Be Careful What You Wish For
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slut Wife, Cuckold, Rough, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A husband encourages his pretty blonde wife to take a black lover.

Maurice Smith looked over at his lovely wife as she read to their two boys, Timmy and Andy, and had to smile to himself. He was so damn lucky to have a beautiful blonde wife and two adorable little boys. Timmy was eight and little Andy had just turned six. They were both little tow-headed blonde boys with the same straw-colored hair coloring as their beautiful, blonde mother. Maurice and his wife, Miriam recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. He met Miriam while he was a third year law student at the University of Alabama Law School while Miriam was a fresh, pretty-faced young blonde just beginning her freshman year there. They had gotten married after she graduated four years later.

Maurice's law practice had become very successful and he was making more money now than he could ever before imagine. They bought a nice two story home in Mountain Brook near Birmingham, Alabama to raise their two children. Although Maurice didn't want his wife to work, it was nice that she taught at the same grade school where their two boys went to school. Miriam would load up her two young sons in their minivan and take them with her to school every day. She really enjoyed being with her children.

Maurice thought that he had it all... almost, that is. Money, a beautiful wife and two adorable little sons but there was something missing in his life. Miriam had recently turned thirty-three and Maurice had already passed forty. He had gotten his red convertible sports car and must have been going through his 'mid-life crazies.' While their sex life had been very active the first couple of years of their marriage, it had cooled and seemed more and more strained each time he tried to have sex with his wife. His doctor said it was work-related stress and that he needed to relax more often. The prescription for Viagra helped but it still seemed like he was leaving his wife unfulfilled all the time. The doctor suggested trying some new and exciting things with his wife to bring back the zeal in their sexual relations.

Miriam wasn't too excited about watching porno videos with her husband because of her strict Baptist upbringing but if it helped with her husband having sex and achieving an orgasm, she felt it was her wifely obligation. Maurice was Jewish but wasn't orthodox. His legal practice did benefit from his being the typical 'Jewish' lawyer. Because Maurice didn't want to be seen coming out of a porno video store by one of his clients, he ordered the videos by computer online. He also ordered a large black dildo to help stimulate his wife after he had already ejaculated as he usually came too soon. It was advertised as 'full-sized and guaranteed to make her cum.'

The first time that they had sex after watching one of the videos together, Maurice surprised his as yet unsatisfied wife with the new dildo. She gasped when she saw it in the dim light. It was huge and it was black! It also looked very realistic with an enlarged head. The foreskin rolled back near the head and thick veins were running up and down the thick shaft. The dildo worked as advertised that night.

Miriam didn't like the professional videos as much as she did the 'amateur' ones so Maurice gravitated more towards getting the homemade ones. Late one evening, he stumbled across to see some of their amateur videos. His dick stirred in his pajamas as he read about the white husband filming his wife having sex with a Negro male. Most of them were of the interracial type so he ordered a few of them. In one of the ones he ordered, the pretty white wife looked a lot like his own wife. His own dick got hard.

The videos came in during the week and Miriam made arrangements with her mother to baby sit the children on Saturday evening. Maurice fired up the Weber grill and cooked some very nice filets that he had gotten from the local butcher. Miriam made a nice salad and a baked potato to go along with the steaks. Dinner was delicious. Their lovemaking that night would be their dessert.

Miriam freshened up in the bedroom and changed into a sheer nightie. Maurice was literally drooling over his wife when he saw her dressed so sexily. He had taken two Viagra and slipped into only his pajama bottoms. He made sure that 'Ole Black Joe' was available near by. That was what they were calling the big black dildo.

They watched the first video. They kissed and fondled each other during the short video.

Miriam asked, "My god, that guy was hung. Do all black men have huge cocks? She had a hard time taking all of his big black cock."

"I don't think they all do," her husband replied authoritatively. "But a good many of them do. The black guys I saw in the showers after gym class sure sported some mighty big dicks."

The next video was the one with the Miriam look-alike in it. Maurice had been working on his wife's tight pussy right after he started it. Miriam gasped when she saw that the actress in the film looked a lot like herself. The Negro kissed the blonde woman in the video before removing her clothes. The woman got down on her knees and slowly unzipped the black guy's pants. His black cock was enormous! The woman kissed it and stroked it lovingly in her hands. You could see the diamond engagement ring and her wedding band on her pale fingers as she stroked the massive black cock. The woman opened her lips and took the dark cock into her mouth. Maurice could feel the passion rise in his own wife as she watched the interracial blowjob on the television.

