The Business
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, White Couple,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'd left the small town to seek fame and fortune in the big smoke, but it wasn't the type of fame and fortune I'd had in mind...things turned out quite differently

Being in Real Estate does have some distinct advantages. Such as the odd property that comes up and is just too good a purchase to let pass by... put a bit of work into it, and then back on the market. Some you can make a good profit from, others not so good, buy right and you can nearly always you can come out ahead, somewhat like the share market.

However, the investment Dave and I became involved in was not a property. It was a business, a business that I would never have considered.

It was our friend Kevin who whilst sitting reading the morning paper, scanning the ads, as we all enjoyed a morning coffee suddenly said.

"Hey what's this here Laura?" he asked.

"What's what where Kevin?" I replied

"City National... that's your lot is it not" he asked, referring to the Real Estate company I work for.

"Yes... yes it is... so what"

"Who's Perry Cashman" he asked.

"He's one of our commercial salesmen... why?"

"Got a good business here Dave... see this?" he said now directing his attention to my husband Dave.

"What are you talking about Kevin" I said a little loudly, allowing myself to become frustrated at all the questions and no real answers.

"Shit, yeah now that could be a bit of us Kevin" Dave replied after reading the add.

"Will someone please tell me what it is that's so bloody interesting" more frustration.

"He's only got an Escort Agency for sale... that's what" Kevin at last revealing what had him all excited

"Oh god is that all... what would you two want with an escort agency?" I asked

I was confronted with two leering, smiling faces.

"I think it would be brilliant... don't you Dave" said Kevin.

"Absolutely" he replied.

"Oh am I not good enough for you two is that it?" I asked

"Of course you are sweetheart, we both love you to bits... but you know,... a change sometimes... I mean as much as I love steak I don't have it for every meal do I?" said Kevin.

"God that's all you two can think of" I said picking up the coffee cups and making for the kitchen. "I've got to go to work anyhow"

"Hey get the particulars off this... this Perry whatever his name is... I'm serious" said Kevin.

"Yeh... yeh if I remember" I said, giving each a kiss, before leaving, followed shortly by a couple of wolf whistles as my skirt rode up when I climbed behind the wheel my car, revealing a substantial amount of thigh. I stuck my tongue out at them and started the motor. Was Kevin really keen on the idea I wondered as I drove to the office.

When I remembered what Kevin had requested I went to see Perry. I must admit I was somewhat embarrassed having to ask the questions and was Kevin setting me up, playing one of his many practical jokes on me.

"Look you understand Perry it's not for me and Dave, it's for a friend of ours... he seems to think it will be fun owning and escort agency"

A wicked little smile crossed his face. "Of course Laura, I understand... a bit like asking for a celebrities autograph, it's not for me... it's for my cousin, sister or whoever... I understand... any way I think you'd be good at it to be quite frank" another big grin on his face.

"Oh Yeh well it still wouldn't help you my friend" I replied with a smile. I knew Perry just longed to get into my pants.

"So I take that as a no" still smiling.

"Correct" I replied

"Well I can tell you it is a good business... very profitable... seems to be well run, clean and plenty of health checks, the owners are pretty strict on that, they own the premises but your friend could lease if he preferred... I can't give any precise figures, he'd have to come and see me... sign a confidentiality form, then he'll get the precise break down, they've kept good books and had an accountant go over them... apart from that... that is as much as I can tell you at this stage... get your friend to come and see me"

"One more thing... why are they selling" I asked

"Pure and simple... selling up and moving away... going to spend some time overseas, now that they can afford it... as I've said... would suit you Laura" he said, not being able to resist in having one last dig at me, his eyes focused on my crossed legs.

"Yeh, well as I said Perry... it won't help you" I replied rising and leaving his office.

I was a little late getting home, two property visits and a written contract had held me up, when I did eventually arrive, I was ambushed by Dave and Kevin. The two of them had put together a magnificent meal, a fine bottle of wine and I knew there was something else to come; it was the softening up process.

Sitting outside in the cool of the evening, enjoying more wine, they could contain themselves no longer.

"Um... er did you manage to have a word with that Terry guy" Kevin asked

"Hm... it's Perry actually and yes I did"

Both now leaning forward eager to hear more. I said nothing, took another sip of my wine and closed my eyes.

"Oh come on... come on... stop playing the smart arse... what did he say?" both still hunched forward waiting my reply.

