Flight Delay
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jim Patterson runs into his old friend Kevin Murray at LAX when his flight to Atlanta is canceled. This story deals with the aftermath of what Kevin tells Jim while they have a few beers together.

It was a Friday night in mid-June and I was sitting at gate 56 in Terminal 5 at Los Angeles International Airport trying to get some work done as I waited for flight 1426 to Atlanta. The flight had already been delayed three hours when I happened to look up at the departures screen just in time to see the status of my flight change from delayed to canceled.


Apparently there was a large system of thunderstorms passing through the midsection of the country delaying flights in and out of Dallas and St. Louis. This had the effect of backing up flight departures all over the country and caused several flights out of Los Angeles to be cancelled that night, leaving many passengers stranded at LAX.

It was 7:10 PM and I had already been at the airport since two o'clock that afternoon and I had no idea when I would be getting out of LA. They had not made the public announcement that the flight had been canceled yet so I jumped up and moved quickly over to the Delta check in counter. I arrived just as the gate agent picked up the microphone to make the announcement.

"Delta Flight 1426 to Atlanta has been cancelled. If you are holding a ticket for this flight please see the agent at gate 56 for reassignment."

Thanks to my good timing I was first in line. After ten minutes of the agent banging away on her keyboard, I was given a seat on the next available flight to Atlanta. The good news was that the seat was in first class. The bad news was that the flight wasn't leaving until 11:55 PM. I was going to have to wait almost 5 more hours. I went back to my uncomfortable seat and fired up my laptop again.

I had been working for about an hour and was just about finished updating my project plan when I heard someone say my name.

"Jim Patterson?"

The question made me look up from my laptop. I didn't know anyone in LA so I certainly wasn't expecting to run into anyone I knew at the airport that night. The man standing in front of me was tall and thin and had light brown hair. Although I hadn't seen him since graduating from high school twelve years earlier, it took me only a few seconds to recognize him.


"I'm surprised you remembered me," Kevin said.

"How could I forget my best friend?" I replied.

Kevin Murray and I grew up in Cortland, New York and had known each other since kindergarten but we hadn't seen or spoken to each other since we got out of high school.

"Best friend? If I was your best friend why haven't I heard from you in the last twelve years?" he asked.

"That works both ways," I said. "I lost track of you when you joined the army right after high school. But you never tried to get in touch with me either."

"Pretty stupid, huh?" Kevin said. "Where you headed?"

"Atlanta. What about you?"

"I'm on the red eye to New York. Have you got time for a drink before your flight?" Kevin asked.

"Actually I have a few hours to kill. A couple of beers would help pass the time"

Kevin laughed and said, "Let me guess: your flight was delayed. Right?"

"Cancelled. What about you?"

"I am on the red eye at 12:05. That gives us some time to catch up."

I shut down my laptop and put it in my briefcase and then we headed off to find a bar. There weren't many places to go without leaving the Terminal 5, which would mean having to go through security again when we returned so we opted to join the crowd at Malibu Al's.

"So where are you living now?" Kevin asked as the bartender delivered our beers."


"How did you end up in Atlanta?" Kevin asked.

"My job."

"You like it down there?"

"Yes, very much. Especially in the winter," I said.

"You married?" he asked. "I remember that you always used to say you never would."

"Been married seven years," I said. "What about you?"

"Me? Divorced. No kids, but I met someone recently and I think we might be headed to the altar," Kevin answered.

"Another sacrifice to the marriage gods."

"Wow. Is that a condemnation of marriage?"

I smiled and said, "No, just a little joke. Kate and I have a great marriage."

"Does your wife know that your flight was canceled?"

"No. I wasn't due to get home until late tomorrow afternoon. I finished my work early and thought I'd try to get home earlier. Kate didn't know that so there is no need to tell her my flight was canceled."

"Have you been back to Cortland lately," Kevin asked.

"I haven't been back there in about three years. Kate and I are planning on going up there next month. Have you been back?"

