A Model Mother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mum splits from her second husband and comes to me for help.

She looked just as gorgeous as ever in an off white suit with a short skirt and knee high white boots, a crisp white blouse beneath the jacket was open to the third button showing off her generous cleavage and her face broke into a smile as she saw me.

"Hi" she said simply and her smile got wider when I stood up and kissed her cheek before pulling out a chair for her.

"Hi mum" I replied and waited for her to sit down, but she shook her head and said that she would rather sit next to me,

"You're looking good mum" I said and meant it, "He must be doing something right for you"

"He's not doing anything darling" she replied sadly, "I've left him, but before you say anything, I'll say it, you were right and I'm sorry"

"Don't apologise mum, there's no need, I'm your son"

"Thank you darling" she said softly as I got up to go to the bar for a drink,

On my return I thought she seemed very thoughtful, so I asked her what was wrong,

"He's being awkward and withholding my money until the solicitor can sort it out, but I don't suppose he'll be in any hurry"

"I can lend you some, no problem"

"It's not that darling" she said and hesitated,

"Come on mum, spit it out"

"Well all my clothes are in the car and I need to sell it, I was wondering if I could leave them at your place until I get a flat or something"

"Mum for God's sake" I almost exploded, "If you think I'd see my own mother selling her car and scratching for pennies, you can think again, you won't know this but Katie and I have split, she left last week, so you'll come and stay with me, no arguments, I'm not taking no for an answer"

"Thank you" she whispered, "Thank you"

I looked across at her and saw her bottom lip trembling and her eyes filling with tears,

"Aw mum" I put an arm around her and held her to my shoulder until the sniffles abated,

"Come on, let's get you settled in mum"

It was a Friday evening so the traffic was heavy and it took us an hour to reach the little house I called home and a further half hour to unpack her things.

We went to a local pub then for a meal and mum saw as the landlord bent and whispered something in my ear,

"What was that?" she asked as we took our seats,

I couldn't help the big grin on my face as I replied,

"He knew Katie and I knew he didn't like her, he said it was about time I got myself a bit of class"

"Me?" she laughed, "A bit of class? What did he say when you told him I'm your mother?"

"Mm well I didn't actually tell him you're my mother, I just thought I'd let him think that you're my girlfriend"

"I bet he doesn't believe you, I'm obviously a lot older than you"

"Rubbish mum, I've always thought you're gorgeous and he's just confirmed it"

That pleased her a lot, I could tell by the silly smile on her face throughout the meal, which we ate it in companionable silence and got a conspiratorial wink from the landlord as we left.

"I need to go out tomorrow and get a job Martin" she said as we reached home, but I'd already been thinking along those lines so I told her my thoughts and watched her reaction, it was just about what I'd expected!

"Martin I'm thirty nine years old for God's sake"

"Yeah I know" I laughed, "Perfect mum, let me show you"

I ran upstairs to my little office and by the time I found what I'd been looking for, she'd gone outside with two drinks to enjoy the warm evening air,

"This is what I'm talking about mum, just flick through them and tell me what you think"

"You're not seriously suggesting that I pose like that are you?"

"Look mum, you know I'm doing all right with the agency, but this hosiery company approached me, not the other way round, they've heard of us and they want us to do their campaign, just come with me to the studio, pose for a couple of shots and we'll talk afterwards, ok?"

"All right" she sighed, "Anything for a quiet life"

But I knew my own mother well enough to know that the idea had thrilled her and anyway it made her happy!

She took to it like a duck to water, Jane the photographer used a roll of film on mum while she wore a variety of tights, then another roll after she'd changed into stockings, she did knee socks, ankle socks and even those bloody awful pop socks, it took all day including waiting for the prints and just as we were about to leave, the advertising executive of the hosiery firm called in on the off chance and asked if he could see them, I agreed of course and then spent the next hour in my office while mum chatted with a couple of the office girls.

In spite of her murderous mutterings, I refused point blank to tell her his opinion until we reached home, but she started to get the idea when I uncorked a bottle of expensive champagne and showed her the signed contract I took out of my briefcase.

"We've got the contract mum" I said, "He wants to know where you've been hiding for the last twenty years"

"Oh Martin, that's great, absolutely great darling, I'm so pleased for you"

"Mum" I slipped an arm round her waist as I told her what she'd missed.

"I think you're missing the point"


"The executive in charge of placing the contract added a clause to it"

I waited and of course she obliged,

"If you don't tell me this minute, I'm going to be arrested for assault and bloody battery"

Squeezing her gently, I told her,

"The contract is between my company, the hosiery company and a Mrs. Amanda Saunders and can be terminated only if the aforesaid Mrs. Saunders wishes to terminate it or can no longer fulfil her contractual obligations"

Her scream could have been heard all over London, she returned my squeeze, kissed me, hugged me and did a fancy little jig all around the kitchen.

