XXXecil's: Three Hundred Million
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Paranormal, Harem, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Lactation, Pregnancy, School,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Tale of the Nymphocalypse: Nothing is the same after the naked babe in my shower sucked my cock; I'm getting hornier, the world is getting sexier, and a conspiracy is underfoot that no one seems to notice. How long can I hold out against nude nymphomaniacs that can match a man's every sexual fantasy? Long enough to unravel the mystery and save mankind? Perhaps not.

They fell to the ground, laughing and fondling their own crotches in delight. As had all the others whom the beam had swept over. But the strangeness, the shock and awe and surprise still prompted those who could, to flee. My eco-friendly boxy hybrid sputtered and died; being largely electric, the EMP pulse had scrambled its workings beyond repair. That was something the theorists and UFOlogists had been right about; the aliens would first try to zap our electronics. But no one anticipated the second wave of their attack; nor could the best thinkers determine their exact objectives.

The alien warship was about the size of a hurricane, blotting out the sky with fluid, curvy ripples and bulges composed of some matte-green alien alloy; there were numerous ports, lights and devices on its surface that glowed hot pink, the same color as the ray-beams that swept my city. Well, I guess not my city; I'm just one of many newly-graduated computer-science geeks — but we were all in for it... whatever it was.

No disintegrations, no explosions so far. Just these pink rays that bathed streets and buildings, and left behind insane, giggling people in its wake.

"It's... some kind of... of... pleasure ray?" And it left young and old, male and female writhing upon the pavement; writhing with a glee unnatural, smiling so hard that they no doubt pulled the muscles in their cheeks. A plump blond housewife shook like a ragdoll, screaming all throughout a spontaneous orgasm that erupted between her thighs. And it continued; on and on. Some of the older ones couldn't handle it, collapsing insensate as the waves of impossible, artificial bliss continued to ravage their bodies. But those younger, once they got over the initial shock, their fumbling fingers tore through their pants as they began to masturbate furiously. Yet surprisingly little destruction for the no-doubt apocalyptic end of human civilization.

The jet-fighters came next. I felt a brief twinge in my belly as I dared hope that humanity was not utterly helpless before this extraterrestrial violation. No shimmering force-fields like I would have expected from the movies; missiles aimed at the hovering behemoths seemed to vanish without a trace. Then I noticed yawning, rippling... invaginations materializing out of thin air. They gaped for just moments, swallowing man-made projectiles into a hidden void of nothingness. I could see dozens of feathery-white trails in the sky as the armed forces unleashed their pent-up ballistic paranoia from the Cold-War against a new and terrible enemy.

But it was all for nothing. No explosions. Not a single missile struck any target. Strange vaginal voids in space-time just devoured every projectile. I could see one of the F-15's streaking away to attack from another angle, but one of the voids opened, and consumed the whole aircraft along with every missile it had fired.

Makes sense I suppose. If they're advanced enough to get over here from a whole other solar system, the battle's probably lost before it ever started. But for me, that didn't matter; I had to escape, survive, and those of us that remained after the attack would work out some way, anyway to fight back, no matter how long it takes! Then the ship started to pulsate, the rounded swells of greenish metal began to quiver and writhe, as if expanding... moving... opening?

"F-FIGHT YOU!!!" I howled, as I sprang upright in bed, drenched in sweat. It took a few seconds of panting into the cool dawn air before I remembered to unclench my fists. Not daring to voice my own suspicions, I opened my venetian blinds to check...

Whew. No looming alien space-craft. No furiously embattled tanks or jet-fighters. Just the city. With people going about their business. As normal. Like every other day. And now, it seemed as those these dreams were also becoming normal. That was just the latest in a long, long line of night-time visions of alien domination. Why? What the Hell had I been smoking? Well, I'd finally scheduled an appointment with a shrink, at Jase's insistence and hearty recommendation; he had a right to be tired of my screaming waking him up at night.

