I Do Not Exist
Chapter 1: I do not exist

I don't mean like, "I don't think; therefore, I ain't". I mean, as far as the government is concerned, I don't exist. I am one of those secret projects that you hear conspiracy nuts always talking about to anyone who will listen, and they are right a lot more often than you would give them credit.

There never was a secret lab in the West Virginia Mountains, nor was there ever a project code named "Nova Sapient", and again I do not exist. If I did exist I would have been born (if that is what you can call it) on June 21st 2013 at 7pm est., 8lbs 4oz, and 21 inches long. I would have had a mother, not some poor homeless girl that was kept in a coma to be my uterine incubator. I would have had a father and not some fifty geeks in lab coats deciding which strand of DNA was to be grafted here and which strand doubled there, or what animal DNA to add (just for shits and giggles) to create my genetic soup.

I would have an average to moderately high IQ, not something in the 300s. I would be like other kids and get bumps and bruises, cuts and scraps, even the odd broken bone or childhood illness. Not me, my muscles are six times as dense as the average human, giving me about twelve times the strength. My reflexes are heightened with feline DNA so I can run faster, jump higher. I'm more agile, and I see in the dark pretty darn well.

From the canine (read wolf) DNA I have a sense of smell that would cause me to gag anytime anyone in the facility would so much as fart, and the ability to run for hours... even days without stopping. Somewhere along the line I got the ability to regenerate like a starfish on earthworm. And NO, you can't cut me in half and get two of me; one is quite enough, thanks.

I knew twenty languages by the age of fourteen and would have had three or four PhDs by the age of sixteen (if they allowed me to go to school that is). AND just before my "liberation" at the age of nineteen, I had unlocked several of my "Hidden Talents"; things like mind reading, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis (I can build up an electric charge like an eel and zap the hell out of someone) precognition, which saved my butt more that once from letting on to the guards and techies that I was even more different than they thought. But my precog is "rented cheap" so I can tell when I'm about to get in trouble or sometimes what horse will come in first, or even what number on a roulette wheel is going to come up, but it's never like "four days from now on Highway 10 you will get a flat tire." At most it's maybe one hour or even one minute before the event.

My last ability (that I know of) is that somehow I can extend some kind of "force" blade from my closed fist about ten to sixteen inches out, with which I can cut through flesh and bone and even thin steel.

I'm telling you all of this so you will know that when I woke up to the sound of gun fire outside my room/cell you will understand I knew the shit had hit the fan.

Sitting up and doing a quick sweep of the base I happened on the mind of several people that did not belong. The main thing going through all of their minds was "We must cleanse the evil from this place and destroy the abomination which dwells within."

"Great!!!" I thought to myself, just what every red blooded American freak wants... my own fan club of religious zealots. There was no doubt in my mind that I was the abomination for which they spoke/thought. Then I picked up on a thought directed at me and me alone, I zeroed in on this thought pattern and dug deep. Teddy, that's what the guards had called him. I had seen him around the facility once or twice, he was a janitor (sorry, government title "Sanitation Engineer") and every time my eyes caught him it gave me the creepy crawlies. I extracted from his mind that he had had a crisis of faith and had to confess to his priest that this base was doing the devils work and creating life against God's will. His priest had reported this up the chain of command (it's not just a military thing) to the Pope, who decided that this base and all in it must be destroyed because only God was allowed to create life.

Don't get me wrong, God's a great guy and everything. I mean he did the whole world in six days then kicked back to rest for a day (they once told me that I was the culmination of over thirty years of work and study, beginning with the work of Dr. Josef Mengele... king asshole). But other than the cool beanie and some great bling-bling, the Pope is just a man. Where does he get the right to say that I have to die because I didn't have "Made by God" stamped on my ass? That's just wrong.

Anyway Teddy and his band of merry men where headed my way for a little "one on one" and I decided I would have to miss that party, seeing as they hadn't called ahead for an appointment. So checking outside my cell, I found the area empty and with a thought of my mind I ripped the door off the hinges (I can control about 2,000lbs, double that if it's only for short periods) and looked around. It seemed that the guards had run towards the trouble and, while not being a coward, I was unarmed in a place full of weapons, so that best thing I could do is "exit stage left".

