The Woman You Need To Be!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Coercion, BiSexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Body Modification, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Amy accidentally discovers her husband's desire to be the girlfriend she always wanted. Soon she'll begin to change him into that woman, and if she can convince him perhaps after a surgery or two she can turn Dan into Dani the girlfriend she had always wanted.

The sun shone through the blinds on this warm July morning. A well rested Daniel Collins awoke when the light of dawns sunshine crawled across the bed and rested on his face.

While the early morning sunshine began to stir his consciousness his memory of the previous evenings adventures returned.

Sitting next to the bed on his nightstand was a glass of water and two small white pills. The pills he knew where the hormones his wife had been feeding him for more than two months. Dan should have known a few weeks ago she was up to something,

During the first week of May he had accompanied her to an appointment with her gynecologist, he should've thought it odd that she had asked him to go with her. The truth of the matter was being a typical male his only concern was he was going to have to get up a little early on Monday morning to go.

The doctor's office was located on the east side of town. As she drove towards the office, he began to notice the neighborhoods they were driving through were becoming poorer and poorer.

"Where did you find this doctor?" He asked her

"She came recommended to me by Carol. I hope you remembered Carol? My friend from college" she answered him.

How could he possibly forget Carol. Dan had met her when he had picked up Amy for their first date. Carol was a tiny woman a tick over 5 feet tall and she couldn't have weighed more 100 pounds. She was a fit 100 pounds, not an ounce of fat and with a figure 99% of other women would have envied. Amy (his date) had told him nothing about her other than the fact she would be there. The contrast between the two roommates was enormous. Amy was a tall 5 foot nine or 10 she weighed around 130 pounds he guessed with a little baby fat on her hips and ass. Amy physically was the kind of girl he had been attracted to all his adult life, she was built exactly like his mother. The only difference was Amy had larger breasts. She was a large c top he guessed around 34 or 36 inch bust line, his mother he knew was a 34 b and it was easy for him to see the bras mis the mother wore were too large for her. His mom had small half tennis ball sized breasts...

Dan had this intimate information about his mother because as a youth and teenager he loved to search through her dirty lingerie on school days when he would get home before her. He loved the silky feel and odor of her soiled undergarments. He remembered being around 13 years old when he became aware of the musky resonance that emanated from the crotch of her panties. On that day the gusset was a little crusty and there was an aroma he had never noticed before.

His puberty enhanced body was struck for the first time in his life with the sensual smells he had never been aware of. He brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply, the immediate physical reaction he had was a stirring in the underwear he was wearing. To this day he never understood why his next reaction was to touch the leavings with his tongue, tasting for the first time her vaginal secretions. As his mind enjoyed the flavor of that first time he was hooked. The thought had never crossed his mind that this was his mother, what had crossed it was the flavor and texture both of which tripped the juvenile hormones within him.

The black lace underwear he held that day were the ones she had worn on her date Friday evening. He was completely unaware of the fact was what he was tasting was the dried semen and pussy juice that had dripped theer after her date.

Again unaware the one flavor he particularly enjoyed was his mother's date creamy load. Once he had tasted it he vigorously began to lick clean the cotton panel.

Dan remembered telling Amy this story four or five years ago and the reaction that evening he had received had been muted but he could tell it was something she had filed away somewhere in the back of her mind. He had never considered for a moment how much she loved to have him suck his own cum from her vagina immediately after their lovemaking. Dan had never considered the fact he was eating cream pie just that he knew she enjoyed getting off and having intense orgasms while he cleaned her.

The taste and texture of the her sperm filled tunnel was something he thoroughly enjoyed cleaning.

Amy for her part believed she had on her hands a cum eating feminine husband, and that fact turned her on. After a lot of consultation with Carol they had decided between them to arrange the appointment and start him on his journey that would take him to the place she knew he subconsciously harbored.