The dreams... they been haunting me for months now; teasing me with a certainty more compelling than sunrise, death, or taxes. They seemed more than just undigested burritos dancing a Conga line in my brain. The visions had a vividness, a clarity that was deeply sobering. A certainty... that they were true? How could they be true? To be on the safe side, I peeked again as I slipped on a bathrobe. Nope, still no alien dreadnoughts come to lay waste to mankind.

Months of this insanity... but the real reason, why I'd put off trying to get some kind of — any kind of professional help was that I couldn't acknowledge; even to myself that my convictions might be a source of weakness, might be some kind of whacked-out psychotic break. What I believed — what I knew to be true was such a compelling drive that I had refused to allow anything to justify the obvious suspicion that I was just another conspiracy nut.

Well, who am I kidding; I am a conspiracy nut; but that doesn't mean I'm crazy. Not necessarily. I hope.

I had intended to tend to the morning flagpole, but I could hear that someone was in the shower already. I could hold off for few minutes. I curled up on the couch and zapped on the boob tube. I flipped through channels featuring live-sex acts on public access T.V., seven different versions of the Playboy channel - Just in time for CSPAN coverage of a Presidential Rose Garden ceremony in which the Commander-in-Chief was presenting the Medal of Freedom to the founding members of the newly sanctioned Federal Sex-Workers Union. The gleaming medallion tossed and turned as the metal valiantly fought to nestle itself between the abundant cleavage of Lexxxia Amore, a silicon-happy, giggling embarrassment to feminism and cash-cow for a host of cosmetic surgeons. Even months after the creation of the Union, and the ratification of the Sex-Worker Protection act by Congress, the sudden acceptance and praise that was being heaped on whores, strippers, and the dangerously promiscuous was still surreal enough to make my jaw drop. Lexxxia gave a little jiggle for the benefit of the audience, followed by a coy smile. And this president was a Republican no less! Just the latest example. All this smut on the air, seemingly with no regard nor mention of FCC decency/nudity regulations.

My name wasn't Sherlock Holmes, and it didn't have to be for me to realize that something, somewhere had gone desperately wrong with the world. And no one seemed to care; no one seemed to notice. Except me, me and my small circle of friends, allies, fellow-conspirators. I think I know. At least, I might have grasped part of the puzzle. But then I heard the door swing open, and the sprinkling of the shower seemed to be dying down. Jase was probably done and forgot to completely turn off the water, I'd just slip in to use the facilities before the busy day I had ahead of me.

I just wanted to -

And then the shower doors opened in a puff of steam. Slippery legs stepped over the rim with the dainty grace of angels dancing on clouds. The merest hint of her feet, the slightest view of her hands bespoke of obvious, unmistakable femininity. From the toned sculpture of her long legs to the flaring swell of stunningly wide birthing hips up to the chiseled beauty of her fit belly would have been enough to make me cream my boxers, yet there was so much more. Her bulging breasts were too naturally life-like to be silicon implants, yet they seemed just a few inches too vast, too buxom to be real. Her heaving chest seemed to throb as though someone was trying desperately to inflate twin rose-tipped cantaloupes beyond their natural limits, yielding curvaceous valleys of feminine bounty that demanded all the lurid attention her audience could bestow.

In that moment, I became the man that every woman hates; the man that cannot look above the neckline. I didn't even need to; what I'd seen, all too clearly was more than enough. It was the most perfect female figure I could have imagined. My peripheral vision gave me a vague impression of a young-ish, smooth face, but there just seemed to be no need to look her in the eye. Even if her face had been ugly enough to warrant wearing a bag in public, her beyond-gorgeous figure would have been enough to wrench from me any promise, any vow of fidelity for the chance to couple with her. For the life of me, I couldn't even be sure she had arms. (I assume so, or else she couldn't have used the)shower. But my attention was riveted helplessly by the display of girlflesh overflowing with sex-appeal.

"You must be Cecil. Jase mentioned he had a roommate." Said a voice like velvet dipped in honey. And Jase had been bragging for a few days about this unbelievable babe he was sure to score with. I had dismissed his claims... until now.

