Pushing Boundaries
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two swinger couples meet at a dance and then go up to their hotel rooms. One of the women has fantasized about seeing a guy go down on another guy and gets her fantasy fulfilled

"Alex, where is our play kit?" I asked, noticing that he wasn't carrying it.

"It's inside."

"Go get it. I'll be in the car," I told Alex as I walked down the driveway. When my husband thinks we aren't going to hook up, he leaves our play kit at home.

Alex's little bag comes in handy when we go to dances or play parties and end up getting naked. Besides condoms and lube, his pack contains toothbrushes, lipstick, breath mints, hair scrunchies and a toy or two. The hair scrunchies keep my long, red hair out of the way when I'm giving blowjobs and became an essential part of our play kit early on.

My single friends complain how hard it is meeting someone on Match. com or any of the other online dating sites. I'm sympathetic, but my husband Alex and I have a more difficult task. Imagine trying to find four people who not only enjoy each other's company, but a foursome where the women are hot for the guys and vice versa. Over the last five years, our marriage has progressed from the traditional monogamous relationship to one where we meet and socialize with interesting couples whose company we enjoy both inside the bedroom and out. To this end, I check our Adult Friendfinder account every evening. Think of AFF as a Match. com for alternative relationships: swingers, unfaithful spouses, married women looking for women, etc. Although it isn't one of the classier swinger sites, we sometimes find attractive couples that haven't yet found the better sites. One friend jokes that AFF maintains its quality by enforcing a three-tooth minimum.

"Hey hubby, come over here and see the couple that winked at us."

"Let me guess... no pictures of the guy and the woman is 400lbs and has numerous photos of her nasty pussy."

"Actually, you'll be surprised; they're not bad."

A couple with an attractive guy is rare. We tend to ignore winkers and wish-listers, but this guy's good looks were the exception on AFF. I liked his olive-skin, dark hair, and an athletic physiques, but his deep, blue eyes where his most striking feature.

The majority off AFF profiles display only pictures of the woman (or worse, genital close-ups that would be better displayed in medical pathology textbooks). However, this couple included several tasteful clothed photos. Their one nude caught my eye. The woman stood behind her husband with her arms wrapped around his waist and her hands encircling his cock. With her hands placed one after the other, plenty of his cock protruded where her second fist ended. I understood why the woman was smiling; his cock was a good bit longer than my husband's.

My pussy got all tingly thinking about what I would do with this well-endowed guy. I yearned to make out with him and slide his handsome cock into my mouth and make him come. Unfortunately, the wife wasn't nearly as attractive as her husband; not exactly homely, but her features didn't quite compliment one another. But what her face lacked in beauty was offset by a slender body and huge natural tits; tits that my husband could fuck while I held them around his cock.

I've been disappointed by the disproportionate number of awful looking married men in the lifestyle. There seem to be many wives' who subscribe to the notion that there's no such thing as an ugly rich guy. I might sound like a superficial bitch, but we swing to fulfill fantasies and look forward to finding couples that turn us on physically. When it comes to socializing; we already have plenty of interesting vanilla friends.

Alex needed to take one for the team this time. I've endured the attentions of several homely men so my husband could play with the guy's hot wife. I was damned if I was going to let my husband pass on them.

"So what do you think?" I asked.

Alex smiled. After 15 years of marriage, he knows my taste in men. "I think you dig the guy."

"So do you want to meet them?"

"Sure. But they'll probably flake on us."

I sent them a brief message and asked if they'd meet us at the upcoming Pleasure Zone party. The PZ group puts on themed dances that, while not strictly swinger events, are more erotic than the run of the mill nightclub. The upcoming December dance was at a nearby hotel and would be a good place to meet; if we didn't hit it off with them, we could dance and flirt with plenty of other couples.

Much to my surprise, the couple replied that they were interested in meeting. Talking to them on the phone, we learned that Karin and Steve were in their late 30s and didn't have children. Although both worked in high-tech, they seemed outgoing, lively, and easy to talk to. Since they lived more than an hour away, they decided to reserve a room at the hotel. With them reserving a room, the possibilities for naughty fun increased significantly.

On the way to the party, I reflected on my outfit; I've worn sexy outfits to other swinger events, but never one revealing so much flesh. A long black winter coat covered my skimpy outfit for when we'd be walking through the hotel lobby, but underneath, a black fishnet body stocking hugged my body and did nothing to hide my leopard-print bra and panties. At 5'4" and 130lbs, I'm self-conscious about my body, but my daily runs got me in the best shape in years and felt comfortable wearing a skimpy outfit.