"I was there last year."

"You stay with your parents?" I asked.

"No. They sold their house and moved into a small apartment. I stayed at the Holiday Inn out near the route 81 interchange."

"Why didn't you stay at the Hampton Inn?" I asked. "It's a lot newer."

"The Hampton Inn doesn't have a bar, the Holiday Inn does," Kevin responded.

"Ah, good point. So how are your parents?"

"They're great. My father has some back problems but still manages to play golf. My mom has some arthritis but she keeps busy. What about your parents?"

"They're doing good. Still in the old house," I said. "Did you run into any of our old friends while you were there?"

"Yeah, I had a few beers with Bob Harold. I didn't see anyone else from the old gang." Kevin said. "So, what are you doing in LA?"

"The company I work for is involved in a large city wide project out here and I am one of the project managers," I said. "We're managing the installation of a fiber optic communication system to all Los Angeles county government buildings and schools. My company makes the control boxes for the network."

"How long have you been out here?"

"This trip? Three weeks. I am going home for two weeks and then it's back out here for another three weeks," I said. "It's an eleven-month project and it's scheduled to wrap up in November. I've been working three weeks here and then two at home since the project began."

"Bet you wife loves that," Kevin said.

"No, Kate hates it but she tolerates it. When the project manager job was offered to me it was with the understanding that I would do this for four years and then I would be promoted to a management position and wouldn't have to travel much after that. Kate and I talked it over and even though we knew it would be hard on us we decided I should take the job. I got her to agree by promising that as soon as I finished the four years I would take a month off and we would go to Europe and while there get busy making a baby."

"Ah, the old we'll start a family ploy," Kevin said.

"It worked. One bonus is all of the travel awards I have earned over the last three and a half years. I have enough Marriott and Hilton points for our whole trip to Europe with enough left over for a trip to Hawaii. Same with airline frequent flyer miles. Just another six months and I'll be done with all this travel."

"That's cool. Wish I could get a job like that," Kevin said.

'Careful what you wish for," I said.

"I almost forgot," Kevin said. "Remember Kyle Porter from high school?"

"Yeah, I didn't know him well but I remember him. He was a year behind us," I said.

"I saw him at the Holiday Inn."

"Did you talk to him?"

"Nah, he was occupied at the time. I don't think he wanted to be disturbed and I didn't really want to talk to him anyway. I always thought he was kind of an asshole," Kevin said.

"Yeah, me too, ' I said. "I think he married Barb Ritz. You remember her?"

"I remember her. Short, blond, big tits," Kevin said. "I don't know if they're still married or not but he wasn't with Barb that night."

"You think he was cheating on his wife?" I said.

"Could be," Kevin said. "That is if he is still married to her. Oh, shit, I just remembered her name."

"Who's name?"

"The girl I saw," Kevin said. "I got a good look at her that night and I was sure that I knew her but I couldn't remember her name. Do you remember Margie Cooper? She was a year behind us in school."

"Yes, as a matter of fact..." I started to say.

"It came to me just now. I think Kyle dated Margie in high school, didn't he?"

"I think so, why?" I asked.

"Margie was the girl I saw with Kyle that night," Kevin said.

"You saw Margie Cooper with Kyle at the Holiday Inn? Are you sure it was Margie?"

"It was Margie, I am sure of that. I got a good look at her. I was sure that I knew her but I just couldn't remember her name at the time," Kevin said.

"She's married. Are you're sure it was her?" I said.

"Absolutely. I don't think she's married though or at least not anymore. She wasn't wearing a wedding ring when I saw her," Kevin said.

"Are you sure they were together? I mean maybe they just ran into each other there and were just talking. I mean could they have just been friends?" I said.

"If they were just friends, they were friends with benefits. They were making out in a booth in the bar when I first saw them. Then later I saw them getting on an elevator. The only place they could have been going was up to the guest rooms," Kevin answered.

I said, "That's interesting."


"I don't know. I guess because I am positive that she's married."

