Between Fae And Foe
Chapter 1

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when a not so ordinary mortal woman meets the arrogant and very persistent Prince of the Fae? On the surface chemistry is not all they have to worry about as secrets of Sarah's heritage threaten the worlds they both inhabit and the promise of a love to last eternally.

She arched as she felt the warmth of his breath over her face, lifting it to the touch she knew was there. The sound of his laughter rushed over her as she felt his fingers on her face running into her hair, the other hand keeping her eyes closed as his mouth touched hers. Her mouth opening on a moan taking his tongue into her, sucking on it, feeling his fingers tighten in her hair, lifting her own into his to pull him down to her.

"Shhhh! Patience, little one"

The sound of his voice, lowered in the darkness of her room made her shiver, her legs restless on the sheets, even as she felt the weight of him on the bed beside her; knowing he was already naked; that he already had spent awhile, watching her, teasing her with light touches so that she gained consciousness already at the edge of arousal.


Her whisper was dry, barely discernible but he heard it and made his hands just a little rough as he pushed up the edge of her nightdress over skin, warm and smooth as silk and his voice a little harsh as he replied;

"I will please both you and myself. I will"

And he did. His mouth nipping over hers, moving over her jaw, and the arch of her throat, wrapping her legs around his hips, the nightdress crushed up around her waist, as he pulled back her head to allow his lips to roam over the expanse of skin above her breasts. She couldn't help the whimpers that escaped her as he wrenched the thin straps hindering his way to scrape his teeth over the curve of her breast, laving the slight abrasion with his tongue before taking her nipple into his mouth and suckling hard. She could hear his breathing, harsh and fast just as she knew he could smell and feel her arousal against his engorged staff.

"Damn it, please! I can't take this!"

She knew she was begging. She always did. There was something about the way he touched her that made her breath catch and her body steep with arousal, making her wet and ache for the feel of him; his mouth, his fingers, his cock thrusting into her, filling her; filling all the empty places inside her.

Her hands ran restlessly over the smooth expanse of his chest, making his breath hiss out as her nails raked over his nipples and then moved lower over his stomach. She rocked against him, trying to nudge the hot, broad tip of him inside, gasping as she felt his hands manacle her wrists drawing her back and felt him lean over her, menacing, hot and hard against her.

"Look at me!"

And as she responded to the harsh whisper, all she could see were the eyes; gleaming crystal eyes the color of silver.

"Look at me as I take you Sarah and know that you belong to the Prince of the Fae!"

And he thrust his length into her, slamming into her!


And her eyes opened wide even as the echo of her own shout resounded in her room.

"Goddamn it!"

Sarah pushed her hair away from her forehead with a trembling hand as she sat up, noting the sweat and the heat despite the autumn that had come to the city. Her sheets were damp, her nightdress twisted somewhere around her waist and she could still feel the very real ache of unfulfilled desire rack her body. She pushed away from the bed, still trembling, going to the window to look up at the sky running her hands over her face.

The dreams had returned after a hiatus of nearly 10 years but they had never been this intense, this frightfully real. She had never been able to remember them as a child and whenever relating them to her mother, could only recall the intense silver gaze that belonged to a bunny or a fairy or a cat before progressing to the knights and prince charmings of any teenager. That hadn't stopped her mother from going pale though and she always tried to instill some practical streak in her, advice on controlling her imagination, sleeping light enough not to dream which of course she laughed away.

But the dreams had stopped. Finally! 10 years ago! The death of her mother giving her the cold resolute strength to block her thoughts but recently she had found herself thinking more and more, back to that day when her mother had and...

"No! No! No! I will not go back to it!"

The sound of her own voice startled her as did the panic she could feel creeping into it. It's just that moron who I caught trailing me the other day. I'm just spooked. Spooked or not, she knew she wasn't getting any sleep that night and settled on the recliner by the window to spend another night staring at the sky.

There it was again! She wasn't a person who relied on the tingling of senses to guide her but the feeling of being watched was too consistent and too strong to ignore. And she felt that tingle flash annoyance through her as she turned to look at him; there as he had been for the past few days, far enough to seem unrelated but close enough to let her know she was the object of his interest. It wasn't that his presence was threatening exactly but something just got to her. Even now, he was across the road, a book in hand, sunglasses concealing his eyes, watching her unabashedly since she had caught her first glimpse of him. Maybe it was the fact that he kept his eyes covered that seemed to hypnotize her, called out to her even from that distance and she shook her head, turning to walk away as she always did and missed the way the man's lips curved into a smile as he continued on his way as well, shadowing the figure, and allowed his thoughts to continue with their meanderings.

Ada'an, the Prince of the Fae was surprised that he was starting to enjoy his task. Shadowing possibly the lost daughter of Mo'ho'gra, one of the elders of the Council of the Fae had been his punishment for his latest indiscretion. He felt a scowl darken his very fine features just at the reminder of how the council had read him the riot act about his irresponsibility and misuse of power. Hell, when was a fairy prince allowed to exercise his powers when not to save the innocent childlings playing in the shadow of that cliff from those tumbling rocks? Okay, so not tempering the flash of his power and blowing up the overhang that basically preserved that land from the vicious blast of the sea was a little careless but there had to be priorities and so he had stood in as close to open mouthed shock as he was told that he was now responsible for tracing the possible daughter of the elder from a forbidden marriage to a mortal woman, and to do so without the use of most of his very impressive powers.

