A New Portal: Crossroads
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Slow,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When her cloak dropped to the ground, her assets became visible, he squawked and the other guard gasped and they both stepped back a pace and both dropped their blades. "Forgive me Great Mother! Please! Forgive a foolish man, I did not know you are a Great Mother." "Note: You should have at least read some of the DiD stories to understand this Universe, With Lazlo's permission. Please read "Return of an Earth Hero" first

I sat in the chair nervously twirling the ring my Grandfather had given me years ago. Waiting for the end of the auction, waiting to see if anyone would out bid me this time. If nothing went wrong now, I would be the winner of the house for an amazing $115,000.

Staring into the deep red of the ruby as it sparkled in the light, I started to wonder if the rumors going around had caused the ridiculously low price for the house I just bid on. Finding the body of the young man, the same young man that had bought the house only a few months earlier, had definitely caused a ripple in the community. What was really strange was the cause of death. Undetermined. The medical examiner couldn't find anything wrong with him. It was as if someone had reached out and just shut him off. They could not find wounds of any kind. His organs were in perfect condition for a 23 year old, which he was. Nothing was wrong, yet he was dead, and found less than a half mile from his house.

Bang, bang, bang!

"Sold to number 252 for one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. The next house that is up for bid is on plot number..."

I tuned him out again as I got up and headed for the table with my certified cashiers check for $50,000, which is how I had registered for the auction. The ad had read that the $50,000 was the first requirement, plus the remainder to be paid within 72 hours. These requirements were more than OK with me, as it had cut down on the number of participants. I had seen at least a dozen that had been turned away from the auctioneers table after I had arrived.

I handed the lady my bidding number and the check. As she looked up at me from the table she smiled and said, "Congratulations Mr. O'Casey, we hope you enjoy your new house."

Stammering I replied,"T.T.Thank you, I'm sure I will, it is a beautiful place." I hated stammering when I talked to women. "If you will give me the bank and accounting numbers I'll have the remainder transferred to the account in just a few minutes. I'd prefer that we get this completed as soon as possible."

She raised her brows in surprise, "Of course Sir, here is the information you'll need to do that."

With that I took the paper and started slowly walking away so I could call my lawyer in a little privacy. When he answered, I quickly gave him the information and the go ahead to have the remaining money transferred.

After I walked back to the table, the woman looked at me expectantly. "We should be done in a few minutes. Here is my lawyer's information, I would like to have this completed quickly please. I'm staying in a hotel for now and would like to move in as soon as I can."

She smiled again, "Yes Sir, we can do that. Everything from our end was taken care of before the auction. We will contact your lawyer and we should be able to close this tomorrow afternoon at which time you will receive the keys."

By now I was smiling also. "Excellent, I'll be there. Thank You." With that I turned and departed the auction, I had a lot to do before moving into the house. It was fairly well furnished but I still had a few things to buy and have delivered later tomorrow.

As I left my lawyer's office with the keys to the house I was ecstatic. My first house. Granted, I wasn't rich or anything like that. I still had to work for a living, but to have a house, let alone a house totally paid off before you're 30, was nothing to sneeze at.

It took me 2 days, but I was pretty well caught up on everything in the new house. I had the master bedroom all set and had placed plastic sheets in the other bedrooms. If anyone visited I could slip them off and put a full set of linen, from the linen closet, on in a few minutes. Speaking of the linen closet, now that was a strange little room. I'd seen it a hundred times as I'd walked by, but each time I looked into the room it still seemed just a little strange.

As a linen closet it had to be the smallest one I'd ever seen. It was only about two feet deep, a 30 inch door, and a few shelves in it. It was almost as if you were meant to walk in, turn around, and then walk out. I had even checked to see if there was a secret passage behind it, but since it was on an outside wall and it was such a shallow room it just wasn't possible. Oh well, it was getting on supper time so I had to put these sheets and stuff away and then make myself something to eat. I'd been so busy I had decided to skip lunch and now I was starving.

I pulled a couple of the linen sets out of the box I had them in and walked toward the linen closet. As I walked in I saw my ring brighten out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly I felt a slight disorienting sensation and I was standing in a bright white room. Looking around, all I could see was a table and a couple of chairs. Everything was so white it almost hurt my eyes to look at them.

