Edward And I
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Edward and I were madly in love. After graduation we were married and we thought that our lives would be full of bliss...but fate had other things in store for us when Earl Davenport entered our lives...

Warning: This story has content that could offend some readers. It contains explicit sexual material and references. If you are not of the age to read such material in your particular area, you are advised not to read any further. You have been warned.

Edward and I were madly and deeply in love. Our love for each other was unsurpassed. The skeptics of course wondered just how long it would last. We'd met whilst we were at college and our love never waned and continued on after our graduation.

It seemed only natural that we eventually marry, which of course we did. Edward was the perfect man for me, charming witty and there was a rugged handsomeness about him, that drew me to him, his continuous positive approach to life was the main stay that helped me graduate... without him I don't think I would have made it. When it came to lovemaking he was both tender and exciting and I loved his gentle touching and caressing.

We both wanted a family, but had decided to wait until his return from overseas. When he was asked to fill the post, we had thought long and hard. He really did not want to accept it and leave me for a full year, but in the end very reluctantly he accepted. I could continue my new found career at the university and him as a consultant with Brabham and Bishop. After all a year was not too long, some people are separated for much longer.

"It will soon pass... and when I get back we will make up for lost time and give serious thought to having a family" he had said.

Life for us was just perfect, or at least it should have been... the only fly in the ointment was Earl Davenport.

Earl and Edward had been sent overseas together and they quickly set up a friendship. During their leisure time, which was rare. They would spend it together. Edward of course could not help but brag to Earl just how wonderful a woman he had married. Laura is this... Laura is that... god how I love that woman... she's my whole life, there is no life without Laura.

However this super friendship was to be split apart, when Edward discovered some discrepancies in the auditing, certain materials had gone missing and not reported. When Edward reported this to his superiors an investigation revealed the culprit had been Earl, trying to cut corners and pocketing the money. Earl immediately blamed Edward for his misdemeanors, had fled the country and returned home, where he brooded over the fact that he had been caught, vowing vengeance against Edward. The more he brooded the more he thought and then it came to him. Yes... yes I like the idea... it would hit and hurt him the most... his wife Laura is the key to all this and I'm sure I can carry it off. A wicked smile forming on his lips. Hmm yes I like it... he confirmed with himself.

So it was, he started by following Laura at a discreet distance, finding out about her daily habits. And with each passing day he built up a dossier of everything she did and bought, until he knew as much about her as any of her friends.

He was real delighted when he found out she was going to Millington Collage, up state to carry out a series of lectures and she had booked into a hotel there for the duration. He likewise booked a motel, well away from her hotel. He watched and waited for her to come and go and when the moment came he struck. He'd seen her enter the hotel lobby and make toward the reception desk, a habit she did every time she returned for the night. He kept very close to her, standing behind her at the desk.

"Any messages for Laura Pritchard" she asked of the young girl on reception. The girl turned, checked the pigeonhole and declared there was nothing for her today.

"Sorry, I couldn't help but hear you say that you're name was Laura Pritchard... you wouldn't be the wife of Edward Pritchard, who at the last time I'd heard was working in Africa"

"Why yes... yes I am... how do you know Edward" she asked.

"Well you're not going to believe this but Edward and I have been working together for the last twelve months... is he not here with you"

"Alas no he is not, apparently he has been delayed, it's going to be another two months apparently... been some sort of delay"

"Well I'm sure you are both disappointed, he never stopped talking about you... I almost know you as much as anyone else... I can see why he loves you so much... I would also"

Blushing a little she replies, "Oh you're too kind by far"

"Hey look have you eaten yet... I was going to dine out by myself but if you would join me... I'd be honored and we could catch up... I can give you all the latest as to what is going on"

"Why thank you er... ?"

"Earl... Earl Davenport... why don't we meet here at seven, I'll book a table at Amadeus... the treat is on me" he said.

"Ok... ok that sounds fine... I'll see you at seven then" and they parted and walked in opposite directions.

Earl was smiling, laughing inwardly as he headed for the door. "Ha... first part has been accomplished... if part two goes as well" he was relishing the thought of the outcome.