We arrived a little after 8pm and the dance floors were nearly empty; there were a few couples standing about talking, but we didn't see anyone we knew. After checking in our coats and street clothing, we proceeded to the dance floor where the DJ spun hip-hop.

An hour of dirty dancing with Alex passed quickly. The dance floor was now packed, but still no sign of Karin and Steve. I wondered if they were going to flake on us, but we've never had that happen before.

"Hey, they're here," said Alex.

"Don't wave," I hissed, not wanting to seem too eager.

They came over to where we were dancing and introduced themselves. We gave up on small talk as we couldn't compete with the sound system and began dancing with each other's partners. Steve looked better in person and his smile had me wanting to do more than just dance with him. Steve grinned when I reached down and grabbed the growing bulge in his pants. I was glad they were experienced. No hour or two before kissing them; no discussions about how they don't yet kiss other couples; no wife freaking out when she sees me sucking her mate's cock. Newbies can be frustrating; while we were inexperienced once, we'd rather not be the teachers now. So I was glad Karin pressed up close to my husband and sucked face with him by the third song. While those two kissed and fondled, I did the same with Steve.

At one point, I glanced over and saw Karin down on her knees in front of my husband mouthing his cock through his silk boxers. Although promoted as an erotic evening for adventurous couples, the dance attracted only a few swingers; maybe less than ten percent of the partygoers. Not that we cared, but swinger events are more risqué and overt sexual behavior is often the norm. But at this dance, Karin's simulated blowjob got us plenty of looks. When the guys sandwiched us between them, I slipped Karin the tongue and made out with her. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed several women pointing us out to their boyfriends.

"Seems like we are attracting some attention. Want to go up to our room?" Steve asked.

My husband smiled at me; I guess he was having a better time with Karin than I expected. At one point, we would have excused ourselves for a moment and made sure each of us was comfortable going up to a couple's room. We would have discussed boundaries and what our limits would be with the other couple. We didn't want to find ourselves in situations where we could hurt one another. Now, after a few years of swinging, we are a lot more spontaneous and adventurous. We've pushed boundaries and crossed lines we told ourselves we'd never cross, but we've always enjoyed ourselves in the process and have regretted nothing.

"Sure. Sounds great." I replied.

Walking up to their room, I held Steve's hand while Alex rested his hand on Karin's shapely little ass. Once in their room, I put my arms around Steve and stuck my tongue in his mouth and continued where we had left off on the dance floor. Men have commented that I am an aggressive kisser, but they keep coming back for more. Steve didn't seem to mind and proved the perfect partner as his soft lips toyed with my probing tongue. While we kissed, his hands roamed all over my body, finally settling on my breasts; kneading and squeezing them until my panties grew damp and clingy.

Steve led me to the king-sized bed, but before he could remove his pants, I got down on my knees in front of him and slowly slid them down to the ground. After feeling the hardness of his cock against me on the dance floor, I wanted it in my mouth; I wanted it deep; I wanted it throbbing as I sucked him.

Freeing his cock from his underwear, I held it in front of my face, stroking it from tip to base, appreciating its length and softness. "Does it need a little suck?" I asked. I wanted to hear him tell me what he wanted, wanted him begging for me to suck his cock. Instead, he grabbed my head -- not too hard or rough, but with enough firmness that I knew he was in control. I opened my mouth as he guided his cock into my wide-open mouth.

His cock was a good seven and a half inches long, but slender enough that I could easily wrap my fingers around it; maybe an inch or so longer than my husband, but nowhere near Alex's girth. Unlike some of my "size queen" gay friends, Steve's slender cock suited my needs. My husband's thick cock is often painful when he fucks my pussy and impossible for me to deep throat. And anal? Although a challenge, I do enjoy getting it in the ass from time to time. Sucking cock, though, is my favorite way to enjoy a cock and I delight in showing off my skills. So monster cocks are more of a hindrance than anything.

"The feels so good," he said as I took his cock deeper into my mouth and began working my tongue all around it; getting it slick with my saliva so that my mouth would glide easily over his flesh and make him feel good.

After a few moments, he surprised me by asking me to stop.

"Why?" Few guys ever ask me to stop before they orgasm.

"I don't want to come just yet and you do that amazingly well."

He got in bed and coaxed me to get on top of him. Before mounting him, I got down between his legs and gave his cock another few sucks. Mmmm, I loved sucking his beautiful cock.

