Nude Dancing
Chapter 1: Sis

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Sis - Teen is seduced by latina stripper on his 18th birthday. Slowly she lures him into a netherworld of sex and strip clubs. And then, one night, he's called over to dance for a table full of college coeds. He recognizs them... and the one on his right with the red hair?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Brother   Sister   Size   School  

Thursday, August 31st 2006, The 'Cock Pit'

"It's fucking crazy out there."

I looked up to see Philippe standing next to me, his golden, heavily muscled torso glistening with sweat.

"You're losing it old man," I told the twenty-two year old hovering above me.

"Old man? Fuck you too junior," he laughed. "I'm telling you, they're worse than normal tonight. Don't any of these broads have boyfriends?"

"Shit, these broads, as you like to call them, are paying your way through university."

"Horny white chicks... can't keep their hands off me," he complained with a wicked grin.

"Shit, you weren't complaining when you left with those two chubby forty year olds last night."

"Forty my ass," he grunted but then added with a happy twinkle in his eyes, "Bitches couldn't leave King Kong alone. They ate him for breakfast."

"You always go after the fat, ugly, old ones don't you? Poor little girls, fall under the influence of the evil, huge cocked black man," I mocked.

"Fuck you Bobby," he laughed, "and you better watch out for the girls at table thirty-one."

"Thirty-one?" I asked, then quickly looked up at the two monitors mounted in the corner of the dressing room, two monitors that gave us a view of the club floor. Us, meaning the dancers at 'The Cock Pit', Tampa's number one male stripper club.

"A wedding stag, five broads out celebrating... they asked for Batman... and little Robin," he laughed just as my eyes settled on five girls I'd known forever.

"Jeeeesus," I moaned softly.

Looking at me and then up at the monitor, he asked, curiosity clear in his voice, "You know them?"

"No... no," I denied as I zeroed in on my sister and her four best friends.

"The skinny blond on the left grabbed my butt, mouthy bitch," Phil complained as he stood and touched the screen and pointed to Amanda Jones. "The one in the middle's getting married on Saturday... just wanted to see a big black man before she marries some dork," he added as he pointed to Chrissie Welsh. A bride-to-be sitting between her four best friends. Jacqui Weathers and Trish Samuels flanked Chrissie. My sister was on the far right.

"She's hot," I answered absent mindedly, still trying to digest what I was seeing.

"Shit, are you blind? It's the willowy, redheaded honey with the great tits on the right that's hot," my fellow dancer said as his finger tapped against the screen and the beautiful girl sitting on the right. MY SISTER!

"Yup, yours truly wouldn't mind giving that little white girl a tour of Africa," he boasted, grabbing his cock through the thin, silk pouch that struggled to house his penis. "Introduce her to King Kong here," he laughed.

"Fuck, that little thing," I scoffed, desperately trying to control my anger, "she wouldn't even know it was in her."

All of us joked among ourselves. We'd laugh about the girls, what they'd said and asked, boast to each other about our conquests. We'd hoot and jeer at each others stories, laughingly question the teller's ability to even get a hard-on. In the dressing room at The Cock Pit no insult was ever out of order.

It was okay though. To work as a dancer at the 'Pit' you had to have it and we all knew it. We were the elite, the best, and we all knew we could have our pick of the hundreds and hundreds of women who continually washed through the club.

Every night they whispered it in our ears. 'You're sexy' or 'want to come home with me?' or 'you're so big' or a hundred other lines we'd heard a thousand times.

They slipped us their telephone numbers as they stuffed five dollar bills in our thongs, copping a feel every time. So there were never any hard feelings between we dancers as we endlessly joshed each other.

Still I didn't like the thought of Philippe pumping King Kong into my big sister Natalie. Not one fucking bit!

So what the heck was I, Bobby Cooper, an eighteen year old, about to start my senior year of high school in a week, doing dancing naked for hordes of horny broads? How did it ever happen...

... It was Maria Juanita Cabrera's fault. I'm serious! Her dark aureoles and long nipples fault. The fault of the golden thighs that came together in a small, neatly trimmed triangle of dark pubic curls that served only to highlight the pink lips that glistened invitingly. Her Cuban hunger for cock. It was happenstance really. What if her raft had never made it to America? Luck?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2006, Club Bizarro

"It's your birthday? Tonight?" she'd demanded saucily in a Latina accent that made your skin tingle. We'd just watched her dance on the main stage, drooled and punched each others arms as she'd slowly removed her clothes and bared herself for us and the four or five other customers strewn around the smoky club. Then she'd swaggered over to our table, tits jiggling, hoping to find one of us willing to part with some money.

Somehow, perhaps because it was late and had been a really slow Tuesday night, we'd been able to talk our way past the doorman who normally ferociously guarded the door. He knew we weren't legal of course, but the lure of the ten bucks my friend Craig dangled and the fake ID's we flashed were just enough to allow our passage inside. Myself and my two best friends. I'd turned eighteen that day.

"I'm twenty-one," I answered the girl as I sat up straighter in the chair and pulled my shoulders back.

"More like sixteen," she laughed as she undid a button on my shirt and slipped her hand onto the bare skin of my chest. Fuck, I'd still had a lingering hard-on from her dances. "I have a special for birthday boys," she cooed in my ear as she pressed her breast against my arm. She raked her finger nails over my nipples.

"Go for it man!" Craig encouraged from across the table. Jimmy was nodding his head like a fool as he stared at the tits just inches from his face. His jaw was opening and closing rhythmically.

None of us had ever been in a strip club before. Oh, we'd tried a couple of times. But up to tonight with no success. But we weren't innocents or anything. I mean we all had girlfriends. Shit, we weren't even virgins. Still, this was a little different... I mean I didn't really exactly know what to expect. You hear stories and everything... but...

