A Week In The Life
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Frederick T.

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Originally written in installments for an internet startup that folded in 1998, this is vintage Frederick T. at his best. Beth Anderson, abandoned in Mazatlan, Mexico by her husband, meets Willy and Carol Tamarack. The beach, some beers, dinner, some margaritas and it's back to Willy's condo for the usual perversities. The Tamaracks ensure Beth has a great time doing dinner at Senor Frogs, going surfing and Beth meets the beach boys... Well... Not the real Beach Boys.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Cheating   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys  



The blue-green ocean swell became steeper and steeper as it approached the beach, finally throwing over and breaking. The break was almost like a zipper, running the length of the beach as far as the eye could see in both directions. The result was a churning mass of white water that rushed toward the shore and ran up the sand. It finally exhausted itself against the sea wall that separated the beach from The Inn at Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

It was just a little after seven a.m. and Beth Anderson was sitting in a chair just behind the wall, watching the ocean. She'd been here almost four days. Her husband left last night. The company jet came to pick him up and whisk him away to important business in St. Louis. He insisted she stay and enjoy the rest of the vacation, she spent almost a year planning.

Beth never got up this early here and couldn't understand why she did today? She thought she remembered the sounds of partying at about six but by the time she opened the drapes, there was no one about. She couldn't get back to sleep and wandered out to the ocean. She was working on her first cup of coffee, just watching the endless line of waves break about a hundred yards off shore.

She saw him about five minutes ago. He was just a speck and she figured he must be a fishing vessel, well off shore. The speck would disappear behind the bigger waves and then reappear between sets. The waves were nowhere near as big as they were the other day when she and her husband sat here and watched. The speck kept getting bigger and bigger and started to look like someone swimming toward the shore. She was wrong; it was a guy paddling a surfboard.

The guy paddled right into one of the waves, stood and turned sharply to his right. He sped along the wall of ocean, humping up off shore. As the zipper began to close, the guy turned toward shore and dropped to his knees on the board. He kept steering to his right and finally pulled out of the wave as it started running up the sand toward the wall.

The security guard, who had been standing silently about twenty feet away from Beth, called out, "Ole, Senor Willy!" The guy waved as he picked up his surfboard and walked toward the steps that led to The Inn. He rinsed the sand off his feet and chatted with the guard. His Spanish inflection and pronunciation were horrible but his grammar wasn't too bad.

The guy walked behind her with his surfboard and gently placed it on the wall about five feet from her. He sat two chairs away from her and pulled a baggie from some where, produced a cigarette and lit it with a cheap plastic lighter that also came from the bag. She was staring at him. She remembered him from the other day when she and her husband watched the waves in the afternoon. He had taken a woman out into the ocean with one of those soft plastic boards. Beth's husband thought they were crazy. The woman was about her age. Beth was forty-two. The guy pushed the woman into a wave and she rode it all the way to the shore. They were the only two out in the water as the red flag was flying - denoting danger. Shit! The waves, that day, were twice the size of today.

The people sitting at the wall, sipping margaritas and beer, clapped and cheered as the woman slid up on to the beach. The guy then swam into a wave and rode it almost to shore. The woman ran to him and where the surf met the sand, threw her arms around him. Beth was excited for the woman. Her husband still thought they were nuts.

"Good waves this morning?" Beth surprised herself by asking. The guy was at least ten years older than she was - had a bronzed tan and long graying hair, pulled into a pony tail that reached halfway down his back. He looked over at her and just smiled.

"Yea... Great point break out on that island. Shoulder high with about a half mile ride." He looked back out at the ocean and since Beth had no idea what he was talking about, she glanced in that direction also. In a few minutes he excused himself, gathered up his board and left.


Beth was lying on a lounger out by one of the cabanas built with wood and palm fronds. Every once and a while she would get up and take a dip in the pool. She had finally let the idea that her husband's leaving for St. Louis had nothing to do with business, overwhelm her. She remembered the look his blonde headed assistant gave her as he boarded the company jet. "I'm fucking him." That's what it said. She'd suspected for a long while. The late night meetings... The weekends away on business... Always with his assistant. She was as tall as Beth - five-seven or so but with a body that Beth would kill for - breasts the size of cantaloupes, trim waist with a well padded rear end... And the blonde hair... So blonde... Beth wondered if it was natural? Were her breasts? Compared to her, Beth looked like a skinny middle-aged...

