The Forgotten Guardians
Chapter 1: Who are You?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Gay, Fiction, Humor, Paranormal, non-anthro, Anal Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: Who are You? - Heed my words, this is the tale of five sacred elemental Guardians of Enthera. In times long past they fought to stop a unheard of evil. An evil which took the shape of a tree. From it came chaos and bloodshed. Wars were raged and the gateway that the darkness used to travel from the Realm of Time to the Realm of the Living was stopped. Alas due to a horrid spell, the Guardians forgot who they are and darkness is trying to reopen the gateway. May the Gods be merciful.

Long ago a seed was planted in the Realm of Time; a realm that bond all others in place. As the seed took root a poison began to spread through the realm the poison fed on the realms power and grow stronger. This poison was beyond any other; it could not be sense or be seen by any one or thing, but it left a mark that appeared as a roots shadow. In turn the seed grew into an unholy tree which leaves were pure blood. These leaves when fell from the tree became demons and devils that could travel the realms. Out of all the realms only one was infected; the realm of the living; their reason for coming is still unknown.

Slowly armies grow in the realm of the living and a plan to shatter the governments and higher powers was set into place. The plan was to spill the blood of the next heir to the higher power. The first to be killed was a high Elf priestess; her death was the starting point of nightmarish war. The priestess was killed as she meditated in the grand temple; fully aware of here coming death she called upon the sacred elements; Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Spirit to send their greatest Guardians to help stop the darkness before anymore blood could be shed.

Hearing her plead they sent their greatest warriors and mages to the living realm to fight the threat while their guardians searched for the tree in the Realm of Time. To this day the war that happened long ago is still unknown and as the happening of the tree is still a mystery. All's that is known is that to protect the realms from darkness the Guardians gave up their bodies and took the form of five stones that were given to five clans. Now darkness is returning and the Guardians have yet to return, if they don't return then may the gods and goddess have mercy on our souls.

The night was cold in DragonTane forest, the chill cut through a wanders cloak like daggers. At his side was a frost white wolf that had just shook off a coat of snow on to the wander that didn't seem to notice. The wander just tightened his hood to keep the wind from biting at his wolf ears. They walked on with out a not really noticing anything until they came to a notice board in the forest; it was odd because these are usually on a trail leading from a town.

"What this?" The Wander asked out loud as he brushed away the snow on the board or that's what it looked like. After a few brushes he noticed several Elvin runes on a stone wall.

"Damn, let's go." The Wander said to the wolf and walked on; the notice board or what looked like a notice board was really part of an old tribe marker that used to live in these woods.

"Sen'Gale can you smell anything?" The Wander asked the wolf. Sen'Gale sniffed the air for a bit but in the end he shook his head.

"Nothing... Hate this bloody forest we should have stayed at the temple in Vindea Chome." The wander told the wolf in a pissed off voice.

"You said lets go through DragonTane forest, I told you there wasn't a town anywhere in this forest!" Sen'Gale snapped baring his fangs.

"Don't bare your fangs at me and besides you hated Vindea Chome." The Wander snapped back baring his fangs.

"That priestess wouldn't leave me alone! She followed me everywhere she thinks I'm a holy wolf because I can talk!" Sen'Gale yelled then started walking.

"Can you blame her?" The Wander snickered.

"Yes! Now can we please change the subject, Windra, I have an image of her face stuck in my head." Sen'Gale snapped.

The Windra just laughed.

Sen'Gale just glared at Windra as they walked on through the snow. After hours of walking Windra become extremely bored and having a conversion with Sen'Gale seemed to be the best cure.

"Gale?" Windra asked

"Yeah." Sen'Gale replied.

"Why do you hate human?" Windra asked as he watched an heir speed by.

"Humans don't understand me, they fear what they don't believe, and they think I'm some kind of demon. Hah, like they even know what a true demon looks like, but I don't know I just do. You must know how I feel being a half-demon and all." Sen'Gale explained.

"I don't care, truth be told I don't understand any of the races in this word. Tho I have heard of a tribe of Elves who live in the forest with no cities, towns, they understand an animal feels, etc." Windra told Sen'Gale.

