Halloween Surprise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A husband receives a suprising invitation from his Sister-In-Law and the night unfolds to a supreme revelation.

It was the day before Halloween and I was out in the yard raking up leaves when my Sister in Law Leslie dropped by. My wife, Samantha, was out of own on business for the week and Leslie had seemed to take it upon herself to be my "surrogate" wife while Sam was gone. The visit was nothing too big of a deal, but she would drop by with a casserole for dinner or to make sure I had clean clothes and the like. Kind of funny, I know, but Sam had asked her to. I guess just to make sure I wasn't making too much of a mess of things while she was gone.

Don't get me wrong, my wife is drop dead gorgeous, dark hair, five feet five with slim hips and firm B-cup breasts with the look of an Italian movie star, and I love her. Leslie was one of those women all men fantasize about, the "primal" woman incarnate. I'll never forget the day I first met her.

She stood about five feet eight, pale white skin, and auburn hair down past her armpits in ringlet curls that framed her face and brought out the emerald green of her eyes, smooth legs that went on forever. Her body was in the perfect hourglass shape with all the right curves. Her ample bosom sprouted cleavage above the neckline of her cashmere sweater, her goddess-like backside swathed in the perfect fit of her jeans that almost allowed the slight bulge of her womanhood underneath, almost a complete polarization of Samantha, probably due to their Mom being Irish and had Italian. I almost had a hard-on right then when she came up and gave me a welcoming hug. I thought I sensed something chemical about us touching, that, along with what may have been as self- perceived twinkle in her eye, said to me I best be careful when around her. I didn't know if I could trust myself not to make a move.

As Sam and I dated, I had many opportunities to get to know Leslie and discovered she had a slightly risqué side. She would always jokingly talk about stealing me away one night if Sam would let her. I have to say that the idea appealed to me, but Sam and she would always have a good chuckle after that had been mentioned. However, something in her eyes when she looked at me afterwards said "Oh yes, it will happen one day." For years I thought it had only been my imagination running amuck but little did I know that that day was about to arrive.

She got out of the car, her alabaster legs leading the way as she exited the vehicle, called my name, and approached me holding a large envelope. As she handed it to me she said, "I know Sam has been gone awhile and you're probably getting bored just hanging around the house, so I asked her if she minded if I invited you to be my guest at a Halloween party I've been invited to and she said that was fine". My heart almost popped up into my mouth as I took the invitation in hand. "Well, cool!", I replied, " When is it?" "Tomorrow night", she replied, "It starts at 10 PM at the old Wardly Mansion over off of Chestnut Street. The rest of the information is on the invite there. Make sure to bring it with you because it's an exclusive party and no one will be allowed in without it." At this point I suppose I should explain that Leslie had never been married. Why? I have no idea because she was so hot and such a nice person. But that is another story, which has no place here. "Well, sure I'll go." I said hoping it wasn't too evident that I was just about panting at the thought of being there with her. "Great!" she replied, "I'll see you then!" She got back in her car and drove off with a honk and a wave. I finished my raking and headed into the house, my thoughts drifting off to "What might happen land" as I shut the door.

I opened the invitation to read the particulars of the party.

All it said was "Wardly Mansion, 10 PM. Dress: Black Tie and Mask". Now I was intrigued. A rather vague invite to a party at a place I have never been, with people I have never known, and with one of the most desirable women on the Earth.

My head swam with the possibilities as I drifted off to sleep that night.

The entire next day I tried to keep myself busy in the hopes that the time would pass quicker that way. I kept finding myself thinking about the party and my escort. My pants more than once were forming a tent at the thought of Leslie in a slinky evening gown and what lied underneath it.

At about 7 PM I started getting ready. I laid out my tux and after making sure everything was pressed and presentable, I then rummaged through the attic to find a mask. Luckily I found the one I had from an old costume from college, a black velvet Zoro mask that I dusted it off and got in the shower.

At 10:00 I was at the drive that led up to the mansion. The burly looking man at the gate asked for my invitation and after making sure it was legit, he allowed me to pass up to the house itself.