"Don't you want to know how much your contract is worth to you mum?"

Another scream rent the air when I told her and this time I felt her lips on mine instead of on my cheek.

"That's an obscene amount of money" she laughed and read the contract again,

"It certainly is" I agreed, "But the nice thing is mum that it's all yours!"

"What about your ten per cent?"

"Oh I think I can afford to forego that for you mum" I laughed, "There'll be spin offs from it, I'll make my money on those"

"Spin offs?"

"Well he asked if I thought you'd be interested in modelling underwear, all the other agencies tend to go for the younger models at the moment, but his idea is to show that the older lady still enjoys wearing sexy lingerie"

"Of course we do" she said indignantly, "And be careful with the older woman bit"

"There's a bit of a snag though mum"

"Go on" she said warily,

"He wants a quick portfolio in his hands tomorrow"


"It's not actually, he gave me a box of underwear from their client and I've got a camera plus dark room here"

She poured us out another glass of champagne and asked how much this contract would be worth,

"Almost exactly twice as much as the one you've already got mum" I smiled,

"Less my ten percent of course"

"So let me get this straight, I need to parade around here in my undies while you take photographs of me, is that right?"

"That's about it mum" I grinned,

"Okay" she laughed, "I'll do it"

"You'd better see what you'll be modelling first mum" I laughed and pointed to the box on the sofa,

"Oh my God" she giggled as she held up a minuscule scarlet g-string, "It'll hide absolutely nothing!"

"I think that's the idea mum"

"Right, here goes" she said and gulped down her drink, "Get me another one please darling, while I put these things on"

It took me only minutes to set up a couple of lights and throw a few sheets over the furniture to create a studio environment, I was just loading the camera when she appeared in a short house robe and went straight for her drink.

"Ready?" she smiled and when I nodded, she allowed the robe to slip from her shoulders,

"Wow" I smiled, "Are you sure that dad isn't lying dead somewhere, because nobody in their right mind would leave someone with a body like yours?"

"Martin!" she laughed, "I'm your mother"

"And a very sexy one I might say" I smiled as I clicked away and tried not to look at her breasts bulging up almost out of the tiny lace cups of the bra, or the way the panties almost disappeared into her little slit, being the photographer though, it was impossible, so I was relieved when, with a couple of bum shots, she ran giggling upstairs to change into another outfit.

"I like this one darling" she said as she reappeared in a thin white baby doll through which I could clearly see her nipples, the matching panties were no more than a narrow string of nylon with a small triangle of material too small even to cover her hairless pussy.

"You look absolutely stunning mum" I said and hoped that my erection wasn't too obvious as I snapped her posing and pouting,

"I feel good" she giggled and I realised that the drink was getting to her,

"Don't forget that you keep everything you model mum" I told her and she smiled wistfully,

"Yes, but I don't have anyone to wear them for"

"You can wear that outfit any time you like mum" I laughed,

"For you, you mean?"

"Because you said you feel good" I said and then added, "But yes, you're lovely to look at"

"Flattery will get you everywhere" she laughed and poured us both out yet another drink, before going once more to change.

This time it was a black bra and panty set with a matching suspender belt and black seamed stockings, the bra was underwired to support her breasts without covering them and I thought how lovely her nipples looked as she posed provocatively for me,

"Lie on the couch mum" I said and she obeyed instantly,

"Stroke your legs, pinch your, er, nipples, make them stick out more, turn round and stick your bottom out, great mum, just fabulous" I encouraged her and she responded magnificently,

"Last few" I said as I took one of her gorgeous little bottom, naked except for the narrow scrap of nylon between them,

"Now turn round and part your legs for me, put your hands between them either side of your, er, your, you know"

"My pussy darling" she smiled and did as I asked, I took two more and she asked how many I had left,

"Just two mum" I said and watched open mouthed as she slid the panties off and posed as before, but with the fingers of each hand just touching her glistening pussy lips!

"These two are for me" she said with a smile as I clicked the shutter and for the last one, she inserted one finger into herself,

"I want them too mum" I croaked, "I'm going to put them on my dressing table, so I can look at a beautiful sexy woman every night before I go to sleep"

"I'm tired darling" she said and kissed me gently before going upstairs to bed leaving me to develop the pictures and to deal with my raging hard on.

"These are wonderful" he said of the pictures laid out on my desk, "Some of the best I've ever seen"

I smiled at mum and her smile back at me was absolutely wonderful, she'd only been down for a couple of days since her split from my step dad, but the difference was amazing, her eyes shone with excitement, she looked confident and assured, but above all, she looked so bloody sexy!

