A Rebound Marriage
Chapter 1: Her Ex: The Flounder And The Flight

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Her Ex: The Flounder And The Flight - Brook's failed marriage to her childhood sweetheart was followed by her quick new marriage to Rob. When the "Ex" showed back up in their lives two years later Rob had to find out...would she treat her old love as a pest or would he still be a partner?

It happened about a year after Rob and Brook were married.

Rob remembers the day that Trey came to him, wanting to talk.

"Just the two of us," Trey said. "Hell, let's have a cold one."

Trey was Brook's ex husband and it was a sticky situation in a way. Trey and Brook had been married for five years before the divorce and had dated in high school before that. Rob had known them the whole time even if he was a few years older. It was a small town and everybody knew everybody.

Most folks around quietly acknowledged Brook's marriage to Rob was a "rebound wedding" on Brook's part and Rob didn't deny it. A year isn't very long between marriages but Brook was such a knockout Rob wasn't going to pass her up. The fact that Trey and Rob knew each other pretty well made it a little dicey. Not to mention Travis.

Travis was Trey's two-year-old son but they hadn't spent enough time around each other for Trey to know him. It wasn't a nasty divorce by any means but there was certainly deep pain. Brook had caught Trey having an affair while she was pregnant and turned off the marriage like a light switch.

Rob actually felt sorry for old Trey. He was a damned good old boy that had made one mistake, one quick bad error in judgment. He had made the mistake of falling for a great body while he had a pregnant wife. There was no surviving it.

Then came the casual meeting. Rob was concerned. Was it about Travis? Probably not. He was doing a pretty good job at being a dad and Trey had stayed well out of the way.

Money? Rob hoped not. All of them were struggling.

As it was, money was exactly the subject of their meeting but not what Rob thought.

After thirty minutes of small talk Trey twirled a beer in his hand and finally looked at Rob.

"Hey, man. I know it hasn't been easy for any of us. You guys are fighting from payday to payday just like me, aren't you?"

Rob laughed quietly.

"Hell, who makes it to payday any more?"

Trey laughed with him. Trey was a diesel mechanic and a damned good one, regardless of his age. He had come from a generation of mechanics and had rebuilt a tractor engine when he was twelve.

"Rob, I know it's a little awkward between the two of us. I'm not saying it's bad, just awkward at times, what with Travis being there and both of us having kin around."

"Hell, it's okay between you and me though, isn't it?" Rob asked. He looked at Trey a little taken aback. What was this about?

"Well, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you taking care of Brook and Travis. I think you do a hell of a job, maybe better than I would."

"Man, I appreciate that. I really do." Rob said. He was relieved but still didn't know where this was going.

"Look, I've been offered a job in Iraq making big money and I'm gonna take it. Shit, I can make more over there in a two year contract than I can squeeze out of these farmers in six."

Rob was floored.

"Man, do you really want to do that?" He thought that was pretty radical.

Trey smiled.

"I'm leaving next Friday. It's all done. Passports, visas, the whole thing. I just didn't want to tell anybody but you first. You've got to take care of them."

Rob looked at him for a long time then extended his hand.

"I got'em, Buddy," he said softly.

And that was that. Not another word was spoken and Rob never saw Trey again before he left.

He knew one thing, though. Trey Williams was still in love with Brook. No doubt about it. He already knew that Brook was not entirely over Trey and probably never would be but it was something he could life with.

About a month later they received the first check from Trey. They were floored! They could live on the check alone but they didn't. Instead they played everything very conservatively and caught themselves up financially. Half of Trey's check went into an account for Travis.

That first time the check arrived in the mail Brook was home alone. She opened the envelope and stared at the check for a long time, tears filling her eyes a she thought about the past with Trey.

Even though very traumatic for her, Brook's divorce from Trey had been very quiet, totally without confrontation. Looking back on it she realized that maybe she had overreacted, had acted hastily in her hurt. She had caught him in an affair. Not a long involved one but more a quick one that was detected almost from inception. Trey was too much of a "one woman man" to be able to pull off something like that without detection and he should have known. But looking back now was twenty-twenty hindsight. At the time there had been no forgiving.

It was later, both before and after she entered this very happy and exciting union with Rob, that Brook second-guessed herself about Trey. She had loved him very much for a long time. Maybe she should have made herself go through a cooling off period, giving her a chance to rethink their situation before immediately starting procedures as she had done. Especially with a baby and all their families being involved.

But that's not what happened and they all had to live with what did happen.

And now all this money. The two of them were the financial recipients of a guilty, repenting ex husband. Trey was truly sorry for his mistake and both Rob and Brook knew that. There had already been enough hurt. They needed to move on, making adjustments with life as it happened.