The black guy picked up the blonde woman in the video and carried her into the bedroom. Maurice got out Ole Black Joe and spread his own wife's legs when the Negro got between the thighs of the blonde woman in the video. Maurice worked the dildo into his own wife as the Negro worked his giant black cock into the blonde woman's pussy. It was difficult but he got it all the way in. They both paused letting the woman in the video and his own wife adjust to the monster black cock between their legs. Maurice worked it faster and deeper as his own wife had an orgasm. He got between her thighs and fucked his wife as she continued to watch the interracial coupling on the TV set.

That was some of the best sex that Maurice had experienced in a long time.

After the torrid weekend of wild sex with his wife, Maurice had some other ideas. One of the other attorneys in his firm talked about a club that they liked to frequent. It was called the Zebra Lounge and was on the outer fringes of downtown Birmingham. The other attorney talked about it being a favorite haunt of white couples who liked to be with black men. Maurice knew the other attorney's good-looking wife and pictured her with a well-hung Blackman rutting between her wide-spread legs. Maurice got a hard-on every time he thought about it. As fate would have it, he wished his own wife, Miriam, would take on a black lover.

They went to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant in downtown Birmingham. Maurice saw the black valet giving his wife the once-over, and then the twice-over, as Miriam got out of the car. Her little black dress had risen up to mid-thigh giving the lusting Negro a good glimpse of her shapely, bare white thigh. The valet also got a nice view of her cleavage as she was getting out of their Mercedes as she wasn't wearing a bra.

The Maitre 'de seated them at a prime table. Dinner was very nice. The wine was even nicer. Maurice got his confidence up to ask his wife, "Dear, would you like to go dancing over at this little Jazz club?"

Miriam knew that her husband didn't like to dance that much but she certainly did. She reached over and placed her hand lovingly on his and responded, "Maurice, you know that I would be pleased to do whatever you would like me to do."

Maurice's little dick stirred in his pants.

It was a short drive from the restaurant over to the Zebra Lounge. The neon signs outside showed the likeness of two zebras mating, one on top of the other. How city ordinance allowed that, he didn't know. Maybe the club had a good lawyer. There was no doubt what kind of club this really was. It also had a male black cat looking at a very sexy feminine white cat wearing make-up and lipstick winking at the black cat. The caption below it said in bold letters, 'A little pussy never hurt anybody!'

They were shown to a booth near the back of the club. Although it was fairly smoky and dark in the club, Maurice noticed that there were a number of white couples already at the near by tables. Most had a black man sitting next to the white woman.

There was a five piece jazz band up on stage playing a soft tune. There were three couples dancing. All three couples were white females with black males. It looked like the white female's companions were sitting alone at the table watching the interracial couples up on the dance floor.

Maurice recognized one of the women as the wife of the lawyer in his office. They were dancing so close together that it looked like the wife was molded into her black partner.

Maurice had barely ordered drinks when two black men sat down at their table. Maurice was about to protest when they introduced themselves. The black sitting next to Miriam introduced himself as 'Marcus' and the one next to him said his name was 'Sean.'

Maurice introduced himself and Miriam. They shook hands all around. Maurice saw that Marcus held Miriam's hand a little too long for comfort.

Miriam sipped on her white wine. With the wine from dinner, she was now working on her fourth glass of the evening. Two was normally her limit.

It wasn't long before Miriam was dancing a slow tune with Marcus. At first she was arm's length from her black dance partner and was struggling with him to stay away but it wasn't long before they were hip to hip as well as breast to chest.

Miriam took turns dancing with Sean and Marcus. When they sat a tune out, Miriam would be now sandwiched between the two Negros while her husband was all alone on the other side of the booth. It didn't take Maurice's imagination long to figure out that Marcus and Sean had their black hands under the table and on Miriam's bare white thigh. They would also alternate kissing her and fondling her breasts. He could tell that his wife was heating up and was now enjoying the attention from the black men.