I couldn't believe it a colleague of Edwards here in this very city. I was really looking forward to joining this Earl for a meal... I'd be able to hear all the very latest, how he was really coping... and he wasn't too bad looking either, but that was not the point, it was being able to talk to someone who had just been with Edward.

Earl had made sure he was there on time, arriving fifteen minutes before the appointed time. When he saw here alight from the lift, his heart missed a beat... in fact it missed a couple of beats. She looked stunning, positively stunning, oh how sweet this revenge was going to be.

"I'm sorry I have no formal dress, I'd never thought of packing any thing other than casual... I hope Amadeus isn't too formal is it?" she asked

"No... not at all... I chose it for its food rather than its formality... the chef really is first class" He assured her.

God if she looks this good, dressed informal, how would she look dressed formal. "We'll take a taxi, and then we don't need to worry about drinking and driving"

"Oh... I don't really drink" she replied.

"Oh nothing heavy... just a little Champagne... you do like Champagne don't you?" he asked

"I don't think I've ever had it before" she declared.

"Oh... it's quite harmless... very low on alcohol content... you'll enjoy it" he said. Hm... just perfect... just perfect... this will be easier than I thought, he said to himself.

The conversation was easy and relaxed as they drove. Laura listening to the tales of Edward and Earl... the way he described everything it sounded so typical of Edward, there was no doubt that these two had been good friends in the short time they had been together.

The restaurant likewise was perfect, homely and inviting, very informal with an aroma of good food and coffee permeating throughout. The whole atmosphere was warm, relaxing and for the first time in months Laura felt a closeness to Edward that she had not felt since his leaving... she longed for him even more than ever... wanting once again to feel his body close to hers and his hands, warm and gentle as they caressed her body.

"Champagne... I promised you Champagne" he said, turning to the waiter.

The bubbles burst and tickled her nose as she took the first sip.

"Mmmm that taste just fine... I've never had it before" said Laura

"Oh... it's just Champagne... it can't do you any real harm" he said and Laura took another big mouthful draining the glass.

"Oh that tastes good"

"Here let me top you up" said Earl filling the glass once more.

They ate and drank... drank and ate... Earl making sure her glass was continually being topped up. When the bottle was empty, another took its place.

Earl could see the wine was having an effect, her eyes were glazing and her speech was slurring.

"OH ish pretty gud shtuff this Pamchane" she slurred.

"Oh it's the best" he said, taking her hand and squeezing it.

The more he talked about Edward the more she responded to him, her eyes glazing and drifting off into her world of Edward and her.

She was almost falling out of her chair, just catching herself in time. Her body was beginning to feel a numbness about it.

"I think we should get you back to your room Laura... I think the Champagne has had a definite effect on you... here let me help you"

There were sniggers and knowing glances and nodding heads as he helped her to her feet, putting his arm around her he guided her toward the exit.

"Oh dear I feel sho dizzy and shlight headed"

"That's ok my dear... we'll soon have you back in your room and you can sleep it off up there"

In the elevator her arms were around his neck, helping to support herself... you know Edward... ish sho good to have you home agin... I've mished you sho my darling" she slurred.

"It's so good to be back... I've missed you as well... I've waited so long for this moment" Earl replied.

He took her door key from her and opened the door, walking her straight to the bed.

"Here my love... lie down... you'll be fine once you lie down" and he gently lay her on the bed... lying beside her.

Oh dear... I shink the room ish moving" she said.

"Oh it's alright my love... everything is going to be alright... Edward's here to take care of you... you'll see" and his hand moved under her skirt, toughing and gently rubbing her thigh.

A thrill ran through Laura's body... a thrill she had not experienced in many a long month and she liked it... it was Edwards hands... gentle, soft.

Earls hand continued to stroke her warm soft thigh. "Is that alright my love... is that how you remember us together" he asked

"Oh yes... yes... yes... take me... please take me Edward" she softly sighed.