"Y-y yeah... th's... me." Smooth, Cecil. Real smooth. But shouldn't she be the nervous one, naked and drippin$g, alone in here with a guy she's never met? Didn't show it if so. "C-can I get you a uhm... t-towel?" I offered. Beyond-Gorgeous strode towards me as if she didn't hear. I shouldn't just stare at her tits, don't just state at her tits. Notjustits, notjustits, womenhatethat... but I'd never seen anything quite like them.

I made it as far as her bee-stung, ruby-red lips framed by errant strands of platinum-blond hair plastered to her shoulders by the wetness. Almost as if she was wearing lipstick, even though the rivulets of trickling moisture proved she'd been in the shower. I just took it for granted that she had eyes.

"Why would you want me to have a towel? You're a man... I'm a woman. You crave the sight of my naked body." Thank you, Princess Obvious — but why isn't she the least bit shy? "All it takes is the sight of nude, available female flesh, and the male's libido dominates his thoughts." She ran slender fingers through my neat brown crew-cut. Ah, so she does have arms after all. "There's nothing I could say to sway you... as your penis fills with virility, the urge will become undeniable." She growled. What the hell? What was she expecting me to do?

" Uhm... you are... what do you think you're doing?" sleek fingers ran down - "HEY!!" into my boxers where her suspicions about my manhood were confirmed.

"It doesn't matter what I do — Men are animals; you exist for no other reason than to plant your seed into fertile females." I shuddered as a whisper-like teasing touch inflamed my maleness into iron-hard insistence. "Now that you are aroused, no words of mine can save me from your burning need to copulate." The way she stepped into my arms put my hands in a natural position to run my fingers down the firm swell of her ripe, gleaming ass. I shuddered as she nuzzled my neck.

"Whoa... wait I... I never meant to... I don't know what kind of... of game this is... b-but..."

"The male will feel a possessive urge and will lay claim to the female, exploring her body the way a conqueror surveys his territory..." announced Gorgeous as she grasped my wrists and placed them upon her own ample charms. Her boobs filled both of my hands neatly, with a hefty weight and hardening nipples that brought a growl to my throat. Oh dear... she had eyes too. Wrestling with my own lustful awe, I was finally able to study this slutty creature without fixating on any one part. They were sultry windows to a soul shadowed with the emerald-green promise of smoldering erotica. Strange, it was almost like she'd been wearing full make-up, yet was still dripping wet from the shower. I would have pondered the mystery further, had I not been as... distracted as I was.

"There comes a point..." she said as she arched her back, shoving her rampant mammaries further into my grip. "When no threat of social sanction can quell the urges of the male to seize his desired mate, he will press his body against her — " Her breasts... they seemed to be pressing further against my palms. As if the tender titflesh was swelling, throbbing, inflating... but not as a balloon would, her glistening rack seemed to enlarge with the weighty promise of full-bosomed sexuality. It was surreal, but too erotic for me to fully contemplate the implications. It was becoming harder to contemplate anything but my own tightening boxers.

"... he will thrust himself into his female with a savagery that denies his elevation over the beasts." She snarled. What was the point of this? Beyond crazy; this psycho-slut was trying to get herself — oh damn... her hands I forgot about her hands... Delicate fingers tightened around my manmeat with practiced care and expert insight — and I could practically feel my member leaping for joy in my constraining pants. "I will see it;" murmured Beyond Gorgeous Psycho-Slut. "I will see the instrument of my ravising!" A tongue leapt from the face of this goddess as she yanked down my boxers and graced my surging meat with wet touches that displayed a precision and control superior to the most experienced whores, before she enveloped my cock into the slippery prison of her mouth. My knees went weak... heart thudding into my chest. She kneeled lower, bobbing her blond head upon my rigid rod.

But it wasn't like a typical blowjob — (not that I'd had many!) There was some new element to her erotic ministrations. Her throat rumbled with a deep tone at the low range of human hearing, a savage and animalistic growl that represented wild drives far older than intelligent thought. A surge of odd sensations attacked my penis as her tongue encircled my shaft. It was not the build towards seething climax that every man is familiar with; but rather her mouth felt like an out-pouring of... energy? It was like my penis was a battery, storing voltage for future use. As though this naked, dripping slut was energizing my member. I could practically feel my virility increasing — along with my lust.

