New Age Crazed
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2007 by Maxicue

Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Waikiki PI Story #3. Joe Solomon, private dick, gets mixed up with a crazy cult, finding love amidst the insanity. Read the previous stories in the Waikiki Universe first. Edited and improved.

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Hypnosis   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism  

The Universe seems to align in most peculiar ways.

I had just returned from my mother's in San Francisco, Sandy having dropped me off at my cheap, cement slab apartment in Waikiki, and naked I readied for a relaxing shower when the phone rang.

"Hi," said a familiar voice. I became instantly hard. Kitty Kitano, the hairdresser who had tossed me to the wolves a few months before apparently still had that effect on me. The one word she said quietly, unusual for her on the phone. It sounded unusually unsteady as well.


"Uh-huh. Surprised to hear from me?"

"You okay?"

I heard a sniffle. "Can we meet?"

"I thought..."

"It's business Joe. I need to hire you."


"Are you working on something else?" she asked, sounding like her old sure self. Only one answer would be acceptable.

"No. I mean, do you want to meet now?"

"As soon as possible. How soon could you meet me at the Underwater Bar?"

"An hour?"

"Perfect," she said and hung up.

My cock remained rigid. What with Sandy teasing me all the way home from the airport, telling me she wanted to jump my bones but having a date with Nakamoto that evening preventing her, stroking my cock through my slacks and letting me stroke her clit through her shorts, and the aforementioned reaction to Kitty's voice, I edged towards blue balls. I closed my eyes upon entering the shower and thought of Kitty's talented mouth on my cock as I sixty-nined her, enjoying her sweet pussy. My tongue reached out into the stream of hot water mimicking my memory. I remembered holding her thick, firm ass, opening her up for my attack. I remembered flicking her clit to hardness, her sighs humming vibrations on my cock. My hand became her lips stroking the crown. I even tickled my balls like she used to. As I felt the impending explosion, I opened my legs enough to prevent any possible neck breaking fall from the recoil of my gun soon empting its load of sticky liquid bullets mixing with the flow of hot water.

Once dressed, I called Sandy.

"Kitty, huh?" she said. "She distracted you a lot when you went out with her. Won't I get in the way?"

"I want this to be all business. I don't want that bitch in my life except as a possible client. I mean, as soon as I heard her voice, I was fucking hard. I need to be professional, especially with her."

"That would be a first."

"Yeah," I said. Although we had several little infidelity and insurance fraud cases and skip traces, the big ones always seemed to involve me and my Johnson getting way too involved. "Yeah," I repeated.

"I think it's the size of your penis. All the blood needed to get it hard takes away any for the brain."

"Fuck you."

"Soon, I promise. You better get your cute ass going, Joe. You don't want to encourage her bitchy nature."


"I'll be there."

"Thanks," I said in relief to a broken connection. What was with these women and their hang-ups?

The Underwater Bar at one of the big hotels on Waikiki Beach had a nice quiet aquatic atmosphere having the depth of the hotel's pool visible through a large window behind the bar. I sat in a booth at the furthermost spot from the rest of the customers in the relatively empty place. The attractive petite brunette haoli waitress stood at my table when Kitty sat across from me. Kitty's makeup, well done as usual if a tad too much, didn't cover the puffiness under her eyes. We ordered drinks. When the waitress walked away I couldn't avoid watching her little ass tightly swaying.

"Good to see you, Joe," said Kitty. She had a half smile on her pretty round Japanese face.

I didn't know how to respond. Seeing her again felt complicated. We had a lot of fun during our two months affair, but I felt everything had been put into a negative light at the end, so I didn't say anything.

She looked through her large purse for something. It turned out to be a couple newspaper articles.

Mysterious Drowning at Makapu'u

Sunrise snorkelers at the popular coral waters of Makapu'u were shocked to find the body of a naked female at the edge of the beach on Saturday morning. The police were soon dispatched to investigate. Lieutenant Sam Kamalua of the Honolulu Police Department is heading the investigation. In a brief press conference Sunday morning, he told the assembled that the deceased woman was killed some time around 1 am on Saturday and dumped on the beach after death. The conclusion was murder by drowning but the water filling the woman's lungs was not ocean water. He regretted that he had little else to report, claiming it was early in the investigation, and because it was ongoing, he had to serve the interest of the case. The identity of the victim was withheld pending notification of her kin. Lieutenant Kamalua did want the press to spread the word in case anyone had seen any suspicious activity at Makapu'u. "We are hoping to notify you of the victim's identity as soon as possible to further assist our investigation of this most heinous crime," said the Lieutenant. When asked by this reporter whether sexual assault was involved, Kamalua had no comment. He simply reiterated the need for the public to contact the HPD with any knowledge of the event.