I put on my mask and headed for the door. A slightly aged butler asked for the invite to inspect before I could enter. After passing his inspection, I moved through the open doorway and into the main party room. The room was filled with a wide variety of people; young, old, thin, thick and everything in between dressed to the nines in their tuxes and evening gowns. There was plush thick black carpeting throughout the room that made it seem like I was walking on a bed. The walls were paneled with dark mahogany like wood, the windows huge and arched at the top. Crystal chandeliers hanging from the cathedral ceiling that reminded me of an opera house with frescos of renaissance paintings. A DJ was playing tunes that ranged from House to Classical. An open bar stocked with top-shelf booze in the corner. Waitresses in French Maid outfits and waiters in Chippendale outfits were passing through the crown with long flutes of champagne. As I was surveying the surroundings, Leslie saw me and called out that she'd be right over. What a sight she was! Spaghetti straps holding up a red, backless number over her full breasts, its form hugging hers, accenting all that was woman about her. A red mask trimmed in black about her eyes, causing the green in her eyes to dance out and pull me into her gaze.

"Did you have any trouble finding the place or getting in?" she asked as she hooked her arm through mine, a flute of bubbly in one hand. "Nope, not at all" I replied as she led me around the room and introduced me to her acquaintances. Pretty much it was a normal party, until the great clock in the hallway struck midnight that is!

When the chimes first started ringing out, I saw the wait staff head for the grand windows and draw about them opaque black curtains as others lit elaborate candelabras and tuned off the lights. Not knowing what was about to happen, my heart rate went way up and sweat started forming on my brow as the music went quiet along with the entire room of people. I leaned over to Leslie's ear and whispered, "What's going on?" She looked at me with a coy smile, replied "You'll find out soon enough, but no matter what happens, do NOT take your mask off", and gave me a wink. The DJ then asked over the PA if all was secured and ready. A stiff nod from the doorman said yes and that's when my night got VERY interesting!

The DJ put on what can best be described as a mix of Gregorian chants to a slow techno beats, occasionally echoed with an Enya-like voice. As the new exotic music pulsed out of the speakers, Leslie turned my face to hers and drew me closer to her, her eyes scanning for my reaction as mine began to notice the smoldering passion mixed into the cool green of hers. "Ummm, are we about to do what I think we are" I stammered.

"Shhhhhhhhh" was her response from a slender finger raised to her fire engine red, full lips. Slowly and surely her body started moving in rhythm to the sounds emanating in the room. Her hands reached out around my neck, locking her fingers in the back as she shut her eyes and set that beautiful body in motion grinding up against me. A mix of shock and desire coursed through me as I watched her begin her dance of seduction. A quick look around showed that I was not alone in this exhibition of feminine sexuality. All across the room women and men, women and women, and in some cases groups of women and men began the same ceremony.

She pulled my head down to her with her interlocked hands; slightly open lips greeting mine as they met. I tried to stop myself but I couldn't. The heady mix of her perfume, the music, champagne, and my desire prevented me from ceasing the activity. Our tongues slowly began to caress each other's lips and mouths, as we were both moving in beat with the sounds.

My fingertips tracing their way down her back as her fingernails began softly scratching against the material of my tux.

Our eyes closed in our masks as we kissed and grinded together.

The feel of her body heating against mine as our long repressed passions began to unfold in that dance of sexuality we were now doing. My mind swarming with thoughts of nothing but the present, the here-and-now of the moment as her hands began undoing my tie and unbuttoning my collar as her soft lips moved down my neck leaving a trail of pure electricity in their wake. I dared to open my eyes for a second as a groan escaped my mouth and saw what type of party this really was.

Men and women, in couples and groups all dancing in a purely hedonistic fashion, lips pressed on lips, tongues darting in and out, some clothing starting to come off, the waitresses in their maid costumes doing slow erotic stripteases with the waiters for those who just wished to watch.

As I was observing all of this, Leslie's hands had moved down to my shirt buttons and began to undo them with ease.

After my shirt had been undone all the way down, she pulled the shirttails out of my pants and pulled open the material slowly with her blood red fingernails tracing streaks across my chest, my hands now around her head, pulling it into me. Soft kisses from her down my neck caused moans of desire from my mouth. She then locked her mouth around my nipples, slowly sucking on them, her teeth gently nibbling causing me to shudder with ecstasy as I felt the curious mix of pleasure and pain wrack my body. I quickly shed my jacket, tie and shirt as she continued her kisses back up to my mouth. My cock by now had swollen more than I ever remember and was straining against my pants as I reached around her neck and untied the slim straps that held the red dress against her slender neck. As the bow gave way to my deliberations, I pulled the strings down towards me, freeing her breasts from their wrapping. They were exquisite! Firm white C-cups with beautiful pink buds, now erect, pointing skyward as she looked at me from under heavy eyelids. My hands moved to cup them, fingers tracing their roundness as I began kissing her neck. My lips moved down her neck and onto her shoulder, alternating kisses and nibbles. I moved around behind her to make it easier to enjoy both activities. My hands now gently kneading her perfect tits from behind as my stiff member pressed into her beautiful buttocks through my trousers. She had an ass that a man could get lustfully lost in, perfectly pear shaped and bubbled, and it was what a woman should be like. Her hands now enjoined mine on her breasts; her head leaned against mine as I continued to kiss her neck from left to right. Her red gown folded neatly in half against her waist as her hands began to slip downwards and under the material stroking her skin where her thighs met her waist with those crimson nails. "Mmmmm, look there" she mentioned and nodded her head in the general direction of a raven haired woman sandwiched between two men, the three of them naked except for the masks as they both penetrated her from the front and back. The dark haired woman gave me a knowing smile. Their bodies were moving in exact beat with the music creating an erotic snake-like movement, gasps of pleasure escaping from their disguised faces.