"C'mon birthday boy," she urged as she grabbed my arm and started to pull me up.

"Where to?" I stammered, both nervous and excited.

"The booths in the back room, for the private lap dances, you dork," Jimmy said loudly as he pointed towards the back of the club with his Budweiser, all of a sudden a goddamn expert.

"What's your name baby?" she cooed as she led me.

"Bobby... Bobby Cooper," I answered, giving her my real name.

"Rrrrroberrrrto," she purred sexily as she squeezed my hand. "You're so cute Roberto, so sexy, so tall... and maybe so beeg," she finished, a question in her voice as she glanced down at my fly. "Very beeg," she answered herself as she ran her palm across the front of my pants. "I like beeeg," she promised.

I was in love. I was as hard as a rock. She could call me anything she wanted.

It was dark... not pitch black but you couldn't see very far in the murkiness of the back room. There were a series of small private booths that lined the wall, booths that had room only for just one person on a soft, plush, upholstered bench. Each booth was shielded from its neighbor and held a dancing stool just waiting for a naked girl to mount it.

For a second, passing an occupied cubicle, I caught a quick glimpse of the back of a naked girl, her body plastered against an unseen man, then Maria pulled me on and led me right to the back, the last and darkest cubicle.

"Sit," she ordered, then asked, "First time?" Seeing my quick, nervous nod she asked, "Is it really your birthday?" and then hearing my yes said, "How old are you really."

"Eighteen," I answered with a timid grin, not sure if that was the best answer. I definitely didn't want to be kicked out.

"I like eighteen year olds... and you're so cute," she whispered, then touched the tip of my nose gently with her finger and mounted the stool she had pushed between my knees. I stared as she slowly shucked her only clothing, a pair of red silk boy shorts. "You're not allowed to touch this," she instructed as she pulled her pussy lips apart and opened her sex. It was maybe four inches from my mouth when she uttered those words.

"I'm not?" I croaked, my head involuntarily moving towards her glistening pussy.

"Un uh," she said, then she slowly slid her body down mine. She held a nipple against my lips for seconds before I tentatively opened my mouth and flicked out my tongue. She didn't protest as I licked, even encouraged me by cupping the breast and feeding more into my mouth. Then she moved and presented me her other nipple. My hands had somehow slipped to her hips and then moved to grasp her firm bum.

"You're a bad boy," she whispered in my ear, then reamed it with a moist, probing tongue.

"It's okay to touch your breasts?" I finally stammered.

"Only because it's your birthday," she giggled throatily, and then lowered herself so her bum was resting on my thighs, trapping my cock uncomfortably.

"Ummm, mucho grande," she complimented as she looked down between our bodies and then adjusted her butt over my now throbbing cock.

"Its... its sorta uncomfortable... I have to," I started, wanting to adjust my blood filled shaft.

"I'll do it Roberrrto," she purred and I watched silently as her two hands moved down between our bodies and into my lap. Then I watched as she undid the button, watched as she slowly lowered my zipper, then gasped when she slipped her cool fingers into my briefs and pulled me out.

"Jesus, Maria!" I cried, squirming under her touch.

"Madre mia... he is el grande," she said delightedly as my prick, finally free, sprang upward between our stomachs.

She kissed me quickly, then before I could move dipped her head down into my lap. Oh fuck! Okay I had a girlfriend, and I had, technically speaking, made love to her once. In the back seat of her daddy's car. But I'd never felt a wet tongue on my cock. Never had I felt moist, painted lips kiss the end of my penis and then slowly suck it into her mouth.

I was in heaven! Shit, I didn't last long. I couldn't. Suddenly I felt the tightening in my balls that was immediately translated into an explosion of cum up my bulging, throbbing cock.

She mumbled something as I splashed the first thick strand of cum into her mouth and throat. But it didn't sound like a complaint. One of her small hands went to my tightened sack and slowly worked my balls while her other hand clenched the half of my penis not in her mouth and pumped me, timing her squeezes to match each of my bucking ejaculations.

Sweet fucking Jesus!

"I'm finished at one," Maria finally said, a strand of my cum dangling from the corner of her mouth.

"Finished what?" I mumbled almost incoherently, my body still trembling in the aftermath of my ejaculation.

"In just fifteen minutes," she said giggling, then kissed me on the lips. Her tongue penetrated me, pushing some of my own seed back into my throat. "Can you drive?"

"A car?" I asked like an idiot.

"Don't you want your other present?" she asked, then stood up on the bench and brought her sex slowly towards my face.

"My present?"

"Si Roberto," she said as she spread her pussy wide with her fingers and brought it towards my mouth.

"But... you mean you want to... ," I stammered, knowing this couldn't be normal even for this club.

"Si Robbberrrrrta," she cooed as my nose and mouth and lips were engulfed in her sex. She hovered for seconds on my tongue, then jumped down off the bench and led me back to my table. I was shaking like a leaf.

"So, how was it?" Craig demanded before I had my butt in the seat.

"Did you touch her tits?" Jimmy asked.

I gave them a cock and bull story... how I touched her ass... tried to touch her tits. I didn't mention the blow job. Shit I almost didn't believe it myself. Then I told them she wanted me to take her out for a drink when her shift ended.

"Bullshit!" The sound exploded from the mouth of both my friends almost simultaneously.

"God she must be a hooker," Craig said after I'd insisted it was true.

"Did she say how much?" Jimmy asked just as Maria walked out of the dressing room and sauntered towards our table.

"Jesus Bobby," Craig advised, watching Maria's hips sway under the thin, yellow cotton dress she was wearing, "go for it, she's worth every cent she's going to charge you."

As it turned out Maria Juanita Cabrera didn't want money, she simply wanted cock. Big hard, teen cock! And she'd decided that mine would be just perfect that night. A birthday boy's big boner. Thank you god.