"I'm going to my dear... I'm going to... you're going to enjoy what we do together... I mean really enjoy it" he replied, his hand moving up between her legs, his fingers brushing aside the soft fabric of her panties, searching, finding and feeling the warm and now wetness of her pussy, as his fingers slipped inside her, working back and forth. He could feel her passion and urgency the more he worked his fingers.

"Oh god... oh Edward... pleash... pleash... pleash... take me, take me now... I've waited sho long for thish." She pleaded.

"We're almost there my love... just a little longer" he said, he wanted to do so much more, but dare not hold back, should she suddenly realize it was not Edward... but Earl that was controlling her, his plan would fail and shatter in a million pieces. He wanted revenge first, then the real pleasures of her body.

"I'll just remove your panties my love... let's get them out of the way"

"Mmmm... yesh... yesh... pleash do" and she felt the gentle touch of Earls hands as he slowly pulled them down, removing them altogether, then pushing her skirt up around her waist.

He gazed lustfully at her now exposed wet pussy, the golden harvest of pubic hair as it vanished between her legs, the slit just visible as it too vanished between her legs.

"We're almost there my love... almost there" he said soothingly, almost a whisper, not wanting to brake the spell, not now, not when he was so near to victory.

He pulled the zip of his fly down, removing a very large erection, then gently pushed her legs apart, there was no resistance just a soft sigh.

"It's time my love... you're going to love this... really love it" he said, but Laura was hardly hearing him, hardly aware of him, she was lost in the fog and fuzziness of her mind, thinking only of Edward. "Ummm... yesh take me take me my love" she murmured.

Earl placed the first inch or so into her, reveled in the feel of her warmth and wetness... then slowly pushed inside her... he'd done it and he laughed aloud.

He knew she was aware that he was inside her as she gave a soft gasp when he had entered her. His hips swayed and his ass moved in unison with the hips as he gently thrust into her... again... and again... and again. The feeling was one of euphoria, for some reason she seemed a better fuck than all the whores and girl friends he'd had before, maybe it was the thought of sweet revenge that added to the feeling... it felt so good. With each inward thrust she moaned and sighed, called out Edwards name and made her hips rise up and thrust herself against his own inward thrusting.

He could hold back no longer, he felt that stirring from deep down, it was creeping ever closer, until it was impossible to hold on to any longer and he made one final thrust and just let it go... weeks of pent up sperm and frustration came as one at that moment... he thought he was never going to stop cuming... then it was over... he lay as one with her for a few moments... then he withdrew... he'd done it, he'd really done it and once again he laughed out loud.

He lay beside her, holding her close and she purred and sighed. "Oh Edward... Edward... I've missed you so much"

"And I you my dear... and I you". The idea that she thought she was with her beloved Edward appealed to his sense of revenge, this had been better than he had ever imagined. Now that he had done the deed perhaps he could do more, delight himself with this magnificent creature and her marvelous body.

"I think perhaps I should undress you my dear... it's been so long since I gazed upon your naked form"

"Yes... yes please do" she replied.

He slowly undid each and every button on her blouse, watching those heaving breasts as he did so. Then carefully helped her remove the blouse... god they were truly magnificent, he could already taste the firm nipple in his mouth. His hands trembled as he undid the bra and again removed it... he quickly took hold of the firm flesh... squeezing and massaging... then unable to hold back any longer, his mouth fell upon it... suckling the firm nipple.

He needed to see her completely naked and now he undid the zip on her skirt and slid it down her body and discarded it... only her stocking clad legs... these he would leave, the sight of them excited him.

He ran his hands gently over her body, touching every contour and crevice. Her eyes opened, a glazed far away look on her face.
"Oh Edward... Edward, my love" then she closed her eyes and reveled in Earls gentle sensuous touch.

He kissed each breast, moved downward, across her flat stomach, his tongue kissing, flicking as it went, downward until he could feel her pubic hair in his mouth, then the wet slit and like a hungry animal he fell upon it, eating it with a relish, like a starving wolf.