"Is that something you'd like?" I asked. "Not just yet" was her reply. My eyes now scanning the room, they locked onto two nude women, both blondes, heading down towards the soft floor, their mouths locked and fingers probing inside each other. She noticed where my attention had been stolen to and whispered "that too, but again, not just yet".

I then asked, "So, what do you want right now?" "Let me show you" was her answer. With that she turned around and knelt in front of me, fingers undoing my belt, button, and zipper, she freed my solid erection from its confine and slipped my pants and boxers off with my shoes and socks.

"Ohhhh, Sam wasn't kidding" was all that she said before her tongue began its dance. The deep green of her eyes gazing up at me as she gripped my shaft with her right hand and squeezed it tight, forcing more blood into the already full head creating a deep purple color that stood out against the pinkness of her tongue that was now circling it. My hands by instinct moved to behind her head, undid the pins that held her hair up and I ran my fingers through those auburn curls as her hair began to settle on her shoulders. "Ooohhhh" was all I could say as all 7 inches of my cock disappeared into her mouth as her fingernails traced trails of passionate fire across my balls. My eyes were just about to close when I looked over to my left and noticed the same was going on with another man and the beautiful brunette whose head was now slowly bobbing on his rod. "Man, if Sam knew where I was, she'd..." and that was as far as that thought got because Leslie had just taken both my jewels into her soft mouth as her hand stroked my manhood. The veins in my cock were now completely pulsing under the skin, creating ridges that her lips slowly bumped over as she began to fuck me with her mouth. With her hot mouth sucking on the head and her hand now starting to pump my shaft, I knew it wouldn't be long until I would cum. The guy next to me must have been in the same situation because his legs were starting to shake.

Leslie noticed this as well as she motioned for me to lie down. You would think that the floor and carpet would be uncomfortable, but I now understood why it seemed earlier as if I was sinking as I walked. The soft carpet and abundant padding underneath made for an almost feathery surface.

Leslie began her administrations on my cock again as soon as I had settled on my back. A servant immediately brought me a down pillow for under my head so I could watch this beautiful woman continue her mission to suck me dry. To my left, the man with the brunette was just filling her mouth with his spunk as the auburn haired goddess sucking on mine began to probe my taint with a solitary fingernail, causing me to shudder. I felt the familiar feeling of cum building up to explode as her had pumped me faster and faster until it happened. My rock hard, pulsating cock poured my hot milky seed into her eagerly awaiting mouth. She sucked and sucked my prick until she was certain she got all of it.

My head was spinning from my orgasm as my eyes opened to behold what I first thought was a dream, the brunette who had just milked the guy to my left reached over and grabbed Leslie's head, pulled it to hers and kissed her. Leslie reciprocated with an open mouth, the cum from both he and I mixing in their mouths as their tongues flickered into each other s mouth, their hands stroking each other, running over breasts, finger nails clawing thighs. The man next to me and I looked at each other in amazement as we watched. "Wow" he mouthed silently as the show went on. While the brunette was not near Leslie's beauty, she was a sight to behold nonetheless.

Short pixie-ish hair, tanned with a boyish ass and with small A-cup tits that had the biggest nipples I had ever seen. The areolas brown as a toasted marshmallow with gumdrop sized hard nipples crowning them. Leslie's fingertips flicked against them as the brunette's fingers caressed Leslie's inner thigh. At the sight of this, my cock began to rise again, as did the other man's, especially after the pixie haired girl had Leslie lay on her back and began to lick along her thigh. Leslie's eyes closed as Jena, I got her name afterwards, started to lick on her clit and finger her now dripping wet pussy. I looked around the room to see that everyone in attendance was involved in some sort of carnal act or another. A box of sex toys had been placed in the center of the room as couples and groups selected them and put them to their intended use everywhere. Bodies intertwined in lovemaking, a woman laying there to be covered in the cum of the pack of men jacking off around her, another woman with a strap on dick that had to be at least 10 inches and as big around as a silver dollar fucking another woman doggie style as she sucked the cocks of 2 guys laying in front of her. The scenes were surreal.

