More Than Just A Job - Book I
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Enema, Exhibitionism, Doctor/Nurse, Body Modification, Needles, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story in 8 parts that tells of 2 women who find themselves in awkward positions and then their positions get really awkward. Many story codes, different for each chapter.

Sandy was in a pickle. She had come to New York City with the firm promise of a job. She was supposed to work for a big firm as an Information Technology expert. It turned out that there was no job! Much to her chagrin, IT jobs were scarce and there were many people with much more experience than Sandy applying for these jobs. Worse than that, Sandy had come into town by bus which cost her most of her ready cash and there was a higher cost of living here than she was used to. Now she didn't have much money left.

She was tired of walking around so she grabbed a free paper and popped into a diner for a cup of coffee. When the cashier told her the total, she had one thing running through her mind, Two dollars for a cup of coffee? I'd better get a job and soon. With the coffee paid for, Sandy turned around and started looking for a quiet place to sit. She spotted a little booth in the corner and took a seat there.

Once she was settled in she started to leaf through the free paper. Sandy noticed that it was mostly personal ads, 'DWF into food sex', etc. Disgusted, she turned the last page and saw four quarter-page advertisements. These were not the usual ads; one was for escorts and two were for dancers (strippers). The last one had simple black text, not dazzling colors and pictures of 'happy' scantily clad women like the other three. Sandy read the plain advertisement, her curiosity aroused. 'Gorgeous Women wanted to work in an Overseas Casino. Incredible Pay and Benefits. Serious Inquires Only'. At the bottom was a 1-800 number.

Sandy let the paper fall slightly as she reached for the cup of coffee. She had never thought of herself as 'gorgeous' but she had been called beautiful. As she was putting the coffee down, she caught her reflection in the café's plate glass window. Sandy couldn't help notice how her high cheek bones accented her beautiful oval face. The way that her auburn hair was arranged in bangs hanging down onto her forehead seemed to draw attention to her stunning grey eyes. Sandy had a slim, fit body with small, firm breasts and extraordinary legs. She decided to think more about the ad while she finished her coffee.

As she lifted the cup to her mouth and took the last sip, Sandy decided that it was time for her to be on her way. She still had to find a place to stay. As she rose to her feet she looked at the ad once again. She was very leery about calling it since she had already been let down by the job market. If it sounds too good to be true, then it isn't true. That is all that ran through her mind as she headed to the front door.

As she reached for the door handle she saw a phone booth beside the door. For the longest time she just stood there. Spurred on by desperation, she reached into her pocket and found two quarters to make the call. After one ring it was answered.

A business-like woman's voice said, "Hello, may I transfer your call?"

"Um... yes. I am calling to find out more about the advertisement in the newspaper. I am very interested in working with your company but I would like to know more about it. Could you please tell me more?"

"Do you think you look good enough to work for us?" the woman on the other end asked. She was very abrupt and took Sandy by surprise. Even at that though, she didn't take affront at the woman's question. Perhaps being almost broke had some effect on this decision.

"Well—y-y-yes. Maybe not gorgeous as the ad is asking for but I think I am pretty. I am sorry Ma'am, but I really need this job. Please... give me a shot?" Sandy asked as she played with the phone cord, bent her head down, and nibbled at her lower lip. There was a long, uncomfortable moment of silence. The woman gave her an address and an appointment for 10:00 the following morning.

Sandy hung up the phone slowly. Was she really going to go through with this? It would be a job at least. Her mind was a whirlwind of ideas as she made her way to a dingy looking hotel. She got herself settled in and took a shower. As Sandy was lying in the bed the only thing that resonated through her mind right before shutting her eyes was, I hope I get the job because after tonight's stay in a hotel I'll only have enough money left for breakfast.

The morning came quickly and Sandy found she only had enough money left for a skimpy breakfast. She decided that she could walk to the address and set off in plenty of time to arrive a little early. It wasn't like she had anything left for cab fare.

Sandy arrived at the address with fifteen minutes to spare. The first thing she noticed was that the building was a newer building made of steel and glass, not some old brick building that had seen better days. The second thing that Sandy noticed was the pretty girl on the sidewalk trying to decide if she wanted to go into the building or not.

As Sandy got closer to the girl she could see a troubled look on her cute face. It looks like I'm not the only one here for a job interview that she's nervous about. Sandy broke the silence, startling the girl who jumped in surprise. It was obvious that the girl had not noticed Sandy's arrival.

"Are you here for a job also?" Sandy asked as she lifted her right hand to brush a loose lock of auburn hair behind her ear. The girl thought for a few seconds then nodded her head. Sandy continued, "I am here for a job also. My name is Sandy. You might say that I need this job. I hope that the job will suit me and they will hire me. We can go in together if you wish."