"Are these loungers taken?" It was a woman's voice. Beth looked up and squinted into the sun. She could just make out their outlines against the backdrop of the afternoon sun. She shook her head. They laid their towels down and lay on the loungers. It was the man from this morning and the woman who rode the wave that afternoon.

Before Beth could lay back down, the woman held out her hand and said. "I'm Carol Tamarack and this is my husband."

The man leaned across his wife and held out his hand as Beth finished shaking Carol's. "Hi! I'm Willy. I believe we met this morning. I apologize for not introducing myself."

Beth shook Willy's hand but before she could lay back down, Carol continued. "Where's your husband? He's missing a great afternoon..." and so it continued for the rest of the afternoon. What's your husband do? He's a lawyer with a large aerospace firm in St. Louis. Willy used to fly fighters for Uncle Sam. Oh! Really... Which one? F-16's. Beth's first husband had been killed in a F-16 accident almost nineteen years ago. Willy was eager to know more and then said he remembered the mishap. He proceeded to brief her on what he had heard. It was more than the air force had ever done. Lot's of good men died in those first couple of years, Willy said. It made Beth feel proud.

They shared a plate of nachos and beers all around. The sun was quickly approaching the horizon. Beth didn't want the afternoon to end. She was comfortable with Willy and Carol. And when Willy asked her to join them for dinner, she quickly agreed to meet them in the lobby at 1830 hours. She laughed at Willy's use of the military term. She hadn't heard it since her first husband died.


Willy had the pulmonilla drop them off several miles from The Inn. They were going to walk along the beach and sober up a bit. They had eaten at a place called Gringo Lingo. Willy was greeted by name at the door and the head waiter assured him that his favorite table was ready. Beth was sure she would have never set foot in this place with her husband. Much too loud and way too young. Although the woman, her husband was probably sleeping with tonight, was at least fifteen years his junior.

The crowd tonight, though, was all teenagers. She didn't recognize the music but that didn't stop Willy and Carol from coaxing her into dancing with them. Who'd know it was the three of them? The dance floor was packed. They were the oldest by many years and finally left only after they were full of shrimp and margaritas, their clothes soaked with sweat. Beth couldn't remember the last time she had such a good time.

The aroma drifted up from the beach as they walked. It took her back many years... The sweet smell of marijuana. Her first husband and her had smoked a lot of it in college. She looked around Carol and found Willy lighting a small pipe. He took a drag and passed the pipe to Carol. Carol passed it to her. She sucked the smoke into her lungs and very quickly the stars seemed to twinkle more. The moon glistened on the water. The white water of the waves was much brighter. She was in the elevator on the way up to their room. "One more for the road!" Carol whispered to her.

Carol started dancing as soon as Willy poured cokes into some paper cups with ice. The Doors played softly on the small stereo set up on top of the TV. The lights were off. She sipped her coke. Beth was real stoned but then so were Carol and Willy. The three of them had laughed like crazy drunks as they retrieved their keys at the front desk. The desk clerk asked Willy if he was going surfing tomorrow morning? Beth thought that was particularly funny.

She put her coke down and started dancing with the two of them. "Break on Through" was playing. Willy leaned over to Carol and kissed her. Beth started laughing, maybe it was time for her to leave? Carol looked at her strangely when they stopped kissing. She turned to leave and then felt someone's hand on her shoulder. When she turned, Willy kissed her. She felt his tongue against her lips and then against her teeth. Her mouth opened and she kissed him back, their tongues fencing in her mouth and then in his mouth. He tasted of tequila and marijuana. It was his hand on her shoulder and he was rubbing the back of her neck.

When he stopped kissing her, she was breathless. Her head was spinning as she watched him kiss Carol. Then he was kissing her again. She had her hand on his chest. His tongue was like a snake in her mouth, exploring every crease and cranny of her mouth. Another arm came around her and she opened her eyes while Willy kissed her. She quickly closed them when she found Carol was nude, rubbing her back as her husband kissed her. If she was going to leave, she best do it quickly. She gently pushed Willy away from her and tried not to stare at Carol.