Straddling his hips, I slid the head of his cock back and forth between my wet pussy lips. "I think I know where you'd like your cock," I told him as I put the tip of it in me. The excitement of having this sexy guy underneath me made my pussy slick with my juices and I wanted it filling me. Taking my time, I slide slowly down his long cock; savoring the feeling of it stretching my pussy. The first stroke feels the best and I try to prolong the experience.

Getting into a steady rhythm, I bounced around on Steve's cock, driving it deep into my pussy and grinding my clit against his pubic bone. Within a few moments, sweat beaded up on my forehead as I slammed my body down on him.

"Whatever your husband is doing to Karin, she seems to like it."

Steve was right; I was so engrossed fucking this hot guy that nearly forgot that our spouses were in the room. Karin's was being very vocal and I wanted to see what my husband was doing to her. Keeping Steve's cock in me, I swiveled around to watch them.

Karin reclined in a wide armchair with her well-toned legs spread over the armrests. My naked husband knelt before her on the floor, alternating between working his mouth over her pussy and fingering her. It pleased me that Karin seemed to be enjoying my husband's attention. While Alex feasted between her legs, she played with her breasts, squeezing and pulling them to and fro. I couldn't wait to fondle them and suck her erect nipples. Alex says he loves my B-cup breasts, but I'd rather have Karin's big, soft breasts; breasts that turn heads when walking into a room.

"Why don't you two join us," I asked, wanting to sink my face into her cleavage and lick my way down to her pussy.

When she got in bed next to me, I reached over and massaged her firm tits. As I rubbed her breasts, my husband licked and kissed her inner thighs and then trailed kisses from her knees back up to her pussy. She grabbed my hand and held it tightly as much husband flicked his tongue across her clit. A mottled-red flush developed from her breasts to her face as Alex gave her an orgasm.

"Oh my god, that was intense," she said as she pulled my husband up to her mouth and kissed him.

While he kissed her, he looked over and watched me reverse cowgirling on Steve. My husband rarely sees me kissing other men, let alone fucking them. I prefer not having my husband watch as it makes me self-conscious. I still have trouble with the notion that I fuck other people. My Southern upbringing is hard to get over.

"Karin, I think Liz's pussy could use your tongue. Can you do that for her?" requested Alex.

Karin got down in front of me and kissed and nibbled on my thighs; gradually working her way towards my clit in a methodical manner; building up tension and having me desirous of her tongue on my button. Karin listed herself as "bi-curious" in their AFF profile, but with my clit in her mouth and her tongue trilling away at it, she certainly seemed to have whizzed way past the curious faze.

I didn't have much experience with women; I've kissed and gone down on a few, but having a woman go down on me was both new and exciting. Karin's gentle licks enhanced the feeling of her husband's cock in me. Even when I was a confirmed heterosexual, blonde women always got me a little turned on. Now I had the luxury of a blue-eyed blonde woman slurping and kissing my pussy.

As soon as Karin prostrated herself between my legs, Alex got behind her and rubbed her pussy while stroking his cock until it was erect.

"Karin, are you ready for my husband's thick cock?"

"Tell him to stick it in already!"

Karin gasped as my husband entered her. Before we started swinging, I would have divorced my husband if he cheated on me. Now I delight in watching how well he fucks women. It turns me on seeing him play with a woman and slowly work on her until she has orgasm after orgasm. I hope these women go home and fantasize about Alex and desire him more than their own husband.

Reaching around Karin's waist, Alex strummed his fingers across her clit. In no time, she was moaning and breathing heavily.

"Hubby, come in her pussy. I want to see the look of pleasure in your face as you come in her. That's it, fuck her harder," I yelled as he pounded into her; grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto his cock so hard that the entire bed shook.

"Fuck her sweet cunt. Isn't she hot? Come in her pussy so I can lick it out. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Have my tongue lap your cum from her sloppy cunt?"

In group settings, Alex has trouble coming, but tonight he didn't have that problem. When he slowed and shortened his thrusts, I knew he was on the verge of an orgasm.

The four of us working in unison brought me to levels of pleasure I had never experienced. Quivering with my first orgasm of the evening, I watched my husband close his eyes as he squirted his cum into the moaning woman between my legs.

"Oh my god," my husband groaned as he continued thrusting his cock into Karin.

After pulling his dripping cock from Karin, Alex came over and gave me a deep kiss.

"That was so fucking hot watching you ride Steve," my husband told me as he rubbed my breasts. "I'll be back in just a moment."