I may not have been a virgin when I entered Maria Juanita Cabrera's apartment that night but I was still an innocent boy. I left the next morning a man.

"Fuck me Roberto," she'd urged as she pulled the thin summer dress over her head and then quickly lowered the silk thong that was the only other piece of clothing she wore. She lay back on the bed and watched through smoky eyes as I rushed to get out of my jeans. We'd been in her apartment about ten seconds.

Hurry... hurry Roberto," she pled as she spread her knees and exposed her pink insides to me. She was moist and ready when I pushed my thick shaft into her tight, slick furrow. I was in heaven.

What could have been embarrassing or difficult for an innocent boy she made easy. She laughed and encouraged and complimented me. Kissed me, led me, welcomed me inside her.

Then she started yelling in Spanish. Loud. Then locked her legs around my back as we bounced atop the sheets. Somehow squeezed and tightened her slippery cunt around me every time I bottomed out deep inside her.

She laughed, a joyous laugh, when my cock finally jerked and then splattered my thick cream inside her now spasming furnace.

"Si, si Roberrrrto," Maia moaned as I continued to splash hot cum inside this beautiful, golden skinned Cuban woman. I finally rolled off, my cock sticky and still half hard as it popped out. Then she really got serious about the sex.

I had a teenager's ability to do it again and again and she didn't hesitate to take advantage of all my youthful virility. She encouraged while teaching me, demanding, them whimpering in joy as her body repeatedly pulsed out its orgasmic welcome.

She never tired as the hours of darkness fled, turning me this way and that, mounting me, riding me... then let me ride her from behind, my hard cock pounding into her silken sleeve as my hands squeezed and caressed her hanging breasts.

"Would you like to go out this Friday?" she asked as I pulled the jeans up my legs. We had woken at six-thirty after maybe one hour of sleep, then made love one last time before we'd showered together. I didn't want to leave but knew I had to get home before mom got home from her night shift at the hospital.

"You really want to?" I still hadn't really accepted that this beautiful woman would want to go out with me.

"If you can dance," she said with an appraising and insouciant glance.

"Of course I can," I answered.

"Salsa?" she asked dubiously, then sexually pumped her pelvis towards me.

"No problemo," I said grinning.

"We'll see," she promised and then gave me instructions on what time and where to meet her Friday night. "And don't wear sneakers Roberto," she warned. I might have been pissed off at her assumption that I couldn't dance but she'd run her fingers across the front of my pants when she'd said it.

Besides I was in love. Or at least lust.

Sneakers? One thing I can do and that's dance! There's a picture of me at about eight months of age where my big sister, Natalie, twenty months older than me, is holding me up, clearly leading me in a dance.

She never stopped. For the next sixteen years I was the person she sought out when she wanted to dance. Oh there were times I'd protest. I can remember when I was about nine years old being laughed at by my buddies when I stupidly told them I was going home to dance with my sister.

"Dancing with a girl?" one had sneered as they all laughed. After that I kept my sisters dancing lessons and practice between us only.

But it was probably the favorite thing in my world. Whether innocently dancing with Natalie and even sometimes mom in my youth, or later in my teenage years when my hormones had started to explode into action, music and dancing gave me my happiest moments.

Did Natalie, or mom for that matter, understand the feelings that her fifteen or sixteen year old brother had started to feel for them? I don't think so. But my teenage dreams had increasingly featured Natalie — I'd simply never said a thing.

And then last September she'd gone away to university, leaving her seventeen year old brother broken hearted... what I'd hoped for hadn't happened... and I'd realized at the time that it probably never would.

The weird thing however was that the hours I'd spent dancing with my sister over the years had reaped great dividends later. My buddies who'd once kidded me about my dancing watched jealously when classmate after classmate begged me to dance with them at our first coed parties.

I got to tell ya, a fifteen or sixteen year old guy who loves dancing and is pretty good at it becomes pretty popular with his hot little mini skirted classmates. But they weren't my red headed sister!

So the prospect of a night of salsa dancing at some 'in' Latino club with the lovely Maria didn't faze me at all.

"So you cannnn dance," Miss Cabrera complimented at about eleven-thirty Friday night. "At least for a gringo," she teased, but then added as she pushed her breasts into me, "Almost as good as you make love Roberto."

We spent the night in Maria's bed. And most of Saturday. Mom was gone for the weekend for a long planned visit with her sister in Atlanta. Natalie was working at Disneyworld in Orlando for the summer. So I had no reason to go home, no one was checking up on me.

"I'm taking you out somewhere tonight," Maria promised as we lay side by side in her bed on Saturday afternoon.

"You are? Where?" I asked even as I pulled her willing body on top of mine.

"You'll see," she answered as she grasped my shaft and directed its head to her slit. Then thrust her pelvis downward until I was buried in her sticky warmth.

"Noooo way," I protested at eleven that night when we turned the corner and I saw the line of women stretched down the block. "Maria!"

"C'mon my beautiful Rrrroberrrrto," Maria purred as she pulled me after her. She went right to the head of the line. She of course knew 'Carlos' the doorman. And when some of the women in line protested her being allowed immediately in, she turned and pointing at me announced, "He's one of the dancers."

Yeah right, I mumbled to myself as my face reddened.

"You are?" one asked.

"Why don't you dance for me right out here big boy," an overweight, thirty something year old asked. She and three of her friends had surrounded me as soon as Maria had said I was a dancer.

"Please, I'm late... I have to hurry," I squealed as I felt a hand run across the front of my jeans. Another grabbed my butt when I turned to rush after Maria who was holding the door.

"I knew they'd like you," Maria said, her eyes sparkling in delight.

"They're animals," I complained as we pushed towards the bar.

"They want your big prick Roberrrto, you'll get used to them," she said laughing.

"I'm not becoming a -" I started.