Just as I started to move, my precog kicked in and I sensed danger close around the corner. Not stopping, I looked back to see Teddy and his welcome wagon step into my corridor. Six guys in black outfits with big red crosses on the chest saw me and dropped to one knee, bring up their weapons (H&K model 91 Assault Rifles, 7.62mm rounds) and took aim at me (I'm the only one there so it must be me). Teddy pulled a hand cannon (Desert Eagle AE .50 cal). From my point of view it looked like you could drive a bus down the barrel.

Knowing I could not make the connecting hallway before I was Swiss cheese, I stopped and erected a telekinetic wall between them and me, just as they opened fire. Bullets flew everywhere. They hit my wall and ricocheted all over the place, some hitting the guys who fired them and some hitting Teddy. The guys in the black outfits were wearing body armor and they didn't bleed when they were hit, but poor Teddy was not. By the time they get the idea and stopped firing, Teddy looked like he would have to be identified by his dental records.

The ones still on their feet looked at me in shocked silence and I took a bow and turned, running as fast as I could. I hit the connecting corridor, made a banking turn left and headed for the emergency fire exit (Thank God for government regulations [see I told you he liked me]). Leaping forward I spun in the air and hit the door with both feet as hard as I could. I heard the locking mechanism shear off as the door slammed open and hit the outside wall. I stopped. It was night outside, a three quarter moon hung just above the mountains. I took a deep breath (bad idea). I smelled blood (Duh), sweat, fear (yes it has a scent all its own), cordite (read gunpowder), urine and feces (it happens when people die).

Since I was in the rear of the facility, I was standing 100ft from the edge of a cliff; this was my "yard", where I was "allowed" to exercise and where they would test me on my abilities (at least the ones they knew about). The drop off was a sheer cliff 1,000+ ft below, even I would look like splat bait after that. Thinking back, I had been trying something in my room, a kind of levitation using my telekinetic ability. So far I had only done small bits -- hover in the air about six inches off the floor -- but figuring inertia for the drop I would either die in the compression wave or miscalculate and hit a rock or tree on the way down. Then an idea hit me (thanks for letting me watch movies, guys). If I directed my entire telekinetic force in one swift downward motion and did not resist the recoil, I would be thrown in the air quite a ways. Then I could body surf the air currents like a skydiver. When I got to close to the ground I could drive another telekinetic booster as needed till I was safely on the ground.

Just then from one side of the building I saw the military guards; from the other I saw the red cross boys. Both ignored the other and pointed their weapons at me. That was a good time to get the hell out of there. So I dropped to one knee as I had seen in the movie and using my fist as a focus, I punched at the ground with all my telekinetic might.

OK, let me say right now, I was not the most graceful as I flew into the air about 1,500ft, but I was not in the place that all of those bullets converged. It took me several attempts to finally get the hang of it, but by the time I was ready to land I was several miles away and there was no way they could possibly track me.

For the first time in my life I was free.

I had the clothes on my back, nothing in my stomach, and very little of an idea of just exactly what I was going to do. I had never been in the REAL world, had no idea of what things cost, no way of getting any money (at least no way that was legal), and I had never been outside the base area, so I had no idea exactly where I was.

I was nineteen, stood 6'3", weighed about 473lbs (dense muscles and bones folks not fat), had brown hair, cat green eyes and silted pupils. I was not overly muscular as the muscles were dense they did not have to be bulky. When I looked in the mirror I liked what I saw, so maybe I wouldn't scare too many people. I had no name, no social security number, no driver's license, or any other form of identification. I was a little scared, but for the first time ever I was in charge of my own life and I could decide what I would do with it. I thought for a few moments and decided on a name. It kind of made some sort of weird since as these two people were responsible for my new found freedom (even if it was not what they wanted). My new name would be Ted Pope.

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