It was too much, too incredible to believe. Not only could I not believe this was happening to me, I wouldn't even believe that anyone could make up an encounter so crazy. Women just didn't act like this. Did they? Not even prostitutes were like this. Only the most depraved clinically-diagnosed nymphomaniac seemed likely to just assault a stranger in his shower and talk this way. Although I'm not even sure if there is a clinical definition of nymphomania, but if so, Beyond-Gorgeous here fits the bill to a Tee. Could any woman be horny enough to seduce strangers this way and not be under psychiatric care?

But there was something else wrong with this cock-sucking episode; in appearance she was perfect. For me at least. She matched the culmination of all my most erotic fantasies — everything I'd ever hoped a woman could be but never expected to encounter because of how unlikely it would be. My ultimate fantasy babe. Here, in my apartment. Trying to get me to rape her. But decides to just settle for a good, long blow-job. A very... veryy... goooood blow-job... oohhh... man... And I remembered how the whole world seemed to be gaining acceptance for erotica and indecency, strangely... step-by-step in a way that no one seemed to notice but me. And it was too much. Her mouth slid away from my cock for a moment as she panted, eyes fixated upon my rigidness.

"Now that the male has been provoked beyond the point of no return, he will seize the female and force his desires upon her yielding flesh." she decided, the gleam in her emerald eyes beyond madness. She inhaled my cock again. And her tongue... ohhh... it seemed longer, more agile than before as she worked my rod between her wet lips.

The conspiracy... it was real... there was a plot... I knew there was... I knew it... maybe this is how it starts...

"N-NOOO!!" I jerked away, my beefy ten-inches bobbing in the bathroom light. " I don't think so lady... I don't know what kind of slutty stunt you're trying to pull, but this is too weird, and I'm not gonna play along! S-so you can just... g-get dressed and... just... leave." Where were her clothes anyway?

She seemed stunned; "You are male; I am female — you are aroused and must force your mating drives upon my body!" Where was she getting this from?

"I uh... you're the most gorgeous babe I've ever seen but... uh... this... this is too much, too fast, it doesn't make sense. I'm not the kind of guy you seem to think I am." She squatted cat-like on the bathroom tiles, water running in rivulets down her swelling assets.

Beyond-Gorgeous shot me a venomous glance and stood up; her football-sized breasts bounced indignantly (They are bigger! At least two more inches! I'm sure!)

"No wonder your girlfriend left you! Useless..." she muttered some angry sneer under her breath as she stalked out of the bathroom. Naked. Dripping. She knew Susan? Was this some weird prank intended as some sort of sexual con? A set-up of some sort? My ultimate fantasy babe stalked to the door and fiddled with the knob before turning back and casting a sinister glance. "But you'll come crawling back... begging for me... your cock hard for me..." She nearly growled. "I can feel the way your body craves me; next time your willpower will fail you!" She challenged as she stalked off in a huff.

Naked. Dripping.

This girl, the most impossibly beautiful female I could ever imagine comes home with my roommate; probably gave him the night of his life, uses my shower, tries to seduce me... and leaves without drying off, and without clothing. Not a stitch. I stood at the open doorway dumb-founded as I watched her walk off down the hallway to the stairs that would lead past three more apartments and to the streets below. Naked. Dripping. I was mesmerized for a moment by the sinuous interplay between the toned muscles of her legs and nude, bulging ass cheeks. The light bulb in the hallway glinted off her wet skin, highlighting every glorious curve and voluptuous swell.

"But... but... your clothes!?" I wasn't sure anymore what response I should expect from her. She turned back, eyes narrowed, her hard, plump nipples catching the light from a sideways angle to give brilliant pinpoints. And she laughed. Laughed with cruel mockery. As if I was the crazy one. That rapturous face sneering at me shredded my confidence for a moment. It was a look that said 'get with the program'. And yet... as far as I knew, there were still laws against public nudity, how could she... what is she thinking? What does Beyond-Gorgeous know that I don't?