Carol was dropping Willy's shorts as he pulled his shirt off over his head. Now they were both naked and she couldn't take her eyes off them. They were both deeply tanned, the white parts of their bodies seemed to glow. Willy's penis was flaccid, hanging down on his balls and nowhere near the size of her husband's. It reminded her of her first husband's penis. She felt Carol start to unbutton her blouse and then Willy was pulling her shorts down. Her under panties came with them and now she was as naked as they were.

Willy kissed her again and it was then that she knew she wasn't going to leave... Didn't want to leave. With an arm around each of them, Willy led them to the bedroom. She backed into the edge of the bed and sat. Willy gently kissed her and now she was on her back. She opened her eyes to find Carol on the other bed, watching them - one of her hands between her legs. The woman was one of the hairiest women she had ever seen... tangles and tangles of dark pubic hair covered her lower stomach. Compare to Carol, Beth was practically hairless.

Willy's mouth was on her neck, his tongue frenching with her ear. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek. His mouth was now sucking on one of her breasts. Her nipples were swollen... So much smaller than Carol's - a light tan color compared to Carol's dark brown. She could feel a wetness between her legs and wanted Willy to lick her there. She had rebuffed her husband the first time he tried to eat her and he never tried again. But her first husband loved to eat at the "Y," as he called it.

Willy's tongue was in her belly button and she gently pushed on his shoulders. His tongue slowly made it's way to her light brown pubic hair and Beth heard herself cry out, "Oooh! Yes... Yes... Yes!" Now Carol was egging him on. Beth's head was swimming as she felt his tongue lather her vagina. She was so wet. When Willy found her clitoris, she came in one loud wail. Beth only stopped crying out when Carol grabbed her arm. She could smell the woman's aroma on her hand and then started cuming again. Carol covered her mouth with hers and the room was silent.

Carol's mouth was now on her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples. Willy was still between her legs, licking and sucking on her cunt. Beth Anderson was on fire. She hadn't been this hot since high school and college when her first husband would lick and suck her for hours, driving her crazy. Willy was better and she was cuming again. Carol had pulled her arms above her head and was licking the stubble under her arms.

Willy was on his feet and Beth stared at his penis. It was hard and jutting out from a tangle of brown pubic hair. He pushed her legs back against her chest and asked his wife to guide him into her. She could feel Carol's hand in between them but couldn't tell if it was her fingers or Willy's hard penis that she was rubbing against her cunt lips. Willy filled her in one thrust and drove the air out of her lungs. Carol's hand was still between them and she could feel Carol rubbing her mound. She was pinned to the mattress and could hardly move. Willy was moving slowly in her. She wanted him to fuck her faster.

"Faster... Willy! Faster... Please..." The "please" trailed off into nothing as Willy started pumping his hard cock in and out of her like a machine. He kept going and going. She was sure he had cum as he was yelling, "Fuck!" Over and over again... Yet he kept fucking her and fucking her. She had cum a half a dozen times and was getting ready to cum again when Willy pulled out of her - his cock still hard and glistening with her cunt butter.

Carol was on her knees sucking on his cock. Beth watched. He was cuming again. His body jerking around and then Carol stopped and said, "Oooh... She tastes so good... Fuck me, lover."

Carol climbed right up onto the bed and forced Beth up by the head board. Her face was hovering over Beth's loins and then Willy was fucking Carol from behind and Beth watched as the brunette lowered her face to her pussy. When Carol's tongue reamed itself into her cunt Beth started cuming again...

It was close to three before Beth got out of their bed and dressed in the front room. She let herself out and took the elevator back down to her room. A night, she was sure, she would never forget. Jesus! He must have fucked her three or four times and did his wife a couple of times, too! He never got soft. He must be a superman!


The knocking at the door grew louder and louder. Beth Anderson pulled the pillow up around her head. The events of last evening flashed through her mind. The guy was fucking her like a machine. He never got soft. His wife was sucking on her tits and licking her under arms, rubbing her mons. The woman actually sucked and licked on her cunt while her husband fucked the woman from behind. Then they both ate her, bending her almost in half, the husband licking and nibbling on her clit as the wife reamed out her asshole and bit the soft flesh of her ass. She must have cum a million times. She couldn't stop cuming and knew she was filling the room with the sounds of her orgasms. She couldn't help it. She had never experienced sex like that - even with her first husband, who she did everything with. Well... Almost everything.

