Every Summer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Lactation, Pregnancy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - While on a summer vacation to the Pacific Northwest, Chuck meets someone who could change his life.

"Do you enjoy my breasts?"

My head snapped up from staring at the near fully exposed breast with the, 'Oh shit I'm caught' but managed a very articulate, "Huh?"

"Enjoy my breasts? Do you enjoy seeing them?" This time I heard the French is my first language accent while looking into her eyes but glancing down as she brought her hands up her sides to lift the two breasts a little.

My face felt pretty warm as I blushed then apologized, "Forgive me, I couldn't help looking."

I began to turn away when she said, "I like you to see me. It's nice for you to enjoy my breasts."

As I looked back, a small child ran up to her and hugged her leg which was encased in a long skirt using it to hide behind while checking me out. She brought a hand to the head of that child while leaning down to peer into a double stroller to look at a dozing infant. The act of leaning down brought the two very large round breasts into view. Her dark skin and the shadow of her partially open blouse hid how full and round they were. Looking closely you could see her large pink nipples clearly. When she began to straighten up, I made sure my gaze was fixed on her face.

She looked me in the eyes and said, "Please stay. Please sit with me. Talk with me a few minutes." She backed up and sat on one of the benches patting the open seating area next to her.

Not knowing what else to do I sat next to her, turning so we could look at each other. Before I could say anything, this strange creature beamed a smile at me then reached for my hand, taking it in both of hers. Her act of familiarity plus the visual she was presenting was too much. My ego was stretching my pants.

Let's back up a bit. First, I'm a 38 year old divorced junior college teacher on vacation. My trip had taken me through Seattle, Mount St. Helen, and the San Juan Islands. Right then I was in Victoria British Columbia on the side lawn of the British Columbia capitol building. As an engineering and architectural student, I had been studying the beautiful design of the building.

I'd been walking blindly along, gawking at the building when a running kid crashed into my leg. She had fallen, beginning to cry. I picked her up to ask her if she was okay while looking for a nearby parent to help me with the little one. The almost crying little girl looked at me, smiled then wiggled to get down. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she was off like a shot.

Right next to me was a lady with several children from small to teen looking at me with a smile. She bent over a stroller, picked up an infant and raised the baby to her chest. With one hand she unbuttoned her blouse, brought a very large breast out and began nursing the infant. She was totally oblivious to her surroundings. Her single-minded interest was only on the infant. She was displaying a breast the size of a small watermelon. Maybe a huge water balloon would be a better comparison. It was too large to stand out from her body but it was so full, her large nipple was protruding straight out instead of slightly up as most sagging breasts do. As I was starring she glanced up at me and smiled. It was a gentle, but radiant smile that seemed to create an aura around her. Amazing how she was affecting me. Even my terminally dormant organ was twitching around.

As a note here, I have to admit to a couple of recent semi-romances that dissolved for my lack of ability to perform. In other words, I had a bad case of LDS or limp dick syndrome. This ED stuff was so bad nothing seemed to get a rise out of me. Even the miracle pills the doc gave me didn't work. So it was a surprise that I was beginning to tent my pants.

It was time for me to get away from this lady. All I needed was some husband to come wandering back to see some guy with a growth in his pants ogling his wife while she was nursing.

I was leaving this group when two of the older children asked me if I could take them inside as the staff of the capitol would not allow youths in unaccompanied by an adult.

"Sure, let's go take a look inside," and began walking toward the front entrance. I had a pretty big backpack on that was my traveling luggage. I know how to travel light but it was still cumbersome and I was juggling it around getting comfortable. There was a pretty good commotion behind me so I looked back to see a bunch of kids following me including the two who had asked me.

Seeing my surprise, one girl who looked to be the oldest asked, "Can some of my sisters and brothers come too?" They were all standing quietly watching me with anxious looks.

"Sure why not, come on." Then I remembered the question, "Can SOME of my sisters and brothers come too?" I counted heads and there were eleven kids with me. How many more could there be.

The tour was interesting. We stopped and read almost every plaque on the walls. We studied the pictures of dignitaries and the paintings. I was surprised the British Columbia Bill of Rights was not created until 1962. There were many plaques in French. The older children read them aloud and the younger ones listened attentively.

We were inside almost two hours before we came back outside. I accompanied the very orderly group back to the side lawn where they immediately surrounded the lady who had been nursing the infant. They excitedly spoke to the lady who listened to the clamor with a smile. The entire time this was happening she had a child about a year old on her lap nursing with a toddler lying next to her napping. Her blouse was totally unbuttoned but one side was draped over her chest. There were three more small children playing quietly in the grass next to her.

The child she was nursing was obviously dozing. She spoke softly to the older children and one took the sleeping baby while the other picked up the sleeping toddler and put both on a blanket next to the bench. That is when she stood. Her blouse fell open to give me that dramatic look at her very motherly chest.

That's when she asked, "Do you enjoy my breasts?"

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