"Well he did say it was a very good business... good profits... well run... but alas he's sold it" I said, smiling.

"Oh shit no surely not... I told you it was a good business... we could have been running it" their disappointment was obvious.

I let them rant on for a while before confessing I'd been having them on.

"No sorry it is still for sale... but you need to go and see him... he'll give you all the guff then" I said, grinning.

"You little bitch... you really had us all wound up" then they looked at each other, both grinning, both having the same idea.

I knew what was coming. I was about to pay for my little joke. "No... no don't you dare... don't you dare". I screamed at them, both had hold of me... dragging me toward the pool, then I was suddenly air born and splashed fully clothed into the cool water. When I surfaced I saw and heard them laughing like two naughty school boys. Then they helped me out. I stood there drenched, and dripping water.

"If I were you I'd get out of those wet cloths" said Dave with a snigger.

"Right... right I will" I said and immediately started to peel them all off, discarding the wet clothing onto the ground, now totally naked I dived back into the pool. The invitation was there; shortly I was followed by two naked men, grabbing and frolicking with me, dragging me under. The thing was it was getting them all worked up, the next dragging they did was to the bedroom, I kicked and screamed feigning an unwillingness to go with them. My fake screams soon turned to soft moans as Dave spread my legs apart, entered me, and our two wet bodies coming together in regular thrusting motion. His passions quenched, he turned to Kevin smile and said. "She's all yours mate... do with her what you wish" and then made his way back to the pool.

After all our passions and desires had been satisfied, we dressed in bath robes, sat outside by the pool again... more wine. This time it was to discuss the purchase of one Escort Agency.

"God are you guys serious... I mean why do you want to buy a brothel for gods sake"

"It's not a brothel my dear... it's an escort agency" said Dave.

"A rose by any other name..." I replied.

"Well Dave and I have thought long and hard about it and I think we need to go and have a word with Terry what's his name"

"It's Perry... Perry Cashman"

The debate on the purchase went on into the early hours... they were both like a couple of kids and eager to get it started.

"God I suppose we will have to try out the stock... make sure it all works" said Kevin.

"Yeh... yeh... I can help you there old buddy" said Dave giving me a big smile.

"Yeh well you two kids can talk all night I'm going to bed" I said and left them chatting.

It was Dave's hand between my thighs that woke me, his naked body pressed against mine, that's not all that was pressed against me.

"All that talk has me quite worked up honey" he said as his fingers slipping inside me.

"Where's Kevin... I suppose he's all worked up as well" I replied

"No... no... well yes he is... but he's decided to go home... we'll catch up in the morning... well I guess later this morning" he said, spreading my legs, his hard cock seeking refuge and satisfaction inside my pussy.

I just could not believe it, some weeks later I was signing the documents that made me a partner in a brothel... whoops sorry I meant an Escort Agency as Kevin and Dave preferred. I did feel a little embarrassed when I went along with them to inspect the building and business. To be seen entering an Escort Agency with two men, had to have folks thinking. It was a pretty good deal, we'd bought the building as well as the business and we had other tenants apart from ourselves. We occupied the upstairs premises whilst the downstairs contained retail. I suppose we were retail as well... just a different kind of goods. Perry was right, the previous owners had run a very good business, the whole place was kept clean and spotless, that is for those wishing to visit us. There were those who wanted take away, delivered, which I guess is what the business is all about. We had the previous owners to help us settle in and their expertise and knowledge of the industry was invaluable during that period, but the biggest asset was Claire who virtually ran the business for us, she was worth her wait in gold and we made sure we kept her happy... without her we could just have easily crashed and burned.

I had little to do with its running, the boys had a new toy to play with and Kevin found a new play thing to give him relief. He didn't stop the night at our place as often as he used to.

I did get to meet the girls and Claire in particular, she was a real switched on woman and I could see why she was such an asset to the business. All the girls were good as well. I got to know them quite well... with the odd party for them at our place. The previous owners had made sure to pick only the best, which in turn meant charging higher prices and it attracted the type of client we really wanted. We left the hiring to Claire... subject to the approval of the men... who always seemed to agree with her choice.

Every thing was progressing nicely thank you. We'd gone through the summer... into winter and were back into summer again, we'd owned the business about a year, and also acquired a couple of other commercial buildings for investments.