"Beth... Beth... Come on, Beth. Time to rise. Willy's going to take us shopping downtown. Open up, Beth." The knocking got louder. Then the phone started ringing. It didn't stop. Beth finally gave up hiding under her pillow and answered the phone.

"Beth? It's Willy Tamarack. Thought you might like to go downtown with us and do a little shopping. Beth... You there?"

Beth didn't know what to say. She was embarrassed, could feel the flush of her embarrassment. What the hell was she supposed to say? How could she face these people? Only two men had ever seen her naked in her adult life and she allows this guy to fuck her three or four times... Shit! While his wife watched, no less and she only met them yesterday.

"Come on, Beth." The guy was saying on the phone. "It'll be a blast! We'll visit the Cathedral... Maybe go to mass and then shop 'till we drop... Do dinner early, on the way back to The Inn. Maybe, Senor Frogs? You been there? Beth... Beth... You there?" His wife was still knocking on the door. "We'll meet you in the lobby around two if you're interested... Ok?"

Beth mumbled something about being tired... Not sure she wanted to go downtown. Willy was gracious, told her she'd be missing a great time. He missed her this morning when he paddled in from the surf. Carol was there waiting for him, hoping the three of them could have breakfast. The pounding at the door stopped and Beth told him she'd think about it. She hung up and rolled over, looking for her watch. It was one p.m.

She collapsed back on the bed and again the events of last night flooded her head. The two of them never left her alone. While one of them was between her legs, either sucking or fucking her - the other was kissing her breasts, frenching her or... Jesus! She'd never been so turned on. Her labia were throbbing right now just thinking about what they had done together. Toward the end of the evening she became the aggressor, riding the guy's cock while his wife sat on the guy's face. They kissed each other and yes... Beth sucked on the woman's breasts. They were about her size with the most crinkly areolae and nipples like little thumbs and so hard.

Beth was getting turned on and let her hand drift down her belly to her brown furry bush. God! That woman had enough hair between her legs for three or four women. She remembered when Carol got off Willy's face so they could trade places. Willy pulled four or five long pubic hairs out of his mouth before he would allow Beth to straddle his face. It was worth the wait as the guy could really get her off with his mouth and tongue.

When she next looked at her watch it was one forty-five. She sprang out of bed and rushed to the shower. She was shaving her under arms when the phone rang. She jumped out of the shower with her hair sopping wet and only one underarm shaved.


It was Carol. "You coming? Or you want us to leave without you?"

"I'm running a little late... Give me fifteen minutes... Ok? What are you wearing, Carol?"

"Skirt and blouse. We'll be waiting in the lobby." She hung up.


Beth was having a great time. The Cathedral was very impressive but they blew off mass as it was being held later in the afternoon. The shopping was tremendous. The market was really a market, with the beef and pork hung from hooks in the ceiling. It smelled horrible but Beth had never seen anything like it. She and Carol went from stall to stall, listening to Willy's horrible Spanish as he bargained with the shop keepers. By the time they left, both of the women had bags and bags of knickknacks - hat's and "T" shirts and paper flowers and wallets and purses. Beth picked out a pair of silver ear rings that were dirt cheap and Carol bought several silver bracelets. Willy wouldn't let her pay for a thing.

As they rode the bus to Senor Frogs, Beth insisted that she pick up the tab for dinner. Willy told her to forget it but she insisted. If she thought Gringo Lingo was wild, Senor Frogs was crazy. A cruise ship had arrived that afternoon and the place was crammed with drunken tourists. Some of the women were dancing on the table tops and the men were loud and rowdy. The music was so loud she could hardly hear herself talk. Again, the man, who seated them, appeared to know Willy and they were immediately taken to a table against the back wall.


Dinner was the same as the night before... Shrimp and margaritas and more shrimp and more margaritas. The waiters were clearing the table off, "... so the Senoritas can dance on the table top." "Yea... Right!" Beth thought. That'll be the day when two forty year old women start dancing on table tops. She excused herself and went to the power room. When she got back, she just stared... Carol was indeed, dancing on the table top. She sat and watched. Willy and several of the waiters were clapping their hands and everyone was laughing. Beth clapped with them and watched.

