Sexy Science
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Science Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, Rough, Humiliation, Interracial, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rats in a lab will have sex. Why not labrats? The major events are true, but once you write it down... its all fiction.

I liked her best when she was pregnant - the huge belly on her barely five foot frame was almost comical, almost. Above it rested two swollen breasts, both already producing milk but without an outlet, and below and behind, was an ass that overfilled her pants. Her deep brown skin seemed to glow and despite her lack of perfume, she smelled delicious. Plus, to top it off she had pixie features — you know, the little chin, sharp nose, almost pointy ears, and big almond shaped eyes. Of course she was ostensibly out of my reach. Mariam, the Pakistani post doc, was married to a scientist working on campus, and was in some ways, the group darling. We all did little things for her, it seemed natural, she being the only woman in the group, and when she got pregnant it was even easier to be helpful. Even when her hormones started to make her moody, and she would snap at us or seem depressed at random times, we were happy to play the brothers. Yet, apparently, there were other things, things under the surface of the smiles and jokes, things that none of us had seen. Things that would come out precisely because a woman, doped up on hormones, treated as a crate of glassware by everyone around her, and simply a little bored might sometimes do something a little crazy.

I was setting up an experiment to run overnight when she came in, supposedly to do the same. From my window I could see that the sun was getting low and guessed that in the late summer sky I must be seeing a 7 pm sun. I flicked on the camera system that monitored the outside of the chamber. We had sensors galore to notify us if anything went wrong with the electronics, pumps, or gas feed-throughs, but we were also worried about good old mechanical failure. Part of the experiment was monitoring the mechanical failure point.

I started to gather my stuff together, so that I could leave when I was sure the monitor was working correctly when Miriam asked me to reposition some baffles on her system. The rotating arm was located on the belly of the system, and getting under there on her back was a bad idea in her condition, so of course I went ahead and helped her. I was under the vacuum chamber turning knobs, my hands and face only eight inches from the system and my body from the waist down sticking out, when I felt something grab my balls through my pants.

"Don't move," she said. I was of course completely surprised and proceeded to smack my head on the chamber bottom.

"What the fuck are you doing!" She squeezed a little, not enough to hurt but enough to remind me what she was holding. At that second I wished I had been wearing jeans instead of loose trousers.

"Just keep your mouth shut and don't move." Well, she had me in a proverbial situation, and since all I could see was her hand in my crotch, I decided that discretion would be the better part of valor.

So I am lying there scared shit because a hormonal and apparently slightly deranged woman has me by the balls, and I can't sit up because of the fact that I am underneath half a ton of metal. I don't know what to think, and she confuses me even more by unzipping my fly and pulling out my cock. Now I have a peculiarity about me in regards to fear - it gets me hard. For me, rollercoasters and horror movies are like Viagra, so the potential threat that Miriam presented had me at half mast as soon as she grabbed me. By the time my cock hit the air I was pretty much ready to go.

She just kind of held it for a moment and then started jacking me off. I was completely frozen and in my shock her initial efforts were ignored. But when a woman is masturbating you it is rather hard to remain completely oblivious and I was soon very much into it.

"Mari," I whispered, because whispering somehow seemed appropriate, "what if someone comes in."

"Its past seven," she replied, "everybody's gone home."

Now I had the hots for Mari from well before she got pregnant so I was not going to stop her, especially when I felt wet heat and an animated little tongue start to play with my dick. I moaned and knocked my forehead against a flange - it also knocked enough sense in me to remind me that we had a camera system in the lab and that the manual override controls were just past my head (we usually could set everything up remotely via computer control). I could not see them but had actually helped set them up so I knew what I was doing when I panned the camera to sector 5,0 - the lower right hand corner of the setup, the corner at which the camera could see Mariam sucking off a disembodied cock.