Her continuous sighs and moans driving him ever onward. He was hard and ready for her once again. Supporting himself on his arms he hovered above her, with a wicked smile he said "Are you ready for me again my love"

Her reply was instant "Oh yes... yes Edward please... please"

He felt her warm wet entrance and slowly pushed inside her. He watched the hard shaft thrusting into her as his ass and hips swayed back and forth. God this was just too much... this is what revenge was all about, he wished he could be here when Edward eventually returned... that indeed would be the ultimate... but alas he would have to be long gone by then.

For the last few moments he held her tight, he could feel himself about to cum and he drove into her... then for a second time, he unloaded his pent up frustration.

He hummed quietly to himself as he showered a smile or chuckle never far from his face. Dried and dressed he looked down at the beautiful naked form on the bed, now deep in sleep. She lay just as he had positioned her.

"Well my love... I've truly enjoyed being with you, as much as I'd like to stay and give you more pleasure I must be gone" he blew her a kiss and left.

The men with hammers were banging loudly, the banging wasn't from workmen outside but they were inside my head, my mouth tasted like mud and silt from a river. My eyes hurt as I tried to open them. Edward... where's Edward... last night we made love... delicious love... deep love... I remember it... but where is he... he... he? He was never here, how could he, he's still overseas, he'll be coming home soon, but not right now... it... it seemed so real... so very, very real.

I touched my skin and realized I was naked, completely naked... I looked, taking in the scene... I was naked and my legs were splayed apart as if... as if. Oh my god no... no, it can't be... it didn't happen... please dear god tell me it is untrue. I pushed up onto my elbows and surveyed the room, through blood shot bleary eyes. My clothes were strewn all over the place. Oh god he had, he must have... I'd been screwed alright... but not by my loving Edward... but by Earl... it was all coming back to me... it wasn't a dream... it had all been for real, all that wine Earl had been feeding me had, had it's effect... he'd got what he wanted and left.

Suddenly I felt cold, real cold and deep in guilt, god what had I done, how could I face Edward again... if he ever found out... it wasn't worth thinking. How could I live with him and not tell him what I'd done.

I showered, dressed and went to the desk "What room is Earl Davenport in please?" I asked.

"Earl Davenport... Earl Davenport... let me see" as the desk clerk ran down the guests names.

"Sorry madam, but we have no Earl Davenport staying with us"

The bastard, not here, then where is he staying.

I was completely lost and dejected... I just did not know what to do or where to go. I kept thinking how dirty and guilty I felt... the more I dwelled upon it the more depressed I became.

I failed to find any trace of Earl Davenport in any of the hotels I'd rang... I eventually returned home to work and await the return of Edward. Worse was to come, I was two weeks overdue with my period and my worst nightmare was confirmed when the test showed I was pregnant... one thing was for certain, it wasn't Edwards... now there was no escaping my telling Edward what had happened... had Earl actually been a friend of Edwards. When Edward next contacted me, I casually asked if there had been someone who had worked with him in Africa called Earl Davenport. When he told me the story... it all fitted together... god what a stupid bitch I'd been... how could I have fallen into the trap so easily.

Edwards return was not as it should have been, I tried to keep up appearances and was truly happy and delighted he was back... but it was all tempered with despair, the child I was going to have should have been his... Edwards and not that of Earl Davenports... I had to tell him... sooner or later he was going to find out.

I tried to hold off from telling him. I wanted to enjoy our moments together. It had been so long. I tried I really tried... but Edward sensed there was something amiss... I could no longer pretend nothing was wrong.

"What's wrong honey... you seem to have been distant toward me ever since I've returned"

I looked long and hard at him, my heart thumping in my chest. There was never going to be a good time to give him the news... it might as well be now as ever.

"Sit down sweetheart... I... I... have something I need to tell you"

There was a look of concern on his face as he sat next to me.

"Ok... ok... lets hear it... let's see if we can't work something out... surely it can't be that bad"

"Oh it is my love... it is" I replied.

As I related what had happened I watched the expression on his face... it showed pain and outrage, anger... I had had no way of knowing if it were directed toward me or Earl. The more I related the story, the more I felt cheap and could not help but blame myself for what had happened.

I'm so sorry Edward... so... so... sorry" I said and took hold of his hand.