When Alex went off to the bathroom, I was left in a threesome, enjoying Steve's cock and Karin's eager mouth. They were making me feel so good that I thought I might petition my husband for a hall pass so that I could have a threesome with these two for an evening; maybe work up to the point where Steve used his lengthy cock in my ass while I sprawled between Karin's wide-spread legs and ate her clean-shaven pussy.

"Steve, are you OK? You haven't come yet," his wife asked.

"I'm OK, I just wanted to make sure Liz came first. Kind of hard concentrating with so much going on."

"It's your turn now," I told him. "Want to change positions?"

"No, this is fine."

Although I was amazed Steve hadn't come yet, his stamina pleased me, as I wanted a few more orgasms. Karin licked from the bottom of her husband's balls to my clit and then got up and kissed me with her pussy-flavored lips. Tasting my own scent on her was both pleasant and strange; I never expected to kiss a woman, let alone kiss a woman whose face smelled of my pussy.

"Karin, you made me feel so good. Will you lick me for a moment more? Won't take me more than a minute to have another orgasm."

"Could Alex do it? I'd love seeing your husband down between your legs while you fuck my Steve."

She looked at me for a moment before continuing. "It gives me butterflies asking this, but do you think Alex would suck Steve's cock?

"Are you serious?"

"I am; I've always fantasized about watching a hot guy giving my husband a blowjob."

Her request unnerved me. Among our swinger friends, male bisexuality is very much frowned on. But more to the point, the thought of my husband sucking cock used to make my skin crawl. At the moment, however, I was turned on and found the idea of Alex giving a blowjob oddly appealing. Unnerving, but hot. When would I see something like that again?

Before we started swinging, my husband told me he often played with himself while imagining me going down on a woman. Much to my surprise, he got his wish -- again and again. Maybe now was a good time to turn the tables on him and see whether he liked going down on someone of the same sex; see how he'd like a cock in his mouth.

"Has Steve ever done anything sexual with a man before?" I asked, not sure if I wanted to know the answer.

"No, but he'll do it since I want it. He knows how much I want to see him and another man trade blowjobs."

Turning around, I looked down at Steve. "You've been quiet. Do you really want my husband going down on you?"

"That's Karin's fantasy, but if it will turn you girls on, I'm game."

"Will you suck my husband afterwards?" I asked.

"I don't know if I'm ready to return the favor. I'll see."

At least he was honest; I still wasn't sure if I could coerce my husband into blowing Steve.

"Do you think Alex will go down on him? I know that's asking a lot," Karin said.

"Leave that to me," I told her as she went off to the bathroom.

"Steve, I've been fucking you for twenty minutes. You sure your cock isn't raw yet?

"Not at all. I'm thrilled seeing your fine ass wiggling around on me."

When Alex got back to bed, he sucked my breasts while I leisurely rode Steve's cock. I was ready for another orgasm, but I wasn't sure my husband was ready for what Karin and I had in store for him.

My heart thumped with nervousness and excitement; could Karin and I get my very hetero hubby to suck another man's cock?

"My clit needs a little attention," I told Alex.

Alex reached down, and with two fingers, rubbed my clit in circles the way he learned from me. In the last year, he's gotten so good at fingering me to orgasm that I prefer that to getting oral sex, but tonight I had ulterior motives for him laying between my legs and eating me out.

"Alex, your fingers feel wonderful, but can you lick my clit like Karin was doing a few minutes ago? That felt fantastic."

He looked down at my cock-filled cunt and then back at me with his eyebrows arched. Did it horrify Alex that he'd be so close to Steve's cock? Unlike some men, Alex isn't squeamish about being close to naked men when we are in a bed full of naked people. However, it's one thing brushing up against a cock while in a tangle of bodies, but it is something completely different having one's face up close to a warm cock sliding into his wife's cunt. With his tongue on my pussy, he probably realized Steve's cock would brush against his face and tongue as he licked me.

"Come on hubby, my clit needs your tongue now," I pleaded.

Pulling his head to mine, I kissed him deeply and stroked his cock; trying to get him turned on enough to be tractable.

"Lick my clit," I whispered in his ear as I pushed his head down.

"I see I don't have a choice in this."

"No, not really. Now get down and start eating my pussy like my good hubby."

Kneeling before me, he kissed my breasts, moved lower and kissed my belly. Pausing for a moment, he looked back up at me before continuing down to my pussy. I leaned back so that my clit stood out proudly, making it easy for him to grab with his lips. I guided his head to my pussy and relished the feeling of his lips and tongue working my clit back and forth in his mouth.