I was having a hard time staying still and not arching my back. Though I had no idea how long this had been going on, I knew I was getting ready to pop. I spasmed, trying to control it, and she must have understood the sign because I felt the slightest brush of teeth, and then the tip of her tongue teasing the very tip of my cock. I really had to grit my teeth to hold off but I moaned, and I felt teeth again, and then suddenly nothing. I was confused, but I waited to see if I would hear her leaving. Instead I heard the rustle of clothes and then, looking down my body, I saw her lower her pussy onto my eager pole. It was so weird watching it, because the same way I was a disembodied cock to her, she was a disembodied pussy to me.

Being totally primed, I almost came when she started bouncing on my cock. But I was able to control, it, being of a race that does practice such things. She was exceptionally tight, not quite as much as the two virgins I have had the privilege of breaking in, but still more than I would have thought; I could only assume that she and her husband did not do enough of what she and I were doing at that moment. I almost said as much, but thought better of it.

"You... ah... know Idris,... I saw how you would stare at my breasts and ass when,... oh yeah... you,... you thought I wasn't looking. So I said what the he! heaaaaaa..."

She came surprisingly fast, but then, again, the hormones must really have been going nuts. Her pussy spasming around my cock tried to send me over but she reached down and grabbed my balls again, giving them a squeeze with more power than is pleasurable.

"You crazy ahh... I mean, what are you doing." Cursing at a woman who has you by the balls is perhaps not the best idea.

"I am going to get one more before you can go!" And she backed up what she said by starting to piston up and down again. This time I just lay back, closed my eyes and went with it. After only a few minutes I was close and I let her know. She sped up and I soon felt as if all my insides were trying to push out that one small hole. The surreal nature of what we had done combined with the adrenalin from the fear of getting must have been to much because I felt myself get light headed and after spending myself into her already full womb, I just lay there as if dead. She rode us through a couple of after spasms, really squeezing out every bit of pleasure there was to be had, but when I started to soften, she got up and I could hear her getting dressed.

I started to get out from under experiment but she kicked my feet so I figured she wanted me to wait. I had nothing better to do so I lay there staring at her legs as she moved around. After a minute or two I saw her bend down, still facing away from me and clean me with some of the large paper towels that are around the lab. Then she left.

It really was the damnedest thing that had happened to me in my life till then. I got myself out from under the system and I got dressed and went home. It wasn't until I was at my apartment checking my e-mail that I remembered the camera feed that I had set up. I punched up the remote desktop and looked at the video files for the day. Sure enough, there was Miriam, sucking and fucking. I thanked god for my administrator access as I saved the labmade porn to my home computer and then rewrote the video file with one from an earlier day. There was no visibly dated material in the video, so no one would ever be able to tell the difference. But, as I watched the video again, and gave myself a little reward, I thought: well Miriam, I've got you now.

Alas, my having her was not of immediate effect. Two days after our little encounter she went on maternity leave, and a fortnight after that a friend of hers who also works at the lab spammed everyone with pictures of the cute newborn and the proud parents. Seeing her lying on that bed all I could think of was how much fun it would be to have her legs in the gynecologist's stirrups and me playing doctor. Sure it was demented, thinking of a new mother like that, but as far as I am concerned my thoughts at the time were as much her fault as mine. I also couldn't help but smirk at the smiling face of her idiot husband. I wondered how a mook like him had landed a woman like her, but perhaps she was securing a future. Sure, he must be a fine scientist and all the crap but he wasn't man enough to keep his wife from fucking around or to notice it when she did; I planned to take advantage of both.

The next two months at the lab were not dull, because after all, research is, if nothing else, engaging and invigorating. Power and sex seem to be the only other reasons so many men run around the world pursuing things well past their supposedly "natural" prime, and I for one am not immune to the fever that captures a man when he is on the cusp of discovery. During that time I saw a couple of the girls I had semi-relationships with, they too being too busy with their fledgling careers to get serious about a mate, but I could not return their passion as I once had. I yearned for the feel of her mouth, her smooth hands, and of course the cloying affections of her cunt on my cock.