At least he had been allowed a glamour that was not unpleasant to look at. He hoped it would make approaching the mortal a little easier but from what he had seen of her; it seemed that any man approaching her would be shot down. She looked unassuming enough, just a couple of inches over 5 feet, with brown hair of indeterminate length always pulled away from an oval face lit by light brown eyes that so far had gleamed in glorious amber temper at him but it was her mouth that had caught him unawares. Full, luscious and gleaming a soft pink, he had been plagued by thoughts of how soft it would be, or what it would feel like on his body since he had seen it curve slowly into a full, blooming smile that had made her eyes spark and her face glow. He wondered what he would have done if the object of that smile had been a man rather than the antics of a pup jumping into a puddle.

But he shook himself out of his musings as he watched her enter the apartment building that housed her. It was time to face her about who she was or at least half of her was. The other half he had made sure he knew before he had directed his efforts to letting her notice he was there. Sarah Elizabeth Gallagher, 29 years of age; a head hunter in one of the city's premier recruitment firms by profession and single by choice since a messy and painful divorce some years ago, preferring to leave her head in the multitude of books that crowded her space. In control, confident and seriously sharp was her attitude in life and work except when her temper erupted and struck. People had been reputed to be drawn to tears or worse because they caught an edge of the whiplash. Thankfully, those flares were few and far between but Ada'an had a feeling he could just about manage to trigger her to go off.

"You really need to get out more!"

Sarah grinned as she heard the familiar sentence echo in her ear. She had been hearing that same sentence instead of a hello for 12 years now, since the first day she had met Diane in the library at university. And she gave the same answer, she had given then;

"Hello Diane! Good to hear from you! How are you doing?" And burst into fits of laughter as she heard her friend sputter out her routine of curses that this response always got.

"Hell Sarah! I'm serious! It's been ages!"

"You saw me last weekend hon! Remember the barbecue?"

"One weekend in 4 months is not damn enough!"

"Di! I don't like people that much and you know it! When you come back, we'll go out every night of the week. For the moment, I'm enjoying this solitude"


"And it's not like I'm not going out at all. Even now I'm sitting under an old tree, with a picnic basket and a book. It is a heavenly morning!"

Her face softened with a smile as she heard Di sigh and say goodbye with entreaties to take care. All those miles away, surrounded by beautiful men and women and Di couldn't stop worrying about her. She's the one who needs to get out more.

"Somehow, I don't think a solitary picnic in the park was what your friend meant when she wanted you to get out more!"

The warm, slightly amused tone had Sarah's back stiffening with shock even as she jerked her head in the direction of the voice that she knew belonged to him and found her eyes moving from Nike clad feet up long, thickly muscled legs lovingly clad in worn out jeans, over the a firm waist and stomach to corded arms crossed lightly over a broad chest; taking in the breadth of the shoulders and the strength of the neck even as she noted the blonde locks brushing his shoulders, and the sensual curve to a mouth that should look hard to match the angular jaw and cheek bones to be captured by eyes that gleamed like...

"Silver! Molten, smoldering mercury! They can't be so clear!"

She could hear all these thoughts clamoring in her head as she felt the pull of those eyes and even as she noted the amusement in his expression unable to look away. Something was churning within her as she looked into those eyes; heat coiling in the pit of her stomach and smoking up into her throat so that her breathing grew shallow and her lips parted on a breath... And she watched those eyes drop to her lips and if possible flare brighter but at least it gave her room to shake her head and focus.

"Who are you and what do you want with me?"

Ada'an almost grinned at the whisper that emerged, noticing a tremble, mistaking it for her infamous temper, but knew that if he gave vent to it, she would be harder to talk to.

"I'm Ada'an, Sarah. I need to speak with you."

Sarah knew she gaped and knew her mouth fell open as she jumped to her feet even as the man came closer.

"I am..."

..."the Prince of the Fae!..."

It was hard to imagine who looked more shocked now as Ada'an stared at the woman who had gone pale and was moving away from him, her eyes flashing with panic, her pulse beating visibly in her throat. How had she known who he was before he told her and what was it about his name that had wiped all color from her face and elicited such horror that she ran from him?

"No! It cannot be! It cannot be true!"

Sarah could hear his name echoing in her head like a death knell. She had to get away from here from him. Escape was her only thought as she ran into her apartment, away from that, that thing that was there in the park.

Ada'an, the Prince of Fae! Here! And he knew her. How was that possible? And she remembered the last time she had heard the name, from her mother as she lay on her death bed.

"Listen to me Sarah!"

"Mama please! The doctor has asked you to rest. Whatever you need to say can wait till you're better!"


And it was the vehemence of that answer and the fire in her mother's eyes that had Sarah reaching for the hand that was held out to her and sitting on the chair next to the bed.

"I have already left it too late and now even what I do tell you may not be enough to protect you!"

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