The girl looked to be only sixteen years old but Sandy knew that she had to be at least eighteen. The advertisement specifically said that applicants had to be from eighteen to twenty four years old. The girl was also shorter than Sandy's five foot six inches, only about five feet tall. Her shoulder length blonde hair fell in wavy curls around her innocent looking heart-shaped face. Her body was average for a girl of her size except for her breasts. They were probably only cup size C, but on her small frame they looked enormous.

The girl smiled and spoke in a soft voice, "My name is Jeanie and as you may have guessed, I am eighteen years old. I also need this job. I hope they have two positions open." Jeanie smiled to show Sandy that she didn't want this to be a struggle between them. "I came to the city trying to get a job as an actress in a stage play. It turns out that I am too over-endowed to act on the stage. I have no money and no future, unless I can get this job." Jeanie paused then smiled again, "Thank you, I would be glad if we went in together as I'm a little nervous."

Sandy opened the door and followed Jeanie inside. They walked together to the reception desk and introduced themselves. The receptionist, an attractive willowy woman with long light brown hair, made a notation on a paper and led them to a small meeting room. The room had comfortable chairs and an alcove with clothes hanging on a rod. The receptionist instructed them to sit down and told them that they would be joined by the recruiter soon. While they waited the girls talked to each other, becoming better acquainted.

The door opened and a well-dressed man entered. He looked like the poster child for tall, dark and handsome. The man introduced himself as Kelly. "Hello ladies, I am here to explain the employment conditions and to answer questions." He smiled and said, "This opportunity has many, many benefits and few conditions. Every employee, regardless of assigned job, makes $3,000 per month. Room and board are included plus there is the opportunity to earn bonuses. The assigned jobs range from waitress to hostess to Croupier. There are beaches, pools, five-star restaurants, night clubs, boutiques and a shoppette for the employees, and so on."

"There are only a few conditions. You must remain employed in periods of a year at a time. You are required to have medical exams to ensure your continued health, and so on." He handed the ladies papers explaining the benefits and conditions. He went to the alcove and started showing the women an example of outfits worn by employees. "You will be wearing one of these or something similar." He showed them everything from a sexy evening dress for hostesses to a peasant blouse with hot pants for waitresses to a lace up leather dress for other positions. Kelly ended his presentation by asking if there were any questions.

Jeanie seemed awed by the benefits that went with the job but Sandy was suspicious. There seem to be a lot of nonspecific "and so on"s in his sales pitch. "Oh sure, and we'll be made to sleep with everyone too. No thanks."

"No, you will NOT have to provide sexual favors unless you want to. It's in the contract." Kelly answered.

"What about this clause about being marked as the property of RR Entertainments? Does this mean we'll have to get tattoos saying that?"

"No, of course not, the very idea. It just means that you will always be associated with RR Entertainments and as such, even after you leave our employ you must act accordingly. In other words, not do anything that would disgrace the fine name of RR Entertainments. If there are no more questions?" Both girls shook their heads. "Then we can go sign the paperwork." Kelly led Sandy and Jeanie into a nearby room. This room had a conference table and chairs, with two contracts on it all ready to sign on the table. Both girls signed their contracts and Kelly signed as well. He gave each woman a copy of her contract.

"Congratulations, you both are now employees of RR Entertainments." Kelly shook each girl's hand and continued speaking. "Tonight you will share a suite in the Waldorf-Astoria and tomorrow, you'll be on your way." Sandy and Jeanie's faces both showed relief, as they were very hungry. "Is either one of you allergic to anything?" Both girls shook their heads. "Good, just follow me and we'll get the medical exams out of the way."

Sandy was about to complain about Kelly's being in the examination room but he left before she could say anything. The girls found themselves in the room with just the doctor and two nurses, all female. The nurses drew blood, 3 full test tubes worth, and with a partition between them they were told to strip. After a quick examination they were told to get dressed and return to the reception room. Sandy was amazed at the brevity of the examination. That was less intrusive than my last gynecological exam.

When they entered the receptionist smiled and congratulated them. They were then bundled into a limousine by Kelly and whisked off to the hotel. On the way Kelly told them to be ready by 7:00 the next morning. They would find clothes in their room which they were to wear for the flight, and they could charge whatever they desired to the room. The limousine pulled into the drive of the Waldorf-Astoria where a doorman opened the limousine door. After some quick good-byes and best wishes, the limousine drove away with Kelly inside.

Sandy and Jeanie walked through the lobby moving towards the front desk, their eyes wide and mouths open, awed by the majesty of the place. The desk clerk anticipated their question and held out a room key, "You must be the RR ladies. Enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to ask if you need anything."