Her return was a surprise to me. When I walked into the conference room for the group's Monday meeting and saw her sitting in her usual place I froze, and then realizing that any awkwardness on my part would be foolish, I took my usual seat, beside her. She did not turn, although she had to know it was me, but she just went on talking to Randal, another member of our group. I chatted with others, while we waited for Max, the group leader, to start us off. The topics of the meeting will range from thrilling to mind numbingly boring. Often when the latter is the case, as it was that day, there would be quiet discussions going on around the table because only rarely were all of us concerned with what was being presented. Usually Mariam and I would talk about our weekends or whatever, but today she just pretended to be interested in the presentations, or again talked to Randal. Her whole manner screamed that she was going to be able to play it cool, so I decided to play along, but also to add a bit of excitement.

By tacit agreement, during meetings we sit around the table in order of seniority. Being one of the two graduate students I sit at the back on one side of the table, with the other student across from me. Closer to the head of the table are the researchers, and past that the staff and our group leader. To minimize the noise our neighbors have to hear and to prevent random entrances, we keep the door closed with the "in use" marker placed outside. That means that where I was seated no one could see what I was doing below the table unless he either turned specifically to look at me, or got up and lay down on the table so he could see across it.

After two of our researchers had discussed their progress during the previous week the floor went to a staff scientist who would present a talk at a major conference the following week. The lights were dimmed as he rose to give us a run through of his talk and that is when I saw an opportunity. As I mentioned earlier, Mariam's ass had bubbled very nicely during her pregnancy, and now though she had lost most of the weight from around the middle, her breasts and butt were still expanded. So with the lights dimmed and a talk I had already heard twice being presented, my eyes naturally fell on Mariam's round ass jutting out from under the back rest of the conference room chair. It was perfectly framed and I badly wanted to squeeze it, but I didn't. Instead, I took my laptop out and made a bit of a show of plugging it into the network terminal on the wall near Mariam. I use the short cable, the one that force me to stay just inside of her on the table side, and close to her back — it was perfect. Malcolm, the staffer who was presenting, ignored me, as he had subjected me to his lecture the previous week — a dry run for a dry run. I put my head down and pretended to be engrossed by my e-mail but I could not have cared less what was on the screen because my right forefinger was tracing circles, with increasing pressure, on the gorgeous bubble butt in front of me.

I wanted to squeeze it till it bruised, to bite it so hard that she would scream out, to lick it, kiss it, and then finally when I had her good and lubed, when she was begging for it, to fuck it. She pretended to ignore it for a while, but eventually she dropped a hand down to the side of the chair, as if just for a change of position, and then a moment later, tried to grab my hand. It was not hard to avoid, with her flailing blindly behind her back, and to show her that I did not appreciate her actions, I pinched her. I doubt anyone noticed her little jump, and even if they did they may have thought she was just shifting position. Her hand became frantic, hoping I suppose, to stop me, but I just moved my hand to trace circles on the farther cheek; she gave up.

Malcolm must have blah blahed for almost an hour, and as you would guess, my hand did get tired. I would simply stop for a while, or change my motion. Each time I stopped, Mariam would relax a little into her chair, and when I started up again she would sit up a little straighter. However, through all of this she never simply moved her butt forward a bit, so that I would have to really reach for her. No one would have noticed her leaning back a little, so she could not have reasonably been afraid of that. No, her ass stayed accessible to me for the duration of Malcolm's talk, but when that was over and Malcolm asked for comments, Mariam, fired back.

"Idris," she said, turning to look at me, "didn't you come up with better figures for the dT in simulations, than those that Malcolm is showing?" She thought to catch me in having not paid attention to his talk, but I had guessed someone might bring this up in the meeting.

"Yep," I replied as I gave her thigh a squeeze. And from there the discussion became more technical than is worth noting.