Testing The Water

Then, before it seemed possible, the first twelve months were up and Trey was back in town on his month long mid tour leave.

By then Travis had accepted Rob and called him dad. Having a new "Dad" arrive in his life was understandably confusing. But each of the three adults involved were determined that it was going to happen and that they were going to do this well.

The visits started slowly, not much more than Trey visiting their house each evening and playing with Travis for a couple of hours. By design Brook always made sure Trey had dinner with them. It all went perfect and within a few days Trey was leaving the house with a big diaper type bag as if he were an old pro. Most of the time they just went to visit Trey's Mom and Dad so it was an easy visit.

But each visit Rob also couldn't miss the deep pain within Trey concerning Brook. He didn't miss the look and attitude of Brook, either. Always, without fail, she went into a sort of soft funk after the visits. What Rob was actually detecting was not just a deep sympathy that Brook felt toward Trey but more than a little guilt that she was part of it.

The second week Trey was home Rob had to work late on Monday. He routinely worked late into the night with no notice and that night told Brook that he wouldn't be home until after midnight. Normally he was right on time with these things but they didn't have a part they needed and it was only about nine o'clock when he left work.

When he got home he was surprised to see Trey's car still there. When Rob was home Trey had always come and gone long before this, never keeping Travis after dark. Caught between curiosity and nowhere else to go, Rob drove a block down and parked in the driveway of an empty house. As he walked back toward home he started to second-guess his sneaking in like this. If he were accidentally detected not only would she be pissed but also Trey wouldn't come back.

Silently, in the darkness, Rob slipped around the side of their house and through a very squeaky chain link fence gate. He cringed, wondering if they might have heard it. They lived in a modest house in an older neighborhood and had the fence in place to keep the kid in. Their combination dining and living room was at the back of the house, separated from the back patio with huge glass windows and a sliding glass door that were almost never covered. Rarely was the door even closed in decent weather.

With it being dark, Rob could easily see in without them seeing him. Brook had waited until they had Travis in bed before offering Trey dinner. He was sitting next to Brook at the table and everything seemed to be going normal. Rob decided that he was not going to intrude and would instead go have a cup of coffee at the diner and ride out the evening. But he stood for a while watching them first.

Brook was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and an old tee shirt. Even dressed down the way she was she looked good. Brook may not have been the prettiest girl in high school but she had the best body. Her dark hair may have not been great but she kept it cut short and it looked good. She was pretty but Rob admitted that her real assets were from the neck down.

My god the woman had a body! Absolutely the tightest ass Rob had ever seen sitting on top of legs that could have been a model's. And he loved her tits... firm, jutting peaches just aching to be eaten!

After a while, Rob started noticing that Trey was not only constantly touching her leg with his, but every now and then was putting his hand under the table and brushing her leg. She didn't seem to be paying any attention to it, apparently enjoying the night. With the windows open, he was close enough to actually follow their idle conversation concerning Travis, of which he had no interest. What did interest him and kept him from leaving was what was going on under the table.

Rob's interest turned to anticipation as he continued to spy on them. How long had this been going on and was she going to make any move to stop it? As he stood there Trey's touches became more brazen. The "brushing" became frequent lingering touches. Finally, he gently placed his hand on her knee and left it there. Rob suspected he had been encouraged by Brook's lack of response to his foraging touch. He knew that he would have been. Finally, she acknowledged the intrusion and put her hand under the table, gently moving his hand away from her.

Rob was frozen with the events unfolding in front of him and all thoughts of leaving were definitely gone. In a perverse way, he thought to myself, "What were the chances I would ever get to see them alone like this?" After all, this was not just a stranger in her house.

As a matter of fact Rob had often wondered about Brook and Trey's sex life before the divorce. Trey had bedded this woman every night for almost five years and Rob was sure there had been plenty of sex before the marriage. When he could get her in a certain after sex mood Brook would talk about it a little. What he got out of it was that Brooks sex life with Trey was pretty good. Good enough that at times he felt a little pressure to perform.

So as he watched this Rob felt his heart rate increase and he was breathing harder. Out of the sky blue here was sort of a blast from the past!

He gave this to Trey; he didn't give up. Even as Brook continually brushed his hand away, he casually continued to search for her under the table. She pushed his hand away a number of times before she finally moved her leg over a little to try to escape him. That didn't work either and after a while she gave in and allowed his hand to stay on her knee. Even though he made no attempt to go any higher, Rob started to shake a little and could definitely feel the anticipation. Instead of being upset he found it strangely exciting.

So did Trey and Brook, each in a different way.

Trey was starting to mentally sweat a little. He had thought this over very carefully and decided to test the waters at least some. He felt the only thing he had to lose was possibly a few hours of visitation. He guessed there was little chance she would mention it to Rob.

