I Like To Watch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harold has come to the Fantasy Room to fulfill his sexual desires of watching other people have sex. He is a voyeur and has listed out all of the sexual acts he wants to watch and masturbate too.

Mark met Harold Barrister the next day. He was a successful druggist and had made millions helping people. He was one of the leading philanthropists in the city, and was married to a very old money woman. Harold and his wife ran in the highest circles of society. He also had a sexual need that was unfulfilled so here he was in Mark's office willing to pay a large sum of money to get access to the fantasy room.

"So as I ready your file Harold, can you be more specific for me so I can build the perfect fantasy for you?"

Harold answered Mark carefully, "What I want is illegal in the real world, and I don't want to be caught in the real world. I like to watch other people having sex, you know like a peeping Tom. I want to watch people doing all kinds of things, things that I would never do. I want to see sex acts that are on the edge."

Ok I think that can be arranged give me a list of everything you want to see and I will prepare the scenario for you. "Do you want the possibility of capture by the police, or someone you are watching?"

"Yeah, I do. That is part of what turns me on, the thought of getting captured."

Mark continued his preparatory questions, "What about your wife, do you want her to be in any possible scenarios?"

Harold stopped to think for a moment, he had not considered that. His wife was beautiful in spite of her being in her forties; she had the best of cosmetic surgery to thank for that. After a little while he answered Mark, "Yes, I think that would be very interesting. Do you need pictures of her?"

"Do you have nude pictures of your wife?"

Harold laughed and answered, "Well when you put it that way no. I guess they are all in my mind."

"Well then the brain scan will pick up all that we need just fine," Mark answered. "I guess that I have everything that I need. Go down the hall and my assistant will get the scan we need to fit the equipment to you. As this is a multi day scenario covering a very large geographic area this is going to cost much more than the normal scenario. The amount that you have paid will generate the largest scenario we have generated to date. It will take me six weeks to get the first part ready to go. Please be patient."

"I will," Harold answered and he left Mark's office.

Mark sat thinking for a while after Harold had left. This was going to be the biggest and most complex program he had ever put together. The good news is he was being paid handsomely, and most of the programming would work in other fantasy scenarios in the future.

Mark and his assistants hooked up Harold to the machine that would transport him to the fantasy room. Suddenly it was done and he was standing outside. It was night, but he could tell that this was his neighborhood. He was standing up against a house, it looked like his neighbors two doors down, the Simpsons, they were both in their 50's so he wondered what would be of interest.

He crept close to the window and was rewarded with an amazing sight. He had forgotten about their youngest daughter who was home from collage. Jessie was a beautiful girl; maybe twenty-two years old, she had long dark hair, big tits, and a small tight ass. She was stretching in gymnasts' tights, her big nipples poking out through the thin fabric. She had evidently been working out and was now stretching before taking a shower. She stood up and peeled the straps of her tights down over her breasts revealing her big tits to Harold's view.

Harold could not believe his luck his cock was hard and ready in his pants and he quickly unzipped and began to masturbate as he watched the sexy woman start to rub her tits. She cupped her firm full breast and rubbed all over them. Her big, dark nipples swelled, becoming fully erect as she rubbed and teased them with her fingers. She pulled and twisted her nipples and Harold could see her breathing become more rapid as she played with her nipples.

Just as Harold was about to cum, she stopped and pulled the tights completely off of her body. Her darked furred pussy glistened with her cunt juice, and as she ran her fingers up and down her slit a few times, Harold could see her fingers shine with her wetness. He was jacking his cock rapidly when suddenly she left the room and headed into the bathroom. Harold could hear the shower start, and he was frustrated for a moment until he saw the bathroom had a high window. Conveniently below the window, this was the fantasy room after all, were a couple of cinder blocks that he could stand on and as he hopped up on them he saw he had a view of the shower and the lovely naked woman.

He started jacking his cock again as he watched her use the nozzle that was attached to the shower to spray water on her clit. She moved the nozzle up and down her labia directing the hard spray on her clit, the water pulsing on her sexual organ. She was moaning slightly, and her hips bucked as she imagined a cock she was fucking. Harold could see her nipples; dark and hard sticking out like little thumbs from her big brown areole. Then she started to climax, her hips arched and she held the spray in one spot, right on her clit, air humping her hips as she brought herself to orgasm.

Harold was not far behind her and his cock sprayed long strings of cum all over the side of the house as he got off watching the pretty girl masturbate. He stroked his cock hard bringing maximum pleasure to himself, his orgasm seeming to stretch on for minutes.

Harold's attention was next caught by a woman's voice coming from his Neighbor's backyard. He crept up to the fence and was rewarded by the sight of Jessica Nestor, the college aged daughter of his neighbor catching some sun. She was lying on her stomach, her perfect ass barley covered by the thong type bottom of her bikini. She did not have a top on, and her not insubstantial tits were mashed into the chair. Jessica was a natural big titted blonde with a rock hard body, and killer long legs. She kept herself tanned to a brown perfection, and her face was model pretty.

Then Harold heard a voice from the pool, "Come on in Jessica. The water's fine." The voice belonged to a big hunk of a guy that must be her boyfriend. He flipped some cold water out of the pool and hit Jessica right on the back. The cold water startled her and she rose up, her big tits popping into view for Harold to see. Her breasts were at least a full C cup with big, thick nipples. Her pink areoles were big and covered the whole top of her breasts.

"God damn you Steve, the water's cold. What the hell are you doing?"

"Just trying to get myself a nice show," he laughed back at her.

Jessica realized that her big tits were flopping in the breeze and she made a move to cover her big breasts with her hands. She could only cover part of her big tits this way and she glared at Steve in the pool.

"You are such a horn dog. I should give you a show and make you wish you could touch me."

"I just wanted to show you what you do to me, Steve responded pulling his shorts down to allow his fully erect cock to spring out.

Harold has his own cock in hand and was beating off rapidly as he watched Steve move over to where Jessica was laying. Steve had her turn over and he moved on top of her pulling her suit bottom down as he did so. He moved on top of her, his hands cupping her big tits, kneading her nipples as he moved his cock against her pussy. She spread her legs and he thrust into her pussy eliciting a moan of pleasure from the sexy Jessica. Steve really started to pound his cock into her doggy style then, and Jessica was taking every inch and loving it. Steve kept working her nipples; pulling and tugging the thick teats until there were engorged in her excitement. His thick cock kept slamming to the balls in Jessica's tight pussy, and he showed no sign of slowing down.

Harold popped his nut as he watched his sexy neighbor girl get fucked by her stud boyfriend. He could hear the wet squelching sound of Steve's cock slamming into Jessica's tight cunt, and he could see her thick nipples standing erect and hard on her big tits. Harold sprayed his sticky white cum all over the fence as he watched them fuck.

Jessica kept moaning loudly, and she started to cum before too long, "God, yes, yes fuck me hard, fuck me real hard, you're making me cum," she screamed out as Steve slammed his cock deep inside the climaxing girl's pussy. She finished her climax and rolled over so Steve could fuck her face for awhile. His cock was slick with her pussy juice, and Jessica licked his cock from the fat head, to his hairy balls, sucking each one of them into her mouth. Steve slowly jacked his cock while Jessica sucked his ball sack and then he stood over her and started to fuck her open mouth. Jessica did her best to take his whole cock deep into her mouth and Steve was clearly nearing orgasm as he fucked her face. He pulled out a few seconds later and jacked his load all over her face and tits, spraying her swollen pink nipples and pretty mouth with his load of jizz. They both dove into the pool after Steve finished jacking his load onto her, and Harold moved onto another place to see what he could find next to jack off to.

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