Marcus leaned over and whispered something in Miriam's ear. Marcus slid out of the booth and stepped aside as the lovely blonde wife got up, excused herself and went to the lady's room. She was gone for a few minutes and Sean and Marcus talked to Maurice about sports. He learned that they had both played football in college, had been drafted by the pros but had been cut before being given the opportunity to show what they could really do on the field. Now they wanted the opportunity to show what they could do off of the field. Maurice mentioned that his wife had been a cheerleader in high school. The two black guys seemed to like that.

Miriam came back a few minutes later. As she slid in between Marcus and Sean, she handed Marcus something. He brought it up to his broad black nose and took a long whiff. It took Maurice a moment or two to realize that his own wife had just given her own dampened panties to one of the black men. He also saw Sean's hand slip under the table as Miriam gasped at the contact with her throbbing clitoris.

Maurice had seen enough of this. He wasn't quite yet ready for a couple of niggers to just waltz in here and fuck his beautiful blonde wife.

"Let's go, Miriam." he said gruffly. "Now!"

Miriam looked with dazed eyes at her husband.

"Maybe the pretty little lady ain't ready to go yet," Marcus replied. "Especially with you."

"She goes when I say it's time to go," Maurice responded with as much force as he could muster.

Maurice flinched when Marcus reached into his pocket. It looked like Marcus was going for either a knife or a pistol. Instead, the black man handed Maurice a business card.

"When you are ready, man, we'd love to introduce your little lady to some big black cock."

Maurice just pocketed the card without even looking at it and swallowed as his wife gave the two Negros a good night kiss.

That night at home, Miriam was a little wildcat in bed. Maurice even came twice which was a record for him.

Maurice was between cases when William Williams stuck his head into Maurice's office and closed the door. "I saw you and your wife over at the Zebra Lounge Saturday night. That is Karen's favorite night club." William was the attorney who had originally told him about the Zebra Lounge. Karen was his beautiful, blonde trophy wife. She had even been a runner-up in the Miss Alabama beauty pageant ten years ago. Miriam and Karen were about the same age. Maurice's dick got hard thinking about William's wife with the strapping black buck he saw her dancing with on Saturday evening.

This was the same William Williams who loved to tell off-color nigger jokes. His favorite one went like this:

I was having a big party a few weeks ago with a bunch of clients and guests when the party drifted out by our pool. "My pool is filled with piranhas," I said. "Anyone who can swim the length of the pool without getting eaten can have either my huge mansion," as he swung his arms in a wide arc towards his house, "my beautiful blonde wife," as he pointed at Karen, "or my virginal daughter."

About that time, one of his black clients hit the pool and was swimming as hard and as fast as he could. All you saw was assholes and elbows. Amazingly, the Negro jumped out unscathed and unscratched at the other end the pool.

"My god," I exclaimed. "No one has been able to swim the full length of the pool filled with piranhas before. What do you want?" I asked. "My huge mansion, my beautiful blonde trophy wife or my virginal young daughter?"

"Man," the huffing and puffing black guy said. "All I wants is that honky-mothafucker that pushed me in!"

Everyone always died laughing at one of William's off-color jokes.

"Any luck Saturday night?" William asked.

"No," Maurice replied. "I kind of chickened out partly because they were moving in on Miriam too fast. I think that she was ready for her first taste of black cock but I wasn't. They gave me one of their cards. I don't know about having a strange black man fucking my wife right in front of my eyes. It really turns me on but what if something happens or goes terribly wrong?"

"Nothing's gonna happen that you don't want to happen, Maurice," William said. "These guys might be black but they ain't stupid, you know. They get all the good-looking white pussy they want with no strings attached. Do you think that they're gonna fuck that up?"

"Besides," William continued. "Our wives secretly crave that big black cock. My Karen likes to think of it as retribution to the Nigra slaves for all the shit they took from the horrid white man back in the dark ages. Now all of these pretty white women are making the retribution payback even sweeter for the black man. Karen likes to get her ration of big black cock every now and then and I like to watch and clean up her gooey mess afterwards. I've even recorded her black escapades with my digital camera and video recorder. Of course, the kids will never get to see their beautiful mother in action."

Maurice's dick just got harder thinking of a big black stud between the smooth white legs of his friend's lovely blonde wife.

