It's All In The Game (Revised)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young computer programmer loves the girl next door, but she loves the other boy next door instead. He marries her and they have a daughter, but she hasn't forgotten her first love and ultimately leaves him to rejoin her other lover. Nearly alone he starts to achieve great commercial success, but who is there by his side to share it with him? A slightly sad but romantic story with very little sex. The first main Lovett County story.

I thought the happiest day of my life was when I married my long time sweetheart Becky from my hometown of Brownwood, Texas. Now I know that this was possibly the worst day of my life, and in more ways than one this event nearly utterly screwed up the next twenty years of my life.

To be simple, Becky was the proverbial girl living next door to me and we had lived our entire childhood together. We were both born in the same month and year (August 1960), went to the same schools, had mostly the same classes and on most Saturday afternoons we went to the same movie matinees together. By the time we were both sixteen, nearly everyone in town assumed that we would undoubtedly marry later as "High School Sweethearts", but it didn't quite happen that way.

Late in the summer just before our sophomore year of high school, one Anthony (Tony) Brown moved into the vacant house on the other side of Becky's and our love triangle was born. His family had moved into Brownwood from a smaller nearby town in order that Tony might be able to play football for our local high school, which was considered a real "powerhouse" and was always heavily scouted by the college recruiters.

Tony was tall dark and extremely athletic, and I knew I was in trouble the first time I watched Becky stare at him while her was mowing his lawn with his shirt off. It was immediately obvious that her heart began to beat in a way that it apparently never had for me. I wasn't a total pasty skinned fat blob or a scarecrow; I was admittedly slightly chunky and wasn't much into sports but I did enjoy baseball and could pitch well enough to be our schools #2 starter right off the bat during the spring season of my freshman year.

As soon as school started, Becky began to devote her every effort into making Tony her new main boyfriend, and as she was easily the prettiest girl in school she soon had few other rivals for his attention. Within weeks they were "an item" and after the Homecoming game a few weeks later it was common knowledge around school that Becky and Tony "had done it" under the stadium bleachers after the game.

Naturally, this angered me considerably, and I never surrendered without first putting up a fight. After I heard about the bleacher incident I immediately confronted her about her relationship with Tony the next time she came over to ask me for help with her homework. The conversation got off to a bad start and soon I was directly complaining that apparently now she only remembered me when she had homework to be done at the last moment, obviously so that she could spend more time the rest of the week spreading her legs for her new boyfriend. Some other unpleasant words were exchanged; the most biting comment from her being that, "Tony was at least a man, while I was still apparently just a jealous boy."

We parted immediately afterwards in considerable anger, and we had very little to do with each other for at least the next year and a half. I became obsessed with my studies (I had decided that I wanted to be an accountant just like my father), and refocused all of my outside school activities to purely academic ones instead of athletic ones. Once I saw that Becky had no interest whatsoever in watching me pitch for our school baseball team the next spring, I dropped the sport to the considerable dismay of my coach, and instead became active in the Astronomy, Science, Math and Chess clubs instead. Tony had destroyed any love I might have had for sports and I concentrated myself on improving my mind instead.

Early in my senior year the school bought its very first Apple Computer, and I found my new heaven. I read and reread the limited manuals that came with it until I knew them in my sleep. I took every odd job that I could find, mostly involving pretty hard work I would have preferred to have avoided otherwise, and bought more computer books from a specialty bookstore in Dallas. It didn't take me long at all to write my first computer program and I felt like there was nothing I couldn't accomplish with it. I was pinching every penny I could earn to save up for my own computer. They were expensive then, nearly the price of a car, but I had my goals set for after graduation.

With my head stuck either in a programming manual or squinting at a computer monitor, I honestly hadn't been paying much attention at all to what Becky and Tony had been up to; frankly, by that point I really didn't care. Tony became, of course, a "High School Football Legend" and by the time his senior year had started, he had been offered full scholarships to every top University and College in the state, and was even considering offers from a number of out of state schools with "elite powerhouse" football reputations. In the end he selected a school in southern California and was openly bragging to his many friends about all of the "fine tanned tail" he had banged on his recruiting visit there.

It was no secret to anyone that Tony always had a "girl or two on the side", but Becky had apparently pretended never to notice this, and was clearly planning for their "life together in California". It came as quite a terrible and sudden shock to her to find out immediately after graduation, that she was very much now on his back-burner. He immediately left for college in California ... without her, or even saying goodbye.

