core.

This time I maintained my composure enough to make the fuck last more than 40 minutes, according to the clock radio on the bedside table. My fingers between her legs coaxed Taylor to three more orgasms, although two of them were rather sedate compared to the earlier ones. Mine was a little on the weak side too when I finally came but they were all satisfying for a time and we curled up together, my arms around her and my face resting on the side of her sweet smelling cheek as we drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke before Taylor. I was on my side again, facing her. She was laying on her back with the cover sheet kicked off and her legs bowed slightly. She had a little smile on her face, as if she was dreaming of something very pleasant. I watched her for several moments before an idea began to form.

Slowly, careful to keep from jiggling the bed, I moved downward, then between her legs, lifting them until her feet rested on my shoulder blades. That left her unresisting legs spread wide open, her precious pussy in front of my face. Ever so gently, I began to lick her outer folds with long slow strokes, more in the nature of a tease than an attempt to explore her contours.

I was very careful to keep from moving fast enough to make the bed shake; I didn't want to wake her until she was ready. For several minutes I continued licking the soft tissue of her outer labia, feeling them gradually warm with the flow of fresh blood as they engorged and enlarged.

Still being very gentle to keep from waking her, I used my fingertips to ease the outer lips to the sides, making room for my tongue to delve into her inner folds, which had begun to coat with slick clear moisture. I spent several more minutes maneuvering my tongue up and down her slit every so carefully, tasting, washing, loving the tenderness of her most private entrance.

The first time my tongue circled her clit and then fluttered over it like a hummingbird's wings, Taylor began to murmur. Although her eyes were still closed, I knew she was awake so I intensified my tongue's attack on her cunt. In just a few moments, she was humming a chorus of "Yes, baby, eat me, don't stop, eat me, I'm going to cum, baby, eat ME!"

With that, a flood of fresh nectar coated my lower face. Quickly I drove my whole face up and down her entire crease several times, covering all of my face with her juices. Then while she still savored the fading quivers of her climax, I moved up her form, eased my cock into her twat and worried both her nipples with my lips.

Taylor pulled me up to my full length so I would drive all of my pole into her and then she whispered, "Oh, baby, what a magnificent way to wake up in the morning. I'd like to do that for every morning for the rest of my life."

I grinned at her and replied, "I wouldn't mind being the one to start your days like that, sweet lady."

"Ah, if only... " she said with a loud sigh, tugging on my ass to pull me deeper into her wide open cunt.

"Yeah, if only... " I responded, beginning to fuck her a little more rapidly.

A few minutes later after a very satisfying climax by both of us, we showered and dressed as I prepared to walk home. Taylor told me that she would be in the hotel for the rest of the week and asked if I'd like to join her again later that week for a little more fun. We made plans to meet again on Tuesday.

It only took me a few minutes to walk home, where I fixed breakfast, changed into shorts and a T-shirt, and fired up my computer to check on my investments. Many days I made no changes; some days I found news articles that led me to move certain 'pockets' of money from here to there. Those moves didn't always pay off but so far I had managed to keep a little ahead of the game and even added a little to my base fund.

The best thing about this kind of lifestyle was that it left me plenty of time to visit the local beaches or the hangouts where women were plentiful year round. After I had powered down the 'puter, I put on a fresh pair of trunks and headed back to the beach. During the course of the day, I encountered a number of intrigued women and accepted an invitation from three of them to spend a little time in their room.

The next day, after taking care of business, I dressed in shorts and T-shirt and drove down to the Hilton, where Taylor met me in the lobby. We went to a restaurant for a late breakfast and then I acted as her guide to show her some of the local sights that she had not seen before.

One of the sights was a secluded area inland that I had discovered years before. So far as I knew, nobody else every came there. Taking a blanket from my car's trunk, we walked into the shaded spot, where I soon had her naked and on her back with her legs spread. I settled in to eating her sweet pussy but she soon talked me into a 69 position where she could suck my cock as I ate her cunt. A little later, we tried filling her twat with my cock in several positions, every one of which left me feeling fantastic, whether I came or not. Taylor was very complimentary of the way my probe made her feel.

When we were sated, we put on our swimsuits, which we had brought along for the purpose. I drove us down to a different beach than she had been on and we spent some time in the warm surf playing and having a good time; that did not preclude a little bit of additional sexual play either and we both came under the cover of the Gulf waters.

After we finally staggered out of the water, we found a cabana and changed back into our casual clothes. Back at the car, I drove us out a ways from town to a nice romantic restaurant for a quiet dinner and more talk. I found Taylor to be a very fascinating woman to talk to about a wide range of topics; in fact, she was probably more well versed on a greater number of items than I was, which made me a little concerned that she would lose interest in me.