Mysterious Makapu'u Drowning Victim Identified

The woman murdered and dumped naked on Makapu'u beach has been identified as Rhonda Coleman of Hawaii Kai. She was a 23 year old waitress at the Cork and Fork restaurant in Waikiki and part time art student at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Both fellow workers at the restaurant and schoolmates were shocked by the news of her death. "She was smart, pretty and talented," said a young man from the art school who described himself as "a good friend." A fellow waitress described her as "witty and charming. We will miss both her wit and charm." These were the sentiments echoed by most other colleagues and friends we interviewed. An attempt to locate and interview a boyfriend for further insights into Ms Coleman's character proved fruitless. Her parents and older brother have asked to be left alone to grieve. Her parents, Joyce and Dr. John Coleman, have set up a substantial reward, $50,000, for information leading to the capture and prosecution of her murderer or murderers. Dr. Coleman is a successful surgeon at Honolulu General Hospital. Lieutenant Sam Kamalua, the lead investigator into the homicide encouraged the public to call the Honolulu Police Department at (808) 555-6284 with any information on Ms Coleman's whereabouts on Friday. Anyone noticing suspicious activities around Makapu'u Saturday morning should call as well. Aside from the victim's identityLieutenant Kamalua withheld further information about the murder, reiterating his earlier statement that the case remained ongoing. "But," he made clear, "we are working day and night on the case with all the resources available to us and with the greatest of focus."

I looked at the photograph of the pretty blonde victim accompanying the second article. She had a very open face, and her smile appeared genuine. I had a feeling naiveté may have been a cause of death.

The blonde with the opposite of naiveté arrived and sat beside me. Sandy leaned against me and read. Before I could gauge the reaction of Kitty to Sandy's presence, the cute waitress placed our drinks. Sandy ordered herself a libation, asking the waitress to keep a tab.

I glanced over at Kitty and witnessed her reaction. Her normally soft brown eyes hardened. I quickly attempted to diffuse the situation. "Sandy, this is Kitty," I said. "Kitty, Sandy is my partner in the investigation business."

"At last we meet," said Sandy. Kitty's eyes had not relaxed.

"Yes," said Kitty, biting her words. "I have heard about you as well. Joe has spoken most fondly of you. You're more than partners, aren't you?"

Her reaction surprised me. I never considered Kitty the jealous type. I figured her to be too much of a fun girl for that.

"Not that it matters to you anymore, but yes, I am Joe's mentor. I've taught him everything he knows," said Sandy. I could feel her tighten up, ready for a catfight. But the smile on her face clearly showed who she thought the victor would be.

"Everything?" asked Kitty. I noticed a loosening of the eyes and the beginning of a sexy twinkle. I used to love that lascivious glint.

"Well, maybe the student improved on the teacher," said Sandy. "He's a talented investigator. He's got quite a head for it."

"I'd say both heads are talented," said Kitty. The two women laughed.

"Yes dear, Joe is quite a remarkable young man," said Sandy within her laugh.

Once the laughter subsided, Kitty's eyes glanced down at the photo, and her eyes pooled.

"So Kitty," said Sandy, "you want us to look into this murder. A friend of yours?"

"Yes and no," said Kitty. "We only met a couple months ago. But we had gotten close. You see, we had a man in common. I'm sorry to say, the guy I left Joe for. His name is Jackie Khan, a hot mix of black and Korean. But his name is too appropriate. He really is a con man."

"So you think this Jackie is responsible... ?" I asked.

"No. I don't think so. In fact I'm a little worried about him. I haven't seen him since a couple days before Rhonda died. Not that we were together anymore. But I had been hanging with the crowd of windsurfers that he hung with. Oh Joe, I'm sorry. I guess I wanted adventure. Jackie was a flashy, sexy kind of guy. He was kind of hard in bed."

"I would hope so," said Sandy.