"Congratulations Mrs. Saunders" he said, "We're bringing out a new range of underwear and leisure wear and calling it our late summer collection, we intend it to be shown all over Europe with you as the central figure, you're going to be famous"

"I'm not sure that I want to be famous" she said softly, "At least not yet"

"It goes with the territory mum" I told her and she shrugged her shoulders resignedly,

"I suppose so"

We signed all the relevant documents and Frank, the executive spent an hour or so with mum and Jane, the photographer discussing the new range and possible locations for the forth coming shoot while I carried on with the day to day running of the agency.

"Spain" she said over lunch, "Jane wants us to fly out to Alicante next week for a shoot in a place called Javea, it's a little place on the coast between Alicante and Valencia"

"I know" I laughed and grinned at Jane, "It's just about her favourite location anywhere on earth, that's one of the reasons the company owns two apartments there as well as a villa"

"You'll love it Mandy" Jane said to mum, "We can eat breakfast every morning right by the sea at a place called Scallops, it's staffed entirely by English girls and there are a loads of great English bars there too, there's "The Wonka bar" run by a lovely American girl called Danielle and Matt, her hubby or there's "Just in Time" owned and run by John, a funny cockney guy, I can't wait"

"How's Maria?" I asked her and she blushed prettily, before answering that she was fine and still single.

"Maria is a special friend of Jane's" I explained and mum smiled,

"Lucky Maria" she said and the girls exchanged knowing glances.

It was late when we finally finished for the weekend, so mum went straight up for a bath whilst I poured myself out a drink, my mobile phone rang and I laughed out loud when she asked me if I would take her up a drink,

"After all" she giggled, "I'm an international super model now and I'm feeling like a diva tonight"

"I'll be five minutes madam" I laughed and ran quickly up to my bedroom,

She shrieked with laughter when I knocked and walked in three minutes later wearing a dinner jacket, white shirt with bow tie and cut off denim shorts complete with trainers!

"Oh you bloody idiot" she giggled, "You've just made my day"

"We aim to please" I laughed with her, "I love making you laugh"

"It's easy around you Martin" she said softly, "Thank you"

"For what?"

She thought for a moment before saying seriously,

"Just for being there for me and above all for having faith in me"

Reaching up to the tray I carried, she took her drink and I caught a tempting glimpse of a lovely pink nipple as she drained it in one go,

"Can I have another one darling?" she asked and I bowed before backing out of the bathroom, she was wrapped in a big white bath towel when I returned combing out her long hair in front of the mirror,

"I've left the water in if you want a quick bath" she said, "I've not peed in it"

"Pity" I muttered as I went into my bedroom and came back in a similar robe to mum's,

"Are you going out anywhere?" she asked me and smiled when I shook my head,

"No, I thought I'd sit in the garden and just enjoy the fresh air after being cooped up all day in that office"

"Oh, I was going to put that white baby doll on, I think it's really nice"

"It's even nicer on you mum" I smiled, "I told you that last night"

It did look nicer, in fact it looked positively gorgeous on her and I told her so when I saw her out in the garden,

"Thank you darling" she smiled, "But are you sure you're okay with me wearing it, it's not the usual attire for a mother in front of her son?"

"The photographs I took last night weren't the usual kind a son takes of his mother either" I laughed, "But I enjoyed it"

"So did I" she smiled, "I could have easily forgotten that I'm your mother"

"But you're not are you? You're my girlfriend remember?"

"Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that!"

We walked slowly down the garden through the trees heavy with fruit, the orchard was my pride and joy, there were fruit trees of every sort and she expressed her delight at them as she reached up to pluck an apple off a low branch.

She took a bite and offered it to me,

"Forbidden fruit mum?" I smiled and she looked up at me coyly,

"They say it tastes better"

Slowly we moved closer together and I felt the warmth of her breath in my mouth,

"I'm sure they're right"

Her lips were soft and yielding and she made a funny little noise in her throat as we kissed, I tasted the alcohol on her tongue and she on mine, my hands slipped round onto her back and I crushed her to me as I caressed her gorgeous little bottom.

We sank to the ground mouths still together and tongues still searching, I felt her hands on my shorts, then in them and I gasped as her cool hands found me, hard and erect,

"Oh Martin" she gasped into my mouth as I rolled on top of her, it was wrong and we both knew it, we didn't care though, nothing could have stopped her legs from opening, nothing could have stopped her from guiding me into the haven between her legs as I moved her panties aside.