Eventually, when I was starting to get a shadow on my cheek, the meeting ended. Mariam mentioned that she wanted discuss some simulations with me and had me follow her to her office. I was surprised when she spoke to me and wary as I entered her office, but when she told me to shut the door behind me, I became hopeful. Then, she walked right up to me, so that her breasts were almost touching my chest, and slapped me hard across the face. I imagine I looked like an idiot standing there with my mouth open. As I recovered, Mariam spoke.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She was whispering a shout, her tone both angry and indignant.

"I am a married woman," she continued, "with a child! What the hell does a stupid boy like you think you are going to get from me?" I wanted to guffaw, but checked myself so that I only chuckled.

"Mari, you have got to be kidding!"

"Go to hell!"

"Hang on a minute, you're the one who pulled my pants down and fucked me a few months ago. Now I am not complaining, in fact just the opposite."

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about!" At this point, I was feeling like I had stepped into some sort of weird episode of The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone, and if I did not have the video, I might have deluded myself into believing I had fallen asleep underneath the experiment apparatus. Instead, I decided that Mariam was the one who was deluding herself.

"Now Mari," I said, trying to be nice, "we both know what happened, and it is useless to ignore it. I want you, and from your minimal reaction back there in the meeting, I think a part of you wants me."

As I spoke I slowly approached her, as one would a cornered animal. Her eyes widened at my conclusions, or perhaps her own realization of the implications of her lack of action. By the time she noticed how close I was, I had her arms pinned against her sides, and was kissing her neck. I was not being rough, just firm, and after all, it was not hard to control her hundred pound body with my hundred and eighty pound one. I was standing with my legs spread because I wanted her to feel me getting hard, but as my lips were nearing her chin she pulled her face back from me and wriggled her arms free. She beat on my chest with her fists in the most appealing way, but she did not scream, nor did she kick me though she easily could have. It was so cute the way she was shaking her head and pounding on my chest, that I could not help but pick her up and take her to the desk. I put her down, and grabbed her arms, this time pinned them against the wall. I resumed my attentions to her neck and upper chest and after a minute she calmed down and tilted her head up.

"I, aah, I'll scream if you don't stop," she said between breaths. My mouth was on her earlobe now, and the smell of her hair was driving me wild.

"I'll scream rape." This time she whispered. I moved my head to look her in the eyes.

"If you do, I will tell them about what happened between us. I will tell your husband." I had released her arms, and was only standing there without restraining her, but she made no move to get away.

"No one will believe you Idris. The story would sound ludicrous even without me being married and pregnant at the time. So, I think you should quit while you are ahead." This did give me pause, and I noticed the beginnings of a smile at the corners of her mouth, but not for the reasons she was thinking. I had her in the pot for a bunch of chips already, and I was holding bullets in the form of the video, but if I mentioned it now, I would be pushing all in, and anyone who has been beaten with two aces knows that they are not a sure thing. So I decided to slow play my hand.

"So, you do remember what happened." I was feeling her out for a reaction. After all, even while threatening me, she had moved her head to give me better access to the curve of her neck.

"None of that matters," she replied, "the point is I think you had better leave now. And never mention this again." So I left. She thought she was holding the winning hand, and I wanted her to keep feeling that way. The more secure she felt when I sprung my trap on her, the more likely it would be to work.

In complete agony, I waited more than a week; eight days to be specific. Then, on the ninth, when I knew she would be setting up an experimental run, I pushed.

"Mari, can you take a look something for me." We were both in the lab late. I actually did have an experiment running (at a different station from her) and was monitoring the data as it came in. I did not turn to look as I called out to her, but continued to work. I did not have to do anything at that point; the disc was already in the drive. She came over after a few minutes; I can only guess that she was debating whether or not I was going to resume my demands.

"What?" She stood there with her fists on her hips, her chest at my eye level. I only looked at her out of the corners of my eyes.

"Take a look at this video from a previous run." I opened the video file and onscreen was a pregnant Mariam sucking my cock. When I turned to look at her, I saw that she was stricken, and by the time I had gotten up, she was in tears.

