The Nerd
Chapter 1: Dating

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cuckold, FemaleDom, Humiliation,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: Dating - A shy young man falls in love with and marries a beautiful young women. She is a bitch that abuses his love,torments him sexually,and humiliates him for her enjoyment

I know she takes advantage of me, uses me, but I don't care; I am soo in love with her. Kathy is the most beautiful girl I know. I blush and get all tongue tied when I talk to her. She knows I like her and she enjoys teasing me. She is the head cheerleader for the football team and she loves showing off her sexy body.

She dates the quarterback on the football team, of course, but coaxes me into doing all her work on the two courses we have in common, American Literature and Chemistry. She said if I get her good marks on both courses she will go out on a date with me. I know, I know, I may be bright in college but not to bright when it comes to girls. I dream about the date I am going to get while I do her reading and book reports, plus all her experiments and lab reports. I do all of this making sure it's different from mine and e-mail it to her so that she can hand it in. Half the time she does not even attend the lectures because she knows I am there, and this way she can sleep in or cut classes.

She has that long flowing blond hair that every poster girl seems to have. She has such a sexy walk I get horny just watching her. She has small pointy breasts that I would love to touch. We are both the same height, five feet five inches, short for a guy but just right for a girl. I only weigh about 140 pounds, however I am clever and I think Kathy likes that, a nice change from the jocks she usually hangs out with.

On mid term exams I got her a B on both subjects, and she said it was time for my reward. "Would you like to have sex with me, maybe spend the night in a motel?" This was beyond my wildest dreams, but it was shattered in an instant when she kissed me and said, "You get that when I get an A, a B gets a kiss.

One day Kathy told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend and I could take her to the spring dance. Just one thing, she needed one hundred dollars to buy a new outfit. Of course I gave it to her.

I was to pick her up at her dorm at 8:30 on Saturday night. To make sure I did not keep her waiting, I arrived at 8:00 and waited and waited. Eight thirty came and went and no Kathy: nine came and went and still no Kathy. Was this some cruel joke she was playing on me? Finally at 9:35 Kathy breezed in, laughing and talking to her friend Diane.

"Hi Billie, (my name is Bill not Billie), I'll be ready in a jiffy."

It was after ten before she came down stairs. Here was a dream come true. She wore a black fluffy miniskirt, a tight white silk blouse with no bra and the top two buttons undone. Her golden hair swirled around her shoulders as she bounced down the stairs and her skirt would fly up revealing small white panties. She was sex and beauty in one package and tonight she was mine.

I was on top of the world driving my date to the dance in town. She looked so sexy sitting beside me. Her skirt slid up showing her bare legs almost up to her panties. Life does not get much better than this. Suddenly a car, running a red light, shot across the road in front of us. I had to jam on the breaks to prevent an accident. Kathy was mad at me. "You jerk, if you were looking at the road instead of my legs this would not have happened. Stop the car. I'll get in the back seat, maybe that way you can keep your eyes on the road." We went the rest of the way in silence. It was so unfair; the guy that ran the red light was the jerk, not me, but you did not gain any brownie points by arguing with her.

We must have been the last ones to arrive at the dance and all the tables were occupied. I stood looking around when Kathy saw someone she knew sitting in a small booth. "Hi Rod, do you mind if we join you?" She sat beside him and looking at me said, "Billie go find yourself a chair and join us, and bring us each a rum and coke. Nothing for you, after all you are not a very good driver sober so I don't want to find out what you are like drunk."

Humiliated, and I had asked her not to call me Billie, I got the drinks and a chair for myself. When I got back it looked like they had just broken away from a kiss, but I couldn't be sure. I sat down on the other side of the table but they mostly ignored me, talking and laughing in low voices that made it difficult for me to hear.

Since I don't dance much, Kathy and Rob spent a lot of the time on the dance floor, only coming back when they wanted a rest and to get me to buy them more drinks. At one point Rob spilled his drink on the table. "Quick," Kathy said, "Use the sleeve on your jacket to mop up the drink before it drips on Rob's pants."

After I mopped the table with my suit jacket Rob said, "I think he got some on my pants. Here Kathy feel this." I was shocked as he took her hand and rubbed it up and down the front of his pants.

"You naughty boy, what I feel is not wet pants."

