Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Cheating, BDSM, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Food, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of an IT department and its employees and the trials and tribulations they go through. There are a lot of things in this story, including philosophy, sex, technology and unrealistic scenarios outside the world of fiction.

Luci is what you would call petite. Standing barely five feet four inches in her stocking feet; something she is in more than not, especially in the server room where her heels would keep catching on the uneven raised floor. She couldn't even reach the top server in the rack if it was not for the aid of a small ladder we went out and got for her. Management wasn't interested in the fact she could not reach that high. We were. Luci was one of the best administrators we had and we would do almost anything for her. The fact that she was what most would describe as highly attractive did not hurt her, but she actually had a brain under her brunette curls that could work through the thorniest problem the users or the software could throw at her. Some of us found that more attractive.

Luci and I ran in different circles, both at work and outside of it. She was on the support team that kept the systems going. I was, in some ways, her superior in the chain of command, even though she did not report to me. I was responsible for creating the systems that her team managed. I have always been a nerd and never would be considered beefy. For a man, I have long fingers, and a generally thin stature that no amount of weights and cardio would ever change. But, after years of swimming, walking and hefting servers and workstations around, I am no light weight. I just look more like a nerd than a jock. Of course, several years working in men's clothing before landing my first IT job didn't hurt my wardrobe any. I just do not choose to wear a suit very often; after all, no one trusts an engineer in a suit. And since I spent most of my day talking to Google and plowing through documentation rather than dealing with my coworkers or customers, I was less than worried about my general appearance. Khakis and golf shirt were dressy for me.

The company, however, wasn't so nice. Following the bust of the dot com bubble, more and more companies were dumping their casual attire policies for more formal dress, men and women included. It was almost a complete return to the suit and tie environment of the early 1990s. The argument that IT people spend most of their day crawling under desks and the scary things there, as well as lifting machines with sharp corners and fixing printers and copiers with loose toner, fell on deaf ears, so most of the support staff had to go and buy some good clothes. I was even asked to help them "dress" by providing some suggestions on what might actually stand the riggers of the job. I was a field engineer, among many other things, in the early '90s and had to wear a suit almost all the time. When I slipped on the ice in leather shoes with a $10,000 piece of equipment in my hands is when the company I was working for at the time decided that maybe it was not such a good idea to outlaw rubber soled shoes. That coupled with the lawsuit for the damage to my body trying to protect the gear seemed to convince them. My wife was not happy to have me spend six weeks sitting at home with a cast on my arm from shoulder to wrist either.

Luci was married and lived about 30 minutes away from work in the opposite direction to my 30 minute commute, so we really had little day-to-day interaction. We worked the occasional project together, usually as I was getting ready to turn one of my creations loose on the enterprise and the support staff had to learn how to keep it alive without me, but since I only tended to release new systems about once a quarter, we didn't interact that much. This year, I had been tasked with running a bunch of little things to ground. Technology is always exciting to the folks in the board room and it was my job to evaluate all the new toys the brass raved about for their ongoing value to the company in terms of investment of resources. The latest was some gizmo that received email wirelessly from our mail servers. These devices were not new, but they were new to us and so it fell to me to procure some of them and figure out how to interface them to our email systems. No big deal right? Wrong. Seems the CEO himself was pushing this little project and my normal six to eight week turn around was unacceptable. I had to have an evaluation on his desk in less than seven days. Based on what I had to work with, I estimated it would take me seven days just to figure out the interface between the mail servers and the software that forwarded the mail.

I had just started up my PC when she stuck her head in the door.

"Hi partner," she said with a gleam in her eye as crossed her arms under her breasts and leaned against the door jam to my rather crowded office. "I would come in and sit down, but I am not quite sure where it is safe to do so." This was the truth. Besides the spare parts and stacked hardware, I had piles of paper, software boxes, printers and cables everywhere. There was a path, but it was from my desk to the door and not to one of the two guest chairs in my office, which at the moment were occupied with a monitor and a pile of books on the mail system respectively.

"Partner?" I asked as I walked over to move the monitor. It was easier than moving the books, except I didn't have anywhere to move it to. I placed it gently on top of a printer, promising myself to move it later.

Luci sauntered over to the cleared chair, her heels clicking on the raised floor of my office. She was wearing a blue suit with a faint pinstripe in it, gold hoop earrings, and a simple gold necklace. I did not see a watch, but I knew she almost always wore one. The suit sounded expensive as she moved closer to me. The skirt was lined, you could hear it as she walked and it did not look like she was wearing a shell under her jacket. In fact, as I got out of her way, I know she was not wearing anything but a bra under her jacket, at least I think she was wearing a bra as the curve of her breasts seemed rather pronounced and leading the eye to the valley of her cleavage and the gentle "V" of her suit.

"Partner. Seems we get to solve this little blueberry issue in time for Friday night Happy Hour." OK, so the units were blue.

"And I haven't even had my Monday morning coffee and panic letter yet," I responded as I slipped behind my desk and scanned the morning headers. We all got a system status announcement, what we called the morning panic letter. Of late, there wasn't anything in it to panic about, but it gave me a minute to get my legs back under me. I do not do partners. Worse, Luci was good looking enough to be a distraction. I needed to get focused again.

"Nothing in the logs to panic over this morning. Everything is running like a Swiss watch," she said joyfully and with a smirk. The panic letters were my idea. I was tired of being sandbagged before I got my coat off in the morning with issues that should have been dealt with by the early team.

"Nothing around here runs like a Swiss watch," I responded, adjusting my own watch on my wrist I as I clicked the email from the CIO. "And here is the partner agreement. Doesn't say anything in here about you signing a non-disclosure and putting your first born up as collateral though," I said with a grin. Luci and several others often referred to my projects as skunk works. Probably because of the state of my office; new components smell. I had gotten used to it and tended to look at it from the military perspective; new technology that I would rather not talk about until it was ready.

"You can have Jim," her first born, "he was up half the night with a cough. Didn't get much sleep myself. In fact, I am ready for another cup of coffee," she said as she reached for my mug only to find it empty as well.

"Tell you what, why don't we walk over to the kitchen, fill our mugs and figure out how to attack this beast," I suggested, picking up my cup.

"Works. I will meet you there," she replied and headed out the door ahead of me, turning left to my right.