"She could be married. Maybe she is married to Kyle and just happened to not be wearing her wedding ring when I saw her," Kevin said and then laughed. "Or maybe she was sneaking around behind her husband's back. The two of them certainly weren't acting like an old married couple. Why does Margie being with Kyle bother you so much?"

"I guess it's because I would never have thought that Margie would cheat on her husband. When was that?" I said.

"Last year. Second week of August," Kevin said.

"So, tell me about this woman that has captured your heart," I said.

Kevin pulled a picture out of his wallet. "This is Barb," he said. It was a typical wallet photo of an attractive blonde with blue eyes.

Kevin went on to tell me how they met and that they were living together and were talking about getting married but hadn't decided on a date yet.

"When we set the date would you and Kate come to the wedding?" Kevin asked.

"If at all possible I'll be there," I said.

"Have you got any pictures of your wife?" Kevin asked.

I started to reach for my wallet but stopped. "I don't have any with me. They're in my checked baggage," I said.

Kevin and I sat talking until 11:15 and then we headed for our respective gates.

When I got back to my gate I looked at the monitor to check my flight status. According to the monitor it was still scheduled to leave at 11:55. I sat for a few minutes thinking about my conversation with Kevin and I pulled out my wallet and looked at Kate's picture. After a minute I took a deep breath and headed over to the gate agent.

"I am scheduled on the 11:55 Flight to Atlanta," I said as I handed her my ticket."

"She looked at the ticket and said, "You're all set Mr. Patterson."

"You don't understand. I need to cancel this reservation. Is there anyway to get my luggage back?" I said.

The agent looked a little confused.

"I just found out that I have an emergency here and I have to stay for a while longer, so I need to get my luggage back."

The agent started banging away on her keyboard again and then looked at my luggage claim tags and then began her keyboard marathon again.

"When would you like to reschedule you flight home?"

"Can I keep it open? I don't know when I will be going back."

"No problem. Do you know where you will be staying?"

"I am going to the Marriott on Figueroa. Why?"

"It will take us a while to locate your baggage. We can have it delivered to the hotel for you if you'd like."

The agent handed me my ticket receipt and baggage claim checks. "Just call our 800 number to reschedule you flight when you are ready."

I thanked her and headed out of the airport.

At that time of night I had to wait a while for the Hertz bus to come around so I could pick up a rental car. Shortly after 1:30 AM, I checked into my room at the Marriott.

I was finally alone, sitting on the side of the bed holding my head in my hands as I thought back ten months to the previous August. All of my traveling was taking a toll on my marriage. Kate seldom complained about it but I know it was hard on her.

Last May she got me to promise that we would take some vacation time during the summer as we hadn't had a real vacation in more than three years. I scheduled a week beginning the second week of August. The plan was to drive down to the Florida Keys and spend the week sitting on the beach during the day and making love at night.

With all my traveling Kate was getting frustrated. It seemed that every time we tried to plan something some new project would start and I would have to go back on the road. In addition to not having had a vacation in three years, I had missed her birthday twice and one anniversary because of my travel.

A few days before our scheduled August vacation my boss called me and said we had a major problem with a scheduled installation at one of our biggest customers in Seattle. He said he needed me to fly out to Seattle on Sunday and manage the installation and make sure that the customer was satisfied before I came home. He said I was the only project manager available at the time.

At first Kate accepted it without comment. I could see how disappointed she was but she knew these things happened so she was trying to be a good sport about it.

"How long will you be gone?" Kate asked.

"I don't know, maybe a week," I said.

"Any chance we can go the following week?"

"I don't know," I said. "I am not sure how long this project will take and you'll be back in school in a couple of weeks. We may have to wait and do this next year."

That was the last straw. "Wait till next year? What the hell kind of marriage do we have? We haven't had a vacation in over three years and now you're telling me we have to wait another year. Why don't you have the balls to stand up to Jack and just tell him that you have a vacation scheduled and you can't go to Seattle?"