I'd decided to have a few of days away from Real Estate... something that all Real Estate people should do... they promise themselves to do so, but never do it... well very few do.

It had been a busy month, I'd been kept busy and the rewards would come through next month, so I had rewarded myself with some time off.

I thought it would be a great idea to make the guys a good meal; I'd not had a great deal of time to spend in the kitchen, now with time off I could do so.

A nice chicken with a crisp salad and a couple of bottles of chilled wine.

Kevin was telling us how well things had been going, only the odd hick up from time to time but other than that... no problems. I was nicely relaxed in a recliner and a wine to help the mood, when Kevin got the call.

"Oh shit... and we can't find anyone else... oh shit... it would have to happen to him, he's one of our best customers... bugger, he'll try one of the other agencies... yes... yes... I know... can't be helped" then he closed up the cell phone... looking rather pensive.

"Problems" I asked

"Yeh... yeh I guess... Gerry Fothergill and his mate... coming down tonight... want one of the girls... but we don't have anyone to spare... Sandra phoned in sick... leaves us short... he's the last one I'd want to turn away" he said, looking toward the pool for inspiration.

"Maybe I should go" I said more in jest, than being serious, and I have no idea why I said it, it just came out

"Yeh well... the way things are I'd let you" said Kevin, still trying to think of a way out.

"Well there's your answer" said Dave "It will get you off the hook and keep a client happy"

"Er... I was only joking guys" I said, now looking at two faces that were looking at me.

"Hey... come on guys... you're not serious... are you"

"Why not... I wouldn't normally ask... but hey things are desperate here and besides you told me you've done it before"

"Oh thanks a lot I'm kinda the bottom of the barrel stuff am I"

"No... no... that's not what I mean... you're every bit as good as any of the staff we have... but you're not staff... you're part owner... I wouldn't normally ask but..." He said throwing up his hands in desperation.

"And just who is this guy... and his mate" I asked

"He's alright... a good payer... the girls like him... he uses his yacht for the venue... they motor out to the island... anchor up... take their pleasure then return early hours of the morning... you'll be back for breakfast... I'll cook it myself" he said

"Whoa I didn't say I was going to do it did I"

"Aw come on Laura, help me out here... help us all out... we need you sweetheart" he said

I turned to Dave to see what, if any comment he would make, he just shrugged his shoulders and said "It's up to you honey... but I guess it would get us out of pickle"

"Oh shit, and where do I meet these guys, and when" I asked.

"Oh great honey... I owe you big on this... I really do" and continued to tell me where and what time... which meant I had to start and get ready now.

"I'll phone Claire... let her know we have a stand in... then I'll phone Gerry" said Kevin

Kevin did just that, Claire wanting to know who the new girl was and where was she from. Kevin saying nothing but assuring her I was right for the job. Again the same when he rang this Gerry character. "Sorry Gerry... you're regular is not available... but I can personally guarantee this one... I've fucked her myself on many occasions... she's good... come with a money back guarantee if not satisfied... can't do much fairer than that can I... yeh look for a Lexus... dark green... that will be her... name of Laura... ok pal thanks" then he hung up.

"Well that's it... he sounds satisfied with the arrangement; he'll meet you at the marina car park"

"And how do I recognize him" I asked.

"Oh you'll know Gerry when you see him, big bear of a man, about six feet odd, great beard... a real seadog, you should get on with him quite well... being into yachting yourself"

I was into yachting, dad had bought me my first sailing dingy when I was real young, had learnt the hard way, sailing the gulf was easy, it wouldn't be the first time I'd been fucked on a yacht, four male crew and two female make great odds. Wall to wall dick.

"So what do I wear... my yachting gear?" I asked

"Oh good god no honey... you're going there to get fucked not crew for them... they'll do all the crewing... sex... that's what your selling... they still want to see the right packaging... that short black low cut sexy dress... your black thigh hi stockings... hi heels... I'm sure you can find the right underwear"

"I'm going to look obvious struggling to get on board dressed like that, am I not?"

"Believe me, that's how they will want to see you... they'll get you on board alright... don't worry"

I certainly did not feel comfortable in doing this; I was now ruing the fact I had agreed to do it. God I only hope there was no one there who would recognize me.

When I emerged all ready to go, my appearance got the thumbs up from Dave and Kevin.

"Whow... you look great honey... I'm getting a hard on myself just looking at you"

"Yeh well... you're going to have to wait until I get back... I have clients who come first" I said.

