From The Darkness, Unto The Light
Chapter 1: How to freak out a teenager in two easy lessons

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: How to freak out a teenager in two easy lessons - Young man learns that the life he had was just to get him ready for something else. Current Code are subject to change and will be added later.

Everyone always said I was a special child. I have been told that my birth was special, one hour from start to finish and my mother has said that it was the easiest birth she had ever heard of, she said the she and dad only just made it to the hospital and there I was. The doctors told her that I was the first baby that they knew of that would focus his eyes only moments after birth and did not cry. I am told that I was crawling at three months of age, at five months I was taking my first steps, at eight months I was beginning to talk and before my first birthday I was starting to read.

At five years I went to kindergarten with all of the other children, but did not feel like one of them. While most were learning their ABCs and 123s, I found that I was interested in other things, for example when my dad and mom told me that I was going to go to kindergarten, I asked them what that was and after they explained it, I asked them why it was not just called "school" and they explained that it was a German word that meant basically the same thing, so I asked if I could learn German. Two weeks later my parents got me my first books on a different language, six months later I could speak, read and write in German and after that it was a race to see which language I would learn next and how fast could I learn it.

It seemed that for the first fourteen years of my life I soaked up knowledge like a sponge, I guess that I would have been labeled a geek or a nerd except for the fact that as my mind grew so did my body. I excelled at all sports and it seemed to come as easy as anything else I did, basketball, baseball, football, fencing, track, martial arts and gymnastics, nothing was out of my grasp, in high school I passed up my freshman and sophomore years and started as a junior, that seems to be where everything took a different turn. I had saved all my money from birthdays, odd jobs and my summers of mowing lawns and working for the neighbors, when I turned sixteen I asked my dad if he would buy some stocks for me. He figured that if that was the way I wanted to lose my money then it was my choice, but in the back of his mind he told me later that he had a hunch that I might be on to something as I was always picking up on things that would either grow or flop as I figured it would, so when he bought the stocks I asked him to, he would buy just as much for himself. Sometimes I would let the stocks sit for months on end and never touch them, other times I would only keep them for a few days and then ask my dad to sell them and buy something new.

During this time I was still going out for as many sports as I could and I have joined both the chess and debate teams as well, some of the older kids were friendly, but some were downright hostile over the fact that a "young geek" had pushed them out of the positions they wanted in the sports teams. It came to a head one day after baseball practice, I was picking up the equipment and getting ready to turn it in and shower, when six of the seniors stopped me as I walked past the dugout. Up until now I had never been in a fight as I was always the biggest and fastest in grade school and no one wanted to take me on, but now these six were a bit taller and a bit bigger that I was, so they figured that I was an easy mark for all of them. I asked them what they wanted and one of them (Bill, I think), said "You think your hot stuff coming in here a showing us up, don't ya'?," I looked at him and saw the rest slowly moving to surround me, "No, I just wanted to try my best, if I hurt your feelings then I'm sorry" I said. From the corner of my eye I saw two girls, who had been watching practice, whisper to each other and one of them ran towards the school, while the other took out her cell phone, opened it and pointed it at us. I sensed movement behind me as she screamed "Look out," not knowing what to expect, I dropped down on to my hands and did a mule kick directly behind me. The boy I hit let out a whoosh of air as I kicked him in the solar plexus with both feet and was thrown back about six feet and fell to the ground. His friends all started towards me at the same time, I threw myself to my left rolling and knocked the legs out on two of them on that side causing them to fall flat on their faces, Bill and the two other were tangled in with their fallen friends as I got to my feet, the girl in the stands was screaming for them to leave me alone, but they were not listening to any of it. One of them said "We were just going to rough you up a bit, but now we're going to put some hurt on you." I looked in disbelief as the three still standing reached down to the equipment bag I had dropped and pulled out bats, at this point something in my mind said "it's time to begin the purpose you were born for," everything slowed to a crawl as my mind, body and senses went into over drive, I looked around and saw a bird and it seemed like each of it's wing beats took forever to complete, turning back to my opponents I saw one of them draw his bat back over his shoulder to start his swing and it was the easiest thing ever to step forward and "tap" his funny bone with my fist, and see the beginnings of the pain start to form in his face, losing all feeling in his arm he opened his hand to drop the bat. I side kicked right knee and saw him start to fall as I turned to the next boy in line, he had already began his swing so I jumped into the air and gave him a spinning back kick to the face, watching him drop like a sack of potatoes I then turned to Bill and saw that he was about to connect with the place that I had been, looking at his face I saw that it was just dawning on him what had happened and was trying to make the adjustments necessary to still connect with my head, but was woefully out of place and out of time to do so. Feeling like driving home a point I grabbed the bat in Bill's hands and twisted it out of them, then using the momentum from the swing I altered the arc of the bat so that it would continue on and slam into the side of his head (I didn't hit him, he hit himself officer).