"Sounds like any Elvin tribe, hell it sounds like any old Elvin city. What makes these so special?" Sen'Gale asked sounding annoyed.

"I don't know it's just these elves are different some how... I read about them in a scroll and it wasn't every detail so give me a break." Windra replied now annoyed.

Sen'Gale just sighed but stopped.

"What's wrong?" Windra asked.

"Perfume and horses? Windra you can't tell me you don't smell it or hear it you have as keened senses as I do." Sen'Gale said as he sniffed the air more and perked his ears up.

"Windra snow cloak now!" Sen'Gale yelled shortly after he asked Windra sound the sounds and smell.

"What?" Windra asked but quickly chanted; he then he clapped his hands together and a cover of snow covered them.

"Shhh and watch." Sen'Gale whispered to Windra as they watched the area from beneath the cover.

After a few moments of silence a high pitch scream filled the woods causing snow to fall from branches and Windra to wail in pain.

"Damn it! What the hell! I think my ears are bleeding!" Windra whimpered as he rugged his ears.

"Agh you think I heard it any softer, Windra where are you going?" Sen'Gale cried as he shook his head.

"Find out what happened and give that woman a piece of my mind!" Windra replied now very pissed.

"Some wolf you are." Sen'Gale said under his breath.

"Half-wolf demon!" Windra snapped.

Meanwhile..."Where is it?" A Dark being snapped as it grabbed a young female human with gold hair by her collar.

"I don't have it, I swear!" The woman replied as she tried to pull away but only dug here nails into the beings arms.

"Lies! Now where is it?!" Another Dark being asked but this one held a dagger at her throat.

"Put her down now because if you don't she will scream and at this range by ears will bleed so put her down now!" Windra snapped as he walked up to from the shadows.

"Who are you, ordering us around?" The beings snapped at Windra.

"Dark Elves? What are those, you chased her while riding shadow of horses?" Windra asked now puzzled.

"Wolf ears? You're a half demon." The Elf with the dagger replied seeing the faint outline of wolf ears under Windra hood.

"Wow Dark Elves aren't as stupid as I thought, anyway put her down or else." Windra laughed.

"Or what?" They both asked.

"Too late, look behind you." Windra laughed even harder at the sight behind them. Sen'Gale had killed the shadows by biting deep into their necks, oddly there was no blood; they just vanished in a puff.

"You'll pay, but we'll deal with you later. Now tell us where it is!" The elves yelled then turn to the woman.

"I threw it into the gateway so no one you ever use it!" The woman yelled back as he dug her nails deeper.

"You whore! Kill her." The Elf holding her yelled and threw her to the ground.

Just as the elves were pulling out their swords they stopped when they hear another blade sliding against its sheath. Windra had a fire burning in his ocean blue eye's, he couldn't stand the sight of a person being killed, to make him madder the elves had a dark aura and the woman was defense else. In the blink of an eye Windra stood behind the elf with the dagger. His sword of the Northern Winds out and his arm stretched; blood dripped from it as he stood.

A second later the elf in front of Windra coughed up blood and fell over dead into the snow, blood still dripping from his mouth. "I gave you fare warning now leave or end up like your friend." Windra growled as he turned his head to the last elf; fangs shining in the light of the ending day.

"What are you?!" The Elf yelled in a terrified voice as he walked away.

"Your worst nightmare, now leave!" Windra yelled in a demonic voice, but just as Dark Elf was about to leave he fell over dead. Windra and Sen'Gale quickly looked over to see the woman smiling with triumph, she had a throwing dagger in her hand but put it but into a pouch on her belt when she was sure he was dead.

"Who are you?" Windra asked in his normal voice as he washed his blade down with a spell then sheathed it.

"I should be asking you that question, a half-demon huh?" The woman asked as she helped herself to her feet and brush off her dress; it was gold just like her hair but cover it gems and designs of all kinds.

"You know your way around a throwing dagger." Sen'Gale said as he examined her carefully.

"What the hell!" The woman barked with wide eyes at Sen'Gale.

