Jenny's Tape
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He wanted to see himself making love to his wife.

I hadn't always wanted to see my wife with another man. In fact it was only after ten years of marriage that I started to think about it. As I suspect the case may be with other wife watchers the idea came about as the result of the chance reading of a magazine.

My wife and I were at a New Years party at the home of a friend and during the course of the evening I had occasion to use the bathroom. Next to the commode was a basket with some magazines so I pick up one to glance through while I took care of my business. I was idly thumbing through it when some bold faced type caught my eye — "Husband Watches Wife Take On All Cummers." I read the story and it was about a man who got off on watching his wife fuck other men. My first thought was, "What kind of man would watch his wife do something like that?" Not only that, but what kind of woman would go along with it? I put the magazine down, finished my business and got back to the party.

About a week later I had to leave work early and I called Jenny to let her know that I was on the way home. When I got there Jenny was waiting for me on the living room sofa and she was dressed in my favorite outfit — garter belt, nylons, high heels and nothing else. My briefcase hit the floor only seconds before my pants and before the front door had fully closed I was on my way to join her.

After a very energetic session on the couch we retired to the bedroom and it was during our third coupling of the afternoon that the memory of the wife-watching story came back to me. I wondered what Jenny looked like when she made love. From the side what did those elegant long legs look like with me wedged between them? What did she look like pushing back up at me as I drove down into her? Were her high heels pointing up at the ceiling or did they just bob back and forth as her legs flailed about? Did her legs flail about, or were they stiff and held out straight. All these were things that I had never seen and in fact could not see from my position between her legs.

From that day onward the thought of watching Jenny make love was never very far from my mind. I started buying men's magazines that had stories of wife watching in them. Most likely this would have remained a private fantasy had not Jenny decided to take on a home repair that I had been putting off. I kept my magazines in my toolbox in the garage and when Jenny went out to get a screwdriver and a pair of pliers she found them. When I got home from work that night she was sitting at the kitchen table reading a copy of Penthouse Letters. She looked at me somewhat quizzically and as I stood there looking a bit sheepish she asked me how long I had been reading them. I mumbled something and then she said that she found some of the stories very interesting, but she was surprised by the fact that I seemed to be interested in watching.

"How do you know that?"

"It was easy to deduce since all of the dog eared pages are about wife watching. When you read these stories are you imagining that it is me?"

I was a little taken back by the question, but after a moment's hesitation I admitted that it was what I had imagined.

"How could you even think that I would make love to another man? Especially with you there watching?"

I told her that it was only a fantasy and I explained the thoughts that I'd had one time when we were making love. She just shook her head and got up and went to making dinner.

Just as the thought had been planted in my brain at the New Years party Jenny's reading some of the magazines and our short little conversation planted the thought in her mind. She began asking me to let her read my magazines when I was through with them. Then she started asking me which stories turned me on the most. When we made love she would ask me who did I imagine was fucking her. Finally, she suggested that we do something about my fantasy. I turned cold inside for it was a long step from fantasy to reality. But Jenny's idea was not to actually go and get another man; what she suggested was that we buy a video camera and tape our love making sessions. We went out and bought a camera, a tripod and a good supply of tapes and then hurried home to use them.

At first the tapes were great and we both got hot viewing them, but something was missing. The camera angle was set and once we started making love we were locked into one view only. There was no way to move the camera once we began making love so we ended up with a bunch of tapes that were all basically the same. One tape showed us straight on from a low angle on the right side and another showed the same thing from the left; and still another showed the act from the back. The first few tapes were exciting, but something was lacking and we both knew it.

One day, out of the clear blue, Jenny asked, "Do you think that we could find somebody to tape us? Somebody we could trust to keep their mouth shut?"

The idea stunned me. Not so much the idea itself because I'd had the same thought, but because it came from Jenny, and because it was obvious that she was serious. I told her that I was not against the idea, but I had absolutely no idea of whom we could approach or even how. A week later over dinner Jenny said she thought she had someone who could tape us. She had been discussing the idea with her sister (they are very close and share damned near everything) and Nancy said that she thought that she could talk her husband into it. Talk about mixed emotions. I wanted the taping to happen, but I can't stand Ralph. Letting my prejudice against Ralph show I asked her what made her think that Ralph would keep his mouth shut. She told me that she had asked Nancy the same thing and Nancy said not to worry, that she could control Ralph. So, with some misgivings on my part I agreed to do it.