"She'll probably know the inside of a jail-cell, especially if she meets a female cop." I assured myself. "What ever's going on in the world isn't bad enough that naked people can roam the streets at will." Oopsie... then I realized that my own boxers were still down, my own rigid meat exposed in the breeze. I closed the door and resolved to get dressed. I had a busy day ahead of me, and I'd ask Jase about his screwy girlfriend next time I saw him.

I searched his room as I struggled to put pants on. His bed was surrounded on all sides by posters, mementos, and discs with recordings of Katherine McPhee from during and after American Idol. The bed was a frazzled mess of wrinkled sheets. I could see that the legs of the bed had been jostled, shifted from their prior imprint on the carpet. Someone had gotten laid last night.

Seemed odd; I'd always heard that women don't like being compared to most other women, and huge reminders that you idolize another girl was probably a turn-off most of the time. But I guess not tonight. But for now, empty room, empty bed.

So he banged her last night, and then he left in the morning... so she stays behind... for me? Huh. My pants... URRNT That was odd; my erection was still going strong. I should have gone soft by now, but my action-ready rod was still hot and bothered. I tried three times before I succeeded with my zipper. I couldn't remember the last time my cock had been so hard. My cock.

My ten-inch cock. You'd have thought it would make me a spectacular lover; so the girls had thought too. But when Susan was finally ready for me... I was... just so nervous... just couldn't perform on demand, you know? Too much pressure. And she talked about it, all the gritty details with her girlfriends. Cecil the Dud. Good thing college isn't high school, and outside of hazing there's not much motive for pranks and stupidity. I'd even tried to patch things up with Susan, tried to go out with her again, but she was still ambivalent at best. So how did Jase's babe know her? Where the two of them bosom-buddies, plotting against me? Well, I'd ask Jase if he knew if this girl was friends with Susan.

But now I was starting to wonder if there was a conspiracy of women intending to use their sexual wiles to influence society... I think. But there has to be more to it than that. If it was that easy; why hadn't it been done before? Still, I was more sure than ever that something rotten was going on, and I was determined to uncover it.

"... So I think the Trilateral Commission might be in on it; but it wouldn't surprise me if there was some kind of Top-Secret technology involved from Area-51."

"Isn't that what you said about the Kennedy Assassination?" My compadre Raoul replied. Standing with his thumbs in his pockets, leaning against the door of his Nissan Ultima with a semi-dreamy expression on his faintly-goateed face.

"Well, sure yes... that's why it's a conspiracy!" I explained emphatically. "And who's to say it's not the same people involved! This could be a plot stretching back for decades, this... this sexualization of the culture could be the next step in their power play."

"Really? I hadn't noticed."

I frowned. "But look down the street, all those bill-boards, every single product is being advertised by a big-boobed blond in a bikini; even that piece for Shady Groves Retirement Home!" I pointed frantically. "I can count... at least three couples in parked cars making out... right now. And look... down about half-a-block, there's an electronics store... yeah that one. Inside the display window they've got all the new flatscreen T.V.'s in Hi-Def, and I checked 'em earlier. They're all playing public access channels... and look, yeah right now! It's showing some kind of strip-club... a red-head on a pole about to toss her bra to the audience... and here it is, in public... with no one the least bit worried about censorship... or indecency, or anything like that!" It was so obvious to me.

"Man, you been too uptight ever since that thing with Susan. Don't be such a prude, man."

"I am not..." I bit my lip. "I'm not a... prude... but I'm just saying that this is a little too weird. I shifted my Hybrid into Park while I tried to talk some since into Raoul, a buddy since High School. I might have seemed uptight certainly... it was my cock. Still. I was still hard! Still horny! I'd worry about that later. "I can't ignore this... a year ago, Main Street was nothing at all like this. It was... normal. Normal business as usual. But there's this weird hyper-erotic element that's slowly creeping in. Think back, it wasn't always like this!" Raoul scratched his tousled hair.

