Chapter 1: Charley's first act

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Spanking,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Charley's first act - Charlotte's two friends, half trick her to performing on stage at a club spanking session. She finds herself being turned on by her 'punishments'. This takes a back seat when her firm sends some of its employees on a disastrous 'Bonding Week'. Back home, she plots to avenge herself on her friends and tricks them into performing unwillingly in front of an audience.

"What am I going to do with you girl?"

"I don't know Sir."

"Cane her! Cane her! Cane her! Cane her! Cane her!" the audience chanted. Charlotte could hardly believe she was doing this. If only Sally and Gallie hadn't been so pushy. If only she hadn't accepted the free wine. If only she hadn't needed the money. If only she hadn't an exhibitionist streak in her. If only... Her thoughts were quickly thrust into the background by the chants. Now she stood on stage dressed as a schoolgirl in front of her 'headmaster'.

Charlotte and her work colleagues Sally and Gallie had visited this club several times. It gave them a sexual buzz to watch the erotic dancing and receive lewd comments from the men enjoying an evening out. All three girls were more or less bisexual. Sally and Gallie lived together and had a definite lesbian relationship but were not averse to having a man's prick inside them too. Charlotte preferred men but enjoyed making love to a woman, or two, as happened when she occasionally stayed with her friends.

The private club catered mainly for male clients and featured a cabaret of strip shows and sexual dancing. Usually on a Friday evening, the programme included a sketch where a woman had her bottom bared and chastised. Gallie heard about the club from a boyfriend that took her there as a guest and finding the entrance fee was much reduced for women, introduced Sally. They enjoyed seeing the girls naked bodies as much as the men. One of the dancers they met in a toilet, was a woman lover too and came home with them and from her they learned a little of what went on behind the scenes at the club. Open public sex was prohibited but many of the club members booked into a small hotel nearby and would make arrangements for the girl performers to visit them.

It was not long before Gallie persuaded Charlotte to join and on her first visit the sketch was of a young nun being punished by a priest as a penance for writing, "I love Jamie" in her prayer book. After a reprimand the priest ordered her to kneel in prayer and while she was bent over, he lifted her dress and pulled down her blue cotton knickers exposing her bottom and cunt. The 'nun' kept repeating her "Hail Mary's" while the audience breathed excitedly as the priest took a strap from the wall.

"The only man you are to love here Sister is Jesus. I will have to beat this Jamie person out of your mind," the priest growled. Eight times the strap landed loudly on the girl's backside. Each time it landed her prayers were interrupted by a yell of pain. The colour of her bottom and her cries all seemed very real and many of the men in the audience had hard bulges in their trousers and when the curtain closed on the scene, there was a general exodus for the toilets. Charlotte found herself very wet and needed to rush to the toilet too in order to wipe herself. Gallie and Sally smiled when she left their table and later, back in the privacy of their flat questioned Charlotte.

"That spanking scene got you really horny didn't it Charley?" Gallie giggled as she asked.

"You know it did," Charlotte responded. "I've never seen anyone take punishment as hard as that. I've never been spanked in my life and didn't expect it to make me dribbling wet."

"Never been spanked. Perhaps we should correct that deficiency in your education now Charley," Sally chipped in. She too was grinning. Charlotte had decided to stay the night with them rather than get a taxi home and all three were sitting in or on the bed having a last glass of wine before turning in. At the club they restricted their drinking, mainly because of the high prices charged.

"That's a good idea," Gallie giggled, "Payment for sharing our bed is a dozen smacks on that lovely bare arse of yours." Despite Charlotte's rather feeble struggles the two soon had her pinned over the edge of the bed and Gallie began spanking and laid six hard ones on each cheek. Towards the end they made Charlotte cry out and she was relieved when the dozen was over and Gallie started playing with her cunt.

"She's wet again," Gallie grinned.

"My turn now." Sally changed places with Gallie.

"No! I've had my dozen smacks." Charlotte wailed.

"It was a dozen from each of us. Didn't we make it clear dear?" Once again Charlotte's bottom was treated to a hard spanking. This time every hit hurt badly and she wriggled incessantly. Gallie had difficulty in holding her and threatened further spanking with a slipper if she didn't hold still. Eventually it was over and Sally plunged her mouth over Charlotte's cunt and thrust in her tongue.

"Ummm! Nice and juicy," murmured Sally. "I think you really do get off on this spanking lark.

Over the next two weeks Charlotte tried to analyse why she became so horny watching girls getting their bottoms hurt and why she got so wet when the girls had spanked her. They'd been back to the club twice more and each time after the 'whacking sketch' she'd had to go to the toilet and remove her uncomfortably wet knickers. On the last occasion, the trio had met a similar age group of young lads and had gone to their hotel for a mini orgy. The challenge was for all three boys to screw all three girls. Charlotte got her full quota but the other two boys had too much booze in them to make it a third time and all three were still sleeping when the girls left next morning.