Ten minutes later and a cup of coffee beside me and a beautiful partner in front of me, I picked up our marching orders which I had sent to the printer.

"We are to evaluate and recommend whether or not we can implement these things for use among the 10,000 people in the company, starting with the IT staff, the CEO's staff and the COO's staff," I paraphrased as I read the email from our boss. Behind my desk was a box of handheld email machines, all needing to be powered, plugged and probed.

"So where do we start?" Luci asked with some desire to get started.

"Well, since we are in the first wave," I said as I reached behind me, "we might as well start at the top." I passed her a box of hardware and put one on my desk as well reaching for my knife to slit the cellophane wrapping it. Luci was watching me rather intently, kind of like a kid at Christmas if my daughter was a true representative of that group.

"Do you want to do the work or read the directions?" I asked as I dumped the contents of the package onto my desk.

"Well, since we all know you can't read," she said reaching for the Getting Started guide.

"I can read, I just can't write," I responded taking a quick inventory of the plastic on my desk. Fully one-third of my office was dedicated to a set of floor to ceiling bookshelves and those were loaded with a variety of manuals and such, collected over the years in the business. I was known for being more than lax in creating documentation.

"I don't know that I have ever seen you read," Luci responded flipping through the book, watching my reaction out of the corner of one eye, a coy smile on her pretty face.

"Funny lady," I responded picking up the docking station and walking across the office to my workbench, which was nothing more than a scrap desk with a bunch of systems on it.

"You're not putting it on your laptop?" Luci asked when I didn't immediately hook it up.

"Are you kidding? I just finished getting it rebuilt after that worm got loose in here," I responded. I lost the better part of a week rebuilding my production machine. I wasn't going to risk it to some pet project of the CEO.

"Besides, this way we have a complete system and don't have to worry about dumping the corporate email if these things do work as advertised," I continued tipping up a workstation to get to the ports in the back.

"OK. Makes sense I guess," Luci responded. "You need to load the software before hooking up the USB though," she went on.

"All right, then I guess I better pull the power up from the floor for the cradle first," I said kneeling down and sticking my head under the desk to plug the brick into the power strip. "If I pass the cord up behind the desk, can you pull it up?" I asked making room in the bundle that ran up behind the desk.

"Sure," she said and I could hear her move over to the desk, "move your legs so I can get in."

I moved to the left, right into her legs.

"Actually, leave them there; I can stand on your calves to reach the back."

I said she was petit. "You are kidding right?" I asked. My calves are strong, but I didn't think they would support the weight of a woman, no matter how small.

"Nope," and with that she stepped onto my calves, her shoes clattering on the floor, one hand on my belt to steady herself as she reached across for the cable I was sticking up. I will not tell you it was comfortable, but I cannot say I minded much.

She stepped back into her shoes and was standing holding the cable when I got back onto my feet. I tried not to stare as I stood back up, but it was not easy. She had a very nice body. Her calves were toned and it looked like her thighs were as well. Her jacket fell to her hip, but I got the sense that her waist was narrow in proportion to her hips, which were not larger than her chest and coming up from below and much closer than I have been to her, her chest looked larger than it had just that morning.

She was smirking as she handed me the power cord and I plugged it into the cradle. I popped the CD in the machine and logged in while it spun.

"Install the software from the CD by selecting setup.exe in the root of the CD, then reboot the machine. After it has restarted..."

"Connect the cradle, and put the unit in the cradle to charge," I continued. "Does it say how long to let them charge before using them?" I asked.

"Hmmm, nope... oh, here. Let the unit charge for 24 hours before initial use," she sing-songed from the instructions. "How did you know to connect the cradle?" she asked as I watched the software load.

"Pretty typical for these sorts of units," I responded while clicking the reboot button and ejecting the CD. "Want to connect yours while this reboots?" I asked.

"Sure... only, I can't connect to your mail system?" she half-asked, half-said as she walked over to pick up her unit.

"Normally, no, you couldn't. But since these things have to send the forwarded mail to the Internet to get it to their WAP site, I have to tinker with my router and open it up to the outside a little, so you will be able to have a mailbox on the system and reach it from your desk. Besides, I don't have a spare machine in here that is ready to go as a workstation."

"How would you know?" she teased, skipping out just ahead of my raised hand.

Luci shared space with another other tech who was out on the floor somewhere. Like most technicians offices, it was one level above a mess. Just clean enough not to attract the attention of the HR staff that insisted all offices had to be presentable and ready to receive visitors, but not somewhere that was welcoming, at least not to non-engineers. Luci's desk faced the back wall. She had been working at the plastic wrap on the short walk from my office and had the box open and spilling onto her desk as we got there. She deftly picked up the wall wart and crawled under her desk to plug it in.

"I don't know how you ladies manage crawling around under desks in skirts. How many pairs of pantyhose do you go through a month?" I asked as she started pushing the power cord up through the hole in the desk designed for it.

"I don't wear pantyhose. Got it?" Oh.

"Yup, got it," I responded, pulling the cable up far enough to plug in the cradle.

"Pass me the CD," she asked as she hit the eject button on her machine.

I passed her the CD and took a quick look at her legs. I was not loosing my mind, she was wearing nylons. Stockings I mentally corrected myself. She put out a hand and I helped her to her feet, gentleman that I was.

"Actually the skirts aren't too bad generally," she continued, "although I really would like to go back to wearing jeans. Or at least khakis like the guys can wear. Especially when I have to work upstairs."

I nodded at the inequity of it. The women in the company could wear pants, but not khakis, except on Fridays. The guys in IT could wear khakis, but the rest of the company couldn't. For some reason the policy that let the men in IT wear khakis had not been extended to the women. I would like to have said it had something to do with us not having any women when the policy shifted, but besides Luci, Nikki and Janice were part of the staff at the time. It was unfair, and she had my full sympathy. The fifteenth floor, what we called upstairs was the executive suite and some of the senior VPs were know to be lecherous. And that was being polite. When I first started, I did some of the task assignments and it took about a week before I stopped assigning the women to work issues there. If I had to send them, I sent another tech with them, ostensibly to learn from the experts. I know the ladies appreciated my forethought. I had several cards in my personal collection to prove it including one that went so far as to proposition me. It was unsigned.

"I wish I could bend the rules. Actually, I probably could, but someone would complain, even if you aren't on the floor this week," I was thinking out loud.