Sensing that the danger was over I dropped out of overdrive and everything sped back up to normal, the girl was still screaming, but stopped abruptly as she saw the six of them laying on the ground around me. Closing her cell phone she started towards me as I noticed the other girl coming from the school with the coach and several security guards, she reached me first and looking first at me then surveyed the guys on the ground in wonder, she then got her voice "I was so worried that they would hurt you, but I guess that I was wrong. Are you OK?" Stopping for a moment I took in her beauty, she was tall for a girl/woman at 5'10," she had the body of an athlete with muscles that were graceful instead of gaudy, her skin the color of cream with freckles in abundance, her breasts were about a full 'B' cup, her hair was the kind of red that you only see in the morning as the sun rises, running all the way to the middle of her back, her eyes were the type of dark green that you only hear about, but never see, her neck put you in mind of Audrey Hepburn, you know; long and sleek, her face reminded me of Grace Kelly (classic beauty). So there I stood like a knot on a log, just staring at her and only hearing this buzz in my ears, finally I came to my senses and asked her name just as the crowd from the school came up to us, her reply was "I'm Andrea, but most folks call me Andy," at this point coach Johnson wanted to know what happened, Andrea pull out her cell phone and showed him that she had taken video of the confrontation, but it stopped just before I pushed into overdrive. The security guards seeing this pulled out several tie-wrap handcuffs and got the boys trussed up like a Sunday chicken, then called the police to come and get them, when they started to wake-up one or two of them tried to tell the coach that it was all my fault, but when Andy showed them that she had it all on video, they shut up except for Bill, who looked at me with death in his eyes and under his breath he said "They can't lock me up forever and when I get out you're a dead man, you might as well kill yourself now and save yourself the pain I'm going to cause you before you die." One of the security guards put his foot on his chest and said "Keep talking asshole and dig yourself a little deeper in the hole, you've just added communicating a threat to the charges of assault with a deadly object, the way your going he will be an old man by the time you see the outside again." I looked on as three police cars pulled up and put all six in the cars, then one (Sgt Brooke) asked the coach and the guards about what had happened, once they told their stories he asked Andy to see the video and she played it again for him, then he asked me to tell my story and I did (at least the edited version), he then told me that I would have to come to the station with my parents to file a complaint, but he figured that unless these guys got total dummies for lawyers, they would plead out in the face of over whelming video evidence and spend a few years in the prison system as each of them would be charged as an adult.

With that I was released to go home, so I walked to the parking lot to get my car, I noticed that Andy and her friend were walking just behind me. I turned to both of them "I'm sorry that you both got caught up in this, but I am sure thankful that you were there" I said to Andy, and then turning to her friend I told her "Thank You, for going to get the coach." Then I thought about it and felt like a complete jerk, "I'm so sorry I never did introduce myself, I'm Dyllan Wakim, and I didn't mean to be rude just asking your name and not telling you mine" I blurted out. The girls looked at each other and giggled a little "We know who you are" Andy said shyly "We were there watching you." The other girls stuck out her hand "Everybody calls me Jenny, but my name is Virginia" she said as I took he hand in mine, she had a good solid handshake and I could tell that she was in at least as good a shape as Andy. Jenny was almost as beautiful as Andy, but subtle difference other than color and shape made all the difference in my eye. She was blonde with shoulder length hair, blue eyes that were almost purple in color, skin a dark tan the shade of light coffee, her chest swelled to a nice 'C' cup, she was an inch or two shorter than Andy and might have weighted about as much with her muscles a little more pronounced, her backside was definitely a woman's but looked to be tight enough to bounce quarters off of it. Where Andy moved like a predatory cat, Jenny's movements seemed to be relaxed, but with the overtone that she would be ready of anything at a moments notice. I walked them to the parking lot and once I found out that they rode in Andy's car I opened the door for them and handed them into their seats, first Andy in the driver's seat then Jenny in the passenger's. I leaned down to the window as she opened it and asked them if they would have lunch with me tomorrow and they both looked at each other and smiled saying that they would.