'Hm, ' I thought, 'that was an interesting response. I couldn't ever remember being concerned about whether a particular lady was interested in me or not, as long as she was willing to go to bed with me if she fit my ideas of sexy.' That meant that I gravitated toward women with more curves rather than less, particularly large breasts and round butts.

I wondered if I was making something of our relationship that was more than was actually there or... oh, well! I'll take what I can get and let the chips fall where they may.

After dinner, I drove out to a local 'point of interest', a little jut of land where several cars could park and those who wanted to could watch the sun set over the water. For a few minutes everyday, it presented a most spectacular sight and Taylor delighted in it, as I knew she would. The fact that it also put her in a romantic mood where she tried to crawl down my throat didn't hurt either. She had my cock standing up and straining to get out of my shorts.

It was a struggle to drive back to the Hilton. It was even more of a struggle to get up to her room with Taylor wrapped around my body so tightly that it was almost — ALMOST — embarrassing. Before we walked from the front room to the bedroom, we were both naked and my dong was buried in her sloppy wet snatch. She walked on the tops of my feet while I walked on the bottoms of them.

The next three hours were a frenzy of sexual activity, virtually all of it with my dong slamming into her pussy while she came and came and came. We had no idea how many orgasms she actually had but she finally told me her pussy was too sensitive to continue. However, she asked if I'd mind screwing her ass, which was like asking a poor man if he'd like to have a gold mine. A few minutes later, after some slow, careful in-and-out movements, my arrow was balls-deep in her bowels.

Most of the next hour was spent plowing her back channel while our mouths worked feverishly on each other, although I took a few excursions to suck and nip at her tits before returning to her mouth

In the early morning hours, we were both too tired to continue... and maybe too happy as well. I know I was more sated than I could ever remember being with one woman. I had to struggle to get to the bathroom to clean up before going back to cuddle Taylor and drift off to sleep.

The morning was almost a carbon copy of that one two days earlier. Taylor was laying on her back with her legs slightly spread, her soft breathing indicating that she was still asleep.

Once again, I slid down the bed very carefully, making sure to keep from shaking the bed. I didn't want to wake her up... at least, not yet! Settling on my stomach between her legs, I gingerly lifted her legs until they rested on my back and began tenderly licking the soft outer lips of her pussy. There was a little saltiness to the taste, which I figured was the aftermath of my own cum left inside her last night. But that didn't diminish my desire to eat this sweet lady or a need to make her forget about the lack of appreciation she'd had the last few years of her marriage.

Time became irrelevant. That morning I devoured Taylor, loving every single flavor of her, loving the pulsing of her whole body when she came hard, loving the intense fragrance of a woman totally involved in her sexual climaxes. When she finally stopped me, rolled me on my back, and climbed on top of my spear, I thoroughly enjoyed the sensations her pussy sent up and down my shaft as she worked her bottom in a never-ending array of paces from barely moving to hummingbird wings flash and everything in between.

I'm sure it wouldn't have been the same without the sex but ultimately the most gratifying experience came when we were both spent. Taylor collapsed on my chest, locked her arms around my neck, and we lost ourselves in a kiss that went on and on and on. It was a wild, spit-swapping, tongue-exploring, air-struggling, sweet-tasting kiss that could not be broken.

We showered together, although it was just a nice intimate shower with no real sexual activity, other than a little finger exploration. After I had dressed, we made a date for Thursday morning and I drove off in search of some breakfast.

After a trip home to catch up on business events, I normally would have changed into fresh trunks and headed back to the beach but for some reason I couldn't get into the mood. Instead I moped around the house, doing a series of minor home repairs that I had been putting off. They were nothing big, since I don't consider myself to be a true handyman, but a couple of small painting repair jobs, a hinge replacement, installing some new screws in the base of my front porch's handrail, things like that.

By midafternoon, I was examining my frame of mind. This was the first day since... I couldn't remember when... that I had not gone down to the beach and collected one or more sweet pussies for the pushin'. But this day, for some reason I couldn't put my finger on, I had no interest in banging strange pussy. Could it be that I was losing my lust for the female body?

Nah! Not a chance. I LOVE women!

Then how could I explain my lack of interest this fine sunny day? Could it... could it be the ol' four letter word? Could I be falling in l-o-v-e? Shee-it! I didn't believe it. I loved all women too much to ever fall for just one... didn't I?