She was devastated, and naturally the shoulder she ran to cry on was mine. In those days we considered it "just being a friend", but nowadays there's a new and better term for it. I was her "Intellectual Whore" whom she would now run to and tell me all of her emotional and relationship problems, repeatedly telling me how much she "cared for me", but yet keeping herself emotionally detached enough to never show the slightest inclination towards accepting me as her lover - but making me believe that it was still a possibility. And I let her get away with it, for nearly the next two years!

Bitter? Darned right I was!

By the end of 1979, I had bought my first computer, a used Apple II, and had programmed my first useful piece of accounting software that I now used daily at my part-time job as a bookkeeper while I attended the local Junior College at night. Becky was casually working part time and going to school but was showing little enthusiasm for either activity. Our relationship was getting a bit closer; we were actually dating again now and going regularly to the movies and dinner, if I could afford it. She still had her heart set on Tony, although he never called her anymore and barely even wrote occasional postcards, and he rarely came home for visits from school ... but when he did, Becky would race back to his side.

That changed the next Christmas time when Tony rode into town like the conquering hero he always pretended to be. He was already a big shot in college football and his eyes were already looking towards his Pro career. Everyone in town treated him like a rock superstar, and Becky, forgetting that he had dumped her several times before, ran back once again into his arms and once again spread her legs willing for him, which naturally he accepted.

A few days later I got the expected tear filled phone call from Becky that she had once again been dumped by Tony. This time, just moments after having sex with her, he had told her to leave because he needed to "get ready for a date with another girl." This was too much even for Becky, who ran crying into my arms yet once again immediately afterwards.

I still don't know how or why it happened, but a few minutes later she was naked and in my arms and I soon lost my virginity into the womb of the woman I had loved, not an hour after she had been previously used by her boyfriend. Yes, I was weak and should never have let this happen. More fool me!

After our frantic but unplanned coupling, Becky became upset and started into a crying fit shortly thereafter, as she "hadn't meant for this to happen" and she was "confused". She dressed nearly immediately and ran for home. I didn't see or talk to her again for nearly three months, until she announced to me that she was pregnant and I was "the father". At the time it never occurred to me to question her further about her prior sex with Tony (unprotected of course), not to mention that on our only coupling I had been getting his sloppy seconds.

I guess in the end it was a "man thing". We did have unprotected sex together, and it was indeed barely possible that the child was "mine". It was therefore my 'responsibility' to own up to my actions and do what I could to make things right.

I offered to marry her, but she did not accept right away. I know now that she spent a considerable amount of time on the phone trying to call Tony in California trying to get him to take responsibility for "his child" and marry her. Allegedly, Tony had laughed and told her to "let your geek friend raise it for me" and then he hung up on her.

In the end, there was a small private ceremony at the local Justice of the Peace's office with Becky and her mother both competing to see who could be the most unhappy about the wedding. It should have been a day of joy and happiness for us; instead the mood was like everyone was at a funeral. It ought to have been the happiest day in my life - but it sure didn't feel like it. She had wanted Tony, but had to "settle" for me.

Money was a terrible issue from the beginning; neither of us had any. We lived at home with my parents who had always liked Becky and had been supportive of us "doing the right thing". Becky dropped out of Junior College and worked as much as she could, but she was having a troublesome pregnancy and nearly miscarried a few times before being put on bed rest for her last two months before delivery.

Becky, I believe, prayed every day that she would miscarry the child and probably only the strong religious beliefs of her parents kept her from aborting the child as soon as it was discovered before our marriage. On the other hand, it is quite possible that she really believed that Tony wanted her to keep and raise his child and possibly her would return for it and her someday.

Nearly from the very start it was obvious that Becky and I were married in name only, and she certainly never shared any of her inner thoughts with me.

I reduced my school schedule a bit so that I could work as a bookkeeper full time for a full forty hour week paycheck, and I also took every little part time job I could get, but there weren't many. Even while only paying a small token rent to my parents, with all of the doctor bills, pregnancy clothes and a small car payment for a used junker that got me to work, school and back, we were just barely making ends meet. Instead of "glowing" as soon-to-be mothers are said to do, Becky instead become more and more depressed. We didn't talk much, and hardly ever had sex at all and none at all her last three months.