"No. I mean, he acted kind of aggressive. I guess I wanted that after Joe's gentleness. But he was a selfish lover. And didn't expect it to last: a serial lover. I found that out with Rhonda. I discovered them together. They were going at it when I happened by. But weirdly enough I didn't care. First I felt distant, evaluating his performance, comparing him to you Joe and finding him wanting. I don't know why. Maybe I sensed him fucking and not making love. And then Rhonda and I made eye contact. After her glazed, not orgasmic, but stimulated look, her eyes cleared. They went through a series of reactions: surprise, suspicion. Then we connected. It's like we shared a joke. Her mouth formed the words 'join us.' So I did."

"I'd love to hear more about that, dear," said Sandy. "Maybe later. Maybe we could get more private."

"I thought you planned on meeting Nakamoto tonight," I said.

"He's busy. I bet it's this case," said Sandy.

The brunette waitress came by, and we ordered another round. She glanced down at the photo and did a double take. I noticed Kitty doing a double take at the waitress simultaneously.

"Oh my God," said the waitress. "That's Rhonda!" She nearly dropped the glasses she carried on the small round cork tray.

"Is that a pyramid around your neck?" Kitty asked the waitress.

"Hunh? Yeah. Why?"

"Rhonda had the same thing," said Kitty.

"We bought them the last time I saw her. We went to school together. I knew her since we were five!"

I know what you're thinking, dear readers: pretty fucking unlikely. But like I said at the beginning of this case story, the universe aligns in strange ways. We call them coincidences. This case was full of them.

"Sit down, dear," said Sandy. Kitty scooted her big lovely ass over and the waitress sat.

"I'm not supposed to, but..." said the waitress, and then she began to cry. Big heaving sobs shook her petite body.

"Excuse me," said Sandy. I watched her go up to the bar where the bartender pointed out the manager. Sandy may be the toughest chick I ever met, but her heart is golden. She got the waitress the rest of the evening off.

"So Kitty," I asked, "I don't mean to be cold, but have you talked to the police? I mean, this is a police matter. The lead on the case is an old friend, so..."

"You know who killed her?" asked the waitress.

"No. I don't know. Maybe. I'm Kitty, by the way, and this is Joe."

"Maggie," replied the pretty brunette, slowly recovering from her cry. "Margarita Chavez."

"Lovely," I said. Our eyes met, and my heart stirred.

"I'm Sandy," said Sandy as she placed four drinks from the waitress tray on the table and sat down beside me. "The bartender mixed you a tequila sunrise. You are officially relieved for the night."

After a long pause contemplating the situation and her new acquaintances and the photo still looking up from the table, Maggie nodded, said, "Thanks," and drank down half of her sunrise.

"So, what did I miss?" asked Sandy.

"Kitty doesn't want to talk to the police," I explained.

"You told her about Sam and Nakamoto?" asked Sandy.

"Nakamoto is Sandy's ... uh..."

"He's my lover. And he's a good cop. I can say that without bias."

I nodded.

Kitty shook her head. "There's..." she paused to be sure of privacy; " ... there's drugs involved, and possibly stolen goods. I'm not sure, but the little group of windsurfers including Jackie are definitely into some unsavory business. They seem a pretty tight crew living well in a beach house in Kailua with no visible means of support except for mysterious exchanges with strangers. And they always have some primo flake, along with the best Big Island pot I have ever had."

"I see. Makes sense," I said.

"You know we are investigators, Kitty," said Sandy. "Our biggest income comes from property recovery for insurance companies. We could be a bit too interested in what we might find in this beach house. I just want you to know up front."

After a pause, Kitty said, "I appreciate your candor, Sandy."

"If these fuckers killed Rhonda..." said Maggie.

"No," Kitty interrupted. "They're not killers. They may be thieves and drug dealers, but they are not violent."

"They sound like angels," I said in a quiet, sarcastic voice, "especially Jackie."

With a quick sad laugh, Kitty agreed. "He would be the most likely of the group, but like I said, he's been gone since before the murder. It's some recent visitors, actually friends of Jackie's who I worry about. They sort of moved in, merged with us in so many ways. They give me the creeps. It's like a cult. There are two guys and a half dozen girls. Both guys are very attractive. One is a really good looking blond man. The other, the leader, is a dark little man. He's barely taller than I am with a scruffy beard and a lion's mane of long tangled brown hair. I mean the guy glows with charisma. But it's a dark aura. The women are all beautiful haoli wahinis who seem to worship the little man."