Maria interrupted, "Roberto, I want you to meet Senor Domingo. He owns the club." I watched her as she hugged a short, stocky Latino dressed in a flashy three thousand buck Armani suit.

"Juan, this is Roberto... he wants to be a dancer."

"Don't they all," he laughed as he took my hand in his. As his huge paw slowly tightened around mine he asked Maria, while staring straight into my eyes, "And what are his qualifications?"

"He can dance Juan," she giggled as she rubbed up against him.

"He's like sixteen," he answered, still trying to stare me down. Fuck him I thought, maintaining eye contact.

"He's beeg Juan, very beeg," my beautiful friend added.

"Is he?" Juan Domingo asked as he finally let my aching hand free and broke eye contact.

"Can I show him the dressing room... let him meet the guys?"

Juan didn't answer, just nodded his head and then turned to greet someone else. But then he turned back and said almost menacingly, "You know we don't fuck around with amateurs here Maria."

He smiled when she answered back in her most kittenish voice, "You look great in that suit tonight Juan... so sexxxxxxy."

"Get outa here," he ordered with a grin. I was beginning to learn that no one could resist my Maria.

"He's just a big softie," she told me as she led me towards the back of the club. The place was a goddamn madhouse! There had to be three hundred crazed women from eighteen to sixty hooting and screaming. Every table and seat was taken. A naked bodybuilder was dancing on a ten foot diameter stage in the middle of the club. He was well endowed!

There was another small stage at the back. A tall, thin black guy was swinging his dick in large circles as he danced for an adoring group of ladies. As I looked around the club I saw at least ten other naked guys dancing at tables.

"They get twenty bucks a dance," my sexy Latina informed me as I watched.

And as Maria and I snaked our way through the club to the door that led to the dancer's dressing room at least twenty, half drunk women groped me. "This is nuts," I protested when we finally burst into the hallway that led to the dressing room.

"They like you Rrrrroberrrrrto," she purred in my ear while leading me forward.

Half of the ten guys lounging half dressed around the room yelled out greetings to Maria when we entered the room. I watched bemused as she moved from one dancer to the next, exchanging kisses, hugs and greetings. She seemed to know every large cocked guy in town. Finally she turned to me and said, "Hey guys, this is Roberrrrto... my friend, he wants to be a dancer."

Jeers of "maybe when he grows up", "what nursery did you find him in", "where's his mommy" etc., etc., greeted Maria's announcement. Then the insults really started. These guys were tough! And then it started to piss me off. I didn't know then that this was just a typical reception for a rookie at the 'Cock Pit'.

"Well show us your dick junior," a two hundred and fifty pound, heavily muscled giant finally ordered to the jeers of the boys. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Juan had slipped into the room.

"Screw you guys," I said as I turned to go.

"Show then Roberto," Maria insisted, planting herself in front of me.

"Oh show us Bobbbbbby," one asshole yelled in falsetto.

"Fuck you guys," I yelled but didn't move when I felt Maria's fingers at my belt. Just watched the boys as I felt it being undone and my zipper lowered. I was suddenly afraid I'd get a fucking hard-on... that's all I needed. Maria slowly pulled him out.

"Well, he's sure got a cock on him," Juan Domingo finally admitted after my penis had been on display for about thirty seconds. "But can he dance?"

I heard some muttering from the boys about how it looked pretty small to them but Maria quickly announced that I was the best gringo dancer she'd ever seen.

"White boys can't dance," a black guy I learned later was named Philippe muttered.

"Do you have a costume kid?" Juan asked. "An act?"

"I wasn't planning on doing any act," I protested, talking to the owner with my dick hanging out my fly.

"Are there any costumes in the storage closet?" Juan asked the room.

"There might be a couple," somebody offered, "I think Buzz's Batman costume was here when they arrested him."

"Okay Maria," Juan ordered, "get the kid in costume and we'll put him on at midnight... we'll give the girls a little amateur night action. Get them to rate him. Make it a contest. See if they like Robin," he ended with an evil chuckle.

"I'm not going on any stage and stripping for a bunch of —"

"Shut up Roberto," Maria ordered as she grabbed my penis and pulled me towards the storage room next door.

"Do what mommy says Bobby," were the last words I heard from my new friends.

"Bastards," I muttered as I stood next to Maria in a room that was hardly big enough to hold the two of us. A Batman cape and cowl were hanging from a nail on the wall. Maria was trying to pull the t-shirt I wore over my head.

"I can't wear this," I finally said as I stood with the cape around my shoulders and the mask over my face. But I also knew that I wanted to go on... that I wanted to have three hundred women see me naked. See my cock.

"Lift your foot," Maria ordered and then slipped the red, silk penis sheath up my legs. R... O... B... I... N was spelled out in one and a half inch high letters the length of the cloth.

"Christ, it probably hasn't been washed," I said as Maria took my shaft in hand and started to feed it into the soft cloth.

"Stop complaining Roberto," Maria said, then slipped to her knees and after freeing my cock from the silk, popped my penis into her mouth.

I was halfway there when a knuckle rapped on the door and somebody yelled out, "Hurry up Batman, you're on in three minutes."

"We'll have to finish later Robin," Maria giggled as she struggled to stuff my saliva covered cock back into the sheath. "Now put on a good show for momma," she teased as she patted me on the butt. "And remember, you're not supposed to get a hard-on," she added as she pushed me towards the door. Towards three hundred drunk, screaming, lunatics who at a moments notice might turn on me and attack the stage. I was scared shitless.

I was a success! I could lie and tell you it was because I put on a great show, that my dancing wowed the ladies. Or that my magnificent prick turned the tables. But honestly I think it was my obvious innocence combined with my still hard and obviously just sucked cock that did it. A blushing, blond teenager with a long, saliva coated prick. They couldn't resist me.