Later Kathy said I could have a drink or I could take her to Lookout Point after the dance, but not both. Of course my choice was Lookout Point but it still bothered me to see them drinking, dancing and laughing. Whose date was this anyway? I spent the evening thinking about Kathy and I at Lookout Point. The worst part was watching Rod kiss her while they danced. A couple times she looked over to see if I was watching but it did not stop her from kissing him. Then came the bad news; "Billie, Rod has invited me to a house party. There will be a lot of dancing and since you don't dance I know you won't mind me going with Rod. We can go to Lookout Point some other time.

We only dated once a week. I loved her so much I wished it was more often. She was the only one I dated anyway but I knew she also dated two other guys. I didn't know their names but she would tease me by saying they both kissed better than me. She hurt my pride one Saturday night when she asked me to drop her off at a nightclub because she was meeting one of her boyfriends there for a late date.


Just like the old song said, "Dreams can come true; it can happen to you, it can happen to me." One evening after the movie Kathy said we would go to Lookout Point. She still rode in the back seat but when we got there she let me come into the back with her.

"Billie, you are so good for me; always trying your best to please me. I like a boy that does what I want when I want and I think you will make a good obedient husband. Having wealthy parents is nice too, so I have decided to marry you. In Gobbles Jewelry there is a two carat blue white diamond I want you to buy as my engagement ring. Also I'll need things prior to getting married so I want you to give me 50 dollars each time we have a date."

Wow! Kathy is going to be my wife. This is the happiest day of my life. I was in my final year at college and had already been offered a good job at HI-Tech Computers.

"And we can start having sex. I am going to teach you how I like my pussy sucked."

And so my training started; first I had to get between her legs and gently blow and kiss her pussy. Then she would grab my hair to guide my mouth to where she wanted it. I had to learn her signals. Pulling my hair meant I was to thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, speed controlled by how quickly she pulled my hair, and if she held me tight I was to keep my head still but wiggle my tongue deep inside her. She taught me how to lick her clit and to gently suck it. Doing this would give me an aching hard on but she would not let me cum or jerk off. "Blue balls," she said, "is good for you. A little bit of pain helps you learn your lessons."

That became a common date for us. She would take me to her dorm room; I would give her the fifty dollars and tongue sex and then go home. It was only once a week that I had a real date with her.

Diane, Kathy's best friend had a problem; her boyfriend's car broke down so they wanted to double date with us. Kathy said sure, but I didn't like it. Since she rode in the back there were now 3 in the back seat and just me in front. They would laugh and talk while I felt like a chauffeur. Kathy liked going to drive in movies. She used to let me in the back with her but now with 3 in the back I had to stay in front.

One night it was raining hard and the movie had just started. "Sweetie, we are hungry but we don't want to get wet or miss the start of this movie. Go get us each a hotdog and a coke. You won't be able to carry it all at once so bring ours first and then you can go back for yours."

She had recently started calling me Sweetie, a name I hated as much as Billie and I told her, but she did it anyway. Carrying 3 hotdogs and 3 cokes was awkward. I handed it to them through the open back door. "Hurry up, the rain is getting us wet," Kathy complained.

Getting them wet! What a joke. I was soaked by the time I made 2 trips to the concession stand. Sitting in the front seat by myself, soaking wet and eating a soggy hotdog, I was feeling sorry for myself. I think things can't get any worse; how wrong I was. I know she doesn't mean to, but sometimes she treats me more like a servant than a fiancée. However when she puts her arms around me, hugs and kisses me I am on cloud nine. She whispers all the naughty things she is going to do to me when we are married, and it thrills me. I love her and she is so beautiful; sometimes I think I am the luckiest guy in the entire world.

One Saturday night when we were picking up Diane and her boyfriend Rick, Diane said, "This is my brother Stan. He broke up with his girl and he has nothing to do so he wants to come with us. Is it OK?"

Of course Kathy agreed and now there are 2 guys and 2 girls in the back seat, and I have one more to pay for at the drive in movie. That time the movie was about two college professors who blackmail two cheerleaders into giving them sex. As I watched the movie I realized that I could hear part of the conversation coming from the back. Diane was saying, "But I told him you would, if you don't he is going to make me do it. How disgusting that would be to suck off your own brother. He has been so horny since he broke up with his girl that I promised him you would do it. I have seen this movie before. There is a good scene coming up where the two girls suck off their professors. Let's show the boys a good time and suck them while they watch it happening in the movie."

After that I stopped listening but I could hear a few groans and whispers of encouragement from the guys. I could pretend nothing was happening until Stan spoke, "Kathy I love the way you suck cock, but how about giving me a fuck next week?"