"Mystical wolf... anyway who are you?" Windra told her.

"In big trouble, umm would be mind helping me to a temple not far from here, I'll pay you." The woman asked almost begging.

"We don't need money." Sen'Gale told her.

"Please Thorn will love to meet you, please I need your help." The woman said now begging.

"Sen'Gale she needs us and besides we nothing else to do." Windra sighed and glanced over at Sen.

"Fine lead the way." Sen'Gale said finally giving into this woman.

"By the way who is this Thorn?" Windra asked as they began to walk onwards.

"His full name is Cho'Thorn'La, but he prefers to be called Thorn and it's easier. He's well... you have to meet him to know." The woman told them with a smile.

"Who are you really? No normal woman can throw like that." Sen'Gale asked eyeing her carefully.

"I'm a protector or was one of a very special gem, that's why those elves where after me. I'll explain everything when we reach the temple." The woman replied.

"By the why my name Cingen'Loveth, it's a pleasure." The women continued.

"Same here." Windra and Sen'Gale replied with a smile; trying their best to hide their wolf fangs.

After that they stay quiet for the most of the way to the temple, Windra really didn't want to get to know this women she was ordinary, she was in a very expensive dress yet she knew how to kill in silence. She said she threw something into a gateway and was its protector.

"Excuse but may I ask who you are and what kind of sword that is.?" Cingen'Loveth asked pointing to a metal end of a handle that was pointing out from Windra's cloak.

"I'm just a wander and as for my sword it's called the sword of the Northern Winds. I know little about it and I've had it since I was born." Windra replied not even looking at Cingen'Loveth eyeing his blade.

"Ah ok." Cingen'Loveth said and turned her gaze away from the blade. "Who is this demon and why does he wield a sword like that?" She thought to herself. She decided it would be best not to ask anymore questions about Windra or his wolf but she just had to know more about him.

An hour of walking had past and still no temple in sight and the night was growing. This struck fear in the woman, she had heard stories about demon's that kill at night and she was traveling with one. With every step she wished the temple would come into view and save her from this demon; sadly no such luck. With barely choices left she moved her hand to her belt pouch and pulled a dagger into her sleeve.

"Put that dagger away we're not going to kill you." Sen'Gale said seeing Cingen'Loveth reach for another dagger. She froze when she heard Sen'Gale; she moved her gaze to see that wolf had been watching her.

"Ah it's not that I... ummm." Cingen'Loveth mumble lost for words.

"Where is the temple? You couldn't have run this far from those elves?" Sen'Gale asked see that Windra was lost in thought again.

"Ah... Over there that's the temples fire circle it's always alight at night." Cingen'Loveth said then cheered when she saw a crimson glow from behind some tree to the east. She then set off running towards the glow.

"Windra, this way!" Sen'Gale shouted see that Windra was still walking north.

"What oh." Windra said breaking out of thought.

"Cingen'Loveth thank the goddess you're ok, where's the gem." Another woman asked as she came running up to Cingen'Loveth.

"It's gone from this world forever I threw it into the gateway." Cingen'Loveth explained completely unaware that she left Windra and Sen'Gale.

"A gem huh?" Sen'Gale asked as Windra and he appeared behind Cingen.

"Sen'Gale?" The other woman asked.

"Oh crap not you, why are you here? Hey get away from me I'm not a holy beast." Sen'Gale said then ran off the woman at his heels.

"Damn it Windra kill her!" Sen'Gale snapped, but Windra was back in deep thought. "Windra stay in focus and get this woman off me!" Sen'Gale snapped again this time being tackled by the woman.

"Hehe I'm not a woman yet I'm only 37 years old." The woman laughed.

"What!?" Sen'Gale growled trying to get away.

"She an elf she is young in Elvin years." Windra said coming to his senses.

"Aaa Windra, look, thanks for saving me but the truth is I'm a protector or was a protector of a holy gem that his temple was entrusted with. Those elves were bounty hunter after the gem but the only way to stop them was to throw into a gateway to... anyway I think you should be going I'm in great trouble for destroying the gem." Cingen'Loveth said with a sigh then walked into the temple main hall.