Kate seldom blew up like that and when she did it was always over very quickly. In a few minutes she calmed down, apologized for her outburst and seemed to accept the situation but I could tell she was still very unhappy.

The next evening, while we were watching television, I told Kate that I was really sorry about having to cancel our vacation but I had an idea that might make her feel better.

Kate's eyes lit up and she smiled at me. "What's your idea?"

"I think that you should go up Cortland and visit with your parents while I'm in Seattle," I said.

"That's supposed to make me feel better?' Kate said. "I love my parents but you know how my mother is. She'll drive me crazy if I have to spend a whole week with her."

"Maybe you can get together with some of your old friends while you're there," I said.

"I don't know. I'll have to think about that," Kate said. "I'm going to bed."

Kate didn't look happy and I wasn't sure if it was because she was still angry about canceling the vacation or if she just didn't want to go to Cortland without me.

The next evening Kate said, "I think I might do what you suggested. I'll go up to see my parents while you go take care of your business. But you are going to owe me big time for this."

I promised I would make it up to her when I got home. That night I booked Kate on a flight to Syracuse and reserved a Hertz car for her so she could drive down to Cortland.

When I drove Kate to the airport that Saturday morning I could see that she was still unhappy but I didn't see that I could do anything about it. I left for Seattle the next day and I called Kate when I got to my hotel that afternoon. Kate sounded like things were better and we talked for a half hour. I reminded her that I only had a year of project management left before I would get a management assignment and wouldn't have to travel so much. I also reminded her about our plans to go to Europe for a month.

"Don't make promises you can't keep," was Kate's reply. I'll believe all that when it happens."

I wasn't sure if she was angry or if she just no longer trusted me to deliver on my promises. I knew it would do no good to make any more promises.

We talked again on Monday night and I sensed Kate wasn't in a very good mood.

"I hate being here without you," Kate said. "My mother is driving me crazy. She thinks she has to be talking to me every minute we're together. It doesn't help that she thinks she has to tell me that you should have told your boss to go to hell and taken me to the Keys instead of running off to Seattle."

"You know I didn't have a choice," I said in my own defense.

"I know that you believe that," Kate said.

I had let Kate down and I felt sick when the call ended. Maybe I should have told Jack I couldn't go to Seattle. I didn't sleep well that night.

When I called Kate on Tuesday, her mom answered the phone and said that Kate had gone out to see some friends. I tried her cell phone but got no answer.

Kate called me back at 11:00 PM my time. It was 2:00 AM for Kate.

"Sorry I missed your call tonight. I went out to see some old friends."

I asked her whom she had been with and she named about five of her old high school girl friends. Then we just talked for a while. Kate sounded better on that call. I guess getting out of the house and away from her mother helped her.

Wednesday night Kate answered her cell phone on the first ring. I could tell that Kate was upset about something.

"What wrong?" I asked.


"I can tell that you are upset about something. Tell me about it."

"I should be on the beach in Key West, not here listening to my mother telling me that I have an inconsiderate husband."

"Is that what you think I am?" I said.

Kate was silent for a moment and then said, "It's what mother keeps telling me."

"Kate, I am sorry about the trip but I will make it up to you."

"I know," she said. "I am kind of tired. I think I'll go to bed now."

The call left me unable to sleep. Why was her mother trying to cause problems? I had always gotten along well with her before. I began to feel as though there was something more going on that Kate wasn't telling me.

When I called on Thursday, I got no answer so I tried the home number. Kate's mom answered and told me that Kate had gone out with her friends again.

It surprised me a little that Kate would be going out again but I guess she needed to get away from her mother for a while and I was glad that she was able to have some fun. It made me feel less guilty about having to cancel our vacation plans and would make things easier on me when I got back home.

I didn't hear from Kate again until Saturday. I could tell that she must really be missing me because she told me three times how much she loved me. She always told me she loved me when we talked on the phone but this was different. She sounded almost desperate to make sure I understood how much she loved me.