Kathy replied, "Is that a proper thing to ask a girl when her future husband is sitting in the front seat?"

Once the movie was over and we had dropped off our passengers Kathy asked, "Are you mad at me?"

"Of course I am. How could you do that? I am engaged to you and you don't do that for me."

"You are a virgin so you don't understand. Once a guy starts having sex he wants it all the time. That's why I don't give you any. If I did you would follow me around like a puppy dog begging me for sex. Besides, nice boys wait until they are married. Since Stan is not a virgin he needs sex. I was just doing my best friend a favor. Now all this talk has got me feeling horny so be a good boy and give me a nice tongue fuck."

I was so mad at her I said no and took her home. The following week she scolded me, "You were a bad boy last week. If you can't convince me that you are truly sorry I am breaking off our engagement." I begged her to forgive me saying I would do what she wanted and give her nice long tongue fucks whenever she wanted it.

"And tongue my asshole too, because it will make me feel good to have your tongue stuck up my ass."

"Yes I'll try my best to please you every way I can."

Kathy had a serious look on her face when she said, "You had better start treating me with more respect or I'll dump you."

The wedding was still 3 months away and while I was going steady with her she was not doing the same for me. She would often go out with Stan and he probably got sex.

A hot rock group, The Devil's Horn was coming to Riverside, a city not too far away, and Kathy wanted me to order 5 tickets for the show and get 3 motel rooms, 2 doubles and a single so we could stay overnight both before and after the show. Of course I paid for the tickets and the accommodations. It was bad enough that I paid for Diane and her boyfriend Rick, but I hated paying for Stan. That freeloader spent more time with Kathy than I did and he probably got a lot more sex too. However Kathy does not want a second opinion, she just wants me to do what I am told.

We did not get away until after 6pm and it's a 4 hour drive. The four of them in the back seat were having a great time. Stan had brought a case of beer and Rick had marijuana cigarettes. As driver I could not drink or smoke, but Kathy said I might still get a thrill by breathing in their second hand smoke, so per usual I was the chauffeur while they partied in the back.

Could it get worse? Definitely; when we got to the motel Diane and Rick got one room and Stan was putting Kathy in with him giving me the single room. Stan said that since I could not fuck Kathy anyway; there was no point in letting good pussy go to waste. I was so mad I was speechless. Red in the face, I started to stammer out that Kathy was supposed to sleep with me because I was her fiancé. Kathy said not to make a scene in the motel office, just go along with it for now and she would try and work it out with Stan.

An hour after check-in Kathy telephoned me. "Come over to our room and I'll talk to Stan."

When I got there she said, "Stan, Billie thought he was going to share a room with me."

Stan responded, "That's just silly. The only reason I came was to have sex with you. Billy can jerk off in his own room if you are there or not."

"Billie, he does have a good point. You don't need me to jerk yourself off."

"You are my fiancée and you are not supposed to have sex with anyone unless it's me."

"No Billie, we are not married yet, and if you don't stop acting so stubborn and jealous I might call off the whole wedding. I am going to spend tonight with Stan and I may spend tomorrow with you if you behave yourself."

Why is it she always orders me around, but she has a way of twisting everything to make it my fault? With an ache in my heart and bile in my stomach I went back to my room.

The next morning we all met at the motel restaurant for breakfast. Kathy and Diane went shopping while Rod and Stan were at a nearby bar drinking beer and playing pool. How come it seamed like I was the 5th wheel? I couldn't go anywhere because Kathy had my car.

By the time we left for the concert it was pouring rain and there was no parking anywhere near the theatre. After cruising several blocks looking for parking Kathy said to drop them at the door as the concert was ready to start, then I could go look for parking and she would save my seat. I finally found parking about 8 blocks away. Rain was coming in a downpour and of course no taxis were available so I walked.

I had purchased the most expensive seats, a private lodge suitable for six. These lodges were on the 2nd floor with a balcony that overlooked the stage and a privacy curtain you could pull across the entranceway. By the time I got there I was completely soaked.

"You are not coming in here and getting us all wet," Kathy said sternly as I tried to enter and take my seat. "You will have to stand outside until you dry off but you can leave the curtain open so you can see the show."

I felt miserable. The rain was not cold but I was soaked, tired from walking eight blocks and Kathy would not let me sit down.