Getting into my car I thought about how this was going to change my life, yesterday I was just another face in the crowd (as long as someone didn't notice how old I was) and did my best to just blend in, but now I had two of the most attractive girls in the whole school interested in me and not more importantly, but more difficult to explain was the fact that I had been attacked by six of the schools athletes and knocked them all into unconsciousness and caused the to be arrested by the police. My real concern now was how I would explain this to my parents, as we were supposed to go swear out a complaint against them for assault at the local police station. Driving home I thought about the day and the events after school and could not believe what had happened, some how my body had jumped into a different state of being were I was accelerated beyond everyone else, yet so far it had no side effects. Then there was the voice that had spoken to me just before the fight got into the deadly aspect, where had that voice come from and what was it? Then I heard "I have been with you always; I have just chosen not to intervene until now."

"Great" I said out loud "Now I'm going crazy."

"No, your quite sane as far as that goes it is just that till this time I had no need to expose myself to you or allow you access to your abilities, now it seems that I have little choice in the matter." With that I heard a small 'pop' next to me and saw a large black cat curled up in the seat next to me, slamming on the brakes and pulling off the road I came to a stop on the shoulder, to say that I was nervous would be a monumental understatement. I turned and backed up to my door and just stared at the cat in my car, the voice in my head spoke up "What you've never seen a cat before, or do I have something on my face?" At which time the cat lifted a paw and rubbed it's face thoroughly then put it's paw down stood up and looked up at me, "there did I get it?" I took my first really close look at said cat. It seemed to be some kind of crossbreed (but what did I know about cats?), it looked to be about 25 to 30 pounds (It was a big kitty), it was black, but not completely as it had white on it's chest, feet, and two sliver patches on it's back. While taking all this in the cat stretched and yawned, this is when I got a look at it's claws and fangs, which seemed to out of place on a house cat and would be more in line for a tiger or lion. I have to admit that for a cat it was very handsome (if that is the way you would describe a cat). "Thank you for the compliment, your not so bad looking yourself for a human, and it is rude to refer to a sentient being as 'the cat' after all I do have a name, it's 'Seraph'" the voice or 'Seraph' said in my head. I was calming down and trying to take all this in when my driving companion rolled his (his voice seemed male) shoulders forward and the silver patches on his back rose up and they unfolded to show that were in fact wings, then folded them back to lay on his back again. OoooKay, so defiantly not your average house mouser, but what was he doing here and why was he watching me?

{Future telepathic communications will be denoted by [ ] to avoid confusion, Thank You — The Management}.

[I'm here because I have always been here since you were brought to this world, and I'm watching you because as my name infers, I am your guardian/familiar until death shall part us]. Thinking for a second and trying VERY hard to take all this in, I reply (still out loud). "But I was born here in Abilene, it has always been my home, maybe you have me confused with someone else, I'm just a normal teenager." Even as I say the words a part of me knows that they are a lie, even though Texas is my home, it is not the place of my birth. While I love the people that I have called my parents with all my heart, they are not the parents of my birth. Though I seem like an average teenager (aside from the over developed mind and body), I was in fact not average in any way shape form or fashion. I slumped my shoulders and surrendered to the fact that I was something else, but I didn't know exactly what, or if I even wanted to be this other person. [You are what you are and you can not change that, it is better that you accept that and begin to learn from it, as your true purpose will soon begin and you must begin to train for the difficult times to come. Your mission as Sentinel will become evident as you learn about your past and the sacrifice of your true parents, now get the car moving and drive home, by the way if you continue to talk to me out loud you might get a visit from the men in white with the oversized jackets and the padded cells. If you wish to speak to me just think at me that which you wish to say and I shall hear it, over time I will teach you to block all unconscious thought]. Trying it on for size, I thought at Seraph [So what am I supposed to do about my parents?] then thinking to myself I realized that if they were my true parents then who were my real parents and who are the people pretending to be my Mom and Dad?

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