The flash of Carol's white untanned skin beneath her skirt shocked her. She wasn't sure but thought, maybe the woman had taken her panties off. She got a clear view of her hairy snatch and was sure. Maybe, she hadn't worn any panties? She got another flash of Carol's dark haired twat and looked at Willy who was sitting next to her. She wondered if he knew his wife wasn't wearing any panties? The way he was smiling she was sure he did and as she glanced at the waiters, who were whispering among themselves, was sure they knew too.

Carol eventually jumped off the table and into the arms of one of the waiters. She whispered something into his ear and he laughed a loud laugh. Willy got the check first and Beth argued with him about who was going to pay for it. She lost but Willy promised she could buy breakfast tomorrow morning when he got back from surfing. She lost track of Carol as Willy guided her out of the restaurant. They were crossing the street and Beth asked him where Carol was?

"Oh! She's around... Someplace." They climbed down to the beach and settled on a small sand dune well away from the water. Willy produced his pipe and the two of them shared a couple of drags. It was a while before she noticed there was another group of people a ways down the beach. Willy kept glancing that way.

She followed his glance and then quickly looked away. It looked like two men and a woman. The woman appeared to be on her knees, her skirt hiked up over her back, baring her ass. Jesus! It looked like Carol! She looked back and found one of the men dropping to his knees behind her. She heard the woman moan as the guy behind her filled her with one thrust and now Beth couldn't take her eyes off of the two of them. The other guy was standing to the side of them and there was no doubt what he was doing. He was stroking his cock as his friend fucked the shit out of the woman on her knees.

Some clouds drifted away from the moon and now there was no doubt that Carol was getting her brains fucked out. Beth even recognized the waiter who was fucking her. The two men traded places and the second one started fucking the woman on her knees in the sand. The sounds drifted up to where she and Willy were sitting. She looked over at Willy and found him watching the spectacle. He had a smile plastered on his face and Beth figured he must be too stoned to realize that it was his wife fucking two of the waiters from Senor Frogs.

The man, who just finished fucking Carol, was on his knees at her head and Beth was sure Carol was sucking his cock. The sounds were partially drowned out by the ocean and the moon kept disappearing behind some clouds. Maybe she was just imagining it as Willy's marijuana was again doing it's magic. Beth Anderson was real stoned.

The fucking stopped. Both men had taken her twice. It seemed the whole thing only lasted a few minutes but that was probably wrong. Willy slowly got to his feet and helped Beth up. They wandered down the beach toward Carol. She was still on her knees, her skirt still hiked up over her back, her ass bare. Beth could hear her panting. The two guys were climbing back up toward the highway.

"Gracias, Senores!" Willy called to them. They both turned and waved. When Beth turned back to Willy, he had dropped his shorts and was sinking to his knees. His cock was hard, pointing straight out from his groin. Beth couldn't take her eyes off of it. He got right up behind his wife and rubbed his cock between the cheeks of her milk white ass. "Ready for more, lover?"

Carol said something but a wave drowned it out. Willy looked up at her and said, "Give me a hand, Beth." She was thinking she should leave but dropped to her knees beside him. Willy had spread Carol's butt cheeks apart and Beth could see the woman's abundant bush was matted with her previous lovers semen. Large globs of their spunk were clearly visible in her dark pubic hair.

Without thinking, Beth grabbed Willy's cock and guided it to his wife's cunt. It looked like raw meat, red and swollen, surrounded by a thick thatch of dark curly hair. She remembered last night when Carol guided Willy into her cunt. It felt like she fingered her a bit before guiding him in. Beth couldn't help herself and wormed two fingers into Carol Tamarack's sopping wet, swollen cunt. Willy laughed as Carol started thrusting herself back on Beth's hand. "She needs more than your fingers, Beth."

Willy was in her and fucking her like crazy. Beth was really turned on being so close to their coupling. She felt Willy's hand under her skirt and then slide into her panties and onto her ass. When he poked two fingers into her vagina from behind, she cried out. Carol looked up and almost screamed, "In my ass, lover... Come on, Willy... Fuck my ass!"