On the big night Jenny dressed in a black cutaway bra, black crotchless panties, garter belt, nylons and high heels. She covered it all with a white terrycloth robe in which she greeted Ralph. She led him into the bedroom and showed him what we wanted in the way of shots and then gave him the camera and the handbook that had come with it and told him to get familiar with it. We three then retired to the kitchen where we had a few drinks to loosen us up and discussed how we wanted things to happen. It would start with Jenny coming into the room, taking off her robe and then moving to her vanity. She would touch up her makeup and then get on the bed. Spreading her legs wide she would start playing with herself and then I would come into the room and nature would take its course.

Everything went like clockwork. The only thing different was the level of Jenny's passion. She fucked like a woman possessed. I attributed that to the fact that she was being watched AND taped by someone other than me. We were all over that bed. We fucked until I came and then Jenny sucked me hard again and we fucked some more. We did missionary position, doggie style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and through it all Ralph circled the bed and taped it.

We finally reached a point where we needed to take a breather. I got up to go and get Jenny a glass of water and when I reached the bedroom door I looked back and took in the sight of Jenny on the bed. She lay with legs spread wide, cum leaking out of her pussy and her tits red from the mauling that I had given them. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life. I got the glass of water and as I turned and headed for the bedroom the phone rang. It was Nancy and she wanted to know how things were going. I told her we were close to finishing up and she could expect him home soon.

"Tell him I'll be ready for him. I'll bet he is going to need some major relief and truth be told I'm just a little charged up over this myself."

When I got back to the bedroom and walked through the door my first thought was, "Boy is Nancy ever going to be disappointed." Jenny was just as I imagined in my mind all those many months ago when I'd had my first 'I wonder what she would look like' thoughts. Her legs were spread wide and her heels were pointing straight up at the ceiling. Between those legs was Ralph and he was driving his cock into Jenny just as hard and fast as he could. Jenny's hands had a grip on Ralph's ass cheeks and she was pulling him into her even as her ass pushed up off the bed to meet his strokes. Neither of them seemed to know I was in the room. I watched for several minutes before I became aware that my cock was hard and I was stroking it in time with Ralph's thrusts. And then Ralph slowed and collapsed and I knew that he had cum in my sweet Jenny's pussy. I don't know what I was really thinking at that exact moment, but I know what I thought when Ralph pulled out of Jenny and started to get up and she grabbed him and pulled him back down.

"Yeah! Go for it babe, give me a show!"

Jenny pushed him on his back and then positioning herself over him she looked me right in the eye as she slowly started to lick his dick like an ice cream cone. It was covered with the juices of all three of us and she acted as if she was feasting on the nectar of the gods. She never took her eyes off me as she sucked him hard and I never took my eyes off of her. As soon as she had Ralph ready she swung over him and lowered herself down on his hard dick and for the next ten minutes she bounced up and down while softly crooning.

"Watch me baby, watch me fuck him. His cock is so hard and feels so good. Are you watching?"

Was I ever. I watched and stroked my cock, which had gotten as hard as an iron bar.

"Watch his cock slide into me baby. Watch him fuck me."

Jenny rolled over pulling Ralph on top of her and he became the one going up and down. It wasn't long before he mumbled something in Jenny's ear and she started talking to me again.

"He's going to cum baby. He's going to cum in me. Do you want him to cum in me baby? Do you?"

I just nodded to her.

"Give it to me brother in law, give it to me. Shoot it deep honey; bathe my pussy with it. Oh god, he's cumming. He's cumming baby; I can feel him shooting into me. Oh god, so hot, so fucking hot."

Ralph pulled out of her and sat on the bed and looked at me with a look that said he was afraid I was going to hurt him.

"I think it is time for you to go now Ralph," I said.

He looked dumbly at me and then nodded his head that he understood. As soon as he was gone Jenny got off the bed and came over to me. She sank down to her knees and began to gently stroke my cock.

"Was it as good as you thought it would be? Did you like seeing me get fucked?"

She got her answer when her mouth engulfed my cock and it almost instantly shot my load down her throat. We got in bed, cuddled up next to each other and almost instantly fell asleep.