Another mysterious alignment of the universe shimmered in my head. "When did you last see this group?" I asked Kitty.

"Not since a week before the murder. Except for Neal, the blond Adonis, they've been gone."

"Did Rhonda get involved with Neal?"

"Possibly. Probably. I saw them ... the last time I saw her alive, they got pretty intimate, sitting side by side and talking and touching. It actually pissed me off. Rhonda and I, we had made plans for the evening."

"Romantic plans?" I asked.

"Yeah. I guess I was falling in love," said Kitty, and the tears came streaming out. "I wish I had grabbed her, taken her away from the motherfucker. But he is a gorgeous hunk, and what am I? Some chubby little Japanese hair cutter."

"Oh Kitty," I said, "You are a beauty and a total fox. And how do I put this without getting too crude, the best lover I've ever had."

"A good lay, huh?"

"The best."

"You too Joe. I'm sorry."

"So what did these girls look like?" asked Sandy.

"Very pretty and unique. Kind of hippyish. Two blondes, a couple of brunettes, a redhead and an especially beautiful black haired woman. Mostly young: late teens to early twenties."

"And the leader, what's his name?"


"As in Manson?"

"Yeah, Charlie Manson Junior. No I never caught his last name."

"I think I've met these characters," I said, revealing the odd coincidence.

"I don't think they're from Hawaii, Joe. I think they've got some kind of commune in Northern California."

"It was at my Mom's new age shop in San Francisco. The morning before I left the mainland to come home they stopped in."

"That's not surprising. They're definitely into new age stuff. Not just into it, obsessed. You've heard about sensory deprivation tanks, haven't you?"


"They design and build them. Jackie got us one for the beach house."

"As a matter of fact, I think that's why they came to my mom's shop. They placed ads and schmoozed Mom. Have you tried it?"

"I don't think I want to."

We finished our third drink, Maggie doubling up on the last round. I felt much more relaxed, and I noticed everyone else seemed looser, the emotional edge dulled and clouded like our eyes. We decided to reach for inebriation with one final round.

"I wonder if Nakamoto would like a loving lunch tonight," said Sandy, echoing the horny atmosphere. "Maybe I could probe him on the case while he's probing me."

"My Mata Hari," I said, with a laugh.

Shared glances replaced her probable retort of "It takes one to know one."

"My ... uh ... brother's apartment's only a couple blocks away," said Maggie, speaking to me directly. We had been enjoying staring matches since she sat with us, and I sensed her interest equaling mine. "He's away at school on the mainland, and I've been keeping it up. Would you like to come over? You could use the phone, Sandy."

"Sure," said Kitty. I glanced at her. She looked at me, her eyes and nostrils dilated, her cheeks flushed. Her tongue dampened her lips. Before the tongue disappeared she let Maggie in on the sexy moment.

"Sounds like a plan," said Sandy rising from the table.

Kitty handed Maggie the money to settle the bill. I left a generous tip for Maggie's replacement, a funny, voluptuous veteran blonde. I sported quite the bulge when I got up from the table. Kitty gave it a sly tap and me a cute, sexy wink. When Maggie returned to us, Kitty took her hand as we walked a little unsteadily out of the bar. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Maggie's perfect ass all the way to her "brother's."

One minute in the apartment and I knew the owner and Maggie were not related, at least not a blood relations. A beautifully appointed two bedroom apartment featured dark wood trimming and new plush furniture and the latest in electronic entertainment. The richness didn't clue me in on Maggie's deception. It was the family photos between the chic modern art. Family members featured blonde hair and blue eyes exclusively, not a dark haired person among them.

"Boyfriend?" I asked Maggie as she placed a record on the turntable.

"Ex," explained Maggie. She chose lush synthesizer and choral chanting music. "But I am looking after his place while he's on the mainland. We were friends before and decided to remain friends. Rhonda and I and Cliff all went to school together."

"What is this?" asked Kitty.

"Eno. Ambient Music," said Maggie, showing Kitty the cover.

"So, why the deception?" I asked.

"I, uh..." Maggie stuttered. She glanced hopefully into my eyes and then looked shyly down. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Kitty took her hand and mine and guided us to the large overstuffed couch. "Are you really that dense?" she asked me.