Willy's fingers were reaming in and out of her cunt and she was very wet. He'd pulled out of Carol and Beth could see his cock glisten with the slime of Carol's previous lovers. She grabbed it and guided him to his wife's hairy anus. His cock was so slippery she laughed trying to hold it. It slipped up between Carol's butt cheeks the first time he tried to enter her. Beth grabbed it again and held it steady as Willy drilled it into his wife. The butt fucking was fast and furious. Beth got so carried away watching that she hardly felt Willy's finger ream itself into her asshole. Her orgasm shook her as the three of them writhed around on the sand, the sound of the ocean and wind covering their screams of pleasure.


The cab ride seemed to take forever but she hardly remembered riding up in the elevator with them. Willy had his arms around both of them. Carol's legs and knees were covered with sand. She was a mess and immediately went into the bathroom to shower. Willy took her out to the patio and they shared some more of his magic weed. Beth was about to ask him to fuck her when he rose and took her to the bathroom. She started to get out of her clothes before he pulled the shower curtain aside. Carol was douching herself. Beth watched as the fluid ran out of her vagina. Beth was on fire and wanted to get fucked and sucked... She'd do anything... Wanted to do everything. Her cunt was throbbing, her nipples erect.

Willy was getting out of his clothes but Beth stepped by him and into the shower with his wife. They embraced and kissed. She felt Willy behind her, rubbing his cock between the cheeks of her ass. She turned and dropped to her knees. She'd had only one cock in her mouth... ever. Now it was two and Willy started to get hard immediately. He was thrusting his hips and she was on fire, taking as much of his cock as she could. Her lips were sliding back and forth on his hard dick. She wanted him to fuck her but was afraid to ask... His wife was on her knees behind her massaging her breasts and fingering her.

"Willy... Fuck me... Come on... Fuck me!" It was a scream and the two of them quickly changed places and he was in her - just fucking the shit out of her. She was so wet and sloppy and he was so hard and strong. His wife was spread before her and it wasn't long before Beth Anderson got her first taste of pussy. He kept fucking her and she kept eating his wife. Carol's pubic hair was smothering her. She kept licking the wet folds of the woman's cunt and her husband kept driving his cock in and out of her cunt like a mad man. She started to cum and raised her head out of the woman's groin. The woman grabbed her head and forced it back to her wet cunt. Beth's screams of orgasm were muffled in the folds of Carol Tamarack's well fucked pussy and her husband kept fucking Beth and Beth kept cuming.


Beth Anderson jerked awake in bed. Her sheets were damp. She was covered with perspiration and could still feel his hard cock in her anus. Carol had covered Beth's butt and Willy's cock with some jell or oil. His cock slid right into her. It felt strange at first but she got used to it and then he started fucking her. God! He fucked her for what seemed like hours but by then she was so stoned, she was sure time had no meaning. Carol was under her, licking and nibbling on her vagina and Beth came and came and came.

Her watch said it was seven a.m. She didn't believe they would be out by the ocean but struggled into her clothes and headed out to see anyway. She'd promised them breakfast while they walked her back to her condo. She couldn't remember what time that was. She remembered wondering if her husband had thrown his blonde haired assistant as good a fucking as she got? She remembered laughing like crazy and seeing confused looks on her friend's faces. She laughed louder and was sure they thought she was crazy on the dope or the margaritas or the sex.

Carol Tamarack was sitting on the wall that separated The Inn at Mazatlan from the beach. She was watching the ocean. Beth jumped up on the wall and joined her. "See Willy yet?" Carol shook her head and Beth stared out to sea. The speck appeared a few minutes later after Carol got up to get them a cup of coffee. The waves were big again. Beth wondered if Willy was going to catch one and ride it to shore. Carol assured her that he would and he did.

Carol and Beth listened to his ritual with the security guard and then he joined them, kissing each on the cheek. He smelled of the ocean and Beth thought she could smell marijuana on his breath. They shared coffee and then Willy got up and exclaimed, "Time for breakfast, Beth... And it's your turn to buy."


Beth froze with fear. She was waist deep in the ocean. A mountain of white water was approaching and Willy was screaming for her to dive under it. At the last second she did. The turbulence under the wave was not as bad as she thought it would be and when she surfaced further out to sea, Willy was a few feet to her right. He had the boogie board again and was heading further out, grabbing her hand as he went. The next wave was even bigger and she was scared to death but dove under it anyway. Willy kept encouraging her as they swam for the horizon.