While cantering along on Steve's cock, I smiled at my husband's futile attempts at keeping his tongue on the hood of my clit. Toying with him amused me and I had to stifle my giggles when I moved erratically so that his mouth and lips ended up on Steve's cock. After coming into contact with Steve's cock and balls a few times, Alex gave me a sharp look; the same annoyed look he gives me when I play practical jokes on him. I think he knew I was having some fun with him at his expense.

When Karin returned from the bathroom, she got down next to my husband and rubbed her massive D-cup titties all over his back. Unlike the ubiquitous fake breasts we encounter in the lifestyle, Karin's real breasts flattened and formed to his body as she moved them about on his back. He probably barely noticed them as he focused on my clit while avoiding Steve's cock.

Looking up at me with a huge grin, Karin said, "This is so hot watching Alex lap at your cock-filled pussy. Alex, are you enjoying your wife's pretty pussy?"

Karin stuck her tongue out and licked and nibbled on Alex's earlobe; running her tongue along the inside of his ear and causing goose bumps to sprout all over his arms and back.

"Suck her clit for me," Karin continued as she kissed my husband's cheek. Alex's ears are very sensitive and she continued giving them the kind of attention that causes his cock to harden when I do it to him. I knew when she Frenched his ear, he would do nearly anything for her; she just needed to keep it up for a few more moments.

Karin whispered into my husband's ear, "Alex, I'd love watching you suck on my husband's cock. Will you do that for me?"

When Alex didn't respond, she mounted his back and licked his other ear. "I'll make it worth your while," she told him as she nibbled on his earlobe.

"Alex, suck it. Put it in your mouth and let me teach you how to give him a decent blowjob."

"What if I say no?"

"Didn't you like watching me go down on your pretty wife? It's your turn to entertain Liz and me."

Alex got in close and surprised me by licking from the base of Steve's cock up to my clit. Moments before, Alex licked my clit, only occasionally ending up on Steve's cock when he failed to keep up with me. Now, Alex focused only on Steve's cock. Although I was shocked seeing my husband intentionally run his tongue along another man's cock, Karin pushing my husband out of his comfort zone proved very erotic. Instead of me dominating him, Karin let me watch while she took the lead and guided my husband along.

"Is that what you want to see?" Alex said after tracing his tongue along the underside of Steve's cock."

"That's a good start," she told my husband while she gestured for me to move up a little.

"Hubby, look at how wet you are making me," I told Alex as I moved up, revealing a few more inches of Steve's cock. It was shiny and wet with my juices.

Alex turned his head sideways and mouthed the tender underside of Steve's cock the way he likes for me to do to him.

"Yes, that's so fucking hot. I can't wait to see you take it into your mouth and give it a proper sucking. Liz, time to get up off my husband's cock so that Alex and I can play with it for a while."

I was disappointed I'd no longer have Steve's cock filling my pussy, but it excited me watching Karin's fantasy unfold. As Steve's cock slipped from my pussy, Karin grabbed it and waved it in front of Alex's face. "Look what we have here; a cock that's nice and buttered with your wife's tasty juices. Give it a kiss for me, it won't hurt you."

"Kiss it," she repeated, using her hand to push my husband's head to Steve's cock. Alex twirled his tongue around its deep red crown a few times and then kissed it.

"Now take it in your mouth. That's right; suck it in. See, that's not so bad, now is it?" she told my husband as he took a few inches into his mouth.

I couldn't believe my husband had his full and sensual lips wrapped around Steve's cock. Alex slurped more and more of the cock into his mouth and began bobbing his head up and down. He took it out of his mouth and stroked his hand along its length.

"Are you enjoying watching me suck cock?"

"Hubby, Karin's right; it is a total turn on watching you blow Steve. Doesn't it feel good in your mouth? Nice and warm and full? Suck him deeper. There you go. Get your hands working up and down his shaft and massage his balls. It might be easier if you get up on your knees."

As Alex got up on his knees between Steve's legs, I marveled at the contrast between my husband's broad shoulders and well-defined arms and the cock in his mouth; definitely not what I expected seeing this evening, or ever. My studly hubby sucking cock? Never in a million years.

"Steve, how's my husband doing? It isn't freaking you out too much, is it?"

"No, he's doing a great job; feels great."

"Well, you better not tell me he's better than me," I reminded him. Boy, would that be embarrassing if my husband sucked cock better than me. Alex is so damned competitive with me that he'd try his best to be better than me even at something as incongruous as sucking cock.

