Dancer At 1 Pm
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, Swinging, Gang Bang, Oriental Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A traveller and quide visit a Karaoke in Manilla, PI. Then a drunken night becomes an adventure. How many fit in a King Size Bed?

It was 11:00am, June 23, 2003, Makati Shangrila Hotel in Makati, Philippines (PI).

She will be here in 2 hours. A beautiful young dancer with a great body and eyes that seem to look into my soul and see all the way down to Mr. Happy. I should be looking forward to seeing her again. But I was dreading it instead. Oh my aching head. I was feeling great earlier this morning. At least until around 10:30am. My cure for a hangover is to push water, juice, Motrin and vitamins. Then to sleep. Eyes close, I enter the abyss. Maybe I will hear her knock.

My limo picks me up at 6:30 am from just north of Trenton, NJ. An hour drive to EWR, 2 hrs playing games with the new airport security, 24 hours and 2 plane changes, I am in Manila. Another hour in Immigration and baggage claim, and I am again amazed that I have all of my luggage. I punch my cell phone with my Philippines "Smart" sim card, load my minutes and call my ride.

My friend Nicolar, or Nic answers, he and his driver are already waiting outside, We meet and his driver loads my luggage into his van. Nic is an attorney and handles my business affairs. Nic has promised to take me out for an evening that he promises will be great fun. I check in to my hotel, Shangrila, one of the nicest in Makati. What do we want to do tonight. He suggests Karaoke. OK.

The last time we talked, he mentioned getting me a PI Special, explaining that that was spending the night with 2 women. The entertainment industry in PI is different than the US. In PI you go to any of the hundreds of bars or Discos and choose the girl you want while drinking and buying ladies drinks for the dancing girls you are talking to. If you like a girl you can ask if she wants to leave with you. You pay a fee called a barfine to the bar, she changes into street clothes, and then leave. She will usually spend the night with you and if she likes you, the next day as well. When it is time to part, you pay a tip to the girl. Amounts will differ depending on who, what and where.

We drive about 30 minutes to a bar. I have no idea where, this is his show. Nic had promised me a memorable evening.

He meets the manage, introductions, we are led to a door with a small window. He says pick a number. Nic looks through the window and says a number. I have no idea what is going on. My turn. I look in the window, in chairs are about 40 women, 18 to 25 years, each is wearing a card with a number on it. Mystery explained. The girls range from 5s to a few 9s. I see one that is smiling and talking with a friend. She has bright eyes and kind smile and a slender body. Maybe a 7-8, but my standards and requirements are probably less than my more picky compatriots.

The manager says that they will meet us upstairs. We follow the manager up and are led to a room the size of a small living room. In the center is a low coffee table and on each side is a couch. Nic sits on one couch and points for me to sit on the other. We order beers.

I decide that after spending the last 30 hrs with little sleep that I will take it easy on the beers. After all I am a sensible person. The ladies, the drinks and ladies drinks arrive. In the corner is a TV and book listing the songs available. Some of the songs are in Tagalog, the local PI language. But most people speak English also.

Number 22 introduces herself as Julia. She is wearing a short skirt and loose blouse. We sing, dance, she loves to cuddle and keeps her hand on my leg, about 2 cm from Mr. Happy. I enjoy touching her, but it is made clear that these girls are not bar girls, to I pretend to be a gentleman. After about 4 beers each, Nic requests a dancer for us. She arrives and gets on the table and begins to undress slowly over the next half hour.

Nic asked me if I liked the Dancer. I say, sure she is beautiful. He talks with the manager and they arrange for her to meet me at my hotel room the next day at 1:00PM. Great my afternoon is planned. I hate being bored.

Nic says, "Do you like whiskey?"

"Sure I like whiskey." Was it the 6 beers talking? He orders a fifth of whiskey and we somehow manage to kill about half of it between the two of us.

"Are you ready to call it a night?" I think I said yes. I don't remember. Nic drops me at my hotel. Gets a little fuzzy after that.

Next thing I remember I am riding in a taxi. No idea how I got there or where we are going. I check my wallet. Cards and cash intact. I remember I should put it in my front pocket to be safe from robbers. We pull up to bar. The taxi door is opened, I get out, driver doesn't ask for payment. Did I charge this to my room? Heh, Sort it out later. Am I walking OK? Haven't fallen down yet. Maybe I can pretend that I am sober.