"I think it... I... can't seem to remember..." he looked confused.

"Yes! That seems to be a trend. It's like... almost nobody can think about what the world used to be, it's changing in front of us, but no one seems to notice, and no one seems to remember! That's why our website is so crucial! Plots to control the government and media have been in place for years; and that's why I need you and Jase, and Ted more than ever!" I was trying not to raise my voice too much.

"To be honest, my man... I'm not going to have as much time for the conspiracy site these days; I gotta tell you, I think I'm in love!" He almost cooed. My suspicions flared.

"Really, well that's just great Raoul. Tell me about 'er. Tell me everything." It was more than just voyeuristic curiosity.

"She's everything I could have possibly imagined! She knows just what I want, when I want it! She's hotter than Miss July, could be a porn-star if she wanted, And she came onto me!" He gestured, becoming visibly animated with the blush of infatuation. His white T-shirt tightening as he subconsciously puffed out his chest in a display of male confidence. Raoul wasn't a bad looking guy, but not great either. He wasn't quite tough enough to pull off any kind of bad-boy criminal mystique that some women preferred, neither was he smart or determined enough to gain impressive wealth. Pretty normal, really. And a super-hottie just comes onto him. How about that.

"You should all meet her, never seen a babe like her! She's got all the right curves, boobs that defy gravity... brown skin like suntanned-honey. Black hair like a kiss at midnight... ohhh... that's almost poetic... I should be writing this down. She's the perfect latina, and she's into me!" He pointed a triumphant thumb at himself.

"She's upstairs in my apartment getting ready right now; we're going to the park — They got a great make-out spot down by the pond!"

he gave me an exaggerated series of winks.

The door to the complex above the sidewalk swung open, and an incredible creature strode down the three steps to the sidewalk and curb where Raoul's ride awaited her. Sweeping wide hips were scarcely contained in blue-jean short-shorts that seemed tight enough to be painted on. A T-shirt mid-drift was tied in a knot below breasts wider than most cereal bowls, with hard nipples blatantly proclaiming her bra-less state as she jiggled towards her man. And she was blond. Platinum blond. With an angelic face of aquiline perfection that seemed to be designed by an artist rather than nature. Definitely no latina... Black hair? Kiss of Midnight? She was a nordic goddess! What was Raoul... must not be the same girl. Clearly not.

"Que Pas, Papi?" the nordic beauty proclaimed as she melted into Raoul's arms, boobs puffing out against his chest. He could only moan and murmur against her lips.

"Mmmm... Cecil; this is Maria. As if there could be any doubt!" he was almost giddy as he clasped her about the waist. So she was the one he meant! No. Way. No freakin' way. But he was serious! The girl looked nothing like his description she was... I gulped. Just what I've always wanted in a girl... just like... Jase's girl. What the hell was this? What was happening to everyone? Or is it... is it me? Am I really that crazy; do I see my perfect fantasy woman everywhere I turn? No... there were a few average-looking wives and mothers walking down the sidewalk, nothing unusual. It was just a few women... it made no sense. Who was insane, me or Raoul? Or both of us? But then... it was getting harder to think... my cock again... still hard. Tenting my jeans furiously, now this was too much.

I scarcely noticed when Raoul and Maria drove away, too wrapped up in each other for proper good-byes for the sake of politeness. Still my penis thrust furiously outwards, alive and eager for use. No... no this was not normal. In fact I... I haven't gone limp at all since... the girl in the shower! Almost an hour ago. There could be no other explanation! She'd done something to me. She'd changed me somehow when she sucked my dick. The feeling like electrical charge! And I could feel the raw sensation of a fuller-than-normal load of sperm inside a cock eager to release it! It was like water behind a dam, with increasing pressure. How far would this go? It seems I'd have to jerk off just to feel normal. That naked slut had put something in me to make me hornier? What, some kind of cutting-edge, semi-legal sex-drug? I'd heard of guys that liked to slip rupies to girls for some free, yet highly illegal jollies, but why would a girl try to slip a strange man a drug to make him hornier?