Hubby's lips stretched around Steve's glistening cock as he guided it in and out of his mouth. It looked like Alex was doing a competent job blowing Steve, but then watching me give him hundreds of blowjobs in our 15 years together was instruction better than most women would ever receive. I looked at Karin and smiled; she was getting what she asked for.

I was still straddling Steve's chest while watching Alex and decided I needed to lie back and finger myself and enjoy the show hubby was putting on. As I massaged my clit, I grew wetter thinking about hubby taking a mouthful of hot, tangy cum. Hubby used to beg me to let him come in my mouth; it would be interesting seeing how he liked having a man spurt in his mouth. For me, it was an acquired taste, but now I enjoy sucking men off and swallowing their cum; giving them the kind of blowjob they wish they got from their wives.

Liz left my husband's side so that she could 69 her husband and share his cock with Alex. Karin lowered her freshly fucked pussy to her husband's mouth and ground it about, spreading her wetness all over her husbands face. I hope Steve appreciated her dripping pussy; I wanted to get between her legs and eat my husband's cum from her between her legs. Not only did I enjoy the added wetness and taste, I knew the guys would get hard watching me slurp and suck her cum-filled pussy. My husband bobbing his head up and down Steve's cock made me not mind missing out on Karin's cream-filled pussy

"Hubby, do we have the Mango-flavored lube with us?" I asked.

"The play kit is on the bathroom counter," he replied, taking his mouth off of Steve's cock for just a second before making a tight "O" with his lips and forcing them back down Steve's cock. For someone who seemed reluctant at first, he didn't seem to want to let that cock out of his mouth. I hoped he didn't get too addicted to sucking cock; I didn't want a husband craving a cock in his mouth more than fingering and fucking my pussy.

"Alex, pass it over. I'd like a taste of that wonderful piece of meat," requested Karin.

Alex pointed Steve's cock toward Karin and she took it deep into her throat; almost taking it all the way down to the base. I let her suck it for a moment longer and then took hold of Steve's cock and squeezed Mango-flavored lube all over it until the glistening lube dripped down its sides. I couldn't help myself and took a couple of sucks on Steve's now tasty and slippery cock.

"You're going to love the way it feels in your mouth now. Here Karin, have a taste," I told Karin as I drizzled more flavored lube along its length.

"Mmmm, that is nice," Karin replied as she resumed sucking.

"Hubby, how about attending to Steve's balls while Karin sucks. You now how much you like when I lick your balls."

Steve's toes curled in pleasure as Karin and Alex worked his cock and balls over with their mouths and hands. My sweet hubby sucked each of Steve's hairless testicles and then used his tongue to bath Steve's entire scrotum. Steve had to love all the attention, even if it was a guy doing it to him. But with his wife's pussy filling his field of view, he could pretend I was down there playing with his cock and not my husband. Would Steve have felt as comfortable with my husband sucking his cock while kneeling before him? I had to remember that scenario - it might be fun sitting back in our Lazy-Boy chair while Karin ate my pussy and I watched my hubby on his knees in front of Steve; sucking him until he came and receiving a mouthful of cum for his effort. If Alex wasn't entirely freaked out in the morning, I was going to enjoy some of the erotic possibilities this night opened up.

"The lube is a nice touch. Makes both of your mouth's feel so good," Steve told us as he thrust his hips into whichever mouth was available.

"Liz, I think we're good coaches," Karin told me as her husband moaned and grabbed the sheets. My husband attempted to deep throat all of Steve's seven and a half inches and almost succeeded.

"Alex, breath through your nose when you take it deep," instructed Karin as she tried teaching my husband the finer points of giving a deep-throat blowjob. "How about trying it again."

"Liz, look at your husband's hard-on," she told me as she reached forward and gave Alex's big cock a playful squeeze. "I think Alex is enjoying himself as much as we are."

Alex opened his jaw wider and pulled Steve's cock into his mouth. Although he choked slightly, he overcame the gag reflex and ended up with his lips an inch shy from Steve's balls. Alex's eyes watered as he forced himself to take the cock further into his throat. I was impressed with his effort; he was trying harder than most women I've seen.

I don't know if Alex realized that Steve's slender cock made for some reasonably easy deep throating, but for someone not used to a cock in his mouth, he was doing a good job overcoming the gag reflex.

"You're doing great Alex," Karin said as she wiped the tears off my husband's cheek. "You don't have to go so deep, just pick up the rhythm a little bit."

