An Itch For Sex
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a minister's wife who needs more and better sex than she is getting from her minister husband. Eventually both husband and wife reap major benefits in their home life.

I want to tell you my story of how I became a woman who loves fucking a man with a huge dick as much as anything great in the world. I am now involved with several groups with my husband who does his own thing while I do others. All of this is because God created me with an itch in my pussy that could be eased only by huge dicks entering and leaving with passion and love. God made my marriage work through this learning situation as my husband and I have a complete understanding and love for each other despite our different sexual appetites. Hope you enjoy this.

I grew up in a strong southern Baptist church family where sex was never mentioned. I knew that I was different from my parents and friends in some way concerning sex but never really deviated from their principles until after my marriage. My parents always pushed me towards marriage with other strong Christian men and so I finally married Joe, a lifetime friend and neighbor. Joe was attending the seminary (after he completed his undergrad degree) at the time we decided to get married. He said it was god's will for our lives and the timing was right. I really was looking forward to the wedding night so that I could finally begin to learn more about sex and also experience it for the first time. Well I learned that first night that sex wasn't all that I had thought it was going to be. Joe had no experience either and we just kind of struggled our way through that night. Joe has what I thought at the time was a good size penis and it seemed capable of doing whatever was required but it only made me feel dissatisfied with an itch in my crotch area that didn't seem to be able to be scratched. We only tried it a few times during the first year and the itch just seemed to grow stronger every day.

I finally asked Joe about it and he said he would talk to a counselor at the seminary as to what could be done. The counselor recommended to Joe that he get a device she called a dildo, which I might use on my own to satisfy the itch. I agreed to try it and so he went to a local store where they were sold and purchased one. He told me that there were many sizes and shapes but he bought one that was about the same size as his so it would fit well. I was very excited and tried it the first day I had it. It did feel good but the itch continued. I asked Joe if he might get a different one that I might try. He then got a larger one that vibrated. Oh that felt so much better. I liked it and I was able to have my first orgasms. I used it a lot and felt much better. But that itch still kept coming back. I asked Joe if he might check again and get another dildo. He went back and talked to the store clerk who then recommended a larger very popular dildo, which Joe then purchased. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it because it was so large and it was also black. It had real looking veins on the sides and was about 9" long and at least 3 ' around. Wow what a dildo. Even though I thought I could never get such a device into me, I was certainly going to try. Oh god, that felt so good. I put only a few inches in at first but finally got the whole thing in and blew an orgasm like never before.

That was a great device but still the itch came back. So I decided to attend a conference of minister's wives where one of the discussions was to be about sex. The leader of the discussion was a black minister named Samuel. His talk was great and described many of the problems that were common to the wives but he did not touch on why I had this itch. So I asked to meet with him privately to discuss my situation with him hoping he would have some solution. He agreed to talk with me in his room the next morning.

I was very excited when going to Samuel's room thinking that maybe he would be able to help me. He had a suite and we were sitting on couches in the living room area while I described my problem and asked for his help. I described the dildo to him and I saw his eyes light up. He asked me if I wanted to see the real thing. That puzzled me but I was agreeable to anything that would help me. So Samuel unzipped his pants and pulled out what looked like the twin of my dildo, except that it didn't seem to be as hard and big. I was shocked but totally excited with my itch going like mad. I had to touch myself there to help ease the itchy feeling I had below. I also discovered I was very wet there. I couldn't tell what was happening but I wanted to see more. He asked if this is what it looks like and I said "yes, but yours isn't as big or hard." "We can solve that if you want to go further." "I do," I replied quickly. "Well if you touch it with your hand it will grow." Oh yes, that sounds good as I anxiously wanted to touch it (I knew already I wanted to try the real thing in me although there was some feeling that this might be wrong. It didn't matter because the itch was so great, it had to be scratched.) So I gently moved over to the couch where Samuel was and placed my hand on the real thing. Samuel said it is called a dick in laymen terms. Oh that felt so good and it truly began to expand as I held it. I was not going to let go under any circumstance because it felt so good. I moved my hand along its sides and felt the real veins as they stood out. I gently rubbed its length and grasped it tightly.

I couldn't take my eyes off that huge, bulbous dick which was so alive, so hard, so black, so delicious looking. I asked Samuel if I could try it in me. Samuel was all for the idea but first wanted to touch me and maybe even kiss me. NO other man had ever kissed or touched me but I allowed Samuel any privilege he wanted if I could have his dick in me. He then pulled me closer and touched my breasts and I was exploding inside. I was so hot. I would have ripped my clothes off but Samuel was in charge and he slowly removed my blouse and bra before touching me more. "Oh yes, kiss me; touch me", as I caressed his dick. He then put his lips on mine and opened my mouth and entered it with his tongue. Oh the feeling just shot through my whole body as I shuddered my total surrender and desire for Samuel. I had never been kissed like that but wanted more and more. Soon, my skirt was also removed and I sat naked in front of him begging for more. Samuel also took off his own clothes and I saw that his dick was actually a little bigger than my dildo. I ached to have that dick in me. Samuel told me that he was going to fuck me and was putting his wonderful dick in my pussy. I had never heard these terms before and didn't care now. All I wanted was to have Samuel's dick inside me. He finally began to enter me and I just pushed hard as I could to get it all. He was in me up to the hilt, and I was pushing and straining as hard as I could against him. I loved it and orgasms just swept my body as he fucked me as hard as he could. I had orgasm after orgasm until I felt his whole body stiffen and he then came deep inside me. I felt it gushing like a firehose hitting the walls of my womb with great force. Samuel had scratched my itch. He stayed inside me partly because I didn't want him to leave me and partly because he didn't want to leave me. I was still quivering from all the orgasms and suddenly remembered that I had not used any birth control. Joe had always used a condom but I had forgotten all about that part. Too bad, but I wasn't going to end this soon.

After another few minutes of rest, I started to move again and felt Samuel getting hard again so I accelerated my movements. Pretty soon we going at it as hard as we had before. Again the orgasms just kept flowing through me and again Samuel came inside me. Boy, I was loaded with his sperm now.

This time, he did pull out since we had used a lot of time and we both had to go to meetings. I asked Samuel if I could come back later for another lesson. He quickly agreed.

I felt that maybe we had done something wrong but my body tingled so that I wondered how that could be wrong. Still I felt I needed to talk to my husband about this, so I called him that evening before I was supposed to go visit Samuel again. I explained what had happened and my husband was kind of quiet at first. Then he said that his dick had gotten hard as he had listened to my story for some reason and that he had come in his pants. Strange, I thought. He should have been angry if it was wrong. Then he said that I should do it again and see how I felt afterwards. Oh boy I thought. But he also said that he wanted me to call him and tell him what happened in detail. Ok, I can do that. And what if I needed to do it several times. Well, that was ok too. Do it as often as you want but tell me all the details, my husband said. All right, and off I went to Samuel's room. We did it many times that night and the next day before the conference ended and I had to return home. But I knew that I was going to need lots of treatment after I got home and wandered how I could get them. So I asked Samuel what to do. Samuel gave me the name of a local black minister who could solve my dilemma at home. What happened after I got home was even better and I shall tell you that in the next part.

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