Kate flew back to Atlanta on Sunday and I returned home on Tuesday. Kate didn't say much that evening but when we went to bed she was all over me. She was kissing me and helping me out of my clothes and when she wasn't kissing me she was telling me she loved me and how much she had missed me. She kept apologizing for the way she behaved when I told her I was going to have to cancel our vacation. I didn't know everything that had happened in Cortland but whatever it was, Kate seemed to have renewed her love for me while she was there.

It was four weeks before I had to go back on the road and during that time it seemed that Kate was always either telling me how much she loved me or making love to me. If anyone would have asked me if I thought my wife loved me I would have had absolutely no doubt that she did.

Over the next several months, a marriage that I had always thought was very good got a lot better. Kate, who had always been a loving wife, was even more loving now and much more accepting of my frequent travel. I could tell that Kate was much happier and so was I. I think this all had to do with the fact that the end of all my travel was in sight. We had already set the dates for our European trip and were talking about moving to a larger house when we started our family

I didn't sleep that night. I needed answers but the only person who could provide them was the one person I didn't want to talk to. I needed time to get my thoughts and emotions under control. I decided to give myself a couple of days to come to grips with what Kevin had told me. That Margie Cooper spent a night with Kyle Porter, her old high school boyfriend, at the Cortland Holiday Inn while I was in Seattle last August.

I wanted a couple of days; I got fourteen hours. It was 4:15 on Saturday afternoon in LA when my cell phone rang. It was Kate and although I didn't want to talk to her yet I answered the phone.

"Where are you? You were supposed to be home two hours ago." Kate said in what I thought sounded like an angry voice.

"I'm still in LA."

"Why are you still there?"

"Something came up." I said.

"Something came up and you didn't think to call me? You promised to take me to see "CATS" tonight."



"I guess I goofed. I forgot that what you wanted to do tonight was more important than what's going on in my life." I said. I figured that would confuse Kate because I wasn't sure what I meant myself but I thought it sounded good.

"Are you saying that I'm selfish? How dare you? You're the one that suggested that we would go to the play tonight. What's eating you?"

I hadn't planned to do this over the phone but she asked the question.

"Last night I was thinking back to last year when I had to take that trip to Seattle and cancel our vacation in the Keys. Remember that?"

"Of course I do," Kate said. "Why?"

This time I could hear a little concern come into her voice.

"Well, I was just remembering how guilty I felt about letting my job interfere with our personal life. Our phone calls that week didn't help either. I felt bad that whole week even though I knew that you were at least having some fun with your friends while I worked twelve hour days, ate dinner by myself in my hotel room and had to deal with my guilty feelings."

"What made you think of that? It wasn't my fault that you had to go to Seattle and you were the one that suggested that I go visit my parents, which was no picnic. What's this all about?"

"I just wondered if you felt guilty about what you were doing that week?"

"I don't understand," Kate said. This time the concern in her voice was quite evident. "Why would you ask me if I felt guilty?"

"Last night I ran into Kevin Murray at the airport. You might remember Kevin from high school," I said. "We had a couple of beers together and he told me that he was back in Cortland last summer to visit his parents. He was telling me that he stayed at the Holiday Inn out by the I-81 interchange. Then Kevin told me that he saw Kyle Porter in the hotel lounge with a girlfriend. He said that Kyle and his girlfriend were making out in the bar and the last he saw of them was when they got on an elevator. Imagine my surprise when Kevin told me that Kyle's girlfriend's name was Margie Cooper."

I waited to see if Kate would say anything but she remained silent.

"I told Kevin that I was sure that Margie Cooper was married and would never cheat on her husband. Then Kevin said that when he saw Margie, she wasn't wearing a wedding ring."

I heard something that sounded like a whimper on the other end of the line.

"I guess that explains why I am a little angry and why I didn't come home today, doesn't it, Ms. Cooper?"

"Oh, God. Jim, Please come home and talk to me."

"I don't think so. I'll let you know if I ever decide to come home."