At a closer look the temple was a grand church with a giant courtyard that was sealed in by two story tall stone walls. In the center of the courtyard there is a bowl made of pure magic that holds a grand fire.

"Umm Windra get this elf of me!" Sen'Gale snapped again.

"Oh come on just a bit more I love your fur oh and I'm a guy by the way and I'm not a elf I'm a half elf, half cat demon. Oh and I lied about age... I don't know my age." The cat demon laughed.

Sen'Gale and Windra fell silent and motionless. The cat demon just laughed and rubbed his cheeks against Sen'Gale's fur.

"Wait Windra how do you know he's an elf... He has bloody cat ears and a tail!" Sen'Gale cried still unable to break free.

"Smell him, he has Elvin blood, you can smell it on him" Windra said as he walked to get a closer look at the cat demon.

"Who are you and why are you here?" Windra asked as he walked over to the cat demon and lifted him off Sen'Gale by his collar."

"A collar? Ok who is you and why are you here?" Windra asked as he examined the cat demon.

He was around five foot, slim, emerald eyes, crimson colored cat ears and tail. He had an elf face and body, his hair was short and rust colored; dressed in a green robe and a tan robe on top of that, with a red quarter moon on the chest.

"Well umm I kind... umm... I saw you in Vindea Chome fighting and well I want you to teach me magic and how to fight." The demon mumbled then broke out begging Windra to take him on as a mentor.

"You've been following us?" Sen'Gale asked eyeing the demon carefully.

"Well yes I..." He began but was interrupted by Windra.

"I don't teach pets and I'm a wander, a life you don't want." Windra replied as he headed for the temple grand door.

"Pmf he's no ordinary half demon but I need a mentor." The cat demon thought to himself has he sighed and headed into the temple behind Sen'Gale.

The main part of the temple was a grand hall; pillars that are covered in moss and vines divide the hall into three rows. At the every end of the temple was a some what large pond that was filled with all kinds of koi. A small stone bride stretched over an island in the pond where it appeared to be a place of meditation but only room for one.

"That's Thorn's mediation island he's very spiritual." A voice said from behind Windra; it was Cingen'Loveth she was now dressed in a sliver robe with the symbol of the Dryad on her sleeves and chest.

"Best you leave, Thorn isn't found of demons and there's no telling what he going to do when he finds me." Cingen'Loveth whimpered; she was almost in tears.

"I'm staying. Now tell me what you could have done that is so bad?" Windra asked as he turned to see Cingen'Loveth sitting on the edge of a rectangular garden that sat in between the first two main columns; there was another one on the left as well.

"You see this temple was entrusted with a sacred gem or it was to from the elfin clan the Queens of Timber Night. They came across a gem known as the Sages Eye; it's a mystical gem that allows anyone one to see the second and third planes. Well this gem is more valuable then a bag of rubies." Cingen'Loveth explained to Windra in low voice.

"Rubies aren't worth much to Elves why would they want it. Any elf if trained properly can see the second plain sometimes the third." Windra replied not fully understanding what makes this gem so valuable.

Cingen'Loveth just sat there starring at the far left side door; she had fear in her eyes when she looked at it. "True the gem is worthless to elves but such gems are sought after by powerful human guilds. So they hire low life mercenaries that seek money and have no honor. So I left the temple to gather herbs for a potion that cures frost bite and ice burns, while I was gathering I heard the stomping of hooves in the snow. They were to light to be any type of horse and with a Dark aura in the area I knew I was being chased." Cingen'Loveth paused for a moment then pulled out an athame it sparkling with spiritual energy. "You see this athame can cut through this plane and into another but instead I open a gateway to the Realm of Time." Cingen'Loveth continued.

"You did what!" Sen'Gale snapped ands ran up to Cingen'Loveth baring his fangs.

"I had to or they would get hold of it." Cingen'Loveth said as she tried to scoot away but didn't dare move.

"What's wrong what makes that realm so bad?" The Cat demon asked appearing behind Windra; Windra growled at him.

