The Girls
Chapter 1

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Joe won the lottery. Joe is looking for love. Joe is surprised how love finds him. Well now some stories really do have happy endings after all. Even if things don't turn out just like they are planned.

Hello my name is Joe Dorf, and yes, I have gotten a lot of grief over my last name. However, that's not what this story is about. It's about... Well, why don't I just tell it, and you can see for yourself.

I live in a town house. A town house is basically a glorified high priced apartment complex. I don't know why I chose to live here. Might be because I own it. Of course the management company doesn't know that. Well, the owner of the company does. But that's only because I inherited him, when I bought the place. Needless to say, Fred was a bit much to handle at times. I just haven't decided yet if I want to continue with his company or not, but Martell Management came with such high recommendations. I guess that is why I chose to live here. I wanted to get a feel for the people Fred employed.

Besides Fred, none of other the half dozen people that work in the complex, have any idea that I own it. To them I am just the 27-year-old bum. What can I say? That's what I put down as my employment on the application to get in here. I guess I thought it was funny to list myself as a professional bum. I was thinking of 'beach bum', at the time. However, since I was no where near the ocean, and I didn't actually surf, I shortened it for the application to get in here.

They weren't going to let me in, until I pulled a few strings. Strange how a letter from the owner saying 'you had better give Joe the bum a unit' changed their minds. Well the management didn't like me, to say the least. Must have been the part about my rent being only a dollar a month. They still insisted on the $1800 security deposit, in case I trashed the place.

Being a bum, I paid the deposit in pennies. Now I don't normally mess with people like that. But that bitch Sue (the onsite property manager), had gone out of her way to keep me out. You should have seen her bitch about the 180,000 pennies. It took her a few trips to the bank to deposit them. It was her own fault, after all. She wasn't even going to accept them, until I started tapping on the letter from Fred, the one telling her to rent me the place.

I think she is a bull dyke. Not that I have a problem with her sexual orientation. I only mention it, because she fits the stereotypical personality type so well. Then again, maybe she is not, but it's still fun to harass her.

I could just see the shorthaired 36-year-old blond standing over her poor slave of the moment. You know... dressed in leather, with a whip, and holding shackles in her hand. I could really have some sympathy for the poor girl that would be her victim. Sorry, got side tracked with that vision.

I should tell you I am average looking. I don't stand out, even if I am 6 foot tall. I have sandy blond hair, blue eyes and I only weight 185lbs. To tell the truth, I actually look kind of sickly at that weight. I should start working out again. I had kind of let myself go after the lottery win. Yes, that's how I can afford to own a 15 million dollar complex. All 400 units are mine, and at 1500 to 2500 a month well you can see why it was a great investment. I mean even at 5%, 15 million didn't give me but 750,000 a year. The complex gives me just shy of a million, every two months.

So I don't work, I don't need to. I spend too much time at the pool, looking at the pretty girls. Sue Webber, the property manager, hated me for doing that, until she figured out a way to make me earn my rent around there.

I mean Sue was stacked, and sported a set of double 'D's for headlights. It really pissed her off when you stared at them when talking to her. Naturally, that was what I did the whole time she explained the complex's new volunteer lifeguard program.

Now really I am harmless. Actually, after my lottery winning, I had to change my name and leave the state I was born in. God, were the gold diggers ever coming out of the woodwork! I mean every girl I knew from high school and even some I didn't were courting me. They were all trying to seduce me, and get their hands on my money. At first I toyed with most of them. I got laid so many times it was ridiculous. It was also so shallow I was unfulfilled by it.

It was after having to be treated for crabs, that I really wised up and decided to change my ways. God! What if it had been a real STD, or AIDS. That would have been a real bummer.

I made a list of what I wanted, and thought I needed, in a relationship. The one thing I was sure I didn't want was more gold diggers. I wanted a woman that would love me for me not what I could give her. Then, afterwards, I could make her dreams come true. Sue Webber was not on that list of course.

Oh, you probably want to know how much I won. Okay, I took the cash option on a power ball lotto of 60 million. Since I only got half, and the gov'ment grabs a third of that, you can do the math from there.

I had been living here for six months when a couple of 23-year old girls moved in to the town house connected to mine. They were knock out dead gorgeous, and sexy. Unfortunately they were also confirmed lesbians. At least they acted the part, the way they were always kissing on each other, and being all touchy feely as I helped them unload the rental truck.

So much for asking one or the other out. I did however end up helping them move in. I am sure Sue was behind the idea in the end. Must have been the $100.00 they paid me for doing my imitation of a mule. Well that's what I felt like helping them carry everything in.

They paid me after I helped, they didn't offer me money up front to do so. I politely refused and they wouldn't hear of it. Said if I really didn't want it I could buy them a house-warming present. Well what does one get two 23-year-old lesbians college students for a house-warming present? I had no idea, that was for sure. I would just have to bide my time and learn what they liked.