In a voice no more than a whisper, Kate said, "Please come home."

That was all I had the stomach for so I disconnected. I was glad that Kate didn't start the 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you' crap. Although, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that Kate didn't deny that she was at the hotel with Kyle. I guess I had a small hope that she would be able to convince me that Kevin had been wrong about what he saw.

Over the next two days I tried to consider all of the possible ways of handling this situation. My anger made me want to go back to Atlanta and throw her out of the house but I knew I would never be able to do that to her. Then I felt the poison begin to fill my mind. Was that the first time she had cheated? Was it a long-term affair? Had she cheated on me since that time?

I spent two days thinking about our marriage and reviewing our whole relationship looking for clues to what happened.

Margie Cooper was one year behind me in high school. When I was a senior she was the junior class president. I didn't really know her in high school. I knew who she was but I had never spoken more than a few words to her. She was tall with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. I always thought that was a beautiful combination. She was part of the in crowd and was probably the most popular girl in her class and one of the most popular girls in the whole school. Everybody liked Margie. I did vaguely remember that Margie had dated Kyle Porter but I never knew what happened with them after I graduated.

After high school I enrolled at State University of New York at Oswego where I was majoring in Industrial Arts. It was while attending a party during my junior year that I ran into Margie Cooper. I was standing, talking to a friend when I felt a hand on my arm. When I turned to see who it was I was surprised to see Margie's smiling face.

"Hi, Jim. How are you?"

Like I said before, when I was in high school I had never said more than a few words to her. I could never remember a time when she spoke to me first but here she was talking to me as though we were old friends.

"Margie. Wow. I didn't know you were going to school here. It's nice to see you."

After that I stood like an idiot having no idea what to say next. I assumed that she only stopped to say hello because we both went to the same high school and that she would very quickly wander off to join her friends. I was wrong.

"It's really nice to see a familiar face," she said. "How have you been?"

"I'm good, Margie. How are you?"

"I'm great," she said, "but don't call me Margie; call me Kate."

"Kate? Why Kate?"

"My full name is Kathryn Margaret Cooper," Margie said. "My mother always calls me Margie because that's her older sister's name. When I got here my friends started to call me Kate and I like that better than Margie."

"Okay, Kate it is."

Then Kate surprised me with how much she knew about me in high school. She didn't come right out and say it but I got the impression that if I had asked her out in high school she might have said yes.

Around midnight two of her girlfriends came over and said they were ready to leave. Kate told them she would be right with them and then she just kind of stood looking at me. It took me all of five seconds to figure out that I was supposed to say something.

"Would you like to go out tomorrow night?" I asked.

Kate looked over at her girl friends, waiting for her by the door, and then looked back at me. She said, "Yes." Then she opened her handbag and got a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote her phone number on it and handed it to me. "Call me tomorrow afternoon." Then she left.

My memory of that first date is still clear. I took her out to Rudy's for a fish fry dinner. Rudy's is an institution in Oswego. It's a small place on the shore of Lake Ontario that specializes in fried fish sandwiches, Texas Hots and similar treats. I always believed that if you stood at the counter in Rudy's long enough that you would see the whole world pass by, or at least everyone in Oswego.

Kate and I took our fish sandwiches outside and sat on a picnic table and watched the waves washing up on the stones on the beach. In Oswego, that passes for a romantic dinner for college students.

By the time we had finished eating and were ready to leave, I think we both knew that something special was beginning to happen between us. We kissed a lot that night but I didn't try to press for anything more.

On our fifth date I took Kate for dinner at a local Italian restaurant and then we went back to campus to watch some television in her dorm lounge. When the late news came on Kate took me by the hand and led me over to the elevators and took me up to her room.

Once we were inside the room with the door closed, Kate came to me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. "Tonight's your lucky night, big boy," she whispered in my ear. Kate was moving a little faster than I was. I hadn't expected to have sex with Kate that night but I was able to catch up with her in a hurry.

