My Day At The Mall

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Prologue - A former Marine finds himself embroiled in a fight for his life and the lives of those he comes to care for. That life will undergo a significant change!

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   DomSub   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Slow  

I had never in my life considered owning a person. I mean this is the U.S. of A. and we are in the twenty-first century after all. We send troops all over the world to free people, right? Hell I used to be one of those sent to do just that. Well some recent events in my life have forced me to change my views on slavery. Nevertheless, there you have it. I am now the bona fide, yet dubious, owner of two willing slaves. I guess you're wondering what happened. I warn you, I can only report the events as they unfolded, wait until you hear the whole story before you pass judgment.

Wassat? Who am I? Hmm... ? I guess an introduction is in order. My name is Wayne Richards. I was born and raised in northern Alabama. I have blonde hair and sea-blue eyes. I'm not model gorgeous or anything like that, but I've been told I'm handsome enough and I've never lacked for a date if I wanted one. I stand at six feet three inches and weigh in at a little over two hundred and forty pounds. I did my time in Uncles Sam's Misguided Children so I know how to keep in shape. I was a gunnery sergeant in the Marine FORCE RECON, 1st Recon Battalion, 1st Platoon, and 1st Marine Division, based out of Camp Pendleton California. I spent most of my time on detached duty to the Special Operations Group run out of Langley and Falls Church, Virginia.

We did many things I am happy to forget. We also did a very few I'm proud of. I was at the end of my hitch with about a week left to go and no real plans when a friend, Redland (Red) McDaniels, called and asked if I wanted a job running security at the new mall he was building. The Torrington Mall was due to open in about three months. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then I found out it was to be the largest mall in the region and one of the largest in the world. So of course, I said yes. The six-figure salary and use of a company SUV was a nice inducement too. I would be in charge of what amounted to a small police force with more than a hundred men and women under my direct command. That was over two years ago now.

A car accident three months ago has kept me off my feet for the most part, thanks to a hip-to-ankle cast on my right leg. I wasn't even driving when Red and I got "T-Boned" at the intersection. Red walked away without so much as a friggin' scratch. (The Lucky Bastard!) Me, I can be up on my feet for a couple of hours at a time and even that's painful. Neither insurance company wants to pay the bills and my own medical provider says to bill the auto insurance for them. The insurance companies are fighting it out in court as to who will pay so my own health coverage is what I have to rely on. My lawyer tells me this is going to make a filthy rich man of me once he gets done suing both insurance companies for refusing to cover my medical bills and the physical therapy. But, that's down the line and I'm here now.

I've been able to work my upper body and keep toned for the most part but I was used to running ten miles a day, everyday, minimum. The cast came off last week. (Thank You, God!) I know I'm a little overweight now but I'm still solid and in better shape than most. I even signed up for a gym membership to get rid of the extra pounds. I have the type of metabolism that requires me to be active. A sedentary lifestyle is not an option for me. If I'm not active, well it all goes around the middle; hence my current predicament. My doc says my bones have healed remarkably well, so with a little therapy and a little time I'll be good as new, aside from the occasional weather related pain.

My doc and the physical therapist both wanted me in a structured environment for my rehab but my own insurance wouldn't cover all of the therapy and the difference in cost made it cheaper to buy a year's membership at a good gym with certified trainers available. So, I checked the local establishments out and picked the best of the lot. As is happens the best local gym is in my mall.

'Body Dreams' is on the second floor mezzanine and has heated therapy pools and a full sized twenty-five-meter pool as well as every kind of workout equipment you could ask for, and on-site trainers and physical therapists. Normally I wouldn't have wanted to spend that kind of money, but as I'm a mall employee my discount made it the most affordable option. Lucky me!

I'm not wealthy but I'm not usually hurting for money either. I hit the Mega-Bucks lotto a while back, two weeks after I got out of the Marines in fact. It wasn't a huge win and I elected to take the structured annual payments to cut my tax bite. I don't touch that though, not for anything. That's going to let me retire in comfort in ten or fifteen years. I'm twenty-six and working a good six-figure job that I like and now I own two slaves. Who woulda thunk it?

Anyway, here's what happened...

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