"Fine" I said to Annette, she was the Red head of the two, then I added "but then I am paying for the pizza." Lois the Brunette and Annette laughed then somehow the two of them agreed, they thought it was kind of cute I guess.

Well that was until I pulled out my cell phone and hit the speed dial. Papa George's was an exclusive Italian restaurant. I should know, I bought it two months ago. The point is they do not deliver. Except to me, of course. George had some financial problems with his now ex-wife. You don't know how pleased he was, when I insisted he stay and work on re-buying the place from me. Anyway, I ordered two pies with the works, enough for three please. Of course, Annette and Lois didn't know where I called. They just stared at the phone like they couldn't believe I owned one.

"Okay, girls," I said, "Out with it, Sue told you I was a bum, right?"

They looked at me nodding their heads slowly and unsure what this all meant. "Well I am, because I don't have a job, however that doesn't mean I can't afford a phone."

"Sue said you were a welfare placement, here," Lois finally said.

"Well my rent is very cheap, and she thinks anyone that doesn't make a 100,000 a year is a bum."

"She told us we could probably get you to help us move. You could use some money to pay your rent."

I laughed, "That sounds like her. I am afraid she doesn't like me much."

"So you're not really a bum?"

"Well not really, but don't tell her that. She will try to raise my rent."

The girls giggled.

Annette said, "I am afraid we don't really like her much."

"Yes, but we had to be nice to her, to get in here," Lois said.

"I would have rather fired her," Annette added.

"I understand. I had to get the owner to tell her to let me in," I chuckled.

"You know the owner?" Lois said.

"Let's just say he owed me a few favors, and leave it at that."

We made neighborly small talk after that. The food arrived and Annette squealed in delight when she saw her uncle delivering it. You guessed it Papa Gorge was her uncle. It figured that the girls had money, At least Annette did. After all, the unit they were renting was on the end. As such it was one of the bigger ones, and rented for $2,500 a month.

Papa Gorge, thank God, was cool. Somehow he managed to not give me away. I am sure that Annette figured the food was free because he was her uncle. I wonder if she was ever curious about the personalized take out. After all, George was only doing it for me. There should be some perks for being the owner, don't you think?

The food was wonderful, and the conversation was pleasant. I went home shortly thereafter, leaving the girls to unpack their household. Too bad I had a hard on the size of Mount Everest. However being the un-official lifeguard, I had learned to deal with that problem on my own. Well, Rosy and I, did, anyway.

I would run into them on the weekends, and some evenings. Somehow I had become the unofficial lifeguard at the pool. Of course I was not paid, and I was sure Sue had manipulated me into it. That woman was bound and determined to make me earn my rent.

I didn't mind being the pool's lifeguard. It gave me good reason to talk with all the residents. This of course included 'the girls', as I came to calling them. They were off limits, as far as I was concerned. If I had any knowledge that they were not just roommates it went out the window, the first night. Annette was a real screamer if you know what I mean. God! I had to whack off three times that night.

I thought about sound proofing the bedroom wall. Then changed my mind because the sounds were better then what played on the Internet porn channels. To say the least, I was well entertained. However, that didn't stop the friendship that was forming between the three of us. It's not like we went out on dates, or anything like that. We did talk about a lot of things, however. We became... well, how should I say this?... um, friends is about the best word.

The girls were nice. We would talk at the pool, and make pleasant chit chat when we passed each other, outside the house. As we were neighbors, that happened with some frequency. Too bad we didn't have an indoor pool, for year round use. That got me thinking that it would be a nice addition to the complex. As the summer passed, I made my plans to do just that. I decided to see if I could have some fun and suggested it to everyone at the pool. It was met with oh that would be wonderful and other things like that.

The summer went by, and it cooled down in the late fall, it was getting time for the pool to close for the season. I was talking to Annette and Lois around the pool.

I said, "I guess I had better suggest a pool room to the owner, and see if he will put it over the pool, to keep it open year round."

They both laughed and said yep, you better see if you can call in another Favor. They liked to swim, and our friendship had grown to the point that we could tease each other about almost anything.

Neither believed that the owner would drop half a mill or so to get an indoor pool. Actually the price was 1.2 mil, but I didn't point that out. I had already scheduled the work to begin Monday, after the pool closed. There were also going to be two hot tubs plus two saunas for the residents' use. It had been fun because Sue was blowing a gasket over the project, and already was trying to justify raising everyone's rent. Mine included.

When I mentioned adding an indoor hot tub. Well the girls got dreamy eyed when I suggested it. Well at least I finally thought of a good housewarming gift now. Besides I figured they would put it in the sunroom of the back of their place. It would be a perfect place for it. I smiled devilishly at the idea for some reason.

"Joe, you don't think you could get the owner to actually do that do you?"

"Well he does owe me a few favor's."

Annette laughed, and Lois shook her head then said, "Right, just like Papa Gorge, what did you ever do for him anyways."

"Ask him," I said not wanting to tell them.

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