The girls walked to an elevator and were amazed to find that the Waldorf-Astoria still used elevator operators. They thanked the elevator operator and Jeanie giggled as they walked to their room. Sandy thought, It all seems like a pleasant dream for Jeanie. I just hope for both our sakes it doesn't turn into a horrible nightmare.

They opened the door to their luxury suite and were not disappointed. The door opened into a large foyer which led to a living room, which in turn led to a master bedroom. The living room had a wet bar and a large TV. Off the bedroom was a boudoir, a bathroom with a separate marble bath and shower stall. Also there was another TV in the bedroom. Sandy and Jeanie wandered around investigating the room, in awe at all the luxury. They found their company clothing already put away in the spacious closets. The women decided to examine them later.

They were very hungry so Sandy picked up one of the telephones. It was answered almost immediately, before she could even dial. She ordered a sumptuous lunch to be delivered to their suite. They were both looking forward to a good lunch and some quiet time. Sandy and Jeanie managed to eat all of their large lunches. Sandy sprawled out on the over-stuffed sectional in the living room and let out a satisfied moan. They were so stuffed that they both needed a nap. Jeanie stretched out on the plush bed, quickly slipping into a satisfied sleep.

Their naps lasted until the phone rang a few hours later. Jeanie answered the phone. It was Kelly. Sandy appeared in the doorway of the bedroom, so Jeanie waved her in and put the phone on speaker. She told Kelly to go ahead and that they were both there on speaker phone. Kelly asked how they were. They answered "Fine" and then he asked them if their new clothes had fit.

Sandy fielded the question, "Actually, Kelly, we haven't got that far yet. We ate a marvelous lunch and then napped. We will be sure to try them on now. We'll call if there are any problems." Kelly said that it was OK with him, for them to sleep well tonight and be ready downstairs at 7:00 AM.

"OK Jeanie, we know we have to wear one of these outfits tomorrow. The first question is, do we want to go as twins?

"I think it would be cute if we went as twins, Sandy." Jeanie smiled a coquettish smile. "And we both have to agree on what we will wear, OK?" Sandy nodded her agreement. "I know this sounds terribly naughty but having seen the clothes we are going to wear, we should get used to being naked in front of each other." Sandy just started unbuttoning her blouse, signaling her agreement. Jeanie tittered, her schoolgirl laughter filling up the room. They both stripped off their clothes, watching each other, noticing their differences, each finding beauty in the other.

The first outfit they tried on was an aqua blue evening gown. It featured a one shoulder drape revealing the nape of the neck, and a slit up the front of the gown. The difference between their bosoms was too much for Sandy. The next outfit was similar but much more revealing. It was a Studio Stripe halter dress, made of a slinky micro fiber that clung to every sexy curve of their bodies. The dress barely covered the thigh and displayed the breasts nicely, no matter the size.

The rest of the outfits were too racy to even consider, the raciest being a pair off short-shorts that had a ribbon of cloth that snapped in the front. The cloth looped around the neck cupping the breasts and leaving the back bare. Sandy found some body stockings and hose also, but no underwear or sleep wear. They decided to wear the Studio Stripe halter dresses to dinner at the Inagiku restaurant and to the airport tomorrow.

The Inagiku restaurant was a traditional Japanese restaurant within the hotel, so the ladies dined on delicacies such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, and Japanese rice (most of which is actually grown in California) washed down by sake, of course. The women decided not to have too much sake, as they were flying the next day.

They made quite an impression with their matching dresses. They felt many eyes upon them, the men staring lustfully and the women with looks from disdain to downright hostility. Sandy and Jeanie did not let the looks affect them. They enjoyed the final goodbye dinner, letting nothing dampen their enthusiasm. Perhaps the two girls did have a bit too much sake, but they felt it was owed to them somehow. They went back to their room, holding on to each other for support.

Sandy and Jeanie took off their saucy dresses and hung them carefully so they would not wrinkle. It was late and they stood in their underwear looking at each other. Sandy decided to lead the way, taking off her panties and bra, climbing into the king size bed on the right side.

"We may as well get to sleep, Jeanie. No need to be embarrassed. Why, we're like sisters." Sandy made sure to avert her eyes as her 'sister' got undressed. She felt the bed shift as Jeanie climbed into bed on the left side. Sandy left the room in darkness with a simple flick of the switch above her head. The girls exchanged soft good nights and were soon asleep.

Sandy woke in the middle of the night. Jeanie's arms were wrapped around her and their tits were squashed together. She felt tears on her shoulder. Sandy decided that she would ignore the attraction as the naked girl clung to her bare body, and find out what the tears were about instead.