"Now, now," I comforted her as I took her in my arms, "I don't plan to show this to anyone else." She looked up at me hopefully, perhaps her mind fantasizing that I would not demand anything of her.

"That is to say, I do not plan to show this to anyone, if you do whatever I want." As she dropped her chin to her chest and nodded I started to unbutton her blouse. I left it tucked into her slacks but opened it all the way and then unbuckled her bra. I started where I had left off last time — at her ear — and then worked my way down till I had a nipple in my mouth. I gave it a suck to the effect of a trickle of milk being pulled into my mouth, and I heard Mariam give a little sob. I may not be above blackmail and coercion, but I am not cruel, so that sob slowed me down. I lifted her chin so she could look at me, and then I kissed her. To my pleasant surprise, she gave passion for passion.

I picked her up and put her on one of the benches, and then undid her pants, finally pulling all her clothes away from her. I stood back for a moment to look at her, and saw that she was as gorgeous as I had imagined: flawless and smooth light brown skin, a flat stomach, full, swollen breasts, and completely hairless all the way down to her toes. I began salivating right away and simply dove in. I pulled her forward till she was on the edge, and then put her legs over my shoulders, tilting her back for better access. When my tongue encountered moisture I knew that, despite whatever small doubts I had before, she was turned on by this, and not by a small bit either. Her small pussy was flushed, hot, and wet, and I put every bit of skill I had into licking and sucking it. Soon, she had a handful of my hair and her heels were dancing against my back, and then she was cumming. In the back of my mind I thought I was going to end up bald, but in the front, it was all I could do to keep my mouth where it needed to be as she squirmed around on the bench top. I heard her let out a series of muffled cries and guessed that she had stuffed some clothing into her mouth. When she let go of my hair and pushed on my shoulder with both hands, I stepped back and looked at her questioningly.

"Too... sensitive," she sighed. I said nothing, but picked her up again and took her, along with her shirt to the couch in the lounge area adjacent to our lab space. Sat down with her on my lap, and the shirt in between, and moved my hand back to her pussy. She whimpered and tried to push it away, but a grunt and tightening of my grip with the other hand stopped her protests. I put three fingers in with the thumb slowly building speed on her clit, and then began to raise, dance, and pull, as a girl of loose morals had once taught me. Any girl I used this trick on squirted and I wanted to see if Mariam too, would respond. She did. At first she did not understand what I was doing, but then sensations caught up with her and instead of holding her with my left arm I gave it to her to bite down on as she came until my right hand simply could not move in her any more. I put my other arm around her again, and leaned in for a kiss when she started to weep in earnest.

It was a strange moment. I still had my fingers in her and was still tracing little circles with my thumb. She was still wet, and every little while her hips would spasm. I did not know what to do but I figured just sitting there was not an option.

"What is it?" I tried to be gentle, but who knows how I sounded. She took a deep breath and then put her head on my shoulder.

"I still love Bradley," she said, talking about her husband. I winced.

"So, love him, have sex with me." Not subtle, I admit, but then I had just brought her off a couple of times with only my mouth and fingers, nor had she at any time made an attempt to cover herself, or move away from me.

"But, I can't just do that. It's I don't know... despicable..."

"You need to stop thinking that you have a choice. Your marriage and career can be destroyed on my whim." Not cruel, as I see it, just a factual statement of the situation, but she I could tell she did not like it much.

"I did not mean that I was going to use what I have. Its just that, well, we seem to be very compatible sexually, so why not just accept it?" I did not give her a chance to respond, but started to work on her pussy in earnest, and dropped my head down to take a nipple in my mouth. Any second, third, or fourth, thoughts could only be allowed after I had thoroughly had my way with her.

She whimpered again, but relaxed into me as I prepared her. I stopped when I felt her hips start to move in time with my hand. She looked at me questioningly and then smiled when I moved out from under her and started to take off my clothes; she seemed pleased to watch me undress.