I walk in the door of the bar, heavy curtains cover the entrance. Totally black inside, a girl takes my arm and directs me to a table. 5 people trying to talk to me at once. Just one big noise. I yell "San Miguel please." My eyes adjust to the dark. I am sitting at a table near a stage with about 8 girls dancing. Some even in sync. There are about 4 girls sitting at my table, all trying to get my attention. The front runner is the one with the armlock on my left are with my hand clamped between her thighs. The second is the one rubbing my dick through my pants. Have said only a few words to each of them but can tell that both

are gifted in communication skills.

The one keeping my hand warm is Rica. A little cutie with a great smile.

"Can I have my hand back? Need to go to the little boys room." She giggles and lets me loose to get out of the booth. She leads and I follow. I discover how full service these places are. Nothing sexual, just lending me a hand.

We get back to the table. I am introduced to her friends. Can't hear shit, I just nod and smile. Rica wants to go back to my hotel with me. Sounds good to me. I meet more friends, buy more ladies drinks. Everyone is so friendly here. Lets go. I pay with a credit card. And wait for my card back. Rica introduces me to her sister Diane. Can she go with us? She is a little fox, a 9 on anyone's list. I think wow, 2 girls at once. Never did that before.

That requires another card swipe. Another 10 minutes. Had nursed the beer for about an hour so was feeling better. Finally ready to go. I walk out, the driver opens the door on the taxi. Rica gets in, another girl gets in, Diane gets in, another girl gets in. I am standing next to the taxi, a little confused. FOUR?? Oh shit. I always said I wanted to die in bed, fucked to death. I kind of guessed that it was too late to try the refund window. The only recourse is to guts through this. I start to walk around the car to sit in front with the driver. Diane says NO, you ride with us. I slide in, sit in the center, a warm and willing lady on each knee. The ride to the hotel was about 30 minutes. I met Tina, and Hazel. Tina was the oldest, I guessed 25.

We entered the hotel, got a few looks. I am sure that this happens everyday in PI. Perhaps not at the Makati Shangrila. Someone did talk with Tina. She later told me he had asked what was going on? She had told me that I was the daddy and she was the mommy. See a simple answer is always the best.

We get up to the room. Now what? I am in unexplored territory. I say "I'm getting a shower. Anyone want to wash my back?" Soon there are 5 naked people in the bathroom. The room has a large bathroom with a 2 person shower. We cycle in shifts showering and drying. I pretend to be a gentleman. Only give away is that Mr. Happy keeps looking up at them. I get soft drinks from the mini bar. I have a drink in each hand, carrying a towel. They laugh when I ask them if they want some.

Moment of truth. I am still drunk, better, but still drunk. These are the pros. I lay on the king size bed. Rica comes over and lays down next to me. The others are finishing showers. She starts with a little rubbing, kissing, taking her time to see how I will react. I go with the flow and start the foreplay, trying to give her pleasure also. I kiss down her chest to her pussy. Nice and clean. I never to this with a new lady. But with her it seemed so sweet and natural. Course being drunk may have contributed.

I pulled her up and set her on my face, and started eating. I felt hands rubbing Mr. Happy and then a condom being applied. Soon I was eating a delicious pussy while getting a very nice BJ. My tongue kept working, this was great. A few minutes later the BJ stopped and I felt a pussy slide down my cock. Rica got off and another took her place on by face. Soon I felt the condom being removed, and was replaced and again a felt a great BJ for 5-10 min and then CG. These ladies cycled for about 90 minutes. I finally said it was late. Time for bed, 4:30am. We all took a showers before going to bed.

Sleep was difficult. I am laying naked, in a king bed with 2 beauties on each side of me. I don't care what anyone says. Now I know what sardines feel like.

We woke up at 9:00am. No idea why. Tina came over to me and started trouble. Before long we were going at it again. Mr Happy was trying for Olympic gold. Even I was impressed. We went at it for another 45 minute. Until I had the image that I will remember for the rest of my life. Diane, sitting between my legs looking at a ready Mr Happy.

Diane said. "We are out of condoms. What do we do now?" I started laughing. Must have still been drunk. I ordered breakfast for all of us. We ate it all and licked the plates. At 10:30am, I started getting tired. I thanked the ladies for their time and hugged each one goodbye.

The room is quiet. I can't feel my dick. My stomach is starting to flip. I will probably loose my breakfast soon.

She will be here in 2 hours. A beautiful young dancer with a great body and eyes that seem to look into my soul and see all the way down to Mr. Happy. I should be looking forward to seeing her again. But I was dreading it instead. Oh my aching head. I was feeling great earlier this morning. At least until around 10:30am. My cure for a hangover is to push water, juice, Motrin and vitamins. Then to sleep. Eyes close, I enter the abyss. Maybe I will hear her knock.

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