"It's OK, I appreciate the thought," Luci responded, ejecting the CD and rebooting her machine. "Shall we wait for the reboot?"

"Sure," I said, glancing around her desk. It was covered with the standard things you find in any office. A picture of her with her two sons and her husband, hardcopy of trouble tickets and what had been done, a manual for one of the applications that blew up the week before and some geek toys. I liked the fish tank with the artificial fish it.

"Have you got enough ports?" I asked, surveying the items on her desk.

"Good question." She ducked back under her desk and I had a moment to study the curve of her ass as the fabric on her skirt pulled tighter. Definitely lined, but no slip, or one so short that it did not show was what I was thinking when I was interrupted.

"Nope, I am out of ports. Any suggestions?"

"Let me check the black hole. Back in a second."

The black hole was a filing cabinet in the middle of our area where good parts went to await the next coming. It was filled with everything from mice to network cables and some things that only a handful of us have ever seen before, much less know what to do with them. I did not remember seeing any USB hubs, but it was worth the look. You never know what would show up. Two minutes and a couple of scratches later I was back in Luci's office.

"It would seem that we have not sucked a USB hub into our sphere yet. Road trip?" I asked.

"Let me get my coat."

Around the corner from the office was a computer store. "Do you walk or do you want to drive?" I asked. I normally walked. It was about a mile round trip but not a hard walk. However I was wearing sturdy shoes and Luci had on leather pumps.

"You're kidding right?" she responding, raising an eyebrow. It had been snowing for a couple of days and most of the horizontal surfaces were covered with snow and ice.

"Sort of," I responded as I steered her towards my car. "Don't mind the mess. Other than Ellen, I am the only passenger and I don't know who is messier." It wasn't far from the truth. I only kept two seats clear. The one I sat in and Ellen's in the back seat. The rest had things on them. Just clutter really - headphones, boxes of parts, spare batteries, radio parts etc.

"It cannot be any worse than the minivan," Luci said with a laugh. "You should have seen what we pulled out of it this weekend. I was afraid we would have to call in the hazmat team."

It was a beautiful day for a drive. Not warm, but sunny; and the first nice day in a week of constant snowstorms and ice covering the roads. Ice was melting back to water and there were puddles here and there as we made our way through the parking lot. In no time we were on our way.

"So how did you get tapped to work on this with me?" I asked as we pulled out of the parking lot.

"Probably because I know the mail system better than everyone else," she replied looking straight ahead.

"I guess that makes sense," I responded, pulling into traffic. I had designed the system that passed the spam around the company, but it had been almost a year since I was last inside of it. We had a full time postmaster who took care of keeping the mail moving and Luci fixed it when it broke. I was getting ready for a complete upgrade, something that would have to be done sooner if these devices panned out. I was planning a new OS and management software, along with the core software that moved the mail and checked for viruses and such. It would not be pretty, but the users would not notice anything, except maybe better response.

"At some point this week, you will have to run me through it again. If these things work, we have to do an upgrade," I said.

"I was thinking something similar. How far behind are we?"

"Two versions on the OS, which isn't a big deal, but the mail software is three revisions behind and there were major changes between version 9 and version 12. I am still trying to wrap my arms around them based on my notes from the last installation." I responded, thinking about the tasks at hand.

"Has it been up that long," Luci was looking at me with a bit of incredulity on her face.

"No, but we were on the end of the version when it finally went into production. It sat around the 'works for six months before Jerry could get it approved." Jerry was our CIO, but the company was very conservative. Some of my projects required more than his say so, especially when they relied on Open Source software instead of commercial stuff. We talked about inconsequential stuff until I pulled into the parking lot.

We spent the better part of an hour strolling through the store picking up components and other parts I needed from the to-do list that each of us carries in our head.

"The company is picking up the tab, right?" Luci asked as we headed for the check out.

"You bet, I have the account," I responded as we put our toys on the counter.

Twenty minutes later we were back in Luci's office unpacking a new hub and moving devices around so she could plug everything into it.

"So what's next?" she asked as we returned to my office.

"Look behind my desk and you should find a software box. Break it open and let's see what we need to do to get it up and running. That is really the heart of the system, these things are just end nodes," I responded as I plugged my own unit into my test work station and started waking up the rest of the monster that was my test and development environment. I had spent the better part of the year gathering hardware and installing software to resemble, if only loosely, the corporate network. I opened a session to the router as Luci walked over with the parts of a box in her hand.

"A couple of CDs, a manual and the license agreement," she remarked as she stood next to me. "Does that couch work?" she asked looking at the other piece of furniture in my office. Of course, it was home to its own piles.

"Depends on what you want it for. Makes a great table," I was focusing on the configuration and not thinking about the implications of a clean couch.

"Well, if I have to work in here, at least I am going to be comfortable," Luci replied putting the software on the workbench. "Where do you want all that stuff?"

"I don't know. Where you can find room I guess. The floor works. Just don't put it on the window sill," I replied. The windows had a tendency to sweat in the winter, with the water on the inside and it would collect in little pools. One of the reasons I had towels there now.

Luci started the process of moving the piles of book and papers and other debris of the couch while I picked up the manual.

"Gary, when was the last time you cleaned up in here?" Luci asked me as something hit the floor with a thump.

"Last week I think," I responded not really listening.

"You have instructions here with dates of sometime last year. Heck you have manuals here for software we don't even use." She sounded a little like my wife at that point.

"Actually, we have a field site that uses that stuff for remote access and their system died a month ago and I had to figure out how to get it back up and running because they are too cheap to by new gear." She was right, though, the place did need some organizing. Maybe I would start next month if I actually could find the time to get around to it.

With the couch now clear of papers and parts, Luci made a show of fluffing the pillow and plopped herself down, sitting against the arm, pillows behind her, stocking feet crossed at the ankles, skirt neatly resting at her knees. She had her hands behind her head with pulled her jacket up a little without really ruining the over all impression of a very lovely lady.

"Well, if that's all it would take to get you on my couch, we should have done this long ago," I joked passing her the manual and heading for my desk.

"If I had known you wanted me on your couch, I would have done it long ago," she responded with a grin as she took the book from me. "What's next?"

"The manual is just how to install the software. There is another manual or so on the document CD and it has all the good stuff. At least I hope it does, otherwise we are working in the dark."