"No, I just hoped," I said. I sandwiched between the two sexy dark haired women. Kitty leaned over me and kissed Maggie, her hand resting in my crotch, pressing on the burgeoning presence. When the kiss ended I studied Maggie. Her facial expression remained neutral. Maybe the opposing forces of excitement and apprehension cancelled each other out. "You okay?" I asked her.

A half smile appeared. "I'm glad you're here," she said. Then, rising from the sofa, she said, "Let me get us some champagne and some herb."

"Sounds good," I said.

"Can I use your phone?" Sandy asked Maggie.

"Of course," said Maggie.

"This music is really erotic. It fills the room with a sensuous atmosphere," said Sandy.

"Isn't it?" replied Maggie with a girlish smile.

"I like the way you think, girl."

Kitty nestled up to me. Her thick, soft lips and the warm breath they exuded touched my ear, making me tingle. "I'm glad we're here too," she began whispering in my ear. "I hate that we broke up, and I know it can't be fixed. But I want to be with you, at least tonight. And I like your new conquest. You don't mind sharing?" She licked my ear and gently bit it. The thrill of her working of that erogenous zone had my crotch thrusting forward."

"We just met. How do you know she wants me? And how do you know she wants you?"

Our lips met in a soft kiss. "I saw how you two looked at each other. And dear Maggie and I played under the table. When I started playing with her pussy, she returned the favor."

"I never knew you swung that way."

"I had in the past. It was okay. I got off. But with poor Rhonda, we felt so much passion and love; I never needed a cock to finish it off." She said the last while squeezing and stroking my cock through my pants. "Though if you'd have been there..." We kissed.

Three trips accomplished Maggie's tasks. She set four fluted glasses on the coffee table, handed me a bottle of Mums to open, and a few minutes later brought the baggie and papers and sat in the matching armchair. She had changed into an oversized t-shirt sans bra. The cloth hinted the fact when she moved and I could see it flow over her firm, perfectly proportioned little breasts and taut little nipples. My tongue licked my lips in anticipation of discovering the texture of those lovely tits.

I popped the cork and poured out the golden bubbly into the glasses. I brought the glasses to each lovely lady. Sandy finished up her call when she received her glass. She smiled lustfully. The rendezvous had obviously been set up.

Maggie looked adorable cross legged in the armchair, her panties visible stretching against her dark pubis when I handed her her glass. She set down the gatefold album cover in her lap with the pot she broke up to roll.

"To our lovely and gracious hostess," I said as a toast. We clinked glasses and sipped. The champagne tasted perfect, dry and grapy. Maggie returned to the task of rolling a joint.

"I'm meeting Nakamoto in about an hour," said Sandy. "So Kitty, I want to hear all about your first time with Rhonda."

"Is that okay, Maggie?" asked Kitty. Maggie nodded. "Okay, but you have to promise to join Joe and me on the couch when you're done fixing up the joint." Again Maggie nodded. Her sad smile matched Kitty's.

"Like I said I went to the beach house to surprise Jackie. I had been horny all day at the salon, dreaming about his hard dark body and his fat cock. I could barely concentrate. On the way to Kailua, I speeded and squirmed." She took my hand and guided it to the space between her thighs. I could feel the heat through her pants. I pressed and stroked at the top of her pussy lips. "I jumped out of the car, ran into the house, and discovered my lover fucking Rhonda in his bed. He entered her slowly. His ass muscles rippled with the effort. It must have been early in the fuck because at least with me he would be pumping hard and fast within a minute or two.

"The look on Rhonda made it clear he had prepped his way inside her. He was pretty good at foreplay, not as good as you Joe, but good enough. When her glazed eyes caught mine, she went through stages like I explained before, beckoning me to join them. I stripped naked, which Rhonda seemed to enjoy. This surprised me, but I went with it. I stroked my breasts, squeezing my nipples. I slid a couple fingers into my pussy."

Maggie lit up the joint, took her toke and handed the joint to me, joining us on the couch. Her hand landed in my lap once free. As I toked, I glanced at Sandy, watching her remove her jeans and stroke her pussy and her breasts. My cock demanded freedom. "Do you mind?" I asked Maggie as I gestured to my belt buckle, then handed the joint to Kitty.