OK, what had just happened to me? 'Where on Earth am I?' As I looked at my ring, I couldn't help but wonder; why did it brighten? "Hello? Is anyone listening?" I waited a couple of minutes to see what would happen, if anything. Nope, not a thing. "Would someone please answer?" Still nothing. I decided to investigate the room, but it didn't seem as if there was anything here except a table with two chairs and plain walls. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, 'Finally, something is happening, ' I thought. I turned and saw a door that I hadn't noticed before start to open. 'Hmmm, that door was not there a few minutes ago, I'm absolutely positive I'd have seen it if it had.' As the door opened my apprehension skyrocketed. Instantaneous movement from one room to another, if that was all that had happened, was impossible, on Earth. That left too many alternatives to even think about, let alone contemplate with any seriousness even if I had the time, which I didn't.
I'm not sure who or what I was expecting to come through that door but the creature that did walk through was the last thing on my mind, I'm sure of it.

"Holy Shit" I slapped my hand over my mouth. 'She is fucking beautiful!' I stood there stunned. I had never seen anyone that beautiful before in my life. I'd of course seen some Penthouse and Playboy models in the magazines, and they were close, but with all the makeup and ways to manipulate photographs available it just seemed they were only close.

She looked me over quickly with her somewhat lavender colored eyes as she motioned me toward a chair, "Please be seated Adventurer, I am Chris Hostess. May I ask your name and then we can continue with the interview?"

"I am extremely glad to meet you Chris, my name is Dallan O'Casey, and what do you mean interview and why did you call me Adventurer?" I continued to remain standing until she had seated herself on the other side of the table.

As she bent over to pull the chair under herself, her bodice opened. Since I'm a firm believer in "if they show it, it is OK to look at it" I looked down her top. Oh shit, three tits, count-em boys and girls, one, two, three of the most breath taking breasts anyone had ever seen at one time, on one woman, were there for my inspection. I inhaled quickly, afraid I'd screwed up by looking too long. When I glanced up to look at her she was looking at me. She smiled and stayed in position as I looked back at her tits. After a few seconds I looked back to her face. She finished sitting and I bowed slightly, "Thank You."

Her smile widened and she, bowing slightly in return said, "You are welcome Dallan O'Casey. It has been many years since an Adventurer has been through a portal from Earth. We knew nothing had happened to Earth since here on Crossroads others have been through the portals for other worlds. But none have been through for those of us from Val."

"Other worlds? Crossroads? Portals? Val?" I finally sat down, almost slumping, I felt tired and drained and starved. "Uhh, Chris? Could I get a bit of something to eat? I was just getting ready to make myself something to eat when I found myself here. I haven't eaten in hours. Just a sandwich or something with a glass of water would be fine. Please?"

"Oh, Dallan, forgive me please? I was so excited to have an Adventurer from Earth here I completely forgot myself, and my duties. Restorative please." She requested as she looked up at the ceiling. A tall test tube looking glass appeared on the table. "Here, this will make you feel much better and then we'll get you through the interview. Your caretaker, once chosen, will then be better suited to take care of you."

I smelled the tube and was immediately salivating. The liquid smelled like prime rib, but then again it didn't. It smelled like a baked potato, but then again it didn't. It didn't make any sense is what I finally decided. It just smelled like everything I could imagine a great meal to smell like. I carefully took a small sip and almost half of the liquid was gone, but I felt 100% better than I had in months. I finished the tube and replaced it on the table, at which time is promptly disappeared.

Oh well, if I can be 'transported' a test tube should be a piece of cake. "That was delicious! Caretaker? Chris, would you please tell me just what is going on. I have no idea of what is happening or what has happened. I was putting bed linen away and as I stepped into the closet my ring sort of brightened, I was disoriented for a moment, then I was here." I then noticed that the linens I'd had in my hand were not here. I saw a startled look of surprise and then a look of comprehension cross her face as her eyebrows rose. "Ahhh," I said, " I see it has finally got your attention that I haven't the faintest idea of what it is you're talking about, or what has happened to me."

"But, you are here, through a portal. You have to know what you are doing here. You are an Adventurer here on Crossroads, you will pick a planet to go to and have your adventure. You will then return here for a time then return to Earth. If you decide to, you can return here and then continue the adventure you started or even start a different adventure."

Hmmm, as I thought about that it sure beats the hell out of 60 hour weeks at work and then coming home to an empty apartment, oops, empty house. "What can you tell me about these adventures Chris?"

"Nothing, all I can do is help you pick your Caretaker. That individual is the one that helps you with your adventures."