Sitting the way she was she had her back to me as I put the CD in my laptop and started searching for the other documents.

"Do you have a sniffer and other monitoring tools on that beast over there," she asked, flipping through the pages."

"Yes. It runs on the box in the middle. Damn."

"What?" She half turned so that she was sitting on her hip, her elbows on the arm of the couch and her jacket flaring open to reveal the curve of her breast and edge of what looked like a white bra supporting its weight.

"This software requires a GUI interface," I responded, trying to look into her eyes rather than at the soft curve of skin.

"And that is bad," she shifted a little, and more light seemed to illuminate that gentle globe. It was definitely a lace bra.

"It may mean a separate gateway box rather than being able to run on the mail servers directly," I was trying to keep my mind on business rather than undressing her with my eyes and mind, which had already undone the buttons on her jacket.

"Oh. Well from a performance standpoint, that should be a good thing," she replied returning to her sitting position and continuing to peruse the manual.

"Maybe, maybe not," I responded, willing my hormones to return to normal, along with other parts of my body. I found the files I needed and sent them to print. My coffee was cold and I needed a stiff drink.

"It will take a couple of minutes for the stuff to print. I am going for water. Do you want anything?" I asked coming around my desk.

"Water would be good. Might as well check my email, too. What do I need to know to connect to this thing?" she asked waving her hand at the workbench.

I wrote the settings down and she preceded me out the door as we went in opposite directions again. I headed for the restroom first, running into one of our other techs along the way.

"Hey, someone hit the lottery!" It was an open secret that Eric had the hots for Luci. Eric was barely out of college and was a sharp technician. He had the ability to soak up new stuff, but did not have the experience to spit it all back yet or make the leaps of logic that the more senior folks could. But he was a crack programmer and that alone made him valuable.

"Morning Eric," I responded. "Who hit?" I continued walking towards him.

"I hear you and Luci are working a project together."


"And? You don't think she's the hottest babe in this place?"

I made it look like I was thinking. Eric was not one of my people, so while I could remind him to watch his mouth, it wasn't the same as his supervisor telling him. Unfortunately, his supervisor was Nikki and he didn't have any respect for her. Pity that.

"Personally, I think she is attractive, but that has nothing to do with the job at hand Eric," I responded, hoping he would take the clue.

"Man, you must be gay or something," Eric retorted.

I knew he didn't mean anything by it, but I could not let it slide. I had been in his position and nearly cited for sexual harassment. The fact the lady filing the complaint did not like me because I rebuffed her advances was the mitigating factor, but I did not stay with that company long after that and promised myself I would not get into that position again.

"Eric, as a friend, I am going to tell you that that sort of language is inappropriate in this company. You have been to the training, you know the rules." I used my manager voice.

I watched his face flinch a little. We were saved by the bell or in this case his pager.

"Looks like we are getting that new VP today. I have to head upstairs and finish that machine," he was all professional again as he holstered his pager.

"Get to it. You know Jerry hates to answer his phone," I replied as I continued on to the restrooms.

This was going to be a challenge I thought to myself as I entered the restroom. Eric was voicing what I suspected half the department felt and it would not be long before tongues were wagging in the rest of the building. The rumor mill had been quiet of late, so even something as innocent as this was fodder, especially since I did most of my projects solo.

I was washing my hands when Jerry walked it.

"How are things going this morning, Gary?"

"Not bad skipper. I have only spent $300 so far this week and nothing has blown up yet." It was not unusual for my projects to run in to big money. I had a budget for parts and such. Every year I spent through it, usually by returning the cash to the general pool for some last minute item that the company needed. I also had fried a couple of systems to the point that the fire alarms had triggered and the fire department had shown up. So I had a reputation.

"You and Luci getting along?"

"She started dusting the office about three minutes after she walked in and is picking out curtains at the moment, I think," I responded with a grin.

Jerry paused for a second then broke up laughing. Luci is stylish and beautiful, but we had all been to her house for a party a while back and we both knew she was not into home arts. That she left to her husband, Andrew, who was an artist. OK, technically he was an illustrator, but I had several of his original pencils. He had done them as a favor for me for a magazine I help put together as a volunteer and they were stunning. I had seen some of his oils and had an option on a couple of them. He could hang it up and be very rich. But he liked working for the ad agency he worked for and that was that. Luci had trouble drawing a straight line with a ruler.

"Just don't let her get too comfortable. I want her back when you are done with her."

"If she wants to return to the dark side, I will give her the flashlight."

"Funny, that's what we call your office."

"On a more serious note, if you have second?"

"Sure," he had been washing his hands but I had his full attention.

"We, OK, you, need to do something about the members of the female staff." I watched his eyebrow rise. "It is unfair that they have to wear skirts and hose when we can walk around in khakis." I was wearing a suit this morning. I tried to dress up at least once a week and Monday was usually the day I chose to do it.

"We could always go the other way," he proposed. If I thought he was serious I would have formulated an argument.

"Sure, we could, but you cannot afford to raise my salary another $50 a pay period to cover the cost of shirts and ties." It was an old argument and Jerry knew it.

"You could always take the money out of your slush fund."

"Sure, until the accounting department starts wondering why I am paying $70 for cable ties."

"A good point. In both cases. I will put it on the list of issues to address at this week's management meeting."

"Thanks Jerry," I responded, holding the door for him. "I don't have a problem wearing a suit all the time, but I reserve the right to keep a change of clothes in my office that I don't care about."

"Fair enough," he responded, heading into the stairwell. Jerry and I were on the same wavelength. I would let him run the issue to ground while I got back to the issue at hand.

"Did you get lost?" Luci asked me when I returned to my office. She was still sitting on the couch, the skirt of her suit a little askew as she was making notes and flipping pages in the manual. Her jacket was gaping slightly showing the white edges of her bra and more than a fair amount of breast. Sexy and more than a bit distracting.

"No, I ran into Jerry and brought up the issue of your dress," I said in way of explanation heading for my desk.

"I am not wearing a dress," Luci has a lilt in her voice that comes out when she is being funny. "For your information, it's a suit, not unlike the one you are wearing," she continued with a flourish.

"Actually, nothing like the one I am wearing. I have pants, jacket, shirt, tie and braces." My jacket was actually hanging on my door and I had tucked my tie into my shirt when I was attaching the cradle. I took a moment to pull it out of my shirt and smooth it a little. "You on the other hand..."