"Let me," said Maggie. She crawled between my legs and opened my pants. "I hope you don't think I'm usually so easy, Joe." I raised my ass so she could slide my pants down my legs. She surprised me by pulling my Jockeys down with the pants. My cock bounced free. "Both you and Kitty ... I've never been so horny. God, it's beautiful." Her fingers barely circled my pole. She kissed the helmet and licked.

When Kitty began to rise to hand the joint to the masturbating Sandy, Sandy waved it away, quickly returning her hand to her bare breasts. Kitty handed the joint to Maggie, then quickly stripped naked. My hand now had access to her naked pussy. The air turned sweet and pungent with the combined fragrant nectar of three hot women. As Maggie toked, I leaned over to Kitty and kissed her, my tongue tangling with hers.

"Go on, darling," said Sandy. When Kitty continued her story, I leaned over enough to begin to tease her brown nipples and her resilient breasts with my lips and tongue. Except for the gentlest of sags, her tits resembled the dome of a mosque. I loved the look and feel of those two beauties.

Kitty's narration became more halting and breathy. "You should have seen the shock on Jackie's face when my hand snuck between his thighs and tickled his balls. The surprise turned to a big lecherous grin. His pounding into Rhonda quickened, opening his legs to let my hand explore further. One hand moved down to feel the juncture of the lovers, feeling their wet and violent merging."

Having handed the joint to me, Maggie tossed aside her t-shirt. Her breasts took my breath away. A lighter caramel then the rest of her skin, they perfectly modeled a pear in size and shape. As soon as I had handed the joint to Kitty, I gently massaged them, moving slowly towards the taut petite nipples.

When I gently twisted them, Maggie whispered, "Harder." I obliged. Maggie moaned, her vocalizing vibrating around my glans she suckled. Despite her hands and mouth giving very little pressure on my hard-on which would usually make me ask for more friction, I loved what she did.

"My hand," Kitty continued, "stroked that perfect ass. I sucked my middle finger and slid it into his rectum. The other moistened by Rhonda's wetness slipped into her rectum. After a few strokes, Jackie suddenly stopped. 'I'm going to cum too soon. Get on top, Rhonda.' We did as commanded. I straddled his face, pushing my dripping pussy down to his lips and tongue. Rhonda leaned forward while humping Jackie's rod. She seemed to have found just the right position. She bounced fast and moaned loud."

"Describe her," demanded Sandy stroking herself to near orgasm. I knew she wanted to be in peak readiness for Nakamoto and the quickie they would be restricted to.

"Oh God, she was perfect," said Kitty, her eyes closed to get the clearest image. "Petite like Maggie, with a little softer features. Her face was so cute, so open, so honest, so sweet, round with high cheekbones. Bee stung lips. Cute as hell, and beautiful. Voluptuous, but not fat. She had a little belly to her, but it fit with those generous breasts and full hips. Those silver dollar sized areolas, pink and sensitive, amazed me.

"It was fantastic watching her breasts bounce when she rode Jackie. I took hold of one to feel its weight and texture. When I played with her nipple she shrieked. I grabbed the other and she was gone. Her mouth opened wide, her eyes too, her body shivered and her face and chest reddened as she squeaked out her orgasm. Those eyes, large and blue, swallowed me up. I fell in love with my rival. Jackie had taken over the fucking and soon finished, his hands on her hips pulling her down as he pumped out his cum. I wasn't there yet, though I didn't care. I felt as satisfied as I ever had.

"While Jackie continued pumping out his wad, Rhonda and I kissed. Her lips felt hot against mine. Her tongue danced in my mouth. It got me that much closer to orgasm, just that kiss. When Jackie moved out from beneath us, our kiss continued. Then she kissed her way down my body, stopping to play with my neck, my nipples, my belly button, and finally my pussy. She went to town there, her fingers and lips and tongue stroking me to oblivion. 'Wow, ' said Jackie, lying on his side and watching us, idly and unsuccessfully stroking his shrunken penis. I couldn't have agreed more."

Maggie stood up, stripped off her panties, revealing a perfect little pussy; her dark hair trimmed for bathing suits, and pushed Kitty down on the couch. They cried. They kissed. Their pussies pushed against each other as they humped. It might prove dangerous, but I had to taste them. I knew Kitty's but missed it. I hadn't tasted Maggie yet. She tasted fine, smelling even better, a heady, intoxicating fragrance. They both opened their legs wide for my mouth, Maggie's a little wider. With their pubic mounds pushed together, I moved from one to the other easily, trading mouth for fingers.