I started watching Jena going down on Leslie again. Leslie's moans and exclamations echoing the sound of everyone else's and Jean expertly licked her slit. Leslie looked up at me and caught me staring at Jena's round ass in the air, her shaved pussy exposed from behind and wet. "Oh baby, don't just sit there" Leslie said, "Join in when you feel like it." I looked over at the other guy with a questioning look and he responded with the signal of "go ahead man" and I moved behind Jena. Jena's cunnilingus on Leslie stopped briefly as she moaned when my newly hard cock began tease her labia from behind. "Fuck me" she breathily whispered and continued lapping up Leslie's sweet love juice.

I pushed the head of my cock just inside her, feeling the hot wetness of Jena's pussy begin to drip and run onto me as I entered her fully and began thrusting hard and slow.

I now know why the man didn't mind me fucking Jena as I looked up to see him kneeling over Leslie's face, presenting his cock to her mouth as Jena buried 2 fingers deep in her pussy.

The man looked up at me and said "Dude, she loves being fucked in the ass too". I pulled my cock, now amply lubricated form Jena's juices, out from her pussy and began to circle the head around her brown hole, my fingers every so often dipping back into her honey pot for more wet as I used them to start the penetration in to her anus. Jena's moans became a muffled scream of delight as I buried all 7 inches into her ass and began to gently thrust. Jena began to thrust back as she enjoyed my motions. My body wanted to cum again right then and there in Jena, but I wanted to save that load for Leslie, so I pulled out, much to Jena's disappointment. In the meantime Leslie's body began to shake as an impending orgasm built up steam for release. Jena doubled the speed of her licks on Leslie's clit and then it happened! Leslie screamed as the sweet seizure gripped her body in its hold, her muscles rigid, legs locked firmly around Jena's head as she released.

When it was over, Jena brought her head up, her face covered in Leslie's sweetness. I couldn't help myself; I just had to taste it as I kissed Jena deeply, and my tongue roaming all over her lips to have what she just had.

"Hey there Hun" Leslie said after the man and Jena had left to find another willing participant, "you having fun yet?" My reply of "Oh yeah!" was met with, "well, I hope you saved more of that wonderful cum of yours for me?" My head nodded in the affirmative, " I did!" With that, she had me lie down on my back again as she wiped my still stiff cock off with a wet towel. "Good, I hoped you would. I wasn't sure if you could resist dumping into that little tart's ass", she said with a smile. "I almost didn't, but I wanted you to have it all, so that's why I stopped." After making sure my rod was clean of Jena's bodily products, Leslie stood over me and slowly lowered her now sopping pussy over my cock, her womanhood slowly enveloped my manhood. I have never felt another pussy as soft and perfect as my wife Sam's, until now. Her labia parted as the head of my rod began its entry. Her hands on my stomach as inch after inch of me was slowly allowed to gain admission to her pussy, it's top adorned with a Brazilian stripe in the same auburn as her hair. My cock now fully buried in Leslie, she began to rock herself against my pelvis. My hands alternating between playing with the gorgeous pink nipples that crown her breasts and reaching down to try and catch the pussy juices now starting to roll down my balls so I could taste her directly. Watching her ride me like that, with the frescos above her head, her hair draped over the mask, I couldn't believe that I was doing this! Here I am, happily married, in the middle of one giant orgy, getting fucked my sister-in-law! But you know what? I really didn't care at that point.

I grabbed her ample hips and rocked her harder against my body, Her clit now being ground into my crotch as soft gasps escaped her mouth. Her eyes closed as she focused all her attention to her pleasure. All I could do was watch as this living monument to all that is a woman physically, did her own dance to the time of my thrusts, building up to her climax.

Oh God! It felt so good! It looked so heavenly! The way her vagina stroked my rigid member as she slid up and down my pole caused it to throb in ecstasy, blood rushing away from my brain as I built to my own release. My sight was getting blurry. I couldn't focus on anything besides this goddess that was currently riding my cock for all it was worth, her breathing began to become faster, heavier her abdominal muscles started tightening, her head starting to nod as she doubled her efforts the closer she got to cumming. My eyes had been partially closed as I enjoyed the sensation of Leslie impaling herself on my rod. When I began to open them, the room seemed to take on a kaleidoscope like scene.