At least fifty broads had to have rushed the stage and stuffed bills into the elastic band that held my sheath on after I'd completed my two dances. Stroked my thighs. Touched my bum. Caressed my cock. I liked the feeling. And they were feeding me money!

Maria and I counted out two hundred and eleven dollars as we sat laughing in the dressing room. Then, as she was finishing her interrupted blow job, Mr. Domingo burst into the room and offered his hand.

"You're hired kid," he announced proudly just as my penis propelled a first string of thick cum down Miss Cabrera's throat.

A little later, at the bar, over a Bud, Mr. Domingo and I (with Maria's advice) agreed to a deal. I could only work a couple of days a week for the rest of June, but once school was over I agreed to work at least five nights a week all summer.

"I can only work the nights my mom is on overnight shift," I'd explained.

"Your mom?" Juan asked dubiously.

"She works the overnight shift in the ER at County General," I'd explained.

"You live with your mom? How old is this guy anyway Maria?" he'd demanded.

... and that's how come I was sitting in the dressing room at the 'Cock Pit' talking to my friend Philippe about the sexy group of ladies at table thirty-one some seventeen weeks later. I was a veteran of the sex wars by then. And I loved it!

Okay, maybe you can argue that dancing naked for a bunch of crazed, horny, half drunk women wasn't the healthiest activity for an eighteen year old boy. But what eighteen year old, sex crazed boy wouldn't enjoy getting paid for showing his penis to ladies who were all too willing to whisper invitations in his ear.

I was making over twenty-five hundred a week and so far had gone home with six women, including a forty-two year old lawyer, a thirty something kindergarten teacher and a sweet coed from the local community college.

But now, the group that I was about to go out and dance for happened to include my older, and only sister Natalie. A sister who'd almost broken my heart when she'd left for university almost twelve months earlier...

Thursday, August 31st 2006, The 'Cock Pit'

"So, are you planning on ever working tonight?" Philippe asked, bringing me out of my reverie.

"Yeah sure... where's my cowl," I asked, looking again at the monitor that showed my sister and her friends.

"And remember," he added as I started towards the door and the club beyond, "If you're planning on fucking one of those sweeties, take the sexy redhead."

I wish, I thought as I plunged into the lights and noise that was the 'Cock Pit'.

"There's Batman," squealed Chrissie Welsh, the cutest little bride-to-be, when I approached the girls table. I'd always liked her.

"Where's Robin?" Jacqui asked as all five girls measured me with their eyes.

A minute later, mounted on a stool between Chrissie's legs, with my cape billowing around her, she announced to her friends loudly, "I founnnnnd him."

She had. Her fingers had found the string holding up the sheathe and had slowly lowered it down my legs, baring my three quarters hard shaft.

"Robin's big... very, very big," she added as her fingers lightly circled me.

Christ, I thought, this is shy little Chrissie Welsh, usually the most conservative of the five friends. Okay, I knew she was getting married and all, and I saw and heard stuff like this every night, and the girls were all pretty high, but still, she's grabbing the prick of her maid-of-honors baby brother!

"Let us see," Jacqui, the wild, black haired beauty to her left demanded. "Grab that end of his cloak Natalie," she instructed my sister. Instead I simply let the cloak fall and turned towards the left and Amanda and Jacqui.

"Jesus," Amanda, the one Philippe had accurately described as the bitchy blond, moaned when she saw my now fully erect penis. I was almost never hard when I danced for clients, instead I had an ability to stay at half mast for dance after dance. It was the only way to survive the grind. Not now though. My cock was throbbing. I slowly spun around, past Jacqui who was licking her lips, past Chrissie, then past short, sexy Trish with the big tits.

"Don't look Natalie," I heard Jacqui warn my sister, "after you've seen Robin you'll never want to go out with Charlie again."

Who the fuck is Charlie, I suddenly wanted to know as I stopped in front of my sister. Her face was smiling merrily as her eyes watched the python swaying just inches from her mouth.

"Charlie's arm isn't as big as Robin," Trish agreed.

"You guys are terrible," my sister complained but even she was laughing. I turned back to the bride. I knew if I kept looking at my beautiful sister I might just start cumming. I'd never been as excited in my life. Sperming a client was definitely a no-no at the 'Cock Pit'.

I danced three songs for the bride and I must say she certainly took the opportunity to practice her penis handling skills while she had the chance. My guess was that her husband-to-be was going to get a good working over on the honeymoon. Then I was announced as the next to go on stage. The five complained but I promised to return to their table when I was done. "Good," Chrissie said, "I want you to give an extra special dance for my maid-of-honor."

"Your maid-of-honor?" I asked, pretending I didn't know which one it was.

"It's the horny redhead," Jacqui said laughing.

"I am not," Natalie protested grinning.

"She's a real cock slut," Trish said.

"You're all terrible," my sister complained, but her eyes did keep flicking back hungrily to my still hard cock.

A cock slut? This is my sister? "How special?" I asked Chrissie while watching Natalie.

"You'll see," Jacqui promised.

The girls all moved stageside for my two dances, oohing and aahing throughout. But I knew there was no way I could give Natalie a lap dance.

So, when I'd finished my second and last dance I moved to the edge of the stage farthest away from them, naked, tumescent, but then turned back to face them just as I about to slip through the curtain. They were all laughing, cheering, even Amanda who'd never really liked her friend Natalie's little brother.

And then without thinking I did it, just one quick flick of my hand and my mask was pushed off my head. The girls around the stage all started screaming, all except for five young coeds, who after a few seconds hesitation, all broke into dumfounded stares as they recognized me.

The last thing I saw before I slipped away was Natalie's mouth open wide in astonishment, the question 'BOBBBBY?' clear on her lips.