"It's forbidden. What ever enter the realm is erased from time and space for ever. It's a realm where everything exists and at the same time nothing exists." Sen'Gale growled.

The cat demon just gave a blank look.

"Picture a realm where what should exist doesn't and what shouldn't doesn't either. It's a cursed plain that wipes everything that enters it to vanish from time and space." Sen'Gale explained more clearly as he took another step towards Cingen'Loveth.

"A world of nothingness, is that possible?" The cat demon asked.

"Aye it does and is." Windra replied.

"Cingen'Loveth!" A deep voice boomed from behind the far left door; which moments later burst open.

From the door came a six and a half foot man covered in vines that wove together to make a full body robe. His hair was long, black, and wild it spread all over his back and shot in several odd angels. It was a mess of hair that curled and twist in every direction. His eyes were a teal and three blue tattoo streaks lapped over his eyes.

"Cingen'Loveth you destroyed the very gem we were entrusted with and I demand an explanation on why you sent into Realm of Time!" The man boomed.

"Master Thorn I had no choice, bounty hunters wanted it and you trained me never to surrender to an enemy. If I have something they want I should destroy it if I must, I..." Cingen'Loveth tried to explain what happened but Thorn raised his hand to silence her.

"I'm fully aware of what happen and I'm proud of you for stopping them from getting the gem but that realm is forbidden and you know this all to well." Thorn said in a calmer voice but there was still great tension in the air.

"She had no choice the elves that attacked her could have easily reached any other plain. The Realm of Time is forbidden I know but she was dealing with elves that had a dark aura. Their horses were shadows of real horses, they had no good in their heart at all and their blood was black as night. No Dark Elf has dark blood it is unheard of." Windra spoke up then began to explain what he saw and heard.

"Who are you three demons?" Thorn growled at Windra and his friends.

"The cat demon is not with me and as for the wolf his name Sen'Gale and we saved Cingen'Loveth from those elves." Windra said calmly as he stood his ground.

"Half demons helped a human why did you help her?" Thorn asked with a brow raised.

"Why is a Dryad living in a temple I thought you live in the forest?" Sen'Gale asked trying to hide a smirk.

"A Dryad?" Windra asked as he looked from Thorn to Sen'Gale and back. "You are a Dryad, why are you living in a temple you're a nature spirit?" Windra asked as he walked up to Thorn.

"I have lived in this forest for thousands of years and seen Humans, Elves, Halflings alike mistreat my home so I built this temple in order to teach them about nature." Thorn explained with pride in his voice.

"Yet you protect a gem for the elves, why?" Windra asked as he examined the hall.

"Elves have treated my home very well so I will protect them if they are careful about using these woods and respect all Dryads and all that lives in these woods. By the way what is your name?" Thorn explained to Windra then asked him his name.

"It's Windra, I'm a half wolf-demon and I'm a wander." Windra replied turning to face Thorn.

"What's the other half of your blood line, elf?" Thorn asked noticing that Windra never fully explained who he was.

"I don't know and we're getting off subject, you treated a brave woman like dirt just because she destroyed a gem that is worthless to the elves, why?" Windra asked returning to the main subject.

"Yes I was very harsh and I apologize, the Queens of Timber Nights even said if it comes to be, destroy the gem, but Cingen'Loveth broke one of the Laws of Nature." Thorn began to say but Windra cut him off.

"Forget the laws of nature she was fighting dark beings!" Windra snapped as he began to bare his fangs.

"The laws of nature keep the world in balance and I can't stand by and let this pass." Thorn boomed.

"So you would rather have her dead!?" Windra boomed as he drew his blade.

"You are a fool pointing a blade at me I will..." Thorn yelled but stopped when he saw Cingen'Loveth walked toward them.

"I destroyed the gem, I open the gateway, here I broke the laws and as my punishment I resign of the temple." Cingen'Loveth said in a low voice as she undid her necklace.

"Cho'Thorn'La now I know where I know you! You were once the protector of DragonTane forest but you gave up position as forest protector to become a scholar. You decided that if you couldn't stop the abuse of your home that you would teach people. What has happen to you?" Sen'Gale boomed as he ran up to Thorn and starred him deep into his eyes.