I am not sure if it was the champagne or endorphins causing the effect as I saw, but all over the room people were engaged in continuous fornication. A redhead anally penetrating a man with a dildo as she had her pussy licked by the blond man she was squatting over, a blonde woman enjoying double penetration from above and below, a chocolate skinned beauty getting fucked doggie style by a swarthy guy while she sucked a huge manhood of ebony. The sight of Jena and her man humping each other against the wall as another man jerked off to it into the face of another man. The constant moans of pleasure, the ohs, the ahs, the Oh Gods, the mmms, permeating the room as if part of the cacophony of a erotic symphony being played to the background of the existential music coming from the DJ booth with the occasional exclamatory declaration that announced another person had been brought to fulfillment rang through my ears. "Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh God!

Oh God! Oh God" said Leslie as I sensed she was near orgasm.

Her kegels began to contract around the shaft of my manhood as if to draw all of me deep inside her. Then it happened!

She threw her head back and let out a primal scream that rose above the din of the surroundings, bouncing off the acoustical nature of the room as her body stiffened out with only her hips involuntarily spasming. Wave after wave of pure sweet orgasm pulsed through her body causing my crotch to become soaked in the essence of her. I could feel my cock erupt inside her, pouring, spurting what seemed to be gallons of my life force deep into her womb as I clenched the carpet, my eyes rolling back into their sockets as stars exploded in my dark vision.

After it was over, she collapsed down onto my chest, her forehead wet with perspiration from her exertions. The soft candlelight shadowing her sweet face as the last of her contractions emptied out my balls in her. "Wow!" she said, "I don't know what was happening, but I have never cum like that before." "Me either." said I as we were finally catching our breaths. The music and sounds of carnal excess continued in the background as we lay there in each other's arms.

I told Leslie that I had to excuse myself to heed nature's call. I had difficulty arising n my now rubbery legs. As I began the slow walk towards the restroom, Leslie called out for me to get her a drink on the way back. I didn't need to inquire as to what drink she would like. I have made enough of them for her at our house years, an Appletini, extra dry.

The way to the facilities was paved with naked bodies strewn about, contorted into various geometric shapes as the people pursued their sexual quests. Once in the bathroom I saw women bent over the sinks and bowls with small lines of two or three men awaiting their turn at slamming their cocks into the available holes. I finished my business and proceeded back to the bar and then Leslie. I ordered the apple flavored concoction for her and a single malt scotch on the rocks for me, took the glasses from the bartender, and carefully stepped my way over the bodies of those still entwined on the floor.

I returned to where Leslie and I had lain, only to find the chocolate skinned woman, named Chanel, beginning to lick the inside of Leslie's thigh, tracing her tongue up the left side and down the right. Only leaving the pure white skin of the leg to softly run her tongue up Leslie's rapidly re-swelling labia. Watching this scene unfold after having so recently spent myself, did little to stir my loins, at least not yet. I continued my voyeurism as Chanel swept her mouth from leg to leg, ever inching closer to Leslie's sweet pussy that was just now starting to leak out my semen.

Once there, Chanel moved her tongue up one side and around her clit to go down the other. Her slow, expert manipulation of Leslie's honey pot left her moaning in a low voice. Leslie opened her eyes to see me standing there holding our drinks.

"Mmmm, hey baby" she said "Thanks for getting me the drink." I asked her "Would you like me to help you drink it?" "Yes, please" was her response, "but not how you think I do." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well, I want to suck it off that cock of yours" was her response. I dipped my now hardening penis into the martini glass and drenched it in the cool liquid.

I then placed my member next to Leslie's mouth and she proceeded to suck off the sweet coating, and made me become stiff again.

The whole this is going on, I am also looking at Chanel as she is now starting to suck on Leslie's bud causing her to stop her administrations to me long enough to let out gasps of pleasure. Chanel's tongue now flickering in and out of Leslie's pussy, licking my cum out into her own greedy mouth as Leslie gasped some more. I looked down at Leslie to watch her beautiful red lips encircle my cock. When I looked back up, the man with the huge ebony rod was moving in behind Chanel. I think Chanel said something to the effect of "Oh God yesssss! Unnnhhhh" as he impaled his giant member deep inside her from behind. He slammed his cock in and out as she spread her kneeling legs out a little wider to accommodate his largeness. His hands holder her hips as he pounded into her pussy, its wetness betrayed by the sounds of the action.

