Riding Mr. Parker
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mr. Parker is a conservative High School English teacher with a problem, a sexy student who wants to give him sex in exchange for an A. Then her mother comes on the scene and it gets even stranger. This story is going to start a little slow but will build to a very sexual ending showing the transformation of Mr. Parker over time.

Steve Parker had been teaching school for 7 years. His job teaching English as James Polk High school was not too bad, it paid enough for his lifestyle, the benefits were good, and he was looking forward to an early retirement at age 52. At 29 years old the fact that the best part of his life was thinking about retirement in 23 more years never seemed to strike him as odd. Steve was six feet tall, dark haired handsome and in good shape. Some of the young male teachers had problems with girl's getting crushes on them, but not Steve, something about him just exuded boring and not dangerous. He was 29 going on 59 and the girls could tell. Steve's life was predictable, stable and dull as hell.

He had been married for 5 years to his college sweetheart. His wife Lisa was a nurse and she worked the swing shift at the hospital from 3 to 11 at night. They did not see each other too much during the week as Steve had to be at work at 7:00 and was home by 5:00. Again this was alright with Steve as it left him plenty of time to read and work on a novel that he was probably never going to send to a publisher. Sex was OK as far as Steve was concerned, maybe once or twice a month Lisa would be in the mood. Steve wanted sex more often but he was not one to rock the boat. He just beat off to internet porn when Lisa was a work and that seemed to take care of things. All in all he was satisfied with his life and where he was at.

For the most part Steve did not have trouble with his students. He was moderately well liked, or at least tolerated by the students in the class. He graded people fairly based upon their work and effort and not whether he liked them, or they were part of some clique or another in the school. There were always students doing well and students doing poorly, he tried to help both groups to the best of his abilities. One of his students in particular had been performing badly and he was meeting with her after school to try and get to the bottom of her problem.

The girl's name was Rebecca Marsh, everyone called her Becca. Rebecca Marsh was an 18 year old beauty with long dark hair, a figure that would put any woman to shame. She was wearing a v-neck cut tight shirt that showed more cleavage than the school dress code allowed, and a pair of jeans that showed off her tight ass to perfection. Steve had never had a problem with the sexual side of high school girls and had never even been tempted to stray with one of his students. His brain noted that Rebecca was pretty and sexy but that was it at least that was the way he tried to think.

As he started talking with her he was blunt and to the point, "Rebecca I will come right to the point you are failing my class and you cannot graduate if you do not pass my class. I do not see any evidence that you are even trying to pass the class. You have barely turned in half of the required work, and what you do turn in looks like you wrote it in the five minutes before class starts.

"Mr. Parker you know you are supposed to call me Becca, everyone does," was all that Rebecca said back to him.

"Well Rebecca was the name your mother gave you and I think it is good enough for me to use as well. You did not answer my question."

"Well here is the deal Mr. Parker. I am fucking bored with school. I have had it with all of the high school bull shit and I am ready to be out of here. Your class bores me to death. I am never going to need any of this shit so why should I pay any attention at all." She stood up and leaned forward over his desk showing even more of her cleavage. His eyes could not help but be drawn to her breasts. Rebecca was not slow to notice.

"So Mr. Parker what if I just find your class you know, pointless. What could we do about that?" She reached up and hooked the edge of the tight t-shirt and shifted it just a little bit causing her stiff pink nipple to pop out. Steve could feel his cock swelling in his slacks as he looked at the sexy girl's nipple.

Steve mentally shook his mind clear and said crisply, "What we could do is speak with your parents about your inability to get your work done. Here is a note to your mother. If she does not call me, or e-mail me I will call her. I guess we are done.

Rebecca just smiled and stood up, throwing her shoulders back so Steve could get another good view of her big tits. "Well if you want to talk to my Mom it is fine with me. You just missed your chance though. I am real good if you know what I mean."

Steve tried to ignore the hardon in his pants as he said back to her, "I am going to choose to ignore your inappropriate comment. Just make sure you get the note to your parents."

Ok, Mr. Parker, I will let my mom know you want to see her. My dad is still serving out the sentence he got for killing some guy who looked at my mom just like you are looking at me right now. So I guess he won't be able to make it."

Steve tried not to react to her comment. He could not believe that it was true and he pointedly looked down on the papers on his desk as she left the classroom. He knew that she would look back to see if he was checking her out as she left he was not about to give the girl the satisfaction of thinking she owned him.

He was sexually charged up after his exchange with Rebecca and he could not focus that night as he was trying to keep his mind off of his sexy student. He could just picture her taut pink nipples and firm ass. He got a boner even thinking about the girl as he was trying to work on his novel. He thought about calling up some porn on his computer, but instead decided to try and get his wife to agree to sex. He wanted to feel some real pussy wrapped around his cock instead of his hand.

His wife got home at 11:30 as she walked in as he was watching the show Scrubs just as he did most nights. His wife Lisa was tall, 5'8" with light auburn hair, a slim body with small breasts and a very shapely ass, even in her white uniform pants.