"What's wrong, Jeanie?" The girl just sobbed and shook in her arms. Sandy patted her on the back and said, "There, there dear. Don't worry, we'll be at our jobs soon. Remember all the perks we will get. We'll be living high, girl."

"Y-y-y-y you saw what they wanted us to wear and no underwear either. I have a bad feeling about this, Sandy. I don't want to be a whore. I don't want to be made into a slut."

Sandy pulled her away until she could stare into Jeanie's large, frightened, blue eyes. "We won't have to be whores, dear. True, we may have to dress in skimpy clothes but we won't have to have sex unless we want to. The same goes for being a slut, you don't have to unless you want to."

Sandy gave Jeanie a sly grin. "I'll be there for you all the way through, day by day. We'll do whatever you want to. You and I will always be there for each other through thick and thin." Sandy gave Jeanie another hug and a kiss. The kiss lasted a little too long to be just a friendly kiss and Sandy felt Jeanie's hot, wet tongue slide past her full lips. I know that Jeanie wants this as much as I do. This will help seal our dedication to each other.

Sandy kissed Jeanie harder. She was very aggressive, they could go slower later. Right now she needed to feel the rush, the unbridled passion that she knew Jeanie would give. Her hands slid down Jeanie's back to cup her firm ass-cheeks. Jeanie moaned into Sandy's open mouth. Aroused further, Sandy squeezed Jeanie's cute butt. Jeanie feels so incredible; I've got to taste her.

Sandy wriggled around Jeanie, never breaking contact with her smooth body, until her head was over Jeanie's aromatic folds. The slightly older woman lowered her head and kissed and licked the valley of pleasure formed by the joining of Jeanie's slender legs. Sandy started with her inner thighs, licking up her sweet flavor and showering them with soft, quick kisses. The girl moaned and spread her legs wide.

Seeing the way open, Jeanie's spread legs formed a welcome sign. Sandy rolled over moving her head next to the girl's warm thigh. She kissed her way over Jeanie's thigh, bringing her lips and nose closer to the girl's moist, young pussy. The scent was so enticing that Sandy plunged her face between Jeanie's shapely thighs and impaled her cunt, thrusting deep with her tongue. Jeanie moaned and stiffened momentarily in ecstasy. Sandy began to lick inside of her wet cunny. The girl's moaning intensified and her nectar flow increased as Sandy's tongue painted her sweet folds with saliva.

Sandy shifted her body to lie between Jeanie's open legs. The woman temptress walked her fingers up the girl's flat tummy and cupped her voluptuous breasts. Sandy squeezed them gently while her tongue inched up to lick near Jeanie's hard clit, never actually touching that super-sensitive button. Sandy moved her long tongue back to the swollen lips, tongue fucking her hard and fast. Jeanie groaned when the tongue left from around her clit and returned back inside her soaking cunny. Then she grabbed Sandy's head in both her hands pulling it closer as Sandy's tongue drove deeper and twisted.

Using her fingers Sandy circled over Jeanie's full breasts, being careful not to touch the nipples, teasing her by not touching them. She was licking and sucking on Jeanie's hot, wet pussy savoring the creamy goodness there. She tastes so good; I want to just eat her all up! Jeanie moaned louder and begged Sandy to make her cum. Sandy wanted to please her younger partner so she began rubbing Jeanie's nipples and licked up to her exposed clit. Jeanie began thrashing as she moved closer and closer to her climax. Pressing her ruby red lips to Jeanie's clitoris, Sandy sucked softly and pulled and twisted her lover's erect nipples.

Her body shaking and trembling, Jeanie orgasmed. Her juices spilled out of her, soaking Sandy's already cum-smeared face. Sandy pulled harder on Jeanie's taut nipples and nipped her hard clit gently with her teeth. Jeanie's passion boiled over once more. She cried out as she climaxed again, more of her sweet nectar pouring out of her sated pussy. Sandy slowly massaged Jeanie's full breasts and licked her distended lips, bringing Jeanie down from her peak little-by-little. Jeanie just lay sprawled out, content with the gentle loving touch of Sandy.

Moaning softly, Jeanie sat up and took Sandy in her arms. She pressed her mouth to Sandy's, kissing her and licking her own scrumptious juices from her pretty face. Once Sandy's face was clean, Jeanie kissed her again. "I feel much better now and much more relaxed too. Would you mind if I didn't return the favor tonight? I'm a bit tired, Sandy."

Smiling at Jeanie, Sandy replied, "I don't mind a bit, I'm rather tired myself. I'll just enjoy cuddling with you tonight, OK?" She is so cute, so innocent. Jeanie nodded smiling. The two beautiful, naked women slid under the covers. Sandy switched off the light and they held each other close. Tomorrow their great adventure would start and they would need as much rest as they could get.

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