Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, FemaleDom, Rough, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Size, Violent,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Like before, this is an old story, but I thought you guys would like. I wanta thank everyone for the great comments on Chuck-E-Cheeze. You guys are so much better than the people on Lit.

'Misty Pool you have been found guilty of possession of narcotics, ' the fat judge said with a smile as he looked over the tall and beautiful young woman. 'You will here by remanded to Clayton County Work Farm for Women for no less that five years, ' he added slamming the gavel down and saw tears running down her soft white skin. He knew she didn't know about the drugs were in her car, but girls like her were needed on the farm.

'No! Please!' She begged the judge as two men grabbed her by the arms. 'I didn't even have a lawyer!' Misty cried as she was pulled away. 'They wouldn't let me make a phone call!' She yelled out as the men squeezed her thin arms, dragging her from the courtroom and out the back door.

Misty saw a tall man standing next to the bus with a shotgun in one hand and a cold Coke in the other. Tears ran down her face as she looked in his dark eyes. 'They didn't even let me call home for help, ' she sobbed out and she saw a painful look fill his hard, but caring face.

'Get up the fuckin' steps and shut up!' One of the other guards yelled as he looked at his watch and knew they would be working on processing the two girls until after suppertime.

The handsome guard reached to help her up the steep steps when the other guard shoved her down, making her scrape her leg on the step. The big man stepped forward; the butt of his shotgun hit the other guard in his fat gut, making him bend over in pain. 'Touch her again, and you're on night shift forever!' He said in his normal cool, low voice as he helped her up the steps to a seat.

'Oh does ol' Mr. Houston have him a soft spot for this long legged filly? Or should a say, a big hard spot?' A pretty, black girl laughed out as she moved next to Misty. 'Let me look at your leg? I'm Quita, ' she said pulling Misty's long, slender leg in her lap. 'Oh shit! I bet that sure do hurt, ' she added looking to see tears running down her face. 'Don't you cry sugar. It really ain't that bad out at the camp. Do what you told, don't fuck with anybody and you do just fine and it looks like Mr. Cole be likin' you, ' she smiled wiping tears from Misty's face.

'My name is Misty. I'm so scared.' She said looking to the girl. 'I've hardly ever even been away from home, ' she added sniffing back more tears.

Cole Houston and the other guards got on the bus; he sat in the seat across from Misty and couldn't help looking at her long legs and pretty face. He just sat looking at the two women and hoped this young girl would make it at the camp. He thought of putting her in with Big Shelly, he knew that she would be safe with her.

'Mr. Houston don't take up with anybody, and he's single too! ' Quita whispered to Misty. 'You be the first girl I ever see him help up them steps and when he went and knocked the shit out of the ugly guard, I knows he be likin' you!' She smiled as the two girls looked to see he had unbuttoned the top part of his uniform shirt to expose his manly chest. 'Damn, he be fine!' Quita said fanning her face.

Misty looked over the tall man, his broad shoulders and his thick chest, wondering how good a man like him could please her body. She had only been with guys that were lucky if they could love her body a few seconds before they came. 'He sure is!' Misty whispered back as her pretty, blue eyes roamed down his body to notice a very large lump in the front of his jeans.

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