I found the marina car park and pulled in; there were only a few cars there thank goodness, and now I was really shaking and nervous. If I thought this was going to be easy I was wrong as I surveyed the area for a guy meeting the description of Gerry. Being summer the nights were still light and would remain so for another couple of hours, if anyone did happen by I was in full view.

Oh god... that must be them, I said to myself as I saw two guys make toward me. There was no doubt in recognizing Gerry... he was exactly as Kevin had described him, the other would obviously be his pal.

I swung my legs out and stood beside the car, waiting for them to come to me. I was definitely what I was... a whore, when I stood next to these two guys. I mean here I was dressed to the nines... dripping sex and my two escorts dressed most casually and ready to put to sea. I mean we were a complete mismatch.

"Ah the beautiful Laura I presume" It was Gerry.

"Yes... yes and you must be Gerry I take it"

"The one and only... and this is my good friend Peter... Peter Walpole... and we my dear are going to be your hosts tonight... I do hope we can entertain you and please you... come let us get underway" He was obviously a man used to being in charge. I was now being escorted, one either side. My eyes were darting all over the area, scared in case I was seen by someone I knew... or anyone come to that, heading toward the marina and a boat dressed, well dressed like this could only mean one thing.

"I must say that Kevin did not do you justice... you're even better than he described... I'm sure we're all going to have a lot of fun tonight... don't you think"

I tried not to sound nervous when I nodded and said I'm sure we are. His hand slipped into mine giving it a reassuring squeeze, the sound of my hi heels echoing along the boardwalk.

"Here we are my dear" he said as we drew alongside a very nice forty foot yacht, painted white. It was very similar to ours, it's what Dave and Kevin called forty feet of freedom and when we did have time to use it, it was a feeling of freedom.

Now all I had to do was clamber over the rail and onto the deck. My hi heels were definitely a no, no and I took them off, Peter taking charge of them.

"Here allow me" said Gerry, of course even with Gerry helping there was no way I was going to be able to board without loosing a little dignity, so I hitch up me dress, revealing black stockings and panties, much to the delight of both of them.

"Oh my yes... very nice my dear... very nice indeed... gets the old heart and blood racing eh Peter"

"Oh yes indeed... yes indeed" He agreed. Not only that, it drew attention from another yacht just further along. If I'd hoped to get away with it unnoticed I was out of luck. The two women and two guys would know exactly why I was there... my only hope was that I did not know them.

Once on board they were quick to cast off, the steady throb, throb from the engine as we made our way from the marina. I could feel the eyes from the other yacht burning into me as we left.

It was a warm still night as we made our way toward the island, twenty minutes or so would have us there, the light slowly starting to fade.

The only sounds were the steady thump of the engine and the slapping of the halyards against the mast as we made headway.

I noticed both Gerry and Peter studying my thighs as I sat on the squab drinking a glass of beer, each locked in his own thoughts as to what it was going to be like very shortly to be inside this creature before them.

"Do any boating Laura" Gerry asked.

"Yeh... yeh I do... done some crewing before" I said

"Oh well you'll be familiar with this one" He said"

"Yes very similar" I replied.

"Well come here and take the wheel for a while"

He stepped aside allowing me access to the wheel, then closing in behind me, his hands first around my waist.

"Now my love just head for that point over there" giving me the heading to follow. His hands at the same time moving to my breasts, squeezing them.

I smelt the liquor on his breath as he snuggled into my neck, his mouth kissing it and licking my ear.

"Oh sweetheart you feel good... real good... it's going to be a delight fucking you... believe me" and he pressed himself against my bum, making sure I could feel his erection.

I in turn rubbed my bum against the hardness of his erection.

"Oh Gerry I'm sure I'm going to love being fucked by you" I said with a deep sigh.

"Oh fuck I can't wait" he said

He continued holding, squeezing and rubbing against me until we reached the shelter side of the island, the part where we would drop anchor.

There were already three other boats in the area, so he chose a spot well clear of them, preferring a little privacy.

I decided it was time to disappear down below, finding a spot to sit and wait for them. There was the clatter of the chain first; the splash, then they let the anchor rope pay out until they were happy that all was secure.

"Right Peter... that seems all secure... now let's get below and entertain our guest eh... what do you say?"