"I on the other hand," Luci picked up, "am wearing a skirt, jacket, bustier, garter and stockings."

Gulp! I was reaching for my water and paused with the bottle half way to my mouth. Luci was standing looking at me with a mischievous, almost challenging grin on her face, her eyes dancing and one hand on her hip, almost daring me.

"OK, so we both are wearing suspenders," I retorted taking a drink to cover my need to regroup. Luci has a pretty laugh.

"Touche. By the way, you are blushing."

I was not surprised. I thought it had gotten a little warm in my office, an office that was kept at the same temperature as the computer room. Most people spent very little time in it because it was so cold. I liked it. At one point last year, Nikki and I had a running joke. Every time she came in my office, her nipples would harden and Nikki has prominent nipples. She would accuse me of keeping the office cold so that I could ogle women's nipples. My response was that I had not noticed the effect, but now that she mentioned it, they were quite attractive. She would ask me if I liked women and I would say that they were quite tasty, especially after four hours at 350 degrees with a lemon butter sauce or some other seasoning. We would then move on to business. I looked at Luci. If the cold was affecting her nipples, I could not tell. I suspected the jacket served more than one purpose.

"And here I thought I had turned on too many machines. Oh well, back to work." Luci gave me a funny look and was all business again, walking over to the new stack of papers that adorned my desk.

"Installation instructions, hardware requirements, configuration and administration, users manual," I pointed to each pile in turn as I enumerated it. "Pick one."

"I will take what's behind door number 2," she responded looking at the reams of paper.

"I am sorry, that is not an option today. You win the boobie prize," I responded handing her the configuration and administration pile.

"Good thing I am already a winner," she responded taking the pile in one hand and drawing her other across her chest in a 'look at these prizes' manner that all game show models use. "Maybe they will get larger!"

"Darling," I said in my best faux Gabor voice, "if they get any larger, you will need to get all your jackets retailored." Luci was petit, but her chest was not. It was not huge. It fit her frame, but any larger would cause problems.

"You think?" She was pulling the hem of her jacket down making it conform to her body. It only served to highlight her deep cleavage.

"You are distracting me from a very important task," I tried to keep my manager voice in front, but I was trying hard not to laugh and it showed as I reached for the installation pile.

"Really? What task was that?" Luci turned in profile and pinched in the sides of her jacket. This made it seem like her chest had grown.

"Imagining you without your jacket on," two could play at this game. I made it seem like I was not interested and started flipping pages, looking at Luci over my glasses. Luci of course was looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh, why didn't you say so?" Luci made to undo the button holding her jacket closed. She was facing the window, so even if she did undo it, only I would see, but my door was open. I was more than a little curious how far she was going to take this little joke. I think Luci was too because she turned her head and looked at me. I had given up all pretense of looking at the installation manual. Nikki chose that moment to stick her head in.

"You two decent?" she said, walking into my office. She was wearing a flowing skirt and blouse with a jacket over it. Very pretty. Nikki has dark black hair, and was fairly thin of build. Athletic is the best way to describe it. She was a runner, but not hard core, so she still had some body fat.

"Actually, I was going to take of my jacket. It is rather warm in here." Luci had turned around where she could see Nikki and me at the same time, her hand still resting near the buttons.

"Don't stop on my account," Nikki responded. "If you want, I will take mine off too."

"You are both brats and this is not helping," I was getting flustered.

"Not helping what?" Nikki asked in her most innocent voice.

I responded by reaching for my water. "What's up Nikki?"

"Accounting has mangled the database server and Paul's not in his office." Paul was our database administrator. Just as she was finishing her sentence, my pager went off.

"Yup. Sure looks like they did," I replied as I put the pager on my desk and reached for my keyboard. There was a group that got alerts when the servers started behaving badly. Unfortunately, I was in that group. A couple of clicks on the keyboard and things were back to normal. I sent out a follow up message.

"And that should do it," I said to Nikki.

"That didn't take very long," she responded, the double-entendre hanging in the air for anyone to take.

"Go tell accounting they can get back to work before they hunt you down and sacrifice you," Both women seemed to be flustering me today.

"But I am not a virgin anymore," Nikki replied, batting her eyes.

"Who said anything about a virgin sacrifice?" I asked, trying to give as good as I got. That got me a laugh from both ladies and Nikki turned to leave.

"I will leave you two to have fun," Nikki said as she sauntered out the door, pulling it closed on her way.

"Nikki, leave the..." The door closed with a click. Luci and I looked at each other for a moment and she started laughing about a second before I did. The tension broken, she walked over and opened the door before I could get out of my chair, which was good. Parts of my anatomy were not ready for public yet.

Luci walked back, picked up her pile and without another word, settled on the couch to read, note pad at the ready. I answered an email that came in and started on my on pile.

A few minutes later I got up and walked over to workbench and surveyed the landscape. I would need another machine.

"Is that PC still in the closet on six?" I asked Luci over my shoulder.

"I think so. I don't know what condition it is in though?"

"OK. Keep reading and I will be right back."

"Wake me up if I am asleep."

I headed out for the stairs. We kept machines around the building for emergency replacements. I knew where most of them were. They were in my office. If this project went forward, I would have to order up some new hardware so that the departments would not have to wait. While I was thinking aimless thoughts, I kept coming back around to the image of Luci in profile, the snug jacket of her suit emphasizing the curve of her breast. I really did wonder what she looked like without the jacket.

I was picking up the machine when someone ran their hand over my ass. I almost dropped the machine.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you. Much." Nikki was standing behind me with a gleam in her eye. "You really do have a nice ass."

She was keeping her voice down, but I heard her quite well.

"And you are still a brat," I responded hoisting up the machine to cover my swelling erection.

"You need a hand with that?" Nikki asked in all innocence.

"Yes, you can push the down button." I responded, not rising to her bait, at least not any more than I already had.

We walked over to the elevator and she did push the down button, by reaching around me and pushing her chest against my arm. Her jacket had fallen open, so I could feel the swell of her nipple against my bicep. Nikki was playing, but it had an effect.

"Nikki," I started, keeping my voice low, "is there a reason you are trying to get a rise out of me, or are you just having fun?"

"Am I getting one?"