Even what little sex we did have wasn't very good. Becky would just lay there motionlessly on the bed and let me do her, often with an obviously bored or distracted expression on her face. Clearly, I didn't match up or compare at all with her dream stud lover, Tony.

Our daughter Olivia was born a little early in late August and even her naming started another fight between us. Becky had written in the child's name on the birth certificate without even asking for my input. More importantly, Olivia was the name of Tony's mother. From my viewpoint, she had named "our baby" after her ex-boyfriend's mother. Naturally, that Olivia was very pleased by this and always treated the baby as if it was her own granddaughter, and I think she strongly suspected that it really was.

Rather than reviving after the difficult birth of her child, Becky spun herself into an even deeper cycle of anger and depression. Today, everyone knows about 'post partum depression' but that treatable illness was virtually unknown then. Becky became even colder to me and seemed to have little or no love for the child whatsoever. More and more, I had to assume more of the childcare responsibilities in addition to all of my other duties, and soon everything was suffering as a result.

I believe that Becky would have wanted a divorce by this point, except that then she would probably would have received sole custody of the child - a virtual guarantee in that era, especially in a small town in rural Texas. Instead, for the next two years we became strangers living in the same house, with our sex life or any other meaningful signs of any real emotional attachment, quite nonexistent. I tried to provide little Olivia with a bit of the extra love that her mother seemed incapable of showing to her, but I knew that it wasn't enough. How do you explain to a two year old that her mother doesn't love her and obviously wishes daily that she had never been born?

At work my marital unhappiness was soon well known, and I had several offers of 'companionship'. Once, when I was at a very low emotional moment during the joyless Christmas season of 1981, I accepted one of those offers from a young coworker named Marlie. We went to a motel on the outskirts of town and had fun for 3 hours. I felt guilty over the breaking of marital vows, but what vows had she kept for me? I was certainly not loved or cherished, let alone honored or even remotely obeyed.

Those 3 hours of sheer joy probably saved my own mental health. For those few brief moments someone 'cared about me' and I was able to experience genuine and compassionate lovemaking! I realized then that my current life utterly sucked and something had to be done other than the current status quo of both of us wallowing in utter misery.

I returned home and proudly confessed my affair and told her that I'd 'do it again' if Becky didn't get her ass off of the floor and contribute something — anything, to this marriage. This earnest and very sincere confession seemed to shock Becky out of the worst of her malaise. We had a huge fight that lasted for days, but at the end of it we decided that we would not divorce and would try and work out some of the mess that was our relationship.

For the next six months, we in fact had the best time together of our entire marriage. Becky could laugh and smile again upon occasion and seemed to have gotten over the worst of her depression. We went back to the movies again and had 'dates' with each other, and slowly our sex life crawled out of the cellar and became almost regular. Becky also began to take a closer interest in her daughter who was already showing signs of being extremely precocious and quite interesting as a little girl.

An excellent sign that our relationship was out of the toilet was when Tony came into back into town in late July, driving his big brand new Cadillac that his new Pro team had offered him as a signing bonus and Becky appeared to take no interest in him. He sniffed around once or twice, but mostly stayed at his parents' house down the street or was visiting old friends. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief; maybe she was at long last over him and that could only help us in rebuilding our own relationship.

The next Saturday, Becky had gone out with a friend taking Olivia with her and I was distracted with a long list of things I had been meaning to do around the house. Not to mention that I had wanted to get some quiet programming time in later. I got a few of my chores quickly done and had decided that it was time to take a short break when I realized that I had promised my mother-in-law that I would take a look at her basement furnace also this weekend. Becky's parents had gone out of town to visit an Aunt that lived in Waco and I would have the place all to myself. We still didn't exactly 'get on' very well, and I think her Mother never quite forgave me for marrying her daughter. To this very day she believes that Tony would have been the better man. Regardless, I had promised to take a look at her furnace, as a 'blue northerner', a sharp cold front could sweep down at any time now.

I used our spare key to open their back door and next to the kitchen I found the stairs that led into the small cellar where the furnace was. As I descended down the steps into the dark cellar, I realized that I could hear voices, but there didn't seem to be anyone else down in the cellar with me. Still I began to move quietly, curious as to what the voices were saying and where the speakers were hidden. As I walked over to the furnace and slowly opened its maintenance access door, I could now clearly hear every word being spoken in the house, transmitted quite clearly via the furnace ducts. Becky was in the house, in her old bedroom upstairs from the sound of it, and was not alone. Tony was with her.