I am not a large man, but I am thick. I stand below 5'9' but my shoulders are broad, and I am pretty well built. I have had more than one person say I am built like a fullback, which is in fact the position I played in high school until an injury gave me the choice of surgery or quitting football. Thankfully, I still workout and have retained most of my physique, although I am not at my playing weight. Mariam did not seem to mind, however, and even raised an eyebrow when my cock came out of my pants.

"You are rather brazen," she said. I could do nothing but laugh.


"C'mon Mari, this is not the first time that you have seen it. Hell you're the brazen one!"

"Sure, but I did not get to really look at it then."

I did not want to ask, but being a typical male, I did.

"Well, what do you think?"

"It just like the rest of you: not too tall, but wider and stronger looking than the majority of men." I was not sure whether to be happy or annoyed by what she had said, so I did the only thing I could think of; I dropped to my knees and stuck my tongue in her pussy.

She was appreciative, and while not loud, she was vocal, emitting a constant stream of feminine whimpers, squeals, and sighs, and just when I thought she was going to go over the edge, I pulled up and entered her. This did cause her to scream. She was tighter than I remembered, but juiced as she was she accepted me without too much apparent difficulty. I had waited a long time, so I started hammering immediately and after just a few strokes she came. She gave a sort of keening moan as I rode her through her orgasm, and then simply opened up. I saw her eyes roll back and her legs splayed out giving me all the access I wanted. I Put them over my shoulder and grabbed a cushion and put it under her butt; the angle letting me pound her g-spot with straight thrusts. Every fiber in my body was involved in one thing and only one thing: pumping my cock in and out of her welcoming cunt.

I did not last long, maybe ten minutes, and when I let loose I thought I was going to pass out; it was a load that had been building for days. I slowed the pace, just enjoying the feel of her tightness around me as I revived a bit. Mariam put her arms up when I looked at her and I slowed to a stop and kissed her. I eventually pulled out, but I was not done. I straddled her body, my knees on the couch and my re-hardening cock right in front of her face.

"Suck it," I said, and she took it into her mouth without hesitation. I massaged my cock back and forth, until I finished my second come, grunting as the jets shot into her mouth. She drew on my cock compliantly taking in the salty fluid that changed to lumpy jelly with its last jerk. Swallowing it all, Mariam did not spill one drop, although I have to admit that the volume was much less than before. Finally, my cock much softer now, slid down the back of her throat making her clean the slime from it, forcing her to gag before pulling it from her mouth. Then, she collapsed back onto the couch.

I took her in my arms again, and held her till she opened her eyes, at which time I kissed her.

"This is going to be a problem," she said.

"What is?" There were after all many things about the current situation that could be problems.

"The couch, your pants, and my, well my —"

"Pussy? Its okay, you can say it. And don't worry about the clean up; its nothing some paper towels and ethanol can't fix."

An hour later, we were dressed and having dinner at a bar and grill near the lab.

"Make arrangements to stay late tomorrow," I said. Mariam took a sip of her coffee before answering.

"I can't, I mean, we can't do this every day. People will get suspicious."

"I was not asking." She flinched when I said it, and then looked away from me.

"You're a real bastard, you know that," she said. "I really do love my husband. It just that, well... I don't know." At that point I got a wicked idea, one that was perhaps a little cruel, but which would give me complete control if I could pull it off, and just like the last one, it was risky and required some skill.

"If you are feeling guilty, maybe you should give him some sort of fantasy. I mean if he is a guy he probably has a few." Her laugh was full of contempt.

"Now you are pretending you give a damn? God what a bastard..." I took a sip of my beer; I needed to choose my words carefully.

" Well, no. I am thinking of you. Now c'mon."

" I can't believe I am telling you this, but," she gave a rueful harrumph before continuing, "he has said he would like to see me make myself cum with a vibrator."

She said the last several words as if they had been one word, as if saying them quickly would somehow lessen what they meant just as pulling off a bandage quickly minimized the agony.

"And you have never obliged him? Wow"

"Fuck you."

"You have and will many times more. Anyway, arrange to stay late tomorrow."

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