When it was intermission Kathy said, "Billie go get us each a glass of champagne from the bar downstairs, and before you start complaining I know you will have to make 2 trips and yes the bar will be crowded because it's intermission. After you have served us you can go down and buy yourself a coke."

After bringing their champagne I was sure Kathy would let me come in and sit down; instead she said, "Billie, close the curtain. You can't see the stage from there anyway and I don't want people walking down the hallway staring at us while we sip our drinks. You can hear the music whether the curtain is open or closed."

So I stood outside while they sat inside enjoying the concert. I know Kathy does not realize how much this hurts me.

Later Kathy told me, "The concert is just about over. If you leave now you can get your car and pick us up at the front door."

She was still treating me like a chauffeur but sometimes it's easer to just do what she says than it is to argue with her and make her mad. If I can just get through these 3 months until we marry, then Kathy will be all mine and its goodbye Stan.

Back at the motel Kathy told me to change into some dry clothes and join them in their room for a drink. When I arrived they were sprawled on the bed kissing.

"Billie come here and suck my pussy while Stan sucks my tits. I love it when 2 guys try and get me off."

Stan spoke up, "Maybe we could do this after you are married. Billie could get you all hot with his sucking and then I would fuck you and Billie could jerk himself off. That way everyone has a good time."

Kathy with a smile on her face and looking at me said, "I am willing to consider that but I suppose you should ask Billie first if you can fuck his wife in his bed while he jerks off in the spare bedroom." I know she says these things just to tease me but she does not realize how embarrassing it is for me.

The wedding was now only two months off. I still worried about Kathy suddenly changing her mind. One Saturday night she said, "I have an early wedding present for you."

I thought for a moment she meant sex but then she handed me a present. "You didn't have to buy me anything, but what is it?"

"It's a tongue stretcher and strengthener. You put it on every night when you go to bed. For the first couple of weeks you may have trouble sleeping but you will get used to it. This will make you a better husband. I like having a stiff tongue working in my pussy. Your tongue needs to be strong and long to give me maximum satisfaction. You do want to please me, don't you?"

So of course I took it wondering how she could call this a present for me.

One month to go and Kathy asked me, "The football coach was wondering if I would stay on as a cheerleader, at least for the out of town games?"

"No, I don't want you going on weekend trips with the football team. I will be your husband and you are supposed to stay home with me. I'll let you pick out the home and furniture you want but you have to give up being a cheerleader and hanging around with the football team."

"I can't believe how unreasonable you are. Do you want me to wear a ball and chain also?

I do know her bachelorette party guests were not only the cheerleaders but some of the football players as well. I did find out much later that a couple of her girlfriends, that were married, gave her martial advice.

Apparently one said, keep him horny by teasing him all the time but seldom give him sex. The ideal is twice a year; once on his birthday and once on his anniversary because this makes your husband very obedient and submissive. You however will find it very easy to have casual lovers during the day while he is at work. A good way to keep him pussy whipped is to flirt with a guy in front of him to make him jealous. It could be his best friend, a brother or a neighbor as long as it's someone he knows well. You can add to his embarrassment by making unflattering comparisons of him to his male friend. You get an extra tingle if you do it while his friend is still there. Deny him sex as punishment and offer it as a reward if he is good. It's amazing what he will do for you hoping to get a reward. I make my husband do all the cooking and cleaning and run errands for me. Our sex life consists of him sucking me off and occasionally I let him jerk off in front of me. I don't think he even knows that most of he time he sucks me it's my boyfriends cum he is getting.

The other said to control the money right from the start. Have him endorse his paycheck so you can deposit it in your account. Give him a small weekly allowance and make him explain to you what he spends it on. For example if he is eating out for lunch every day, cut back on his allowance and have him make a sandwich and take that to work. You buy his clothes at the Good Will used clothing store but take him with you to carry your parcels while you shop at the best stores in town. A car is an important status symbol to a man so make sure he drives an old one while you have a new one.

Let him know right from the start that Friday nights is girl's night out when you go out with your female friends and of course in reality you spend it with your current boyfriend. You pay the bills and spend the rest on yourself. Save the extra and you will be able to go away each year for a couple weeks holiday with your boyfriend. Just tell him you are going to visit your mother. Tell him since you are getting no sex while at your mothers, he is not to jerk off either. It will give you a delicious feeling to be getting all the sex you want while your husband waits at home for you and he can't even jerk off.

Had I know this at the time I would not have married her.

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