"Actually, yes, you are." The elevator pinged, and I stepped into the elevator, Nikki right behind me. She pressed the button for the top floor.

"I am going down," I mentioned.

"Not yet you aren't," she responded. She was standing beside me, facing me. I was still carrying the PC. I felt one hand slide over my ass as the other one slid over my erection. At the same time, she leaned into my ear and whispered, "you have been so nice to all of us, I wanted to repay you." She squeezed my cock and nipped my ear and my body tensed up as my breath came out in a sigh.

"Nikki, while I appreciate the offer..."

The elevator chimed and the doors opened on the top floor. Nikki was standing beside me, the picture of innocence as two VPs got on. We nodded hello and move to the back of the elevator as the VPs hit the ground floor button. Nikki reached around me and pushed our floor. She was standing a little behind me and gently running her hand over the crack in my ass. I was beginning to have problems holding onto the PC. The elevator stopped on our floor and I excused myself. Nikki didn't get off, but wished me a good morning. I made my way back to the office.

"I am going to get you a map of the building." Luci said as I walked in, barely keeping from dropping the PC on the workbench. My heart was racing, my muscles were weak and I was still hard. Without the PC to shield me, I turned my back to Luci and and willed my erection down while I hooked up the new machine.

"I don't need a map. I ran into Nikki, or more correctly she ran into me."

"Well the collision must not have been too painful." Was I imagining it or did her voice lilt when she said that.

"Nope. She even pushed the buttons on the elevator for me."

"That was nice of her. Maybe next time she can push other buttons." Now she was laughing at me, or at my discomfort. I turned so I could make it to my desk without showing my front to Luci and went in search of a screwdriver to open the machine with.

"Learning anything?" I asked, attempting to turn the conversation back to a more professional setting.

"Quite a bit actually," she responded. "For instance, I can make you blush with a few well chosen words. You can verbally spar with the best of them, and you have a nice ass."

She appeared to be reading her pile of documents when she said it, but there was a smile on her face. I decided discretion would be the better part of valor and tucked my tie into my shirt and started opening up the machine. It was going to be a very long week.

"Do you eat?" I had been configuring the PC to be a server when Luci interrogated me.

"Sometimes. It depends on the day." I was busy entering IP addresses so the new server could talk to the rest of the network.

"Is today one of the days you eat or don't eat?"

"Don't let me stop you if you're hungry." I said it with more heat than I probably should have.

"Actually, I am going to stop you and take you to lunch." She had moved up beside me and laid a hand over mine on the keyboard. Her other hand rested against the small of my back.

"Mothering me?" I shook my head and said before she could respond, "You don't have to take me to lunch, but if you have not objections, I will join you for lunch." I could tell she was getting ready to say something to convince me to take a break and then she smiled at me.

"I have no objections. Let's go."

We drove around the corner to one of the many chain restaurants that were in the neighbourhood. Most folks had already eaten and were back at their desks, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The hostess put us in an out of the way booth, took our drink order and left us. Luci was sitting opposite me.

"It looks like it might take us all week just to configure the software," she began. "Once it is installed, you have to connect it to the mail server and then you have to connect it to the access point at their site. Then you have to populate all the device id numbers. If everything is running well, you get a message. Then you have to configure the mail system to forward a copy of the message to the gateway server, etc. etc." She had a little furrow in her brow as she related this to me.

"Did you see anything in there about sending in two directions from the mail server? Oh, wait, that won't matter because it happens outside the gateway system." I was starting to think in three dimensions again and getting a headache doing it. "Better yet, table the discussion until after lunch - I can't make my brain work that hard at the moment." I took a sip of my drink and nearly spit it out as I felt Luci's foot slide up my calf under my pant leg.

"Luci, you are being a naughty girl," I scolded as I dabbed my mouth with a napkin.

To her credit Luci was all sweetness and light. She didn't even let on she was doing anything, although under the table, my body knew better. Worse, she was now running her stocking feet over both of my calves. I have to admit that it did feel good.

"You are going to give yourself a Charlie horse if you keep that up Luci." I tried to look stern but it wasn't happening. Worse, I was starting to get hard again and she knew it.

"Party pooper," she pouted but put her feet down.

Our waitress came over and took our order. Luci was looking at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing really," she took a sip of her drink and continued, "I've never really had a chance to look at you this close before."

I believe I started blushing again.

"And?" I prodded.

"And, you are quite handsome. Strong jaw, intelligent eyes."

I know I was blushing.

"So why do you hide in the backroom?"

The question caught me by surprise.

"I don't hide in the backroom," I started.

"Yes you do. Half the staff has never seen you and those of us that have couldn't describe you if we had to. Nikki probably knows what you look like the best because she spent all summer bugging you about the database."

"I spend most of my time in meetings," I responded.

"You spend your time in meetings with executives, not with the staff. When was the last time you even came to a staff meeting?"

Now that took some thought. I used to go all the time, but Jerry had excused me from most of them since I started the skunk works. It was only when a project I was working on would impact the production system that I attended. Usually I just sent an email. I felt it was easier to explain it to people that way. Part of the dig earlier about me not being able to write was that I what I wrote was usually so arcane that most people did not understand it.

"OK, so I haven't been to a staff meeting in a few months." I had laced my fingers together on the table in front of me. Luci laid her hands on top of mine.

"You, darling, are a brilliant, mad, absent minded, professor," she started rubbing her fingers over my hands while she said this. "Who actually perceives a lot more than you let on and you care about the job you do, as well as how the rest of us get our jobs done. Don't think we don't know about some of those midnight fixes that seemed to happen by magic."

"What fixes?" I tried to look baffled but it wasn't working. She squeezed my hand and kicked me in the shins at the same time. I guess I deserved that one.

"A third of us owe our jobs to you!" She was trying to sound angry but it wasn't coming out that way.

"No, you don't," I responded. "I can read, contrary to popular belief and I know when someone hits the wall. I just poked the easy ones and left the solution in the file, that's all."

"How long did it take you to get the database talking to the application server?" She thought she had me on this one.

"About three minutes. Paul was on the right track and I told him so. However, since I had read about the bug he was trying to swat, it was easy for me to slip in the patch and make the fix. No big deal."

"How would you feel if Paul had done that to you?"

"Relieved actually. Then I could go and do other, more important things."