"I have one of the DVD's that I made a couple of weekends ago in my briefcase. I filmed it with my new video camera. Would you and Miriam like to watch my wife in action? Karen is really hot in it."

"Uhhh, sure," Maurice just stuttered. He was still thinking of William's pretty blonde wife with a rutting Negro between her legs. Now he would actually get to see her in action.

"Now don't be going and showing it to anyone else without my permission, you hear. I don't want just anybody seeing my wife getting the fuck of her sweet little life by some big-cocked black stud. We have to be discreet. Know what I mean, Vern?"

William just called him 'Vern' but he didn't care as he was accepting the interracial video of one of his law colleagues.

That night, after Miriam put the children to bed, Maurice put the DVD in the player in the bedroom. "Oh my God," exclaimed Miriam. "That's Karen Williams!"

Miriam and Maurice watched their pretty blonde friend, Karen, take on the black stud with a huge cock. Miriam couldn't believe that the huge black cock was actually real.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" Maurice asked. Miriam was speechless but she just nodded, 'Yes." She couldn't take her eyes off of the interracial scene unfolding before her eyes.

The pretty blonde wife in the video was quite vocal.

"Oh God, oh God! Fuck me with that big Nigger dick!" Karen was wailing. That big Nigger stud was between the blonde's legs and pounding the shit out of her.

The black guy fucked the beautiful blonde white wife time and time again.

"Ohmigawddd!!! I'm cumming again!" Karen shouted.

Maurice and Miriam saw that Karen was just about crawling the walls with excitement. Miriam was getting pretty aroused herself while watching this video. Maurice took out Ole Black Joe and began using the big black dildo and really worked up his own wife with it.

That night, Miriam fucked her husband like a woman possessed.

A couple of days later, Miriam had just finished swimming her daily regimen of fifty laps in their Olympic-sized swimming pool when the phone rang. She grabbed the one by the pool's cabana as she finished drying off.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Miriam, this is Karen."

There was silence.

"Karen Williams. You know, William Williams' wife."

Miriam finally recognized the voice from the video that she watched with Maurice. Karen was one of those trophy country club wives that just about lived at the club. If she wasn't taking golf lessons with that handsome golf pro then she was taking tennis with the cute, younger tennis pro. The funny thing about all of this was that just thirty years ago, neither her Jewish husband nor Maurice would have been able to join the exclusive Mountain Brook Country Club. Now, if they had the right amount of money, even Nigger, Spics and Jews were allowed the privilege of rubbing elbows with some of the most self-righteous and bigoted Old South money in and around Birmingham.

"School's out, right?" she asked.

"Yes, it is. Why do you ask?" Miriam replied.

"Suzie Hamilton had to drop out of tomorrow's match and we need a fourth. Are you interested in joining us for a couple of sets?"

Miriam had played on the college tennis team but hadn't played as much after her children came along.

"Yes, I'd like that," She said.

"Ten o'clock sharp. Come a little early if you'd like to hit the ball machine to warm up a little."

"I'll see you there. I drop off Timmy and Andy at Vacation Bible School at nine so I'll be by right after that."

The next morning, Miriam got the boys ready as she dressed in a cute little tennis outfit. She loaded them in her minivan and drove them over and dropped them off at the church. Miriam would have been one of the Vacation Bible School teachers as she normally taught fifth grade but there were plenty of other mothers that wanted to help out this summer. Besides, it gave Miriam her much needed time off to relax by herself.

Miriam was Karen's partner and they won two out of the three sets. The two pretty blonde wives made quite a team together.

They sat down to lunch at the club and both ordered salads. Karen flirted with the black waiter to the point that it almost embarrassed Miriam. It did, however, dampen her tennis panties thinking of the black waiter in bed with Karen.

"Say," Karen started after the two blondes wives had finished lunch and were starting on their second glass of wine. "William told me that he gave one of my videos to Maurice the other day. Have you had a chance to watch it yet?"

Miriam knew that the subject would come up sooner or later. She blushed now that Karen asked her about seeing her 'in action' because she had. The vision of her friend squirming and squealing beneath a well-hung black man came to mind and turned her on.

"Yes, Karen. Maurice and I watched it together. You were incredible!"

"Thank you. I can't believe that I'm sport-fucking black men now but I just love it. It is the most intense sexual feeling that I have ever, ever had. William made the suggestion a year ago and I've been getting my fill of big black cock once a week since then."