Unbeknown to Charlotte, Gallie had a word with the club manager and made an arrangement for the following Friday. When they were seated, the waiter brought them a large bottle of white wine, compliments of the house. Charlotte vaguely noticed her glass always seemed full but didn't twig anything amiss and was sitting feeling nicely happy when the manager came over. "Good evening ladies. Enjoying the wine." The girls thanked him. "There was a reason for providing it," he went on, "I've been let down with this evening's sketch. The girl who was to take part has flu and I wondered if one of you would like to take her place. It's only a little spanking sketch. Father catches daughter coming home late smelling of booze, takes her over his knee and gives her bum a few strokes with his slipper. Shouldn't hurt much and I'll provide free wine for the table and £100 for the girl who gets the slipper provided she plays her part well and doesn't cry off half way through the scene. There are also the tips. You've seen how the men throw coins and notes on the stage after a performance I'm sure. What do you say ladies?" All three shook their heads although Charlotte's was less strong than the others. "The sketch is not due on for half an hour. I'll give you ten minutes to discuss it and then if one of you decides to do it, you'll have twenty minutes to get into costume and find out the scenario. It's mostly ad lib."

Under pressure from her friends, especially from Gallie, Charlotte felt almost compelled to take part. "You've had most of the free wine," they informed her. "You could certainly use the extra hundred quid and we would get our wine free for the rest of tonight. That would save us a good bit."

"And I won't be able to sit for the weekend."

"You know how horny you got when we spanked you. You know what happens when you watch the sketches."

"Yeah. And you want everyone to watch me. I don't think so Gallie. Why don't one of you two offer?"

"We're not into that like you are. Just think of the extra thrill of having others watching. All those lovely men looking at your bum. All of us staring at your lovely cunt getting wet in front of their eyes. Just think of the hundred quid. Remember how wet you got when we gave you a little spanking." So the arguments for her to take part went on until she finally gave in.

In the end it was the alcohol haze, the pushing of her friends and the hundred pounds that virtually forced her. Her car needed a repair so the money would come in very useful. The boss made her sign a disclaimer form and showed her to a dressing room that was not much more than a small store cupboard. One of the dancers found a short, a slightly too small, tight mini dress which zipped all the way down the back, a teenager jacket and a skimpy pair of panties. No bra as the dress was too tight. Dressed, she was taken and introduced to John, her 'father', a younger man than she expected. His dress consisted of pyjamas, slippers and a thin robe.

"You will pretend to creep in but I will be waiting in the armchair and will give you a bollockin for coming home late and drunk. You will tell me to fuck off or whatever. Be as rebellious as you like in typical teenager style. That's not long ago for you is it? I become annoyed and pull you over my lap and give you a slippering. It will hurt but not as bad as it sounds. The sole of the slipper is loose for most of its length so it will make a loud sound. We've also powdered the sole with rouge to redden your arse more than the slipper would on its own. It all makes it look good for the punters. Don't mention this to anyone and certainly not to those friends of yours. Yell as loudly as you want. Plead for mercy, scream and curse as much as you like. Just try and get into the part and you'll do fine and have a nice little cash payment at the end and perhaps some tips. You okay with the script?"

"I suppose so. I don't really know how I let myself in for this." Charlotte had started to shake with nerves.

John put his arms around her. "Don't worry about it. We have creams and stuff here for afterwards and I can give you some comfort if you need it. In fact I would be delighted to." Charlotte guessed how he would comfort her but thought that might be the best part of it.

"On stage now John and girl please!" The voice came through the door.

Unseen hands held Charlotte back in the wings while John seated himself. Slowly the curtains drew back to applause from the audience. "Wait," the dancer holding her whispered. Charlotte had almost leaped on the stage to get it over with. "Remember it is late at night, you think your father is abed. You have to creep in and not disturb him. Calm yourself." The dancer held her for a few more minutes until she thought the audience had waited long enough for some action. Letting go, she whispered, "Tip toe in."

On stage the light was quite dim, just enough for the audience to pick up her form. Moving as silently as she could, once on centre stage Charlotte removed her shoes and began walking across the floor. Suddenly all the lights went on. John stood and grabbed her. "So," he yelled, "You were supposed to be in by 10:30. It is now 1:30 and you smell of booze. I warned you last time, didn't I?"

"Yes, Daddy. Sorry Daddy. I won't do it again. I'm tired and I want to go to bed now."

"You can go to bed as soon as I have dealt with you. What did I say I would do last time?"

"Nothing Daddy."

"Oh yes I did as you well remember girl. Now what was it?"