They talked for a while, Becky showing Tony "their daughter" and soon I could clearly hear kissing. Soon I heard other rustling and grunting sounds, followed by Becky saying, "Oh, it's so nice and big and I've missed it so much."

If that statement wasn't obvious enough, soon I heard other obvious sounds of fucking with Becky encouraging her lover to "Give it to me hard, just the way I like it!"

I was transfixed. I didn't dare make any sound, fearing that since I could easily hear them, then they could also hear me. I debated going upstairs to catch them in the act, but I also wanted also to find out more about what was going on, and I eventually did. They had been secretly seeing each other from nearly the very moment Tony came back into town, and this was at least their fourth or fifth meeting from what I could tell. They fucked (I really wouldn't call it making love) at least three times and Becky spent a good deal of time in-between sucking Tony's apparently "huge cock" that she loved so much and could never get enough of.

Tony talked a lot about himself and his forthcoming Pro career, but increasingly he talked about 'their future life together'. Apparently, Tony was eager to prove to his coach that he could 'settle down a bit', demonstrate some responsibility and not be the utterly wild man that he had been in college. Becky seemed more than willing to go with him, but the only catch was Olivia. His child or not, Tony wanted nothing to do with being "Daddy". If she wanted to go with him Olivia would have to stay with me ... permanently. I prayed that this would become the 'deal breaker' and that she would then repent and choose to remain with me.

Silly me.

"That won't be any problem at all, I'll leave her with the Geek," she said and again took Tony's cock once more into her mouth.

My heart utterly broke at that moment.

Becky left with Tony the next night. I never heard her leave nor did she say anything to me in the way of a goodbye. There was a short note, but it didn't really say very much. I put it into my wallet and read and reread it 20 times a day for the next year or two but never discovered any secret or hidden meanings within it.

Olivia and I were now alone together. She had left our checking account untouched; I guess compared to Tony's new millions our petty $57.38 held no attraction to her.

It was enlightening, to say the least, to discover that very few folks in town felt much in the way of pity for me. Tony was after all the local town Hero, the local boy who had made good, and nearly everyone thought it inevitable that Becky would eventually choose him over me. He was now going to be a star in the NFL and I was just a local nobody ... a geek with his head permanently wrapped inside a computer. He had a future; I didn't.

The unparalleled joy of my mother-in-law finding out that her wayward daughter had finally made the 'right choice this time', unfastened the last real bolt that held me to this town and its people. I waited for the divorce papers to come and signed them immediately; they confirmed that I was now Olivia's sole legal guardian. Ten minutes later, all of Olivia's things were in the back of my beat-up old car and my few possessions packed along with them.

The first northerner of the season had blown in the night before and I was chilled to my bones. Without even thinking about it, I aimed my car south and drove aimlessly until the next afternoon when my junker broke down for good in a little small town near the coast called Lovett. I'd never heard of it, but it had to be better than where I had come from.

I sold the car for barely above scrap value and used the money to pay the first months rent on an old beat-up house near the old Towne Centre. The house looked vaguely Victorian with perhaps a hint of an extra Gothic feel to it. In a big city it would have sold or rented for a lot of money, even with its broken floorboards, leaky roof and highly suspect plumbing. In desperately poor Lovett, even my pitiful rent was money that my equally impoverished landlady was pathetically eager to earn. Nearly every house on my block had either a For Sale sign or a notice that the property was available for rent, some had both.

I put out my shingle that I was a computerized bookkeeper and I pressed the flesh with every single one of the handful of shopkeepers in town until I had enough potential customers to maybe be able to play the next months rent. Just to be safe I spent the next week stalking every local farmer and rancher as well, offering to handle their financial recordkeeping for starvation wages. I don't know if it was the utter look of desperation on my face, but a few of these kindly rural folks gave me a handshake deal, some paper bags full of random invoices and receipts, and remained incredulous for years that I could make some kind of proper financial order out of the mess.

Olivia and I settled in and began to call Lovett home.