The kisses became more passionate as we moved to the bed. I pulled Kate's top off as soon as we got onto the bed and I soon had Kate's breasts in my hands and mouth. As I sucked on her nipples, Kate made little mewing sounds in her throat. As her breathing intensified I began opening her pants. Kate helped me get them off leaving her on the bed in just her sexy black panties.

I kissed my way up her inner thighs until I could feel the heat from her sex and smell her arousal. I pulled panties down to discover a lush triangle of curly dark hair. I pressed my face into her hair and inhaled her scent and then I ran my tongue over her vulva causing Kate's hips to jump just a little. As I began to probe Kate's pussy with my tongue she took my head in her hands and pulled me tighter against her. I wasn't sure if she was having an orgasm or not because Kate didn't make any noises but she was humping my mouth and her juices seemed to be flowing heavily.

I performed oral sex on her until my jaw began to hurt and even then I didn't want to stop. To give my jaw muscles a chance to recover, I got up and removed my clothes. When I got back on the bed, Kate took my cock in her hand and pulled it toward her face. I moved up the bed in the direction she was pulling, like I had a choice, and then Kate took me into her mouth. I lay there on my side looking down on Kate's pretty face as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth and I wondered how long I could possible hold off my climax.

I was very near climaxing when Kate stopped and asked me to enter her. I moved between Kate's legs and began kissing her as my cock searched for her opening. It didn't take long for me to find her warm wet sex and slide my cock deep inside her. We bounced around the bed, slowing and then speeding up, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as we could until I finally exploded inside Kate's pussy, spewing my seed deep inside her.

"That was wonderful," Kate said.

"I couldn't agree more."

"You know what this means, don't you?" Kate said.

"I could guess but I don't want of be wrong so why don't you tell me," I said.

"I didn't do this because I wanted to have sex. I did it because I love you and I wanted to have sex with you so please don't hurt me."

"I will never hurt you," I said. "I love you too much to ever want to hurt you."

I knew when I left her room that night that Kate was going to be my wife.

After college I got a job at a large manufacturing company in Syracuse. When Kate finished school the following May she got a job as a preschool teacher in Camillus and we got married that July. The following year I accepted a job offer from J.B. Brown Industries in Atlanta as a line manager in their manufacturing plant. It was a good job but I wanted more so I started attending night classes and managed to earn a degree in Business Management. When I completed my degree work Jack Brown offered me a project management position. Jack explained that there would be a great deal of travel with the job but that if I would do it for four years he would put me in a management job with very little travel.

Kate and I discussed the job and decided that I should take it. We decided that we would hold off having children until the four-year assignment ended.

When I look back on my marriage I can't think of any time that I didn't think I had a great marriage. No one could have asked for a more generous or more loving wife than Kate. She was always there for me. Whenever I met one of her friends from the school where she taught or from one of the charities she worked for they would always tell me how Kate was always bragging about me. The more I thought about our life together, the harder it was for me to believe she could ever have betrayed me.

Thinking back now I can't think of a time when I didn't think I had a great marriage. Our disagreements never turned into major arguments. When Kate got pissed about something she would let me know in no uncertain terms but then she would calm down quickly. It was her way of releasing pressure. Kate was very good at getting her temper under control.

My reminiscing was starting to make me believe that everything would work out all right but then the poison started to spread again.

How did she end up with Kyle Porter at the Holiday Inn? Is he the reason that Kate decided to go to Cortland while I was in Seattle? How long had this been going on? How many others had there been?

I tried to work my way through all of these questions and I could come to only one conclusion. It had to have been a one-time thing. She couldn't have planned to meet Kyle ahead of time; at least I didn't believe that to be the case. She didn't know she was going to be going to Cortland without me until three days before the trip. Before that she just didn't have a time when she could have been fooling around. Since we had been married, that week in August was the first time she had ever gone back home without me. The only thing I could figure was that Kate must have run into Kyle when she was out with her friends and things must have happened from there.