"Jase... gotta talk to him. Get him to tell me everything about how he met her... maybe then I can make some sense outta this..."

I don't think she saw me; I was hoping to catch one of the

madwomen in a private moment, and I got lucky because one of them was coming back to my own apartment. Jase was there, I'd phoned earlier and caught him on his cell, saying he'd needed to pick up some supplies, and sounding highly exhausted. I wonder why. Heh. But that was when I saw her... or... another one of them, a fabulous blond wonder, with all the hips and boobs that I could ever hope for in a woman. She was opening the door to my apartment, clad only in frilly, pink negligee — which I can only assume she'd gone out in public wearing. (These female conspirators certainly could be identified by their fashion-sense)

Acting on a suspicion, I'd fired up my camera-phone and was prepared to get some shots of her. I stood at a corner intersection of the floor trying to surreptitiously watch my own apartment that I shared with Jase. The woman left the door wide, wide open. And from the angle, through the door I could see a portion of Jase's side, his bedroom. I got off a few shots without really looking closely at the screen.

"KAT! KAT!! YOU CAME BACK!! GIMME SOME OF THAT MCPHEVER!!" howled Jase. He was answered by a girlish giggle.

"No... no... don't tell me..." I muttered in disbelief.

"I... am about... to score AGAIN... with Katherine McPhee twice! In less than two days!!" My roommates voice degenerated into a cry of exultation that was half-laugh, and half ecstatic moan. No. Way. He can't be... he thinks that was his celebrity object of worship? I shook my head in stunned confusion. I'd seen pictures of the amber-haired singer before, (you couldn't avoid it, living with Jase.) and that babe was absolutely not her. He said twice, in less than two days... it could only have been naked shower babe who'd given me that supernatural blow-job! Who bore no resemblance at all to my roommate's parasocial psychosexual obsession. Was he so horny, so consumed with infatuation over his celebrity crush that he was hallucinating? Like Raoul?

"Oh Jason... you know I couldn't stay away..." purred the she-devil as she cast aside her frilly garments. From my vantage point, I could see only the taut muscles of her back and shoulders as she stripped. Hair was still blond, Jase had to be crazy. Unless I was crazy? But what were the odds that a model-worthy hottie with record deals and celebrity status would come here, and have a secret affair with a jobless, General-Studies graduate with an average body and no apparent prospects? Let's find out what I'm really seeing...

I glanced at my camera-phone and selected the most recent picture — and my blood ran cold. Entering my apartment was a dark, girl-shaped void in space and time surrounded by multi-colored sheets of swirling energy. The entity had no apparent dimension, just a blackness in a woman's shape, (with a great ass) and wreathed in a rainbow of energy waves that no earthly force should have been able to generate. My lip quivered. "What the — it has to be... some kind of... camera error... malfunction... doesn't it?" Unless none of us where correct; she wasn't the nordic beauty I had always wanted, wasn't the dark-haired latina Raoul fancied, or Jase's obsession, but rather something unnatural... something alien.

I heard a female voice snarling in anger. "... Don't need these!!" I couldn't see everything, but I saw the blond reaching down and jerking at something. Then I saw her reaching over to Jase's nightstand and grasp up a roll of condom packages and hurling them angrily out the open window, it was as it she'd touched a poisonous slug. Even without seeing her face, I could detect in her posture the revulsion and outrage.

"Jason honey, we can be together... but you must PROMISE me that I will never see birth-control in your place again." The sweet voice thinly veiled a tone of barely checked rage.

"B-but Kat? I was... thinking of you?" stammered Jase.

"I mean it, sweetie. You'll lose me if I see any trace of a condom in your room. I'll let you off this time with a warning. I can't let anything stand between your manly cock and my wet pussy." the she-devil cooed.