While all this was happening, a long slender blonde approached us and said to Leslie "Mmm, hi there Les... I do believe you owe me from last time." Leslie looked up at me, my manhood now out of her mouth. "Honey, this is Greta and I do owe her something. Do you mind?" she asked with a coy look. "Not at all." was my reply. I looked over at Greta and beheld her beauty, tall, almost six feet, with an all over tan (no lines at all), a handsome pair of D-cups on her chest, platinum blonde hair resting on her shoulders, and a completely shaved pubic area showing off her pierced clit. Greta straddled herself over Leslie's face, facing her head and me, and slowly lowered her pussy down to Leslie's waiting mouth.

The whole scene completely got my cock hard again and ready for action. The contrasts of Leslie's smooth white skin, Chanel's chocolate and Greta's caramel was an aesthetically pleasing as they each consumed the others pussy, all of them dripping in cum. I knew I had to find a release for my new found burst of sexual energy. Man, I have not been ready this quickly in a long time. I looked across the room, trying to find someone to satisfy my lust when I saw her, the raven haired beauty that had earlier been in between the two men, crossing the room towards me. The saunter looked vaguely familiar as I watched her. "No! It couldn't be! She's in..." was all I could say to myself as a glimpse of the rose tattoo just inside her left thigh near her bikini area confirmed my suspicions.

"Sam?" I asked. A somewhat evil smile escaped from her face as I glimpsed her coffee brown eyes through the mask. "Hi honey. Surprised?" she asked. "Uhhhh, YEAH!" was all I could stammer out.

"You mean you KNEW Leslie was bringing me here and that... she... I... would..." "Yes!" "And you have been..." "Uh-huh." "Who's on first?" was the only think I could think to say as my jaw about hit the floor.

"Leslie and I have belonged to this "club" if you will, since way before we were married and I wasn't sure if you'd approve of it, so Leslie and I decided to see if you liked it this way.

If you did, then you and I could come back to the next party." "But, your sister..." "Oh honey, we share LOTS of things" I was dumbfounded to say the least, but also the horniest I have ever been in my life! My wife, whom I love, enjoys this and wants to share it with me! I stood there with the goofiest grin on my face.

"Now baby" Sam said, "We need to hurry because the sun will be up soon" "Hurry where?" "Didn't I mention it? We are the "featured attraction" tonight. With that said, she took my hand and led me to the center of the room where a dais had been placed with a Romanesque Chaise-lounge had been placed and lowered herself on to her back.

"Come on honey, fuck me only the way you can! Let these folks see us in action."

The crown had started to gather. At first I was nervous, but then I was turned on, probably like how an actor feels when he sees he's performing in front of a packed house.

My wife's gorgeous tanned legs spread wide in front of me, wet with both her and the cum of who knows how many men. Her eyes began seducing me from the mask as I mounted her from above, my rock hard member sliding easily into her glistening slit as our eyes locked. My hips began thrusting slowly into her and out. My mouth moved to suck on the hard caramel-colored nipples that jutted out from her tits. Her fingernails scratching paths of fire down my back as the wounds mixed with my sweat. It was if the world had stopped and it was only us despite the throng of naked observers around us. Women grinding on men's legs, men stroking their shafts as they watched Sam's tight ass thrust up to match my movement.

Our motions in the perfect synchronicity of a ballet as only a couple who have made love many times before can do.

Samantha's breasts bouncing to the rhythm of my pelvis delving my cock deep into her. That familiar sensation began to build up in both of us. It seemed to happen rather quickly, given all the sex we had had that night. I'm not sure if it was just the fact we were with each other or knowing we were giving a performance. The rapid quickening of Sam's breathing combined with her kegel muscles grasping my cock soon had my balls beginning the release of that dilute pre-cum. Her nails dug deep into my back as the first of many orgasms raced through her body. The sensation of those nails and the look on her face as she came soon had my cock pulsing whatever cum I had remaining into her now loose wet vagina. My head shot back on my neck as my eyes rolled back, my arms starting to tremble as they tried to maintain my weight on them as I emptied myself.

A polite applause greeted us as we finished and everyone began to get dressed again. The curtains were drawn open to reveal the first golden rays of daylight beginning to peak though the darkness.

Sam kissed me deeply as we lay there and said, "I am so happy that you liked this darling." "How could I not?" I replied "I was like a fantasy come true." We then got dressed ourselves, got in my car, and drove home to get some well needed sleep without a word being said or needing to be. Our hands entwined as our smiles said it all.

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