"When I become a scholar my elders told me that I must teach and follow the laws of nature to the point. All of my students must learn the laws and of nature and follow them as I would." Thorn explained.

"You say she fought dark beings and was forced to destroy the gem. Prove to me that breaking the law was a must or leave!" Thorn boomed.

"As you wish Thorn you shall see what happen... Beyond time old and beyond the time of new, I call on the spirits of vision and ask to show this Dryad what truly happened in the wood. Show him all that Cingen'Loveth saw, let them share the same mind to see what became." Windra replied then began to chant the words to a past vision spell. When Windra finished two purple arcane strings came from his hands, one touched Cingen'Loveth's forehead the other Thorn's forehead.

With in moments the happenings of the forest played back in Thorns mind. Every sound, word, happening was shown in Thorns mind; all up until they reached the temple. When the spell finished Windra collapsed to his knees panting wildly.

"Are you ok Windra?" The Cat demon asked in a worried tone as he dashed over to Windra.

"I'm fine the spell just took a lot of energy..." Windra tried to say then fainted.

"Windra!" The Cat demon yelled as he shook Windra.

"He's fine, now Thorn do you see why she did... never mind." Sen'Gale began to say but noticed that Thorn as already apologizing to Cingen'Loveth.

"I'm deeply sorry for the trouble I have caused I didn't know what really happened in the woods. Here let me reapply your necklace, there now I suggest you get some sleep you look tired." Thorn said in loving voice to Cingen'Loveth.

"Thank you Thorn, night." Cingen said with a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek. She then walked of through the far left door.

"Hmmm, ok cat demon, take Windra to the hot springs that should wake him up. Take the same door Cingen took and go to the last door it leads to a changing room for the hot springs just prop him up against the wall he should be fine." Thorn smiled then turned to the cat demon and gave him direct orders.

He nodded and slipped Windra on his back and carried him to the springs. When the door shut Thorn then turned to Sen'Gale who was stretching his paws.

"The legends are true aren't they? The Northern Winds Wolf Clan received a stone didn't they?" Thorn asked now curious about Windra.

"I can't say for sure we don't remember our childhood. Something happened to us long ago that made us forget our past and our families. I don't even remember which clan we're from, it's all a blur." Sen'Gale explained.

"Odd that cat demon has the same problem he doesn't remember is past or his family. What could have happened so long ago that would make you forget?" Thorn wondered aloud as he sat down next to Gale.

"Gale, that cat demon may have been born under a sacred star. I've watched him very closely he's a master of bows. He says no one taught him but he can hit the same target in the exact spot as his previous shot. He wants a teacher but I know of no one can teach him what he doesn't already know." Thorn explained about the cat demon.

"Hmmm what's his name?" Gale asked looking at Thorn.

"He calls himself Lunar, Lunar the Twilight Archer." Thorn sighed.

"Could they really be them? Thorn asked as he gazed at the moon through the circle window above the meditation pond.

"Only time will tell Thorn." Gale replied with a yawn then nuzzled himself into a comfortable position and fell asleep.

Meanwhile back at the springs Lunar had just rested Windra against a tree that cover the spring with silver leafs and red blossoms. As Lunar began to undue his robe the crystal that were used to light the springs light as at once. Lunar just cursed under his breathe being scared half to death by some crystals. As he slid the robe off he stopped halfway and wondered "Does Windra have a tail?" A grin fell across his face as he let the robe slide off; he then walked over to Windra and reached for his robe, but stopped "No I need to get on his good side." Lunar though to himself and left Windra alone so he could slip off his underwear and slide into the spring.

As he slide in he threw his underwear onto his robe and purred as the warm some what hot water touched his tail then his skin. "Mmm this feels great so much better then a river, oh yeah I wonder why cats hate water because this is great." Lunar thought aloud as he slide deeper into the springs leaving only his ear above water.

"Ah where am I... Oh god I have no energy, huh a collar?" Windra mumbled to himself as he awoke with barely energy; he then noticed a pile of clothes on the ground and a collar was at his feet.