The y.had been called back to the doctors office and had met Dr. Evan for the first time. The doctor was a shorthaired mannish looking woman who pointed to two chairs in front of her desk. Amy and Dan sat down and then the doctor turned to Amy and said.(The words that came from the doctor's mouth had been rehearsed previously the day before) "Amy I just got your labs back and I'm concerned you may have a HPV infection, so I'm going to start you and Dan on some antibiotics today." Having said that she reached into her drawer and removed a small glass syringe and bottle of clear medicine. Dan thought it was antibiotics but it was in fact estrogen. The doctor filled the syringe and had Amy drop her pants and inject a few CC's. She turned to Dan and said to him "You get some too, I can't have you passing this back-and-forth between the two of you so I'm going to send you both home with a couple of prescriptions, and I want you both to fill them and take them religiously. Amy knew the scrips were birth-control pills, high doses of hormones that over the period of a couple of months would begin to change Dan in a way Amy and the doctor had discussed.

The changes in Dan began to become noticeable around the third week. His breasts and nipples had become far more sensitive and he wasn't sure but he swore his testicles and penis had begun shrink. The evening before when he had mentioned it to Amy she had nodded her head and then began to tell him exactly what she had been doing since their visit to the doctor.

Dan who became overcome with emotion he didn't know he possessed began to weep. "Shhhhhhhh Dan" she said to him, "Don't be too afraid we both know how much you probably want this!" She said to him. The very idea she was turning him, secretl thrilled him, there was no way he could admit that to her. Dan thought to himself if only I had been born a woman I could wear the clothes asnd lingerie as I have done secretly past 10 years or so Dan had had no idea...

Dan was completely unaware that Amy had been aware of his love for all things feminine but had chosen not to address it with him. Secretly she had had installed a few pinhole video cameras in their bedroom four years ago because she had suspected he was being unfaithful to her when she had found some of the lingerie he liked to wear. She had assumed they belonged to a lover he had. When she viewed the motion activated tapes for the first time she was completely shocked. There he was her husband of five years and the man she had been intimate with for almost a decade, first dressing in a garter and stockings, panties and a slip high heels and a bra. Once she got past the surprise and continued watching the tape she observed him lowering the panties and watching him masturbate until its natural conclusion. Finally what he did next surprised her most of all. He stood and went to the mirror on her dresser his right hand sliding up and down his rock hard cock milking it... Amy could tell because of the speed of his jerking motion how close he was to cumming, and when he brought his free hand directly in front of his cock head she watched in amazement as his cum filled balls began to empty onto his palm.

She watched as he opened his tightly closed eyes and brought his cum filled palm to his mouth and cleaned it using his mouth and tongue to at first and then more enthusiastically clean and swallow his milky fluids.

Finally she watched in amazement as he reached into his dresser and pulled out a 6 inch silicone dildo, that he brought at first to his palm wiping up any remaining cum and then to his mouth at first licking around its head and then putting it into his mouth as if he was giving it a blow job.

She watched in fascination as his head began to bob up and down on it, and then the final surprise was when he removed it from his mouth and again sat down on the bed and spread his legs placing the dripping cock head before he is anal pucker. She almost came(she had been masturbating herself while she watched) she watched as he began to force the silicone cock into his own ass. She hadn't noticed until then his cock was once again hard, and his right hand was stroking its length once again.

In and out in and out the silicone cock plunged into his anus, when it was as deep as as it would go his own excitement, would force his own tool to twitch and the excitement began to grow within him, once again she could tell because his cock head was growing and its color began to change he was close to shooting again. He pushed the dildo in as deep as he could and released the fake phallus using his now free hand he would begin to roughly squeeze his testicles. There was no sound but she could tell by his expression he was close and when the ropes of semen began to shoot out of his cock head and land on his belly she also came moaning out her own satisfaction.

The final thing he did was remove the dildo from his ass hole and rub it in the pools of sticky white cum and once again bringing it to his mouth he cleaned the rubber toy off of his own leavings.

She decided at that moment this was a side of him she had to explore, she would do it slowly because she wanted to fulfill his fantasies as well as her own.

Tonight she planned to begin her newfound exploration as well as her newfound fantasy of being the woman Carol had told her in college she really was.

She had always known she was bisexual and it had been years since she had slept with a woman, but now her husband was opening for her a new world she had only dreamed about.

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