I watched them on the monitor when about three minutes later they trouped out en masse. They had been talking and gesticulating wildly since the second I'd left the stage. And my dear sister Natalie hadn't looked pleased as her friends had bombarded her with questions.

I finished at two a.m. that night. Then I was relieved to find the house empty when I got home twenty minutes later. Showered quickly and then slipped naked between my sheets and waited. I'd known she'd eventually come.

I was still awake just short of three a.m. when I heard the key in the lock downstairs. Listened as Natalie slowly came up the stairs. Waited when she stopped outside my bedroom door, a door I'd purposely left half open.

For seconds she hovered there; I just knew she was staring at me but I said nothing and lay unmoving. She took a few steps away, then returned, then finally hissed, "Are you awake?"

I stayed immobile, and again she turned to go, mumbling a warning, "I'll get him tomorrow," as she moved toward her room next door. A minute later I heard the shower running in our shared bathroom, and couldn't help wondering if it wouldn't have been better to have answered her.

And then a couple of minutes later I sensed her presence in my room. She'd entered silently on bare feet but peeking I saw her by my bedside, her long red hair still wet, hanging loose, her body barely covered by a virgin white, spaghetti strapped chemise that just covered her thighs.

"I know you're awake," she hissed, then after waiting seconds for a response, bent over and as she shook my shoulder ordered angrily, "Bobby... get up!"

I groaned, stretched, then slowly opened my eyes and asked with a question in my voice, "Natalie?"

"Don't Natalie me," she ordered. "I am not happy with you Bobby," she informed me.

"What time is it sis?" I asked sleepily.

"It's time you got your rear end kicked. Are you crazy? Dancing naked? Does mommy know? What's happened to you since I left?" The questions tumbled angrily from her mouth but I knew I couldn't back down. Who was it who said the best defense is a good offense?

"Me! You go away to college and all of a sudden you're going to strip clubs. Watching and touching naked men? Who's this Charlie they were all talking about?"

"Don't change the subject," she ordered as she turned on the bedside lamp.

Gawd she was beautiful. Her aureoles were easily seen through the thin white cloth. Her full round breasts stretched taut the soft satin that struggled to contain them. "You're mad at me huh?" I asked shyly as I sat up against the headboard and drank in her beauty through half closed lids.

"Of course I am! Why are you... I mean how did you ever..."

"It just happened."

"It just happened? That's your excuse? It just happened?"

"Well it's complicated... a long story," I said, trying to rouse her interest.

"I have all night," she announced, then sat down on my bed.

"But," I delayed, delighting in the sight of her body.

"TALK," she ordered as she settled herself next to me against the headboard.

So I told her a story, partly true and partly fabricated. Of course I mentioned Maria Cabrera and her involvement in my introduction to the 'Cock Pit'.

"How old was she? She slept with a boy? Seduced him?" she demanded angrily.

"It wasn't all her fault, I am eighteen," I answered gallantly.

"She's a slut... a prostitute, we should never allow those people into the country," she accused, transferring much of her anger to the lovely Latina.

"I did it for mom too, you know she works so hard Natalie," I offered quietly, opening up a new front. "With all the expenses she has and I haven't helped at all... all my friends work jobs," I added, knowing this would hit my sister hard. This had been a long term bone of contention in our family and I'd known Natalie felt as bad about the state of affairs as I did.

"I wanted to work, I offered," she protested, "you know she'd never let us work. I did get a scholarship."

"I know Nat," I said as I put my arm around her shoulder, "but I thought if I made some money I could send some to you and you wouldn't need as much from mom... and I'd not take any from her... and she wouldn't have to work so hard."

"Oh Bobby," she said softly as I pulled her into my body. I feasted on her tits which were now easily seen down her gaping top. I hoped she was feeling too worried about mom to notice how the sheet in my lap was tenting upward.

The thing about my sister is that while you might get a little advantage over her from time to time she was far too smart to completely fool for long.

"Are you conning me?" she finally asked.



"Well... I do sorta like it," I finally admitted with a sheepdog look.

"You like women watching you, touching you?" she asked.

"I like dancing. In front of a crowd, entertaining them. You taught me."

"Hah! You like them looking at your... your thing... your cock."

"Uh huh, I like... showing myself," I admitted with a grin.

"Do you ever... I mean do you ever go home with any of them?" she asked.

"Just once," I lied, figuring that would satisfy her curiosity. "She was a lawyer... from New York... just in town for a couple of days... I know I shouldn't have Natalie... I mean I was going out with Sandy... and I was still seeing Maria," I admitted slowly.

"Oh my gawd, you've turned into a pervert. How many girls are you sleeping with? How old was she?"

"The lawyer?" Seeing Natalie's nod I went on, "About forty."

"That's older than mom. What if she finds out?"

"You're sleeping with this Charlie guy," I answered, trying to get her off track.

"I'm not going out and dancing naked for three hundred men every night. Or sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry."

"You'd be good at it," I said with a little boys grin, using a tone that I'd used for years whenever I'd wanted something from her. "With your dancing ability... your looks... Christ Nat, you'd make a fortune."

"Good thought Bobby, send your sister out to become a stripper so your mom doesn't have to work so hard," she said grumpily. But there was a grin in her eyes as she said it and I pulled her even tighter against me.

"Don't smile," I teased.

"Ha, ha," she grumbled but after a few seconds started to giggle and then asked, "So, when did it get so big anyway?"

"What?" I stalled, wanting her to say it.

"Your thing... your penis," she finally mumbled.

"I don't know... it's always been -"

"Bobby, it's not always been," she interrupted. "It was never like that."

"It sorta grew. I mean you haven't seen it since I was like five or something," I protested.

"We've danced! I've seen you in a bathing suit. Besides you never said anything. Mom never said anything. All my friends... tonight... after we saw... they asked me why I'd never told them."