"I agree with you Gerry... let's do it" followed by footsteps making toward the open hatch. Now that the time had arrived I was nervous... I never thought I would be... god I mean I'd been fucked many, many times before... this was nothing new to me so why was I so nervous... all I had to do was open my legs for them... was it nerves or was I excited by it all.

I watched and waited as they tumbled down the hatch, Gerry rubbing his hands together with glee.

"Now my lovely thing... lets get you unwrapped and see what delights lie beneath... I'm sure we are not going to be disappointed eh" continuing to rub his hands and smile, like an eager child wanting to unwrap his Christmas present.

"You just want me to undress... is that it"

"Of course... of course... come on come on don't keep us waiting" he said, his hand stirring the air at the same time.

I felt like a stripper as I undid the zip on the back of my dress, shrugging it over my shoulders and letting it fall to the deck.

"Oh god Peter... look at that... look at that... isn't that the most heart stopping, blood racing thing you've seen in a long, long time" he said, his lustful eyes raking over my scantly clad body.

"Keep going... keep going... leave the stockings... leave the stockings, we'll fuck you with them on" he said, continuing to watch me undress.

I undid my bra, letting it drop to the deck.

"Oh god... oh god" they murmured in unison. "Keep going... keep going" Gerry said his hand stirring up the air as he gestured for me to continue.

I pulled my pants down, and then stepped out of them. There was only one place their eyes were glued to, it wasn't my feet, it was between my legs. Mouths open drooling. I parted them a little further, allowing a better view. I moved my hands downward, then taking the lips, parted the lips of my pussy, allowing them an unrestricted view of the pink wet flesh, after all this is where they wanted to be... let them see the goods... they'd paid for it.

A long low hiss of breath emerged from both of them as they stared, unable to shift their gaze from what the saw before them.

"God Peter look at that... isn't that the most beautiful thing you ever saw... come on lad I'm sure you're as eager to fuck it as I am" he said and with that started to tear away his clothing, just scattering it in wild abandon around the cabin. Within moments, I was confronted with two naked men... two very aroused naked men, men that were keen to get their dicks inside me... after all that's why I was here... for their pleasure.

Gerry took a box from the shelf. Tipping the contents onto the table, there appeared a dozen or so condoms.

"There you are my sweet... pick a couple out of that lot... anyone... they are all good"

I picked a red one and a clear one, tearing open the red one; I rolled it onto Gerry's erection and slowly started to masturbate him. "Ho, ho... that feels good... a real nice warm touch you have there darling... a nice real touch" he said as he closed his eyes, wallowing in the euphoric feeling.

"I'm going to take you from behind my love, turn around and bend over the table" he said, taking hold of my body, he spun me around, pushing me down, forcing me to stretch across the table. "Spread your legs sweetheart... spread your legs" I kept doing so until he said that was far enough. The table top felt cool, as by breasts pressed against it, my cheek also as I lay my head on it. The sight of my firm rounded ass proved too much of a temptation for him. His hands roamed freely over the surface, feeling the softness of my skin, gently squeezing, massaging my buttocks, then running his hard cock against it, teasing me, letting me feel its warmth and its firmness. His fingers track the crevice of my buttocks, and then inserts them into my pussy, working them back and forth.

A soft sigh of joy from his lips.

"We'll just get you worked up a little... get that pussy of yours nice and wet... then I'll slip inside it" he said, his finger working away at me. I could feel my juices starting to work. My pussy getting wetter and wetter.

"Oh you're almost ready sweetheart... almost there eh?"

"Oh yes... yes... I'm ready... I'm quite ready" I whimpered.

"You sure you're ready for me honey?"

"Yes... yes, go ahead... put it in... I'm ready"

His left hand took a firm grip on my hip... then a moment later I felt the large bulbous head, ready to enter... then he was pushing inward.

"Oh god Gerry... Gerry... Gerry..." I gasped. He was a tall heavy man. His thrust was quick and deep. He had me pinned hard against the edge of the table, he was well inside me, his loins and thighs pressed close to my ass, and he weighed heavily against me.

"Oh sorry love... sorry... did I hurt you?"

"No... no... it's ok... its ok, go on... go ahead"

"It'll be ok in a little while, once I open you up, a few stokes should soon do that. I'm going to fuck you first... then I'll pull out and let Peter have a turn... we'll change over as we go... you just lie there and enjoy it honey" his ass now swaying back and forth... the thrusting had begun. His motion was slow and steady.