"Oh Christ mum" she was wet, very wet and I sank in as far as my penis would go, she thrust herself back up at me and sank her teeth into my neck,

"You're doing it Martin" she hissed, "You're actually fucking me darling"

"I wanted to do it last night mum" I whispered and she moaned softly,

"That's why I went to bed, even then I nearly got into yours"

"I wish you had mum" I told her and meant it, "I really wanted you last night, what you did was the sexiest thing I've ever seen"

I lunged into her and she squealed as she pushed herself back at me, her finger nails scrabbled at my back and buttocks, the nylon of her panties was rubbing against my prick and I felt her lips at my ear,

"Shag me baby, shove that lovely big prick up me"

I could feel my balls tightening at her words and we kissed again, her tongue found mine and she sucked it sensuously, we gripped each other tightly and I knew I would cum very soon.

"I'm coming mum" I hissed and she squealed with pleasure,

"So am I darling, yes, yes oh fucking yes"


She screamed as she joined me in ecstasy, my prick jerked and she closed her eyes tightly, her body arched almost throwing me off, her teeth bared in a snarl and I felt her nails drawing blood as she clung to me.

Then suddenly it was all over and we lay side by side on the grass as our trembling gradually eased,

"I wanted to do that ten years ago mum" I said and she smiled,

"You should have done"

"I can make up for lost time though" I said and leaned over to kiss her lips,

"Do I look like a well fucked woman?"

"Yes, why?" I laughed,

"Take me to the pub, let your friend see the satisfied gleam in my eyes"

"You're on"

Tony, the landlord of the pub asked her if she'd moved in with me and mum smiled sweetly at him,

"I haven't been asked yet Tony"

"Get your bloody finger out" he laughed, "Or else I might take her off you, she's bloody gorgeous"

"Thank you Tony" mum smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek, "I'll work on him later"

"If you don't mind me saying so Mandy, you look as if you've already started"

She giggled at that and hugged me as he went back behind the bar,

"He must know that I'm not wearing panties" she whispered,


"I just had a quick douche and put stockings on, nothing else, not even a bra"

"Bloody hell"

"And I've got a wet pussy"

"Let me get this right mum"

"Mandy" she hissed, "My name's Mandy"

"But I want it to be mum, at least in bed"

"Pervert" she whispered, "But go on, what were you saying?"

"I was saying that apart from stockings and suspender belt, do I take it that you're completely naked under that thin summer dress?"


"And you've got a wet pussy too?"


"Tell me the last time anyone asked you if you would like to have a mouth on your pussy?"

Her loud shriek of laughter turned heads by the dozen,

"I can't believe you just asked me that"

"I did, so believe it mum"


"Ok Mandy"

"Your dad was the last person to do it, but I don't recall anyone actually asking"

"I'm asking"

"Let me give it my consideration" she said with just the hint of a smile, "After all, I AM an international super model"

"Ok" she said after considering it for all of two point four seconds, "I think it may be quite agreeable after another glass of liquid refreshment"

It was more than agreeable, it was beautiful, I kissed her lips first and then her throat, I lingered over each nipple before continuing on down to flick my tongue into her navel.

"You're teasing me" she whimpered, but I shook my head,

"No mum I'm savouring your smell"

"Do I smell nice?"

"You know you do" I said and kissed my way down to let my tongue caress the soft flesh of her inner thighs, her beautiful, shaven pussy was only millimetres from my mouth, but I ignored it and concentrated instead on inhaling her heady aroma.

I ran my tongue back up to kiss the very top of her slit and she whimpered as I touched her clitoris briefly before closing my lips around it. I sucked it like a miniature penis while she lifted her legs and draped them both over my shoulders, her juices ran freely down the whole length of her pussy and she squealed as I lapped at them, following them even down into the valley of her bottom where I licked and kissed all over and around her tight little anus.

"Oh God yes" she gasped, "No-one's ever done that before"

"That's their loss" I said as I came up for air, she moaned as I used the fingers of both hands to hold her open and she jerked as I licked and sucked at the glistening pink flesh therein.

I used my mouth like a brush, hovering and sucking inside her fragrant little cunt as her breath began coming in short little gasps and my tongue became a little penis fucking her with short, sharp jabs, she shouted out my name and her legs tightened around my neck as the climax took hold of her senses.

She bucked and screamed, she pulled my hair and worked her groin against my face as she called me a string of obscene names, a flood of juice gushed into my face and I relished it, her eyes opened wide and her face contorted, her whole body shook, her teeth bared and then she suddenly slumped back releasing my neck from the death grip of her thighs.

"Now feed me" she whispered and gestured me up to her face, I started to cum even as her lips closed over my dome and the torrent of cum splashed down her throat as I held her head to my groin and pumped and pumped and pumped.

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