The waves weren't breaking out this far and every once and a while Beth looked toward the shore to find she couldn't see it as a wave passed them and humped up to break. Willy was giving her some last minute instructions and now she was on the board on her belly. He shoved her forward and in just a split second she was hurtling down the face of a huge wave, holding on to the board for dear life. She couldn't believe how fast she was going, the white water bubbling and churning around her. She saw Carol on the shore, pumping her arms up and down above her head. Beth Anderson had never had an experience like this... Never been this excited.

She slid up on to the sand and Carol rushed to help her up. "Wasn't that a kick in the ass, Beth... You ever been so excited... So turned on?" Beth could hear some hoots and hollers from the wall and looked up to see several people toasting her as Carol threw her arms around her and gave her a big hug. Now Willy was beside her, hugging her to him as the three of them walked up the steps to The Inn. A beach boy took the boogie board as they washed off their feet and one of the waiters shoved a plastic salt rimmed cup into her hand. She took a big swig of margarita and settled on the lounger, aware that she was the center of attention. She had never felt this good, this excited, in her forty-two years!

The sun was hot and the three of them were sweating profusely. Beth propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Willy and Carol Tamarack. They both appeared asleep. Jesus! They should be after the workout the three of them had last night. Beth rolled over on to her stomach and began to snooze.

The pictures were vivid in her mind. She and Carol were going sixty-nine. Carol was on top and all Beth could see was a forest of dark pubic hair growing between the woman's ass. Beth was licking her cunt, swollen and red from the fucking she received earlier. Carol was busy between her legs, teasing her clitoris, nibbling on her labia. Beth was just about to cum again when she felt Willy above her. He was stroking his cock and it was shinny in the dim light of the bedroom. He must have put some more of that gel on, she thought.

"Spread her butt cheeks, Beth." He was talking in a normal voice but it sounded like a whisper. Beth spread Carol's ass as wide as she could. Willy moved forward and pushed his hard boner into the tangles of hair near the woman's asshole. He grunted and then groaned as he pushed his cock into his wife. Carol's head snapped out of Beth's groin and she screamed a little. Willy's testicles were dangling above Beth's face and before she knew it she was teasing them with her tongue. It drove him wild and he slammed his cock in and out of the asshole above her.

Later, Carol knee walked across the bed with a grotesque looking rubber cock strapped to her lower belly. It was easily at least eight inches long and seemed as big around as a beer can. Beth wondered what she was going to do with it? Carol was stroking it like she was jacking off. It was slick with the jell and Beth shook her head back and forth when Carol told her to get on her knees. Willy was laughing. Carol fell on top of her and the two of them wrestled around on the bed. Beth started laughing and then Willy was helping Carol slide it into her. Oh! God! It was big! Carol started fucking her and pretty soon Beth was on her knees sucking Willy's cock as Carol fucked her doggie style...

She woke with a start and looked over at the two of them still sleeping in the sun. Beth was horny and wanted to go upstairs and shower. She wanted Willy to fuck her... Maybe even fuck Carol with the dildo. She was kneeling beside Willy and put her hand on his sweat slick chest. His eyes opened immediately and he smiled up at her. He seemed to know what she wanted and soon they were in the elevator.

The three of them were nude in the shower, covered with soap. Carol was behind Willy with her arms around his middle, playing with his dick. Beth was swallowing his tongue as she felt his hands massaging her ass. Her arms were up around his neck. Beth wanted something between her legs... She ached for Willy's hard dick. Now Carol's hands were massaging her tits, her nipples hard as rock and she could feel Willy's hard, soapy cock rubbing against her belly.

She dropped to her knees and splashed some water on his penis and pubic hair. It was then that she noticed the scar - from just below his belly button down into his pubic hair. She was surprised she didn't notice it last night but then she was so stoned last night.

Willy told her he'd had cancer... Had it cut out... That's why he didn't ejaculate when he came. She started sucking his cock and Willy stopped talking. He lifted her to her feet and carried her out of the shower. Carol followed and they all dried each other. Willy was harder than rock and Beth wanted him so bad she begged. She bent over in front of him, presenting her ass to him. "Come on, Willy... Fuck me... Please..." Instead Carol dropped to her knees and licked the crack of her ass, from her moist cunt to her puckered anus. Beth shuddered... And then the three of them were in bed. Carol crawled on top of her and started licking and sucking her cunt. Beth buried her head between the woman's ass and licked for all she was worth. Her first orgasm rushed through her body when she heard the knock at the door. Carol and Beth kept eating each other.