Alex quickened his pace. I wondered how much he was enjoying the sensation of wrapping his mouth around Steve's cock while Karin nudged him along. Would Alex be embarrassed in the morning? He was pushing a boundary most men never cross. It's one thing going along with us and blowing a guy because we wanted him to, but enjoying it is another matter. However, Alex's hard-on indicated he found the situation arousing. But was the real turn on performing for us or did he like sucking cock as much as I do?

On numerous occasions, I told my husband how disgusting it must be for him to eat my pussy. He claimed he loved doing it, but I never believed him; I thought he did it to please me. But when I went down on a woman for the first time, I found myself having fun trying out different techniques and striving to make the woman come. The act I once found so disgusting turned out to be not much different than kissing someone on the lips. So maybe Alex liked sucking on Steve's cock. In any case, I was going to owe Alex big time for being a good sport; giving a blowjob was something we never discussed and I felt bad putting him on the spot.

When Steve started making little grunts and groans, Karin looked back at her husband and said, "You better do this good a job when I have you suck off Alex." Watching Steve try to get Alex's thick cock into his mouth would be interesting. Maybe we could make a game of it and have our men 69 and see who could make the other come first. I'm sure Karin and I could come up with some worthwhile punishments and rewards for the winner and loser.

Karin and Alex's faces grew slick with saliva and lube as they took turns sucking Steve. They worked well together; first hubby took Steve's cock deep into his mouth and then he'd glide his tongue back down the underside to work on his balls while Karin resumed using her mouth on her husbands cock. With an odd feeling of pride, I watched Alex take Steve's cock into his mouth and proceeded to suck it down until his nose touched Steve's neatly trimmed pubic hair. He really deep throated it this time!

"There you go!" both Karin and I said in unison. Was it ever hot seeing hubby suck a cock down to its base and keep his mouth down there for a moment while he continued sucking.

Like a kid showing off his first magic trick, Alex smiled at me. "Liz, are you getting wet watching your husband suck cock?" he said as he handed Steve's cock back to Karin. "I'm surprised to say this, but I can see why you girls enjoy this."

Karin's head blurred as she rapidly mashed her face up and down her husband's cock. Pulling her mouth off Steve's cock, she pointed it at Alex and let it spew ribbons of cum all over his face. Alex looked surprised as he got a facial; warm, white semen dribbled down his cheek as he tried wiping some of it out of his eyes.

"Come on hubby, take him back in your mouth. Oh, suck the cum out of him. How does it feel having your mouth filled with cum? Tastes good, doesn't it? Are you going to be a good boy and swallow it all for Karin?"

After the initial few spurts landed on his face, there probably wasn't much left for his mouth. "Hubby, I can't wait to watch you do that again. Next time, Karin and I are going to let you suck Steve solo. Won't that be nice getting rewarded with an entire mouthful of cum?"

Although Alex might not appreciate my obnoxious banter, I was having fun taunting him. Payback's a bitch.

Karin and I got down and licked the remnants of Steve's orgasm from my husband's face. I kissed my husband's right cheek; Karin licked and kissed his left while my husband continued suckling Steve's cock. When Steve's erection subsided, Alex turned to me and gave me a kiss redolent with Steve's musky scent; a kiss that still held the remains of another man's cum.

"Alex, you taste like you just blew a guy."

"Very funny, Liz"

In the last few months, I've gone on a few private dates and when I came home, Alex would kiss me and he'd often comment that he could taste another man on my lips. I couldn't taste it myself, but when I got the acrid-tasting kiss from my husband, I knew what he experienced when kissing me after I gave a goodnight blowjob to a boyfriend.

"Thanks for being a good sport, Alex. I don't think I've seen anything hotter than that." Karin turned back to look at her husband. "Steve, I want to watch Alex fuck his wife now, so don't think I've forgotten about you. I'll make sure you'll get your chance."

My husband, still sporting a raging hard-on, got up and stroked his hard cock. Did Alex get that turned on blowing Steve? His erection hadn't subsided the entire time.

"Steve, I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to have my way with the girls now."

"Be my guest; I'm worn out. Do any of you mind if I take some pictures?"

"Sure. As long as we get copies," I replied. We love having our pictures taken while we writhe about in flesh piles. Sometimes we look back at the pictures and shake our heads in disbelief at the things we've done.

My husband wasted no time choreographing the next scene. "Karin, how about lying down on your tummy. Yeah, like that. Now grab your ankles and pull them back so my wife has easy access to your pussy."

Alex reached down and inserted two fingers into her pussy and played for a moment.

"Open up your mouth Liz - here, taste these," he told me as I sucked her juices of his fingers.