"I don't go around showing people my penis," I said, not thinking.

"Except for three hundred women every night," Nat said, almost bouncing on the bed in her anger.

I decided to say nothing, instead just took more quick glances at the movement of her breasts under the thin chemise while trying to look contrite.

"How big is it anyway?" she finally blurted out. "When its, you know... big."

"I don't know... just average I guess."

"Yeah right... for a horse," she muttered as her eyes drifted to the top of the sheet that just barely covered my groin. "And why are you shaved?"

"You noticed?" I asked innocently.

"Bobby," exasperation now clear in her voice, "it was hard not to notice you have no bloody pubic hair."


"Let me see it," she finally demanded. I nodded okay but didn't move. Slowly her hand went to the top of the sheet, then gently pushed it down across my thighs. I sprang out!

"It's hard again... I mean erect," she said as she left her hand resting on my thigh just inches from the base of my shaft.

"Uh huh," I agreed, my eyes and thoughts on the top of her nightie which, as she'd bent, had opened again and left her nipples exposed. Surprisingly thick and long pink points that rose majestically from perfectly shaped cones.

"I never did get my dance," Nat suddenly said, "you were supposed to come back."

"You guys didn't wait. Besides you have Charlie," I said, pretending to dismiss her.

"You said you'd come back to the table," she pouted and for just a second I felt a finger graze my manhood.

"Okay, I'll give you a dance now," I announced, calling her bluff, and then threw off the sheet completely and jumped out of bed.

"Noooo. You can't," she giggled, "you don't have a stool."

But I did... and quickly produced it from my cupboard, explaining I'd got it to practice with at home. I placed it in front of the sofa against the wall and with a flick of my head invited her to sit.

"I shouldn't," she said even as she moved towards her place.

"It's still twenty bucks," I said before she could sit.

"What? I'm your sister."

"Twenty bucks," I insisted again with my hand now out.

"You're terrible! Okay I'll pay you tomorrow," she finally agreed. "But I should at least get two for one. I did teach you to dance."

"Alright... for you... two for one," I agreed slowly, "but you have to pay in advance."

"That's not fair," she accused. But I knew she was as excited as I, and she quickly rushed from the room promising to be back in seconds.

It was a little longer than seconds. In fact I had programmed my ipod and had hooked it up to the speakers by the time she returned. She'd combed her hair... I could smell the perfume she'd daubed on. Her nipples were still hard as she sat on the plush couch. She had no panties on under her diaphanous shift. I could smell her excitement.

"You better give me a good dance," she ordered as she reluctantly passed over the twenty.

"What's that?" I asked, seeing she had something else in her hand. I watched as she let one end of the cloth tape measure slip from her hand.

"Well," she said when she saw my fake grimace, "the girls did want to know..."

I was shy at first. Incredibly excited but shy. A thousand thoughts and emotions and memories rippled through my body. And yet the girl I'd danced with and loved all my life still felt somehow out of my reach.

My cock had never been fuller, never harder, never longer. But for that first dance but I didn't really force it, instead just teased, mainly staying out of contact with Natalie. I simply watched her as her eyes followed the thick cobra that I kept moving in a mesmerizing dance just inches from her face.

"Let me measure him," she said after my first dance. I brought my rampant shaft towards her, left it so that the thick bulb of its head just touched her chemise and her left breast. I could feel the excited nipple through the thousand nerve ends at the end of my prick, then watched as a drop of pre cum squeezed out and onto the soft satin.

"You're too close," she protested as she fumbled with the tape. She held one end of the tape at the base of my shaft, her hand struggling to circle the fat base to hold it there. Then she slowly unwound the tape the length of my penis. There was another thick drop of pre-cum hanging precariously from my tip when her finger finally got there.

She wiped it away absent mindedly as she read the number from the tape. "It's too big... they're not supposed to be so," she started.

"Bigger than Charlie's?" I asked, and then watched as she brought her sticky finger to her mouth without thinking. I watched as she tasted me for the first time.

"Dance like you do for real clients," she urged when the second song started, then put her hands on the back of my legs and softly caressed my calves.

"You're so beautiful Nat," I whispered as I edged forward toward her. "I've always wanted you," I added as I brought my straining penis ever closer to her face.

"You're just saying that," she protested as her hands slid up the back of my legs until her palms were cupped softly under my ass.

"I'd always dream of you... at night... after we'd danced... I'd touch myself," I said as I put my left hand around the base of my cock and then rubbed its steely length up against her cheek. Then I brought my cockhead slowly to her closed lips.

"No," she groaned but when she spoke her wet tongue licked another drop of pre cum from me. Her lips were opening just as the song ended!

"Okay, now it's your turn," I said as I stepped down.

"My turn to what?" Natalie asked softly.

"To dance for your little brother. I can't do all the work."

"I can't. I've never," she said as she nodded toward the stool.

"What happened to the great dancer?" I mocked gently.

I saw she was about to protest but then saw the twinkle I knew so well come into her eyes. "Twenty dollars a dance," she said with her hand out. "No discounts," she warned as I walked towards my money on the dresser.

"You're an amateur," I laughingly said as I grabbed a hundred from the pile of my earnings and handed it to her. "Five please."

"What? Fivvvve?"

"To start," I laughed as I sat.

She didn't even take her little chemise off that first dance, instead just danced on the stool a good foot from me. But I couldn't help but see the flashes of the red curls growing at the base of her stomach, or not smell the thick sexual aroma that wafted towards me from between her legs.

"You're supposed to disrobe," I teased when the song ended.

"Just wait," she ordered and when the music started again she quickly slipped the straps from her shoulders.

"Too bad you're my sister," I complained as I watched Natalie dance, who, while still keeping her distance, was clearly starting to get into it. I could see the moisture beading in her soft red pubic curls.