The next morning I asked her what had happened when I left the room. She told me that she just lay there for a moment with her eyes closed, trying to catch her breath, and when she opened them Ralph was standing next to the bed and jacking himself off. She had watched him for a minute or so as he desperately tried to give relief to himself and then she had told him to bring it over to her. She felt that the least she could do was help him get off. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him while her hands caressed his balls and he responded by almost immediately shooting his cum down her throat. Then he surprised her by not becoming soft. His cock stayed rock hard and without even consciously thinking about it she had pulled him down on top of her and had guided him into her pussy. He started fucking her and that is when I came into the room.

"How did you feel about the evening?" I asked.

"To be totally honest I have to admit that I loved every minute of it. Knowing that you were watching Ralph fuck me was a major turn on, but I don't think that I ever want to do it again."

I of course had a different take on it. Now that I had seen her with another man I wanted to see it again, but knowing Jenny as well as I did I wisely kept quiet about it.

Two days later I had to go out of town on a three-day business trip. After several meetings during the day I attended a cocktail party that ran quiet late and when I got back to the hotel there was a message for me to call Jenny. I looked at my watch and decided that it was too late to call her that night and that I would call her first thing in the morning. I called her about nine and the first thing she said to me was, "We have a problem."


"Ralph called me yesterday afternoon and said he wanted to come over and fuck me again. I told him no. I told him that what happened was a one time thing and that it was never going to happen again. He said that it would happen again because if it didn't he would show the tape to everyone that we knew. When I said that I really didn't care if people saw me making love with my husband he laughed.

"Yeah, but I left the tape running and how are you going to feel about people seeing me fuck you right after your husband? Not just once, but twice and I got a pretty damned good shot of you with my cum running out of your mouth when you sucked my cock."

"And then he told me he would be right over and for me to be ready for him. And before you ask I did run upstairs and check the camcorder. There was no tape in it. I called you and left a message, but you never called back. I called you three times and could not get a hold of you and then Ralph showed up around four."

"What happened?" I stupidly asked, already knowing the answer.

"I fucked him! What did you expect me to do? He was here for three hours and fucked me four times and if his dick wasn't in my pussy he was shoving it down my throat. When he left he said that he would be back today. You need to get home!"

I told her that I would make arrangements to get home and to get out of the house and stay gone until I got there.

I got home around seven and as I turned onto our street I saw Ralph's car in the drive. I let myself into the house and as I came through the front door I heard, "Oh god that feels so good. Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard."

I peeked around the doorframe and saw Ralph fucking my wife. It was obvious to me that she had not tried very hard to avoid him. She was wearing nylons, a garter belt and high heels and she never puts them on unless she plans on getting fucked. I know that she didn't put them on for me because not expecting her to be home I hadn't called to let her know what time I would be there.

I very quietly left the house and moved around to the side so that I could look into the bedroom window. For the next two hours I watched as Jenny sucked and fucked Ralph and even let him take her in her ass. I pumped two loads onto the house siding before going back to my car. I moved down the block and sat there waiting for Ralph to leave. An hour passed and then he came out, got in his car and drove off. I waited ten minutes and then drove into the drive. As I let myself into the house I wondered what I would find. Would she have cleaned up? Would she try to hide the fact that she had fucked Ralph and had obviously loved it? No! She was lying on the bed with cum all over her tits, cum leaking out of her cunt, cum all over her stocking tops and dried cum at the corners of her mouth.

I stood there looking down at her and I didn't really know what my feelings were. I wanted to see her fuck another man again after the first time and she had said never again. She called me half panicky at what Ralph was doing and I told her to get out of the house, but there she was on the bed dressed in her "fuck me" outfit that she had so obviously put on for Ralph. It was almost like she was cheating on me, but could you really call it cheating when it was what you really wanted? She interrupted my thoughts.

"You're too late. He just left. He was already coming up the walk when I went out the door to leave. He pushed me back inside and he has been here fucking me since three this afternoon." She looked at me for several seconds and then she said, "But you don't care, do you? You like him fucking me. You will let him fuck me all he wants, won't you?"

I just stood there staring down at her.

"I saw you peek around the door. Did you go outside and look in the window? I hope you did. I let him fuck me in my ass just so you could see it. Do you want to see me fuck him again?"

I was silent for a moment and then I shook my head yes.

"Well I'm glad baby, because I told him he could have me whenever he wanted me as long as he never lets you or Nancy know and he brings me the tape."