"Ok, lets get to it. Time is wasting and I don't want to be gone for too long."

She smiled at that comment, "Yes, lets how you say, get to it. First of all, tell me a little about yourself and then we can get to the more formal interview"

"As I said before I'm Dallan O'Casey, that and $1.50 might get you a weak cup of coffee. I'm a hair over six feet, 190 pounds which means I could probably stand to lose a couple of them, pounds that is. Fairly good shape, I could bench press a little over my own weight a few months ago which was the last time I was at a gym. I've dark hair and blue eyes which pretty well classifies me as what is called black Irish. That, as opposed to red Irish, which I'm not sure you have ever heard of but is a country of Earth. I'm not rich but I've saved a few bucks here and there. I made a few before the Internet bubble popped. Oops, sorry, forgot you don't know what the Internet is. Let me say it is a means of gathering huge amounts of data with a computer on just about any subject you want covered. And then I started selling a small booklet on the Internet that allowed small businesses a way to backup data off site, relatively inexpensively. The booklet sold for $10 with the plans and what software to use and I sold more than a few of them. I just moved into a new house and as I walked through the doorway of the linen closet I found myself here. I don't even have the linens that were in my hands as I walked through the door."

She watched me as I talked, I tried to make it interesting for her so she wouldn't be bored. It didn't seem that she was. She would occasionally ask a question or two but when I got to the subject of being superstitious she seemed, I'm not sure what, excited or unbelieving or maybe skeptical is a better choice. Then she wanted more details about being superstitious and exactly what it meant. So I gave her the information she wanted and then covered another of my beliefs. I believe in the Little People, you know, Leprechauns. Maybe I'll explain that and why later. They exist, period.

I went on to explain my ring and how it had brightened just as I went through the portal. "The ring I received from my Grandfather years ago, it has been in the family for a long time. I think it was given to him by either his Father or Grandfather. The writing on it has long been worn off so it is impossible to determine the age of it." As I showed her the ring she made a note in her folder. I continued with more tidbits of information about myself and then we started what Chris called the formal interview.

We spent what felt like hours going over questions and answers and then answers to the questions those answers brought up. after those qestions were done she left the room for a few moments and then returned with four folders. We then spent a couple of more hours going over the qualifications of each individual to select my Caretaker, whatever that role was. My only sour note was the lack of pictures or physical descriptions of the candidates. Just the qualifications were all that were listed, and of course schooling, hobbies and that type of information. I'd pretty much had enough. By now I was hungry again and I wanted this to end. Finally, I had made my decision, as I threw the three other folders back on the table I handed her the fourth one. Looking at Chris I announced, "She is the one Chris, she is my Caretaker, if she will have me that is. I won't try to force myself on anyone."

As I finished speaking a small portion of the table turned blue and then returned to the previous white.

"Oh she'll have you, that was the indication that she accepts. I doubt we will ever meet again Dallan, but believe me when I say I am very glad I've met you. Would you be so kind as to allow me to give you a hug before I get your caretaker for you?"

She has to be kidding me, right? Who in their right mind wouldn't want to put his arms around her. "You're teasing me. Why would you tease me like that Chris? I would do just about anything to be able to hold you for just a few moments."

She looked shocked at my last statement, "Dallan, you gave me no indication that you were at all interested in me other than the short look at me when I sat down. Tease? I do not know this word tease."

I was dumbfounded, a woman that didn't know what the word tease meant, that was impossible. Of course travel between worlds was also impossible. Damn, damn, damn. "Chris, I was being what we on Earth call a gentleman. I had no reason to believe I should act in any other manner. Nor did I want to appear to be pushing myself on you." I finished speaking and headed around the table to get my hug.

She met me half way and as our arms went around each other I could feel her crying in my arms. I pulled her tightly to me, and started to ask, "Chris, did I do something wrong? Please tell..."

She didn't respond, just squeezed me tight then turned as she pulled away saying, "I'll get your Caretaker now. Thank You!"

"Y... Y... You're welcome." With that she was out the door. I figured I'd never see her again.

A few minutes later the door started to open again and in walked a woman that fitted what "E. E. 'Doc' Smith" once called 'a thionite dream'. I thought Chris was beautiful, and she certainly was by any standards you could possibley want to compare her against, but Ellen Guide, now to be called Ellen Caretaker, was almost enough to make me cum in my pants just looking at her.

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