She was shaking her head. "You are a trip. OK, I won't beat you up about it." She reached out and took my hands again. "Thank you for your help."

Our lunch arrived and we talked about inconsequential things. A couple of times Luci ran her foot up my leg, smirking at me each time she did it. I just sat there and took it. Since I was wearing oxfords, there wasn't much I could do to reciprocate. I would have to think about my footwear tomorrow.

We arrived back to a server ready for software and most people getting ready to leave for the day. It was a strange company in that most folks worked from six to three. This was mainly driven by the traffic in the area. A few odd balls worked from ten to seven but they supported customers on the West Coast. I was in the middle. It was not unusual for me to come in at six and not leave before six. This project looked to be one of those long ones. I had to take my daughter to school today so I did not get to work until almost 9. By then, most of the staff was getting ready for lunch. Luci was one of those that got in early and left early generally.

"I will meet you in your office," Luci said as we stepped off the elevator.

"OK, I have to use the facilities anyway," I replied turning the corner to the men's room. I took care of business, passed the kitchen for a couple of more bottles of water and headed for my office. Luci was not there yet, but it did not matter. I hung up my coat and jacket, took off my tie and loosened my shirt collar, pushed up my sleeves and started loading the software for the gateway server. I was staring at the screen, watching the hourglass rotate and the percent done bar crawl across the screen, not really thinking of anything when Luci came into the office.

"I guess I am going to have to reconsider my wardrobe," she said as she looked me over in my "working clothes."

"Why? You look fine just the way you are," I responded as I clicked through the final screens.

"Yes, but you look comfortable," she replied.

"I am. If I had a t-shirt here, I would put it on, but I took my spare home on Friday to wash it." I was ignoring the fact that she was sentenced to wear her jacket until the end of the day. Standing as close to me as she was, I was trying not to think about her without the jacket on.

"You still here?" Nikki asked as she walked by the office.

"Yes. I didn't get in until late this morning," I responded.

"No, silly, I meant Luci."

"I called Drew and he is going to take the boys out for burgers and rent some videos. It will be good for them to do some male bonding." Luci replied around me. I was watching the screen as the server rebooted itself. It was safer that looking at either Nikki or Luci.

"Well, don't have too much fun. Jerry had to leave early and Eric said something about a concert so you have the duty."

"'Night Nikki," I said as she started for the door out of our spaces. Most of the IT staff had our offices in a secured area. It was better this way. Users could not just walk in a bug us and we could leave very expensive, very small components laying around without worrying about them walking away or having to clean up at the end of the day. I was one of the few that did not have to share an office with anyone and I rarely even closed my door.

The door clicked shut and the only sound for a minute or two was the sound of the cooling fans in the PCs.

"Excuse me a second," Luci said as she walked out of the office. I could hear her walking down the hall in the opposite direction but did not pay much attention as I entered the initial configurations for the gateway server. I was just entering the last values as she came back in.

"Could you get your unit?" I asked as I walked over to my desk. "Or at least the numbers off the back for me?"


I walked back over to the gateway and started the administration tool, entered the numbers off the back of my unit, and some other details and clicked OK. I must have been in the zone.

"Ready for mine?" Luci was standing at my elbow when she asked the question.

"Yup, shoot." I punched in the numbers she rattled of and sent it into the system.

"That should do it for the gateway," I said turning to look at her. I was looking down into her hazel eyes and her white shoulders. White shoulders? My brain caught up with my eyes and the rest of my body followed. I expect you could hear the connections clicking into place. Luci was standing in my office without the jacket to her suit, the straps of her white lace bustier the only adornment on her shoulders and the curve of each breast very visible. She was beautiful. The bustier didn't quite make it all the way into the skirt, so there were little flashes of skin on the sides and across her stomach. I almost tripped over my feet.

"Careful," she said, reaching out to catch me. That only served to move her body around more and heighten the excitement coursing through my body. There was no question my erection was full on.

"Thanks," I said my mouth suddenly dry. At that moment her unit vibrated and it startled both of us.

"Hey, it works!"

"What were you expecting?" I took the moment to walk over to my desk and grab some water as my unit started vibrating on the table. Luci picked it up and with a grin held it against the top of her breast.

"Oh, that's different."

"Be sure to put it in the report. Heather will love the feature." Heather was one of the CEO's assistants and it was rumored that she had quite a toy collection from those that supposedly knew. I was being snide, but I was really off balance. Trying not to look at Luci and wanting to burn the memory into my brain. I reached out for my unit, intending to put it back in its cradle to finish charging. Luci caught my hand and rather than surrender the unit, she tossed it on the couch and put my hand on her chest and covered it with her own. Her skin was warm and I could feel her heart through my palm. We stood there looking at each other for an eternity or two before she took a step closer to me. With her other hand, she reached up and took my glasses off and tossed them to the couch, almost without looking. She took another half-step towards me and slid her hand along my jaw and around the back of my neck and pulled me down to her. Her eyelids grew heavy and her lips were parted and our mouths connected. It felt like little sparks were passing between us as we pulled closer together. I had put my free hand on her waist and was using it to pull us closer while the hand that had been resting on her chest rose up to stroke her cheek, getting me a little moan from her for my efforts. I don't know how long our kiss lasted. It could have been seconds or it could have been days, our tongues teasing each other, our fingers gently caressing. I was sliding my hand along the exposed skin on the small of her back when we broke our kiss.

The phone ringing nearly gave me a heart attack, but I still managed to pick it up on the second ring.

"This is Gary." My voice was not too steady but I had let go of Luci. "Yes? No, that's not right. Now? OK, five minutes." I hung up the phone and turned my attention back on Luci.

"Seems Edward's assistant has messed up her printer settings and they have to get some filings out. I will go deal with it. Luci grinned and pulled me down for another kiss.

"I am sure I can find something to do." She headed over to the couch, passed me my glasses and picked up her unit and started fiddling with it. I decided that I should go and take care of the problem as fast as I could.