I finally had to give up. The only way I would ever know what happened was to talk to the only person that could answer my questions but would she tell me the truth? I didn't know what I should do. That night my sleep was interrupted by nightmares of Kate's infidelity.

In the morning, while having a cup of coffee, I decided what to do. I picked up my phone and made the call.

"Hey, Jack. It's Jim."

"Are you back home?"

"No, I'm still in LA."

"I thought you were coming back yesterday. What's up?" Jack asked.

"I've decided to stay out here until the project is done."

"I don't understand."

"I am going to stay in LA until we are done here," I said.

"The project has four more months to run. What did Kate say about your staying out there?"

"Haven't asked her. It's not up to her anyway," I said.

"What's going on? Did you and Kate have a fight or something?" Jack said.

"Or something... I don't want to discuss it right now. I just called to tell you I am staying out here."

"Okay, it's your choice. Anything I can do for you here?" Jack said.

"No. I'll be in touch," I said and disconnected.

Kate called twice that day but I didn't answer her calls.

On Monday morning I called home but Kate didn't answer the phone. I wasn't sure if she wasn't home or if she was trying to pay me back for not answering her calls and I didn't care. I was actually glad that I didn't have to speak to her; I only wanted to give her a message.

"Kate. I won't be coming home. I am staying out here until this project is done. After that I don't know what I will do. Maybe in the meantime, you can get Kyle Porter to take you to see CATS."

The only one in the LA project office when I arrived on Monday morning was Joey Miller. Joey was dressed in the typical uniform of this project. Jeans, a tee shirt, work boots and a baseball cap. Joey was six feet tall. Weighed about 155 pounds, had brown eyes and light brown hair. Joey's hair was always tied in a tight ponytail that stuck out through the opening in the back of her baseball cap.

"Hey, Jim. How ya doing?" she asked as I entered the room. "I thought you were going home for a couple of weeks."

"Changed my mind," I said. "How are you?"

"Just fuckin great." This project is giving me a rash on my ass," Joey said and then laughed.

I laughed too. "A rash, huh? Just on your ass or anywhere more interesting?" I said.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

I liked Joey in spite of the fact that she walked and talked like one of the guys. At work all of the other PMs, myself included, just treated Joey like one of the guys. Outside of work I think I was the only guy that talked to her. The other PMs seemed to be intimidated by her. She was taller than most of them and they didn't feel comfortable talking to her about anything other than work. One night after work, when a bunch of us decided to go out for a drink, I suggested that we invite Joey along and the others all said no. One of the guys actually said, "It's bad enough that I have to work with a fuckin dyke. I'm not about to go drinkin' with the man hater too."

I always tried to be friendly to Joey and she was friendly toward me. I didn't see any reason to shun her because she was a woman or because of her sexual preference.

Joey stared at me for a few minutes with a strange look on her face.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I said.

"Something's bothering you. Want to talk about it?"


"Okay, then let's go to work."

For the next two weeks I buried myself in my work trying not to think about Kate and what she had done to our marriage. Kate had tried to call me several times but I refused to talk to her.

That Thursday I was sitting in the project office updating my project plans when Kate called. I waited until she left a message on my voice mail and then retrieved it.

"Jim, when are you going to stop this foolishness and come home? We need to talk. How can we save our marriage if you won't talk to me? You are just being stubborn," she said.

I was being foolish and stubborn? That pissed me off. She might have been right but it still pissed me off. In my anger I pulled off my wedding ring and stared at it. I wondered why I was still wearing it. Did I want my marriage to continue or did I want a divorce? Could I divorce her without at least talking to her? Was I required to listen to her side of the story?

I am not sure where the impulse came from that made me do it but I grabbed a FedEx mailer and addressed it to Kate and put my ring inside. No note, just the ring. Then I dropped the package in the FedEx box and left the office before I had a chance to change my mind.

The next day Kate called and left a message.

"How could you be so cold? Just your ring, not even a note? Please talk to me. Give me a chance, please."

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