He quickly withdrew it and stood, walking toward the window, staring out, deep in thought.

"I have to go out" he said

"Where are you going" I asked

"I don't know... just out... I need some fresh air... I need to think" he said, quickly walking out of the room.

I was left alone with my own thoughts; I didn't know what to think or how Edward would finally react.

Hours later I heard his car, and then he came into the living room. I waited for him to speak.

"I don't suppose you would consider an abortion would you?" he asked

"No... no, you know my feelings on that issue Edward... no abortions" I replied

"Well I can't say I'm too pleased with the situation... that bastard Earl, found a way to get back at me, if he were here now I'd break his neck... however what's been done is done, we can't undo it now, let's take it a day at a time and see what happens" he said.

"Ok... let's work on it... I'm sure we can do this together" I replied, but not with any great enthusiasm, I could tell Edwards pride had been punctured, but I thought time might heal the wound that was between us.

I knew it wasn't going to work. Try as we might things were not really improving; we grew more and more distant from each other. I knew every time he looked at me, he saw Earl and me together.

Then the letters started to arrive.

(Hi Edward, this is Earl, how's that lovely wife of yours, pregnant I hope. Yes she is a real joy to be with. I remember only too well the night I slipped inside her... oh god it was the most wonderful thing I've ever done. I hope when you slip inside her you think of me. Your old friend Earl)

Similar letters continued to come, Earl was taking great joy in taunting Edward, and he never let up reminding him of that night he'd spent with me.

Then young Daniel was born, he was so beautiful, but to Edward it more salt in an already festering wound.

To Edwards's credit, he did try, but the continuing letters kept coming. Then the phone call.

"Hi Edward, this is Earl Davenport here, remember me, I'm the guy how fucked your wife, I believe she had a fine healthy boy... that' my son Edward... I do hope your taking care of him" then he hung up. Daniel was now three, but Edward could take no more of it, it was the last straw. When I returned home one day, I found a letter for me, telling me he was leaving me, that he had found someone else, someone he felt he could trust. I also found that the bank accounts had been cleaned out, my punishment for my infidelity, wished me luck and hoped I'd find someone in the future. I had nothing, oh he'd paid a months rent for Daniel, and me but after that nothing.

I searched the situations vacant and rentals, I needed a job and cheaper accommodation and I needed them quick. Finding employment was a little difficult, the positions I sought seemed to be reluctant to take on a solo mother, or I was overly qualified. I did eventually manage an office position in a lawyer's office... low paid of course. The rental was a little easier, but a far cry from what we had had before.

So I settled into a new life... Daniel and me. I soon realised it was going to be a struggle. I seemed to earn one dollar, but always-owed two dollars, but somehow we managed... just. I also had the fortune to befriend the couple next door. They were the epitome of married life and happy couples. He was a good father and worked hard to provide for them, she was a doting mother with four kids, two of each and another on the way, nothing seemed to faze her, she rose above every eventuality that life threw at them, always a smile on her face... Daniel could not have had a better person to look after him whilst I was at work... to her he was just part of their family... I must admit to a feeling of jealousy... but I was really happy for them and grateful I had them as neighbors.

It was a day-to-day grind, then I met Greg, Greg had come to the office, seeking a solicitor and advice for a minor misdemeanor. He seemed a nice guy and we chatted whilst he waited for his appointment.

"Hey... look would you like to go out tonight... just a meal and some friendly chat... nothing serious" he asked.

I must admit that I was put on the back foot at his suggestion, it was right out of the blue, I'd not been out for, I don't know how long.

"Oh I don't know... I'd have to organize a baby sitter and I've nothing to wear"

"Oh come on... I'm sure you must know someone who'll baby sit for you... it's just a meal" he said.

I thought, why not, I'd only had my own company for such a long time... to spend time with another person sounded ok to me.

"Ok... if you want... will you pick me up" I asked

"Sure I will... look forward to it" he said smiling as I wrote down my phone number and address.

"If you get a better offer, just give me a call" I said to him.

"I can guarantee I am not gona get a better offer... seven o clock" he said, and then took his appointment.

