The Ride Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Short story about a cuckold husband did not know his wife had been enjoying other cocks while being driven home from the office.

"Hi, this is Judy Robertson from XYZ Corporation. I'll like to book a car for this evening." Judy balanced the handset on her left shoulder as she read the document on her computer screen.

"Yes. That's me. Can I have a car to take me home in an hours time?" Judy still could not believe what her idiot assistant had done to mess up the legal brief. "Yes, to my home address. In front of my office in one hour? Good. Thanks!"

Judy put the phone down and went back to her work. But before her mind could concentrate back on the task, her phone rang again.

"Oh hi, it's me. Sorry babe, I've this brief that needs to be finished by tonight. I should be done in a couple of hours."

Judy finished her work and shutdown her laptop after 50 minutes of intense concentration. She picked up her bags and walked outside to the waiting car to take her home.

"Good evening, Mrs. Robertson. Working late again?" asked Paul, the driver, as he opened the door for her.

"Unfortunately, yes Paul." Judy slid into the backseat and before she could get comfortable Paul had already started making their way through the city's traffic.

"You know what relaxation I need before I get home to my husband, don't you?" Judy caught Paul glazing at her from the rear view mirror as she unbuttoned her tight white shirt all the way down to her navel.

"I'll do my best, Mrs. Robertson." Paul stared at her deep cleavage exposed by the open gap of her shirt. He adjusted the rear view mirror downward slightly so he could see her body better.

Knowing that Paul was watching her, Judy pulled up the hem of her tight suit skirt and spread her legs as far as it allows, hoping he could see her bare thighs above her stockings.

Realizing what Judy wanted from him, Paul turned the car towards the deserted underground car park he used exactly for this purpose.

"We'll be there in a few minutes, Mrs. Robertson." Paul looked at the rear view mirror and found that Judy had already slid down her seat, making her tight skirt bunched up around her waist. One of her hand had disappeared under her lacy panties, playing with her pussy slowly. Her other hand was underneath her wide-open blouse, her fingers pinching her nipple lightly through her lacy bra.

"Get there quick, Paul! I need your hard cock. Fast!" Judy rubbed her swallowed clit faster with her fingers, pushing herself to her first orgasm of the evening.

Originally, Paul got this night driving job to pay for his college study. Being a night job with plenty of waiting around meant he can do a fair amount of studying each night. But soon he found out that some of the clients he drove home wanted a bit more than just a car ride. They wanted to take a ride on his cock! They ranged from middle-age businessmen to old lonely lady (whom he always politely declined), to finally young highflying businesswomen such as Judy Robertson.

By the time Paul parked his car at a dark corner of the car park and switched off the engine, Judy was already approaching her first orgasm. Paul literally jumped out of the driver seat and ran to the back seat. When he yanked open the back door, Judy was jamming three fingers deep in her pussy as she climaxed for the first time that evening. Her cries of pleasure reverberated off the concrete walls of the deserted car park and Paul was worried for a moment that they would be discovered.

Paul climbed into the backseat and shut the door behind him. Judy half sat, half laid on the other seat, her head leaned back on the headrest, her body shivered as she recovered from her orgasm.

"Fuck me, please. I need your cock." Judy asked Paul.

Paul unzipped his pants and pushed it down his thighs along with his underpants. His stiff cock bounced into view and Judy leaned over and grabbed it with her hand to guide it into her mouth.

"Nice and hard, just the way I want it." Judy took his cock out of her mouth after having tasted his pre-cum on her tongue.

Judy pushed Paul down to the car seat next to her and swung her leg over his lap to sit on top of him. She held his stiff cock in one hand and pulled her panties crotch aside with the other. Without further ado, she sunk down onto his cock.

"Yes! I've been thinking about your cock the whole day!" Judy told no one in particular. She started bouncing up and down on Paul's cock slowly. Her suit skirt was now just a small bundle around her waist, her white silk shirt was wide open down to her navel with her tits pushed out of her bra. Judy loved having sex with clothes on. There was something wicked about being fucked while most of her body was still covered. That was why she always wore a skirt whenever she and Paul hooked up so there would be no need to take off her pants.

Paul took advantage of the open shirtfronts and grabbed her tits with his hands. Judy was now moaning non-stop about how good his cock felt inside her, and how she needed to feel him filled her pussy with hot cum. One of the things Judy loved about Paul was his long large cock. It was so long that even when she took all she could, there were still couple of inches at the base that would not be covered by her pussy juices.