And that's how it started. Ralph brought her the tape and for the next several months Ralph fucked Jenny whenever he wanted her. Sometimes I was in the closet and sometimes I was outside watching through the bedroom window. Once, on a business trip, I called home just before Jenny told me he would be there and she left the phone off the hook so I could listen.

We tore out a section of the wall between our bedroom and the spare bedroom and installed a two-way mirror. We bought a professional grade camcorder that used larger cassettes and set it up to tape through the mirror whenever I couldn't be there to watch. And then one day Jenny called me at work and told me that I needed to hurry home. Ralph had just been there and that I was really going to want to see the tape that had been shot that afternoon. I hurried home and she handed me a drink, had me set down on the couch and then she started the tape.

It opened with a shot of her lying on the bed finger fucking herself while Ralph undressed. Ralph approached the bed and she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him. After several minutes she got herself in the doggie position and Ralph moved behind her and slopped his cock into her pussy. Jenny pushed back at him and as he began to stroke into her she turned her head to the side and said something and into the frame from the left side appeared another man. He approached Jenny and she opened her mouth and the man pushed his cock into it. For the next two hours both men used all three of Jenny's holes and in one memorable scene the two of them were buried in her ass and her cunt as she screamed for them to fuck her like the slut she was and to make her cum. When they left she looked right into the camera, ran a finger into her pussy and then took it out and sucked on it like a little cock.

I fucked her right there on the couch. She complained about her cunt hairs being caught in my zipper, but I never slowed down until I came. We took it to the bedroom and she near fucked me to death. I was so exhausted the next morning I called in sick to work.

The guy turned out to be Ralph's cousin and she took them both on several more times over the following weeks and each time we fucked like minks after watching the tapes.

That was the beginning of the end. Apparently Ralph had kept a copy of the original tape and not being content with his good fortune, he showed it to several of his friends and naturally they all wanted to get in on his 'good thing'. Jenny balked and said no. She had no intention of letting things get that far out of hand. She started getting phone calls during the day from men asking for a 'date'. We changed our phone number and got Caller ID. It cut the phone calls, but did nothing to stop the guys who started to hit on her whenever she went anywhere.

The last straw came when I was again out of town on business. I called home and Jenny told me that Ralph and his cousin would be there in half an hour. She had the camcorder set up and she was going to call me the minute they got there and then leave the phone off the hook so I could listen. She called me back twenty minutes later and told me they were there. For the next twenty minutes I listened as Jenny fucked Ralph and his cousin. In the background I thought that I heard the front doorbell ring and then I heard Ralph's cousin say, "Hey Jenny, your phone is off the hook," and I heard a click as the handset was placed back into the cradle.

The next morning Jenny called me at six and said, "You are going to love this one. Your wife is now a bona fide slut and a whore."

"What are you talking about?"

"I was fucking Ralph when the doorbell rang. Before I could stop him Joey got up to answer it. It seems that Ralph invited some friends over to help him take care of me. Bottom line is that last night I was gangbanged by nine guys. When they all left I was so sore I could barely walk. I climbed into the tub and soaked for two hours and then I crawled into bed and crashed. This morning when I got up I found that some of them had left money on the dresser. I guess that makes me a member of the Oldest Profession."

"Are you all right?"

"I'm okay, but I don't ever want to do that again. I'm going to be real interested in seeing how you take the scene with me having a cock in my ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time."

Well, when I saw it I loved it, but was smart enough not to let her know what a fantastic turn on it was and to this day it is still my favorite tape. But that's neither here nor there. What was obvious was that I was going to have to do something to stop things from escalating any farther.

I called Ralph and told him that I'd suspected that there was something going on between him and Jenny and I'd hired a private detective to check out what I suspected. I told him that I had photos of him and Jenny taken through the bedroom window and that regardless of how things turned out between me and Jenny I'd better not catch him hanging around her anymore. I told him that if I caught him he could look forward to a lengthy stay in a hospital and that when I got done with him he might never walk again. That was the short-term fix.

The long-term fix took a little longer. My company was opening a new office in Denver and I had been asked to run it. I told them I would consider it and I was about to turn it down when the thing with Ralph blew up on us. I told them I would take the job and three weeks later we had the house on the market, were packed and we were gone.

Those of you wise in the ways of wife watching know that there has to be more to it than what you have read here and you are right. Look for the rest of the story in a piece entitled, Dating My Daughter.

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