With her legs drawn back, Karin exposed her swollen, red pussy lips and light pink anus to me. Hubby loves eating me out when I'm face down -- sometimes he'd tie my hands to my feet and then eat me and fuck my pussy and ass until we both came. And then would get down and eat my messy pussy some more.

"Liz, you know where I want you."

Crawling up between Karin's legs, I licked her slick and hairless pussy. After watching me squirm while trying to get comfortable, Steve put a pillow under Karin's stomach so that her ass was pushed up, making it easier for me to munch on her box. Alex slowly entered me with his thick cock; filling me like few men have done. As my husband's thrusts pushed me harder up against Karin's soft folds, I was enveloped in the pungent, yet pleasant, scent of her cunt. Cocks and pussies: I now get thrill out of playing with both. Concentrating on Karin's muff, I couldn't see what Steve was up to, but the incessant flash let me know that we'd have a bunch of exciting new photos for our collection.

After a few minutes of fucking me, I heard the distinctive snap of a lube bottle opening and then felt the cold Liquid Silk running down the crack of my ass. Working his thumb into my ass, Alex sent shivers of pleasure through my body as his finger played with my backside. I was frustrated we didn't have a dildo in our toy kit as I've come to enjoy the sensation of having both my holes filled and fucked at the same time.

Karin wiggled her hips all around while I ran my tongue up and down through her tender slit. She was quite wet and I was pleased that I could still taste my husband's cum in her pussy. Just six months earlier, I told Alex I would never go down on a woman. Hubby loves watching girl-girl porn, but it sickened me to think of my mouth touching another woman's pussy. But I started kissing women at parties, which led to sucking their breasts and a little fingering. Soon I was going down on women and enjoying it. I think Hubby was more surprised than I was when he saw me go down on a woman for the first time.

"Liz, you know what I like doing to you when you're in that position, don't you? How about giving Karin a little treat?"

Never rimming anyone but my husband, I was so turned on that I was going to do anything he asked, and besides, I knew Karin would enjoy it. I licked my way from Liz's clit to her asshole and started licking and kissing it the way Alex does to me.

"Oh my god, that feels so good," moaned Liz.

I dragged my tongue along her crack and then centered my attention on her slick, pink anus. Her moans grew louder as I thrust my tongue into her ass and gave her the best tongue fucking I knew how. I was feeling positively slutty having my tongue in another woman's ass while my husband fucked me.

"Yeah, fuck your slut wife harder," I moaned. "You like watching me eat her ass, don't you? Isn't it hot how she thrashes about?" I asked as I circled my tongue around her anus. I came at the same time I felt my husband shoot his load in me. His short strokes finally ended when he was too soft to keep fucking me.

Worn out from hours of fucking, I rolled over on my back, trying to recover from my orgasm. No sooner had I turned over, Karin went to work tonguing and sucking my cum-filled pussy. My pussy was sensitive to the point of being uncomfortable, but the thought of her eating my husband's jiz from my cunt turned me on and I wasn't going to stop her.

"Steve, I'm not the only one who is going to enjoy Liz's creamy pussy. Come here and help me," Karin said as she continued lapping at me.

Karin got out from between my legs and sat on my face so that her husband could suck on my well-used pussy. Although hubby was taking hot pictures of me eating out Karin, I wish we had photos of hubby with his mouth full of cock. Seeing my husband blowing another man was much hotter than I had imagined, but not something I might ever see again.

"Steve, how do you like Liz's creamy pussy? Next time we get together, I'm going to have you get Alex's cum from the source; not second-hand from Liz's pussy."

When my sensitive pussy couldn't take any more attention, I told Steve to stop, but thanked him profusely for his effort. We all got in bed and pulled the covers up, me snuggling against Steve and Alex next to Karin. I enjoy the after sex cuddling with another couple where we talk and chat and gently play with one another.

I looked at the clock and was shocked to see that it was 3am.

"Hubby, we need to go and let these two get some sleep."

We spent a few minutes cleaning up and making ourselves presentable in case we came across any guest in the lobby. We made our goodbyes and I was pleased to see hubby giving Karin a long, deep kiss as he squeezed her ass.

"We look forward to seeing you guys soon," I said as we walked out of their room.

"Hubby, do we need to talk about anything?"

He put his arm around men and pulled me close to him as we walked to the elevator.

"No, I'm OK with everything that happened. That's certainly our wildest evening," he told me as he kissed me.

"Yeah," I replied as I thought we wouldn't be able to top this experience. Well, at least not until the next party.

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