He picked it up and examined it as they tag glimmered and spun in the light of the crystals. "Lunar. Who could this collar belong to" Windra wondered as he read the name over and over again. "Lunar, this name sounds so familiar but where have I heard it before." Windra asked himself but couldn't recall the name.

"Cool you're awake and see you found my collar." Lunar said with a warm smile as he emerged from the water.

"Gahh what the hell are you doing?!" Windra snapped.

"Bathing what else, come on in it feels great." Lunar replied with a grin.

"Fine I could use a good bath anyway." Windra sighed as he stood up and undid his hood."

"Yes now I can finally find out his he has a tail." Lunar thought to himself.

As Windra lowered his hood; this ponytail flowed out onto his back, "I love your dark purple hair." Lunar said as Windra untied the band of his ponytail and let his long dark purple hair flow freely."

"Thank you, so your name is Lunar huh?" Windra asked as he untied his sash, letting it fall to the ground. "Aye the name is Lunar the Twilight Archer." Lunar smiled love the sight before him. He had loved Windra's slight muscular figure with a hairless chest and his long dark purple draped on his back. His ocean blue eyes and his tattoos, a red slash mark on each cheek.

"What are you looking at?" Windra asked in a sight growl.

"Oh nothing really I was just admiring your body, your lovely face and that beautiful tail." Lunar said under his breath as he turned and was about to swim away."

"Un huh." Windra said as he grabbed Lunar's ears. "Did you forget I'm a wolf and I have keen hearing and sense of smell?"

"Hey let go that tickles, haha stop it tickles." Lunar laughed as he tried to get away from Windra's grasp. After a few moments of rubbing Lunar's ears he let go.

Windra just laughed as he stepped into the springs and rested his back against the spring's wall. Lunar just sat next to him and watched the sky change colors.

"Why do you want me to teach you Lunar?" Windra asked eye's closed.

"Well I guess because you know more then any human or elf and well I..." Lunar began to say but Windra cut in.

"I'm sure your clan can teach you, why not go to them?" Windra asked.

"I don't remember where I come from or even my clan's name. I'm not sure when it happened but one night I just forgot everything all but my name really and there's another reason I want you join you." Lunar explain to Windra then turned to him.

"Humm!" Was all Windra could say before his lips locked with Lunar's. "Windra I loved since the moments I saw you at Vindea Chome, I love you Windra!" Lunar said then broke out in tears as he hugged Windra as tight as he could; Windra's eye went wide at these words.

"Windra I love you and I want to be with you forever!" Lunar cried as he set himself in position. Windra could nothing he was in shock it was all coming back Lunar was the name of his love so very long ago but everything was still a blur.

"Lunar stop this we can't do this we are from different clans." Windra whimpered. "Forget the clan's I love you to much to let the clan get in the way of how I feel... Oh god Windra you feel so good." Lunar whimpered as well as he took Windra into his body.

"Lunar..." Windra whimpered in pleasure as he pushed Lunar closer and locked lips again. They stayed in that position for what see like ages; lips locked in pleasure, hearts pounding, and the sense of a very old love returning. Lunar picked up the rhythm knowing he couldn't last much longer; his faced burned red with pleasure and love for Windra.

"Windra lets come together." Lunar moaned as the experience was drawing to a close. "Lunar you feel so good I can't hold back any longer." Windra!" "Lunar!" They cried as a wave of burning pleasure flowed through them, causing Lunar to collapse on to Windra's sweat covered chest.

As they relaxed the feeling of two long lost loves returning rushed over them. The ancient love of the Guardians Windra and Lunar had been reunited.

"Ok Lunar you can come with us and I shall teach you just as long we stay together forever this time." Windra whispered into Lunar's ear."

"I promise we shall not be torn apart very again." Lunar replied as he fell asleep on Windra's chest.

Windra just smiled as he hugged Lunar again this time hair draping over each other."

"Just one more hug before we return their bodies." Windra whispered. Lunar just nodded his head. Their voices were oddly different, more ancient then modern.

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