There are at least a thousand stories about Lovett, and an awful lot of them might actually be true. Certainly the strangest thing that took getting used to was that about one-third of the town on the northern and eastern sides towards the beach was in fact a registered Nudist Colony. Frankly, the vast majority of the townsfolk's liked it that way. The resident naturalists paid their taxes and kept the remaining surviving businesses alive. During the summer, a small but thriving crop of northern snowbird tourists rented houses and further supported the depressed local economy. I learned pretty quickly that the happy smiley faced 'Sun' emblem on many of the doors and mailboxes meant there was a better than average chance that the person opening the door might not be wearing any clothes. I soon discovered that the Colony had become the #1 money maker for the county as slowly folks that enjoyed the naturalist lifestyle discovered the town, its warm gulf coast climate and friendly neighbors everywhere and more visitors started to put down roots to stay.

At the actual center of the town in the old business district was a hodge-podge of old and mostly unrestored dilapidated Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco office buildings and retail shops over an extended, and peculiarly laid out two block radius that constituted the 'Town Centre'. The vast majority of the shops were closed and shuttered.

Most rural Texas town are build on nice and neat square grid patterns, but not Lovett. At least not near the Town Centre. From the tall black basalt rock pillar monument to something or another which was right smack in the center of downtown, the streets were laid out in a pentagon shape for five blocks. The first two center rings being the commercial district and the latter three pentagonal streets being residential. At each the five points, a two lane road headed out from town to connect to the local farms and ranches, and surrounding points of interest to the edge of the county line, exactly five miles away.

Apparently Lovett is its own independent county, as well as being a town. Its borders are perfectly round, exactly five miles in each direction from that large and unsettling pillar that was planted in the exact center of the pentagonal Towne Centre. Even to the casual observer, this bizarre configuration hinted loudly at pentacle magic, as if the town had been created inside some sort of vast protective circle. The locals never speak of this and the best way for an outsider to find themselves completely ostracized is to ask too many question about this sort of think. Lovett, and its people, like to protect their secrets and live their lives as much out of the sight of strangers as possible, but when they trust and befriend a newcomer they give that respect completely and without reservation.

Supposedly, the town was founded in 1832 right before the War of Texas Independence from Mexico, by a very peculiar and semi-mythological individual possibly of Balkan origin called Alexandru Lovettiu. He and a few followers assimilated nicely into this brave new world and promptly Americanized his name into Alexander Lovett. According to popular legend, he was alleged to be a wizard or sorcerer of such repute that even after Texas became a State his 'Lovett County' retained exceptionally unusual freedoms from most State regulations. Stories of weird mumbo-jumbo aside, Lovett does enjoy an unusually independent status from the state government.

Allegedly Lovett, like Romulus and Remus the founders of ancient Rome, plowed an exact furrow planting silver dust into an exact and complete circle around the county in just a single night. The town quickly grew and soon developed a reputation for welcoming immigrants from unheard of eastern and southern European countries, particularly ones with odd or unusual religious customs. This trend continued after Lovett's death, or rather his disappearance sometime around 1890, with fresh waves of immigrants arriving well into the 20th century. The latest wave of newcomers was during the late 1960's and early 70's, as disappointed hippies and 'alternative lifestyle' families discovered this Mecca of religious and social tolerance and came in droves, mostly to stay.

There was a nominal Mayor, and sort of an unpaid City Council that met rather infrequently and passed even fewer laws. Nominally, the County Judge was at the top of the local power pyramid and the infamous elderly lady 'Hanging Judge' Rebecka Tucakovic was accounted by all to be a benign and very wise autocratic leader. For practical everyday matters, the real town power resided in "The Church". It was of no particular denomination, and its creed was an unfathomable assortment of antique old-world ritual and superstition combined with modern "new age" enthusiasm. It was a very odd place to say the least, but if its head preacher (a very nice middle-aged man called "Father Al") said jump, nearly everyone in the town said "how high?" I actually took quite a liking to him. He was, of course, a nearly full time nudist, but if you could actually understand what he was saying to you, then it usually made a great deal of sense. I can't think of a single piece of bad advice he ever gave to anyone.

There were several other churches in town, including very small Catholic and Baptist church buildings on the outskirts of town that were barely larger than small shacks. Nearly everyone attended The Church, at least casually or upon occasional. Even the dyed to the bone atheists and agnostics could never find a bad word to say about The Church or its doings.

It was into this strange new world of superstitious farmers and ranchers who lit occult bonfires at night, and crystal or love bead wearing ex-hippies and nudists, that Olivia and I now found ourselves drawn. The learning curve was a bit steep, but it began to feel like 'home' in no time.

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