Spilt Milk
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eva is a young sub girl exploring BDSM fantasies in the safety of cyberspace. She thinks it's all fun and games until she meets Michael, a strong Dominant personality who seems perfect. Others online have warned her about him but what do they know? Join her as she explores an unknown world, meets some unsavory people, and learns from her mistakes.

With the advent of the internet, most people seem to stumble upon BDSM while exploring cyberspace. People argue endlessly about how this has affected the lifestyle. Some say it was much better in the days when only a select few were allowed into the world beyond vanilla life. Others think that's just elitist bullshit.

Eva was grateful for the portal into BDSM that the internet provided. She understood that it made it easier for the real sickos to get in and hunt prey, but she also knew there was no way she would have found the lifestyle without the internet. Anonymity is a beautiful thing. It let her pretend that she was a beautiful thing. And sometimes that's just easier to do when nobody can see you.

Some people told Eva that she should get into 'the Scene' in person because the internet wasn't the real deal. She chose to ignore those people. It's not like a room full of kinky people could offer her anything she couldn't find online. Online was safer anyway. One can't just walk into a room full of people whose only common interest is sadomasochistic sex and expect them to respect any boundaries. They're probably just there to get laid anyway.

So for the fourth time in as many days, Eva glanced around to make sure she was alone in the office and logged online, holding her breath without realizing it. She had first found the parallel universe of BDSM when she came across some dirty stories on a random website. Okay, truthfully she had been searching for the dirty stories on the 'random' website. She read her fill for a few weeks, and finally worked up the nerve to go into one of the chat rooms. She trolled with the best of them. After all, online she was a 21-year-old exotic dancer named Candy with a perfect hourglass figure and long blonde hair.

The only true thing about that was her age. She never had the body of an exotic da... oh fuck it, they're strippers. Anyway, Eva never had the body of a stripper. However, she did fancy herself as a call girl seeing as she was a secretary at a large law firm and answered phones all day. Her perfect hourglass figure was a bit squidgy around the edges, and her long blonde hair was short muddy brown. But what fun is the internet if you don't embellish a bit?

Once Eva logged in she put her typing skills to good use and started replying to her emails. She had set up a profile with the catch-line "looking for fun" (she never claimed creativity as one of her fortes) and had surprisingly good results. There were a suspicious number of young, experienced, heart throbs out there, but she had gotten better at telling which ones had throbbing hearts and which ones just had throbbing cocks.

Eva had fun with both kinds of people usually. But right now all her energy was focused on the former. She had been lonely lately and a potential LTR was sitting in her inbox. She had been talking to him all week and he was the reason for her bated breath. She had even put aside 'Candy' for a while so that he could get to know the real her. Well, maybe the picture she sent him was from 3 years ago but still, he liked her as Eva without the bleach blonde princess look.

Eva leaned back in her computer chair and put her feet up on the desk, dragging the keyboard into her lap. She was almost done for the day and all but one of the partners of the law firm had gone home for the day. Rosenthal was in a meeting for another 30 minutes so she had the overly-ornate reception area to herself. A smile played at the corners of her lips as she read the email she had received from Michael, her potential love interest.

My dear eva,

I am pleased to hear that school is out and everything went well. Junior year was my hardest when I was in school. Thankfully I graduated about 10 years ago... still paying off the student loans. But at least I have my own house now. And my own dungeon ::wink::

I would like to chat with you on a messenger program of your choice in the very near future. It would please me if you were prepared with a webcam so I may look at you while I talk to you. Reply to this immediately.

Sir M

The smile waned when Eva read about the webcam. She could barely afford to get proper food let alone a webcam. But to please him she figured she could live on Top Ramen for a while. The Oriental flavor wasn't half bad. She could pick up the webcam tonight on her way home. Of course that meant she had to worry about having sent him an out-of-date picture. She figured some make up and the proper camera angle would make her attractive enough.

Eva pushed those thoughts aside and remembered to write Michael a response.


It must be nice not having to worry about roommates. Mine can get obnoxious at times. I would love to have my own dungeon... not sure what I'd do with it though. I must admit before we go further that I have virtually no experience with all of this in person. I know a lot from online though.

I am on MSN Messenger under the same username as here. I will be online every night this week starting at 7pm, though I do have work early in the mornings so I go to bed early. I will be getting a webcam on my way home from work tonight, and I look forward to talking with you, Sir.


Eva put the keyboard back on the desk and her feet back on the floor as she proofread her email. She wasn't usually online so often but she wanted to make sure she was online at a convenient time for him. She could just surf the web or watch TV until he got there. She clicked 'Send'.

The prospect of chatting with him one-on-one for the first time gave Eva butterflies. This was probably the first time she had talked with a real Dominant. There were plenty of boys who called themselves Dominant, but this guy was the real thing. She tidied up her desk and daydreamed about the picture he had attached with his profile. He was the 'tall, dark, and handsome' type with wavy mahogany hair and deep hazel eyes. Perfect lips and strong features.