"Girls we have company..." Carol's head came out of her crotch and quickly rolled off her. Beth rolled to her side and looked over Carol to the doorway. Willy was standing between two of the Mexican beach boys. All three of them were naked and all of them had hard dicks sticking out of their groins. One of beach boys had a cock longer than her husband's, the other's was much thicker but not as long. Willy's looked small compared to the other two. The three of them moved into the room, their cocks bobbing in front of them.

Carol rolled to her back and the one with the thick cock wasted no time filling her. Her animal groan filled the room as the one with the long dick crawled between her legs. He was harder than Willy got and started fucking it in and out of her as soon as he entered her. Beth brought her legs up around his waist. He was driving the breath out of her with every thrust; her cunt like a cauldron of hot lava, clinging to his cock as it pounded in and out of her. His skin was sweaty and soon she could feel the perspiration rolling off her chest and sides.

She heard Carol screaming out an orgasm and then it was on her. Beth screamed. His cock spazamed in her belly and then filled her with spurt after spurt of hot semen. She felt herself overflow and his spunk dribbling down between the cheeks of her ass, soaking the sheets. He said something in Spanish that she didn't catch and then Willy was rolling her over on to her stomach. She got to her knees on her own and Willy was in her just fucking her senseless. His belly was slapping against her ass and the back of her thighs. He felt small compared to the one who had just filled her with jizzim.

Beth's head was cradled in her arms, her ass sticking up in the air. She was watching Carol. The woman was on her knees between her lover's legs, sucking his spent prick. God! She was turned on and just about to cum again when the other Mexican pulled her head out of her arms and slid his groin right below her face. His pubic hair was matted with his semen, his penis flaccid and slimy looking. He pushed her head down into his groin and she could feel the stickiness of his cum on her cheek and nose. Somebody told her to suck his cock. It might have been Willy? It didn't matter, she did.

It was better than last night when Carol fucked her with the dildo and she sucked Willy off. It had been a long time since she'd had a man cum in her mouth. Her first husband called it birth control. She could feel him growing in her mouth. Her tongue was licking under the crown of his cock and she had a hand wrapped around his shaft. Every few moments, she'd bob her head up and down and he'd thrust up to meet her hungry mouth. Willy pulled out of her and was replaced almost immediately with a much thicker cock.

"Fuck her good, Herman!" Carol cried out and boy, did he. He was pumping his meat in and out of her like a runaway train. He had his hands on her hips and was spreading her ass apart. Fear ran through her body. "What if he wants to fuck me in the ass?" Beth thought. The fear quickly faded as the cock in her mouth started spurting. She choked on it and could feel the spunk dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin.

The guy, who had just cum in her mouth, moved away and Carol slid her cum filled pussy under her mouth. The guy behind her was still fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She was sweating like a pig and thrusting back at the cock fucking her. Carol's pussy was greasy and slimy with her lover's load. Beth's tongue was coated with his semen and her cunt butter and the guy behind her kept on fucking. She finally pulled her face out of Carol's bush and screamed out another orgasm.

"Ooooooh! Fuck... Me... Fuck... Fuck... Fuck... I'm cuming... Aaaagin!" She felt the guy behind her stiffen and then his cock spewed a load of spunk into her that flooded her vaginal canal, dripping out on to the sheet below her. He finally softened and pulled out of her only to be replace by Willy who seemed very small compared to the two who had just fucked her.

And on and on it went... Carol moved to her rear and Beth felt the woman ream a finger into her asshole. Shortly it was replaced with Willy's cock and the guy who just filled her with cum was presenting his cock for sucking. The orgy continued with Beth as the main attraction. She lost track of how many times she'd cum and couldn't begin to count the loads of cum that she swallowed or had shot into her belly.

The five of them rested after what seemed like hours and shared beers and joints. They laughed at Willy's shitty pronunciation and then it began again. Beth didn't remember much of what happened then but it began in the shower. It was almost too small for the five of them... Almost!

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