"C'mon here... closer," I insisted when the third song started. Then I ran my hands up and down the back of her thighs, exerting just enough pressure to urge her forward.

"On my lap... sit on my lap," I instructed as her stomach came in contact with my face.

"Like this?" she asked as she slid slowly down my body.

"I knew you'd be good at this," I mumbled through her breasts as she slowly lowered.

"Shutup you," she said with a giggle but moaned out a "Ohhh Bobbby," when for a second I captured a thick nipple between my teeth. I could feel her wet sex as it slithered across my stomach. The song ended just as she trapped my shaft under her bum. Our lips met.

We were still kissing when the fourth song started. And then, with my hands under her, supporting her butt, I stood, lifting her up with me. My penis was crammed awkwardly between our two bodies, straining, impatient to be driven home. Natalie tightened her arms around my neck and then locked her legs around my back as I crushed her against me.

"Don't! Stop... please Bobby," she groaned. Her pointed breasts seemed to be trying to poke through my chest.

Slowly I lifted her butt upwards, letting her stomach, then her hair covered mound, then finally her moist crack feel my penis, feel his urgent, hard need as it scraped past her.

Then when I'd finally lifted her high enough, so that now her wetness was against my stomach, my cock sprang free of her and stood arched, ready, just millimeters below her engorged opening.

I slowly lowered her until my sticky cockhead was perfectly aligned and just touching her damp hole. Then, as I hungrily devoured her lips with mine, I lowered her so that my round bulb was almost all inside her. She groaned into my mouth as I left her hanging atop me, her vagina's lips spread impossibly wide trying to accommodate me.

"Pleassssse," she finally moaned, "please Bobby... more... put it in."

I lowered her slowly, felt the head finally slip fully in and felt her pussy close behind the thick ridge and tighten around my shaft. Lowered her another three inches and then stopped. Then I slowly lifted her up and down on the cock that was inside her. Even as her vagina struggled to stretch wide to accept me I could feel the warm, slick lubricant of her female juices coat my invading piston.

"Morrrrrrrre," she cried. "More Bobby... please."

I dropped her farther, shoving another hard three inches inside her.

"It's big... so big," she moaned as she wriggled atop my pole. I walked her, always impaled, to the bed and slowly lowered her to the soft sheets.

"Fuck me... hurry... I'm coming Bobby... please, hurrrrrry," she near screamed as I pushed the last thick inches inside her. Then I felt the first spasms of her orgasm as I started to piston my penis into her in long, deep thrusts.

She was coming for a second time five minutes later when I felt the tightening that presaged my orgasm. Tried to pull out before my sauce could splash inside my sister's fiery cunt.

"No... stay," she cried, tightening her ankles around my back.

"I'm cumming... we can't -"

"I'm on the pill, I want to feel it," she demanded just as the first explosion of cum rushed up my cock and into my now screaming sister. Her repeated howls of 'fuck me', and 'more', and 'oh yes Bobby', echoed around the room.

We did it four more times before the sun started to rise. No gymnastics or crazy stuff. We had no need of oral sex or other foreplay, hell we'd both been building up to this for all our lives.

There was no need for either of us to say how good it was, or how much we loved each other. We simply knew.

"I've gotta go," Natalie finally whispered as the sun started to stream in through the window. "Mom will be home soon."


"We only have two more nights... I don't want to go back to school Bobby... I could take the term off."

"You have to. I'll visit. Every couple of weeks," I promised as we clung to each other in desperation.

I woke late the next day; it was almost one in the afternoon when I finally stumbled into the kitchen dressed just in my boxers. Mom and Natalie were drinking coffee in their house coats and didn't look like they'd been up much longer than me.

"Morning," I mumbled.

"Bobby, go put some clothes on," mom admonished as I bent over to give her a kiss.

"You guys are in your nightgowns," I muttered as I kissed Natalie. On the lips. Let her feel my tongue before I retreated and sat down. "Aren't you going to cook me breakfast ma?"

"We're in a rush," mom complained but still stood and moved towards the stove. "Bacon and eggs?"

"Please mom," I answered as I slipped a hand onto my sister's leg under the table. She let me slip it slowly up her thigh, and then actually spread her legs and let my finger linger for seconds on her slit before she jumped up and said she had to get ready.

She and mom were scheduled to go to the wedding practice and dinner that night. Yours truly had to stay at home and wait.

They got back fairly late, just before midnight, entering the house giggling and happy. "You're still up," Mom said as she teetered over and gave me a quick kiss.

"I had to wait up for my girls," I answered as I pulled them both to me for a quick hug. I could smell the booze on mom's breath. "Have you been drinking?" I asked my normally tea toting mom.

"Just a little," mom answered, then gave me a kiss meant for my cheek put which somehow found my lips. Our wet tongues intertwined for seconds before she half collapsed against me.

"Did you get mom drunk on purpose?" I accusingly asked Nat as she and I helped our reeling mother up the stairs and into her room. Nat shooed me away when we'd got her to her bed saying she'd undress mom. Within seconds mom was snoring, passed out from the unusual amount she'd drunk.

Still, I lingered in the doorway, watched as Natalie stripped mom of her dress, then her bra, then finally her yellow lace panties. Then I feasted on the breasts so much like her daughters, fuller and rounder perhaps, then I let my eyes slip down to the thin blond pubic patch so unlike Natalie's. Saw the pink channel that had borne me.

"Bobby," Natalie squealed when she noticed me still lurking, then covered mom with a sheet and rushed toward the door. But I had my sister naked before we were halfway down the hallway. Then simply held her up against the wall and pushed my straining manhood inside her.

"You shouldn't have looked at mom," Natalie said even as I stroked deeply upward inside her.

But I was still seeing mom in my mind when I started to shoot my creamy cum into my beautiful sister five minutes later.

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