Making long, sensual love with her husband was great but it was this fast, raw, unattached sex that Judy craved more. She could let herself go and behaved like the slut that she always wanted to be without worrying about how her husband would think of her. And having sex in the back seat of a car reminded her of her school days when Judy had the reputation of being easy. Every boy in school knows that as long as Judy agreed to a date and they managed to get through the date without any embarrassing incident, he would get to stick his cock in her pussy at least once. More if he managed to get hard again fast, Judy was that insatiable. That was also the time when she developed her preference in having sex while clothed. Initially it was a matter of convenience; fewer clothes taken off meant faster to get dress if they needed to make a quick get away. But pretty soon Judy would remain dressed even when she had the chance to have sex in the security and comfort of her own bed.

All these were before she met her husband in college where she was no longer that wild with guys because Judy knew she had to have some kind of decent reputation preserved for the real world.

Paul grabbed Judy's waist and pulled her off him. She knew what he wanted and she sat down next to him with her legs spread wide open. Paul got between them and slowly fed his large cock into her pussy. He immediately started fucking her with fast and powerful thrusts.

"Fuck me! Harder! That's it! I'm gonna cum!" Judy grabbed Paul's ass and pulled him tight against her, making him only able to fuck her in short powerful stabs. But that was exactly what Judy wanted as she grinded her sensitive clit against his pubic bone and sent her to her orgasm. Her cries filled the interior of the car as her body was consumed by waves of pleasure.

Paul continued to fuck her slowly through her orgasm. He knew once she had climaxed, he could let go and cum himself. After another minute, Judy body relaxed and sunk back down into the seat. She released her firm hold on Paul, allowing him to pick up the pace once more.

"I'm gonna fill you up. I've been saving up for you the whole week." His cock was going in and out of Judy's wide spread pussy as fast as he could manage within the confine of the car. Wet noise filled the interior of the car as Judy released more and more pussy juice onto Paul's cock.

"Cum in me. Give my husband something to soak his cock in." Judy teased Paul as she watched his large cock fucking her pussy through half closed eyes. She cupped her tits with both hands and lightly pinched her stiff nipples. She knew the sight of a married woman asking him to cum inside her drove Paul crazy.

Paul lunged at Judy one more time to buried his cock as deep as it would go and kept it there as the first jet of hot cum exploded out.

"That's it! Cum in my married pussy!" Judy egged him on. She felt his cock jerked with each jet of cum landing in her pussy. Paul was not lying. When he finished coming and pulled out from Judy, a torrent of fresh cum ran out of her pussy, down her ass, and onto the back of her panties. Judy quickly snapped her panties crotch back onto her pussy to stop the flow, creating a huge dark spot immediately.

As Paul drove her back to her home, Judy got some tissue papers from her handbag and stuffed them between her legs to soak up Paul's cum as they leaked out. She hoped most of it would leaked out by the time she arrived home, Judy did not want Tom to find her back home with her pussy full of another man's cum. Though she always wondered how it would feel to have Tom fucked her while her pussy was still full of cum. Would he even knew he was getting sloppy second?

When Judy walked through the front door, all the lights were already out so she made her way to the bedroom. There she found her husband, Tom, in bed reading one of his golf magazines.

"Hey, you still up?" Judy dropped her bags on the floor and sat down on the other side of the bed to take off her high heels.

"I want to wait for you," Tom put down his magazine and turned to his wife. He hugged her from behind and kissed the back of her neck lightly.

"Is someone horny and want to play?" Judy could feel the tinkling between her legs; despite already received a great fuck from Paul, the limo driver.

"Who won't want to play with a gorgeous woman like you?" Tom sneaked his hand underneath her shirt and started playing with her tits and nipples through her bra.

Judy moaned softly as Tom pinched her stiff nipples lightly. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off without stopping what Tom's hand was doing. Then she stood up and unzipped the side zipper of her pinstripe pencil skirt. She worked both her panties and the skirt down her ass and her legs so Tom would not see the cum-soaked panties. Then she took her bra off, still facing away from Tom, showing him the white suspender belt, and black stockings that she wore to work that day.

Tom noticed the extra wrinkles on Judy's skirt and wondered how she got them. Before he could give it more thoughts, Judy had ordered him to lie back down on the bed. She straddled his stomach and reached behind her to grab his stiff cock through his pants.