"Is that alright sweetheart... I'm not hurting you am I?"

"No... no... I'm fine now... just keep going"

"Oh god you feel nice and tight my love... your cunt feels like magic"

His speed increased and I could hear the plop... plop... plop as his loins and thighs slapped against my ass. My flesh quivering like a jelly with every inward thrust. As I lay spread across the table, I could see the spilled condoms just in front of me. God I hope they didn't intend to use all of them. I knew Gerry had the red one, because I'd put it on him. The table creaked and groaned in protest to his thrusting. The slap... slap... slap continued on unrelenting. His hands stroked and massaged my back and shoulders as he kept up his thrusting, keeping me pinned hard against the edge of the table.

"Get the camera Peter" He said in a quiet tone as if not wanting me to hear him.

"What camera Gerry... please no pictures" I said.

"Shhhh... it's alright... it's alright, just a few pics for the record... no ones going to see them"

"Oh god I hope not... please promise you won't put them on the internet... I can't afford that"

"No... no... not that, just for Peter and I that's all, I promise"

When I turned my head, Peter already had the camera pointed at me and I could see the little red light that said it was live... I smiled... after all that's what you're supposed to do when someone takes your picture.

Gerry slowed the pace, then in a low voice as if he were concocting some sort of conspiracy said "Here Peter, down here... zoom in... get a good view of my cock... that's it... now a view of her cunt..." he continued to fuck me at a very slow pace, directing Peter as to where to point the camera. Peter kept the camera focused on Gerry's cock as it slid in and out. "Yeh... yeh that's it Pete... its gona look real good after we edit, don't you think"

"Oh yeh... that it is... that it is"

"You got a good one of my cock going in and out of her cunt I hope"

"Don't worry Gerry... it's all there... all there"

"You all right there honey" he asked. Now turning his attention back to me.

"Yes... yes... I'm fine" I replied and once again the deep heavy thrusting started up.

I remained pinned hard against the table for another five minutes as his ass and hips swayed back and forth, thrusting... thrusting... thrusting., then he stopped.

"I'm gona get out of the saddle now honey... you're gona have a new jockey to ride you for a wee while... then I'll be back"

"Pete... better get yourself hardened up... and get yourself in here"

Peter was smiling at me as he stroked his shaft, making it harder for me.

I felt Gerry stiff member withdraw, leaving a void, his hand giving my ass a hard slap as he did so, causing my buttock to tingle. Just stay put my love... Pete will be inside you in a jiff. I waited for them to change places. Just as he placed the head of his hard member at my entrance, Gerry called a halt.

"I want some footage of her cunt before you go in" he said, continuing to talk in a quiet tone as if he did not want me to hear.

"Ok honey... I want you to reach behind you... pull the lips of your cunt wide open... let me see some wet, pink flesh"

I did as requested, pulling the lips of my vulva apart, to reveal the soft wet interior of my vagina.

"Oh great... great... hold it there" and he pointed the lens, the camera burst into life and started its recording. "Hold it... hold it, I'm going to zoom right up close... oh yes... yes... that's a great shot" he said... then to Pete "Ok pal its all yours... you can start fucking her now... I'll record"

As Pete moved in, Gerry followed the action to record the entry. I felt Pete make his entry and was quick to start. His ass and hips taking over from Gerry. Gerry followed the action for a while, directing Pete as to how and what he wanted to record. Having taken what he wanted he put the camera down and sat on the settee in order to watch Pete as he humped away... all the while slowly stroking his manhood, keeping it nice and hard.

My head was turned toward him and I watched as he slowly masturbated. He could see I was watching him; he just smiled at me and blew me a kiss, continuing to masturbate. I smiled back at him and returned the kiss.

It was a fine looking specimen of manhood, not long in length, but having a wider girth than normal, certainly thicker than Dave, who I was well pleased with. I wondered just how long these guys could keep it up as Pete's turn seemed to last forever and then. Gerry looked at his watch and suggested Pete take a break. Then withdrawing, stood to one side.

"Here... come over here my love... get on your knees... give my cock a good suck... let me feel that warm mouth of yours around it"

I stood up for the first time in ages; my thighs were bruised and tender from being continually pressed into the edge of the table. My pussy was starting to feel the effects of the marathon, but I knew I would hold out as long as they could fuck, it would be them first.