"I... eh... O-Okay..." I could practically hear the squelch. This monstrous, erotic being was screwing my roommate with the door wide open, and I knew... I knew from the way their hips met that Jase had slid into her with one mighty thrust, as wet as she was. She was on top, and soon a chorus of throaty cries filled the air as my buddy and this terrible, alien thing rutted like wild beasts. For just a moment, one of the cries of throaty lust seemed to rise just above the vocal range of any human. If Jase noticed, he could care less. Only her jiggling breasts and slick pussy mattered. The slick pussy of his celebrity idol. I could just catch a flash of her throbbing, bouncing boobs wobbling in an obscene rhythm as she thrashed sinuously atop the rigid cock buried in her slick sanctum.

"Ohh... Kat... SCHLUNK... your... your breasts... I had no idea... you were so big..."

"Mmmm... just for you, baby."

But she wasn't that big, was she? I remembered something... when I'd seen her in the shower, when that crazy slut was coming on to me, it seemed like her breasts were swelling in my hands. A slow creep of mammalian expansion that was devastatingly erotic, but should never have been possible for a natural woman.

But then she turned her head, and met my gaze with a wicked smile. She knew, she knew that I was watching. And she liked it. This girl-thing wanted me to see her with Jase's dick buried so deep into her clenching, dripping cunt. It was a look that seemed to say 'You're next, big boy.' And with a slight shake of her head, the female entity seemed to be telling me 'There's no escape.'

Suddenly, I didn't want to be here anymore. I didn't want to see Jase climaxing inside of the blond, beautiful horror. I had to leave, I had to think. The Thing, this girl-monster that seemed able to become any man's fantasy turned again and watched me with a smirk as I fled. They couldn't be photographed, we see them... how we want to see them, they try to entice strange men into raping them, and demand unprotected sex — flying into rages at the sight of condoms. Moreover, if they touch your cock, you'll be hard all day... all day.

What next? I had this impossible picture of a... er... I don't know what; but I needed more proof to unearth the full depth of the conspiracy besides a screwed-up camera phone shot. I needed help. I also needed to cum, badly.

The phone rang. It took him a moment to rouse himself from the reclining posture of his easy-chair, feeling drained from the explosive afterglow of the first orgasm. Yet somehow, his fingers reached the desk and fumbled for the receiver.

"Mmm... yeah?" he murmured.

"Ted, I've got something; this is big. Major. It's the plot that we never believed possible, I'm going to email you some pics now that - Hey Ted, are you with somebody? I think I hear uh... giggling?"

It was Cecil, an online friend who happened to live quite close. Ted often contributed to his Global Conspiracy Website. Cecil had made some compelling arguments for his grandiose theories, but now Ted had more important matters to attend.

"Oh yeah, she's incredible aren't you baby?" A girlish laugh sounded from under his desk, and a delicate hand slid into his open zipper. Cecil sounded worried when he spoke next.

"Lemme guess, she's short; close to five-feet tall, with curly blond hair, has a face like a teenager, but with unbelievable boobs almost as big as her own head." Cecil announced over the phone.

"Shyeah! That's it man! Have you met her before? You described her perfectly, she's like my ultimate fantasy woman come to life! Hey, hey babe... tell Cecil what you're doing now..." The phone receiver was passed under the desk.

"I'm giving your friend Ted the blow-job of his life... MMPHSLURP." said a velvety voice. "And I swallow!" girlish laughter. "Maybe I'll do you too, if you come on over here..." She handed the receiver back.

"And she's for real, man!" Ted reported enthusiastically.

"No, no Ted. She's not what you think she is." Cecil insisted.

"I know! She's a genuine Nymphomaniac! And here I thought they didn't really exist! Like unicorns or the tooth-fairy! I never would have suspected!" Cecil seemed to grumble something and then hung up abruptly. That was unlike him.

"Oh well, he's just jealous. He'll come around. In the meantime, let's take a look at those tits again." Soon, her massive baby-feeders were wobbling in Ted's grip as he wallowed his face in a quaking valley of voluptuous cleavage. She laughed again, and it was almost... mocking laughter?

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