"You said you'd spank me Daddy. But I'm sure you won't really do that. I'm too old for spankings now. I'm nearly sixteen." So the pair kept up a dialogue for some minutes with threats and pleas until John grabbed her and pulled her over his knee. However when he tried to pull up her skirt it was too tight. The dress would have to come off. This was not in the script! He could have spanked her over the skirt but the audience would have been disappointed. Acting outraged, John sat his daughter up, removed her jacket and flung it to the floor. Charlotte protested vehemently and for real remembering the dress hadn't been suitable for wearing a bra. Her struggles delighted the onlookers. Eventually John got the zipper down and peeled her dress away from the top, turning her so the viewers could see her tits in all their naked glory. "So my slut of a daughter doesn't even wear a bra to go out for the evening. I can guess what you hoped your boyfriends would do once they fed you a few drinks." Charlotte was blushing deeply and trying to get away but John kept a firm hold of her wrist as the dress fell to the floor. Now all she wore was the tiny knickers and a pair of socks.

"You still think you're too old for a spanking girl?" shouted John, "Perhaps you're right. My hand may be too soft for a girl as old as you. Perhaps this big old slipper of mine will be better." This of course brought renewed struggles and pleas from Charlotte.

John was fit and strong, that she could tell. He wasn't going to let her escape. Soon Charlotte found herself draped over his lap, her bottom facing the crowd. As she wriggled, John leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Remember the cash. You have to earn it. You're doing great so far." With one hand he held her body still, with the other he pulled the flimsy knickers off. Charlotte tried to kick and then remembered the more she did that the more the audience could see her cunt so she stilled herself.

"Whap!" the first slap with the slipper seemed to resound in the club. "Christ that hurt!" Charlotte yelled. It was no fake yell.

"You've got to remember it daughter dear. By the time I've finished with you, you won't want to sit down for a week."

"Whap!" Although she couldn't see it her bum was colouring up nicely and again, although she didn't believe it, John was pulling back a little at the last moment so her arse didn't quite take the full force of the blows. It was audience participation time and they were all shouting for "Harder! Harder! Harder!". Amongst them Charley could hear Gallie's distinctive strident feminine voice.

"Whap!" "Whap!" John didn't hold back on the fourth blow. Unfortunately Charlotte's bum was rising at that time and the slipper connected unusually hard.

"You bastard!" Charlotte yelled, "You bloody bastard!"

"That's no language for a young lady to use," John laughed now as the slipper came down again, this time pulled back. "Whap!" "Whap!"

Somewhere in the back of her mind Charlotte heard the clink of coins being thrown on stage but she was more concerned with the pain in her arse and worse, the embarrassment of her becoming wet between her legs. John was still holding her very firmly and could definitely see her juices were flowing.

"Whap!" "Whap!" "Whap!" "Whap!" "Stop please. Daddy stop. No more." But her cries now were becoming less demanding. She could feel John's full erection still hidden beneath his robe, against her stomach. Her loins rubbed against it. Her clit rubbed against his leg. She was getting very aroused and wasn't able to hide it. John could certainly see and feel what she was doing.

"Whap!" "Whap!" "Whap!" "She must be nearly there," he thought. He paused and let her continue squirming on his legs and then brought the slipper down "WHAP!" "WHAP!" "WHAP!!"

"Aaaaghhh!" Totally humiliated Charlotte climaxed on stage in front of room full of people including her friends. More coins and notes landed on the stage.

The curtain closed and the dancer wrapped a robe around her. It opened again and John stood and held her while they both bowed. And when the curtain closed John led back her to his dressing room, praised her act and without further ceremony laid her on a small cot. "You're ready for this now," he said, showing his full erection. Charlotte just opened her legs.

It hurt when his body pressed against hers but she was past caring. John pumped his cock hard and Charlotte responded with fervour until finally they climaxed and collapsed. It was then the pain really hit her and John suggested a shower. While they showered together the dancer, who turned out to be the manager's wife, Juliet, came in and unconcernedly addressed the naked pair. "Floor takings tonight came to £156. That's £52 each. You each get a third," she explained to Charlotte, "And the club gets a third."

An hour later she carried a cushion to her friends table. To her surprise she was clapped as she entered the room and several invited her to their table but she declined. The pain was hitting her now the sexual buzz had begun to wane and she just wanted to be quiet for a while until the pain subsided a little. Gallie greeted her laughingly and said she put on a great performance but Charlotte glowered at her. "You two owe me for your part in this. I could hear you, Gallie, above all the others. I know what happened and how you planned it with the boss last time we were here. You are both going to have to look after me for the weekend."

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it though, Charley, we all saw the way you came on stage," Sally grinned. "It will be something you'll remember for the rest of your life."

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