I dropped to my knees, the condom covered erection looming large only an inch or so from my mouth. I opened wide and devoured it. One hand working the hard shaft, the other fondling his balls.

"Oh god yes... yes" he moaned "That's just fantastic... just fantastic" eyes closed as he reveled in the sheer euphoria. I could taste my own juices, mingled with the taste of condom. I moved my mouth down his shaft, and then popped one of his balls into my mouth, I could feel and taste the hair surrounding it on my tongue as I gently suckled it.

His soft moans telling me he was enjoying it, ten minutes of sucking, then.

"Come on honey I'd like to fuck you again... lie on your back on the couch... I'll do you here" and he gently turned me on my back, his hands then took hold of my ankles and hoisted them high at the same time pulling them apart, to form a large V. Positioning himself between the V he placed his cock at my vulnerable and open slit and I watched as he pushed inside, the sight of it vanishing gave me a thrill. Even though he and Pete had already been inside me, I still gave a little gasp as he entered. "Oh god Gerry"

"You ok honey... I'm not hurting you am I"

"No... no... everything is fine... just you keep on going... its ok" I assured him. With my legs help up and around his shoulders he continued to thrust into me.

This was pure sex I was having with these two guys, nothing more nothing less, raw lustful sex... for which they were paying me handsomely. This time Gerry was facing me, not taking me from the back, my legs were over his shoulders and bent back like a contortionists. His bearded face only inches from mine. His ass gyrating, flexing and twitching, making his hard cock to work in and out.

"You alright there sweetheart" he asked once more, a warm genuine smile on his face.

"Yes... yes... I'm fine Gerry; just fine... keep going... keep going"

"You do like being fucked don't you?"

"Yes of course... I wouldn't be here if I didn't" I replied.

"Good girl... good girl" he said and continued his thrusting. Minutes ticked by, then he declared it was time to change jockeys once again.

A moment or so as they changed places and I was now looking up at Pete, now I could sense he was nearing the end, he was going to cum and cum soon. I was proved right when he shouted.

"Oh god... oh god... oh god" and one final full thrust, he bit his bottom lip and let his cum fill the condom, and a wonderful sensation ripped through is body

"Oh shit that was good... yes real good" as he slowly withdrew his now depleted penis. I could see he had filled the little bulb at the end of the condom; there seemed quite a large amount. Under other circumstances all that would have been inside me

Drawing it off his withering shaft he said "I'll go and put this over the side" and I watched his bare ass, as he made toward the steps leading to the open hatch. There was a light plop as it hit the water, then the sound of flowing liquid as he urinated over the side.

Now Gerry loomed large, between my legs, like some great bear. With ease he picked me up by the ankles, then throwing my legs over his shoulders, thrust into me one more time. Another ten minutes of grunts, moans and groans... then he too succumbed and was unloading his sperm into the condom. Like Pete, when he withdrew I could see the deposit of sperm, captured in the bulb.

"I'll drop it over the side as well" he said "Grab three cold ones from the fridge and come on deck... no need to dress, were all old friends now and its quite warm" Just as I'd watched Pete clamber through the hatch. I now watched Gerry's ass as he to climbed through the open hatch and onto the deck.

I lay on the couch for a little while, it had been hard work, the cabin was hot and stuffy but even so, I just wanted to lay a while longer, then go and join them. It was short lived, the voice of Gerry asking where I was and where the cold beer was. We'd spent so long fucking, the darkness had fallen and out here anchored in the shelter of the island, it was only the moonlight to see by.

"Where's the beers" I asked.

"In the ice box... under the table you were getting fucked on" he replied.

When I looked I could make out the blue box, with white lid. It contained a mixture of melted ice and ice cubes, in amongst it was the cans of lager. My fingers felt numb as I dug into it, grabbed three of them and headed for the open hatch.

"Ahhhh that's a good lass" Gerry said as I emerged and handed each one of the cold cans.

A slight warm breeze to caress my naked body, as I stood on the deck, surveying the surrounding area. One yacht was anchored some distance off, curtains drawn and cabin lights forming a silhouette, and shining through the open hatch. The other was a little further away, lights shining in the well, people sitting drinking, their voices and laughter carrying over the water... to them we were invisible, just another yacht and of no interest to them. It was so refreshing to feel the breeze after the stuffiness of the cabin. I popped the cold can took a mouthful of lager and sat on one of the squabs.