"Is this all for me?" Judy unbuttoned the pants and fished out Tom's cock, which was already dripping with pre-cum. Not really waiting for an answer, Judy lift up and shifted backward so his cock was directly below her still inflamed pussy. Judy hoped that by not giving her husband a chance to play with her pussy, he would not noticed how red and loose her pussy lips were from the hard fucking she got from Paul.

As Judy lowered herself onto his cock, Tom could feel the hotness of her pussy as his cock spread her open and her pussy walls engulfed him. Tom knew he did not posses the longest cock but he knew it was on the thick side. When it was hard, Judy could barely wrap her fingers around it and she struggled to keep it inside her mouth for too long. So when her pussy opened up and accepted his cock without much resistance, Tom knew instantly he had been cuckold again that evening.

Not that he had concrete proof but all the signs were there to see. All late evenings working at the office, the wrinkled skirt and shirt, and the looser and wetter than normal pussy. Tom was secretly thrilled when Judy's behaviour changed. For many years, he had been hiding his fantasy of another man fucking his wife. He read many cuckold stories on the internet and instead of satisfying his need, these stories fuelled his fetish further. But while his desire to see his wife to have sex with another man was strong, Tom's fear of Judy's reaction if he asked her was even stronger.

So he was secretly ecstatic when Judy started cheating on him behind his back. The first time he buried his cock in Judy after she fucked another man, the sensation of the freshly fucked pussy was too much for Tom and he blew his load within a minute. He was so embarrassed about his performance that Tom lie and blamed it on stress at work. When Judy let the matter go without asking even a single question, Tom knew for sure that she was cheating on him.

Fucking her husband straight after her encounter with Paul in the car felt so wicked to Judy. As she rode her husband cock, Judy could hardly feel his thick cock inside her stretched pussy walls. But the idea of Tom being cuckold without knowing, and the wet, slurping sound from her pussy drove Judy mad with sexual desire. She could feel the rest of the cum that Paul had deposited deep inside her ran out onto Tom's cock and down to his crotch making a mess. Every time she sunk all the way down, Judy felt the wetness of Paul's cum on her pussy lips and her sensitive clit and that sent waves of guilty pleasure through her body.

"Your pussy is so wet tonight. Were you thinking of me?" Tom asked as he watched his wife rode his cock.

"Of course baby, I was so horny in the office and couldn't wait to get home." Judy wondered whether he was testing her or was he completely oblivious to what she had been doing.

"Play with your nipples. I like how they look after you pinched them." Tom asked.

"Anything for you." Judy sat up straight and moved her hands from his chest to her bouncing tits. She pinched her stiff nipples with her fingers and moaned as pleasure shot through her body.

The sight of his wife playing with her nipples was all Tom needed. He closed his eyes and imagined Judy doing the same thing while another man fucked her senseless. She begged him to fuck her harder and asked him to cum inside her. He pushed up from the bed he was laying on and tried to push his cock deeper into Judy's pussy as she sat down it. Wet sound filled the room.

"That's it! Fuck me harder!" Judy was getting close as well. "Cum in me. Please, cum in my pussy."

That was it for Tom, hearing his wife asking for him to cum inside her pussy. The thought of his wife's pussy coated by another man's sperm pushed Tom over the edge. Judy was on birth control pill but it was not 100% safe. The danger of her getting pregnant by another man intrigued Tom. His cock exploded and released stream and stream of hot cum into her, adding his own to what was left of Paul's.

Judy was close to orgasm but not close enough. She kept riding Tom slowly as he pumped her full of his cum. When he finally finished, she jumped off and lie down on her back next to Tom, who was recovering from his orgasm. Her hands flew straight to her pussy. She used one hand to spread her slippery pussy lips while the other to shove three fingers deep inside her freshly fucked pussy. Cum ran out as Judy's fingers forced them from the confine of her pussy.

"Yes! Yes!" Judy hissed. Tom watched her arched her body as an orgasm coarse through it. As he stared at her cum covered fingers, Tom wondered how much of those cum was his and how much was of her lover.

"Mmm... That was great." Judy whispered.

"Indeed." Tom agreed. He wished he could get his cock hard to fuck her again when Judy licked her each of her cum covered fingers clean as she savored the post-orgasmic wave. Perhaps that was the reason his wife seek out other man to satisfy her need? Tom wondered, not for the first time, how his cock compared to her lover's.

"Good night, darling." Judy turned around to switch off the light. She was glad that Paul had already fucked her thoroughly before she got home, otherwise that small orgasm she got from her own fingers would not be enough to satisfy her. As much as she loved Tom Judy knew she was a slut at heart, who craved cocks all the time.

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