Edward's assistant Nancy is little more than eye candy. Personally I do not find her that attractive. Her chest is so large that it looks like she has a couple of balloons stuffed in her shirt and she wears so much make-up they must deliver it to her in tanker trucks. Further, she smokes, a lot, and I just cannot stand that sick after-smell of a smoker. I don't know how she got her job or how she manages to keep it. It took the better part of an hour of active hand holding to get her through the simple process of printing out the various forms she had to prepare for the SEC. She must give Edward good head or something. Maybe she has pictures on him. Anyway, I half-expected that Luci would have grabbed her things and headed for home when I arrived back at my office. To be specific, the closed door of my office. Trying the handle showed it to be locked which is how I left it. I fished my keys out of my pocket and slowly opened the door.

Luci was sitting at my desk like she belonged there fiddling with the little keyboard on her unit. She had fetched her jacket at some point because it was back on. Not that I blamed her. My office DID get cold.

"Sure you don't want a map? I have several." She did not look up as she said it but she was smiling.

"No, what I want I cannot articulate," I said as I extracted my keys from the lock.

"You are going to want to close that again," Luci looked right at me when she said it and I could see that she had just slipped the jacket on rather than buttoning it up.

"Alright," I responded turning around to close the door. I heard my chair slide back and assumed she had stood up. I was wrong.

She was still sitting in my chair, arms resting comfortably on the arm rest, with caused her jacket to gape and show of the white lace bustier underneath. I could not see much below her breasts because my view was blocked by my desk. I was about to take a step forward when she held up a hand. She did not say a word. She simply stood up and took off her jacket, laying it across my desk and walking over to the corner where I could see her from head to toe, her shoes clicking on the floor, the perfect form of her legs. Maybe I needed vitamins or something, but for the second time that day, it seemed like my brain was behind my eyes. Luci stood at the corner of my desk, one hand resting on the edge of it to support her weight as she crossed one foot in front of the other. She had taken her skirt off and was a vision of loveliness. The cardinal points of the bustier were connected to white garters that in turn were holding up a pair of tan colour stockings. Between the top of her stockings and her hip was bare white skin. Across her hip, covering her sex was a thin piece of white silk that looked like it might match the material of the bustier. She had removed the straps so that her shoulders were now bare.

"Luci, I... ," I was at a loss for words. I am fairly certain my mouth was hanging open, my cock was solid in my pants and my brain was pushing out chemicals I did not even know it made.

"Are you sure you are not illiterate?" Luci asked with a grin, her eyes dancing as she enjoyed my predicament. She took a half-step forward to the forward edge of my desk. She must shave because there was no hair peaking out from her panties. I could see goose bumps starting to form on her arms and across the top of her shoulders. Again, I started moving towards her and again she held up her hand.

"Does that camera work?" She asked indicating the digital camera on my filing cabinets.

"Yes, or at least it did yesterday," I replied reaching for it and turning it on. I flipped open the flash and took the lens cap off and aligned her in the sights. Simply beautiful. I adjusted the zoom and tripped the shutter. She moved slightly and I tripped it again. She leaned back against the desk, pushing her chest towards the ceiling and her mound forward, the material of her thong (I could now see) straining as if it was too small for such an important job. The shutter tripped again and again as I adjusted the zoom and the image in the viewfinder. I could tell she was having as much fun as I was. A light pink glow covered her shoulders and upper chest and she was exposing more of her mons with each picture. My cock was a steel rod in my pants. I was readjusting the zoom when she turned and faced me head-on, smiled and lifted one leg, resting her foot on the arm of my guest chair. Her knee was almost even with her ear and her thong pulled tightly across her pussy. What was even more surprising was the colour change. In almost the time it took me to adjust the zoom again, her panties went from brilliant white to antique as the moisture from her pussy soaked into them. She let me take a couple of more pictures then put her hand up again. I watched with more than a little lust as she lowered her leg and walked over to where I was standing, taking the camera out of my hands and putting it on top of the cabinet. I reached around her waist as she slid her hands behind my neck. Our kiss was hard and deep and passionate. She was trying to devour my mouth as I pulled her closer to me, my hands sliding over the soft globes of her ass, following the line of her thong as it slipped between her ass. She was running her foot up and down my leg, using it as a lever to pull her silk covered pussy tighter against my straining erection. We broke our kiss, panting and grinning, lust in our eyes and our bodies. She ran her hands across my shoulders, pulled me tight and kissed me again.

"I hate to do this to you," she started, "but I have to get going." She kissed me again to take the sting out of her words. I understood. I did not like it, but I understood.

"I will see you tomorrow." She spun around me and reached for her skirt, hanging on the back of my door. She turned around; skirt clutched to her chest and kissed me again. "Can you get my jacket and blueberry for me please?" I wanted to say no. Somehow I willed my body to walk over to my desk and get the items she requested.

I watched her slip her skirt on and helped her with her jacket, reaching around her to button it, her hands sliding over mine and pulling them up to press against her breasts as she tipped her head back for a final kiss.

"See you in the morning?" she whispered.

"Yes." What else could I say?

One more kiss and she was out the door and out of our spaces. I managed to stager back to my desk, when I remembered the camera. I walked back over and picked it up, removed the memory chip and put the camera back on the charger. I returned to my desk and put the chip in the card reader on my laptop. I reviewed the pictures I had taken, my cock threatening to boil over with each one. I transferred them to my hard drive, wiped the chip and then, for good measure, ran it through a disk washing program I have. I would have to reformat it once I put it in the camera, but that was a minor inconvenience to Luci losing her job. I zipped up the files and ran the file through an encrypter with the highest bit key I had and the most complicated password I could come up with. Then I moved the file to my jump drive and washed the directory where the transferred files had been. As the program was making its seventh pass over the file structure, I noticed a light on my own email unit flashing. I reached over for it and followed the prompt on the screen for the email. I nearly moaned out loud when I read it.

Darling Gary,

These little things can be fun I think. I figured out how to send mail to them and better, I figured out how to send mail from them. I expect you are reading this wondering if what really happened was a dream or not. It was not. I have wanted to seduce you almost since the day I started working here. Many are the nights I have gone home and masturbated myself to a screaming orgasm thinking about your hands caressing my naked body. When I shave in the morning I think about what it would be like to feel your tongue slide over the smooth skin of my pussy and to feel you suck on the bud of my clit. I want to feel your hands caress my breasts. I can only hope you feel the same way.

You have defended us and made us feel part of the team and that is very sexy, especially when you have not asked for anything in return. Well now it is our turn to pay you back for all your kindness. I want to feel you explode inside of me.

Love Luci.

Tomorrow was still 14 hours away.

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