"Haven't you had any problems?"

"Definitely not. The guys get tested on a regular basis for Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases and they show us the reports early on before we get all hot and bothered. I even take the tests to show that we have had only safe sex. As I said, it's incredible. Of course, I still love William every bit. I probably love him even more. This sex is just recreational sex with no strings attached. The black guys love to fuck us good-looking white women and William loves to video my black escapades and take digital photos. He jacks off while I'm getting my brains screwed out. I just love it. I hope that you'll try it some time soon. I know you'll love it too!"

Miriam thought that Karen was a little too optimistic for her own good but Miriam had been wanting to try some black sex for quite some time now. It almost happened in high school as a couple of the black football players were fucking all of the white cheerleaders. She was the only one of the thirteen white cheerleaders who wasn't seduced by their black animal magnetism. She also didn't want to lose her loving husband or wonderful family but now she had the permission and even the encouragement from her own husband to try the mysteries of black sex. It had always been so taboo before. Now it was almost a 'yuppie' thing for a pretty white wife to sport-fuck black men at least once or twice in their marriage. It was the 'in' thing to do right now.

Miriam decided that afternoon if her husband brought up the subject one more time that she would willingly participate and except his offer of taking a Negro lover.

Several weeks passed before Maurice brought up their visit to the Zebra Lounge.

"Honey," Maurice said to his wife one evening at dinner. "I was thinking about our visit to the Zebra Lounge. I think I'm ready to see you with a black man."

Miriam's ears perked up and gave her husband a sly grin. There was wicked mischievous in those pretty blue eyes of hers.

"Dear," she responded softly. "You know how excited I've become but is it really what you want? You know I love you so much."

"Miriam, I just want you to have fun. I can't please you the way I used to be able to and you are way too young to be giving up on sex. Besides, I think that I would enjoy watching you perform with a Negro but I just wasn't sure before. Now I am. Watching Karen Williams thoroughly enjoy herself with a black guy made all the difference in the world. I'd like to see you with one. I truly hope that you enjoy yourself as much as Karen did. It would also be very exciting for me to watch and maybe video. You know that I'd never allow any one to hurt you."

"Okay, dear, but only if you are sure that it's what you want," Miriam replied meekly. Her words did not display her building enthusiasm.

"How about we do something this Saturday night at the lake cabin? We can drop the kids off at your mom's place. She would love to have them for a weekend."

"Okay," Miriam softly replied. She was terrified and excited at the same time, if that was even possible.

Maurice called the number on the card and got a hold of Marcus. They talked and he asked for a blood test for both Marcus as well as Sean and an HIV test. Marcus agreed.

"I need one from you and your wife, man. We wants to be safe rather than sorry and we ain't gonna wear no slicker suit when we ride your little honey bareback. Besides, we don't know who she's been fucking around with here lately."

Maurice took offense and was angry at what Marcus was implying but agreed to do so anyway. He gave directions to the lake cabin as he didn't want them coming to the house. The nosy neighbors at home might get suspicious if they saw several black men come a calling this Saturday night. Marcus and Sean didn't want to go all the way out to the lake but Marcus agreed when Maurice told him that is quiet and remote.

"We won't be disturbed by anyone," Maurice said. "The nearest neighbor is over a mile away." Marcus liked that. He liked that a lot especially for what he had planned for the beautiful blonde trophy wife.

Saturday finally came. Miriam had been on pins and needles all week. She dropped the boys off with her mother and kissed them good-bye. Miriam didn't realize just how much her life was about to change.

Maurice loaded the SUV with plenty of beer and other picnic supplies. He didn't want to run out of anything. He unpacked the Escalade at the cabin and took in Miriam's suitcase. She brought several changes of clothes to fit her mood. He went fishing while she got ready for the big evening.

They had an antique claw-footed bath tub that Miriam filled to the brim with her favorite bubble bath and warm water. She snoozed in the wonderful tub while sipping on a glass of white wine. Miriam poured a second glass to try to calm her beating heart. She had never been unfaithful to her husband before. Now she was about to make him a cuckold by having taboo jungle sex with a couple of Negroes, no less. The second glass did its job then she leisurely shaved her legs and underarms.

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