"Come to me, baby," he thought. "Don't act like you're not feeling it."

He had dreamed of this, had fantasized it so many times this past year, he wasn't going to let it go easily. All he had hoped for was just the right circumstance, not an open opportunity but instead just a ray of light! Just exactly how far would she allow him to take it tonight? How would she react to his calculated advances?

Including the years they had dated his hard cock had been inside her receptive pussy hundreds and hundreds of times and he had drawn anguishing orgasms from her almost every time. Was any of it still there?

Brook was petrified! It was bad enough that she had never completely lost her feelings for Trey but now she had broken a little rule about when he should come and go and she had to deal with it. She should never have offered him the meal that late in the evening, knowing he would take her offer. Worse still, deep down she knew that was exactly why she offered... she knew he would hang around a little and talk with her.

"Jeez, what have I opened myself up to?" There was no way she could miss the little brushes of his fingers that were getting more and more brazen by the minute.

And she certainly couldn't miss her tingling senses as it happened. Things had somehow gone in an unexpected direction and she knew she had to make the right decision.

Rob was relieved but somehow a little disappointed when Brook looked at the clock and said they needed to break it up. But rather than Trey getting up and leaving immediately he instead got up and started putting his dishes away.

After everything was put away he still didn't leave, casually going over to the couch and sitting down. Brook kept her distance and sat in a chair nearby. Rob could hear perfectly as they spoke of Travis and things that had happened when they were dating and married. Finally, after about fifteen minutes of banter, they quieted and after a period of silence the conversation changed.

Then they definitely had Rob's interest.

"I guess you know I've never stopped loving you," Trey said quietly.

Brook sucked her breath in and tried to act surprised. She knew this could come up some day but tonight, right now, just wasn't a good time.

"Yeah, right." She tried laughing it off but it rang hollow.

"Oh, yeah. For all these years. You used to drive me crazy anyway, but after a year totally away from you now it's even worse."

Brook shuddered inside. Rob was hearing everything being said and he saw the color draining out of her face. Brook was both embarrassed and pleased at the same time. It was natural that a person would feel a rush if somebody professed a love for you. That it was a past husband made it more than a little sticky.

"Thank you, Trey. I appreciate that. But you know as well as I do that it's long over. I have a family and husband."

The conversation went on between the two, each minute getting a little bit deeper as he recalled instances of things they had done. Some of it was trivia but others were very intimate and she was obviously overwhelmed with his attention and his vivid memories of her.

Just as Brook was wondering where it might be going and Rob was watching to see how she was going to handle this, Trey looked at his watch and said he should go.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you," Brook thought. "I survived it."

Trey knew he had pushed this as far as he wanted to that night. He had already seen her reaction or lack of reaction to his advances. But he wanted to leave her with one last thing to think about the next couple of days, something to tease her senses.

As he was leaving he hesitated by the door and talked a little more, more of a whisper this time and out of Rob's earshot.

"This is it," Trey was thinking. "I have to step it up or drop the whole thing."

Brook had relaxed and let her mental guard down. Trey was on his way out the door and it would be all over in a few seconds.

But she wasn't watching close enough.

During a little more idle chatter he casually started touching her again, just a brushing of the arm and lightly touching her face. Then he leaned over and gave her what Rob thought was going to be a goodnight kiss on the side of her face. Brook saw it coming but for some reason didn't turn away or try to avoid it. Instead of it being on her cheek his lips found hers.

When it happened, a small thought shot through two minds. Neither was Brook's.

"Not turning away was the same as an invitation."

Both men knew it. Did she not?

They were right! Encouraged, instead of leaving Trey made a little more small talk and slipped his hand down to her waist. Her arms were folded across her chest and didn't resist his touch as he slowly moved his fingers above her hips. Rob shook his head slowly as if to say "uh, huh" when Trey suddenly leaned forward and gave her a full, soft kiss on the lips.

Brook let it linger a few seconds that seemed like minutes to Rob before she pulled away, laughed nervously and gently nudged a rock hard Trey out the door. When he left, she turned around facing where Rob was standing and leaned back against the door as if she needed the support. She shook her head and a small smile came on her face.

Rob had no idea that Trey had slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Rob backed off into the yard to make sure he wasn't detected before he left. She moved idly around the room a while before turning on the television and lying back on the couch. He moved back up to the window to watch her. She would watch the tube for a while as if she had no interest, then gaze out into space. Each time, she would shake her head a little and smile. Rob knew her thoughts were of Trey and the attention he had just given her.

He didn't know she was feeling a little bit repentant and a little bit evil all at the same time.

She had lightly sucked on Trey's tongue when he had slipped it in he mouth. Rather than her seeing it as a big deal it was more of an automatic gesture... they had done it so many thousands of times in the past.