"Fuck her," ordered Kitty.


"Fuck me Joe. Fuck me hard," whispered Maggie.

I balanced on the pillows of the couch and guided myself doggy style into the narrow welcoming hole of my newest lover, smooth yet tight. The walls surrounding my cock pulsed and vibrated. It took a half dozen strokes to reach bottom. I had an inch left to my penis before I felt her cervix. Somehow in my lust fogged brain I measured her depth to keep from hurting her. I leaned my pelvis against her tight round ass to set my body position at her deepest, and began stroking full on.

Kit rearranged her position, her head now between Maggie's thighs. Her tongue must have been stroking Maggie's clit, because I felt its slippery friction at the bottom of my prick as it slid by. Maggie lapped at Kitty's pussy or sucked it or just breathed on it. The excitement got to her. Her moans amplified, mixing with grunts and whistles through her tubular lips. I felt my balls swell.

"Can I cum... ?" I moaned.

"Cum for me Joe. Cum inside me!" Maggie screamed.

"Oh God, Margarita," I wailed, holding her sweet ass as it shivered and quaked. I sent forth a mighty load. As my orgasmic pulses subsided, I felt hers vibrate around my cock.

A hand urged me back. Kitty caught my dwindling penis as it popped out and gently sucked the last of my cum. She went from my cock to lapping up my spend inside Maggie back to my cock then back to Maggie's cunny. I felt myself beginning to harden again!

Maggie got up from the couch, her lovely body standing naked in front of me. She swallowed the rest of her champagne and refilled our glasses and watched Kitty revive my penis.

"You called me Margarita," she said, near tears.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"I loved it, Joe. You can call me Margarita anytime."

"I'd love to. I'll call you Margarita as long as you'll let me."

"Rhonda called me that. I love that you do too. Let's go to bed. It's big and comfortable and I want as much room as possible to get to know you two."

When Kit and I stood, I noticed that Sandy had gone. I wondered how much of the sex show she had enjoyed. Margarita secured the front door and led us to the bedroom. Again her ass became my focus as I followed her.

I don't know how long we made love on her ex-boyfriend's king sized bed. Like the intimacies on the couch, it felt like heaven. After fucking Kitty as she ate out Margarita while I fondled and kissed her, we aped the Rhonda/Jackie/Kitty fuck with Margarita riding my cock while I ate out Kitty as the two ladies kissed and fondled each other.

Kitty drifted off to sleep. "Hungry, Joe?" asked Margarita.

"Starving, Margarita," I replied.

We carefully got out of bed and headed to the kitchen. There, feeding on leftover Singapore Chow Fon, we talked about our past. I told her about my relationship with Kitty. She talked about her life, her family and her relationship with Rhonda. Surprisingly she smiled remembering their good times. It seemed like a wake, celebrating instead of mourning.

"You were lovers?" I asked.

"We were best friends. But unlike most best friends, when we had sleepovers, we made love. One thing great about growing up and getting out of our parents' houses, I could let loose. We always had to be careful. As you can tell, I'm loud, so I had to bury my face in a pillow. I think I freaked her out the first time without a pillow. Gradually we saw less and less of each other. We had our separate lives, we had boyfriends, different groups of new friends, you know. But we'd get together at least a couple times a year. We never figured on being exclusive, just best friends."

I nodded my head. "Tell me about Sandy and your work," Margarita requested.

When I told her about my life as a PI, I guess I impressed her. "So you'll find the motherfuckers who killed Rhonda?"

"I don't know if I'll be the one, but the case will be solved. I promise if it's not the police, it will definitely be me or Sandy."

"You and Sandy are lovers?" she asked.

I nodded. "Does that bother you?"

"Why should it?"

"Margarita, I ... I can't say if I love you. Obviously we just met. But you stir something inside me. I really, really like you. I would love to spend time with you. But I guess I'm not the most faithful of lovers. Something about being exclusive or jealous just leaves me cold."



"It goes both ways though. If I want some crazy little fling or want to have a reunion fuck with my ex, it wouldn't bother you?"

"Are you saying you want to be my girlfriend?"

The longest pause had us staring into each other's eyes, and again I got lost in those big brown orbs. My overused penis began to resurrect. "Yes," she said.

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