His looks matched his personality. He was charming. Well, charming if you like dominant men. There were a lot of people in the chat room in which they had met that didn't like his domineering personality. A few even went so far as to warn her off. She told them to mind their own business. How could they possibly know what's right for her?

Her thoughts were interrupted when Rosenthal's client opened the conference room doors and departed the building with a death grip on his briefcase and teeth clenched. Sometimes Rosenthal could be hard to get along with. The sharply dressed attorney ambled out of the conference room shortly after, approaching Eva's desk.

He leaned against the desk and spoke with his smarmy drawl, "Pretty smile you've got on, Eva, where'd you get it?" He grinned winsomely at Eva as she blushed and hurriedly closed out of her email account. She tidied some papers, trying to look busy.

"Just happy to be getting home soon, Mr. Rosenthal," Eva said with a forced smile. She let her hair fall across her face, hiding the blush in her cheeks.

"And what does a sweet girl like you have planned on a Tuesday evening?" Rosenthal leaned closer and grinned wider. Some days she thought Rosenthal was just a harmless flirt, and then other days he crossed the line from inappropriate to creepy. He was in his mid-50s according to his graying buzz cut and the severe frown lines across his forehead. He was in okay shape for a guy his age but couldn't seem to find a woman over 35. Except of course his wife. If it wasn't for the wedding band stuck on his thick finger nobody would ever know he had a wife.

"Just hanging out at home." Eva shut off her computer and reached for her purse beside the desk. Rosenthal ran his hand down her arm. She pulled it away quickly, holding her purse.

"Want company, sweetheart?" Rosenthal leered a little closer and brushed the hair out of Eva's face. Eva stood up, grabbing her jacket from the back of her chair. She felt disgusted with Rosenthal, and disgusted at herself for not having the courage to say exactly what she wanted to say. If she could just give him a piece of her mind. But instead she forced another shaky smile as she pulled her jacket on over her low-cut blouse. She suddenly felt very self-conscious and wished she had dressed more conservatively.

"Thanks for the offer but I'd rather keep this a professional relationship." Every time he made a pass at her she vowed to tell the other partners but she didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so she kept convincing herself to put it off. She hurried to the door and said, "Good night" without turning around.

As Eva walked briskly to her car at the back of the office building, it started to rain. She pulled her jacket tighter around her and fumbled with her keys. Slick with rainwater they fell to the sidewalk at her feet. She bent over to pick them up and was abruptly shoved against her car. She threw out a hand to brace herself on the window and flung her other hand out to strike the person behind her.

He caught her hand before it hit him and pulled Eva's wrists down, twisting them behind her back. He held them tight in one large hand. Another hand pulled her jacket down her arms, exposing her thin cotton blouse. A solid male body pushed against her, forcing her breasts against the car window. She opened her mouth and protested as the muscles in her shoulders did the same.

"Get the fuck off me!" Eva screamed and squirmed against the body behind her. She felt the man's excitement pressed against her lower back. She felt his ragged breath against her ear as cold rain trickled down the back of her neck like sweat. "Shhhh," he crooned against her ear, "I know you want this, Eva. You're just the kind of girl who longs for abduction, aren't you? Does it make your thighs damp just thinking about it? Do you like being taken by force?" Eva gasped and tried to turn her head around to look at him.

"Rosenthal? What the hell are you doing? Get off me!" Rosenthal's hand loosened on her wrists and he stepped back, smiling at Eva as she turned around angrily. "I can bring you pleasure, Eva, the kind of pleasure only an experienced older man knows how to give. I know you want it."

"Are you fucking crazy?" Eva's shaking hand finally found the right key and unlocked her car door. She kept her eyes on Rosenthal as she climbed in and shut the door, locking it immediately. In the silence of her car she could hear her own rapid breathing, coupled with her pounding heartbeat. She turned the key in the ignition and gripped the steering wheel watching Rosenthal walk away. He turned slightly and gave a little wave before continuing to his own car.

Deep breaths, Eva thought to herself, deep breaths. She pulled away from the curb and put on her windshield wipers and headlights. Shit. What was she supposed to do now? She would have to tell the other partners. Or she could go straight to the police. But he hadn't really done anything yet. She could just find a new job. She liked her job but it wasn't worth all of this. And she doubted Rosenthal was going to get fired just because she said he was a pervert. It would be his word against hers and if he didn't get fired it would be horrible to continue working with him.

She decided to think about it later that night. Oh crap! She still had to stop and get the webcam. She felt a little better thinking of her upcoming chat with Michael. Sir Michael, she thought with a smile.

While Eva drove to a local Wal-Mart and picked out a cam, she daydreamed about what Michael might have in store for her. Would he just want to talk at first or would he make her do things on webcam? She hoped he wouldn't expect too much from her, but at the same time she was nervous and excited about the prospects. She thought about what would happen if this all worked out. She thought about what kind of things he might be into, might make her do. She thought about what sort of things he had in his dungeon. But most of all, she thought about what it would be like to be taken by force.

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