After a simple dinner, I selected an old movie on TV to watch but I couldn't keep my mind on it very long. I kept wandering to thoughts of... Taylor. Damn, she seemed to have possessed my mind. How could one woman... ? I couldn't even complete the thought, even if it wasn't spoken. With who knows what happening in the movie, I shut it off and went to bed, only to toss and turn for another hour before dropping fitfully off to sleep.

I woke up earlier than usual so I fired off the ol' 'puter and went to work. Even in the best of times, it is often boring as hell to try to remain interested in dry financial news, some of which is pretty obscure and has to be extrapolated into impact on future earnings. This morning it was extra hard to concentrate on my information sources. I'll give you three guesses where my mind kept wandering — and the last two don't count!

Finally it was time to shower and dress, casually of course, and head to the Hilton. I received a pleasant surprise when Taylor answered my knock at her door wearing... absolutely nothing at all! She yanked me into the room, slammed the door, and shoved me against the wall with a prodigious kiss. Several minutes later, with her walking on the tops of my feet and me walking on the soles, we maneuvered into the bedroom and onto the bed.

Seconds later, I was as naked as Taylor and we were cuddled together on the bed, lips locked in a sucking, searching, swapping kiss. My fingers played with her supple back while her hand fondled my genitalia.

As it turned out, we didn't leave her suite that day. We took a break for a room service lunch and later we had pizza delivered for dinner. Early afternoon we were resting looking out of the big surfside window, watching people cavorting in the water and soon we were screwing doggy style and loving every second of it. In the evening we watched a little TV as a rest break but then, after another shower, we went back to work on our goal of fucking on every piece of furniture and every fixture in the suite.

Friday morning, I woke Taylor by the same method I'd used the last couple of times we slept together. She seemed to appreciate the attention to her well-used pussy and anus because I was slow and gentle and caressing rather than intense and demanding. She came awake and climaxed at almost the same time... well, maybe I didn't actually know when she became conscious again.

After Taylor had enjoyed two orgasms, she turned over and let me drive my morning woody into her wet pussy and several minutes later we were both well satisfied with the start of a new morning.

Since Taylor had to leave for home Saturday morning, she invited me to keep her company the rest of the day so we showered and again went out sightseeing. By late afternoon, we had changed into swimsuits and were playing in the gentle surf, the modest rollers adding to our fun when Taylor climbed onto me, guided my cock into her pussy and began to fuck me under the cover of the Gulf waters.

Dressed again later, we found another out-of-the-way restaurant and had a leisurely dinner before heading back to her hotel room. In the suite, Taylor packed most of her things, just leaving out things she would need before the following morning. After that, we cuddled for a long time, simply enjoying each other's company.

But, of course, it ultimately turned into another fuckfest. I rode her saddle missionary style before she climbed on me cowgirl style. Later we tried a scissors position, followed by spooning together and then I got another piece of her ass in the doggy fashion. Exhausted, we fell asleep.

Because she had set an alarm for an early morning start, I didn't get to wake Taylor in my usual fashion. We hit the shower together and had our last fuck, with her bent over holding the towel bar while I plowed her pussy from behind. Maybe because it was our last time, it seemed to be the best fuck we'd had.

Parting was bittersweet. Even though we had exchanged information and promised to keep in touch, it just wouldn't be the same. I hated to watch her drive away but there was no way around it.

I went back home and moped around for a couple of days. By late Monday morning, I was feeling horny again so I put on some trunks and went in search of a little female companionship. It didn't take long to find it and I relieved my tension as we played in the water. I loved watching her facial expressions run the gamut of pleasure as my dong explored her love tunnel. And it got even better the two times she climaxed.

As she adjusted her bikini bottoms to cover herself again and turned to head to the beach, I began a leisurely swim down the coast, working off some of the pent up sexual frustration with the exercise of propelling myself through the water.

About a mile or so up the coast, I turned back to shore and trudged through the sand to an open beach bar, where I settled back with an ice cold brew and gazed at the sights, both the static and passing ones. By midafternoon I had another offer that I didn't want to refuse... so I didn't. We headed off to her motel arm-in-arm. Looked like things were back to normal.

I'll admit that I did pretty much fall back into my pattern of testing as many females as I could in the weeks that followed. However I also felt a bit of a nagging doubt about whether I was living a sensible lifestyle. Sure it was fun but I knew it wasn't safe. Nor did it seem to be as satisfying as before I met Taylor. I thought about her often.

Twice that summer I received short notes from her telling me that she was doing well, settled into a new apartment, and was prepared for the new school year to begin. She told me effusively that she had had a fantastic time when we were together and she often wished it could have been longer.

I wasn't a great hand at writing but, in August, I did sit down long enough to write her a note and tell her how much I had enjoyed myself.

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