I must admit, I enjoyed the evening; it had been a while since I'd been out with anyone sharing a meal and some convivial conversation was just what I needed. Greg and I started to meet regular and soon I felt I was back in the real world again, not going home and living like a hermit, not really knowing what was going on out there. The subject of sex had not been raised and I did not push it. I thought I'd just let it take its course.

After bringing me home one night, we were sitting on the couch having a coffee, the coffee finished, Greg put his arm around me, drew me close and we started kissing... passionately, this was something I'd not done in a long time and it felt good... I needed it. When his hand made its way under my skirt, I did not object, then it was on my thigh and I held him even tighter and sighed. I made no move to stop him when I felt my pants being pulled down. "Oh god Greg... yes... yes" I sighed, my pulse and heart racing with excitement and anticipation.

"Oh honey... I love you... I love you" He murmured as he pulled my pants even further down. I stiffened a little as his hand slid between my legs and started to stroke and caress my wet pussy, a pussy that had not felt a mans stiff member in many a long time. When his fingers slid inside me in was an immense joy and again I clung to him like I'd never done to any man in a long age. When he shuffled to undo his belt and I heard the purr of his zip being pulled down, my pulse raised even faster... I knew the procedure... I knew what came next. When he had his pants down to his knees, he placed himself on top of me. The feel of hard flesh between my thighs, seemed more than I could bare. I threw my legs apart in anticipation and begged him to take me.

"I am love... I am" and in the next instant I felt him push inside of me

"Oh god Greg" I gasped as I felt my pussy expanding, filling with his hard manhood.

"O honey... I've wanted to do this for so long... you feel so good" he said

"I've wanted you for so long" I replied.

Feeling his ass rise and fall was the best feeling I'd had in a long... long time. I held him tight, willing him to go harder and deeper. It was as if neither of us had, had sex for many a year as he continued to thrust into me. God I loved it, I didn't realise until now how much I'd missed it... how much I wanted it. For twenty minutes he pounded into me, I egging him on, telling him how good it was... how good it felt... then... he was cuming. This time though there would be no repercussions, no babes to follow. I'd taken the precaution of going on the pill. He could cum inside me, as many times as he liked, it would have no effect.

He continued to lie between my legs. It felt so good, he still inside me. We kissed and fondled each other, smiled and laughed, until I felt him harden up once more and again his ass humped up and down until once again his cum flowed inside me for a second time.

It was pointless that we stayed on the couch; I suggested he stay the night and I must admit, it was much more comfortable being naked and connected to one another in bed.

For the first time in ages I felt good again, I had a boyfriend, who seemed to like and love me and I had feelings for him to, but not deep down feelings... I guess we were good friends that could see a need for each other and we were each able to fulfill those needs.

He introduced me to his friend Allen... who had a girlfriend Cilla. They were a mad couple and seemed to fit together real well. Cilla was a likeable woman, but I guess I would not have sought her out as a friend if I'd had a choice, but there was nothing about her to dislike, as I said she was likeable and she liked having fun.

On the odd nights Greg asked me out it was in the company of Allan and Cilla, when we did go out it was to various clubs, Cilla just loved them, always enthusiastic to try somewhere different "Oh wasn't that so much fun" was her catch phrase, every time we went anywhere.

You could never nock her back on her enthusiasm. Then one night Allan suggested we go to a strip club. I was about to voice my disapproval when Cilla in her true enthusiastic way said "Oh yeh... yeh I've always wanted to go to one of them" I didn't want to be Ms Killjoy so I put on my mock enthusiastic face and said "Yeh... yeh sounds great" and so it was decided.

As we walked through the door, it was painfully obvious it was a male thing... well ninety per cent male. There was the sprinkling of females, who I assumed were like Cilla and I and had gone along out of curiosity. Scantily clad females served and flirted will the male patrons, almost naked bottoms were being pinched, felt or slapped, breasts coming in for similar attention, whilst on stage three perfectly shaped females with good breasts, nice hips and tight asses cavorted around a steel pole. At that precise moment bras were being undone and allowed to fall to the floor, along with a roar of approval from the crowd.