And that was exactly where her thoughts were. She couldn't help the flashbacks that were occurring, the vivid recollections of the past. She and Trey had done a lot together. Except for his one blunder their life had been wonderful, especially when it came to their sex life. Just as with Rob, Trey had been very exciting, very fulfilling when they were together. Rarely had she ever been left hanging, denied her orgasm unless she did so intentionally in order to please him.

While she was "daydreaming" she reached up and started caressing one of her nipples through her shirt. She kept it up for five minutes or so until there was a visible reaction from the rest of her. She hips were moving slightly, the small gyrations making little circles on the couch. Her right hand abandoned her nipple to wander down her body, hesitating at her hips before her fingers begin to slowly gather the loose bottom of her shorts.

She moved her hand through the loose legs of her shorts and under the elastic leg band of her panties. She didn't have to search. An erect, excited clitoris was right there, already awakened by the events of the past hour and eagerly awaiting some personal attention.

It was perfect! Brook opened her mouth slightly and a very audible moan came from her. She lost no time in trying to get her release, her fingers moving slowly at first then picking up speed.

Rob couldn't hold it back, taking out his cock as he watched her. He had seen her do it before, but this changed it from being a performance for his entertainment to an erotic invasion of her privacy. The fact that another man was bringing on this orgasm seemed to only enhance his excitement.

Just as Rob thought he couldn't hold it any longer, he was startled to hear that old gate creak. He barely detected the sound but knew instantly that somebody was entering the yard. In a panic, he stepped back into the dark and behind a small storage shed just a few feet behind him. It was after he was safely out of sight that he realized Brook was still lying there on the couch in open view with her fingers up her pussy. He started to step out but he picked up a person moving over to the patio window. He froze in place and watched silently.

Brook was in a world of her own at the time, old memories and Trey's recent gentle touches firing her senses. She had no idea of her audience.

The figure moved up to the window and started watching. As close as Rob was he could still see pretty well into the lighted room. Brook had her eyes closed and was lying on the couch with her right leg off the side and her foot on the carpet. Her body was moving openly with the pleasure her fingers were providing, her hips lifting gently off the couch as she touched herself.

The man turned and Rob saw his face. It came as no surprise to see it was Trey!

Trey looked around to see if he was all clear, taking out his already stiff cock to watch her. He had moved his car down the street and given himself a few minutes before coming back. He had wanted to watch her secretly, looking for any reactions to his advances.

He was elated! That little suck that she had given his tongue a few minutes ago must have gave her as much a wakeup call as he.

"That's it, baby," Trey thought. "Fire that thing up like you used to do."

Years ago this was a game they played on a routine basis. Trey would leave the house to "go out" for the evening and Brook would entertain herself to orgasm after orgasm, always in a bright light and right in front of an open window. It was like a little private theatre that blew both their minds!

Trey couldn't help but be encouraged. She had made no attempt to avoid his kisses and then she went straight to the couch and started rubbing what he correctly guessed was a very stimulated, hot pussy!

Was all this for him? Caused by him? He decided the answer was yes!

It was amazing how close Rob's thoughts were running to Trey's.

"This was all induced by Trey," he thought. Deep down he knew it.

"How strange," Rob thought. Here he was, hidden away, watching another man jack off as they watched his wife together. A masturbation triangle, so to speak.

It didn't last long. As Brook worked her fingers faster and faster her hips were making slow circles in response and lifting slightly off the couch. When her mouth fell open and stayed that way it was obvious she was about to come.

Trey beat her to it and in the light of the window Rob could actually see the semen as he came and it squirted out of him. Trey continued to stroke himself while both of them watched Brook come in an incredible performance. Her legs stiffened and spread wide, then her head swung side to side as she came. Rob could just barely hear her from where he was but knew Trey surely was treated to the full force of her moaning.

While she continued to rub herself Trey put himself back together and left in a hurry. He had no intention of being caught and his fear overcame his excitement.

With his departure Rob slipped out of the shadows and watched her for a long time as she continued the pleasure, coming to an orgasm again with a verbal outburst that was too bad Trey missed.

Because Rob was sure it was all for him!

When she gave it up and got off the couch, Rob went back to his car and drove around for a couple of hours before going home. When he came in she was acting as if she were asleep. It was crunch time. How did he want to play it? He opted for safety and just quietly got in bed. He knew one thing. For the next few weeks he was going to be "working late" every time he knew Trey was coming over.

That was a given. He didn't have a clue how far this was going to go but he had already decided he was going to let it run its course. Rob knew there was no way that Trey was going to give up now... not with the way Brook had reacted. Nobody would. But he was not going to interfere. Instead, he would let Brook make her own decisions. He had no idea what was to happen.

The only thing he did know for sure was that he didn't want to miss a thing!

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