Gerry did the same and sat next to me, his arm around me, pulling me against his warm naked body. I snuggled up close, feeling warm and secure. He turned his face toward me, kissing my forehead and cheek; I felt the hard bristle of his beard as it brushed my skin.

"Mmmmm... you were good Laura... real good... a joy to fuck... isn't that right Pete?"

"Absolutely... absolutely... you have no argument from me... yes Gerry is right... you're a good fuck alright... a good fuck" he replied nodding his agreement and taking another mouthful of beer.

Another hug... another kiss on the forehead... then "What made you become a prostitute Laura?"

Oh god I hated that, straight to the point eh. I'd always blocked out the word prostitute, I thought if I did not think about it, it did not apply, but of course that is exactly what I was... a prostitute... this wasn't a free love thing that brought me out here... it was money. I was an escort for my own agency... I was no better than the girls that worked for us.

He pressed me again "What made you become a prostitute love?"

"Oh... well... I guess one I like sex and the other was I need the money and it seems a good way to earn it"

"I suppose that's how most see it"

"I don't know... can't speak for them I'm afraid... maybe".

"Claire would be a good boss to work for... would she not?"

I was about to say I was one of the bosses but decided not to.

"Yes... she's very nice... we all get on with her... I'm really only part time... when she rang tonight saying she could not find your regular, she asked me to step in"

"What... Claire rang you... how did she know I was wanting a girl... when I rang her I could not get her... I rang the other number, got a guy called Kevin... who's he?"

"A rat... a bloody rat" I replied. I now suspected the sod had set me up, he said Claire could not find anyone and had called him... it had all been a pretext. Claire hadn't called him at all. Just bloody wait Kevin Pearce, I'm going to get you.

"You don't like him I take it" He said

"No... no I do like him... I like him very much... he got me this job... working for the agency... it's a bit of a personal thing... no Kevin's alright"

"Oh I had to wonder... he told me he'd fucked you a few times and recommended you"

"Yes... well that is true... he has... I'm flattered he recommended me"

"Well I'm glad he did... what he told us was true... you are a good fuck"

"Hey Pete old buddy... would ya like to pop down and pick up the video camera... lets take a look at the images we took"

"Oh god no... no please not them... not now" I said

"Oh come on love... aren't you a teeny bit inquisitive to see yourself"

"Oh no... no I can do without it... please"

Pete was already down below and on his way back, and handing Gerry the camera. He flicked open the screen and switched on, running the tape back, and then pressed the play button and holding it for me to see.

"Oh god... no" I cried as the pictures paraded in front of me.

"Ho, ho look at that... that is just great" said Gerry and I watched as he replayed our session back to me. Yes it was all there, my smiling at the camera... a rather nervous smile, the panning across my naked body and coming upon Gerry firmly entrenched inside me, zooming in and the sight of his stiff member as it slid in and out, my fleshy ass vibrating with each and every thrust he made.

"Oh boy look at that beautiful cunt of yours, ain't that just wonderful" and sure enough, there was me holding the lips of my pussy open, while he zoomed up close, just as if he was about to enter me.

"Oh god you're not going to keep all this are you?" I asked

"Of course we are... god it's too good to destroy"

"Please... please promise me you won't publish any of this... please"

"Oh don't you worry honey... it's just for Pete and I" he replied.

"Here Pete take a look... they're good... real good"

Pete took the camera and sat opposite us and started to play it all back again.

Gerry's arm pulled me close to him again, kissed the top of my head and taking my hand placed it on what was now a very hard erection.

My fingers wrapped around the hard shaft, gripping it and squeezing it, then started to masturbate him.

"Oh fuck that feels real good honey" letting his head roll back and closing his eyes, lost in euphoria.

He made no request, I simply slipped from my seat, dropped to my knees between his legs, taking a firm grip on the shaft I opened my mouth and fed it inside, like I was some hungry animal wanting to feed upon his hard bone.

His body stiffened, he let out a cry... a cry that would carry across the water.

"Oh fuck... dear god... that feels so good... yes, suck me babe... suck me" his hands reaching for my breasts, squeezing and playing with my nipples, making them stand up.

"Are you ready for more yet Pete" he asked.

"I've been ready for the last ten minutes... I'm ready when you are"

"Hey honey, looks like you got two randy jockeys, ready to ride you again... lets go pick us a condom... I like black" he said, then we all trooped back below deck.

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