"Hi folks... can I find you a table" It was one of the scantily clad females. I could see she was almost dressed. Her tasseled bra just held back her ample breasts from bursting out. Something little more than a thong adorned her waist, just managing to hide her most private parts. The tassels hanging from it offered no protection from goggling lustful eyes, Greg and Allen amongst them. I wondered how many hands had fondled those nice round buttocks over the evening.

"Er yes... yes" Greg eventually managed to splutter.

"Ok... follow me" she said, which Greg and Allan were more than happy to do, their eyes never straying far from her ass.

"It's as near as I can get you to the action folks... you got to be early for the front ones I'm afraid"

"No... no this is fine" said Allan... talking to her breasts.

"Oh isn't this just soooo exciting" said Cilla.

"Whow... it is" said the guys, whose attention was now on the girls on stage.

Their pants had been removed and they were down the pole, wiggling their hind end's displaying nice clean-shaven pussies for the guys to see... and us females who just happened to be looking in that direction at the time.

"Whow... this is great" again from Cilla.

"Mmmm absolutely" agreed the men

When the music stopped there were wolf whistles and applause along with more money being thrown toward the women? The women then proceeded to collect the money strewn around their feet, and the last thing they picked up was their bra and panties, it was obvious that the money was a top priority.

Now a guy strode on stage to announce the next set of girls. "And now all the way from... for your pleasure tonight... give a big round of applause for Dusty, Delores and Candy" Then once again the stage was filled with another three well developed, scantily clad females, the audience burst into rapturous applause and the music stated up and the girls cavorted and made love to the steel pole.

Cilla was well into it, swaying to the music, her face and smiles letting us know she liked being here.

"I could do that" she said

"Don't be silly dear... no you couldn't you're ass is too big for a start" said Allan smiling at her.

"No its not... you always said I have a nice ass... it is a nice ass... isn't it Laura" she said turning to me for support.

"Yes... yes it's a very nice ass Cilla... tale no notice of Allan" I replied, assuring her, her ass as ok.

"See Mr Smarty pants... Laura agrees I've got a nice ass".

"Yeh well all you women stick together... and besides she's just being polite" said Allan.

Before Cilla could ask again I said, "No... no I mean it... Cilla has a nice ass"

"Yeh well there you go see... I bet Laura and I could dance and show ourselves just as good as they do" said Cilla, pouting a little.

"Don't involve me in there" I replied, it's not my scene I don't think I'd have the courage to strip in front of all these guys" I said as I looked toward the stage just in time to see bras being discarded.

"I've got tits just as good as theirs" commented Cilla. Oh god I thought here we go again.

As it was she did seem to be as well proportioned as any on stage so far. Allan knew it as well he just enjoyed winding her up.

The place certainly had atmosphere and I'd say the drinks were costing quite a bit for each and every round, I was glad I wasn't buying; I had enough debt to contend with, without adding to it.

The guy's eyes must have been strained and tired between watching the girls on the pole strip and the hostess's asses as they passed by taking orders. At times it was all too much for some of the guys as they grabbed hold of one and pulled her onto their laps, fondling as much as they could before the girl, light heartedly admonished them, then rewarding them with a kiss, for them it was all well worth it.

Cilla and I were privy to a conversation at the table next to us. We saw the girl come to take the order from the guy. "Here sweetie, come sit on my lap" he said, grabbing her around the waist and placing her on his knee.

"I got a hundred bucks if you'll come back to my motel with me" he said. I turned away from them, not wanting them to think I was taking any particular interest... but I could still hear.

"Buster... it'll cost you more than a hundred bucks" she replied.

"Ok... how much do you charge honey" he asked.

"Three hundred is my price" I heard her say.

"Ok... three hundred it is... when are you finished" he asked

"In an hour" she replied.

"Suits me... an hours time eh"

"I'll come and collect you" she replied and then she gave him his customary kiss and left him.

Cilla looked at me and said "Whow... three hundred bucks... and I give it to Allan for free... I'm in the wrong business"

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