He gave her a big smile when she walked in and said, "Hey it's good to see you. I was just thinking about you."

She smiled back at him and said, "Mmm, it is good to see you too. I am bushed after a today. We were short and I had to cover. I didn't sit down from the time I walked onto the floor." Lisa worked as a nurse on a medical surgical floor. The reality was she wanted to work with children but she needed to build some seniority to get the job she really wanted.

Steve flicked off the TV, determined to make his play even if she was already giving all of the 'let's just cuddle' signals. "How about you come over here and play a little nurse with me tonight. I can help you get your mind off of work in no time."

"Oh Steve you know that this is not a good night. I am just too tired. Come on up to bed with me and we can cuddle a little bit. Don't make this all about sex, you know that when I am tired I can't get into it."

Steve sighed and gave up the chase for the moment. He had not expected to get her interested anyway. His wife was pretty and sexy and he did not understand why she did not want to be more sexually active but he was resigned to his circumstances. He followed her up the stairs and noticed that her ass looked really nice in the tight white pants she had worn to work that day. He reached out and stroked her tight bottom and she slapped his hand away saying, "Steve, I told you none of that funny business tonight. I just want to go to sleep."

Steve watched her undress as he brushed his teeth. She flashed her small firm breasts at him as she changed into the long t-shirt that she usually wore to bed. Her little pink nipples made his cock jump again and he realized that he was really feeling horny and needed to fuck her tonight or he would every get to sleep. He slid up next to her and put his hands on her hips, drawing his wife in close to him. His cock was stiff and he rubbed his thick boner against her tight ass as his hands drifted up to cup her small firm tits, rolling her small nipples between his fingers.

She let out the smallest of sighs and said, "Well I guess you are really going to be persistent tonight aren't you."

"Umm, you just look so sexy tonight honey, come on I will do all the work, let's have some fun."

Lisa turned around in his arms and kissed him hard on the mouth, her tongue probing his mouth and her hands went down to grasp his firm ass, drawing his hard cock against her. She released him and said, "Well I guess I will just have to do my duty tonight after all. I can't have you going to school and looking at all the sexy high school girls with a big erection in your pants. Get into bed and I will be there in a moment."

Steve crawled into bed, shedding his underwear and t-shirt to the floor as he did so. He moved to the center of the bed, his hard cock tenting the sheets. Lisa came over to the bed and turned out the light plunging the room into darkness. Lisa always like sex in the dark, she did not ever want to do it during the day, or with the lights on. She had told Steve shortly after they married that it was just too dirty for her to do in the daylight. He moved over close to her sliding his hand up and down her chest, rubbing her stiff nipples as he did so. Umm, your tits feel nice. Your body makes my cock so hard."

"Steve, you know I don't like it when you talk dirty. I don't find it pleasurable when you talk filthy to me".

"Sorry, you just make me lose control," he responded. He slide his hand down across her flat belly and started to rub up and down her labia, she was soaked with the slickness of the lubricant that she had applied before coming to bed. He rubbed his fingers across her stiff clit and started to rub up and down her slippery slit.

"You don't need to worry about that tonight I am too tired to reach orgasm. Just get on top of me and do it."

Steve was feeling less and less excited by the moment but the urgent pulsing of his thick cock kept him from saying anything that would close her pussy to him. He swung his legs over her and she moved her legs around his back. Her hand went to his hard cock and slid him up and down her lubricant slick slit and then she lined him up with her tight fuck hole.

Steve slid his hard cock into her slowly, and started to pump faster as he felt her wetness engulf his hardness. She was tight and she felt great to him even if she was not really into it tonight. Steve started to think about the sexy girl, Rebecca who had come onto him earlier today. Her nipple looked so perfect, he could just imagine what she would feel like under him, he could just hear her moaning in pleasure as he fucked her with his hard cock. She would probably like to do it in the light, where Steve could look at her body as he fucked her.

Steve could hear Lisa grunting softly as he slammed his cock into her hard and fast. He was really pumping her, faster and harder than normal as he thought about his sexy student. In the darkness it was easy for him to imagine that he was fucking Rebecca even as he thrust into his wife's tight cunt.

It did not take him long to cum as he was so worked up. He could feel a powerful orgasm starting in the head of his cock and he slammed his hardness deep into his wife and spewed his cum load into her as he imagined he was filling up the sexy Rebecca's tight cunt. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he moaned quietly as the waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over him. He collapsed down on his wife as he finished and lay there for a moment spent.

"If you are done could you get off of me and let me go get cleaned up. I want to get to sleep."

Steve rolled off of his wife, sexually sated, but still unsatisfied. He was missing something and his encounter with his sexy student had given him an awareness of that fact. He wife came back to bed shortly and she rolled up next to him. He put his arm around her, and soon he could hear the soft steady breathing that indicated she was deep asleep.

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